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Enter The Open Circle

Open Circle Communications is an Ahmedabad based multi-specialty agency dealing in
advertising, design, strategy and academics
Driven by professional and logical processing, honed by creative and around the box thinking,
Open Circle believes in delivering “Effective Creativity” - a combination of free flowing,
At Open Circle we approach each project with knowledge base and creative output that is
focused, innovative, and most importantly - realistic, decisive, and executable.

Our Philosophy
The Open Circle symbolically represents enlightenment and the path to it.
In zen, to seek perfection is to fall into a never ending circle of seeking yet never gaining or
achieving knowledge.
Hence, the symbol of an imperfect Open Circle is a symbol of not only knowledge but the
actualization of that knowledge
The tenets of Jiu-Jitsu defines the Open circle represents the sphere of control around you. So
while the movements within this sphere are orderly, powerful, and structured, the results
achieved by executing moves within the open circle are free flowing and far reaching.
Creativity to us is nature free flowing, adaptive and unrestrained. In order to achieve effective
creativity, it needs to be tempered through structured thought and logical realism.

True Creativity appeals to the artiste, communicates to the consumer AND keeps the client
happy. Anything else… is just fluff.
This balance of free thought and focused execution is the basis of The Open Circle Philosophy
of Creativity.


102,Sanjvan Apartments
Near Nehru Foundation
Ahmedabad: 380054

Our Expertise
The Open Circle partners with clients to deliver a strong value proposition tailored to optimize
branding, marketing, and communication efforts and their outcomes. With us, you get the
assurance of a highly effective and reliable association supported by sound strategic, creative,
and implementation capabilities across the following services :

 Branding Solution
 Corporate Communication
 Design Application
 Marketing Strategy
 Academics and Training

Branding Solutions

 Development of brand and project concept and positioning

 Brand and project Communication strategy
 Supervision and guidance of brand element Development: logo, tagline, design
 Design and concept development for all communication material (print, outdoor, direct
mailer, brochure etc) including copy
 Brand Image extension supervision and guidance : uniform development, office design,
personnel training)
 Creation of Brand Identity
 Brand Manual
 Master Branding
 Retail Branding*
 Educational Branding*

* Check for our standard packages

Corporate Communication

 Corporate profiles
 Company brochures and print collaterals
 Corporate and promotional videos
 Corporate Presentations
 Newsletters & publications
 Websites & new media platforms
 Interior Branding
 Corporate Signages
 Exhibitions/Events


102,Sanjvan Apartments
Near Nehru Foundation
Ahmedabad: 380054

Design Application

 Exhibition/Event/Stage design
 Product design
 Logo design
 Interior – Brand design
 Retail POP design
 Packaging design
 Graphic design

Marketing strategy

 Research
 Product Launch strategy
 Positioning and Repositioning strategy
 Marketing plans
 Collaterals
 Campaigns: 360 degrees development
 Industry/Competitive Tracking

Academics & Training

Standard Modules

 Marketing and sales team training

 Communication skills development
 Presentation skills
 Brand strategy development through case studies

Specialized Modules

 Management through movies

 Martial Arts and Management
 Understanding Advertising , Branding and Communication
 Customized modules as per client need


102,Sanjvan Apartments
Near Nehru Foundation
Ahmedabad: 380054

Consultant Profiles
Our consultants have held senior positions and come from diverse disciplines like
copywriting, journalism, film/TV production, advertising, planning , educational
enrichment and training, among others.

This mix of arts and science, provide us with different viewpoints and skill sets , enabling
us to customize each project as per client requirements

 Over 40+ years of accumulated experience across verticals

 Combination of Strategic and Creative strengths
 Corporate and brand strategy handled across national and international brands
 Automobile / Interior/Furniture/Packaging design and prototypes
 Marketing expertise across categories like FMCG, Fashion, Pharma and Foods.

About the Founder

Open Circle is the brain child of Priyesh Balakrishnan, a communication professional with over a decade of
Marketing , Advertising and Brand Strategy experience. Priyesh has worked with organizations like Unilever,
J. Walter Thomson , Ogilvy and Mather, Lowe Lintas, Draft-FCB-Ulka etc. He has handled communication
and branding strategies for a variety of brands like Brooke Bond, Kissan, Sunfeast, Titan, Indian Terrain,
Future Group and ITC Foods among others.

He is currently Visiting Faculty at AMA, MICA Ahmedabad and FLAMES Pune and has published several
articles related to branding and advertising strategy.

Contact us
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Or call us on: 9662065423


102,Sanjvan Apartments
Near Nehru Foundation
Ahmedabad: 380054