Coreano interjecciones



한: One, a single 어떤: What kind of, what sort of 다른: Different 이런: Such, like this 여러: many,various 어느: Some, a certain 모든: Every one 몇: A few 무슨: What, what kind of 세: Three 저: Uh, well, ... 새: New 전: Before 아무: anybody,everybody 네: Your 백: Hundreds of 만: 10000 스무: 20 첫째: The first 셋째: The third 넷째: Fourth 다섯째: Fifth

~권 멀리 있는 대상 前

百 萬

그런: Such a 各 約 각: Each or every 첫: First 약: About, approximately 오랜: For a long time 옛: Old, ancient 온: All, whole, entire 한두: One or two 맨: bare,naked 단: Only one, alone 몇몇: Several 별: Classified by 서너: About three, three or four 저런: Such a, that sort of 헌: Old, shabby, worn-out 두세: Two or three (months) 만: Just, full 몇십: In the tens

單 別

滿. ~ 3 개월

全. ~ 국민

現 同

전: all,every 아무런: No sort of 온갖: All kinds, all sorts 현: The present, the existence, actuality 동: the same

올해 總 主. ~ 고객 兩

~달 某 本 ~ 근방


올: This year 총: all,entire,whole 수십: Tens of sth 주: one’s master, ones employer 웬: What sort of, what kind of 양: Both, two 이런저런: This and that, one and another 수천: Thousands 수백: Hundreds 두어: About two, a couple 석: Three (in 3 months) 모: A certain person, mr. Jones 일대: One great/large 본: An example 요: Right near at hand 수만: Tens of thousands 대여섯: About five or six 넉: The fourth

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