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203 -- Intro to Advertising

Introduction to the Advertising Process – Researching Client and Target Audience

Due: Monday, March 15 at 10:58 a.m. --- Upload to Canvas -- TurnItIn enabled
Canvas Support: See assignment page in Canvas for links to required resources.

Congratulations! You are now beginning “the advertising process”!

You have a new client: Leesa

You’re focusing on their retail partner stores.
Your target is Millennials who live in both Kansas City, MO, and Los Angeles, CA.

Step 1: Know the Client & Product:

Begin by researching the client and the products/services it offers, and understanding the company’s retail partners.

Step 2: Know the Target:

Understand your assigned target: Millennials in Kansas City, MO, and Los Angeles, CA.

In your assignment, you’ll describe the company, their products and your target audience.

You will need to use the resources listed in our Canvas course, each of which must be properly cited within your paper,
using a proper bibliography. (Use your library’s Citing Sources guidelines.)

After you finish this paper, we’ll begin Step 3: Choose the appropriate media to reach your target.

See the Canvas rubric for the grading structure for this assignment.

You must use all of the following headers on your paper: That means every item that is in bold should appear as a
headline category or sub-category in your paper, presented in the same order as below.

Your paper outline is on the next page…

Leesa Mattresses for Millennials in Kansas City & Los Angeles (This is your paper’s headline)


Target’s Psychographic Summary

• This is a short, bullet-list-only summary of your research – no explanations or citing.
• One bullet for each lifestyle characteristic, listed in order of most important items first
• Everything listed here should simply summarize what you’ve already explained below. Complete
this section
• Each entry is just a few words, like “strong desire to be … ,” “enjoys…,” etc.
you write
Target’s Demographic Summary
your paper!
• Gender:
• Age Range:
• HH Income:

Target’s Geographic Locations: Kansas City, MO, and Los Angeles, CA

Mattress Industry & Leesa Company Profile

Mattress Industry – Explain what’s happening in the mattress industry. (Use Consumer Reports article.)
Company Overview – Explain the company’s purpose – what do they do? Explain their complete profile: How are their
products made and delivered? What is the company philosophy? What kinds of things does the company include in its
offering that makes it easier for consumers to decide to purchase? (Include all the specific website content linked from
the Canvas support page.)
Products – Cover the company’s entire line of products, but go into detail about Leesa’s mattress offerings. Explain what
a dual hybrid bed is. Cover the different types of mattresses the company offers. Include bundles and other related
information. (Use the links recommended in the Canvas support page.)
Price – Provide price ranges of all Leesa mattresses, providing meaningful details.
Place – Explain all places online and in person where consumers can try and/or buy Leesa mattresses. Include retail
partners. Include any relevant related details.

Target Audience: Millennials in Kansas City and Los Angeles

Psychographic Elements of Millennial Mattress Shoppers – Your target is Millennials ready to purchase a new mattress.
Explain what Millennials want and need in a mattress. You’ll be using a lot of the information from the PDF version of
the Mini Field Guide, but other sources also will help you build this profile. This is the biggest section of your Target

Demographic Elements of Millennial Mattress Shoppers – In this section, describe the 3 key demographic elements of
your target: gender, age range and household income.
Gender -- Use page 85 of the Mattress Shopper’s Buyers Journey for gender information.
Age Range – Use the Mini Field Guide for age information.
HH Income -- Use page 88 of the Mattress Shopper’s Buyers Journey for Household (HH) Income. Be sure you’re
actually choosing the best income range, not just re-iterating the HH Income percentages.

Geographic Target: Kansas City, MO, and Los Angeles, CA – You are targeting these locations because that’s what’s been
assigned to you, you do not have to justify these locations in your paper. But you do need to cover the number of retail
partners in each DMA where Millennials can try out Leesa mattresses.

Why Millennials are the Perfect Target for Leesa

Here's where you specifically match interests of your target with the products and services offered by your client.
(You’re basically pitching Millennials as the perfect target for Leesa.) Align what your client offers to what your target
wants. (See Canvas support page explanation.)

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