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20-230 – Intro to Advertising

Advertising Industry Assignment: Due Monday, Jan. 25 10:58 a.m. -- Uploaded to Canvas

Choose a first job in advertising.

Write a minimum two-page paper describing your FIRST dream job. Of course, this is an advertising
course, so this assignment takes an advertising slant. Your paper must be organized using the section
headers below. Papers that do not include the section headers will be returned with a grade of 0, with the
author given a chance to re-do the paper, taking point reductions according to class policies for late papers.

First, find a real job (embed at end of paper): Find a job as close as possible to your chosen job from a job-
related website (see Using class notes and your textbook as a guide, ensure
that your job is based in one of the “five ovals” represented on page 36 of your textbook. If your dream job
isn’t included in one of these five ovals, find a different job that is.

Be sure that the listing you chose has a description of the job skills required –
if it does not fully describe what skills the job requires, choose another job.

Embed a legible version of the job listing to the end of your paper – this may be copy/paste or a screenshot
or two. Do not only supply a link, as the job may no longer be there when your assignment is graded.

Include these sections, using the bold, underlined words as your section headers:

The Job: Put the name of the company and the job title here.
• Embed a link to the description AND put the actual description at the end of your paper.
When you embed, you can copy/paste the description, but be sure to include everything. If
copy/paste does not work, then take a screenshot (or 2 or 3) of the listing and embed it at
the end of the paper. (The Canvas assignment area has a video on how to screenshot.)
Explain why you chose this job – in a complete and detailed paragraph or two.
Explain the kind of company you would be working for – what does the company do?

Job Responsibilities
Using your job description as a guide, explain the responsibilities required for the position you’ve
chosen. In other words, exactly what would you be doing in this job? (Do not copy and paste the
skills information from your job listing into your paper!) Be honest: which responsibilities do you
understand, and which do not make sense to you? (It’s OKAY if you do not understand – you
probably will not understand all requirements!) Be sure you actually explain the responsibilities.
Do you currently have any of these abilities and do you think they are attainable for your FIRST job?

Company Identification
Your job will be at one of the “ovals” listed below. Identify which one fits your company and explain
how you reached your conclusion, using and quoting content from your textbook. Note that you’re
looking at the company here, not the job responsibilities.
• An advertiser (see pages 36-37): This is a “client-side” job and it means you’d be
working at the equivalent of an “in-house agency” (see page 42).
• An “advertising agency” (see pages 39-43).
• A “promotion agency” (see pages 42-43).
• An “external facilitator” (pages 47-48).
• A “media organization” (pages 48-50). (Continued…)
Job Identification / Type of Agency Service
Identify which type of agency service MOST aligns with your chosen JOB.
(Not company. You’re aligning your job responsibilities with the
responsibilities of a department at an advertising agency. Even if your job is
not at an agency, you'll still align the job skills with an agency service.)

You must use the “Agency Services” portion of Chapter 2 (pages 43-46) and
the chart shown to the right (from page 44) as your guide here. Fully explain
your answer, using book’s content to support your logic. Be sure that you
properly quote your textbook and properly identify it as your source. (That
means you’re using APA or MLA to cite your textbook as your source.)

Agency Pick
From the agencies listed below, identify the agency that you would most like to work for, and explain
how you came to your decision. (NW’s advertising club, AdInk, regularly interacts with these
agencies, so you may have a chance to meet someone from one of these agencies very soon!) This
section does not necessarily have anything to do with the job you chose -- it's just a chance for you to
look at different agencies, their cultures and their client lists.

Barkley ( Bernstein-Rein (
VMLY&R ( Bozell (
Voltage ( Signal Theory (
MMGY ( Trozzolo (

Embed your full job description at the end of your paper.

Do NOT copy/paste fro
m the
internet for the writte
n portion
To properly cite: of this assignment!
• Go to the “Library Resources” section in
at’s plag
• Click either the APA or the MLA “Citing” tab. T h
• Scroll down to the “Books” area.
• Use the “Reference Two Authors” APA example or the “Three or More
Authors” and Chapter MLA example.
• Your bibliography entry should look something like this:

Smith, B., et al. “Chapter 2: The Structure…” Advertising Book Title. Cengage Learning,
2015, pp. 43-46
In-text citation: (Smith)

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