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1. Table Of Contents
2. Introduction (INTRO) 3. About The Author(s) (ABOUT) 4. Legal Stuff (LEGAL) 5. Version History (VERSION) 6. Before You Start (BEFORE) A. The Good Vs. Evil And What It Means To You (GVE) B. Man’s Best Friend And Needing More Dog (DOG) 7. Using The Guide (USING) 8. Main Walkthrough (WALKTHROUGH) A. Chapter I: Childhood (CH1) B. Chapter II: Birth Of A Hero (CH2) C. Chapter III: The Bandits (CH3) D. Chapter IV: The Journey Begins (CH4) E. Chapter V: The Ritual (CH5) F. Chapter VI: The Hero Of Will (CH6) G. Chapter VII: The Bargain (CH7) H. Chapter VIII: The Road To Westcliff (CH8) I. Chapter IX: The Crucible (CH9) J. Chapter X: The Spire (CH10) K. Chapter XI: The Cullis Gate (CH11) L. Chapter XII: Stranded (CH12) M. Chapter XIV: Bloodstone Assault (CH13) N. Chapter XV: Retribution (CH15) O. Chapter XVI: The New What Next (Endgame) (CH16) 9. Working For A Living - Jobs (JOBS) 10. Major Side Quests (MAJOR) 11. Other Side Quests By Area (MINOR) 12. Appendix (APP) A. Silver Keys (KEYS) B. Silver Key Chests (CHESTS) C. Dive Points (DIVE) D. Demon Doors (DEMON) E. Gargoyle Locations By Area (AREA) F. Gargoyle Rewards (REWARD) 13. Endings (END) 14. Glitches (GLITCH) 15. Author’s Notes (NOTES)

2. Introduction (INTRO) Hello, IGN.com readers! Welcome to the best FAQ/Walkthrough/Guide for the Xbox 360 video game Fable II available anywhere on the Internet. Fable II is a Xbox 360 exclusive action/RPG that centers around a single warrior and his or her quest to save the world of Albion. Throughout the game, the player has the ability to choose between being a good character or bad one, and those choices ultimately affect the story and outcome of the quest. Fable II is the long-awaited sequel to one of the original Xbox’s highest selling and most beloved games, Fable. 3. About The Author(s) (ABOUT) Before we dive in, we must assign credit for this massive guide where credit is due. Unlike a lot of IGN exclusive FAQs, this guide is a multi-person effort. Lets meet the authors. *Daniel Acaba Daniel was in charge of the “evil” side of the game’s walkthrough, along with a ton of the treasure/item/weapon/armor locations and descriptions. GameFAQs ID: Misfit119 Contact Daniel at: misfit192000@yahoo.com *Jason Venter Jason Venter was responsible for much of the game’s “research” aspects, including sidequests, special item and treasure locations. Contact Jason Venter at: jasonventer@yahoo.com *Jason imer Jason Nimer was in charge of the “good” side of the walkthrough, in addition to light contributions to the treasure/item/weapon/armor location and description sections and the compilation of the three authors’ work. GameFAQs ID: nimerjm37 Contact Jason imer at: nimerjm@hotmail.com For more on the authors, including personal thanks, past works and anything else they felt the need to include, see the Author Notes section, located at the end of the FAQ. 4. Legal Stuff (LEGAL) This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances, except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site (other than IGN.com) or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission of both the authors and IGN.com. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained within this document are the sole property of their respective holders. Basically, IGN.com and the guides’ three authors own this document. IGN is a part of Newscorp (Fox), so messing with them is probably a terrible idea on your part.

Updates should be completed soon.5. and your decisions will usually be based on one of these two alignments (though many decisions are considered to be neutral). so keep an eye open for them. When dealing in real estate renting your homes out at a loss will make you quite popular. do the nice thing to tilt toward good. As you move through the game and your character begins to find his or her alignment. This choice is nowhere near as complicated as it seems on paper. Good deeds such as helping people in need. This axis is the basis upon which most of the game hangs. namely yourself. you will have the choice of which alignment to follow. Evil And What It Means To You (GVE) When playing through Fable II. Those who are good will gain quite a bit of fame for their deeds and will find acclaim among the local populace. saving slaves and protecting those who need your aide are all things a good character will do. * Good By sticking to the path of Good you will be setting the needs of the many over the needs of the few. things will change accordingly. 6. The Good vs. Before You Start (BEFORE) This section should serve as a primer to those with no previous knowledge of the Fable universe. Watch out for that halo though. The most important of these alignments is that of good or evil. Version History (VERSION) Version 1.0: Compilation of authors’ finished material completed. when the game presents you with a choice. but people will welcome you with open arms if good is your thing. Prices will often be considerably lower for them in shops and the people will usually have a nicer disposition towards them on the streets. the game’s main points/features/systems and any other bits of info you might want before you fire the game up for the first time. As a good person you will want to take honest work such as blacksmithing or bounty hunting for wanted criminals. A. or the jerk thing to tilt toward bad. . You might sprout horns and inspire fear if you swing evil. it can get caught up on things.

. Corruption is a good measure of how horribly you are treating yourself. murdering others in cold blood and cutting down any who dare to stand in your way. Lucky for you. Corruption Much as Purity is a measure of how well you treat your body. both the good and evil choices. Also avoid any premarital sex. feel free to be a slumlord and jack up the rent on those who live in your homes. seriously. Again. seriously. three people worked on this FAQ.* Evil By sticking to the path of Evil you will be setting the needs of you over the needs of anyone else. That means as you follow the walkthrough. It will make you incredibly unpopular but you get money quicker this way. Eating healthy foods is a nice way of keeping your body pure and in good shape. it will simply serve to lower your purity rating and runs the risk of STDs. No. An orgy or two doesn't hurt either. When dealing in real estate. This will keep you from getting too portly. Eating too many meats and other fatty foods will start to take its toll and it will show in a portly and unsightly appearance. As an evil person you will want to take jobs such as assassinations or simply steal from homes. Purity If Good is a measure of how you treat the world. then Purity is a measure of how you treat yourself. along with their consequences. Evil deeds will include things such as selling people into slavery. Other ways to increase it are by having lots of sex outside of marriage and being lazy and sleeping all the time. will be explained in full.

the game will allow you to improve these abilities by finding books that let you train him with various skills. but you can train him to take charge in some battles and essentially take a good bit of focus off you. Early on. the dog can be trained to actually help in fights. In addition to the enemy alert system. your dog will not be the greatest at helping you find treasure or locate enemies. However if you’re going down a much darker path your dogs fur will become a dark black and brown mix. but he's also going to act as your treasure locater and early warning system. At first. Almost immediately. If you’re a goody two shoes then you can expect your dogs appearance to shift to golden fur. but the help is much appreciated. Learn to understand his audio cues to avoid being surprised by enemies or missing treasure. These essentially let him notice treasure and enemies from farther away and lead you to them quicker. There are a few times where he will even help you proceed with quests and side quests. Your dogs fur color will change depending upon your alignment. he’ll also mark the area with a glowing triangle and the word “treasure” over his head). he will bark to alert you of its presence (and if you’re no good with sound. he will begin to growl at them.B. . Should he locate enemies before you do. Whenever he notices treasure of any sort. moving from the browns it started out as. Man’s Best Friend (DOG) One of Fable II’s pre-release selling points was the inclusion of a dog for your hero (or villain) to have along for the ride. He’ll never win a fight for you. he’ll only snip at already-downed foes. though. Not only is your dog going to be a great companion.

Like the choices presented in Fable II. do a quick 180 and check the right corner in front of you (post 180) for Rose’s Dairy. Ask your parents. . a commotion will draw your attention and the two of you go to see what all of the hullabaloo is about. You’ve got to choose between a male and female child to be your character.. I’m not going to be responsible for explaining the facts of life. etc. optional objectives and oh so many collectables. After you chat a bit with your sister. When you do get control for the first time. Sorry in advance for that. except to mention that I may or may not get my his/hers/she/he mixed up from time to time. you’ll be presented with your main objectives and the actions available for both the good and evil side of things. Follow the glowing trail that is going to guide you to your objectives all game.e. Following the main walkthrough.) Once the "epic" opening has passed. have us help you every step of the way until your final moments. then this guide can be used that way as well. etc. it is truly all up to you. Using The Guide (USING) In an effort to make using this guide as simple as possible. By following said walkthrough. then check the Table of Contents and skip directly to it. If you only need help finding that last Silver Key or obtainable piece of real estate. you will be in control of yourself as a young child. 8.7. Main Walkthrough (WALKTHROUGH) Chapter I: Childhood (CH1) Let’s get started. You might also like to know that the male/female choice affects very little in the grand scheme of things. NOTE: Do not have a friend with an already established character join while you're in your childhood. When you start the game. If you want to start at the beginning. the authors have collaborated on both sides of the good and evil spectrum in putting together the game’s main walkthrough. the authors will have full sections detailing the game’s many side quests. This is a video game. you’ll have a choice to make. a female can have children. a male can father them. It doesn’t really have any reason to be here in the walkthrough. There is no aspect of Fable II that is completely off-limits based on your gender choice (i. A glitch could strip them of all of their experience earned so far.

Head to the left from the guard and you will see the golden trail leads to yet another person you can get some gold from.It seems that some merchant has rolled into town and is pulling the wool over the eyes of the gullible townsfolk. your sister will convince the guard to give you a gold coin in exchange for looking for the warrants. maybe not entirely.. so don't worry about it yet. sounds bad. After a bit of haggling. Then again.. -Albion's Most Wanted Apparently the guard Derek has lost five arrest warrants for "some of the worst criminals in Albion". . You have to love a mirror that shows you how good looking you really are but only in total darkness. As a good sibling it's up to you to help her out and get that music box. To do this you're going to have to get your hands on five gold coins. You will find these as you go along with the rest of the quests.. since your sister has gotten her heart set on that music box.Well.. Turn to face the glowing trail and follow it to reach your first quest.

Agree to it and you’ll end up on stage with your sibling. . start following the trail again. That's one coin down. With that conflict resolved. He's only got one shot so make it count. so regardless of your good/evil alliance. you know what to look for. I have to assume that you can figure out which two options are good and which two are evil. four to go! Head down the alley here and a small cutscene will play. You get that gold coin regardless of your choice. Now that you’ve seen one warrant. evil choice. Considering you can read.-Barnum's Image Capturing Device This is an incredibly simple request. Simply find the other four sheets of paper in this small area and head back to the guard to finish up (more on the good/evil choice in a minute). Follow the onscreen instructions to find out how to attack and drive the kid from the area.Thumbs Up Left – Fart Down . you will see the first of the warrants on the ground to your right.Thumbs Down Right .Heroic Pose This is your first true good vs. your options are: Up . When you get on stage. it’s time to make him pay. Some jerk has taken to wailing on your sister and a stray dog. Continue following the trail up the stairs straight ahead to reach another person in need. As it leads you down an alley.

this is where Magpie hides out and where he keeps the bottle.-The Beetle Hunt Seems that this warehouse owner is afraid of beetles and needs you to go on in and kill them off while he cowers outside. you’ll need to retrieve the alcohol. that creep Arfur will ask you to bust up the mans stock instead of helping him out since he owes money to some bad people. you have a silly drunkard that wants to desperately drink himself into his grave. if you’re going for the good. Do so by going upstairs and using your ranged weapon to target them. but you’re evil so who cares? Regardless of choice. one by one. you’ll want to clear out the beetles. head out and follow the path to the next goal. -Tramp's Treasure You’ll come upon two people arguing. Sure. Simply grab the bottle up once you're close enough and retreat. Turn to your left and head straight ahead. You'll get another gold coin and chastised by the owner. and shoot them down. This is easily accomplished by walking slowly and not bumping into anything as you approach. just run around the first floor. you have a concerned friend of his that wants to help him quit drinking. If you’re going for evil. You’ll have a choice to make. rather than bothering with any of the bugs on the upper level. but first. On the other hand. Do this until you've completed your wrecking job and smashed everything in sight. On one hand. not to wake Magpie up as you try to get the bottle. Obviously. . why not? Once you're inside of the warehouse. busting up anything that glows red. When you head into the alleyway you are instructed.

Now head on back over to the drunk and his friend to return the bottle. For the good choice, give the bottle back to the well-meaning friend. For evil, hand it to the drunk. Regardless of your choice, you’ll get a gold coin and another warrant, which, for some reason, is inside the bottle. Now look around the area for the last three warrants, all of which are lying on the ground (and one of which has been uncovered by the dog from before). Head toward the guard and in the alley, you’ll be stopped by that creep Arfur once more. He tries to threaten you, but eventually he resorts to offering you a gold coin in exchange for those five warrants you've got, one of which is for his boss, Nicky the Nickname. For the good side, just blow past him and give the warrants to the guard. For evil, give the warrants to Arfur. You’ll get a gold coin for each choice. NOTE: Completing the Albion’s Most Wanted quest by giving them to this creep unlocks the Assassination Job. Arfur actually points them out to you when you return to Bowerstone later on. -The Love Letter

That's four, only one coin left to go. Follow the glowing trail back past the guard and over to a guy trying to woo a lady up on a balcony. Go on over and talk to the man once the scene ends to get a letter. He asks you to deliver to his beloved. Accept it and head on over to the door and knock. Once the mother lets you in, you have another choice to make. If you are going for evil, go over and give her the letter. What follows is a really good laugh that sets the tone of the rest of the evil side of the game. If you go for good, sneak past her, run up the stairs and hand the letter to the girl. That makes all five coins. Follow the gold path to the merchant, purchase the music box and watch the scene unfold. After that, there isn’t much else to do except head back to when you began the game and choose to hit the hay for the night. The next day, follow your sister into town and you’ll eventually end up in the castle outside town. When asked, step into the circle… I won’t give too much away, but eventually your childhood will end and Chapter Two will begin.

Chapter II: Birth of a Hero (CH2)
After the cutscene ends and you finish talking to Theresa, you can follow the glowing trail to your caravan. Alternately you could stop and talk to the Gypsy that is closest to you of the opposite gender. There is, more often than not, a Gypsy who is attracted to you already, so if you want to start lowering that Purity of yours go ahead and bed her now in your caravan house. Skip it if you’re trying to be good. For more on attraction see the appropriate section of this guide.

Whatever you choose open up the chest in front of the caravan to receive a bunch of items to help start you off on this quest - Rusty Longsword, Light Splintered Crossbow, Placebo Health Potion, Dog Elixir, Collar of Holding and a Spade. Now head on over to the entrance to this city to meet up with Theresa and get this game started. NOTE: If you start punting the chickens you can easily get an achievement and open up a free Title you can take later on (Chicken Chaser). You may have already gotten the Chicken achievement during the childhood segment, but since the achievement is based on how far you can boot the chickens, it’s easier to get now. And don’t tell the people at PETA, but kicking chickens doesn’t affect your goodness if that is the path you are aiming for. Your goal in this camp is meet with Theresa, but you are probably feeling adventurous by now, so feel free to look around, talk to people and check out the shops in the area. Even though you have almost no means for obtaining any items yet, it still might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with what is out there.

Theresa will lead you to a cliff that overlooks Bower Lake and also gives you a Guild Seal. This will open the path to the Chamber of Fate. As you head down the path to the water your dog will notice something to dig up, this is the Rubber Ball and it allows you to play with your doggie. Follow the golden trail until you reach the waterfront. Turn to the right and head that way until you pass four white trees. Take a right here and you will find a Treasure Chest.

Now go jump into the water and swim on over to the entrance to the Chamber. To the right of this is a Silver Key, so go grab that one and then head on inside. Dive down into the lower level and swim to the shore. Continue along and then jump down to a lower level of the cavern to find your first real fight of the game against some beetles. Defeat them however you like, sword or crossbow, and then gather up the experience.

In case you are new to Fable, here is a little primer. You’ve probably figured out how to attack and switch between your melee and ranged weapons by now, so we’ll skip that. What I really wanted to touch on here is experience. You may have noticed that as you’ve killed the enemies here, they’ve dropped a whole bunch of little multi-colored balls. These are what pass for experience points. Running all over the place to gather these up might seem like a pain, but fear not – holding the RT button will draw the experience toward you, kind of like an experience vacuum. As I played through the game, I tried to see if there was any distance limitation on how far away expeience would have to be for your vacuum not to draw it in, but as far as I could tell, there isn’t a limitation. Go nuts. NOTE: When you're attacking the beetles try to stick to either melee or ranged weapons for all of them. This helps you gather XP towards what you will use as your primary combat style later.


Once they're dead start following the glowing trail and stop at the entrance to the next area. As you pass through these tunnels you will encounter some more beetles, take them out as you go. Continue forward until you reach the next cavern area and stop for a moment. There's a door right in front of you, open that to get to a Treasure Chest.

so go on through and start heading down the corridor here. Once you are through the door. examine them to find some notes on their bodies that paint an amusingly morbid picture. it leads to a large room with some beetles. Take out your crossbow and shoot it to get the door opened and head on through. There is a left branch you will want to take. Eventually you will reach a wide open. This indicates that you can search the lake to find a hidden gem in the water. Keep going and you will eventually pass through a room with a bunch of bridges and beetles to take out. Search the bookshelves here for some items and then open up the two treasure chests here. follow the corridor a bit and then hang a left into a second corridor. Go stand in the middle of the area and you will activate the floating switch to start flying around. Once you've gotten both of those notes then you're going to want to continue following the golden trail. you will encounter a locked door that is being held closed by a switch that is. Go through it carefully and you will reach a large circular room. Now make your way back to the upper level and start following the glowing trail again. Dive there and you will come back up with an Augment.. There's a treasure chest at the end of this one but some more beetles will attack once you've opened it. . Defeat them and continue along. flying around. This opens up the door. For a full list of all the Dive Points in Albion. You can now leave and get back along the glowing trail. When it's far away shoot it with the crossbow and when it is lower to the ground whack it with your weapon. check the appropriate section of this guide. flooded cavern.. There are two skeletons to be found here. You could easily follow the golden trail to get out of this place. But if you want a free Augment then you will want to explore both the left and right sides of this place.Now go back the way you came and turn to the left. As you follow the trail you will find a third skeleton. stomping any more bugs that attack.

so just buy Shock and save the rest for later.Soon enough you will reach the remains of the Heroes Guild. Opening it after that you will find whatever items you unlocked. You don’t shouldn’t have enough orbs to buy too much else that is actually useful. .fable2. Journey of A Hero. at www.com. If you're going to be using a fair bit of magic during the course of the game you will want to purchase the Shock skill. It will also contain the items from the Limited Edition version of the game if you purchased that. After the cutscene here ends step on into the light. shall we? You should have listened to the explanation of how leveling up works and what does what. Ok. This will allow you to spend your experience on at least one Will spell. so head on inside. NOTE: This chest here can only be opened if you complete the flash game. Should you plan on ignoring Will then just pick up Force Push. fire your skill at the pink Cullis gate to blow it open so you can get out of here. and decided how you want to spend your points accordingly. it isn't worth wasting any of your general XP on it. lets pause and talk about these skills and upgrades for a moment. Once that's done. though I found Shock to be a little more useful at this point in the game. Shock and Inferno are both fine choices.

This is the bandit camp so you will want to proceed carefully. the bandits. The simplest way to handle this is to keep moving and attack enemies only when you don't have anyone behind your back. . Get close enough and they’ll strike up a conversation automatically. Hop off of a couple ledges and you will see a road that leads you towards some hanging pennants. Once you enter the glowing yellow area you will be jumped by some bandits. you will reach the gate to Bowerstone only to find that it is blocked by a barrier. this is going to lead to a somewhat lengthy fight against a veritable band of them. it’s along the water out in the open. Shock works better than Inferno here. but the one you are looking for to start the bandits quest is the only one with actual humans guarding it. This is most easily accomplished by using whatever skill you just purchased. Seems that there are some bandits taking people hostage and you're going to have to do something about that.Near the ruined archway Once you appear at the top of the plateau of Bower Lake take out the Beetles that are crawling around.Turn left at the bottom of the plateau and head towards the smaller lake. hence the higher recommendation. Not the hostages. Eventually. There are at least three blocked exits from this plain.*Chapter III: The Bandits (CH3) Bower Lake Treasure Chests . Now follow the outside circular path to the bottom of this plateau. Silver Chests .One is gotten while heading to the Chamber of Fate. .

pound Thag with Shock (provided you bought it). so you can head on through and enter the city. Since you're immune to damage while rolling this is the single best evasion method available for fighting large groups of people and bosses. It will damage him more than any other move or attack you have available right now. make your way into Thag’s cabin. There's a book on the bed you can grab and there's a money pouch on the floor. bad guys will take the money. Thag himself will bust through the door ahead and give you a damn good reason to wipe him out. When he attempts to attack you roll away and hit him with your ranged weapon or spells. it is another completely obvious good or evil choice. Once you're done here. If you get into trouble.Once you've killed off exactly 10 of the bandits. After he has attacked you can start to strike him with your melee weapon. When he finally goes down. Once you've got those. Nice guys will free the slaves. So lets head back that way. Simply keep this up and he will be defeated with ease. forget those slaves and get outta there. grab the key to the cage with the slaves from the treasure chest and then search the room. Theresa will send you a message telling you to meet her in the city of Bowerstone by the clock tower. but be ready to roll again. Uh-oh. To defeat him easily the best way is to stick and move. The gate has been opened now. you can head back outside to meet a man named Dick. NOTE: It is in your best interest to purchase the roll ability as soon as possible. He offers you some money in exchange for letting him have those slaves that he paid for. .

Walk towards the center of the marketplace.Turn right from town entrance and go through door .Under the bridge that leads from the entrance to the Bowerstone Market. Training to be a blacksmith isn’t really all that tough.From entrance go towards the bridge. Sorry. You’ll need to play a timing-based rhythm game where you hit a moving target as it bounces back and forth. To entertain yourself it's highly suggested that you go an do some blacksmith work. You can keep going if you like. but the further you get. under the bell.Two up on the city wall . . . Your new title comes with an even more difficult version of this mini game and this will affect the price of swords from now on. but it only serves to give you some flavor information on the shops in town. If you manage to hit enough targets in a row (not sure of exact number… around 50 – four to six blows for each sword).Chest on wharfs . Keep hitting the target for as long as possible. and keep growing your gold multiplier (4-8-16 pieces per sword) you’ll be promoted to a two star blacksmith. This leads to the Gargoyles Trove. This is nominally a side quest. it's an easy way to make some good money. no. as a higher rating will come in handy in the future and it passes the time waiting for Theresa much faster than just hanging out. Before you even ask. It starts out easy enough. go left down the dirt path near the carriages and jump off here. good or evil. When you enter Bowerstone you will meet a somewhat obnoxious Bard who wants to follow you around. the speedier the target and the smaller the green space. to be told that Theresa is going to be late. There's a dive under the dock straight to your left that leads to a Silver Key.*Chapter IV: The Journey Begins (CH4) Bowerstone Treasure Chests . there doesn’t seem to be any way of killing or otherwise getting rid of him.In locked area to the left of town entrance Dives .

the guard will hand you the keys to the Bounty Hunting side quests.Shortly after starting this way head to the right along a small path This is a fairly straightforward area. you’ve done a fairly through sweep for hidden chests and items. As you progress through it. does it seem weird that you are novice warrior of a main character has dead-on aim with their ranged weapon from literally hundreds of yards away? I mean. you will be greeted by whomever you helped out with the arrest warrants earlier on.After second bandit attack in a corner .After bandit camp . After some talking you will be told where Lucian is (the bad guy from the beginning) and what you need to do from here. Refer to the side quests section for information on this. Make sure that before you leave the town. Arfur will thank you for your help and tell you about the Brotherhood of Assassins and how they'll pay for work. some of these direct hits would make Master Chief blush! . Time to head to Oakfield! Bowerstone Old Town Treasure Chests . Even though it has nothing to do with getting you through the game.Cellar further into section When you enter Old Town.After four minutes you will be told to go ahead and meet up with Theresa at the bell tower. Conversely.Top level near bandit ambush . Bowerstone Road Treasure Chests . you will find yourself ambushed by bandits over and over. Rookridge Road.Dog Trick Hide Snout Silver Chests . The first time they will be on an upper level and on the lower level so you will need to use your weapon and spells to take them out from a distance.Cellar near entrance to this section . Pass through Old Town to reach the Rookridge Road to Oakfield.

This area is pretty narrow so try to hang back and weaken them with spells and weapons before closing in. who has gone into the cave and is yet to return. you probably noticed that this is a rather large body of water. the small puddle inside the next cave DOES have a Dive Point. Dive off the cliff’s edge once Theresa suggests it to end up in the river here. There is another treasure chest located nearby after this so grab that and continue on. Swim to the nearby beach to reach a man who asks for help in finding his son. There is a Demon Door nearby but there's nothing to be done with it right now.Anyway… There is a treasure chest on the upper level after you've wiped them all out. I’ll save you the trouble – even though it seems a perfect spot for a Dive Point of two. It does lead to a small cavern. the Gemstone Grotto. If you are curious as to what you’ll be doing with these doors. that will become useful later on though. This is good general advice. you’ll see another group of bandits on the other side. though. When you get close enough to the edge of the bridge. Don’t waste any time looking for one. so leave it be and head to the broken bridge. Strangely enough. taunting you mercilessly. Weird. there isn’t a single one. this one with a Dog Trick in it. NOTE: On your way to the beach. you can check the appropriate section of this FAQ. as there aren’t really any spoilers to be found in what is basically a list of commands. As you head down the path Theresa will remind you to use your ranged weapons on the bandits in the distance. If you're so far away that the enemies can't really see you then you can usually wipe them out without them even noticing you (again… where did you get this aim?!). . Continuing forward you will be turning a corner when a bunch more bandits will come tearing around the corner. Nearby their camp you can grab a last treasure chest.

these work better against the Hobbes than do edged weapons. you can continue forward. you will have your first encounter with Hobbes here. Once the father is no longer sick.Treasure chest off the road on the first level . might want to grab that now. Liberal use of Force Push or Time Stop will make your life easier. since things can get rough in here later. First Metal Gear Solid 4 spends a half hour on diaherria. . club-like weapon.Treasure chest a bit in . and ranged weapons have little effect.Treasure Chest after the huge Hobbe brawl Dive Spot . now Fable II has graphic vomit? What is the world coming to? Anyway.Right near entrance From right where you are there is a dive spot off to your right. Head forward into the cave and keep on going until you reach a room with blood all over the place and lots of bones. If you managed to find a heavier. Alter your strategy to what works for you and stick with that plan of attack. These little goblins are going to be little more than nuisances unless they come in really big groups.Rookridge: Hobbe Cave Treasure Chests . just don't let them gang up on you. Even the later ones aren't going to be too much of a deal.

Follow that golden trail to get the heck out of here. This is the sight of a huge brawl against an army of Hobbes. Double back just a bit and your dog will lead you to a crack in the cave wall. Continue to the top here and keep going forward. Go through this and it will lead back around to the locked door with only one single Hobble between you and it. If you've got Force Push stand in the middle of the area and spam it over and over to knock the enemies off the ledge for an easier time. They're pretty numerous here and the space isn't too large so you will want to keep on moving and weaken them with ranged attacks. you’ll need to drop all the way down and restart from the beginning of the path after grabbing this stuff. Head on up the ramp here until you get about four levels up. Make your way to the upper level and once all the Hobbes are dead hop down to where the treasure chest is. it's time to get back to the outside world. a club-like weapon tends to kill these little guys with one hit apiece. Kill the monster and open the door for dad. The path ahead is blocked. get the contents and it is time to leave. It might take awhile but if you're careful it shouldn't be too hard.Once you've taken out the lot of them you will be able to continue forward. the Hobbes in this next large room will come out of nowhere and attack. so leave him at the door. After that's resolved.. Grab the contents and drop back down to the bottom before you start climbing back up. but again. Spells like Force Push or Shock work wonders here if you happen to have them. When your companion runs off after hearing Joey's voice. You’ll be opening it from the other side. From here you can jump down off the side and retrieve a treasure chest here. . That’s right. Follow the glowing trail until you end up in a large cavern. Go forward from here and you will encounter the father again.

Follow the golden trail away from the village itself and you will soon come across some beetles. While it may seem tempting to just sneak up on them. going to the right will let you kill off those three bandit yokels who were goading you into diving into the river in the first place. If you choose to do side quests. NOTE: Do not walk out on the priest while he is talking to you.Near June the Farmers House .On top of a hill that leads to some ruins. waving your trophies around to gather the needed renown.Under bridge near waterwheel. This glitch is made even more important by the fact that Fable II is one of those “saves on its own” games. Oakfield Treasure Chests . this is the path you're looking for. You will either need to complete side quests or run around. refer to the next part of this quest.Along path to Oakfield .After exiting the Wellspring Caverns it's to your right. From here it's a straight run to the Temple of Light.Near Silver Key on Mine Cart Tracks After leaving the Hobbe cave. please refer to that section for information. From here it's pretty much a straight run to Oakfield. If you do so you might cause a glitch to occur where he will never start talking again and your ability to complete this quest is shot. . Keep on going along that path and you will soon cross over a waterfall path where you cross over on some rocks.Off the Trail to the Abbot . Silver Chest .In the Graveyard . charging works just as well. Walk away and… the fortune teller says there is a restart in your future. Bear in mind that killing them has no affect on your good/evil business. Go on in to get informed that you need to gather more Renown before you can proceed with this one.Rookridge: Oakfield Road Treasure Chests .Behind the graveyard near a mausoleum Dive Spot . Once you have enough renown. .Near The Wellspring Entrance Silver Chest .

firing away with ranged attacks until you get close enough for melee. another name for undead. standing on plates with her while the decanter slowly fills up. This is what you're going to be doing here. they go down without too much of a fight or chance to damage you. Once they're all defeated and no more spawn in you can make your way back to the central chamber with Hannah. This one will pass without any troubles. Once you've arrived at the central chamber Hannah will stand on a pressure plate and open up one of the doors. you will be listening to Hannah chatting away while the two of you head deeper into the cave. Head on through that way and you will reach the pair of pressure plates you need to stand on with her. Alternate between ranged and melee attacks for the best results. He will tell you to head on over to the Wellspring Cave where you can find Sister Hannah. They're not particularly hard but they can be pretty tenacious. . You're going to have to hack your way through them.Chapter V: The Ritual (CH5) Run on back to the Temple of Light and speak to the High Priest once you've gotten enough Renown. Once you're inside. Ifyou move toward them. although any use of the Shock spell will make your life much easier. As you start to head back from the grotto though you will meet a new type of enemy called the Hollow Man. After a bit of banter between you and her she will grab up the empty decanter and it's time for you two to begin heading down inside of the cave. There's nothing really going on until you reach the central chamber.

He comes back after a bit with a trophy and the door opens fully to let you through. You will be fighting off the Hollow Men four at a time. You're going to have to stay on the plate while you shoot and cast spells at the ones that spawn in. If you have the Shock spell. The action isn’t quite over yet though. hitting as many as possible at one time is a great way to make this easier. Since there are more of them. try to make sure that you use Shock when the enemies are clustered. it will get stuck about halfway open. so you will want to use group hitting Shock spells and keep moving to avoid being overwhelmed. Also. When you attempt to open the third door. your ranged attacks should be enough to keep Hannah alive. When you get through the corridor you will be in a larger room with a pressure plate on the first floor and on the upper level. you’ll want to stay more on the defensive. Time Stop also works here. but you will be able to slowly but steadily take them out and fill the decanter. It takes awhile. . it can work wonders by alternating between the enemies and leaving them all stuck in place while you snipe them. Once the two of you have stepped onto your plates. Your dog will take off through the gap. but even without spells. Make sure to use a health potion or two (if needed) before you go through.Hannah will open up the second door so head on through that way. since this room contains a pretty big brawl. retreating and only going for melee when they get close. Your pad is found on the upper level. Hollow Men will begin to flood the room and attack Hannah. Once they're all dead you can make your way back to the central chamber. using ranged attacks.

just use the same retreat strategy that you just used on the normal Hollow Men. you will get a cutscene. Onward to Brightwood! You can only get there from Bower Lake. the gold path should guide you there easily enough. With the Headless Hollow Man defeated you will be able to head to the last room and stand on the final pressure plate. From here you will have to return to the Guild to speak to Theresa. since he can't actually see you. It isn't too tough as long as you can stay on the move and not get hit or cornered. you will be greeted by an elite Hollow Man: the Headless one. By constantly moving and hitting him with ranged attacks and spells you can wear him down. After a brief talk between Hannah and Theresa you will have completed this quest. Remember him? I didn’t. so do so. It seems that the strange.After you have killed enough of these Hollow Men (I counted 20). He isn't all that hard. masked man you saw your first day going into the castle as a kid is the next Hero you need to collect. so head on over. Even if you can’t remember the way. . Basically. Once you have finished filling the decanter. Follow Hannah until the whole situation has resolved itself. but he does a lot of damage and is difficult to kill.

remember? Don’t s… worry. Eventually however you will find yourself heading towards Brightwood Tower. You will have to return to the Guild yet again to try and strategize on what to do. Alternating between stabbing someone and styles. The easiest way to take them out is by alternating between your three combat styles. . You will be fighting off a lot of these guy so get used to how to handle them. you won’t miss anything here you can’t get elsewhere by legitimate means. simply climb to the top of this place to end this quest. u Once you enter. This is a pen straight run to the upper floors.In some ruins to the southwest most part of the map. When you reach the final tower you will hear Garth talking to someone. this means trouble in the near future. These guys make good use of their guns at a distance and are quite fond of blocking attacks. As you near it you will see a Spire floating down from above. As you head back down the tower you can steal from Garth’s cupboards and dressers to get a number of good items… but only if you’re evil. Brightwood you can either make a straight run to your goal or look around for Silver Keys and Treasure. although you're going to have to fight off more of the Spire Guards as you go along. Continue forward and you will soon be attacked by Spire Guards. open the chest here and then start climbing up the tower. Make your way into the tower. Good guys don’t steal stuff. then shooting them will help you out although Flourishes can help you out here if you have them.*Chapter VI: The Hero Of Will (CH6) Brightwood Treasure Chests .

Chapter VII: The Bargain (CH7) Okay.000 gold pieces in exchange for the location of the diary. Once you bring it to her. and your decisions should be at least partly based on your good or evil choice. NOTE: You're going to be away from home for quite some time once you get started on this quest. Surprisingly enough. He is located in one of the upstairs rooms. Try to keep your distance from the big guy and shoot at the nerves when he exposes them. Make your way to Bowerstone Market and go on into the Cow and Corset (guess how the sign is marked). You can't threaten him to lower the price so simply pay him the money and read the little map he gave. Unfortunately. eventually he will give up the ghost. he will ask you for 1. . it is guarded by a huge freaking Forest Troll. A short distance away from here. There are a few on his belly and one on each arm. holy crap.. you’ll be able to read it. there are three tree stumps. Jeeves. You might want to move them to Bowerstone as well. Now you can dig up the journal and bring it back to Theresa for deciphering. Its all up to you.. There are a number of dangling nerve clusters you have to hit. taking these out is the trick to killing Trolls. so that they're closer to your destination to make this simpler. Roll to avoid his attacks and shoot when you can. Head back to Bower Lake and make your way over to the spire that leads to the Guild entrance. It isn’t as tough as it looks. When you find him. You can't actually attack these guys outright like you could in the first game. Visit your spouse right before you leave to make your life easier. page by page. in your inventory. so now we need to get this journal from Lucian’s old butler. you’ve just got to pay him. this is where you will find the diary. there is no good or bad option here. though.

Take them out as you like. Some of the bandits in the area will never attack if you don’t stray from the trail a bit. it'll probably be pretty easy since you have Hammer helping. located in Westcliff and get recruited by Lucian. so do some exploring as you go.After the barricade behind a small house. You're going to have to reach her by navigating all the way through the Brightwood by yourself. She can be knocked down. you will reach a barricade. she is a big help. Hammer is very powerful in combat and she cannot die. So it seems the new plan is to the go the Arena. kind of like Donald and Goofy in Kingdom Hearts. As a quick note. Silver Chests . so don't hesitate to let her handle enemies for you. Shortly after Theresa stops talking you will pass through wooden gates and end up fighting off a bandit ambush. Sounds easy especially with Hammer at your side. start moving forward.Off the road after the second bandit ambush.*Chapter VIII: Road To Westcliff (CH8) Brightwood Road: Bandit Road (Brightwood) Treasure Chests .. .As you follow the trail and hop down two levels off the road to the side after climbing a wall. especially since they will start coming in big groups.After a barricade along the path there is a ruined tower. . Climb it. From here.. After fighting off plenty of bandits.Off the road as you near the final curve before the barricade. . This area is pretty big with lots of little side paths but you can maintain forward motion pretty easily thanks to the glowing trail. I mean Crucible. As such. . but eventually she will get back up. if for no other reason than the experience will be a big help soon. Eventually you will reach Hammer and find yourself on the Bandit Road together.

had no idea what was coming. . Useful! When it flls. so if get into trouble. Hammer is an unkillable powerhouse. Silver Chests . let her take care of things for a bit. Westcliff Treasure Chests . Once you've killed off all the enemies here. . and therefore. you can't miss it. Remember. (20) Watch the scene as you enter.On a small side path just before entering the Howling Halls. Some more bandits will run out at you as you're moving around. so take them out (again… experience helps). .After meeting Lilith follow the gold trail.Off the left side of the road after the second Balverine attack. Stay mobile here and back away if you start to feel like you're being overwhelmed. Brightwood Road. you’ll tangle with about eight bandits. Wait. Once you're ready. did she say Balverines? Oh god.Behind the destroyed log cabin. This is bad. go a bit deeper in and start looking for treasure. Take it from him – be careful. there they are. move onward and you will enter the Westcliff section of this road. since it's blocking your way and she is intolerant of such things. NOTE: At least one of this FAQ’s authors had not played the first Fable.Hammer will bust down the barricade.

Cross the bridge further along the path. Don’t hesitate to use your melee weapon. Follow her. When fighting them. Not only are they really strong. Defeat the lot of them and you can proceed forward until you reach the Howling Halls. you can continue forward. you will hear a woman scream and Hammer will run off to see what all the racket is about. mages and archer types are at a serious disadvantage since they're so fast and can pounce on you from just about anywhere.. preferably an edged one. It seems that her son was grabbed by Balverines and Hammer wants to get the boy back. another pair will attack you as you go further down the road. Along the road. They can and will leap off-screen to escape your combos and surprise attack you. that sounds promising. search the area for some items and then continue on. As you near the destroyed log cabin a bit further up the road. keep moving but stay on your toes. Since you still have Hammer with you.. these guys won't be too big of a deal point.After you see the one on top of the standing stones. . Once they're dead. but they're also incredibly fast. You will be attacked by a pair of these enemies right afterward. Let her engage one while you take out the other and then assist her. You will meet Lilth here grieving over her dead husband. you will fight two more Balverines and after you pass the Demon Door .you will be attacked by yet another pair.

this is going to be difficult. Shock. the path through the Howling Halls is pretty straightforward. It can be tough so don't be ashamed to heal or use a Ressurection Phial here.Howling Halls Treasure Chests . She won’t actually knock it down until all of the enemies are dead. as well as a powerful White Balverine while your buddy Hammer tries to tip over a pillar to make an escape route out of here. you’ll have another handful or two of them to deal with. . Follow it until you reach a large chamber. Basically.To the side of the spiked pit that Hannah makes a bridge over. you are on your own fighting off the Balverines up to three at a time. but no matter what you do. so waiting her out won’t work. while there are no more Balverines bothering you. Crap hitting the fan? Should that be labeled a spoiler? Nah… You're going to have to fight off a bunch of regular Balverines. Luckily. Once she knocks down the pillar you can run across and take the straight path right to the exit. If you come back later. There are some things to gather here so you might want to take a detour to get now. so stopping now makes sense. right? Once you make it out the other side you will be at Westcliff. Lilith will walk forward and then the crap hits the fan. Time Stop and ranged weapons are good choices if you can manage to hit anything.

Just before you reach the Shooting Range. incidentally.Inside the Old Tin Mine in the foggy room. The Crucible is a series of eight rounds with only two item shops down the path to restock supplies. .Jump down from the ruins to another treasure chest. . Once you're done playing around the city (remember to check out the side quest and appendix sections of this guide for more info). . and the Crucible should not even be attempted on an empty inventory. Look around Westcliff before you go straight to the arena. Silver Chests .Atop the ruins nearby the cabin with the Balverines. .Chapter IX: The Crucible (CH9) Westcliff Treasure Chests . You can buy good or bad guy clothing. If you can beat the rounds in less than the alloted times you will get a bigger money reward at the end of the tournament. Also don't forget to pick up gold the fans throw in for you. Stocking up on healing potions and other items is a very good idea here. off to the left. out so be ready. . . off to the left. is a lot tougher than it looks). .Head down the hill behind the shooting range. (5) Dive Spots . you can go and enter the Crucible. When in the Crucible.Dive off the ruins into the nearby water and swim around until you find a cave.Amidst some ruins near the hidden cave with a treasure chest. It's in there.Just before the cave that brings you to the Old Tin Mine. you will want to keep the crowd entertained so that they will throw money and items to you. as there's plenty to do here. .Just before the cave that brings you to the Old Tin Mine. some good weapons. no Hammer or even doggie to help you.If you dive off the top of the ruins into the water there's a dive spot nearby to the left. plenty of items and there's even a shooting range where you can get some prizes for making high scores (which. You will be doing this solo. Entertainment… Crucible… I guess this one and the Arthur Miller play have nothing in common! Haha! To do this you will want to change up how you're attacking the enemies and make use of the traps here. across the bridge and inside the cabin after killing any Balverines here.

If you hit one with a bomb with a ranged attack they will blow up and kill all the nearby Hobbes. This one is pretty easy to beat by simply running around and shooting the Hobbes. so you will want to keep up the attack here. Without those. *Round 3: For the third round. The best way to handle these is with radius based spells if you have them at level two or three. you will be able to tell this ones going to be a little bit rougher than the others. If you can use the hole in the center to knock enemies into then you will boost the crowds excitement. you're going to be dealing with a bunch of Will user Hobbes and some carrying explosives. There are some spellcasters as well. You will be dealing with huge groups of Hollow Men in here.*Round 1: The first round is comprised of three waves of bugs who come in large groups. especially if had trouble with them during your first encounter. but there is a trap you can use as well. Use these to entertain the crowd (remember entertaining=cash) and kill the Hobbes quicker. You should easily be able to easily beat this one in par time. but sword attacks work just as well. If you step on either of the glowing blue tiles it will cause spikes to spring up from the tiles on the ground. so be ready for it. . *Round 4: Once you enter the fourth room. You can defeat them with ranged attacks or spells pretty easily. you're going to need to charge the enemies and flail away with your melee weapon if you want to have any hope of taking them out quickly enough. Taking them out within the par time can be really hard to do without at least level 3 fire or shock spells. Take advantage of it and spend some of that gold you just grabbed. *Round 2: The second round is composed of several waves of Hobbes. You will get a stop over at the item trader after this round.

Whenever you step on the blue tiles on the ground all of the walls in that area will spew flames out at any who are close to them. However you decide do it. *Round 7: When you get into the seventh room. *Round 6: Inside the sixth room. some who are on a bridge on the upper level. Damn. To do this easily. This is another easy one to get a perfect round in. You will have to fend off several large groups of bandits. but going into melee and chopping them up will work as well. .*Round 5: The fifth room can be near impossible to complete in under par time. you will find a rather easy challenge. You will want to take out the enemies on the lower level with your weapon and spells before you turn your attention to the ones on the bridge above. They come either in pairs or groups of three. you can complete this rather fast. By bouncing back and forth between them in this manner you can take them out with ease. simply keep moving between all of the blue panels while you shoot and melee all of the enemies who come close to you. Aim for the explosive barrels and blow those up to help kill the enemies off faster. If you can keep your distance spells or guns will make short work of them. you will find yourself having to deal with some Balverines. You will get a stop over at the item trader after this round. Use it. By doing this. Numerous bandits will charge out at you and others will line the walls. make sure to dodge their pounce attack or you end up wasting time trying to get up off the floor. but they aren't all that hard to beat here. even with the White Balverine in the second wave.

It can be a tough fight. Try to stay on the move and wait for a nerve to become red and targetable. . It is also suggested that you complete all active side quests that are still available since after this point. some powerful Hobbes will attack pretty consistently. This means you're going to need to roll around him and keep shooting the clusters off. NOTE: DO NOT go over to the Spire yet. Once you've defeated the Rock Troll. but not impossible. one on the side of each arm. since you've been gone for several days. Now that all that is done. all while trying your best to stay out of the reach of the Hobbes. any remaining Hobbes will die and you will have survived the Crucible! Speak to the two nearby commentators and then talk to Hannah to finish this quest. Before you do this. you should complete the new quests that have opened up and visit your family.*Round 8: Don't count on getting a perfect round in the eight battle since you're going to be fighting a Rock Troll here. They might be threatening a divorce. There are some nerve clusters on the Troll’s chest area. meaning that speed is important here. they will no longer be available to you. When it does. Check the corresponding sections of this FAQ for help. In addition to him. Speak with Mad-Dog and Hammer to wrap things up. fire off a few shots and then start moving again. all that's left is to get on the boat and head over to the Spire. one on his back and one on the back of each arm.

Plus if you get punished then they're going to treat us like a nuisance more than an asset. Forget any notions of self-respect and do as he says. Garth will have something else to say to you so listen to him before you continue on. you will be told that you're now stuck here and you have an enchanted collar on that enforces obedience. you don't want to appear to be weak but if you don't then you're going to get punished for it. Whenever you're ready to go. sucks. Here is where things get a bit dicey. listen to them for a bit and time will jump ahead a number of days. Another Spire Guard will come and give you the order to report to the jail cells and help that guard out there. Once the guard is done rambling. Time skips ahead about nine months. You're going to have to get on the ship without your dog and your weapons. . which. in a word. follow the trail and you will meet Bob. step forward and get onto the boat to enjoy a nice little ride. Just make your way forward and you will soon reach someone giving a speech. Follow him until he's done talking and listen to what Garth says in your head. Then you can continue forward to you meet the Commandant. Bob and a few others are standing around and talking. the guy who was talking to you on the docks. Go where he tells you to and keep on thanking him for each time that he hits you. Every time you resist him you will loose a chunk of experience but you can gain some good from it. There doesn’t seem to be any evil gain for submission.*Chapter X: The Spire (CH10) Head down to the beach with Hammer and say your goodbyes. which benefits in the long run. Do so or the guards will actually strike you. When you wake up. When you arrive at the Spire you will be prodded to move forward. This will convince him that you're going to be a good servant here. As you go.

time will skip again. If you are a total jerk. Many years will pass at this point and you will end up as an officer. But where's the profit in that? Well. When you reach the Commandant’s room. Once again. this is bad news and means you're going to have to fight off all the Spire Guards from now on. If not. Garth will have something to say as you pass by. you will be tasked with going to speak to the Commandant. Your skills should be at good levels after the Crucible.Now if you wanted to be punished. After another thirty-four months. if you’re going for good. you could open the cells and feed the prisoners. obviously. he will order you to kill good old Bob with a cutlass he gives you. . Of course. so it shouldn't be too hard to cut your way through this place. so stop and listen to it before continuing. Follow the trail to reach a guard’s dead body. search it for some equipment and then Garth will free you from the collar. go kill Bob for the reward. If you want to be a nice guy. And look. there's a few coming to greet you right now! The guards aren't particularly hard but they come in numbers each time they attack. Head to the Commandant and he will send you to a new section of the Spire to find out what's going on with a guard who hasn't reported in. When the guard returns. Use your gun to weaken them and then go into melee or make good use of high level magics. so you will want to be careful. you’ll want to turn on the Commandant. you’ll have to suck up the experience loss and let them go. Eventually you will reach the Commandant’s room. This is pretty much a cut and dry good/evil thing. let them rot and watch as your evil points pile up.

Garth will suck up the experience here and return to his full power. This sounds like a lot. he’ll teleport around the battlefield. The most useful spells here are either Blades or Chaos. The Commandant will make use of Force Push. you can use that every so often to thin out the guards. cast a spell that causes a ripple through the ground and make excellent use of his sword. so don't bother even trying. To defeat him. After this. he will be hard pressed to attack you. Just don't set these as too high or you will be hurt badly while charging them up. It won't even come to you. Blades can do some good damage as well. so just keep focusing on the combat. but it isn't as much as you might be hoping. Stupid Garth ripping us off of all our hard earned experience. Once the Commandant dies. Some of the experience will be left laying around and you can pick that up. Place that above everything else and you’ll eventually win the day. but he isn't all that hard. he will activate the Cullis Gate and you can teleport down to the docks. If you can keep them away while dealing with the Commandant. Remember: The key to this fight is keeping in motion. . The guards are infinite and will never stop respawning. You can't gather up any experience from them.Shortly after you've arrived. Garth will be knocked out and you will have to fight the Commandant and a bunch of his Spire Guards. you’ll be just fine. If you can get the guards to attack the Commandant. stay mobile in order to avoid being ganged up on by the guards. If you have Shock at a level of three or higher.

If you can. so even something along the lines of a low level Force Push will be a big help in giving you some breathing room. Garth will be of some help but he will also be busy trashing the two enemy ships so don't rely on him too much. as you don't have any Resurrection Phials to fall back on. When you reach land. Once you’ve got your gear and whatever else back in order. .From here you're going to be brawling your entire way to the boat that you will be using. but merely letting her know you're alive seems like the right thing to do (good or evil doesn’t matter in this choice). It's probably a good idea to speak to Hammer before you move on. Theresa and your dog will be there to greet you. you will reach the ship and be out of here. it’ll be time to hit the road. Don't be afraid of using your potions either. you get all your old weapons and equipment as well. it isn't really a quest per se. The enemies come in large numbers. So not only do you get your friend back. Soon enough. try to knock some of enemies off the docks and into the water.

The regular Hobbes will be replaced in many cases by the red skinned bigger ones. if you went evil. who are quite good at evading attacks. If you’ve been a good hero. most. The biggest. Worse yet is that Lucian’s task forces have invaded Albion. Who doesn't want their own evil abode to call their own? Skeletor had one. the Temple of Shadows can be purchased as if it were a normal home or business. there will be a number of changes that are shaped by your actions. mostly minor. but it pays out quite a bit of rent (bad guys charge higher. differences. If your a right evil bastard. is Skeletor better than you? Didn’t think so. melee preferably. and it's hard to get them through their blocks. This leads to cheaper prices in most shops and other. Bandits will now have Highwaymen amongst their numbers (the red masked ones) who can attack and shoot at you. This means you cannot donate to help raise your morality at this point. Ugh. It has a pretty steep cost of 110.Chapter XI: The Cullis Gate (CH11) Since it has been ten years. the area will be nicer than ever with the Temple being quite larger than before.. If you were good. The economy of the world will be altered depending on the way you've set up your cities. They're harder than ever and make good use of both their swords and pistols. Real estate is a bit more expensive and you’ll probably end up renting at a loss. remember?) and it nets you a unique title from the Town Criers. how sickening. which can be a problem if you were planning on redeeming yourself later in the game. just ask Vegeta. the Temple of Light will be utterly demolished thanks to your massacre of the people in Oakfield (bad path). . Lastly. then most of the cities will be having a fairly poor time of it. The houses will be cheap and it will be really easy to purchase them up. so stick with melee and magic.. Then again. Also. but Albion’s denizens are much more friendly. Goodie two shoes can purchase the Temple of Light for roughly the same things except being regarded as nice guys for it. did you? Spire Guards can now be found randomly across every edge of the map. and most noticeable. change will be that enemies have become a good bit tougher. slaughtering a village is a somewhat irredeemable act in and of itself. Fighting them with an archer is very tough. the areas you’ve previously visited will be in great shape. if not all. You didn’t think you escape the Spire and the guards would stop looking for you.000 gold. you can still raise you renown even higher through donations and cosmetically. This goes for both the good AND evil path.

Sexy. go shopping and if you have a family. What's worse is that they come in pairs and their ground wave attack can kill with only a few direct hits. If you have purchased it. one where they float in place and fire a stream of lightning at you. now would be the time to visit them and meet your now ten-year-old kids. They have two attacks for you to look out for. It seems she has a lead on the next hero but it's going to take her a bit to find him. as the gold path will get you there easily. the Spires. so enjoy it. You're going to really have to be careful with these guys.There are also weaker versions of the Commandant accompanying them in most cases. a building you’ve been to before. I only mention it for a frame of reference. They don't get stunned or staggered by any attacks you throw their way. but can put up a hell of a fight. The second attack a series of spinning blades that will try (and sometimes succed) at cutting you all up. There is also a new enemy that will be found near the Spire Guards and the Commandants. Just stay on the path and deal with whatever comes your way. Use ranged attacks and stay on the move so that you don't get hit. These are guys very powerful and quite dangerous. Be very careful when dealing with them and stay mobile. These are the things you saw when Garth was kidnapped and they are very bad news. When you arrive at the Rookridge Inn you’ll see a cutscene with Hammer. they are fairly resistant to magic and can do a lot of damage to boot. This is a great intermission where you can visit family. . Your next stop will be the Rookridge Inn. They die fairly quickly. Your wife will be happy to see you as well. enter Aim mode while you stand back since you can fire fastest that way.

the three of you can continue forward some more. There aren't as many of them. After you meet up with them. Once you've gotten rid of this bunch of enemies. It’s a long walk. Really tough. Before you go any further. You will have to fight your way through some bandits. Instead. Be ready for trouble before you go down the winding path here. After crossing the bridge and going up the stairs you will be attacked by another group of enemies. it might be time to purchase a few health potions and or Resurrection Phials. but the game will make you pay with a huge amount of tough enemies. Garth.Once you're ready to continue on with the story. Hammer and Theresa will agree that they need to head to Bloodstone. that group that you saw is going to rush you and they're tough. it's time to head on over to the Guild and speak to Theresa. follow the glowing trail to reach Hammer and Garth who are waiting on you. making the battle a bit easier. head over to Brightwood. much like the ones from before. so use spells to weaken them and then take them out. Whenever you're ready. even though it is slightly longer. but you can get there instantly by using Garth’s Cullis Gate. The travel is instant. which is located in his tower. Melee works best for Commandants since they don't really stagger to anything else other than level four Shocks. but you will eventually get to a statue. With the three of you standing on the clifftop looking down you will be able to see a bunch of Spire Guards and Commandants waiting around on the bridge for you. Spire Guards take two shots to kill like this and Commandants take four but it weakens them considerably. If you purchased the ability to sub-target with ranged weapons start locking onto people and shooting for head shots. You’ll almost certainly need at least one of each to get through this area alive. the three of you will start to head towards the Brightwood Tower through the back gate. . but be sure to go to use the the Bower Lake Road.

Once you take them out be careful. he can’t die.At the top of the steps. What you absolutely DO NOT want to do is go for headshots. Begin with enemies that will come up the stairs that you just came up. smaller group of the same enemies. When you pass through the archway. when you go forward a Spire will come floating down towards you. Garth will inform you that he needs to charge up the gate and you will have to protect him. There is no shame in using a potion or resurrection item now. you will have to fight another. If he gets hit. If he gets hit too much. Hang back and let Garth be targeted first. Climb the steps here and you will encounter one small group of Spire Guards near the Cullis Gate. so defending his is pretty much a time saver. This isn't a big deal at first. If you hang back. . Time Stop works just as well. wipe it out with your ranged weapons. once the gate is charged. It's a few Spire Guards and a Commandant. Take them out as quickly as possible. When the area begins to get out of hand. A few will be spawned in by the Spire. allowing you to escape. Aim is well and good in some situations. you will be attacked by another group of enemies. Kill enough of these guys and the gate will charge. as he quits working on the gate when knocked down. giving you wide open window of to damage it with ranged weapons. Garth will be its main target. You will have better luck if you come up behind the Commandants and slam them in the back with a Flourish or a headshot. you’ll be swarmed from all directions. you’ll want to use spells such as Blades and Shock. as this is more than likely the toughest fight you’ve encountered thus far. but here it is a huge hindrance and will more than likely get you killed. the charge stops. he'll be knocked down and have to wait some time to heal up. Basically. Once they're dead.

Weird. There is no real rhyme or reason to the screen waving around or the Troll being there or not.Head into the water and go towards the right. Get on the glowing trail and follow it. You will go under a bridge and then find the treasure chest.Inside the house the trail goes past just after the second Banshee attack. so don’t panic. . .Further along this road off to the side. . it's better than wasting potions. Start following the glowing trail and you will reach the area known as The Drowned Farm. These enemies aren't the most difficult. It seems to be caused by a swamp Troll that is around here somewhere but he is sometimes not around even when the screen is going totally bonkers.Inside some ruins under the stone staircase. . the glitch should stop. Once you go into the water here. especially since the Banshee summons them right around you if you aren't moving fast enough. you will get to fight your first Banshee. know that it does seem to be a glitch. . let yourself out and then look around. After the fog rolls in your dog will come and give you the key to the cage you're in. After passing out. When you get far enough away. you will be taken captive by some weird old guy who seems to have an issue with the town of Bloodstone. The little blighters dual wieid katana looking weapons and can chop you to ribbons really fast. NOTE: If your screen starts going crazy here. but they can be dangerous because of the children they summon.Chapter XII: Stranded (CH12) Wraithmarsh Treasure Chests . (Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World?) Get your bearings and be ready to move.Where you went right before you can go left now and find another chest. .In the swampy area just after the fight with the Elder Hollow Man behind some rocks. There's a nearby house you can rest in if you are injured. It won’t affect anything really.

Aim at the mother and start shooting the crud out of her to take her out surprisingly fast. Use spell the minute they begin to attack you and they should all die. kind of creepy isn't it? Follow the path up the hill and go through the covered bridge. Hollow Men will be coming at your regularly so don't let your guard down. allowing you to focus on the undead mother. Once she's given up the ghost (horrible pun. killing the Hollow Men in the ruins area as you go. If you can sub-aim move to the head and fire away.Charge up at least a third level fire or shock spell the moment you can move again and watch her summon up her minions. Some Hollow Men will come out at you but at this point. plenty of dig spots and even a few Gargoyles along the path so make sure that you've killed off any nearby Hollow Men before you open up anything. As you go along the path. There are some treasure chests. . they aren't too much of an issue.. For the exact locations. You will get a blast from the past if you played the first Fable. They can only flail blindly like this so it makes them easy to take out.) you can move forward. Keep along the path.. it makes this even easier. If you start having problems dealing with the tougher ones shoot their heads off. use the appendix in this guide.

If you see them starting to cast a spell either rush him or shoot him in the head to stagger him and stop it. You’ll also need to fight a Rock Troll here. Fight off any Hollow Men who are still around and continue along the glowing trail. can teleport around to get near you. As you did before. When you come to a closed gate. They pack a punch. take out the kids with a spell and then lay into the Banshee to take her out easily. Eventually a second Banshee will come out to say hi with her kids. Taking off their heads is the easiest way to stop this but it takes a good 100 points of damage to actually do so. open it up to initiate a fight with the last few Hollow Men who stand between you and the city of Bloodstone.When you start to cross the bridge you will be accosted by some more Hollow Men and then enter an area full of mausoleums. but the strategy remains the same. Kill them and go across the bridge and up the hill. Walk past the house and continue forward. . fire off a Shock spell that does a fair bit of damage and cast a radius Force Push to knock you away. Be very careful with them since their Shock spell can hit you even if you run away or roll around. The regular Hollow Men are a little stronger from now on and the Elders are pretty tough. Just make sure the Hollow Men in the area don’t get a chance to gang up on you. Continue forward and you will enter a swampy area. When you go down the steps here. Yet more of the never ending supply of Hollow Men will attack as you start to head up towards a bridge. you will have to deal with yet more Hollow Men and Elder Hollow Men. Once you've defeated them you can follow the golden trail a mausoleum that leads to Bloodstone.

If you open one of the mausoleums near the city entrance a Flit Switch is inside. take one of the many side quests that just became doable. head out to Wraithmarsh. somewhere we belong. You’ll eventually reach the end. Strike it to open a second Mausoleum with a chest inside. You can't get in to talk to him until you get more of a name for yourself. This is an evil town that was founded by followers of the Bandit King Twinblade. Just follow the straight path and kill all the familiar enemies you meet along the way. There are plenty of other shops here as well so you might want to do some shopping before you try to do anything else. To get him to accompany you he asks that you bring the Dark Seal that he has to the Shadow Court located in Wraithmarsh. only the second of each in the game. There isn’t too much I can say about this area. evil types and plenty of rude folks. When you have the Dark Seal in hand. where you’ll find the entrance to the Shadow Court . Well it just so happens that there's a bunch of new quests that have opened up for you to get Renown from. Silver Chests . When you're done with tooling around the village go ahead and make your way to the Reavers mansion.Along the path to the city. The catch is he will only give it up if your renown level is high enough.*Chapter XIII: The Hero of Skill (CH13) Bloodstone Treasure Chests . Finally. Once you arrive in Bloodstone you will have to find Reaver. can't be missed. If it isn’t. There are lots of prostitutes. Tend to that first and then you can make your way to the Reaver's Mansion and get in to speak with him. Also this city has a stylist and a furniture store.

To get past this. Step on the switch to open up the door here and go on through. and they're all pretty easy. Start heading on inside.After running across the spikes it's right in your path. The next wave is comprised of Shadow Hobbes and Shadow Bandits. Take them out and continue forward into the large room they attacked from. Go over to the closed porticullis and you will be told to "defeat the Shadows" and this is how the door is opened. . go down the stairs passed the cracked wall and be ready for some enemies.The Shadow Court Treasure Chests . Just make sure they're all in the ground before you start running past.Behind a cracked wall after going down the stairs here . You will soon reach a pathway that is covered with moving spike traps.Right in your path after making your decision with the Seal. Up the stairs you will reach another large chamber. . They don't do a terrible amount of damage so you likely won't even need much in the ways of healing. use a high level Time Control spell and sprint across. . So begin charging the minute that the quest update pops up and unleash a powerful spell to wipe out the wave of Hobbe Shadows that attack you. These shadow monsters are more powerful versions of the monsters you have been fighting all game long so they shouldn't pose all that much of a threat. this one with some dead bodies in it. The ones you fight here are essentially Hobbes that are a bit faster and stronger than normal but they still die to a good level four spell.Break the boards in the large room following the first Shadow Hobbe attack.

The complication comes in the form of some shadow Balverines. They can chop through your health at a ridiculous rate if you stand still so keep to using low level spells and your ranged weapons to keep them at bay. go through the doorway that has now opened up and jump down to the lower level. the person who holds the seal gives their youth to the Court for some reason. Try to keep your distance and get a high level Shock spell off to take control of the situation or you might die here.. Once they're all dead. Follow the glowing trail to meet a poor unfortunate citizen and the Shadow Court. Near the end of this wave. NOTE: Do whatever quests you want to before you return to Reaver. some White Balverine Shadows will begin to attack with the regular ones. Regardless of why it's happening. it is the point of no return. you're put on a straight track to the final battles of the game. who are trying to take both you and Reaver out.. we aren't his patsy. This whole debacle ends up with Bloodstone under attack by Lord Lucian’s forces. this is the VERY LAST area before the game’s end and due to auto save. did he just. I liked that guy! And now he tried to betray us. . but they do a bit more damage than even the white ones. The good guys will want to take the seal back and suffer the consequences on their own. These guys are about the same health and speed wise as the regular Balverines. Obviously.? Hey. Once you do so. Give the Dark Seal to Elizabeth and let her suffer the ill effects here. Follow Reaver to an alternate exit and leave the area. Don't take it back after giving it to her and we can just walk on out of here with our youth intact. It seems that Reaver tricked you. that is the evil move. travel back to Bloodstone and talk to Reaver to see if the little manipulator will finally join up with us. and this is really bad news. After you get your affairs in order. That’s right. Wait.

free than you might think.Behind the large barrels at the very beginning of the passage. You can see Reaver’s escape ship from here.. up on the top level where they came.Chapter XIV: Bloodstone Assault (CH14) Bloodstone Treasure Chests . going for headshots will thin them out quickly but otherwise it's a good idea to stand near Reaver and just fire off high level spells whenever a group gets too close to you. . you're almost out of here. Follow Reaver through the early portions of the tunnels. Even if you can't just let Reaver weaken them and charge up a level five spell. The that enemies are coming from below have to run along the tracks and then through a cave up to you. Reaver is actually a very good fighter and will kill them quite handily.After Reaver complains about feeling like fish in a barrel it's down along the second left set of tracks hidden behind a crate. you’ll now have the upper hand. When the two of you reach the stone caverns things start to get a bit more chaotic. This area is actually about as incredibly straightforward as it gets. He will talk a bit about himself and says some rather peculiar things. Once they're all defeated. All you do is follow Reaver. so keep moving. By simply repeating this you will have no problem wiping them out. kill enemies when they attack and then start following Reaver again. From this point forward. Seems he's much older than he appears and more.. past all the barrels and crates. If you've been putting lots of points into your accuracy. When you reach the bridge over the tracks you were on before. release it once they come near. Head down the tunnel. They will come from one specific location in each large room and they will attempt to rush you and Reaver. It's very easy to slaughter them here if you can take headshots. taking out any Spire Guards who get in your way and jump down to the lower level. You will soon emerge on the Smuggler's Beach where the other heroes are waiting for you. . break the wooden barrier on the other side of the bridge. In addition to that. Spire Guards will jump out at you when you head forward but they're nothing at this point. .After the first group of enemies are defeated. you're going to be in something of a running battle with Spire Guards. There are a number of explosive barrels to help you with thinning them out.

and these guys are no pushovers. the Great Shard will actually attack. I’ll give you two guesses on what to do next. You’ll want to use Aim and Zoom in tandem. However. Theresa will appear and teleport the lot of you to the plateau where she starts some sort of ritual. only he can do that. When Garth gets the weak spot out in the open again. . it will start spawning guys non-stop. the only thing that remains is to defeat the cause for all of this.Reaver closes up the mine behind him by blowing up the entrance. which should go down fairly easily after all the damage you’ve already caused. but it also spawns guards of all kinds. A Great Shard arrives on the scene and destroys Reaver’s ship. you’ll have a whole bunch more guards to deal with. Kill all of them first. After this. Use whatever strategy has worked for you in the past to clear them out. You can't do anything to open it up. but that doesn’t mean you are out of trouble. Now Garth will try to figure out a way to get the Great Shard to expose its weak spot. as it causes a lot of damage and speeds up the fight. after a bit he will force the shard to expose its glowing core. After the first wave of guards is gone and you’ve damaged the Shard. It not only has high offensive and defensive numbers. As the ritual is going. it will be interrupted and you will be brought to a strange location. Lucian. then concentrate on the Shard. attack it… just like you did a second ago. When the Shard gets below a third of its total health. With the Great Shard destroyed.

Pull out your gun and shoot him to kill him off. . rounding up chickens and slaying beetles.Chapter XV: Retribution (CH16) Rose will wake you up and it seems that she has a bunch of fun things for the two of you to do today. After you have drained all of his energy. That isn’t what we want so we’re going to have to get out of here. Ending. you're going to told to go to bed. he will become vulnerable to your attacks. When he has fallen to his doom. press the button to hold out the box and begin siphoning his energy. So that is what you should do. Leave the house ignoring the girl’s pleas otherwise and head down the path through the gate. In the middle of the night you will be awoken by a strange musical tune that is coming from a gate that was closed before. This is all really straightforward. If you don’t leave the house now you will go back to sleep and wake up the next day for another perfect day. When the prompt comes up. If you don’t shoot him then Reaver will eventually do so. The bottles are just for a bit of time killing if you so well choose. Once you round up the chickens and kill the beetles. Walk to the end of the path and pick up the music box to finally escape from this place. The Tattered Spire Go up the steps and enter the light to reach Lucian. Theresa will appear and give you the option to make a wish. There's bottle hunting. Worst. Ever. there aren't any rewards to be had by doing these quests and all you need to do is destroy the beetles and round up the chickens.

Castle Fairfax will be available for sale at this point and the Archaeologist has a new quest for you to do. you are after all the great Hero of Albion. Many of the quests that were accessible before will become available again. The world is yours to do with as you please at this point. you will be able to adventure some more. .*Chapter XVI: The New What Next (Endgame) (CH16) Now that you have freed the world from the dangers of Lucian and the Tattered Spire. Check the side quest sections for help and congratulate yourself on finishing Fable II.

In the long term this is the better job to spend your time on so long as you've got the timing to not make mistakes. Take note that the quicker you hit the green the more money you get for the work. If not you will have to wait until you get to Bloodstone.*Working for a Living – Jobs (JOBS) Bartender Location: Bowerstone. The multiplier increases with each weapon you make and it takes five hits to make each blade. like Woodcutting. You get paid for each piece of wood you break and your multiplier goes up for every ten pieces that you chop. Assassination Requests Location: Bowerstone Old Town. This is a pretty good choice for someone who doesn't have the best timing. It seems that rather than being set targets the game randomly generates a target at a location in the game you've already been to. Bloodstone Mr. Blank can be located hiding between some of the houses in the earliest part of the Old Town if you went evil early on. Oakfield. Essentially you kill someone and get paid for it. . Westcliff This seems to be the most profitable of all three of the jobs. Not only do you get paid for each individual beer that you serve. but your multiplier increases every three beers so it pays out much quicker. Blacksmithing Location: Bowerstone Marketplace Out of the two craft based jobs the Blacksmithing is the most profitable but it is also much easier to lose your multiplier. Woodcutting Location: Oakfield Woodcutting is a fair bit easier to do than the Blacksmithing but it doesn't pay quite as well. Plus it's a bit easier to time it so that you don't make any mistakes and lose your multiplier.

Rather than hunting down civilians you will be going after bad guys. Gotten: Bowerstone Market Enemy: Hobbes Location: Oakfield. Killing him will sometimes incite the captain of the guards to come after you. Hobbes and Bandits are pretty common. so head on that way and take him out. which is bad. heading to another location and killing the enemies. You will find the lot of them over here. Oakfield Bounty Hunting is the good aligned version of the Assassination Missions. getting the job from them. Proceed carefully and try to lure him away from the other townsfolk before killing him and running out of the city. Kill them off and you will have completed the quest. He is usually found watching the dancing girl but he might be wandering the camp too. Bounty Hunting Location: Bowerstone. Water Mill Get the job from Bowerstone and then travel to Oakfield. . likely with guards attacking them. Head on over to the Sandgoose and double back towards the raised bridge. Name: John Location: Oakfield John is the bartender for the Sandgoose. Then return for your gold. Name: Ted Location: Bowerstone Market This one is pretty easy if you know where the cellars are located in the city. or your kids. Name: Ian Location: Oakfield This guy is a guard in Oakfield so you’re going to have a bit of difficulty with this. With that done go back and simply get your money. Find Ted and convince him to follow you into one and then slaughter him down there where nobody will ever find the body. which is impossible. Essentially the process involves you going to a guard. It's a bit harder to get him to follow you out of town since he's working almost all the time so you might have to shoot him in the face and then run for it to get out of town before the guards get you.Consider the ones listed here to be more of a sample of the targets. Take note that sometimes the guards kill the enemies so head back for your well earned reward. Try to get him to follow you out of the town and kill him without witnesses to reduce the chance of reprisals from the others present. Name: James Location: Gypsy Camp To get to James all you really need to do is just quick travel to the Gypsy camp and turn off the safety. There’s no way around these so just let it expire if you don’t feel like killing off your souse. NOTE: It is entirely possible for the game to assign you to kill your wife.

Rescue the Slaves. Travel to the Gypsy Camp in the lake and they are pretty much impossible to miss.Gotten: Oakfield Enemy: Hobbes Location: Bowerstone. male. The quest. seems to be the inverse to these jobs. Civilian Displacement Location: Bowerstone Cemetary This is essentially gathering up slaves to do hard labor across the land. This can be things like fat. Gotten: Oakfield Enemy: Spire Guards Location: Bower Lake Not quite what you might expect but it's still going to be pretty rough. There are usually Hobbes here if you've been there before. job that isn't going to appeal to the good guys. skinny. Go down the steps under the bridge to find the bandits and kill them however you like. Head on over to the marketplace first. When you find someone who is asking you to do Civilian Displacement jobs they wlll give you a note that indicates what sort of person they are looking for. Gotten: Bowerstone Old Town Enemy: Bandits Location: Bowerstone Marketplace Seems that a bunch of bandits are trying to hijack shipments in the marketplace so we have to stop them. The Bandits are usually located deep in the Cemetary near the locked gate that leads to another area of the graveyard. Once they like you well enough tell them to follow you so you can fast travel to the hard labor camp and hand them to the bandits. Obviously this is a pretty evil. . When the Bandits all leap out at you it should take little effort to wipe them out. Simply go where indicated. They love to block so you're going to need to make judicious use of ranged attacks and spells to stagger them. You could take the quest and go kill the slavers but there is no benefit to this. Gotten: Bowerstone Market Enemy: Bandits Location: Bowerstone Cemetary This is a pretty easy one. Old Town Cellar After you get the job head on over to the Old Town and follow the glowing trail to the cellar in question. If you have Flourishes then they will make very short work of any who start to block. or at least selfish. female or even based on a location to get them from. find someone who matches the look they're asking for and make them like you. They are not all that difficult and you can get some extra experience if you knock them into the water. Go down and take advantage of the close quarters to take out the little blighters with weapons and spells.

After taking out some Hobbes you can dig up this third artifact. Will and Skill. Follow the glowing trail to reach the Archaeologist Bella. Take it back to her for yet more renown. this means you will have to go to Old Town obviously. The Graveyard section. He will lead you to the Rookridge Inn and then up a hill nearby to a spot overlooking the Temple of Shadows. The first artifact is located "in the oldest part of the city". Head up the road that leads to Fairfax castle and you will end up in the gardens. Dig here to get yet another scroll and return it to Bella for some more renown. . this one points to an area that has the ruins of the Old Kingdom with a cathedral of shadows that overlooks the ocean. Once you appear there the dog will lead you off the road and into another section of the graveyard. While it could be a few different places where you've found a fair bit of undead go to the Bowerstone Cemetary.11. This one is located where the dead dwell. Major Side Quests (MAJOR) Bowerstone The Archaeologist Available: She will have more requests after each Hero quest is completed so check back post Hero of Strength. Now she will offer you another mission. She will ask you to help her find ancient artifacts so agree to do so to begin this quest. This is pretty obviously referring to the Temple of Shadows near Oakfield which has the Old Kingdom ruins of the Wellspring. Once you arrive there your dog will start to sniff out a dig spot so follow him until you reach an alley where you must dig to find an ancient scroll. Talk to her yet again to get another research note. Bring this back to Bella to complete the first part of this quest for some renown. Head to Rookridge road and once again follow your dog.

Life and Rebirth on it. winding trail along the cliff face of this area much like the scroll dictates. Bring it back to Bella for more Renown. Fight off the Spire Guards. For your fifth request she is going to ask you to go to a place that has long been home to wanderers and travellers. This is pretty obvious. Before you fast travel there make sure that you're ready for some trouble. Fight off all of the enemies here. dig there to get the scroll. Well there's only one place that we know of that matches that description. there are two places you could see as being "a winding path by the ocean" but the Bandit Road fits the bill best. Brightwood. .After you complete the Hero of Will quest you will be able to do more quests for Bella. Commandants and a Spire and follow the doggie to the spot where you must dig. This one can be a bit trickier though. Go to Oakfield and your doggie will lead you to a place along the path to the temple where you can hop over the wall and dig for the scroll. Go back to her and you will be given a paper that mentions Temple. and start making your way along the path. The dig spot is located along a small. Once more into the field for archaeology! This scroll is located in a dense forest that lies in the shadow of a tower. Just follow him and he will lead you to a spot in the middle of the camp. entering from Brightwood. Head on over to there. Bring it back to Bella for yet another renown boost and one more quest. To the Gypsy camp! Fast travel on over to the camp and your dog will bark. go to the end of the trail and dig to get the scroll.

You'll defeat around three or four groups of enemies. Take the warp to Bloodstone. She'll now be waiting in front of a doorway. defeat the banshee and then follow the dog across the standing water and along the trail beyond. Defeat them. not far from where one of the previous artifacts were found. You'll have to accept one final leg of the quest to proceed. After that. You can dig near the base of this tree to find the scroll.Now this one is a bit more vague than all the others especially if you haven’t explored. When you get outside go into the water and swim to the right to the beach here. Next make your way to Wraithmarsh. There's a short stone gate to the right where you can head up a hill toward the entrance to the temple. You can head straight ahead to pass through a narrow opening into the area. You'll find the scroll. Head down the ramp toward the main room and this will trigger a battle with one of the floating triangular devices so familiar to you by now. After you hand her the scroll. With the final scroll in hand. you'll need to travel for awhile. For the next one take the warp to Guild Cave. including one set in the room with the ramps leading throughout. There's also a large tree to the left as you start up the slope. where you can dig on the solid ground after defeating that group of enemies. you should come to a room with standing water. Head straight to Bloodstone by way of the Bloodstone Mansion point. and keep to the road until you come to a fork in the road that goes left and right around a triangular patch of foliage with a short brick wall around most of it. but this time choose the entrance that takes you to Reaver's Rear Passage. so follow him into a room where beetles attack. she'll be able to open the door. you'll have to travel down the short slope just beyond where you usually find her standing. then head along the passageway to the right. Follow the trail as it continues downward. In this instance. and almost as soon as you do you should dig to find the scroll in the small space. To get to this location fast travel to the Hobbe caves and make your way all the way through them to the other end. . This is the final artifact so let’s get it underway. so go ahead and choose that. Defeat them. When you accept. The only option is The Chamber of Fate. to a room where a second group of beetles attack. then dig near the base of a bookcase turned on its side (just to the left of the opening leading to a circular area with a bunch of bookcases). the dog will immediately run down the narrow bridge behind you. Go into the Gemstone Grotto and follow your dog to find the artifact. Head down the main path through the front gate. When you appear within it. toward The Sunken Farm. The final scroll is yours. return to Belle in Fairfax Gardens for the last time. When you appear. When you appear within the cave. In a cave by a beach somewhere. you'll appear in the tomb.

000 and she'll offer only 50. . Quick travel over there and follow the trail to their hideout and. Belle will meet you.000 gold. Either way. You're going to have to thin them out with spells or ranged type attacks before you try closing in. *The Bard Walk with him around town to each of the shops and he will tell you about each of the shops that you go to. or kill her and leave with the stone yourself. Too bad for them. The stone is worth 100. Whatever. then open the nearby treasure chest to receive a precious stone called The Archons Dream. *Red Harvest Available: After completing the Brightwood section of the Hero of Will quests. After you talk to Arfur yet again he points you in the direction of his bandit buddies in Brightwood. They're not particularly hard with the lone exception of Giles who can take a serious beating. you're going to have to kill them off. in exchange for gold. You can find the guy who starts this mission hanging out under the bridge in the Marketplace.Defeat them as usual. you'll receive 1000 renown. You can either accept. And they're not happy that you did so. This is good for a laugh and nets an achievement plus it boosts your Renown. whistle three times to get them to come out. but by this point you probably don't even need the money so you should only worry about your fame. She wants the stone. as instructed. Head on over to the farm and you will note that Giles has a good eight or so guards helping him keep an eye out for any attacks. After something of a humerous exchange between you and the bandits you will be told to kill farmer Giles. Later on however you will meet him in the Sandgoose in Oakfield where you can pay him to sing a song about you for ten gold. but killing her will of course make you more evil (50 points' worth) and handing over the stone will count as good (50 points' worth). Take out the three of them to complete the quest. Once they're all dead you can head down into the basement and open up the chest here to get an early draft of Giles autobiography. Read it and you will find out why the others were so desperate to keep you from finding the book. They don't want you going into the basement though or they'll kill you themselves. There doesn't seem to be anything too important to be said about this quest besides it's good for some flavor. just follow the trail. The quest is officially over at last. As you head up the stairs.

he wants specific body parts. All he needs you to do is gather up a bunch of body parts for his scientific experiment..In a mausoleum near where you got the Norminomicon This is a pretty simple quest. Lady who? This isn't going to turn out very well. through the 100 required Hollow Men and then be able to go and simply grab the Norminomicon. Path to Cemetary Available: After speaking to the Abbott Treasure Chests . ..*The Summoners Location: Old Town. Graveyard Mansion Available: After reaching Bloodstone for the first time Treasure Chests . *Love Hurts Location: Cemetary. A man named Victor will open a slot in the door and try to chase you off before he asks if you're willing to help him out. .TB Tomb: When you reach the tomb itself you can open it for a Silver Key. Once here your dog will indicate where you need to dig to get her lower body. Once you're inside make your way to the room where the Hobbes came out of the barrels the first time you where here. By simply following the glowing trail you will cut your way. all things considered.Grey Tomb: After jumping down into the sandy area search behind where you landed to find it behind a pillar. Head on over to the path that leads to the cemetary and you will see two men bickering over who is the one responsible for the summoning up of the undead Hollow Men army. Grave robbing? Oh boy.Near a statue you will pass .TB Tomb: Break the wall across from the tomb to find another chest. slowly but steadily. Your first stop is the Hobbe Cave along Rookridge Road to Oakfield.Grey Tomb: To the left of the location of the target container. where do I sign up for that?! Oh wait. .Inside a mausoleum on the upper level Silver Chests .. Make your way on over to the Graveyard Mansion and knock on the door.. Accept the quest and go into the graveyard. .

Double back to the spiked hallway and shoot the Flit Switch to open the door that was near the switch here. In the next room you will have some more plants to burn out of the way before you can get to the switch again. Step on the switch to activate the statue and then perform the chicken expression on it. Hitting it will make it move again so shoot it to open up the door. taking out the Hollow Men who come. The porticullis here will have been opened so pass under it and step on the switch here to activate a Flit Switch. Jump down and pass on through the door to reach a large circular chamber. Pretty much as soon as you enter this place you're going to be attacked by Hollow Men. Now go through the right door but be ready for a pair of Elder Hollow Men to ambush you in the narrow room. Go up the stairs. shoot this to bring it within melee range. Kill them off and head into the larger room. Go forward and you will enter a room with a switch and a statue. . Shoot it to open up the door on the lower level. past the spikes and step on the switch at this dead end. Burn up the plants that are blocking off the stairs with a fire spell and go up to the switch.The next part is going to be just a bit tougher to get to. This is going to allow a few undead to reach your position but it opens the door at the dead end. Getting here is a toughie but it’s a bit easier to access if you leave from Bloodstone. it seems this part was stashed in Twinblades tomb in Wraithmarsh. Step on it to open a door now double back to the expression statue and enter the left door. Go ahead and stand on the switch to activate a Flit Switch. Start heading backwards and cut a swath in the direction the glowing trail leads you to. This will open up one of the doors here but ignore it for the moment and go through the left door.

Grab the head from inside of it and some beetles will begin attacking you from all over. If you can charge up a level five fire or shock spell then you can devastate their numbers before they really get to gang up on you before taking out the stragglers. Now go back to the circular room and go through the center door. Only one more! The last piece is located in a Tomb in the Fairfax Garden. hottie? Holy crap. Grab that and then bust the wall next to it to clear a path to the exit and head on back to the gravekeeper and give it to him.. Follow the glowing trail into the tomb and hop down to the lower level and open the sarcophagus here. Take the head back to the gravekeeper and stand back to watch his experiment play itself out. Kill them off and slowly begin following the glowing trail to get the heck out of here.There is an army of undead waiting to ambush you in this room including a few Elder Hollow Men. Follow him to the basement and stand back and watch as he reanimates the dead body into an undead. Stay there until the timer runs out and you've got yourself a devoted but slightly creepy wife to call your own. Run down the hallway before the flaming gargoyle trap hits you and step on the switch here.. keep on shooting it to open the right door. Too cute for him. Go up the spiral staircase here being mindful of more Hollow Men attacks and continue on until you reach Twinblades tomb. If you wanted to be a nice guy you could leave and let her fall in love with him but she's better than him. The torso is stashed in a box in the corner. Yet more Hollow Men will spawn in here so take them out before doing anything else. Shoot it to start a flit switch moving around the room. . She might be an undead creature under a love spell but she is really cute. Look to the left side of the room (from the door) and you will see an odd glowing shape.

woohoo! Head on out of there and enjoy your reward.After getting the Stone of Myr'Bregoth you can see a chest to the side of a cage containing a skeleton. As you head back you will notice that the tombs are busted now and the wall has been opened up. You know what needs to be done.NOTE: If you're going to marry the zombie chick make sure to propose to her. Keep on hacking until they're all dead and you have condemned their souls to eternal torment. . In this room you will have to move from platform to platform taking shots at the Flit Switches as you go. The Stone of Myr'Bregoth. start taking them out. Graveyard Mansion Available: You must purchase the Graveyard Mansion after completing Love Hurts Treasure Chests . They give you plenty of time to charge up a level five spell and whack the talking guy in the head so do so and then start fighting everybody. . In the next room you must either hand the gem over (a pansy move) or kill them all off. Ignore it and just keep going deeper until you pass by some tombs. Pass on through a broken wall in the back of the tomb and jump down.After completing the Flit Switch room it will be right before the entrance to the next room off to the left. A large group of Hollow Men will attack so take them out until the door opens up to allow you through. In the next room is a chest containing one of three legendary gems. lead her outside and buy the mansion. She likes staying here but she will leave for good if you buy the mansion without proposing to her. They aren't particularly hard and if you have a high level Force Push then you can knock people off the ledge here to make your job easier. Your goal here is to find the secret treasure of this cavern although as you start heading in deeper you're going a Hollow Man voice will try to warn you off. *The Cemetary Mansion Location: Cemetary. Set this as your active quest and it will lead you to a previously locked gate off of the main trail. This mission is obtained by getting the key from buying the Graveyard Mansion.

*Evil in Wraithmarsh Location: Marketplace. Once yo reach the Wraithmarsh follow the glowing trail until you reach a well. as usual. Talking to her she will send you all the way to Wraithmarsh to save these two idiots from themselves. It's surprisingly easy to finish this.To the right of where Max and Sam are standing Make your way to the Bowerstone Marketplace and go upstairs inside the Cow and Corest to find Max and Sams mother. start taking out the Hollow Men and rush forward to save Sam and Max Freelance Police from the Hollow Men that are attacking them. Cow and Corset Inn Available: After reaching Bloodstone for the first time Treasure Chests . *sigh* Head back to the city and go to the docks. . so wipe them out with a spell and then aim and blow her away. As soon as you arrive you will be accosted by undead.Stashed between two of the wooden walls inside the well. . The Banshee will summon up her spawn. Once you've rescued them from themselves they warn you that a Banshee is attacking Bloodstone as we speak. go down the ladder into it.

There are four treasure chests in the room with the potion. Silver Chests . Upon arrival in the library a group of bandits will attack as well as a powerful Bandit Chief. As soon as the last bandit has died your butler will inform you that he is quitting your service due to how dangerous the job is. this is apparently how the bandits got into the castle. taking out any of the bandits as you go. But he does open the way into the Fairfax Tomb before he goes. .At the bottom of the large room with undead Hobbes. When you get to the center of the throne room you will have to fight off a rather large wave of enemies but they should be no real threat at this point in the game.000. jump off the platform at the bottom of the room to reach a treasure chest. Once you've purchased it and checked it out head for the bed and take a snooze. The moment you head down there more bandits will attack you so start taking them out as you move. Plus if you get married and move your spouse here they will absolutely love the place. . .After diving into the deepest point of Fairfax Tombs Once you have completed the game you will be able to go ahead and purchase the Fairfax castle. . Dives .In the deepest level of the tomb in the room with the Flit Switch. Break the boards and start heading down into the tunnel yet deeper. . It carries the steep price of 1.Inside one of the four cages where the enemies are contained.000 gold but the bed has a whole slew of rather nice bonuses. A high level spell will weaken them enough for you to finish them in melee but you might have to take some damage to get the spell off.To the right of the first treasure chest in a darkened corner.To the left of the throne itself in the throne room. Cut through the bandits that are just outside of your bedroom and make your way towards the library.*Castle Fairfax Location: Fairfax Gardens Available: After completing the game Treasure Chests . When you wake up your butler will tell you about the bandits that are attacking the castle. Then run towards the library.

Once they're all dead go ahead and pull the levers to open the porticullis in your path. From here swim forward and you will reach a group of Hobbes that need a good beating. once you leave here it'Grab up the potion and start heading out of the dungeon into the Bowerstone Cemetary. Wipe them out and turn towards the Flit Switch. Move forward and then dive into the hole to reach the deepest point of the tombs. . It will be red at first. Hit it. In the next room you will have to kill two bugs before you can deal with the switch. this means you have to hit it with a spell. Use a Force Push or Shock to hit it the first time and then shoot it twice more to open this door. follow where it goes quickly and hit it again and then melee it at the third location. Go through and start fighting your way to the bottom of this large room. This will open up the door. You have reached the deepest chamber of the dungeon and your reward is a bunch of treasure chests and a potion of gender-bending! If you've ever wanted to be the opposite gender this is your chance.You will reach a room with two levers to pull and some caged enemies. Go around the room and use your high level spells to wipe out the enemies while they are still contained. Use it now if you ever plan to do so.

12. This is where the first. Bah. It's simple really. . The chest behind him will net you a set of the Bandit clothing. .Brightwood: Next to the ruined castle in the north part of town. Return to Barnum for some Renown and his Thesaurus. all you need to do is strike a pose and hold the expression until she tells you to release it. Head on over to the Rookridge Inn on the Oakfield road and you will hear some bandits talking about warning the boss. while fighting off bandits all the while.Oakfield: Nearby the Sandgoose. By following the golden trail to the Sculptors house you will be offered to have a statue chiseled in your honor. The only real difficulty comes when you are on the mine cart tracks and fight the harder bandits. up and past a mining area. free.Fairfax: Inside the giant circular fountain. If you hit it properly you can get 100 Renown for the first one.Westcliff: Located near the shooting range . *The Sculptor While technically a Job this is a quest in that it nets you Renown instead of gold. If you fail and miss the mark on releasing it you will get only about 10 Renown or so. Locations of the plinths are listed below: .Upper level Available: After speaking to the Abbott It seems that Barnum "bought" the bridge that leads to Bowerstone from Oakfield and he can't use it because some bandits have set up shop here. These bandits are bigger and hard to stagger so you want to keep hitting and moving until you take him down.Bloodstone: Near the docks area . Other Side Quests By Area (MINOR) Oakfield *A Bridge Too Far Location: Oakfield. After this each time you find a new plinth somewhere across the land you can comission her to build another statue for you there to get yet more Renown. statue that she sculpts of you will be placed. Once they're gone you can catch Dash hiding up on top of a rock formation so shoot him once to take him out. Sandgoose . Essentially you're going to have to head along the path here. . this isn't a problem at all.

. So either stay away or be ready for community service. Then return to Cornelius for your reward. they set you on your path of destruction and then you're free to destroy! Head to the Sandgoose and kill everyone you see. While some will undoubtably end up helping the Temple of Light. Head to the Temple of Shadows and talk to Cornelius Grim to find out what you need to do. a powerful long sword that does extra damage to good people. those of us who have been working with the Temple of Shadows will be helping them cleanse Oakfield of the taint of the Light. Oakfield Road Available: After speaking to the Abbott Treasure Chests . Simply fast travel to the village and then follow the glowing trail to the Temple. By killing your spouse at midnight. you will recieve the Maelstrom. then wander the fields a bit before you return to the Sandgoose. wipe out the entire population of Oakfield. To join up with the Temple of Shadows cult you must eat 5 Crunchy Chicks right there which means you need to be quite evil to get into this place. Head down the stairs here to enter the actual Temple. NOTE: If you return to Oakfield after this you will be charged for all of the murders you committed. If you bring enough of them to get the 2. If you keep going back and forth like this you'll get all of the citizens with ease.In a room off to the side of the sacrificial wheel The Temple of Shadows is located outside of Oakfield.*The Temple of Shadows / Sacrificing to the Shadows Location: Rookridge. So when you're ready to do so stand in front of Tarquin and he will give them to you and munch away! Once you're done the gate will open so you can go inside. So head on over that way and talk to the two Cultists there.000 points you will be able to do the Rite of Unhallowed Wickedness. 12 AM. This is where you can bring innocent people to be sacrificed for fun and profit. *Oakfield Massacre Available: After completing the Hero of Light quests.Next to the sacrificial wheel . like guards and monks.Right up the left side of the building .

However it doesn't profit you in any fashion. Scour the ground and tables for books that are pieces from someones diary. This is easier said than done as the sixth and eight rounds are fairly difficult to beat under par time. The Chopper is worth all of the trouble you will go through to get it though. *Westcliff *Westcliff Development Available: As soon as you arrive in Westcliff If you look around Westcliff when you arrive there for the first time you will find Barnum again.000 later on. This means that the camp will always remain as a haven for bandits and such. Take your pick although the second option is most definitely the preferred one. Seems he's looking for someone to help with an investment to help develop Westcliff into a real town and not just the camp that it is now. Make your way on over to Echo Mine and go on inside.000 gold he asks for you will get back 15. One shot should be all it takes to kill him and you can be on your way. Bah. cutting down any in your path. Seems that he is the person in those diary pages and now he wants to kill you for killing his Hobbe tribe. Head on over to the Temple of Light and you will find a strange man who is dressed as a very ugly woman. Seems that his cave is being infested by a bunch of Hobbes so it's time to head on over and clean it out. good use of ranged attacks and spells can make them easier but it's still pretty rough. Once all of the Hobbes are dead make your way back to the entrance of the mine where Tony locked you in.*Hobbe Squatters Available: After completing the Hero of Light quests. This place is rather thick with Hobbes but just proceed forward. This is the more profitable but it becomes a fairly respectable place barring the really cute hooker. In addition it grows into a town which you can purchase homes in and invest money there. 2nd: If you give him the 5. You will get locked in once you pass through the door with a wheel on it. nor do you get any good or evil. There is a reward for completing the Crucible again. *The Crucible Champion Available: After completing the Hero of Will quest At any point after you have completed the Hero of Will quest you will be able to return to the Crucible and challenge it once again. if you can complete it with an 7/7 perfect run you will get a legendary weapon. There are two options here and they both bear mention: 1st: Don't give him the money. It's a great way to get a whole lot of experience really fast and you can get a good amount of money from doing this. a tidy profit. .

Much like the other two pieces you will have to sneak into someones house and snatch it. Be careful as you’re doing this if you’re good since this is stealing and you don’t want to get too much evil for swiping things across the city. Suspicious much. Tell one to follow you into his house and you will be asked to leave him with her. It seems that Toby wants to clean up Bloodstone and make it a place of less corruption. The minute that he does so step on inside. Leave the house and one of the men on the streets will tell you the truth about "Brother" Toby. Next he wants you to get the Wine of Forgiveness. . turn the safety off and chop him to pieces.. Sister Bev and Brother Toby.*Bloodstone *T.Y. NOTE: Be careful while doing these since you will be stealing from the homes. That completes that and noboy will even miss the blighter. follow the glowing trail once more and search this house to find it. Bring it back to him and you're tasked to get the Sacred Pie of Kindness.B. The first thing you're supposed to get is the Mutton of Eternal Hope. You will hear two people talking.. This could lead to a brawl with most of the people in the city if things go poorly. Make sure nobody is around to see you or they will attack you to kill. That little rat used us did he? Go back to the house and keep knocking on the door until he opens it up. Available: After reaching Bloodstone Set this as your active quest and follow the glowing trail. sneak in and get it from a cabinet. This doesn't really hold too much interest for us evil sorts but there might be some profit in it so we might as well humor him for a bit.O. Follow the glowing trail to the house. Lastly he wants you to get him a hooker so that he can show her the error of his ways.

You can kill them about as fast as they spawn in by doing this and not really risk yourself. After you've gotten the quest make your way to the far side of town. You have to talk to good ol' Salty Jack in the tavern here to get this started. Before he spills the beans you will have to buy him a drink so get a beer and give it to him. Go all the way on up to the captains bedchamber and search the bedside table for the key to the chest and then open it up. Go forward until you reach a dead end and dive down into the water. Step on this to open the door and then go on through. This gets you into the caverns and nets you the Cliff Diver achievement. take it and start heading back the way you came until you're back outside the tunnels. Follow the trail past the ship. This nets you a lever. Open the door here and you will be attacked by a huge number of ghost pirates. and you will reach a staircase that is being blocked by some thorny plants.*Treasure Island of Doom! Available: After reaching Bloodstone Treasure Chests . . Once they're all dead go up the stairs and break barrels and boxes until you reveal a switch. Use the lever on the mechanism here to raise the water level and bring the ship to you. up the stairs and go into the tunnels. It's best to stand in the doorway and to fire off level three or four offensive spells. following the glowing trail.Along the path to the cave past the thorny bushes. Burn them up and follow the road past them to reach the cave you must enter called the Sinkhole.

head off to the right and swim through the water there to come around a rocky area and find a little beach with a treasure chest on it. head forward along the side of the ship. but don't continue up the trail to the left just yet. Now continue toward the end of the ship. then vault from the ledge onto the deck of the ruined ship below. You've found 2 out of 10. If you wish to leave the island just go up to the wheel again and it will take you back to Bloodstone. Walk past the campfire and you'll find that you can enter the second half of the ship to find a treasure chest. Take care of them. From where you appear. It'll reach a dead-end precipice. Return to where you destroyed the brambles and continue along the trail as it heads toward the right. Instead. . That's 3 out of 10. as well as the beetles that swarm you. While his sword attacks are strong he isn't too bad and his Gust spell is more annoying than damaging. After you kill about three waves the captain will come to attack you personally along with his retinue of yet more ghosts. Here. Keep on killing ghosts until the captain himself attacks you. Now open the treasure chest that waits there. Drop down to that chest and search it. You can search this place to find all of Captain Dread's Treasure. That's 1 out of 10. a stream is to your left. Look along the left side and there's a ledge not far below with a moss-covered chest sitting on it.Walk onto the deck of the ship and you will be attacked by some pirates while the captain watches. There's a campfire burning between the two halves. Here. Slash them down. which is broken in half. That makes 4 out of 10 money bags. which you can pass through as beetles attack. Now walk over to the wheel of the ship and it will take you to the Lion's Head Isle. There are 10 treasures (money bags containing 1500 gold apiece) that you'll need to find. you'll find some glowing brambles. along the left side of the path. Return to where you killed the beetles and this time head up the trail. Once you've taken him out you will get a treasure map. If you use Time Control to slow everything down a level five fire or shock spell will decimate his ghosts and weaken him for an easy kill. You appear next at Lion's Head Isle.

That's 7 out of 10 treasures. Now return to the corridor that had the beetles and continue along it to what is now your left. Look around the edge of the island and you should find a dive point where you can dive to find another Money bag. which will unearth a Money Bag. Swim left and check under the waterfalls. That's 5 out of 10. Climb up that area and you'll find that the trail heads up to the cliffs above. Now. Let him look around and he'll find a place to dig along the edge of the island. When you arrive. You'll also receive 7500 renown as a reward. . This should now make 6 out of 10 treasures found. grassy ledge where a treasure chest waits. be ready to take care of several beetles with your pistol. Head there now and as you climb out of the water. You'll come to a ledge. into the water below. Do so if you're collecting those and drop down to the water. You're now up to 8 out of 10. Before you go there. Roam around the island for a moment and your dog will likely start sniffing.Drop down again from there. There. While you're here. Then check near the base of the tree to find a treasure chest. you'll automatically be met by the old pirate who told you the story of the ghost and his ship. there's one more easy treasure to grab. When you reach your destination—the ship you used to arrive here—you'll head up to the wheel and press 'A' to ride the ship back to the edge of Bloodstone. taking care of them with your gun. then swim back right and climb up the trail so that you're again looking at the bats hanging from the ceiling. you'll notice a weak wall along the left side. Drop down and then open the treasure chest that waits there for another Money Bag. then following the golden trail of light left and then back right as it loops around the broken ship that you encountered upon first reaching the Isle. you've probably noticed the main island of land at the center of the lagoon. That should be as easy as dropping down the bank ahead of you. Your next goal is to return to the Salty Jack. Open the chest there. You've now obtained all 10 of the treasures. Partway through. That's 9 out of 10. look right and you can drop down to a ledge a bit to grab a Silver Key. Break open the wooden barrier to find a little treasure room. Now head away from the island a grass-lined bank along one side of the lagoon that should be plainly visible not far away at all. Now proceed through that area. You'll find that you can head behind one to a small. you'll see a passage leading left where some bats are waiting.

*The Sketch Fragments Available: After completing the Hero of Will quest.After the first bandit ambush here go up the stairs to the right to find it. After this you can get the third piece which turns the paper into a map. Try to draw the Highwaymen back down the stairs to stop the shooters on the stairs from reaching you and use a few powerful spells. . Then go back in and kill all the people on the stairs. will taunt you and then run away. Head on over to Brightwood and follow the trail into the Forsaken Fortress.Off to the right of the path just after entering the Fortress. and your gun. As you move forward the leader of the Highwaymen. You can't hurt him so don't bother and just chase after him. Make use of Time Control here and then begin fighting. kill them and keep chasing Darius. They're no harder than other bandits so take them out and you will get an item. This segues into the mission just below. *The Hit Available: After completing the Sketch Fragments Treasure Chests . After this you will come across more bandits as you travel and eventually get a Second Sketch Piece that. Now that we know where the Highwaymen are sending assassins at us from it's time to go there and do something about it. The Hit. to wipe them out. when put with the first. shows what appears to be some sort of crab. He uses his sword and a Time Control dash attack but it isn't a threat. He's about as strong as one of the Commandants but he doesn't have much Will to help him out. kill them to get the last of the sketch pieces. . When you go up the stairs he used some more Highwaymen will jump out at you. There are a few Highwaymen who will rush you and there are some more up the stairs to the left. Start heading forward and when you go up the stairs you will be ambushed by some bandits. the First Sketch Piece. Darius. When you return to land you will notice that occasionally bandits will attack you by ambush. Lastly some assassins will ambush you either inside of a town or close to it. A few high level spells makes work of him and his cronies. Eventually you will corner him and some more Highwaymen will jump out to help him try to kill you.

*Something Rotten Location: Rookridge Inn Available: After reaching Bloodstone It seems that there is a strange smell filling up the Rookridge Inn and making it impossible for him to do business. Make your way on over to the Inn and go talk to the bar owner. It seems that his water supply has gone totally rancid for some reason. Follow the glowing trail to the Wellspring Cavern and head on inside.

It seems that a Rock Troll has set up shop here and its ruining the water supply. Wait... how did he fit in here? In either case take him out like you did in the Crucible, this shouldn't be an issue. Make sure to get the treasure chests in here as well as any dig spots. Now head on back to the Inn for your renown. You can now purchase the Inn for a fairly small sum of money. *Brightwood Tower Location: Brightwood Forest Available: Upon completion of the Hero of Will quests. Treasure Chests - In the belfry area right near the bed. Head on over to the Brightwood Tower and defeat any Spire Guards and Shards who harass you before going up to the door of the tower. You can purchase it now for about 190,000 gold pieces. Once you do so you will find a note from Garth that explains he has a strange bed up in the attic we couldn't get to before. Go inside and climb up the ladder all the way in the belfry looking area to reach an attic with only a bed. Whenever you're ready for the quest sleep here.

You will awaken in the Nightmare Hollow as a young child but with all of your combat capabilities. Follow the path to reach a chest and when you search it you will find a rather bizarre letter. The chest will then teleport away and the glowing trail will appear, follow it to reach the chest in this area. When you reach the note that it gives you this time you will be attacked by some bugs, take them out and the chest will teleport away.

Follow the trail again and you will reach a grassy area where the chest will send a horde of Hobbes after you. These are the big red ones that do a lot of damage and dance around your attacks so do be careful. A shock spell will make your life a lot easier even if it means sucking up some damage to get it off. Once the last of them is dead the chest will teleport and you must follow the trail again. When you reach the chest it will summon up some Hollow Men, Elders and regular ones. Take them out to force the chest to move again. This time the chest will leap you to a hilltop with a lone tree where it will summon up a Banshee and some Hollow Men. All things considered this is really easy if you're a Will user. Charge up a high level spell once you've finished reading the note from Chesty and unleash it against the Hollow Men and Banshee spawn. This should take out the children and stagger, if not kill, the Elder Hollow Men. Now turn your gun to the Banshee, aim a bit and shoot her to death.

Turn and follow the glowing trail across a bridge and through a metal fence inside of what appears to be a mausoleum. Searching the chest this time causes it to unleash a group of Balverines at you two at a time. Use your magic and ranged attacks to make short work of them. Open Chesty up when he reappears to get the Diamond of Sorrow, a piece of Chesty. Make your way to the bed to sleep and reappear in the real world.

* Archons Knot Location: Brightwood Tower Available: After you purchase Brightwood Tower Treasure Chests - Off to the left side of the path after getting through the second Flit Switch spike puzzle. Go up to the level that the Cullis gate is on and look to to the left, towards the stairs. There is a break in the railing here, jump off of it into a hole in the tower. This leads you into a hidden dungeon known as Archons knot. This place is a giant puzzle labyrinth, not a whole lot of combat but it's still pretty dangerous at times. Swim into the tunnel forward and go straight until you reach the first chamber. Turn to your left and shoot the Flit Switch there to open the door. Head into the tunnel and make your way up the stairs to reach a room with a strange spiked floor. There is a particular way that you must cross the spikes or you will be hit by them and stopped from going forward. Shoot the Flit Switch to reveal the pattern you must move shown by candles on the wall and open the door. Move as the candles illustrate and you will reach the door, strike the now blue Flit Switch to open it up and proceeed through. If you hit a point where you're unsure of where to proceed simply don't step on any tiles with skeletons on them.

Proceed upstairs and pass by the caged Flit Switch and expression statue. Go up the stairs and you will reach more spiked tiles. Step on the blue switch here and go back to the expression statue. Use the Bloodlust Roar expression to shut off the statue and let the Flit Switch out. Run back up to the spike room and follow the pattern that the switch makes every time you hit it. This movement shows you the safe path over the spikes. Just move carefully, hit it and then follow it, repeat until you're safe at the door. Once again follow the stairs up, go across the path and exit to the roof of this area. Here you will find a treasure chest you can open to get the best Legendary Weapon, the Daichi, from a chest.

You will soon see that the ground here looks like it was dug up and a tomb of some sort has been revealed.. . Fire it off when the Hollow Men bunch up nearby you and blow the living crud out of them. just left of the entrance to the room. What you get is. Follow the glowing trail through the middle door and keep moving until you pass through a broken door. .. Head forward past the little camping spot and go down the stairs into the water filled inner chamber. You will find a man fighting off a Hollow Man. Make your way to the Gypsy camp and go to the bridge that overlooks Bower Lake. Sure. what could go wrong with a little graverobbery? Charlie needs you to hold off the Hollow Men while he picks the lock on the tomb so stand your ground and begin charging up a spell. Enter the Tomb of Heroes. sobbing a bit at her lost grandson.*Rescue Charlie Location: Bower Lake. They come in a few waves but even the Elder Hollow Men are fairly weak at this point. Gypsy Camp Available: After arriving in Bloodstone for the first time. what you might have hoped for or expected.Behind a pillar to the right after you come down the steps into the inner chamber of the tomb. It turns out that this is Charlie. Agree to go look for him and then head out of the gypsy camp and head to the right. . Treasure Chests . . an adventurer and not some little boy. He will recognize the note from his grandmother but ignore it and ask you to help him open the sarcophagus. You will see a woman standing there. Once he's finished picking the lock go ahead over and push it open. run forward and kill it to help him out.Near the Tomb of Heroes entrance a treasure chest has been unearthed hidden behind a log.Near the switch that opens the door out of the tomb.Hidden behind a pillar in the room where you locate Charlie.

Step on the switch when you finally reach it and make your way out of the tomb. Make your way back to the inner chamber with the pool and go through the other.Fight off the horde of enemies that comes out after you here and once the last of them is dead you can start fighting your way out of here. As you head through this narrow tunnel a large number of undead will begin to swarm you. His granny is near the exit so walk him over to end this quest. fight them off and keep pushing on forward. door. . previously closed.

There is a crane over here and a dive spot around it. Bloodstone – 5 Key(s) . There is a key visible as soon as you start that you will have to finish the quest to access. past a campfire and around the bow of a boat. Climb onto it and head up . There is a melee orb inside that you need to activate to get to the area with the key. . which is reached as you work through the 'Treasure Island of Doom' quest. you’ll no doubt run across a few Silver Keys. Blow a kiss at it and further down the path a crypt door opens on the right. A silver key rests there. Collecting them all.Around halfway along the first segment of the road. There. check the pause screen for a breakdown by area of how many Silver Keys are in the area versus how many you have found. Bandit Coast – 1 Key(s) . . Follow it forward. There are 50 Silver Keys in all.Next to the furniture shop there is a cellar door. and from there dive into the water. and their locations are broken down here. Leap into the water and dive down to get the Silver Key. When you go back to Salty Jack.Head to the Lion's Head Isle area. actually). you'll find an area where you can vault down the side of the hill to a ledge just below you (the golden lights should point the way. The quest involves you raising the water level. . though. Key is inside. For a little extra help.13.From the Wraithmarsh entrance into bloodstone look to the right. Then cross the lagoon to an embankment that should be visible along the outer rock wall. is much more of a substantive task than just happening across the half dozen or so you’ll find by accident. make sure to stop off at the entrance to The Sink Hole to pick it up.Follow the docks along the waterfront towards the west of the map. Appendix (APP) * Silver Keys (KEYS) As you play through the game. . Head up the grass-lined trail there and follow it to a precipice. You can jump down to a ledge on the left.While on the Treasure Island of Doom quest you go to a location called The Sink Hole. you'll appear on a sandy beach. There is an expression statue there next to a crypt.

This leads to a tower and a key at the top. When you go in. but you can't pass through the door. .Head right and around behind the Bower Lake Tomb entrance on the little island that you must swim to.Left from the entrance to the city (and to the left of the coach house). there are some decaying shanties and a silver key waits for you in one of them. and just left of the bridge you'll notice that you can descend a path along the face of the hill.Follow the main path down all the way through to the graveyard area (a prompt will come onscreen to let you know that it's been added to the map). You'll pass through part of what looks to be a wooden wall. Keep going along the path and you'll come across some travelers. You can dive to find the back entrance to the room with the key and collect it for your use.4 Key(s) . Near the wall and one of those trees is a silver key. you'll see a building with a glowing purple door blocking entry. you get access Shelly Crypt. . just before a watergate. Along the wooden fence there is a break in it and a path to follow. Head forward through the village square. so that you see a beetle-filled area off to the left. along several outdoor staircases past a few crypts.4 Key(s) . . Just past them. Bowerstone Market . gravestones and grievers. You'll find a wooden dock here. then jump into the water at the base and swim to the left. .On the top floor inside of the Cemetery mansion. In this area.the trail to the top.3 Key(s) . . you'll be able to buy the Cemetery Manor. Along one hillside here. Along the back side of this plaza. Bower Lake . Behind the door is a silver key. past the Demon Gate and under the rock overhanging. look behind the pillars on the right.After the time jump and a quest. you'll find a key floating out in the open air. Break it open for the key.In the tomb of Heroes you drop down into an area that has you following a path up to a arched doorway. walk along the coffins until you see the crack in the wall. Bowerstone Cemetary . The opening doesn't appear until after the time jump. You won't be able to access this until after the time jump during the Love Hurts quest. there's a path you can take up through some tombstones. Do so. you'll find some trees growing by the rocky wall that lines the eastern side of the map. Under the planking is a rippling bit of water. Head slightly right instead and you'll see an area where you can drop down to a ledge where a silver key waits. you'll find a path that leads uphill. . After you meet Charley. When you do.Go into the Gypsy Camp towards the right of the map.Just southeast of the northeastern pond in this area. to the right. .Follow the main path down through the cemetery area.

You can actually head around the base of that staircase toward the corner of the room. Complete it to get past the spiked floor and onto another spiked floor puzzle. There's a glowing switch there. you'll come to a camp with a wagon. which are shut and look like flat planking.When you first enter from the Bower lake area.As you descend the stairs past the warehouse and start toward the archway leading to Rookridge Road. follow it as it winds up a hill to a troll ambush at the top of a cliff.. Up at the top you'll have to battle some enemies that are near a silver key floating in the air at the edge of a dropoff.Head toward the area where Giles Farm is located. It has a balcony and there's a silver key resting on it.When you enter Old Town from the market. Pass through it and straight ahead. Brightwood . Turn around and look above the stairs you just descended. head forward but watch for a path to the left. there's a cellar.Enter the alley next to the inn. As you get to the teleporter. though. glowing door. continue straight forward along the main path and you should soon see the warehouse ahead of you and to the right.Near the bottom center of the map is a trail that takes off uphill near the side of the stream. . .From the entrance to Old Town from the market. . then grab the key that is hanging in the air nearby. so take care of them and then look around to find the silver key uphill from there (just to the right of a glowing purple gate). you'll see a break in the wall on the left. Open them and head through to find a purple. When you find it. head downstairs and to the cellar doors. Once you've solved the second puzzle you can grab the key that you see sitting here. you should see an alleyway leading to the right. you need to activate the expression statue first. Jump off and into the inside of a tower.This one doesn't open until after the time jump.In the furniture shop (get there from the entrance by crossing the bridge and then heading right in the square with the clock tower). For this one. Three or four houses in. To obtain it. Continue past that through the murky area and you'll find a trail you can follow toward the southwest corner of the map. Climb up the steps and enter it to find that there's a set of rickety wooden stairs reading up to a higher level. look to the building on your left. Shoot it to make the door open so that you can collect the key. Enter it to find the key hanging in the air near a treasure chest. This brings you to a puzzle. Thieves will attack you here. Behind that door waits a silver key. head straight forward while keeping an eye to the right.3 Key(s) . Go to the Brightwood Tower where you tried to originally get Garth. . where a silver key is waiting. . If you climb along that path. then out the door in the bedroom and onto the balcony where you can grab the key. He might not be able to find it until you've maxed out his Treasure Hunting Skills. There is a Dig Spot here where your dog can find the key. enter the house and head upstairs. Bowerstone Old Town . . .5 Key(s) . Defeat the monsters.

Fairfax Gardens . which looks like a sloped A-frame building. The key is nestled in betwen them. . before the huge staircase. .While doing the quest Love Hurts you will enter Lady Grey's Tomb.1 Key(s) . . out in plain sight and hanging in the air. where a cart is situated at the edge of a dirt field.Go under the stairs and along the tunnel here. you should stumble upon a silver key just to the left of the path.The second large building on your right (with a purple gate glowing in front of it) is called Manure Manor. The key is inside on the upstairs floor. This is near Luminous Cottage. follow the path to get to some bales of hay.. After exiting them. You can enter to find a silver key.When you're on the quest to the cave with the first hero. you need to go back to the farm and dig up his grave in order to get the key. In the cellar of the Giles Farm there is a portcullis that you need a key to access. look behind the platform that you have to stand on to find the key. . .Inside the Wellspring Cave that you go into with Hannah. the farm is thriving after the time jump. If you do not help Giles in the begining of the game. you'll have to go follow her lead to get through. Your dog will point it out for you if you miss it at first. It is inside the farm in an upstairs drawer.6 Key(s) . Oakfield . you'll head to Wellspring Cave (also called Guild Cave in the game) where you must step on three plates to open three doors and reach pedestals at the end of each path. after she's filled up her water and you've fought off the monsters. Guild Cave .Next to the sculptor's workstation is a house called Porridge Cottage.2 Key(s) . . Across the road is a little archway you can pass through.After the scene at the planted tree. If you help Giles when you first do his mission. You'll have to wade around through the shallow pools of water at its base. look around behind it to find a silver key. Near the cart is a silver key. You complete a second mission involving his son before you are allowed the ability to buy the farm. . on your right.Oakfield – Look for the Luminous cottage building (positioned near the windmill at the edge of town). In the first room you go into. When you arrive at the pedestal at the end of the path that's accessed through the first door.Another one that you won't have access to until after the time jump. You will find an opening in the wall and a key is waiting right there for you. When you exit the main chamber area you'll go into some tunnels. which gives you access to the key to the portcullis. you'll see the key.Oakfield – As you follow the breadcrumb trail that takes you across Oakfield and then down along a forested path.

proceed along the trail leading upward. you can head around the side of the building to your left. easily accessible. just before the stone bridge. . Wrap around along the breadcrumb trail and you'll find the man sobbing. then swim left to find a little patch of land where you can collect a silver key. Walk around behind them to find a silver key. and one just ahead of you and to your left contains a silver key. shooting beetles along the way until you notice a path leading left into a dead-end room. . wait until after you've helped the Temple of Light and the time jump so you can go into the ruined Temple of Shadows. It is located near the entrance to the Old Tin Mines. the second group of thieves will fight you on a raised balcony as you are chasing after their leader.After you defeat the third group of hobbe creatures in Hobbe Cave (as your traveling companion runs ahead to find his son). A silver key hangs in the air here. continue forward as the lighted path indicates. . Westcliff .Rookridge . Head over the bridge and check around the other side of the statue there to find a silver key. as well. Here you can jump into the water below. Do so. If you're bad. . You'll come to a wider settlement with ruined buildings there.After the bandits ambush you from the hilltops. you can get it while you're doing missions for them. You'll eventually pass a wooden bridge leading over a gap to the left.When you exit Hobbe Cave. head right from the staircase to where some crates are positioned. Defeat them. . then head to the cliff along the right side of the path.4 Key(s) (one not noted) .During the “A Bridge Too Far” challenge when you are rooting the thieves out of Rookridge for the man in Oakfield. rests a silver key. you can return later in the game from the Oakfield Road entrance and get to the building pretty easily.This one is in the Temple of Shadows. There's a railed balcony there. the dog should sniff out a dig area and will unearth a silver key.6 Key(s) . you'll come to another group of monsters just ahead of a bridge. continue along the trail leading up the hill to the left. then climb onto the second beach and follow the long sandy path to a building that waits there). If you're good. Look to the staircase leading down to a watery area from there.As you head along the road after the settlement where you found the previous key. On the ledge.Descend the path leading into the Gemstone Grotto (available if you swim past the first beach after diving off of the broken bridge in the Rookridge area. . and at the end of that balcony you'll find a silver key. investigate the scaffolding to the right to find a silver key. Descend and you'll see a parishioner near a ledge. Once you defeat them when they swarm you. If you miss it at first.When you descend along the path toward the beach where ships can dock.Just after you meet the woman who says her husband was killed by balvarines (along the second segment of the road). . Past him. . Head down inside of the temple to the Wheel of Sacrifice.

easily recognized because the whole of it seems partially submerged by swamp water. there's a path leading toward the right.In Twinblades Burial Room break down the wall to the right of the coffin to find a Silver Key. Continue along that path and you'll come into a large room.. you'll continue along a path and then up a staircase that makes a half circle to rise onto a higher level. .Enter the Temple of Shadows and proceed through it until you pass over the spike trap. look to the bank along your left. .6 Key(s) NOTE: There are actually seven keys in Wraithmarsh. but before you follow it make sure to head into the room just ahead for a silver key. . but head left first and investigate the wall there to find an open tomb where a silver key waits. Wraithmarsh . in the general direction from which you've just come. where mist covers the ground ahead of you. The glowing path will take off to the left. .From where the second banshee attacks you. You can ascend it and enter a house there to find a silver key. The way forward here is to the right. Look left and you should see a weak wall with red light seeping through.During the Love Hurts quest you will enter Twinblades Tomb.Around the halfway point of your journey through the marshes. . you'll cross a bridge with large statues lining either side.After destroying the wall to escape the tomb you will see a Silver Key right in your path. By opening up Twinblades coffin in the topmost room you will net a Silver Key. . Defeat them and continue down some stairs.After the area where you fight the monsters in the room with all of the huge stone pillars and the pit of spikes. Head along that pathway through the shallow water to find an alcove surrounded by fallen logs where a silver key waits. Break it down with your sword and enter the hidden room beyond to find a silver key. .As you come upon the 'Drowned Farm' area. then pass through a plaza where skeletons will attack. There is a door with iron bars directly ahead. . That means that there are 51 keys not just 50.

head along the path as it winds right. You'll need 5 silver keys to unlock it and obtain the Ruby. be sure to watch the path to your left as you head along the long bridge after defeating the second group of thieves. Follow it up some outdoor staircases and there are crypts along the way. you can follow a path to toward the base of a staircase that circles a tower. * Bowerstone Market – Head across the bridge through town. You shouldn't have trouble finding it. You'll find a silver chest that requires 15 keys to open. * Rookridge – When in the Rookridge area completing the “A Bridge Too Far” challenge for the man in Oakfield. head along the path that leads to your right to find a silver chest. When it starts to veer left.* Silver Key Chests (CHESTS) Certainly you didn’t think you were collecting all those Silver Keys for nothing! There are Silver Key Chests found throughout the game that can only be opened with a certain number of Silver Keys. * Bowerstone Cemetery – At the bottom of the main path leading down through the cemetery. You'll need 5 silver keys to unlock it. Of course. you can enter the graveyard portion of the area. There are some bandits that will attack you here. then along the grassy path leading away from the city toward Rookridge. then follow the road left from the clock tower square toward where the merchant wagon waits. just by an archway. There. You'll need 10 keys to open it. so defeat them and then climb the stairs to find a silver chest at the top. You'll need 5 silver keys to unlock it and obtain the Potion of Life. there's a fenced garden area with a silver chest. * Bowerstone Market .Past the demon door in Oakfield. It holds a Money Bag containing 500 gold. One is open and you can enter it to find a silver treasure chest. to open all the chests. you can open it to obtain a Slash & Burn Augment. * Rookridge – From the entrance to the area from Bowerstone. you should find a fenced-in area at a dead end where a silver chest waits. * Old town – Head forward through Old Town and down the stairs and out the city front gates. * Bowerstone Cemetery – From the graveyard plaza at the bottom of the hill. There's a little fenced area here by a pool of water and a silver chest rests in the grass. . * Bower Lake .Along forest path in the first area. Inside. You'll need 5 keys to open it.Just left of the exit to the Fairfax Gardens area. look around for a path the starts up the mountainside. * Brightwood – As you enter from Bower Lake. * Oakfield . you'll find a Slash & Burn Augment. You'll see a silver key chest on your left that requires 5 silver keys to open. you’ll need all the keys. If you have 10 silver keys on your person. There's an open plaza with a statue standing proud. along the path leading toward the green underbrush. Walk past him and up a slope to the left to find a silver key treasure chest. head down the path but be watching for the path to branch off to the right.

There's a trail leading down and to the left. inside of it is only 50. and your reward is 1000 gold. toward the area at the approximate center of the map (near the sign pointing to the shooting range). You'll need 10 keys in your possession to unlock it. When it does. Don’t get your hopes up. * Road to Westcliff – Most of the way along the road as you're traveling from Brightwood. check along the path to the right.* Brightwood – From where you defeat the guards that materialize in this area by way of the floating triangular device. you'll find that you can enter a gate you couldn't when visiting previously. there'll be a treasure chest to the right. As you arrive on the courtyard with multiple gates just a few steps from the entrance. There you'll see a silver chest out in the open. there's a slight branch to the right where a silver chest waits.000 gold. You can open it if you have 15 keys to find the Golden Touch Augment. though. You'll need 5 keys to unlock it and it contains the Bewitching Augment plus a Diamond. which wraps its way down to a silver chest. You need 20 keys to open it and will receive the Devastation Augment. you'll come to a more open area with shacks around it. * Road to Westcliff – Just after meeting the woman who says her son was carried off by monsters. * Bloodstone – As you arrive along Wraithmarsh Road. you'll find an area where the path loops back on itself. where the path overlooks the sea. * Westcliff – Pass through the bulk of the half-assembled buildings in Westcliff and head uphill. Inside. * Wraithmarsh – After you've been to Bloodstone and are sent on a quest back in Wraithmarsh. . head left through the gate. Straight ahead is a silver chest. You'll need 15 keys to open it. you'll find the Discipline Augment. You'll need 20 keys to unlock it. you'll be able to pass through a gate. * Fairfax Castle – Inside of the throne room in Fairfax you will find a treasure chest that requires 50 keys to open. but ignore it at first and instead head straight forward along a stone walkway to find a silver chest. Before you do.

Here is a list of the Dive Spots. to find the spot.* Dive Points (DIVE) Hop into nearly any lake or pond in Albion and you’ll see a few glowing spots here and there. where they are located and what treasures they hold. you'll come to a place where a floating triangular device summons guards. You can dive to retrieve a Money Bag that holds 250 gold. Diving will gain you the Rusty Turret Pistol. Defeat the group of them. you can swim to find a recess where a dive spot will allow you to retrieve a Civil Ring. * Hobbe Cave – From the entrance. As you work through Brightwood. Between them. It contains a Money Bag holding 300 gold. A trail descends to a pool of water here and there are two dive points. Head left along the murky river and you'll find two boats positioned parallel to the stonewall. Scan the area as you swim and you should see the familiar rippling white water. * Bowerstone Market – Another dive spot is located in the same body of water as the first one. * Bower Lake – Near the eastern-most edge of the lake (toward the north side) you'll find another dive point. you'll notice a pool of water to your right. * Oakfield – The stone bridge leading over the small stream blocks your view of a dive point. You can swim to its center to find a dive point. . Hit A near one and you’ll swim down and grab an item under the water. There's a dive spot here. * Bower Lake – There's a dive point along the northwest edge of the main central lake on the map. * Bower Lake – The north side of the northeast pond in the Bower Lake area has a dive point. you'll notice a small pond to the right of the main trail. * Bowerstone Market – Yet another dive spot is located in one of the recesses along the city wall. look off to the left. * Brightwood – There are two dive points close to one another here. while the other leads to a secret storeroom where you can open a chest to find Practiced Skill Potion. Diving here will net you a Money Bag that holds 25 gold. but before you pass through the gate they guard. These are called Dive Points. It contains the Potion of Life. * Bower Lake – As you head toward Bowerstone. At the bottom is Shiner Dye. You'll find a Rusty Cutlass. You can jump into the water and then swim under the bridge to access it. Swim across to where the two boats are docked and look to the right. * Bowerstone Market – There's a dive spot if you head down the trail from the main entryway square (along its left side) and down to the water's edge. under the wooden planks. Use it to find Watered Down XP Potion. In one you'll find 300 gold.

* Brightwood – Taking the left path at the gate (after defeating the guards) resulted in finding the two dive spots referenced above. At its bottom waits a Civil Ring. Defeat them and look to the cliff to the right. Going right instead will lead down to a large body of water. where monsters will attack you. . You'll find a dive point in that direction. where another of the dive spots is located. At the bottom is a Money Bag with 300 gold. Swimming upstream leads along a stonewall. continue along the road until you come to a stone bridge leading over a gap. * Road to Westcliff – After the woman who said her child was carried off by monsters joins your party. Jump off and into the water below and swim east along that stream toward the waterfall.

. 1st: Laugh .Start with 3rd: Point and Laugh . middle area. Bowerstone Lake Unlock: This demon door is located in the southwestmost area of Bower Lake. Well there's a fair supply of it right nearby the door.Start with 7th: Bloodthirsty Roar . • First you must bring him some Cheese • Mutton Chops (facial hair . Once it has eaten one of them you will be able to get one of each type of experience increasing potions from the chest here.Gotten from book 5th: Vulgar Thrust . aiming for the face.even if you're female) • Dreadlocks Return to it wearing pauper clothes with the appropriate hairstyle and you will be asked to get some clothes. Go near the chickens and start kicking them into the door.Gotten from book 6th: Growl . You can tell you're in the right area if you see a bunch of rocks in the lake nearby on the map.good alignment expression 2nd: Fart . an overly silly outfit. Brightwood Unlock: This Demon Door is located on the west side of the map.Start with Your reward for all of this is the Lucky Charm Augment.Start with 8th: Worship .Purchase the Bowerstone bookstore and retrieve it from the upstairs bookshelves. He requires a number of things to get opened. This lets you deal more damage with the weapon and receive less damage from enemy attacks. 9th: Blow Kiss .Start with 4th: Middle Finger . There is a Master Longsword with no augment slots. You can see it You will have to make the appropriate expression with each line. Knotted Shirt and Harlequin Trousers. It isn't a terifically good weapon especially if you can get your hands on the Chopper or especially the Daichi.Gotten from having a high Renown 10th: Dance . You will pass this area on the Road to Westcliff mission.* Demon Doors (DEMON) Bloodstone Unlock: Head to the right after you enter from Wraithmarsh and you will find demon door here. This one is incredibly simple to get past all you need to do is perform with your lute. • Tart skirt • Noble Gents Shirt • Yokel Hat This will allow you inside where you will get the Merchant's Cap. Bowerstone Cemetary Unlock: It seems that this big guy wants some meat.

You can now actually use this place as a home. After another Balverine attack it is just off the road to your left. Enter The Vault and get the Calavera from the chest here. When allowed inside you can find 50. To do so requires a fairly high Renown score to convince a large enough group to follow you. you have to open all of the others first and then return to him. . even a Marital Home. There is a Demon Door here if you follow the trail to it. • Lastly use a thumbs up to make it wave its paw and then use the Growl to make it growl. Wraithmarsh Unlock: This one is located off the path from the Cullis Gate and it has a pretty simple requirement. To do so you will first have to have it learn the trick from a book and then perform the expression that gets it to do so. Fable 2 has a dedication to him during the credits roll. This will open the way to Memory Lane where you can get a Potion of Life Westcliff Road Unlock: This one is located after you have rescued the desperate mother and are looking for her son. Oakfield Unlock: You must either blow a kiss or propose to someone in front of the door. This seems to be a tribute to Marcus Welfare.Fairfax Gardens Unlock: Head to the Fairfax Gardens and make your way around under the stairs. To open this door. This demon door doesn't want to open for anything. This leads to the Homestead location where you gather Pauper Clothes and a Come Hither Dear book from the home and The Hammerthyst in a chest in the Windmill. This nets you the Perforator legendary weapon. • Fart or Burp will cause the dog to Hide Snout.000 gold pieces and Marcus's Poems. This means that you're going to have to bring him ten people. Once you get the bar about 75% of the way there it will open to let you pass on through. It's about the same quality as a Bowerstone home for those finicky people you might marry. To get this one opened up you will have a very high corruption. Rookridge Unlock: You're going to have to have to stand in front of the door with your dog and perform tricks. Victory Arm • Pump to cause the dog to chase its tail. a nineteen year old who was swept out to sea in the UK and drowned. • Laugh to make the dog Bunny Hop. He will tell you where some of the other doors are though and give tips on how to go about opening them. All you have to do is bring him an audience to watch him perform. if you so desire it.

. Look into the alley area to the left of the boathouse and you will see it located between the two buildings. Bower Lake .5 .Before breaking through the barricade there is a small cliffside path off to the left side.Continue along the waterfront. Go past the large crane near the small sheds and look up. If you go down the hill to them you will notice the Gargoyle up to your left side. the gargoyle is attached to the rocks in this direction.This Gargoyle can only be gotten while on the Treasure Island of Doom quest due to its location.*Gargoyle Locations By Area (AREA) Hidden across Albion are 50 Gargoyle Heads that you must use fine aim to hit. .Make your way to the waterfront and go to where the ship captain stands. Bloodstone . you should see a path of sand over here.2 . . After landing the ship make your way forward until you dive down into a basic with waterfalls flowing into it. and you will begin to hear the gargoyle talking. Now dive into the water and swim off to the right.Head over to the boathouse and stop just before you go through the door. It is pretty high up attached to the crane here. .After exiting the gypsy camp you will be standing above some ruins. under the ramp into the water.4 . look above the path you're on near the left side of the waterfall to find it. Go to the far end and you will see a grassy area near the waterfall that leads upwards. As you go up the Gargoyle will begin talking. Bandit Coast . Follow that path and you will reach a doorway to a treasure cave that contains a treasure chest and a gargoyle inside a holl in the wall to your left when you enter.After breaking through the barricade and killing the enemies it is up the stone staircase. Here are the locations of all 50 of these. Stand on it and look out furhter into the water. You will see it from here. .

You will hear him yammering as you pass through it so it's hard to miss him. .5 * NOTE: Most of these Gargoyles are easily gotten during the Normonomicon quest involving Max and Sam. Walk under the bridge and look across from where you are on the structure there. Bowerstone Marketplace .Coming soon Bowerstone Cemetary . . .Once again starting from the gypsy camp begin to take the path that goes to Bowerstone. . . The Gargoyle is to the right of the largest tomb on top of the roof here.2 .Only available after completing the Hero of Will quest line! Make your way to the coach house in Bowerstone and you will notice that you can enter the stables area now due to the carriage being moved.From the Bower Lake entrance take a right when you enter the town. Go inside to find a treasure chest and a Gargoyle. Bowerstone Old Town .From the first expression statue that you locate go up the steps and look to the left at the top. You can either shoot him from here or move in closer along the grassy banks of the water. Now turn around just before you reach the top and you will see it on the wall. you will note the Gargoyle rather easily. The Gargoyle is located on the other side of the door high up on the wall.Go down the path near the coach house and down towards the water.In the town square enter the Furniture store and go upstairs into the back room. As you cross the bridge look to your left to see a waterfall.While completing the Rescuing Charley mission you will enter the Tomb of Heroes. The Gargoyle is in a corner of the room near the door. After entering the central chamber with the pool of water in it you will pass through a door going deeper into the tomb. .On the other side of the exact same archway is another Gargoyle. Go along this path to the end and you'll see the Gargoyle up above a closed off gate at the end of the path.4 . The gargoyle is located near the waterfall on the right side.. .Go inside the Felling Residence in the southwest corner of the map and head up the stairs. Following this path will take you up onto the city walls. . . Take the northwest path and you will find a ruined archway there is a Gargoyle up here.Make your way along the eastern path until it branches to the northwest.

After you land in the water swim to the land nearby and look behind you. Head on through this room but once you reach the far tunnel don't go through. The Gargoyle is along the right side on a pillar along this side.Head towards the Fairfax Castle and look up high on the front. .3 . . The Gargoyle is on the wall of the tomb on the side farthest from land. You will see it kind of stashed way up there. The Gargoyle is on top of the roof of a large tomb to your left. Look up on the wall to your right to find this Gargoyle.5 . . .At the topmost area of the cemetary you will be near a large tomb. Look up the wall to your left and you will see a tower raised up. go up the right staircase. .While working on the Love Hurts quest you will enter Lady Grey's Tomb. the Gargoyle is here.In the southeast part of the map gotten to from near Brightwood Tower there is a lake with a tomb in the middle of it.After you enter this locked off area you will go into the Shelley Crypt and follow a quest through the dungeon. .Coming soon Brightwood .Once you've purchased the Tower you must enter Archon's Knot. * NOTE: The two Gargoyles listed below require you to purchase the Cemetary Mansion before you can reach them. open it using the key you got from purchasing the cemetary mansion and pass through. Follow this until you reach a locked gate. You will soon reach a room where you must shoot Flit Switches to make invisible paths lit by blue flame appear. There are stairs to the right and left.From the Bandit Road area of Brightwood turn to the left and go under the arch where the bandits are. Stand back to get a clear shot at it.Head to the northwest corner of the map and go along the road through the broken fence.After purchasing Brightwood Tower go to the uppermost area where the bed is located. you will need to shoot out one of them to get to it as it's attached to a spire outside of the window.. The Gargoyle is located across from you before you jump down to the lower level.When going through the Forsaken Fortress you will enter a castle type area. Fairfax Gardens . . the Gargoyle is above the arches. Stand in the center of the room and begin looking out the windows up here. . It is possible to get this Gargoyle earlier by staying near the tree outside the gate if you're desperate for just one more Gargoyle. it's on the wall. . Here you will see three arches.

eastern part of the map) and you will see it on a pillar to your left. From the room with the Sacrifice wheel head through the left door. You will soon reach a large chamber with water in it where you got the Augment earlier. Rookridge .When you reach the broken shack and hear the woman scream move back a bit and look to your left. Guild Cave . ..000.After entering the Temple of Shadows outer area ignore the stairs and go towards where the stained glass windows are/were. After fighting off the large bandit group at the point where the track splits you will hear the Gargoyle.After completing the game you can purchase Fairfax Castle for 1.000 gold. .Go down into the actual temple now. Drop down a few levels and then look across from where you were near some stalagtites.1 . Westcliff .5 . The Gargoyle is on the other side of the archway closest to the chest. . . Do so and go to the Library to the right side. Turn right and you should see the Gargoyle on the wall past the arches. You should see a path here with a stone archway. Go up the stairs here onto the upper level near the desk and look above the wall where you came in to find the Gargoyle here. It's located up on the wooden structure here to your right. It might take some moving around to see it just right though.3 .5 . .When completing the quest A Bridge Too Far quest you will be following some mine cart tracks.On the wall behind the Sculptors house. It's high up there but you should hear him talking so you know you're in the right area.Teleport back to the Guild Cave and make your way back into the Old Tomb caverns. . If you come back later the cabin will be in one piece but the location is still the same.Before entering the Hobbe Cave look up along the cliff and you should see the Gargoyle sitting there.Once inside the Hobbe Cave make your way to the large room where you climb up several levels.Make your way to the Oakfield Cemetary. The Gargoyle is attached to the side of the bridge. The Gargoyle is hiding in that area. The Gargoyle is along the wall to your left side from the top part of this room. Oakfield . .When heading towards the Sandgoose there is a bridge you must cross. You should easily see the Gargoyle along the wall above the doorway you came in through.

As you head towards the entrance to the Howling Halls you will pass under the archway of a ruined buildings doorway. . The dangling lights can get in the way so aim carefully. The Gargoyle is up on one of the walls in here. there's a Gargoyle up on the wall at the end here..When you enter Twinblades Tomb during the Love Hurts quest make your way to the final room with his tomb. . .When you reach the room with the spike pit and the White Balverine it is up on the wall on the far side of the pit.Continue forwarduntil you're about to pass under a very large arch after going up some stairs. After crossing to to the right and look behind the pillar here. The Gargoyle is atop the stones to your right from where you start. After you go through look up and to the left. .While working on the Shadow Court quest you will have to run across a spiked path with a treasure chest at the end. Back up a bit and look towards the tombs you passed up on the left side. After you do so move to the side and turn around. You should see the Gargoyle up here.After fighting the first Banshee you will step out onto dry land. Look up the cliff face on the right side and you will see the Gargoyle. .Once in Westcliff make your way down the stairs towards the docks. . The Gargoyle is inside the room right above the door you came in through. .Go into the small house right near where you escape from the cage. It's up high on the wall. There are stones to each side of you and a staircase that goes up. Look for a house with a wheel on the front of it. Wraithmarsh . . To the side of this wheel you will find another Gargoyle.6 . you should see it on the wall here.After crossing the bridge here you will reach some ruins.

* Gargoyle Rewards (REWARDS) You might be wondering why you bothered hitting all those Gargoyles. The Gargoyles Trove is located in a dive spot in Bowerstone under the bridge. this is all covered in detail below. . You will know that there is a Gargoyle nearby because someone with a bad accent will begin talking trash towards you. huh? As you go around destroying them you will begin to be rewarded whenever you enter the Gargoyles Trove. This is your indicator to start looking around. an incredibly powerful crossbow.000 Gold 50 Gargoyles: Gets you The Rammer. The rewards are: 1st Gargoyle: Map telling you where the Gargoyle Trove is located 10 Gargoyles: Dog Tricks Growl 20 Gargoyles: Potion of Life 30 Gargoyles: Emerald x3 40 Gargoyles: 10. For every ten you will receive a reward of some sort. This is where you will want to go whenever you have destroyed ten Gargoyles since a door opens down here leading to treasure.

Not only do you ignore those who died building this thing but any family you may have is gone for good.000 gold pieces from a chest in the Heroes Guild. Honestly this ending really isn’t worth it since it’s fairly easy to make that much money just by buying up lots of real estate.000. The eeds of the One: And this is the direst of the choices you can make. so you will want to skip over it if you haven’t completed the game at least once. This section is included for completeness and to help someone who has beaten the game and wants to know exactly what each endings reward entail. The eeds of the Few: Picking this is one of the more natural options for someone who has played the game this long. . In exchange for that you get 1. This will bring back all of those who died in building the Tattered Spire and nets you 300 good points. The eeds of the Many: By selecting the needs of the many you put the people of Albion before yourself and those you love. including your dog. This option will bring back your wife (or wives) and your children as well as your dog. There is no alignment change for picking this ending and it is the only one that will allow you to complete any of the post-game quests that require your dog. Endings (END) Obviously this section contains plenty of spoilers.13. a neutral aligned ending and a purely evil and selfish ending each carrying its own achievement. There is a good ending.

Sometimes they will be incredibly dark skinned. This happens with a number of quests and will often happen after you complete a main storyline quest or a few particular side quests. *Spouse Glitches – Let’s be honest. they can also disappear entirely from the city for long periods of time. Other times they will only have a miscolored head or body. the furniture seller in Bowerstone Marketplace will stop selling furniture. even though both you and your spouse are fair skinned. more often than not. while others have found buying the shop fixes the problem. you can. your children will usually be strange colors when you come to visit them for the first time or two. such as mid-afternoon. * The spouse falls through the floor and can no longer be interacted with. but it can still happen. degrade over time. Be on the lookout for quests that pop up a second time like this and milk them for the rewards. If you complete it shortly after completing the Stranded quest.14. Personal experience has led to the conclusion that this is a glitch that takes many forms and the only reliable way to get furniture if it happens to you is to wait until you reach Bloodstone and get it there. other times it might take a few days before they do so. killing the shopkeeper seems to help. . It will. and cannot be found about town. Glitches (GLITCH) * Repeatable Quests – Sometimes you can complete quests more than once. This particular one leaves your child stuck in place and unable to move. *Shop Glitches – This is one of the rarest glitches. return here after beating the game to do the quest a second time. *Miscolored Children – For some reason. so your family won’t exactly be very happy with you. the spouses in this game are glitched horrendously. * For some unknown reason. If you leave the shop and come back they will often teleport into the shop and be ready to sell. It’s quite disconcerting seeing a dark skinned little girl with a pale head looking like some sort of Frankenstein’s Monster. *Stuck Children – One of the more annoying glitches. There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to how or when these glitches take place so there honestly isn’t any real way to handle these. A list of possible glitches: * Spouse getting frozen in place and unable to interact with. The glowing trail will instead lead you to your marital home. For some people. The only thing she will offer you is a book on how to decorate your stuff. This allows you to get more than one of the Son of Chesty gem. A prominent example is the Brightwood Tower quest. even though they should be there. Sometimes shopkeepers will not be in the shop. however. *Furniture Shop – For some reason. There doesn’t seem to be any way to fix this glitch. They won’t respond to your expressions unless you give them a gift and nothing raises their disposition to you.

the non-growling metal scene might be altogether swallowed up by idiots who still think Metallica “rocks.com/albums/u11/nimerjm/JasonTattoo1. my entire right arm is covered in a Dragonball Z sleeve tattoo. too.photobucket. PS3. I call it devotion. I’m a freelance writer who has done work for a number of sites and has come onto the writing staff of GamingExcellence. PC Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom . nice to look at and dealing with me while I work. Don’t believe me? This is my arm: http://i164. prepare to tell your grandkids that the ugly black stain on your forearm used to be a panther fighting an eagle. *The fine folks at Gamestop on Roswell Rd. PS3. Thanks to: *Wendi Jones for being awesome. if you get a tattoo in the Southeast anywhere but Psycho Tattoo (north of Atlanta). I am still actively pursuing more paid work in the field of video game journalism. Author’s Notes (NOTES) Daniel Acaba My name is Daniel Acaba. Great staff. copy editor. *Mike Webb and everyone at Psycho Tattoo for not only branding this nerd for life. Anyway.15.Xbox 360. PC Gears of War 2 Game Guide – Xbox 360 IG Exclusive FAQs: Fable 2 – Xbox 360 Jason imer Hey. preferably as a game guide writer. readers. My name is Jason Nimer and I’m a freelance writer. *The copydesk at the Marietta Daily Journal for letting me know when they send pages (for the most part… ahem – KATHY – ahem). always a pleasure. I usually wrap these things up with a “thanks list” so here goes. web designer. AP style master (sort of). . smartass and quite possibly the biggest Dragonball Z fan on the face of the planet. *Mike and Dona Nimer for keeping it real and continuing to push me forward. So far. *The metal bands Heavenly (France) and Sonata Arctica (Finland) for continuing to make the very best music available anywhere on the globe… without these two bands.” A scary world indeed.Xbox 360 Games Radar Game Guides: Guides to Everyone in Super Smash Bros. Connecticut and I am 25 years old. You call it crazy. I live in Groton. Seriously.jpg That’s right. artist. great store. Brawl – Wii Mirror’s Edge Game Guide – Xbox 360. but for making it look f’ing awesome. for being the rare exception to the Gamestop=bad rule. I’ve written the following works: CCC Exclusive FAQs: Kane & Lynch: Dead Men .

Before I start writing anything. its passe. along with all the other people who continue to read and support not only my guides. *Akira Toriyama for blessing us all with the world of Dragonball. but my reviews as well. To anime nerds. *And you. I’d like to thank the people responsible for getting me involved with this FAQ (Stephen. Jason Venter I like games a lot. GameRevolution and Hardcore Gamer Magazine when the pay is right or when I just happen to feel like it.com) but also for places like GamesRadar. that makes it all worthwhile. People like you are the reason I’ve spent so much time writing about games these past 10 years. I also write about them a lot. Geographically... Mr. If one person reads anything I’ve written.*Ned Jordan and the people at gamerstemple. Thanks go out to you for reading my words. and you’re to blame if I keep doing so for another 10. you’ll find me on the Oregon coast. Nimer and Daniel) and I’d like to thank Peter Molyneux and his team for making a game that I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. mostly in the form of game reviews for my site (HonestGamers. Thanks. less than a mile from the salty brine. To me. my friend. as well. its life. even if I was taking notes the whole time and doing dull research work.com for continuing to send me games and hosting my reviews. Sometimes I take walks on the beach with my wife. As far as my acknowledgements go. *The psycho who sent me the greatest email I have ever received – the profanity-laced tirade detailing why I must be put to death for giving Metal Gear Solid 4 a C+ rating. Thanks heaps! Thanks for reading and keep your eyes open for updates! . just because we can. I always think of you.

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