Leadership Begins with People
There is little question that a great organization is built with great people. It is a common question however, as to how leaders can maximize their impact on their organization? The Core Lab will help you explore the concepts of leadership and your capacity to bring out the best in your people and build a high-performing team.

Direct Responses to Your Core Index Assessment
As part of the Core Lab, we’ll analyze the results of your organization’s Core Index Assessment, which will give you a customized roadmap for growth. We’ll help you understand your exact strengths and weaknesses, and how you can improve upon both. This will help you create and implement strategies to improve performance.

The Core10™ Creates your Pattern for Growth
The second day of the seminar, you’ll have a chance to learn about “The Core10 Growth Principles”, researched and created by Fundamental Growth. These 10 principles are at the core of successful projects, effective teams, and growing organizations. The Core10™ will give you a viable process to follow as you seek to implement successful and lasting change within your organization. Together, we will apply the Core10 to your current initiatives.


Core Lab Day One
Module 1: The Value of Vitality Why structure, stability, and direction are pinnacle to the growth and success of your organization. How to change your approach to measuring and utilizing the value and true potential of your people. You will see precisely how your organization scores on talent, leadership, culture, and engagement. You’ll learn the essence of how to attract, hire, and retain top-talent. You will see what you are doing right and how you can improve in order to increase the talent pool for your company. Discover how to create leaders and set clear expectations for your management team, and learn how to get everyone on the same page by defining your brand and vision. You will learn how to build, influence, and even change the culture of your organization and create positive connections. You’ll discover precisely how you score on key elements of engagement, and learn how you can encourage more engagement for your staff.

Module 2: Maximizing Your Human Capital

Module 3: Finding and Keeping Talent

Module 4: The Impact of Leadership

Module 5: A Culture of Connection Module 6: Increasing Employee Engagement

Core Lab Day Two
Module 7: Introduction to The Core10 You’ll discover how the Core10 is a structured way of generating growth and success. You will learn exactly how to utilize the Core10 to increase your individual and team performance. The first four principles will help you generate a great vision for your work. You’ll learn how to enlist the right people to be involved in a project, communicate with passion, and clarify objectives. Discover the value of managing projects and initiatives with strategy, and designing a concrete plan. You’ll also benefit from learning how to implement that plan, and evaluate your daily actions. People are naturally resistant to change. Refining your course of action takes courage and precision. You will learn a simple formula for delivering changes so that it becomes natural for you and your team. You’ll learn how to establish and nourish a process of continual improvement in your organization. You’ll gain insights into a proven approach to making continual improvement. The Core Index provides invaluable insights into three primary factors of your growth and success. We’ll help you use this assessment to provide you with a roadmap for strengthening the core of your organization.

Module 8: Envision, Enlist, Communicate, & Clarify

Module 9: Strategize, Design, Implement, & Evaluate

Module 10: Adjusting Your Course

Module 11: Building Continual Improvement

Module 12: Using The Core Index as Your Path to Growth

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