Harry Enfield – Considerably richer than you

Excuse me Sport, I hope you don’t ________ me interrupting.. No, that’s ok.. Only, the wife and I noticed that we __________ to be considerably richer than you.. I’m sorry.. We __________ to be considerably richer than you.. Is that a fact ? Oh yes, just look at our clothes..we wear Chanel and Pierre Cardin and our friends here wear Next and C+A.. ..thank you Pam, proof indeed that we are considerably richer than you.. Lucky old you ! Luck ? Luck ? Luck ? Luck ? Did you say luck ? Nah, luck’s got nothing to do with it.. Luck ? I became considerably richer than you through honest hard work.. You get what you pay for and you _______ what you _____ _______ Oh, that’s one of Stanley’s little sayings that is..d’you know my Stanley probably makes more money in a year than you do in 10 ! What do you think of that then, Sport ? Gosh ! Now, correct me if I’m wrong..but isn’t every financial decision you make a ___________ ? Look.. Not for us it isn’t ..ah yes, money ____ done me ________..I mean just look at my wife.. I mean nothing dowdy about my Pammy , is there ? No offense Pet. My Pammy’s ____ pretty _____ a picture.. Oh Stanley..

.D’you know she’s ____ beautiful ____ the day I married her.and none of your usual ambling . stomach. Oh Mr Herbert you are a real character. that’s good of us . we’l look after you for a week. Y aqui tienen los cocktailes de Champagne. Si Senor...the only lingo these people understand _____the language of money… !! D’you know Stanley and ____________________here 15 years and we pride ourselves on never speaking a word of Spanish. no. Yes Mr Herbert. Dos Sangrias no gracias. Oh well... get your big bum over here.. bum. no. the surgeon’s knife’s had the lot of her... no ___ ______________speak the lingo.we whip her into surgery for an uplift..... _________. Stanley. Pedro thinks Stanley’s a character don’t you Pedro ?? Indeed Mrs Herbert. Oh yes. not half an hour you dozy dego. Sport.. Pedro you lazy oaf. they’re good aren’t they ? I like them. solo dos cervezas. isn’t it ? Cause for celebration that. How long_______ you here for then young couple ? Just a week.. that is. gracias.. never mind..and 2 glasses of Sangria for our friends here. 2 Champagne cocktails. That’s one of Stanley’s little sayings. Aqui tienen dos cervezas.It’s truuuuuue. all they could __________.chop chop.. And I’ve had my titties done.and I’ll tell you why. eh.face. I said pronto. . I’m a self-made man and she’s my man-made wife...every time a bit of her starts to drop... Oh. Oh. Stanley’s right. Oh yes. Oi...

Alright then .let’s forget the money. but I couldn’t _______ ___________ that we seem to be considerably richer than you. En los que me he urinado antes.Cheers Sport..the one you’re sitting in at the moment ?? Look at his Rolex Stanley. How many cars ______ you ______ you bastard .. look at you.... fair enough.come on ..how big’s your house ? Which one ? _______ ________ ? Which house ? My house in LA.. I don’t want to talk about this actually. Na. mate.. I think not.it goes to their ________. on the Cap d’Antibes or my Oxfordshire mansion ?... it’s a bit vulgar. mate. !? . I hope you’re pleased with yourself. I hope you don’t mind me interrupting. how much money have you got ? Er.you …. …. you’ve had your bit of fun. I ______ your pardon. Ok Pal. let’s go to Barbados for the weekend. have it your own way.... Cheers !! Excuse me Sport.. how many businesses _______ you ______ ____ single handedly in the West Midlands... I doubt ___..Stanley.. I said I doubt that you’re richer than me. Alright Pal. Ah.. bog off.. Gracias Senor. in Paris... of course we are..some people hey Pammy get a bit of money.. or my hotel. You piece of shit …I’ll kill you.

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