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230 – Intro to Media Advertising

Super Bowl Advertising

Due: Monday, Feb. 8, 10:58 a.m. in Canvas (TurnItIn will be enabled.)

* See Canvas page titled “Super Bowl Assignment Support”. You must sign up for free Adweek access!

For this assignment, you will study a single Super Bowl advertiser, its Super Bowl history, and its 2021 Super
Bowl advertisement(s). Choose only from the list of advertisers below.

In your paper, if you state your opinion, be sure it’s clearly labeled as your opinion. When you state facts, you
must cite your sources. (See Canvas / Library Resources / Citing / Journals / “Online without DOI” tab.)

Choose one of these 2021 Super Bowl advertisers:

• Pringles
• Turbo Tax
• Toyota
• There may be another brand to choose!

Follow this outline:

My chosen advertiser: __________________________

Advertiser’s Super Bowl History

Explain the history of your advertiser’s Super Bowl ads. Provide specific details, such as: When did your
advertiser first advertise in the Super Bowl? During how many Super Bowls has your advertiser run ads? Has
there been a consistent theme over the years? Etc. At minimum, use the sources provided in Canvas.

Brief Summary of Super Bowl Ad(s)

Provide a brief summary of your advertiser's 2021 Super Bowl efforts: Provide the campaign name and explain
how many ads ran in this year’s Super Bowl. Indicate the length of the ad(s) and when in the game the ad(s)
appeared and the agency. (This is not in depth, just about one paragraph. Do not describe the ad here.)

Description of Ad(s)
Provide a description of the advertiser's actual official Super Bowl advertisement(s), including visuals, copy,
and intended target audience. (Cover the real ad here, not the teasers.) Include a relevant screenshot.

Offer or Message
What do you think your advertiser’s Super Bowl ads are trying to say? Don't simply repeat the actual tagline or
copy from the ad. Instead, think about what the "real" message is. Do you learn about a product, its qualities,
price, benefits? Or is the ad leaning on emotional appeals, "selling" something other than a specific product? (If
you write about emotional appeals, be sure that you explain what you believe is really being sold. Is it safety?
Confidence? Love? Etc.)

Which advertising agency worked on the ads? Research the agency using the links provided and by visiting the
agency’s website. Explain as much as you can about the agency: Where are its offices? Which office worked
on your ad(s)? Has the agency made any other ads for your advertiser? Which? For how long? What other
clients do they have? Has the agency created any other Super Bowl ads?
Day-After Coverage
After the Super Bowl, check Adweek, USA Today and other sources provided for post-game coverage of your
chosen ad. Be sure to cover how your ad ranked in USA Today’s Ad Meter results. Reflect on why you think
your ad ranked as it did.

Grading Rubric

Papers that do not follow the assignment

outline will be returned to the student for
re-submission, with late paper deductions.

You adequately
covered this
topic, according
to the
outline and class

Your paper is written at college

level, free of typos and other
errors. You properly use
paragraphs and you properly
capitalize (Super Bowl is 2
words, both capitalized), brand
names are usually capitalized.

Used and properly cited the

sources provided; used the
Library’s citing guide located
within Canvas: Citing / Journals /
“Online without DOI” tab.
(DOI = Digital Online Identifier).
Listing a source without actually
using and citing it does not mean
you actually used that source.

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