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Our topic is to study promotion policy and transfer policy of

my own organization Gujarat Gas
As we know that the most significant resources of any
organisation are often said to be its employees. The success
of any organisation in the long run depends very much on
the quality of its human resources. Human resources
comprise the aggregate of employee attributes including
knowledge, skill, experience and health, which are presently
and potentially available to an organisation for the
achievement of its goal and objectives

1.1 About the topic

This study has been conducted to know the promotion
policy and transfer policy of Gujarat Gas

1.2 This study has helped us…

 This study has helped us to know about prevailing

promotion and transfer policy in Gujarat Gas and in Co

operative dairy sector.
 This study helped us the relation between management

and employees union..

 Being a future manager this study helped us to a

greater extent has broaden our vision.

 Due to this survey I have interacted different people
from different section within my own organization which
has made possible to know different department’s work
cultures and their attitude.
 It helped us to study political intervention in
administration instead of policy matter.

3.2 Meaning of Promotion - SUMIT

The promotion salary increase rewards the employee
for assuming greater and more difficult duties and
responsibilities than those in the previous position. Based on
availability of funds, the guidelines determine the amount of
a promotional salary increase. A promoted employee's salary
must be increased to the minimum of the new salary grade.

3.3 Types of Promotion:

1 Seniority Based Promotion

2 Merit Based Promotion

3.4 Seniority Based Promotion

Seniority is an employee’s length of service in a same position. An

individual who has worked for three years has more seniority than
one who has worked for two
Merit Based Promotion

Merit, refers to "worth" or "excellence." Merit is more difficult to

measure than seniority. In the context of promotion, it relates to
relevant qualifications as well as effectiveness of past performance.

4.1 Seniority Based promotion policy- RUCHIKA

All the different functions of the organisation are systematically
segregated and allotted to different Departments as per the
organisation structure. Each department handles the functions allotted
to it with the help of employees of different category working under it.
Each department is having a specific departmental structure.
Organisation policy defines the requirements regarding the
qualification, skill and experience for holding each designation through
out the organisation. Modifications in the existing structure & policy is
based on the recommendation & approval by departmental head & top
management on the basis of business requirement. The activities of
the different departments are undertaken in an integrated manner.

Eligibility for Seniority Based promotion

As per the latest agreement signed between Sumul Management and
trade union leader an employee must:

• have completed minimum of 10 years in Gujarat Gas.

• be a regular full-time employee of Gujarat Gas,
• have not received corrective action for a period of last one year.

Factors for consideration of Seniority Based promotion

Gujarat Gas considers the following factors when determining an

employee's promotion on seniority based:

• Experience
• Past performance
• Attendance record.
• 4.2 Merit-Based Promotion Policy & Procedure-


Full-time professional staff employees who meet or exceed the

criteria for performance-based promotion are eligible to be
considered for such promotions, which consist of advancement to
the next higher title in the employee's title series.

Gujarat Gas effort to recognize and reward consistently

outstanding performance of its professional staff.
Accordingly the following shall serve as the criteria and
process for identifying and selecting staff for such'
recognition and reward via merit- based promotion.

Factors for consideration of Merit Based promotion

Gujarat Gas considers the following factors when

determining an employee's promotion on seniority based:

• Educational background
• Ability to perform the essential functions of the job,
with or without reasonable accommodation
• Ability and qualifications to perform the work
completely, with or without reasonable accommodation
• Efficiency and effectiveness of an employee.
• Attitude and competence of an employee in solving the


Professional staff, currently serving with Gujarat Gas, are

eligible to submit information concerning themselves and
their work-related activities as application for a Performance
Based Promotion. The following shall serve as the evaluation

A. Competence -Applicants must demonstrate and

document the acquisition additional competencies
beyond those normally associated with the

B. Performance -Applicants' performance

evaluations over the term of the last full multi-year
contract shall indicate performance through
ratings of a high level. Applicants must have
performance ratings at no lower than "satisfactory,
meets or exceeds all requirements".

C Professional Growth -Applicants must

demonstrate significant professional development
in their field of work as it relates to support of the
mission of the organization and enhanced service
for the customers and producers’.

D. Other Information -Applicants are encouraged
to include any other information that supports
their competence.

Chapter 5
Transfer policy in Gujarat Gas

Transfer has been considered as one of the effective tools of
personnel management.

In Gujarat Gas there are 4 types of transfer policy

1 Transfer for suitability in administration
2 Mutual Transfer
3 Request Transfer
4 Transfer for punishment

5.1 Transfer for suitability in administration

To use the knowledge and skills of an employee

Organizations may have to resort to transfer of employees
due to changes in technology, change in volume of
production, production schedule, product line, quality of
products, change in the job pattern caused by the change in
organizational structure, fluctuations in the market
conditions like demand fluctuations, introduction of new lines
and or dropping of existing lines. All these changes demand
the shift in job assignment with a view to place the right man
in the right job

5.2 Mutual Transfer

When 2 or more employees are ready for their transfer, they
allowed mutual transfer.

5.3 Request Transfer

Employees do need transfer in order to satisfy their desire to

work under a friendly superior, in a department/region where
opportunities for advancement are bright, in or near their
native place or place of interest doing a job where the work
itself is challenging etc.

5.4 Transfer for punishment

To punish the employees who violate the disciplinary rules.
To minimize fraud, bribe etc which result due to permanent
stay and contact of an employee with customers, dealers,
suppliers etc.


This study gave practical knowledge how promotion and

transfer policy is on paper in any organisation and actually
how it work in the organization. Employees personal relation

with Boss. And in co operative organization like Gujarat Gas
how the political leaders influence the policy of employee
promotion and transfer. This study also give us knowledge
about the the types of promotion and transfer and their
benefits and limitations.

2.3 Hypothesis

Following are some of the hypothesis, which we

had, in our cognitive mind before our study were: -

 We had assumed that management and employees

union act rationally while forming promotion and
transfer policy.
 This was assumed that no political intervention will
happen in promotion and transfer of employees.
 The management and employees will be knowing in
depth all about prevailing promotion and transfer
policy in the organization