GEO TV was established in May 2002. Test transmission started on 14th August 2002 on The PAS 10 digital satellite. Regular transmission started on 1st October 2002. Geo TV is the first South Asian Urdu language channel to provide content comparable with excellent television broadcasters.

“GEO will be the voice of freedom from the Asian subcontinent. It will highlight the issues of concern and the cultural richness of its people through information, discussion and entertainment.

GEO informs and entertains while celebrating cultures and prompting dialogue in the spirit of "live and let live"

• • • • • • 1966 Letter to the President of Pakistan asking him to permit private sector television to combat the propaganda war. Sep 1990 First feasibility/research paper on TV potential in Pakistan completed for GEO followed by national and International study tour. Dec 1991 Made first pilot for first new show for GEO, then named” Newsreel". Aug 1996 Due to political confrontation GEO launch postponed 1998 First advertisement in all major newspapers of Pakistan looking for television talent and announcing GEO for the first time Nov 2001 BBC Technologies hired as technical consultants for GEO

• • • • • • • •

2-Dec 2001 String of nationwide interviews, consisting 25 cities, begin as recruitment campaign attracts attention of 40,000 applicants 10-Jan 2002 Construction begins at Dubai Media City for offices and transmission studios 14-Aug 2002 Geo's test transmission starts at 12:00 noon PST with 24-hour news content; frequency kept secret. 5-Sep 2002 Geo team begins nationwide 5-day tour marketing the channel to cable operators. 11-Jan 2003 Launching ceremony of infotainment and entertainment programs, with a duration of 2 hours per day, is held at Mohatta Palace in Karachi. 20-Mar 2003 Geo and CNN sign partnership contract for collaboration. 7-Apr 2003 Geo begins transmission in UAE through E-Vision. 14-Aug 2003 Geo completes its 12 months of non-stop on air transmission.

PTV is the main competitor of GEO with regards to viewer ship because of the reason that geo is a satellite channel and is accessible in specific areas whereas PTV is a national antenna channel, which is easily accessible. Geo is trying to compete with PTV and trying harder and harder to be the No.1 channel in Pakistan. Other satellite channels like Sony, Star plus etc, are GEO’s major competitors among satellite channels

Ptv vs. Geo
 Ptv may receive their funding from individuals through voluntary donations, a specific charge such as a television license fee, or as direct funding by the state  Geo may receive their funding from individuals through sponsors or voluntarily donations but no direct funding by the state.  PTV broadcasting stations are always locally licensed.  Geo TV broadcasting stations belongs to Independent Media Corporation.  PTV has various channels transmitting throughout the world including PTV National, PTV World, PTV 2, PTV Global, PTV Bolan etc.  Geo TV has since launched several other channels which include the GEO Entertainment, GEO News, GEO Super, AAG TV

 New ideas and concept with fast execution has become a trademark of GEO 'Fastest Firsts  First to bring the’ Breaking News’ Concept in Pakistan  Unbiased, accurate and timely 24-hour news in ‘Urdu language’  Most competitive work team  Goodwill as the largest media group in the country

It is a newly established company so it is still under the learning process. Because Pakistan has no institute that provides formal Education on this field they are required to have all employees trained from foreign institutions. Lack of innovation in the entertainment scene.

 Growing awareness about GEO of the people. They are attracted towards entertainment.  Increase in viewer-ship  Improvement of Pakistanis terms with India. It increases cultural activities.

 Fear of competition:  Especially in entertainment because of new channels. Employee turnover: Geo’s employee turnover is under 5% New channels attract GEO qualified and trained employees by offering them 3 times the salary they earn at GEO. They also offer different fields of jobs. These demands are difficult to meet for GEO

It is not actually a manufacturing business rather a service business that generates cable TV channels namely: 1) Geo News 2) Geo TV (entertainment) 3) AAG TV 4) GEO super

Types of products
News, Entertainment, Infotainment.

Type of Ownership
It is a Private limited Company and has 100% internal shares (family shares only). This is part of the Jang Group of Companies, the biggest and strongest group in media of the Private Sector.

ORGANIZING Structure & Style
Geo consists of 1600 plus employees around the world and 180 employees in the Lahore bureau itself because Geo has a very wide and large hierarchy.

C.E.O C.O.O Channel President M.D News M.D Entertainment Content Head Production Head Director News Bureau Officers