Prior to Morning Prayer

Ensure that you check to see if your day is a feast day or solemnity (check the Ordo in the sacristy). Read the Mass readings for the day and ensure you can pronounce all properly. Check and note the pages for: Invitatory verse and psalm. The regular prayer psalms. The reading and responsory. The canticle introductory verse (and canticle if you don't know it). Intercessions Closing prayer Arrive about 30 minutes prior to Morning Prayer Set up the hymnboard for Morning Prayer so that it is easy and complete to follow. Check the board under the microphone panel for the hymn for morning prayer. An example hymnboard set up: INV 456 HYMN W 56 PS 470 RDG 956 CAN 957 PR 958 When done, ask deacon to check board for accuracy/approval. Set up Mass hymnboard. The music is on same sheet as hymn for morning prayer. Once boards are approved, fill out the dry erase board in the concelebrants' area. Put out both boards in the chapel in the usual locations. Angle the morning prayer board so that it can be seen by the congregation. They Mass board is put flat against the wall. Ensure the lectionary is on the ambo for Mass.

Lector Instructions

During Morning Prayer
Process out behind acolyte. Stop in front of first altar candle and face altar. Allow deacon to move between you and acolyte. Genuflect with deacon. Go to your place AFTER deacon kisses the altar. Deacon begins liturgy with "Lord, open my lips". You immediately recite the invitatory verse and psalm, pausing at the normal intervals. You end with a complete "Glory be…" After the hymn, you begin with the 1st psalm's introductory verse, allow the people to sit, and then recite the first line of the psalm. The people will follow normally. You then sit. The acolyte begins the 2nd psalm in like manner. Stand and begin the 3rd psalm in like manner. After the 3rd psalm, you immediately go up to the ambo and read the reading. Do NOT bow towards the altar/tabernacle because your seat is considered already in the sanctuary. Return to your chair, remain standing facing the acolyte, and recite your parts of the responsory. After the responsory, allow the people to stand prior to beginning the canticle's introductory verse. Recite canticle's introductory verse and 1st line of the Canticle of Zechariah. People will join in. After the canticle, the deacon will recite the first line of the Intercessions and the people will respond. You recite all the subsequent lines and the congregation responds as normal. After the intercessions, the deacon will intone the "Our Father", say the final prayer, and give the blessing. After the blessing, move the hymnboard against the wall out of the way. Move to the altar and genuflect with the deacon. You lead the procession back out the way you entered.

After morning prayer, wait near the sacristy for the prayer which the celebrant will conduct. You are after the acolyte in the procession. Come abreast of him during the procession and genuflect with him right before the first sanctuary step, then go to your chair. After the Opening Prayer, move to the ambo and read the readings which you are responsible for. Do not genuflect/bow to altar/tabernacle when goint to or returning from the ambo. of 11/10/07 Page 1 of 1 Version After the readings, go back to your seat and remain standing. As the deacon moves to the ambo, move to the first pew in order not to block sight of the deacon or ambo. You will stand/sit at the first pew until you stand for the intercessions.