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Newspaper Ad Concepts and Costs

Thumbnails Due: Wednesday, Feb. 24 (upload and bring original)

1st Draft Due: Monday, March 1 (upload and bring original)

Final Concept and Report Due: Wednesday, March 3 (upload and bring original)

 Thumbnail concepts: Due Wednesday.

o Turn in at least 6 thumbnail concepts using Executional, Layout, Placement.
 If one concept includes several separate ads, that's still just one concept.
 Ensure each concept is at least 1/2 page or larger.
o Use these Wall Street Journal layout options  as guides/inspiration for your ad layout. You do not have
to follow these layout options exactly, but they should help you think through the layout and executional
o Use the thumbnail grid provided , assuming each square represents a full newspaper page. Label each
thumbnail for the creative template used (Executional, Layout or Placement). Take a clear photo of your sheet(s)
and upload it to Canvas.
o Also bring your paper version to class for in-class critiques.
 1st draft: Due Monday.
o Build out your most promising concept, including all a headline, body copy, visuals, and signature
 Remember: "Signature" includes logo (sometimes that's the actual product) and a URL or other
appropriate "contact" information.
o Show which layout matches your concept by taking a screenshot of the exact layout your ad follows;
upload that screenshot. Like this . 
o Take a clear photo of your ad concept and upload it to Canvas. In the comment area, indicate which
creative template you used.
o Also bring your layout example and your paper draft version to class for in-class critiques.
 It doesn't matter how you choose to show your layout for in-class purposes, it's just important
that we can all see your layout so that we can easily understand your concept.
 Final ad concept with media report:  Due Wednesday.
o Final Ad Concept:
 This is the version of your ad that will be graded using the grading list below.
 Your final ad concept should be very neatly created and all text should be computer-generated.
You can use lorum ipsum (Links to an external site.) text where appropriate.  This column layout may come
in handy . And here's the PDF of the same file . 
 Show which layout matches your concept by taking a screenshot of the exact layout your ad
follows; upload that screenshot. Example here . 
 Take a clear photo of your final ad and upload it to Canvas.
 Also bring your paper version to class for in-class critiques.
o Submit your final ad concept with a report explaining the costs and media decisions for your ad concept.
Your report will be about 2 pages in length and will have these sections:

Campaign Basics:  Explain your client, your message objective, and your chosen creative template. Explain how you
believe your newspaper reaches your target audience. You can glean some information from  this WSJ media kit
information page  (Links to an external site.).

Media Decisions:  See the Wall Street Journal's media kit links below. Explain which section of the newspaper is best for
your concept, aligning campaign logic with the focus of that section.

Cost Scenarios: Cover the cost to run your ad 1 time, 3 times, and 6 times.  Embed an Excel spreadsheet showing the ad
costs. (Your chart should include the columns shown  in  this example.

Media Kit Links:

o Wall Street Journal Rates

o Wall Street Journal Layout Options
o Choosing a section of the Journal (Links to an external site.) -- Scroll to "Print Products" to see
descriptions of each section

Product Information & Sources:

 Client: SoftBank Robotics (Links to an external site.)

 Product: Whiz (Links to an external site.)
 Target: This is a Business-to-Business audience -- you're communicating with business managers who hire
and/or outsource commercial cleaning and housekeeping staff and services.
 Message focus: Emphasize the benefits of incorporating a Whiz into business cleaning strategy, but still cover
the features. 


 Read this case study .

 Read this facilities industry coverage (Links to an external site.). 
 View the Whiz video here (Links to an external site.) (no audio).
 Learn about what companies are doing to keep their facilities clean now and post-Covid in this guide .

Your grade starts at 100. If you make any of the following errors, your grade will be reduced, as indicated.:

______  Did not turn in thumbnails = 20 points

______  Did not turn in draft = 10 points

______  Missed message = 10 - 50 points off, depending on message

______  Missed creative concept = Up to 20 points off

______  Missing empathy for target audience = 5-50 points off, depending on message

______  Indicated the product is new when it is not new = 10 points off

______  Any erroneous information = 10 - 50 points off

______  Typos misspellings and writing errors = 10 points off for each problem

______  Brand name problems =  If you don't name your product correctly, or if you don't spell it correctly,  or if you
don't capitalize it correctly = 10 points off for each offense

______  Missing logo = 10 points off

______  Incorrect or missing URL or other  “contact” info = 10 points off

______  Plagiarism of any sort: Using the client's ads; Using other similar ads                                                          

______  Using another student’s idea from class = At least 50 points off
______  Sloppiness = 10 - 50 points off

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