To get you there.TIMES ARE CHANGING Like the water it delivers to the world. the SAP for Utilities set of solutions supports the critical processes that keep your water company running. the water industry never stops moving toward operational excellence. .

operate. They are built to fit the way you do business.. tools. . including power generation. And because they offer easy integration and virtually unlimited scalability. these solutions deliver rich functionality and productivity-building tools throughout your organization. processes. while enabling innovative business models and customer services. . SAP for Utilities solutions are an investment you can’t outgrow – no matter how times are changing. transmission and distribution. and methodologies you need to implement. You can minimize risk and increase the reliability of your solution because SAP for Utilities provides the content. And they help you adopt the best practices SAP has developed in over 30 years of working with major utilities and industry leaders from around the world. a powerful integration and application platform. And they comprise the industry’s leading and most comprehensive set of solutions. Supported by the SAP NetWeaver™ platform. and challenges of the diverse utilities industry. AND SO MUST YOU SAP® SOLUTIONS MAKE CHANGE EASIER You don’t run a generic business. So why use generic solutions? SAP® for Utilities is a portfolio of state-of-the-art software solutions tailored to the specific standards. meter operation. SAP for Utilities solutions can help your utility improve its operational efficiency. and increase profitability. and retail and services utilities. mitigate risk. . and monitor your enterprise solution. helping utilities gain enterprise-wide visibility for better decision making in critical business areas.

these solutions enable efficient meterto-cash management. and customer service. and advanced water treatment methods.NO ONE LISTENS BUILT FOR YOUR INDUSTRY SCALED TO YOUR BUSINESS DESIGNED FOR YOUR FUTURE “We reduced the dollar volume of inventory by 25%. We estimate this will enable us to reduce the amount we maintain in the capital projects budget by 45%. no one hears you better than the experienced ears of SAP: For decades SAP has been listening to the best-run utilities in the world. no one knows your needs better. . Marin Municipal Water District. Integrated. Also. with company-wide visibility into all critical areas up and down the value chain for better decision making. with a US$1. and the challenges of a highly regulated and fragmented industry being drained by consolidation. security upgrades. instead of guessing. From that great body of experience. More than 150 water utilities around the globe rely on these solutions to perform their critical business processes and meet their changing needs. the increasing flood of government regulations over security requirements and drinking water standards. those solutions are here today in the SAP for Utilities set of solutions. we can now budget directly to projects. The SAP for Utilities solutions enable water utilities to achieve fast return on investment (ROI) by leveraging SAP’s best practice expertise built into the solutions and implementation methodology.3 billion R & D investment that continually empowers SAP solutions. water utilities are asking for solutions to help them overcome a new set of 21st-century challenges: the rising tide of capital costs for water infrastructure renovations and new developments. instead of in anticipation of some unknown circumstance. As the market leader. highly reliable. built on an open architecture that allows for the integration of processes and information among disparate business and technical applications. because no one listens to water utilities better than SAP. which reduces project costs and risks. Finance Manager. SAP solutions are now supporting more than 950 utilities worldwide. With these solutions. Today. SAP develops the industry’s leading and most comprehensive utilities solutions. California No One Listens to Water Utilities like SAP When water utilities speak. They are powered by the SAP NetWeaver platform – the underlying integration and application platform. and flexible.” Terry Stigall. Because SAP listens. water utilities of every size can achieve operational excellence. We are getting goods only when we need them. supply operations.

LIKE SAP Nothing replaces real-time listening. At SAP. . .. . it leads to innovations like the SAP NetWeaver platform and the power to give you real-time visibility all across your value chain.

By allowing full visibility into projects. such as flexible billing tariffs. A call-center collaboration solution. they need to offer a more sophisticated level of customer service. The solutions support move-in and move-out processes and water-strength billing requirements. designed specifically for water utilities. provides a single view into all customer aspects. service. As a result. .AND NO ONE SUPPORTS YOU SUPPORT FOR YOUR BUSINESS PROCESSES REAPS OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE The SAP for Utilities set of solutions supports the key processes that are critical to water utilities. and costs. the solutions help you to create a lean and maneuverable organization. This allows end-to-end monitoring against performance indicators or industry benchmarks and helps to improve meter-to-cash performance by reducing the time from meter read to bill payment. tariff management. credit processing. The SAP for Utilities solutions allow the integration of customer and service information. The solutions are optimized to operate in customer-centric and asset-centric models. as well as services tailored to larger customers with engineering and maintenance agreements. leading to a single view of the information and work history related to customers. payment options. and collections. as well as bankruptcy and lien processing. increasing the number of calls closed on contact and resulting in higher agent productivity. while having to manage an increasing number of customers in their supply networks. including data on billing preferences and the quality of delivered services. assets. regulatory processes. Customer Service Meter-to-Cash Management Highly critical to water utilities is the streamlining and automation of operational processes – from meter reading to payment collection – to reduce process costs and improve cash flow performance. Water utilities face growing customer and public expectations for better services and rate performances. and Internet-based self-services. Fast and easy access to such information in your call center leads to a more personalized customer experience. The SAP for Utilities solutions have integrated functions for meter reading and validation.

because critical information. maintenance of large-volume customers. meters and devices. ICT Manager. such as actual and planned maintenance and construction project costs. PWN.” Paul Smeulders. upgrades. outage management. such as meters and hydrants. They need forward-looking investment and project planning to manage and control capital risks. you have everything within reach in a single solution: customers. adhering to a number of stringent drinking-water standards. It supports . SAP for Utilities provides water utilities with an enterprise-wide supply operations solution that connects project and work management capabilities with best-of-breed solutions for scheduling. . Netherlands Supply Operations Regardless of the financial resources available for operating and maintaining supply networks. We enjoy the advantages of that integration every day. The SAP for Utilities solutions allow water utilities to define maintenance budgets and run maintenance analytics on existing asset lifecycle management data. LIKE SAP “With SAP. Standard budgets can be generated automatically based on the desired budget strategy. reducing budget preparation time. as well as related budget data. and efficient services for handling both periodic and unplanned work on their assets. and human capital. financials. including periodic replacement of meters. and the connection of work orders to multiple criteria. systems as well as integrating core back-office functions for managing customers. . and geographic information water-utility-specific services. construction planning. hydrant inspections and flushing. and invoicing. such as geographic locations. Maintenance Cost Budgeting For water utilities. and periodic maintenance expenditures usually account for a significant percentage of operating costs. ongoing supplynetwork construction.. Water utilities may find it difficult to develop accurate maintenance cost budgets. is often insufficiently integrated. water utilities must be able to guarantee a reliable and secure water supply. finance.

SAP for Utilities offers robust support for processes that are unique to the water industry. . and customer financial management to financials and human capital management. meter-reading services.FULL PROCESS SUPPORT MEANS From supply operations. billing. customer service.

. costs. procurement is tightly integrated with maintenance operations and project management. and invoice verification. monitor project progress. enables collaboration with customers and vendors on payment and settlement activities. such as requisitioning. Other functions include online controls for internal and external auditors and the ability to export data to auditing software. SAP for Utilities solutions support not only traditional processes. To gain visibility along the entire value chain. including administration. And to help utilities lower Without insight into financial and business performance. leading to reduced material inventory and more efficient information exchange with contractors and suppliers. labor law compliance. track time. align employee goals with organizational goals. New support for whistle-blowing helps organizations cost-effectively address the legal requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and reduce the risk of noncompliance. but also catalogbased self-service requisitioning for material and services. and reduces transaction costs. more accurate reporting. payroll. as well as financials. companies are unable to make informed strategic decisions. leverage their talents. and maximize the impact of training. The SAP for Utilities solutions integrate all financial and business performance information with management processes for effective. purchase-order management. The SAP for Utilities solutions support workforce deployment by allowing utilities to create project teams based on skills and availability. The SAP for Utilities solutions improve corporate governance and help manage compliance by providing functions that centralize the documentation of internal controls. enabling detailed insight into various audit functions and providing faster. Corporate Governance and Regulatory Compliance Human Capital Management and Workforce Deployment Utilities around the world face close scrutiny of financial records. strategic decision making. employee transaction management features streamline and integrate essential human capital management processes. . This streamlines the financial supply chain. and supply security. and analyze results. environmental processes and safety precautions. They enable supplier qualification and candidate selection.. and legal reporting. Integrated Financial Information The SAP for Utilities solutions support employee life-cycle management to help utilities identify and retain top performers. performance ratings. time management. . bidding. FULL PROCESS VISIBILIT Y Procurement The SAP for Utilities solutions help water utilities streamline procurement and revision processes. and allow for collaborative engineering and project management. and contract management processes. Management must be able to demonstrate compliance and good faith through accurate and detailed records.

Such powerful process support enables the following equally powerful business benefits in efficiency and revenues for your company: • Optimized meter-to-cash processes and days sales outstanding through end-to-end management of your service. workforce deployment based on skills and availability. contractors. regulations. and partners. It supports the gradual expansion and adaptation of transaction volume as well as new processes for water utilities of all sizes. services.FULL PROCESS VISIBILIT Y MEANS FULL BUSINESS PROCESS SUPPORT ENABLES COMPANY-WIDE BUSINESS BENEFITS “We were set some extremely difficult efficiency targets by our regulator to the extent of having to save £100 million over five years out of our operating expenditure. and construction planning. outage management. and integrating business performance information with management processes • Increased customer satisfaction and call center efficiency using an integrated customer service collaboration solution that automates standard services and provides fast access and a single view into all data and work history related to your customers • Better managed investment opportunities and risks through the establishment of strategic enterprise management techniques • Optimized procurement processes • Improved efficiencies in supply operations by providing a utilitywide supply operations solution connecting project and work management capabilities with bestof-breed scheduling. as well as streamlining corporate-wide buying processes • Streamlined and simplified workforce-related processes through integrated employee transaction management. UK SAP provides a scalable.” Alan Harrison. We saw that IT was key to achieving the efficiencies and SAP has been a key component in that challenge. monitoring project costs and regulatory risks. and financials. operational. assets. billing. and innovative employee life-cycle management that aligns employee talents with corporate goals . Yorkshire Water. financials. and third-party expenditures. meters. and the workforce and material inventory by enabling collaboration and contracting of operational management services with suppliers. It tackles the business processes in your company that have the highest value in terms of customers. integrated with core back-office functions and information on customers. flexible. and financials processes • Integrated financial information using standardized processes. end-to-end solution for water utilities. Director IT and Member of the Executive Management Team. hydrants. providing visibility on capital.

• Investment management • Collaborative engineering and project management • Move-ins and move-outs with balance transfer • Bidding and contract management • Project and investment controlling • Maintenance planning and execution • Mobile asset management • Material and services procurement • Work dispatching and scheduling • Periodic device replacement • Hydrant inspections and flushing • Large-meter service • Hydrant billing • Connections and service work Meter Reading Services • Disconnections and reconnections • Bankruptcy processing • Owner allocation • Customer overview • Customer interaction management Billing • Tariff management • Billing execution • Sample bill modeling • Exception monitoring for billing. .. NEW BUSINESS BENEFITS SAP for Utilities Supports Business Processes Supply Operations Customer Service Management Integrated information brings integrated visibility into your business processes. and bill printing Customer Financial Management • Scheduling • Manual and periodic meter reading • Meter reading validation and monitoring • Payment processing • Refunds and returns processing • Dunning creation • Deferral and installment plan management • Lien processing • Determination of customer creditworthiness . . maximizing efficiencies across your organization and giving you a tighter. invoicing. and more responsive company. more flexible.

• Easy planning – An implementation plan and methodology mapped into the software guide you through the process of getting your system up and running. and placing liens. United Kingdom • Rapid prototyping – Once the solution is configured. . supporting billing. your ROI is increased through reduced implementation costs and the efficiencies gained with an integrated business solution. • Quick blueprint design – SAP’s solid understanding of your business model and critical processes results in recommended process flows and data structures. And because fewer consulting days are needed. invoicing for water and sewage. • Efficient testing – Test cases. You can expect the following business benefits from the best-practices implementation: • Short implementation – Preconfigured software for your core business processes delivers the benefits of an integrated business solution much sooner. “We choose SAP because it was the only software we reviewed that had the functionality to match our business requirements. customer service management. customer financial management.” Richard Walsh. which drives the powerful solutions from the SAP for Utilities set of solutions. creating sample bills. such as collecting data with customer fact sheets. get the testing phase off to a faster start. CIO. which are incorporated in the software. developed with a template. and enterprise management and support. prototyping. These best practices describe exactly how to implement key business processes in your system – including how to set up and configure your SAP software. British Waterways. processing connections. implementation.SAP ADDRESSES PROCESS SUPPORT A FASTER IMPLEMENTATION FOR QUICKER ROI SAP support significantly shortens the time spent during the blueprinting. The time to reach the prototype and subsequent project stages is accelerated by the use of best practices that are preconfigured for your core business processes. SAP NetWeaver is developed specifically to enable faster ROI and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for companies of all sizes and in all industries. supply operations. you get the most benefit from SAP technology in the shortest possible time. you add your own data to complete the prototype. and testing phases of your implementation project. Fast ROI and Low TCO – Powered by SAP NetWeaver The integration required to streamline and automate your business processes is achieved through the power of the SAP NetWeaver platform. • Thorough configuration – Best practices specific to water utilities are delivered with the software. With a fast implementation. They are delivered to you as an unrivalled combination of detailed business documentation that describes first-in-class business practices and a complete set of technical tools and information to help you implement the business processes. thereby reducing risks and speeding up the design of a workable solution.

and comprehensive information technology solution. integrated..epx. Transport & Distribution With solution maps. . SAP for Utilities provides a number of tools to help you optimize these businessmaps. and implement a Retail & Services Customer & Channels . They help you visualize. They also show how various processes are covered. including the processes that SAP and its partners support. One tool is the solution map shown below. The solution map for the utilities industry is available at www. . plan. AT YOUR CORE UTILITIES SOLUTION MAP: UNDERSTANDING BUSINESS VALUE SAP for Utilities is designed to help water utilities master business processes along the entire value chain. SAP solution maps are multilevel blueprints of processes defined for a particular industry. you quickly understand business solutions and the business value they can bring. Built using input from customers and industry analysts. plus the technical expertise SAP has acquired through Suppliers & Partners Exploitation & Preparation Asset Life-Cycle & Resource Management Plant Engineering & Construction Plant Maintenance & Operations Supply Operations Grid Engineering & Construction Grid Maintenance & Operations Connection & Device Management Installation Service Meter Reading Services Consumption Data Collection Selling of Water & Services Campaign Management Sales Management for Residential Customers Sales Management for Commercial & Industrial Customers Account & Contact Management Integrated Sales Planning and Analytics Customer Service Management Service Order Management Service Processes for Utilities Service Contract & Entitlement Management Complaints & Returns Management Electronic Customer Services Account & Contact Management Billing of Water & Services Billing of Water & Services Billing for Commercial & Industrials Billing of Unmetered Services Billing of Services Customer Financial Management Customer Financial Management Reconciliation & Closing Auditing Enterprise Management & Support Analytics Financials Human Capital Management Corporate Services Operations Support extensive business experience and research.

and industrial customers for metered water usage and for unmetered services. and budget engineering. WATER UTILITIES BUSINESS PROCESS SUPPLY OPERATIONS Grid engineering and construction Grid maintenance and operation ADVANTAGE Water utilities design. and measurements. such as repair. CUSTOMER FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Receivables and collection management Water utilities can process many types of customer-related financial transactions. construction. bankruptcy processing. large-meter service. connections.SAP IS HERE THE TIME TO SPEAK TO SAP IS NOW Customer service expectations. Water utilities can handle collection activities such as lien processing. including move-in or move-out transactions with balance transfer. The flexibility of SAP solutions helps you achieve operational excellence and makes upgrading to an integrated solution practical for any water utility. The time to talk about your future is now – and no one listens better than SAP. Water utilities manage the installation services for new service connections and integrate the processes with work maintenance. and dunning. hydrant billing. hydrant inspections and flushing. and other service work. customer service. and high-bill enquiry. and conduct activities such as periodic device replacement. Connection and device management Installation services METER READING SERVICES Consumption data collection Water utilities schedule meter reading events and collect meter data through various channels. such as automatic meter reading systems and mobile data-entry devices. water-utility-specific processes. including posting. Water utilities manage their connection and device infrastructure. plan. They manage tariffs and leverage sample bills. Water utilities maintain the transportation and distribution network infrastructure. Technicians perform complex processes. and infrastructure improvements can only increase. They have high document volumes in environments where manual processing of receivables is not feasible and where automation is essential. commercial. meter reading entry. They rely on flexible and powerful validation methods to prepare the data for the next steps in the process. inspections. . visit the SAP Web site today at www. payments. technological change. water utilities conduct customer-related. bill For detailed information about the SAP for Utilities set of solutions and how they can help you manage your water utility. and commissioning projects. CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGEMENT Service processes for utilities Within a typical call center. BILLING OF WATER AND SERVICES Billing for metered and unmetered services Water utilities bill their residential.

offering the widest range of services that organizations require.. from consulting. .450 customers in over 120 countries run more than 84. • Solutions scaled to your business – Although SAP is known for serving the world’s largest corporations – including 80 of the FORTUNE 100 – nearly two-thirds of SAP customers have annual revenues of US$500 million or less. including yours. more than 24. including the following: • SAP Service and Asset Management • SAP Billing • SAP Invoicing and Contract Accounting • mySAP™ Customer Relationship Management • mySAP ERP Each solution is backed by the global expertise of SAP Customer Services Network. • Solutions ready for your future – Because SAP solutions are built on the SAP NetWeaver platform. leveraging your investments – past. Today. SAP offers best-in-class solutions and applications for virtually every aspect of your business. and support to custom development and hosting. • Solutions that are affordable – SAP has worked with industry partners in this specific market to develop a focused implementation approach that saves you time and money. The best-run companies are ready for anything. education. and future. And SAP’s global organization includes hundreds of professionals who work exclusively with your industry. your utilities business is assured of solutions that are: • Solutions designed for your industry – SAP offers a full range of software that supports the most important business processes and best practices in more than 25 industries.000 installations of SAP software – from distinct solutions addressing the needs of small and midsize businesses to enterprise-scale suite solutions for global organizations. present. . the open integration and application technology platform from SAP. SAP solutions fit your size and budget today – while offering unlimited scalability for tomorrow. By choosing SAP. they integrate with virtually all SAP and non-SAP applications. Read on for more details about how the SAP for Utilities set of solutions can help you join the bestrun utilities that run SAP: resulting in higher returns on your investment dollar. TO HEAR YOU A PARTNER YOU CAN LISTEN TO WITH CONFIDENCE SAP is the world’s leading provider of business software solutions. .

and SAP Group shall not be liable for errors or omissions with respect to the materials. xApps. without representation or warranty of any kind. SAP. if any. The only warranties for SAP Group products and services are those that are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. and other SAP products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries all over the world.www. National product specifications may vary. xApp. SAP /contactsap 50 073 866 (05/04) 2005 by SAP AG. Printed on environmentally friendly paper. R/3. . All rights reserved. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies. mySAP. Data contained in this document serves informational purposes only. These materials are provided by SAP AG and its affiliated companies (“SAP Group”) for informational purposes only. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional © These materials are subject to change without notice.

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