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CISA FAQs:Advice & Guidance
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CONVERSATIONS VOICES AND VALUABLE ADVICE Over the years thousands have taken the CISA® exam and been certified. These professionals are available on various mailing lists, forums and in person to provide guidance and mentoring assistance to CISA® aspirants. The most active resource is the CISA Group on Yahoo! and you must sign up asap. Once you have signed up, read the archives and you will gain valuable insights which will help you in your efforts to gain the CISA® certification.

■ 1 Strategy and Approach .. Personal experiences of CISA exam pass-outs ■ 1.1 Conversations ... valuable advice ■ 1.2 What was your approach in studying for the exam ■ 1.3 Certification Application - step by step in detail ■ 1.4 Experience info for Certification ■ 1.5 CPE's ■ 2 Copies of CRM and Exam Questions ... A BIG NO NO ■ 2.1 Requesting and sharing the ISACA CRM ■ 2.2 Discussions about Exam questions ■ 3 What resources are available for preparation ■ 3.1 Insight into approach to the Exam ■ 4 Are there any classes which I can attend ■ 4.1 CISA® Review Classes held by most ISACA Chapters ■ 4.2 Online and offline courses offered by some identified vendors ■ 4.3 What are study groups ■ 4.3.1 Where can I find a study group ■ 5 Study materials, books the CRM.... etc ■ 5.1 Purchase dilemma at the ISACA Bookstore ■ 5.2 Books, Study Materials guidance and guides ! ■ 5.2.1 Books and the ISACA Manual ■ 5.2.2 Can I start my own study group or do I need permission 12/03/2011

4 Does ISACA have an official support system ■ 7 Misc Info and Voices ■ 7. classes) available for the CISA exam in addi the books offered by ISACA and review courses offered by ISACA chapters. Don't stress yourself too much by thinking over giving the exam 2. There is a question answer CD that ISACA provides for about 200 dollars get it. Study one chapter and attempt all the questions related to that chapter. to read the various snippets of communications between peers wanting to know about the certification and those willingly extending information and advice..1 Immigration to Australia and CISA® ■ ■ ■ ■ Strategy and Approach .9 Any online courses which help prepare for the exam ■ 6 What about support groups ■ 6.4 What is the CRM 5. Start with the review manual 6. 7.securians.1 Searching for CISA® aspirants ■ 6.. Personal experiences of CISA exam pass-outs Conversations .3 What assistance can I expect in these groups ■ 6.. There are a lot of commercial test prep materials (books. 5. Prepare a time bound plan and make sure that you follow it (discipline is another characteristic of a winner ) 3.. 12/03/2011 . take that membership and reap the benefits. valuable advice Click above or here.3 Does ISACA prescribe any official study materials 5. Analyze your score and keep studying the chapter and giving exam till you reach a score of say 90 %.CISA FAQs:Advice & Guidance .com/wiki/FAQs/index.5 Which are the best books 5...7 Can someone please share their study materials with me ■ 5.8 Is there a list of vendors who provide study materials ■ 5. Approach that can be used 1.6 I want to practice so where can I get questions from previous CISA exams ■ 5.php?title=CISA_FAQs:Advic.The FAQ Project Page 2 of 12 5. 4. 8.2 Are there any online groups which I can join for help ■ 6. The best resource is available on ISACA website.. What was your approach in studying for the exam Would you be able to provide those of us who are preparing for the exam any insight as to what steps you utilized (study approach) and what tools or materials you used to prepare for the exam. http://www. Then it is time to move on to the next chapter. software.

and you can reach him on the CISA mailing list too. especially it helps me learning how to use auditor view to answer the qu Certification Application . This provides you with the reasoning for right or wrong and gives you the knowledge about the incorrect options. My addition to this . you can select the "Mark Wrong and Guess" feature in the questio you to guess at the question without risking any distortion of the diagnostic scoring. Although the CRM alone will not be enough to pass the exam. 2008) This is a walkthrough of the process of filling in the application for Certification. Then you can make use of provided to each question. makes some great points. . Nimesh has provided great insight. Mukesh's email address is not published here. .just mark any option. The more questions you "guess" correctly.step by step in detail How to Apply for CISA Certificate (Courtsey Mukesh Pandya.php?title=CISA_FAQs:Advic. This is a tried and tested method and has a 95 % success rate. you will slightly distort the accuracy of t diagnostics.The FAQ Project Page 3 of 12 9. > Also read some of the articles on the CD-ROM and ISACA website I found the questions on "the CISA prep Guide" are very difficult. 12/03/2011 . would you guy shed some light on how well you did on those questions when preparing the exam? > Try to hit at least 90% by exam time.. only got 50% in some chapters.. Go through all the 500 or 600 questions you have and then come back and do your practice tests after a w As you will read the explanations for the questions / answers and relate them to your reading and to your experi find there is a lot which you missed and this will help you a lot.CISA FAQs:Advice & Guidance .. My rate is about 62% correct. and read the explanations. correct options (which you may mark) and the correct options.will take the December exam and just read the CRM and finished the questions in the CD.securians.. For things or terminologies that you don€™t understand. Please note [1] no email addresses are published on these pages (except for suggestions etc) [2] no changes here. but if you are using the ISACA CD-ROM course I would not 'mark any option' you do not have any prior knowledge.when using the CISA question bank at the first instance do not worry about right or wrong .. So you get to learn much more about the why's and t dont's. The new ISACA course utilizes a diagnostic tool to adjust your studying to learning the more you impact the diagnostics. search it on Google and the ISACA website. If you 'guess' a question and happen to be correct. I do think it is helpful to practice using CRM question o > to familiar with the question format.. way below the 75% required to pass the exam. I wonder if it's worthwhile to try the questions on this book? I also tried the CRM CD. Feb 8. > I try the sample questions on CD and always get 50%. If you are viewing have no knowledge of the material being asked. except for some formatting and [3] in the message cover = envelope <smile> http://www.

Third Condition is to abide by ISACA Code of Professional Ethics. . Plus • Max 1 years for Degrees like BA. 5. B Com. . Tick against areas (domain) we studied in CRM.. Now go to part B and claim experience waivers. These may be your seniors or ex-employer( s). These people will be contacted / called to confirm you 2. . B Sc etc. Now count how many of experience you require ? This experience must be in related fields as we studied in CISA Exam. You will receive your certification confirmation via email.This page contains all the requirements to become CISA.Mukesh Pandya. Fifth Condition is CPE (will be required after becoming CISA . Complete all details on page 2. 93K) or request an application from the Certification Department i Download the form. Visit http://www. 2. I have tried to explain the procedure in simple steps.Now Go to Page Marked as Under Application for CISA Certification Instructions for Completion of Forms 1.2 Now go to page 3.php?title=CISA_FAQs:Advic. Some of them are as under :• Max 1 Year of Exp. e. These certificates must be kept in separate covers but may be sent with the same big cover in which y are sending the CISA Application.The FAQ Project Page 4 of 12 After Passing CISA the first task is to apply for CISA. B Tech. Now read the page marked as below :Application for CISA Certification Requirements to Become a Certified Information Systems Auditor . . Suite 1010 Rolling Meadows. Experience info for Certification . Please note that ISACA is strict in verification and any wrong information may lead to rejection/cancellation of . Now put these 3 covers in one big cover . OR • Max 2 years for 4 Year Degrees like BE. 1 The first and foremost condition is passing CISA Exam.Also put the application form in big cover. 2 Years full time teaching in IS Security at University. Take print-out or make 3 copies. Now go to page 1 of the form. 3. OR • Max 1 Year for a Degree in IS Security (like PRISM Program of Mumbai or IS Program of ICFAI) Plus • Max 1 year for Min. Read these instructions before completing the form.Send this cover to ISACA at the address :Certification Coordinator ISACA 3701 Algonquin b.we shall discuss this in detail in a separate email) d. ii Downloaded form is also attached with this mail c. Fill in the details related to work experience. 4. IL 60008-3124 USA f. This is a work by Mukesh Pandya just to help the members of CISA-Study Group. or does he need to allocate these five years appropriately among the three domains. CISA Disclaimer : The steps are indicative and not exhaustive. Hope this will help you in claiming your CISA Certificate. .securians. 12/03/2011 . which you have already done.isaca. 2 Second condition is Experience of 5 years.There are some relaxations in experience for some specific experience / qualifications. a. BCP or system implementation domains. 2. . .CISA FAQs:Advice & Guidance . Now look for these lines For those who took the exam in 2006 or later: Download Application (PDF. .Can a person (who have passed CISA exams) be a CISA certified after gaining 5 year experience in any one of: IS security... Here give names and addresses of 3 persons who will certify your http://www. Give one copy each to the persons from whom you are receiving the references. Please read the CISA Application for Certification pub ISACA as a standard document. Fourth Condition is abide by IS Standards by ISACA. .1 Now go to page 2 . with One Year of IS Audit OR IS Security OR IS Control.

and a code of conduct document is also circulated. For example. CPE's Can someone please point me at a list of what activities (apart of course from ISACA sponsored events) are allowable for CPEs for ISACA/CISA. no matter which domains are covered. Copies of CRM and Exam Questions .. I am having impression that 5 years experience in any one domain would serve the purpose.cfm? Section=CISA_Certification&Template=/TaggedPage/TaggedPageDisplay.The FAQ Project Page 5 of 12 (I have seen ISACA site. Note: This is by far the most active request on the group whenever a new batch starts preparing (or deciding) to sit for the exam. You are going to spend on http://www.isc2.. And warnings are given every time. Please stay away from such requests and remain clean .cgi?page=89 Is there a similar page on the ISACA web site? Quizzes in the Journal. kindly correct me if I am wrong) You only need five years of experience in audit or I think the minimum requirement for any professional is conforming to ethical standards of conduct.. A BIG NO NO Requesting and sharing the ISACA CRM Can anyone tell me where i can get the copy of CISA Technical Manual and CD in Mumbai (Xerox copy) ? Or the members who are preparing for CISA 2004 and who can share the study material or order CISA material altogether (in group). http://www... the ISC2 describes the activities and criteria here: https://www. This would i short-cut methods or trying to get the certification by hook or by crook.isaca. Check the CISA Continuing Education Policy ('s ethical and the expected course of Unauthorized reproduction of ISACA Publications including CISA Manual and CISA Review Questions may amount to vi copyrights.php?title=CISA_FAQs:Advic. Have you read the Code of Ethics? Auditors by definition should be respected and trusted members of the communit infringement doesn't add much respect to you. 12/03/2011 .CISA FAQs:Advice & Guidance .cfm&TPLID=28&C on the ISACA Note: There is much more . This may lead to prosecution of the offenders under Copyrights Act (as applicable to India or elsewh Further any CISA candidate doing this would be violating the ISACA Code of Ethics.

But I dont have the CISA Manual 2004. Then again. the 2002 Q&A CD is licensed for a single user/CPU.. or your company will reimburse you. Besides. I am preparing for CISA 2004.ISACA has a process for disputing specific questions. We can discuss practice "public-available" questions to help others prepare for the test. To the best of my knowledge. If you have an issue with one or more questions. . Also.php?title=CISA_FAQs:Advic. why does ISACA sells a CD with several practice questions? Note: As mentioned elsewhere in this FAQ the CD may or may not contain questions from previous exams.Persons who post questions that cite specific questions are subject to being moderated ( which means questions that they responded when th CISA exam. I have the Q & A 2002 CD with me. it might be advisable for you to contact ISACA to determine their policies on "sharing" t Discussions about Exam questions I want to remind everyone to refrain from citing or discussing specific questions in this forum. anybody willing to share notes/CD do mail me.Postings to this group that cite specific questions are subject to removal.CISA FAQs:Advice & Guidance . . so this is a bit more and you will easily cover the amount in your next appraisal.. If you are planning to use this for a CISA study group. 12/03/2011 . please read the copyright notice which came along with the CD and then decide what you section don't agree to or want to violate. Also. Those of us who have taken CISA/CISM certification exams signed a non-disclosure: one of the terms we agreed to is that we would not discuss specific exam questions with other .e.. If not. The risk of revocation of your designation and a lawsuit ?  http://www.The FAQ Project Page 6 of 12 the exam. and do it at your own risk. CISAs are not allowed to discuss exam questions. these questions are NOT for publication or use and they are provided to you under copyrights which are owned by ISACA. I would like to share it with you.. postings must be a or removed. please t them at certification@isaca.securians. So again. Do you have the CISA manual 2004.

. You will find other candidates like yourself who are also looking for study partners. This is a great way to study and each supports the other. 12/03/2011 .com/wiki/FAQs/index. Online and offline courses offered by some identified vendors ISACA Offers an online course. Insight into approach to the Exam Are there any classes which I can attend CISA® Review Classes held by most ISACA Chapters CISA® Review Classes are usually conducted by all ISACA Chapters.securians.CISA FAQs:Advice & Guidance .php?title=CISA_FAQs:Advic. Then there are numerous books and elearning resources which are available for purchase and download via the internet. Where can I find a study group Well the best place is at the Review class in your city. You can also post a http://www. Check with the ISACA Chapter in your city. Find out the candidates in your city / town / neighborhood and hook up to form a study group.The FAQ Project Page 7 of 12 What resources are available for preparation You can get books and practice tests from ISACA. Will identify other vendors and update this resource.. What are study groups Informal groups where two or more candidates decide to study together. You can join a study group in your neighborhood or your town or you can join an online study group ! Then there are the ISACA chapters worldwide where there is no dearth of willing professionals to help and mentor you. You can also register for the online classes conducted by ISACA.

The details are available at http://www. etc Purchase dilemma at the ISACA Bookstore What's the difference in both? What's the catch here? CISA Practice Question Database v8 English Edition (web site download)v1 $160.The FAQ Project Page 8 of 12 message on the mailing list. Study Materials guidance and guides ! I am preparing for CISA exam.. If you are based outside the US the download option allows you to get the course without waiting on shipping or h to pay for international delivery or customs. easier the question database of 2006.CISA FAQs:Advice & Guidance ..just You can start googling CISA books then read the review. One is shipped to you via CD.. one is downloaded from a server.securians. Please avoid emails for PDF version of http://www. i have 3 CISA prep books to support the ISACA Please note that CISA Review Manual (CRM) is NOT available in PDF Format.. Books.. What are the best study guides on the exam? Use ISACA as a reference and find other books worth reading. They are both the same course.ISACA manual is very dry and a pain to read....00 CISA Practice Question Database v8 English Edition(CD-ROM) $160. books the CRM.php?title=CISA_FAQs:Advic... Study materials. please let me know some good books to prepare for the exam..isaca. Try CISA Cram 2 by Allen Keele. I got a used copy on Amazon for less than $20.00 I should get 1 of them right? Which one? None? One CD Copy and one Web Download. 12/03/2011 .. Maybe I shall start a project to provide a platform for people to connect together and form study groups.there are a lot of good books there.. Please help us be guided like what are the most efficient resources and approaches. the down version is a good option if you want to study immediately.. Since the CD version that ISACA sells has a security feature that only allows the course to be installed one time (no more sharing one copy for everyone in the Chapter) Voices ISACA has published good study material for CISA Exam..

In addition Micromash (www. What's the difference between CISA Review Manual and CISA Prep Guide? Which one is more accessible and more easy to read ? Are any differences between them ?  Which one is better to study for the exam ? The CISA prep guide isn't the best-written book on CISA or security auditing in general. and so do the responses. i don't have the 2500 yet.Sybex However.. I will strongly suggest you to stick to CRM only.. :(  Basic difference is that the manual is official. You should get the CRM 2 the December exam to get most comprehensive material for the exam. From my research and communication with other CISAs the best study resources are: 1. these responses are reproduced here verbatim. There are some other material / books are also available. 2007 CISA CD database from ISACA website.securians. Note: the responses may mention CRM 2004 or a earlier year so obviously this is a response from someone in that year. But I suggest you to go for printed version be the examination is paper based so study with printed material will help you more.The FAQ Project Page 9 of 12 However CISA Question Bank is available in CD / Download Version. -. The questions remain the same. issued by ISACA.isaca. The ISACA manual is really very dry. details of which can be found on CISA-Study Group's Ho http://tech..php?title=CISA_FAQs:Advic.official publications of ISACA CISA® Books (http://www. I do not know what's the best study material but SRV's (www. The CISA Study Guide by David Cannon material helped at least me to pa the is selling a CISA online review course. The link given above takes you to the ISACA Bookstore and you will get the latest version of the CRM ! Remember. 12/03/2011 . Books and the ISACA Manual Can anyone tell me the book name and author for CISA preparation.CISA FAQs:Advice & Guidance . It's better to learn from the CRM insteed of Prep Guide ? I can't afford 650 Q&A.exam (though rather long time ago). Here's the link to CISA Review Manual 2004 and Review Questions 2003 and Prep guides are prepared by various publish The best combination would be Manual+CD (containing about 1000 odd questions+ Ron Weber's Text book http://www. The 2007 CISA Study Manual from the ISACA website.srvbooks. Also get the 650 Qs CD set if you can afford I've got the CRM from 2004.

What is the CRM The CRM is the CISA® Review Manual and it is published by ISACA specifically addressing the requirements of the CISA® examination. The ISACA bookstore offers a number of study materials .php?title=CISA_FAQs:Advic. These are informal groups and candidates support each other in their efforts.CISA FAQs:Advice & Guidance . rent etc.securians. Does ISACA prescribe any official study materials No there are no “prescribed” books – you are free to make your choice of study materials.the CISA® Review Manual (CRM) is highly recommended. distribute. Project Management etc. and is always relevant. You can also purchase practice tests or purchase the online course. Of course there are many books on the individual subjects relating to Risk Management.. Please be careful not to copy.The FAQ Project Page 10 of 12 Can I start my own study group or do I need permission Of course you can start your own study http://www. And no you do not need to ask for permission from anyone. Any company etc which offers online practice tests will have developed their own questions whereas the ISACA database uses questions from previous examinations. It is the best study material available for the examination. I want to practice so where can I get questions from previous CISA exams You can purchase the practice tests online from the ISACA bookstore. Which are the best books CRM from ISACA. provides information about the knowledge areas. Shon Harris are the most sought after books to prepare for the exam. It covers the all the Job Practice Areas. 12/03/2011 . Can someone please share their study materials with me Sharing a book among friends is okay and you are not violating any copyright restrictions. These questions are copyrighted and you will not get them anyplace else. and you are free to study them and add to your knowledge for the exam. nor does it term any of these publications as \'official\' courseware. Please note that ISACA does not restrict you to their publications.

. The various ISACA Chapters..securians. I run the Toronto Information Security Meetup and CISA® professionals are welcome to join. You will be able to find people through the ISACA Chapter in your city.php?title=CISA_FAQs:Advic.CISA FAQs:Advice & Guidance . Are there any online groups which I can join for help Yes the CISA® forum on Yahoo! Groups. Does ISACA have an official support system There are forums on the ISACA website where you will find support !  Misc Info and Voices > You will receive a letter from ISACA confirming your registration.The FAQ Project Page 11 of 12 Is there a list of vendors who provide study materials Coming! Any online courses which help prepare for the exam ISACA has an online offer and as I identify others. Then there is the CISA® group on Facebook and many other locations (both physical and virtual). 12/03/2011 . I shall put the names / links online. The exam candidate card will be mailed to y http://www. Put up a query on the CISA forum and you will surely get a lot of names. What about support groups Searching for CISA® aspirants Is some one from the group preparing CISA May'08 and staying in Delhi. Why don't you post on the CISA Mailing List on Yahoo! too. What assistance can I expect in these groups Mentoring and any type of assistance about the exam.

CISA FAQs:Advice & Guidance .php?title=CISA_FAQs:Advic. Under the agreement between the ACS and the Department of Imm Citizenship.C. ACS. the recognized association for information and communications technology professionals.securians.S (Australian Computer Society) as equivalent to an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) diploma for the purposes of skills assessment for immigration. 12/03/2011 .securians.. Retrieved from " vocational education and training (TAFEs and private providers) and the higher education sector (mainly universities).com/wiki/FAQs/index. provides advice on s recognition for prospective migrants to Australia. The AQF is a unified system of national qualifications in schools.php? title=CISA_FAQs:Advice_%26_Guidance" Categories: CISA® | CISA® FAQs http://www.The FAQ Project Page 12 of 12 Immigration to Australia and CISA® The CISA and CISM certifications have been recognized by the A. those seeking to migrate to Australia as an IT professional must complete an assessment through the lodging a migration application..

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