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By Lahry Sibley

1 Thes 4: 7 For Yahweh has not called us to impurity but to

consecration [to dedicate ourselves to the most thorough purity].

Consecration – a most holy pursuit of thorough purity. Does that set the bar
too high? I think not. For true salvation has already been established as the
highest pinnacle there is, in our Messiah. One cannot lower that standard
through compromise and unbelief. We can only suffer the consequences and
loss of failing to see the standard, as it really is, and acting accordingly. This
often happens we listen to men, rather than God and His Most Holy Word.

8 Therefore whoever disregards (sets aside and rejects this)

disregards not man but Yahweh, Whose [very] Spirit [Whom] He
gives to you is holy (chaste, pure).

Can we just stop right here together for a moment, and understand that this
“setting aside” and “rejection” of sound doctrine has been going on since the
Savior ascended into heaven? We need to remember, that the printing press
did not come along until the 1600’s. Church leaders in many places were
illiterate their entire lives. Even if they could read and write, most had no
scripture at all, old or new covenant. What scripture was available was often
what we call the “Old Covenant”, and seldom was that available as we know
it today, a completed work.

So greek philosophy, pagan ritual, Judaism all began to leaven the lump, as
evidenced in Acts 15. Things went down hill from there. That’s why the
Gospels were written. That’s why the Epistles were written. Because the
Apostles and leaders recognized that if they did not write about these things
that Yah’shua did, and how we should pursue His holiness and purity in all
we say and do, Christianity itself may be lost.

So we have 2000 years of leaven, polluting and diluting truth and light. The
first book to be printed was the Bible, in the 1600’s. Since then, men have
been trying to turn things around and bring the so called church back to it’s
intended place before Yahweh and man. We have not succeeded very well.
We are still teaching apostasy in many places, and even exporting this error
as “missionaries” into foreign countries.
The warning above, from the Apostle Paul assigns responsibility for this
kalidescope of truth and error squarely where it belongs. On man, not
Yaweh. The standard says that our pursuit in this life, is thorough purity. If a
person is truly converted, he/she begins to realize the joy and freedom the
CROSS have provided in cleansing and making pure, a heart that has been
infinitely wicked. Glory to Yahweh. The CROSS destroys who we are, so that
WHO HE IS can take up residence in us, and establish His stronghold of
chastity and purity within.

Those would “excuse”, “reason”, and “compromise” this Sacred Word of

Yahweh, pollute, dilute, and toxify said PURITY. This to me, is very
frightening. Small wonder the Apostle tells us we need to pursue purity in
our lifestyle and habits. In other words, STAY AWAY FROM DIRT, in all it’s
forms and vices. Run from it!!!! I love the way the Amplified Bible states
Romans 12:9. Let me share it with you, if I may….

Romans 12: 9 [Let your] love be sincere (a real thing); hate what is
evil [loathe all ungodliness, turn in horror from wickedness], but
hold fast to that which is good.

Loathe all ungodliness, TURN IN HORROR from ALL wickedness. One cannot
play in dirt and not get dirty. It’s impossible! I remember when my mom
would dress us for church. She’d try to keep us inside and away from
anything dirty. Why? Because she did not want us to get our church clothes
dirty. She worked hard to wash and iron them for us. And she wanted us to
show up at church without spot or wrinkle. Saints, this is Yahweh’s heart for
us. He wants us to come to Him when He calls, without spot or wrinkle. In
order for this to happen, we must make it our life’s pursuit to keep clean
what He has cleansed, from all unrighteousness! In order to do that, we
MUST flee in HORROR from all ungodliness, all spiritual dirt!! We must
distance ourselves from it!

Romans 12:9 always brings to mind those folks on TV News during the 9/11
catastrophe. You remember those folks fleeing that enormous dust cloud
when the buildings came crashing down? I can still see these particular 3 or
4 people running in my mind, with all their might, neck ties over their
shoulders, fleeing in horror. Oh that Yahweh would give us a renewed
sensitivity to all forms and fashions of “spiritual dirt”, and a desire to flee
from it in horror!!!!! DON’T GO TO DIRTY PLACES!
You know the old saying, “play with fire, you will get burned”. We all know
that is true. Well, if you “play with dirt, you will get dirty”. Yet the lamers
will look you square in the eye and try to convince you that they can do the
impossible. They can go mix and mingle with ungodly people in social
events, rock concerts, total trash and depravity on TV and movies, and yet
try and convince you that they can stay spiritually clean. I think we can all
see through that, and agree that they are only attempting to justify their
ungodly behavior, all the while shouting that they are “saved”. How sad?
How tragic?

Beloved, don’t let that be you, PLEASE! Set your heart on purity. Set your
heart on being separate. Set your heart on consecration from all
ungodliness, in and out of so called church. Better to stand alone clean, than
to stand together with dirty people. Selah. Pursue purity, and make Holiness
and Biblical Godliness your goal. Accept no substitutes. Accept nothing less.
To Yahweh be the glory, now and forever amen. - Lahry