A New Approach of Finger-Print Recognition based on Neural Network

Behnaz Saropourian
Dept.Computer Engineering,Islamic Azad University,Kermanshah-Branch Islamic Azad University Kermanshah, Iran e-mail: behnazsaropourian@gmail.com

Abstract—in this issue opposite of other custom and classic patterns of the finger-print recognition that they have working on the single dots existing on the finger-print liked ridge-ending and bifurcation. This new observation is about finger-print recognition that uses state of the single steak in the finger-print image, because patterns of the veins in the finger-print without notice of the finger-print about person, and can be used for identified person. This algorithm can work very fine on the binary images and also gray scanned photo. Keywords—Biometric, Neural Network, Multilayer Precpetron, Error Propagation

II. FINGER-PRINT DETAILS The finger-print will have recognized pattern of projections and depressions on surface of finger. [4] The fixing similar of two samples of finger-print are difficultly based on images. This method is requiring a long process. In the other hand recognized of finger-print must be based on basic specifications that named minutae details. The minutae details are defining liked that intersection, ledge-ending, dots, island, stiff, bifurcation, bridge, cerebral ledge. These details are show as follows:

I. INTRODUCTION In the early years, many of the searching for individual based on individual traits. Biometric systems fundamentally is a pattern recognition systems, that person can recognized that based on special traits physiology or behavioral. Biometric systems defined by IEEE in the form of below: Biometric systems are automatic systems to recognized person based on physical traits and behavioral traits. [1] Physical biometric working with based on information from part of body liked finger-print, face, iris and retina. But behavioral biometric working with based on information from individual activity liked walking and signature. [2] Nowadays for the person of importance and person of inclination to security of information in Internet and network. The old tools liked password can not reply this request for individuals. In this moment, we watched creation an electronic commerce, internet sell and buy of goods, services and based on this transition security is the most importance for companies, banks and specifically public people. Therefore the expert persons are searching for the most secure method concerning the security problem. One way and the succeed way is biometric science. Nowadays identification is working based on identifier and information personal. This method is used to your password personality number (PIN), ID card, keys and the others. Biometric sciences have a new observation based on individual traits and specials traits that can be protected from changeable, forgetfulness, using with joint. [3] But you know that finger-print is unchangeable and individual traits. Nowadays finger-print with these traits can be used into the various connections of identification liked criminology, access control and internet confirmation.

Figure.1 Finger-Print details

The fixing place and kind finger-print details are made available a correct and pressed representation. In this cause, we used two kinds of ridge of special points in the automatic finger-print identified systems (AFIS) for stretchable and stability that liked ending and bifurcation. [5] III. USING VEIN PATTERN IN RECOGNITION The finger-print details must be reminded unchangeable into incision, contusion, black and blue, and the other of damage. Furthermore, many of reason can cause to errors transpire to recognize of finger-print liked follow cases: Location of finger of settled, dressing the small part of finger, sensors of used in sampled and wave sampling. But the pattern of grooves and veins in the finger-print is individual and the most stability from the others of specifications. By these descriptions can be profit by those for finger-print recognition. IV.

A. Finger-print image

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For execute this method with neural network must be change the matrix of finger-print into row-vector. Finger-print image will be shown with binary set of picture follows: Figure. Also we must have used another of neural network for research into groups. [6] By this standard of resolution of finger-print image we can show image in size of 512× 512 with 256 points of gray on surface. L is defined into variables as 0 and 1 in binary set. Values of matrix are between 0-255. Also light points of picture of explained into f ( x. We must learning neural network with different samples of finger-print based on image matrix. Now M is as 512 and N is as 512 in image vector. n) . y ) (that defined into continual local axis) into horizontal and vertical axis like that as f ( m. This vector (row-vector) is making use of input pattern.) In step. can explain that picture into two-dimension of signals Set as ( x.3 Recommendation of Algorithm B. We can use Neural Network for recognition of each group.3 must be changing two-dimension matrix into row-matrix with 1-m-2n dimension. we must be classified finger-print images based on usual method. the matrix of image is different. Sampling rate of picture is defined the number of pixels in picture. We know that based on IEEE standard resolution of finger-print images must be 500dpi. y ) . we must sampled from f ( x. Until we can make a new two-dimension of matrix with m-2n dimension. and define into integer variables as 0-255 in gray-scanned photo. A matrix quantity is as an integer and unsigned value in 8 bit. STATEMENT OF FINGER-PRINT ALGORITHM BASED ON NEURAL NETWORK Mat Lab Software is the best proposal for execute this algorithm. Image matrix is two dimension of matrix that available based on veins pattern and grooves pattern.2 must be set beside first pages and second pages are matrix to each other. n) instead of f ( x. Recommendation of Algorithm With due attention to difference form of veins and grooves in finger-print.If finger-print is bearing in mind liked the black-and-white picture. Here. In step. You know that M & N are dimensions of matrix means one dimension (M) is row-number and the other one (N) is column-number.2 Finger-print image with part of the binary set of picture Figure. In recommendation method. because this Software has a large ability to reading graphic images. This method is having a large accuracy to recognition of finger-print based on veins pattern and grooves pattern. The light points of picture is defined a number of light surface into L. When we send finger-print image to network: In step. Also with these explanations we can recognize finger-print from similar samples. We can explain the picture of finger-print into f ( m. we explain of input sample that network will have been learning with that. Recommendation of algorithm is shown in Figure3 follows: V. we can define finger-print with two dimension of matrix like M × N . y ) . . Here. If we want execute this step. 8bpp in our samples. (m and n are dimension of finger-print image that discussed above in this part. In matrix M and N are make uses pixels of picture. y ) as continual local axis.1 reading Finger-print and will have been making two dimensions of matrix from Finger-print image liked M × N . in the other hand can defined a dimensions of matrix.

(Notation: Here. When modifies-weight is computation in input layer. Output from network is named of the group. Instigation Function of monopoly sigmoid is used to Output layer. Network must be show a row-matrix for first value of 1. j i −1 3698 (1) Now. .1 Here. and will selected Multilayer precpetron with 1-m-2n neuron as imported into input layer.…. For example: If selected of finger-print image from first Group then first output of network is 1.4 Output of network in headline layer is compute with expression of follows: Step. In this issue we discuss about finger-print recognition with the least error rate. we used Error Propagation. and the others of -1. output of this layer as an input values for headline layer.-1.Vi. In step. The Section of learning neural network comes as sequence of the following steps.1 j −1 30 (3) Now. Now. Step.5 ). between output of Neural Network and Output of computation is computed. Step. Output have a 19 value of row-matrix) With this act.1. Output has a 10 value of row-matrix) Note: For learning network. For computation of output from headline layer must be used expression of follows: Z j = f ( Z − in j ) ( 2) Step.-1.. (Notation: we used have 190 samples in Database that used those for learning neural network. B. We will be selecting Multilayer Precpetron with 1-m-2n neuron as imported into input layer. 0. modifies-weight is computed. if we execute above steps. Learning rate is selected 0. 20neuron as imported into headline layer. we must select kind of neural network for searching of finger-print into group where finger-print is classified. Liked that: [1.-1.8. Selection Neural Network Values of weight are between ( −0.5 .2 Selection Neural Network for Searching of Finger-print into Group Now.5 we must change dimension of vector is to binary set. For this act must be dimension of row-vector are divided to 255 until we have a vector with 0 and 1 value.W j .-1] (Notation: Here. f ' (Y − in j ) = (t1 − Y1 ).(1 − Y1 ) (5) In this expression that show with (5).6 Difference. In the other of expression.2 For Finger-print images that changing into binary vector. b) Y − in j = W0.-1.5 Output of network in Output layer is compute with expression of follows: Step.In step. we must be comes as the sequence of the Step. Then modifies-weight of in headline layer is compute.-1. will be computed with expression of follows: δ 1 = (t1 − Y1 ). Error rate between System Response (output of computed of mathematical expressions) and Computed Response (output of Neural Network). Instigation Function of monopoly sigmoid is used to headline layer.-1. we can learning neural network.Y1 .3 Every learning pattern of neural network for finger-print recognition has an input to input layer. (Notation: The changing of image to vector has been defined in section of V in my issue). and10 neuron as imported into output layer. Step. This will be number of group of the Finger-print. . 38 neuron as imported into headline layer. we can learn Neural Network by imported finger-print image dimension.-1. and the others of -1. Liked this: [1. At least output of Output layer is computed. we defined weight of layers. a) Z − in j = V0 j + ∑ X i . The derivation of Sigmoid Function is computed in expression (6). At least output of headline layer is computed.4 changing precision of vector to multiple precision is as double value.) A. With execute and repeat above steps for all of the samples in Database and save those into matrix with 190-(1-m-2n) dimension can be used those for input pattern of neural network.-1. For computation of output from Output layer must be used expression of follows Y1 = f (Y − in j ) ( 4) Step. Learning Neural Network In this section.1 + ∑ Z j .-1. Headline layer with dimensions of 30 × 1 as W in symbol weight. Step.-1. For example: If requested of Finger-print from first group and we import all of the first value of groups. First values of Weight (V and W) are randomizing. t1 is an acceptable response from Neural Network.1 selection Neural Network for Groups Recognition Here.-1.-1] .3 to Step.. and 19 neuron as imported into output layer. we must select kind of neural network for Groups recognition. Input layer with dimensions of (1-m-2n)-30 as V in symbol weight.

(1 − f ( x)) ΔW j . J. “Biometrics: Promising frontiers for emerging identification marker” . Vincenzo Piuri . Fabio Scotti .biometric.8 Here. j (new) = Vi.1 (new) = W j . This notation has been using in section V. computed the modifies-weight in Headlinelayer.com REFERENCES [1] [2] [3] [4] http://www.4 can be shown decrease of Error rate of follows: . We can recognize images accuracy. j Step. neural network can be recognized 91 samples of them. Marco Gamassi .Gonzalez-Rodriguez.δ 1 Step. We used 190 samples for learning Neural Network. CONCLUSION ΔVi. . we can search and reading image matrix without image processing.W. VOL.1 = α . When we used these for input samples to neural network.33.gov/srd/biomet.7 Here. In Figure. May 2006 [5] [6] We used 256 samples for studying of precision for Accuracy Control. 2001 International Conference on . S. ACCURACY CONTROL (11) (12) (13) (14) In this study. Saeed Farzi is a member of Computer Engineering faculty in Islamic Azad University Kermanshah-Branch.htm The Biometric Consortium (2002) http:// www.Huang.1 = α .δ j W j . (9) Figure.2001 .J.Li and W.6 No.nist. We can recognize Finger-print image easily with accuracy. Error rate have been 0. Simon-Zorita . we have offered that making use of Neural Network for searching into image matrix. alliterated image.W j . Result of this Accuracy control is show. but Neural network is recognized them correctly.δ j . “Minutae extraction Scheme for Fingerprint recognition systems’ Image Processing . February 2000. computing 30 (6) (7 ) (8) δ for Headline layer.Z j . The Neural Network has been learning from 190 samples can be recognized all of them. X i ΔV0.Jain . deficient image.(1 − Z j ) Step. j (old ) + ΔVi. “ Robust fingerprint detection for access Control “.2 . we changed part of Finger-print images with software. H. no.9 Can stopped the execute sequence in this time? We must be studying condition of pause.Ortega-Garsia . Iran. et al .f ' ( x) = f ( x).1 g −1 δ j = δ − in j . In worshop Robocare.1 (old ) + ΔW j . Computer.5A. vol. For Accuracy Control. when these image are noisy image.000065 for neural network learning. (10) VII. e-mail:saeedfarzi@gmail. VI. that Error rate of this method is %96. International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security.4 Testing Dataset δ − in j = ∑ δ 1 . He . In this method. IJCSNS .Z j ΔW0. 2005.1 Vi. g = α . liked deleting part of Finger-print.δ 1 . Oct. j = α . f ' ( Z − in j ) = δ − in j .Cruz-Lanas and J. pieced image and the others. “ A novel Auto-Adaptive Fingerprint Capture System Based on Image Quality Evaluation Algorithm “. Daniela Sana . We used 95 samples that not to be used for neural network learning.K. Acknowledgment Special Thanks to My Dear Master is Saeed Farzi.org A. Volume : 3.

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