01 Assistant Bar Manager - Job Description Effective: 06/13/2003


Assistant Bar Manager Bar Manager


Assists and supports the Bar Manager in monitoring the operation of all public bars and beverage sales in the restaurants. Responsible to assist in obtaining beverage revenues and guests satisfaction results that are determined for the ship. Manages, trains and counsels Bartenders, Bar Waiters, Junior Bar Waiters, Wine Stewards, Junior Wine Stewards, and Bar Utilities. POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES • • • • • • • Responsible for assisting in ensuring that the beverage sales forecasted for bars lounges and restaurants on the ship are met. Ensures that all beverage stocks in the bars and in lockers or pantries are used, stored and accounted for following company policies and guidelines. Strives to meet the target cost of sales for the operation as determined by the company budgets. Responsible for the proper accounting and recording of all beverage sales while ensuring that the pouring measures are being followed according to standard operating procedure. Responsible to schedule all employees in accordance with the work hours allowed in the CBA. Responsible for the training and education of all those involved in sales and service of beverage products on board. Responsible for maintaining the company standards for beverage and wine service, standard drink recipes and for achieving the yearly goal for bar scores in the guest comment cards. Responsible for the monitoring and follow up of on board beverage promotions as they are determined by the company or by management on board. Proves ability to assume the responsibilities of the Bar Manger during his or her absence or vacation. Helps to oversee all cocktail parties and beverage related events on board the ship whether they are sponsored by the company or hosted by guests or other entities. Communicates and coordinates with all the involved departments in order to guarantee the success of these events. Ensures that only authorized beverages are being used for company-hosted parties and functions in accordance with company policy and guidelines. In addition, oversees the proper accounting and recording of the consumption registered for each of these events. Ensures that the wine stewards are pursuing wine and beverage sales in the restaurants actively and that the revenues forecasted for this area of the operation are met. Assists in planning and oversees deck services with a major focus on promptness, cleanliness and set up and breakdown processes. Helps to establish proper communication with the Bar Storekeeper and Hotel Controller to assure that all the items on the Bar Menus and Wine List and in stores are available for

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Job Description Effective: 06/13/2003 guest consumption in the bars. are reflected on the menus and in the point of sale system. Responsible for the proper use and maintenance of all bar equipment and for the cleanliness of all bars. CPH and UKPH rules and regulations. Maintains and updates sales records and reports as required by company policy. and carry out the policies and procedures appropriate for his/her position. as communicated by the Corporate Office. USPH. It is the responsibility of the user to verify that the issue date on any printed Page 2 of 3 copy matches the issue date of the current online NCL intranet document. • Use stairs often. lean and stoop without hindrance. Assists in making sure that all other existing beverage standard operating procedures are in place. Ensures that the staff and the operation follow and are compliant with all SEMS. • Able to pass basic safety course. lounges. Ensures that proper stock takes are being held on a cruise basis. adhered to and being followed throughout the ship. • Fine motor skills. Maintains a high and visible profile on the day to day operations by being on the floor during peak service hours and checking every outlet at the least once every day Ensures that the back bars are set properly in each outlet with the proper products being displayed in the top shelves.HOTEL OPERATIONS FB. Page 2 of 3 . Helps to ensure that all promotional beverage items being featured on the Freestyle Daily and on the TV information channel are proper and correct. Helps to direct any other ship’s personnel that are scheduled to provide service in the bars.01 Assistant Bar Manager . cocktail parties and any other special events held in areas of his/her responsibility Ensures that are monthly stock takes being done for all durable items in all the areas under his/her responsibility. • • • • • • • • • • • • DIMENSIONS • Able to lift at least 25 lbs. Ensures that pricing updates and changes. pantries and lockers. • Climb on step stool or ladder in order to complete elements of job or facilitate maintenance issues. Ensures that his Team is following company guidelines regarding uniforms and personal hygiene. Printed copies are uncontrolled documents. Ensures that all outlets are requisitioning products from stores as needed and in accordance to the beverage controls that are in place. Helps to ensure that the crew on the ship is being managed and operated as per company policies and guidelines. • Bend. public lounges and restaurants. Ensures that new standard operating procedures are implemented and follow up as per company instructions.02. Ensures that the cleaning schedules for all the beverage outlets and any other areas are being followed. Must be familiar with the Safety and Environmental Protection Policy and the SEMS.06. guarantees that all beverages sold or used in the bars and lounges are being accounted for as required by company policies. • • • • • Maintains proper flow of communication that allows the bartenders and other personnel to know what items are temporarily out of stock and when they are due back on board. lounges. • Work within different temperature changes—indoors to outdoors.

Ability to build a strong Team focused on revenue generating and exceeding guest expectations. Two years of working experience as Assistant Bar Manager in a fast pace 4 or 5 star environment with an international clientele.06. Ability to plan. Ability to plan. seminars and tastings. Thorough practical knowledge of beverage operations. Ability to understand. High School Diploma or equivalent is required.Job Description Effective: 06/13/2003 • All in here mentioned is a minimal description of duties.02. Working experience in a multiple outlet beverage operation. Extensive experience as an assistant bar manager in a large beverage operation or previous experience in a position of responsibility and supervision in the Bar Dept of a ship or land based organization. Ability to organize and complete work in accordance to deadlines.01 Assistant Bar Manager . Working experience with an extensive beverage program that entails premiums and super premiums in all beverage categories. Other work requirements may be necessary and assigned as business or maritime law dictates. Effective planner and organizer. University or Hotel School degree is preferable. Knowledge of public health and sanitation regulations KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS • • • • Printed copies are uncontrolled documents. Strong command of the English language combined with good verbal and written skills. execute and follow up on beverage promotions and other activities that will increase sales and enhance our guests cruising experience. Ability to train and motivate and to conduct public speaking seminars on beverage products.HOTEL OPERATIONS FB. coordinate and implement work schedules according to business levels. PC knowledge of: Word Perfect and Excel. Page 3 of 3 . analyze and interpret financial results. It is the responsibility of the user to verify that the issue date on any printed Page 3 of 3 copy matches the issue date of the current online NCL intranet document. Proof of continuing education translated in certificates or letter of participation in specialized courses. Fluent in interpreting and implementing company work rules. Ability to innovate and foster creativity.

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