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Activities and
Act Now
Grass recycling
Biogas Production means leaving the
Plant Ecological Lawn Guide grass clippings on
your lawn in order to
Collections and Now that most pesticides have been banned, preventive recycle the grass.
Debris Sites maintenance is recommended by providing your grass with
Écoclips the proper growing conditions and appropriate care so that  
it will be green, healthy, strong and more resistant to
Natural undesirables.
Ecological lawn care is essentially a matter of good sense. Grass recycling,
It merely involves remedying the problems, at the source: 703 Kb
Outdoor learning how to cultivate grass is a must.
• Composting
• Grass Recycling,
Lawns and LINKS
• Ground Covers, Get to Know
Mulches and Plants Your Soil
• Rainwater Barrel Green Gardening
• White Grubs
 Ecological Lawn Guide, 3,2 Mb
Green Solutions
Recycling Guide Healthy Lawns
Implantation et
Trees Pesticides entretien d'une
Water pelouse durable
Effective since April 2003, the Pesticide Management (in French)
Code is gradually introducing standards to control the  
usage and sale of pesticides. The code is being enforced by
the Québec government’s ministère du Développement
durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs, in accordance
with specific timelines, in order to reduce the risks Soil Texture
associated with exposure to these products. Water-Saving
Tips for Your
 Document on Pesticides, 50 Kb (in French) Lawn and

Pesticide Alternative Solutions[3/17/2011 1:59:02 AM]

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To Support Sustainable Development

Pesticide should be used as last resort solution and with
much precautions. Those products are not safe for health Coalition for
and environment and their instructions for use should be Alternatives
strictly followed. to Pesticides (CAP)
Did you know that alternative solutions exist? Here are Québec
some products that can be used instead of pesticides.   (in French)
  Pesticide alternative solutions (in French, 21 Kb) alternatives
(in French)


PDF documents from
the Pest Management
Regulatory Agency
of Health Canada
Effective control
 • Ants,
194 Kb
 • Aphids,
407 Kb
 • Carpenter Ants,
202 Kb
 • Chinch Bugs, 
290 Kb
 • Earwigs,
527 Kb
 • Household
1177 Kb
   • Moles and Voles,
218 Kb
 • Mosquitos,
175 Kb
 • Slugs and Snails,
562 Kb
 • Wasps,
887 Kb
 • White Grubs,
327 Kb[3/17/2011 1:59:02 AM]

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