program ideas from virtually any individual or group with an idea for a special or series of programs. Proposals can come from members of the community at large, independent producers, station & Channels 10/36 Friends staff, or production representatives from other national or international markets. These program ideas are evaluated in a number of ways, one of which is through a proposal submission process, which allows a fair and complete assessment of written materials in Program Action Committee Meetings. The proposal submission process is designed to gather all the information necessary for our committee to review and consider the project’s viability for Milwaukee Public TV. The committee – made up of Production, Programming, and Engineering Department Managers – discusses the viability of ideas on the basis of content and relevance, and agrees on the disposition of each project presented for consideration. Step One: Prepare and Submit a Proposal Milwaukee Public Television welcomes program proposals at any stage of development. While there is no formal application, to be seriously considered, a proposal should include the following: • One to two page program treatment, offering a summary of how television would present the content of the program, its relevancy to public television audiences in our coverage area, and its uniqueness in the market. Proposed budget: this should include any talent or licensing fees, as well as costs for production staff and resources to be supplied by the co-producer. Identify specific target audience, as all programs cannot be considered general audience offerings. Proposed timeline for the development and completion of the project; this is especially important if event coverage or production tied to a commemorative or historic date is being considered. Funding possibilities: please include any funding sources already in place for the project (i.e., the contribution of an event sponsor). List of key creative personnel with biographies of each principal (Talent, Producer, Director, and Writer).

• • •

• •

One Copy of the proposal may be mailed to: Manager Program Production Milwaukee Public Television 1036 North Eighth Street Milwaukee WI 53233-1400
Attn: Program Action Committee

Step Two: Proposal Evaluation The Program Action Committee considers all proposals as they relate to our audience on the basis of content and relevance. Specific criteria include: • • • • • • • • • • • Relevance to greater Milwaukee and/or national audiences. Appropriateness of subject, treatment, and/or presentation for Milwaukee Public Television or public broadcasting audiences. Funding viability Journalistic integrity. Fit for the station’s mission and long-range plan. Potential for program re-versioning; book, video, and merchandise potential. Changes in scope, focus, or theme that might enhance the project. Promotion and marketing considerations. Facilities and personnel resource considerations. Producer and production team track record. Potential editorial and/or financial conflicts of interest.

This evaluation will result in one of the following recommendations: • • • • The proposal will be advanced to the production department for further development. The proposal will be advanced to the programming department for further review (in the case of projects which are already substantially or fully completed). The proposal will be declined. The proposal submitter will be requested to supply further information.

A Final Note: The stations receive many program proposals each year; so many, that it would require a virtually unlimited amount of money, staff, and facilities to accommodate them all. These things being limited, many projects are not moved to the next stage of consideration. The fact that we decline to produce a project is not necessarily a reflection of its merit. Rather, it may be a function of the limited staff, facilities, and the money available for production. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact any member of my office directly. Milwaukee Public Television

1036 North Eighth Street Milwaukee WI 53233-1400 Date:

Manager of Program Production Milwaukee Public Television 1036 N. 8th Street Milwaukee WI 53233 Dear Milwaukee Public Television Program Action Committee: Enclosed you will find a program proposal (which may include a title, format, script, treatment, concept, et cetera) for consideration by the Milwaukee Public Television Program Action Committee.

I understand and agree to the following conditions. 1. I understand that because of Milwaukee Public Television’s position in the public broadcasting non-profit entertainment, information, and education, the station receives many unsolicited or solicited ideas, formats, stories, proposals, suggestions, and the like. I understand that many of these submissions are similar to those developed by station staff and associates. I also understand that Milwaukee Public Television will not review any submission of material unless the person submitting it has signed this release. 2. I understand and agree that Milwaukee Public Television’s use of material containing elements similar or identical to protectible literary or other elements (such as musical works, drawings, etc.) contained in the submission will not obligate the stations to me in any manner if the station has obtained the elements from sources other than me. 3. I agree that Milwaukee Public Television has no obligation to disclose to me any similar program ideas developed by Milwaukee Public Television or others; to return any of my materials after the review process unless I have a provided a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage; or to take any further action regarding my proposal. By signing below, I acknowledge and agree that I have read and understand this submission release and all of its provisions



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