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9639 Re: Lou Baldanza/Tour Manager Position & Recommendation March 13th 2011 To Whom It May Concern: I am writing on behalf of Louis Baldanza, whom is applying to be a tour manager with your company. I’ve known Louis for the better part of 10 years, since the time he was a teenager up to the present. When I first met him, he was a young student and soccer player at Herkimer High School, where I am a girl’s varsity soccer coach and health teacher. His mother, who is also a teacher, was a good friend and it has been a privilege to watch him grow up into this young man looking to make his way in the world. In the time that I’ve known Louis, he always displayed a “wise-beyond his years” candor and has been a strong leadership presence in every role I’ve managed to see him in. I have served as a coach, mentor, and fellow teammate to Louis, all in someway related to soccer, which is a common passion and interest of ours. In his later high school years we were teammates on a summer soccer team that played competitively in counties and central New York region. Despite having what otherwise might be called an “average” stature, his personality and presence lends to a way about him that makes people gravitate towards and respect him. His thoughts and considerations, both in regards to his own work ethic and that of those around him is extremely insightful and implies an awareness that I have rarely seen in others. He always was seemingly at his best in a team-oriented setting and always seemed to wind up in a leadership oriented role more often than not. The demands he placed on himself for excellence and success drove him unflinchingly, and he displayed a sense of self-discipline I’ve rarely seen in other high school athletes. Despite not having the desire or raw talent for Division I college ball, he always played with a heart and dedication that any professional or college coach would dream of having in his players. He played every game as if it might be his last and was voted a tri-valley all-star team athlete twice. In a way, he played almost too hard. Louis and I were playing our first summer league game, on the first day of summer after his sophomore year when literally seconds before the first half of play had concluded, he collided with a player from the opposing team and broke his leg in two different places. He spent the better half of that summer in a cast up to his hip and spent the better part of the fall of his junior year rehabilitating and recovery. Despite not being able to play he traveled with and supported his team for every game of that season. The doctors told him that it wasn’t even realistic to consider he would play at all that season, but somehow he managed to get himself to a point physically where in the last part of the final playoff game of the season he got out on the field and contributed as a midfielder. I’ve spoken about him mostly in an athletic context up to this point, but Louis carried these tendencies across everything he did. He was a straight A student and balanced academic commitments with recreational & extracurricular activities flawlessly. He was a pole-vaulter on our track team, as well as member of the drama department and performer in our annual musicals. He was in the concert band and was competent in two

instruments at the time, trumpet and trombone, I believe. I have no doubts that Louis’ natural charisma and hard working mentality would enable him to be successful in the position he is applying for, and it is great to hear and see he will continue to be able to make a part of his dreams come true in the chance to travel the world and see different places. His eyes light up whenever I share stories with him about my times in France and other parts of Europe during the 1998 World Cup. He is fascinated with other cultures and soaks up interesting facts and information like a sponge. He’s maintained that intrinsic curiosity that makes children so appealing is trying to teach himself Spanish and Italian in hopes of one day being able to speak the languages of the natives in Pamplona (so he can run with the bulls) and trace his family heritage. Please let me know if there is anything else at all you need for you records. I have nothing but good things to say about this young man and would be happy to help him in any way I can. Thank you for considering him for the position and trust that he would be a great addition to your staff. Best of luck with the process and please let him know I spoke highly of him, if you can. Sincerely, Glenn Manning

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