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428 – Advertising Campaigns

Ad Concept Idea Boards, Several Due Dates

Where do ideas come from? For this class, Pintrest idea boards that you’ll build!

Submit via Canvas a list of your boards, each board name will link directly to the individual Pintrest “Section”.
Name your boards according to the content of the board. For example: “Boring Ad Concepts – Before Only”.
Each ad must have an explanation, written by you, as to why you think the ad is an example of that category.

You can collect as many examples as you want per board, but you must reach the minimums for each board.
Minimum numbers are shown parenthetically with 3 numbers, like this -- (1,2,4)
• The first number indicates what you must photograph yourself from a magazine or newspaper;
o Only one ad per campaign.
• The second number indicates the quantity that can come from the web;
o Only one ad per campaign.
• The third number indicates the minimum number of extras you need. Extras do not need descriptions.
Place extras after the provided “extras” image. (See’t-tell for example.)
o Don’t pin all “extras” from one campaign – get a variety!
• But be sure your examples are REAL ADS.
• Don’t share pins, please. Find them on your own.

Boring Concepts (if used without a “big idea”) – 1 Board, 4 “Sections”

Before Only [p. 109] (1,1,2)

Put all 4 of these on one Pintrest board
After Only [p. 109] (1,1,2) called “Boring Ad Concepts”.
Before / After [p. 108] (1,1,2) Create board “sections” for each category.
Demonstration (Other) [p. 114] (1,2,2)

Concepts that Lead to Good Ads – 1 Board, 9 “Sections”

Puffery / Exaggeration [pp. 129, 140] (2,2,4)

Analogy / Visual Metaphor [pp. 121-126] (2,4,4)
Empathy [p. 114] (2,2,4)
Knowledge [p. 109] (1,2,4)
Put all 9 of these on one Pintrest board called
Borrowed Interest [p. 131] (1,4,4) “Concepts that Lead to Good Ads”.
Involve the Reader [no book] (1,2,4) Create board “sections” for each category.
Executional [p. 127] (1,2,4)
Layout or Placement [p. 108] (1,2,4)
Outdoor* [p. 108] (0,4,4)
* All Outdoor examples can be obtained from the web,
but do not submit the same examples as your peers.

Things Good Ads Do – 1 Board, 2 “Sections”

Put both of these on one Pintrest board called
Show Don’t Tell [no book] (0,4,0 examples) “Things Good Ads Do”.
Headline Doesn’t Repeat Visual [p. 72] (0,4,0 examples) Create board “sections” for each category.

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