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Help Decide'TheF ateof1be TeenF -BombThrower
Should this H P HS student befed to the wolves, or should we let him gofree.p
I recently received a gem of a reader e -m a il. from an' HPH$ student: It was in re s pons e to my Sept. 12 column, Sit Down, Shut stages of HPISD schools, 'Teen, and it would be cool for, I've really struggled over them to one day be worthy whether or not I should of adults bowing down to forward your nasty-gram , them in a stadium setting, . to your parents. While I'm simply out of awe for what deciding if I'm going to rat, , they might accomplish in . you out, I'll give you a little. 'the-future and because they are among wealthy, wellequipped peers with sue- . cessful predecessors. But seeing how the likelihood of such unearned treatment is low, how do I teach my kids to be respectful, and not use profanity , - especially with grownups? And if by chance I miss that boat completely, how do I make sure they're smart enough not to write it down and send it with advice. electronic signature in, I know you can't process a-community where all the it now, so just cut this col'parents know each other? umn out of the paper and 'Which br ings me to my file it under "lessons I was next point. too smart to learn as a teen," One day you'll rediscover it Dear F-Bomb Dropping and realize that you could have saved yourself a world because of the gifts that of hurt if you'd listened. geography bestowed upon You're very lucky to live you, you're in for a rude in the Park Cities and attend , awakening. The .success.. school in one of the 'finest leadership, and graceful districts in the country. You progression you refer to are ' will have more opportuninot earned by doing your time in the halls of HPHS. They are developed by stu.' dents who wisely use the tools they've been given. Though I hope I'm wrong, I predict you'll continue to launch similarly entitled F-bombs until one explodes '.f'. university style, at which Ifl l'Of time you'll return home to live in your old room and blame others for your failure. Your former classmates will hang out with you over' ties for success because Of Christmas break and you'll ' the education you've bedn , tell them how working for provided and the valuable your dad's friend is what connections your parents' you've alwayswanted to do: street address has afforded You'll make it sound you. But here's the kicker glamorous 'and live the rest' .-:- if you think you get a of your life without leaving totally free ride to be a jerk. the community, because, outside of it, you have no power, and people feel less inclined to put up with your grossly inaccurate sense of accomplishment. Or you could shape up now, save the four-letter words for your peers who find it an acceptable part of self-expression. and keep your premature, unshakable confidence on the ; down low. Practice appearing humble, and learn more effective methods of telling people off. In fact, I think I' can help you with that. Yours Truly, Merritt Patterson Vote this kid's fate by visiting peopJenewspapers. I com/parkcities. Note to I voters: If the kid apo~ogizesll before this poll ends' at 51\ p.tn. Monday, he's free. I

Merritt Patterson

Up, Behave. The subject line was brief; it consisted of a fourletter word starting with the letter "F" followed by the word "You."He used his real' name and proceeded, to rant about how I needed to respect the youth running amuck at Scot football games because they are the "future 'leaders of our country." He also reminded me that HPHS students are known for how they "excel and progress gracefully through life." That's good news because I have four kids in the early

But here's the kicker, if vou think you get a totally free .

ride to be a jerk because of the
gifts that geography. bestowed d upon you, you re a ru e keni awa,' enlng.



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