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Getting Things Done

Masterclass for professionals
Mailbox full, many meetings and phone calls to follow up, juggling work and private commitments. Every professional is suffering from an information overload. Being an effective, higly productive professional is tougher than ever. Staying creative and innovative is a challenge.

Silvan Becker

Often information overload and a busy life result in:
„ „ „ „ „ Too many contradicting commitments Getting results too slow for your ambition Too little time to think about creative solutions Increased work pressure and stress Being less effective To be back in control again? To have a clear overview of all your commitments? To do more with less stress? To have a better work/life balance?

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Join us for a 1 day Getting Things Done Masterclass for Professionals, based on the principles from the book of best-seller author David Allen. You will get: „ „ „ „ „ „ „ 2 DISCOVER Individual assessments, valued at € 249,The book “Getting Things Done” by David Allen, valued at € 12,95 GTD Implementation guide and toolkit, valued at € 49,GTD Tool selection guide, valued at € 20,GTD Personal workflow map, valued at € 10,GTD Mindmaps with key concepts, valued at € 20,FREE access to our ‘Getting Things Done by Mastermind’ Linkedin group

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Comparitive research between top-performers and average performers shows that the most productive people have two traits in common: #1 They are 90% self-aware of their talents (versus an average of 50%) #2 They are authentic in in using their talents (true to themselves).

HOW you do things WHY you do things

That’s why every Getting Things Done Masterclass for professionals includes 2 DISCOVER online assessments. You will take these before the Masterclass.

Open masterclass are organized at different dates and venues. All upcomings dates and venues can be found at gtd.

In-house or open event?
The Getting Things Done Masterclass for professionals can be organized as in-house training programme for you and your team. Or you can join us for one of our open masterclasses. Upcoming dates and venues can be found at
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Your time
The Getting Things Done Masterclass for professionals is a 1 day event. Exact start and end times can be found on our website.

Your investment for this Getting Things Done Masterclass for professionals is € 495,- exclusive of V.A.T. and inclusive of 2 DISCOVER Individual assessments and training materials.

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Getting Things Done Change Programmes FOR ORGANIZATIONS
Getting Things Done in your organization
Is your strategy execution too slow to stay ahead of your competition? Are targets and deadlines missed frequently while at the same time your people feel being overstressed? Our five-step ‘Getting Things Done in your organisation’ programme will help you to diagnose and fix your performance issues quickly and effectively.

DISCOVER Organizational health check

GET Perspective and focus



DEFINE Organizational outputs and accountability  3 
Align your people with organizational outputs and establish clear accountabilities

RETHINK Organizational workflow

SETUP Management dashboard



Monitor progress and keep your organization on track

Assess your current business performance accross 11 core business dimension

Identify backlogs, eliminate waste and establish a clear perspective and focus on what really needs to get done

Establish a culture of trusted management interactions and clear rules of engagement

Getting Things Done in your team


Do you think your team can do more with less stress? Do you want to build a high performance team? Our three-step ‘Getting Things Done in your team’ programme is designed to assist management groups, departments, project teams or communities to align and expand their abilities to handle issues, and meet organizational objectives..

DISCOVER Team performance and effectiveness  1
Assess your current team make-up, team role in the organization and team performance and effectiveness

GET Perspective and focus

RETHINK Team workflow



Establish a culture of trusted team interactions and clear rules of engagement

Conduct situational analysis, establish a clear team vision and decide on your next action steps


Getting Things Done from professionals
Do you want to increase the productivity of your professionals? Want them to become more innovative? The key is to manage and facilitate your knowledge workers more effectively.

DISCOVER Professional culture

FACILITATE Effective meetings

Assess how effectively your professionals work together in teams and how they can contribute to better performance and innovation

Getting Things Done Masterclasses
Do you want to get more things done done with less stress? Manage your time better? Have more productive interactions with your managers, peers en direct reports? Find innovative ways to engage with others to achieve results? Then there is a Getting Things Done training or masterclass for you. You can organize them as a stand-alone in-house training programme, participate in one of our open masterclass training or run them as part of a larger corporate change programme.

Masterclass for professionals
DISCOVER Individual •

Masterclass for managers

Masterclass for executives

„ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „

DIISCOVER Assessment GTD Get perspective and for focus for yourself GTD 7 steps for managing personal workflow GTD Dealing with information overlaod GTD Managing stress more effectively GTD Get perspective and focus for your team GTD Rethinking and redesign of team workflow GTD Manage teams & projects GTD Facilitate effective meetings GTD Get perspective and focus for your organization GTD Rethinking and redesign of organizational workflow GTD Manage teams, projects & progammes GTD Building a culture of performance

DISCOVER Team Manager DISCOVER DISC Executive DISCOVER Team performance DISCOVER Organization • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Day 1

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Day 2

Day 2

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Manage and facilitate professionals more effectively with a focus on outputs and creative and innovative thinking

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