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Advertising Campaigns Final Assignment

Client/Product:  Your client is Levi's. Your focus is: Levi's SecondHand

Target Audience:  

 Psychographic:
o Care about fashion
o Care about the environment
o Want to be validated on style decisions, eco status,
o Heavy social media usage: Instagram, VSCO, TikTok
o Like jeans that are good and fit and are worn in 
o Are they anti-fast fashion or part of the problem?? 
o Want to be cool
 Demographic:
o Gen Z: 18-24
o Unisex
o Los Angeles & New York

Message Objective:  Levi's Secondhand combines style and saving the planet.

Product benefits: 

 Pre-worn, not stiff

 Vintage finds -- discontinued items
 High-quality denim
 Morally :)
 Recommerce: products don't go in landfill
 Web-based images: no thrift store stuff (time, dust, etc.)


Client Research Report

 This report is explained in Canvas. Due Monday, April 5, 3:29

 100 points.

2 Rounds of Drafts

 1st Round Campaign Concepts (1 each of 4 different creative templates)

o Due Monday, April 12, 3:29
o Live Zoom class critique with Kevin Fullerton
o This is 10 points of your Final Campaign assignment
 Polished 2nd Drafts: Print, Outdoor & Integrated
o Due Monday, April 19, 3:29
o Live Zoom class critique with Kevin Fullerton
o This is 10 points of your Final Campaign assignment

Finished Campaign Elements (Creative Work & Final Report) -------

 Due Monday, May 3, 7:00 p.m.

 Expect class to run until 8:30 p.m.
 Live Zoom class with Kevin Fullerton
Creative Work: You must have 5 significant elements that fall into at least 3 of these categories:

 Magazine ads
 Newspaper ads
 Outdoor ads
 Integrated element

An "element" means a built-out ad using the means available to you: software or drawing very, very neatly. You
are building these ads out completely, writing all copy, drawing the visuals... everything. 

"Integrated" elements are explained in Chapter 13 of your textbook.

Be sure each element is distinctly different, yet part of a cohesive campaign theme (don’t just change one
element and call it a new ad). Follow guidelines covered in the Campaign lecture. 

Final Report: You must write about your campaign:

Campaign Overview:   Explain your client, your message objective, and your chosen creative template. Explain
how you believe your newspaper reaches your target audience. 

Media Decisions: Explain all of your media-related decisions: In which publications and sections your ads are to
appear; locations of your outdoor choices; and any other media-specific decisions. 
Media Costs: Build spreadsheets that outline and calculate your costs for each media type for a 3-month
campaign. Be sure to somewhere add all media costs together for an overall campaign cost. Summarize your
media costs in about a paragraph.

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