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7.00pm 27th January 2011

Hypathia Trust
Chapel Street, Penzance


Present: Members: Sanjay Kumar (Chair), Joanne Schofield (Secretary), Andrew

Ormerod, Tom Scade, Katherine Cox, David Cox, Nick Howell, Rachel Wilson,

By Invitation: Helen Venning (The Cheese Shop, Newlyn), Robert Wright

(Untitled, Abbey Hotel, Penzance), Bryok (Untitled, Abbey Hotel, Penzance)

Apologies: Mithe Du Fueil, Ashely Wood, Hilary Wood, Jacquie Harris, Yaron

1. Minutes AGM 2010

Minutes of the last AGM were given to Sanjay on the day of this meeting.
The minutes were incomplete as there was no record of the latter part of the
meeting. In lieu, Sanjay gave a brief account of the committee members and
of the ethos of Slow Food Cornwall. The meeting was also informed of the
past role of Katy Davison (past Chair) in the context of Slow Food Cornwall.

A West Cornwall Convivium was motioned by Joanne Schofield but had not
been realised for various reasons.

Minutes were agreed and agreed as incomplete and signed by Sanjay.

2. Review of 2010
Sanjay gave an overview of the activities undertaken by Slow Food Cornwall
in 2010.
This included:-
FEBRUARY. Penzance. A day out at Polgoon Vineyard.
JULY: Helston. SKOFF (South Kerrier Official Food Festival) Working with 7
College students for on week on fish sustainability issues, preparation,
cooking and live demo at the Festival.
AUGUST: BBC Radio 4. Fal Oyster Presidia
AUGUST. Falmouth. Greenbank Hotel Dinner with the CEO of Slow Food UK
SEPTEMBER. Truro. Cornwall Food Festival. Cooking demonstration with
Sanjay and fish fingers.
OCTOBER. Mylor. Terra Madre Day with Chris Ranger from Cornish Native
OCTOBER: Falmouth. Fal Oyster Festival. Promoting Slow Food Cornwall
NOVEMBER : Slow Fire Food. Manaccan, Helston. 2 day event. Fishing on
the Helford with Kernowsashimi. Foraging along Carne Creek with
Foodswild. Preparing and cooking food over different types of fires.

3. Financial Accounts
Pippa VanWelie, Secretary in 2010, assumed the role of interim Treasurer.
Due to the ongoing issues with the existing bank account, Joanne Schofield
was given the authority to make the necessary inquires to the bank to allow
the mandate to be changed. It was hoped that the account would have been
ready to access and financial information forthcoming for this meeting.
However, due process had not as yet, been completed. Once the bank
details have been confirmed, then financial accounts will be circulated to all
members. Sanjay has an accountant on the ready to audit the accounts.

4. Nominations for Management Committee

Sanjay Kumar was nominated and voted Chair
Carried by Nick Howell, seconded by Andrew Ormerod

Joanne Schofield was nominated and voted Secretary
Carried by Katherine Cox and seconded by Dave Cox

In the interim, Joanne Schofield was nominated as Interim
Carried by Rachel Wilson and seconded by Nick Howell

Communications Officer.
Rachel Wilson was nominated by Sanjay Kumar in the role of
Carried by Joanne Schofield and seconded by Sanjay Kumar.

Nick Howell was nominated by Joanne Schofield.

Carried by Sanjay Kumar and seconded by Rachel Wilson

5. Considerations of Motions
a) Templates
Nick Howell requested that the committee consider asking Slow Food UK for
a generic template for each convivium’s Treasurer and Secretary, that
would help with the administration of their work and duties.
Membership, financial templates would be the most useful. Motion
carried by Andrew Ormerod, seconded by Nick Howell.

b) Promotional Kit
Joanne Schofield put forward the idea of having a promotional kit that
would help make Slow Food more visible. This could be used at events,
festivals, schools, markets. Items such as printed matter, clothing,
banners, bunting, flags would be ideal. A gazebo, table and display
items would also be necessary. It was thought that contacting Slow
Food Uk would be a good first step in acquiring promotional material.
Once the financial situation is confirmed, there may be money available
to purchase agreed items. Motions carried by Andrew Ormerod and
seconded by Nick Howell.

c) Website
Brief discussion about reinstating the Slow Food Cornwall Website.
Main link with Slow Food Uk website. Website could contain simple
images, be linked to existing Facebook and Twitter pages and be self-
hosted by Joanne Schofield. Bryok could inquire about a minimum
charge for a simple website.

6. Any other Business

a) Robert Wright (Untitled Restaurant, Abbey Hotel)
Put forward his interest in being connected to Slow Food Cornwall by
offering events at his restaurant, once it was up and running. Ideas
included foraging in association with Fat Hen (forage/cook) , Foodswild
(cooking with Stingers), a Grow Fair, cooking/associations with local
producers ie Polgoon Vineyards, Cornish Duck Company, Fal River

b) Tom Scade ( Tides Restaurant Mariner’s Rock Pub, Rock)

Would like to hold evening food events at his restaurant. Open to
suggestions. He is involved with the Rock Oyster Festival. Held in Rock
on 17/18/19 June.

c) Nick Howell (Cornish Pilchards, Newlyn)

Possible early morning, summer outing at the fish market for members.

d) Helen Wright (The Newlyn Cheese Shop, Newlyn)

Very interested in food issues and working with children. Could be an
event that involves children either in schools or outreach.

Sanjay closed the meeting by thanking everyone for coming and for
their contributions. He also thanked Joanne for preparing and bringing
the food and drinks.

Meeting closed at 9.30pm.