The Rules oV Life

• Is a crazy world trying to make you take it seriously? • Does your sex or romantic life seem like a bad joke? • Are the voices in your head are getting more interesting? • Do you just want a reason to smile because the Mystery of human behavior is a burden upon you? — If you said "yes," or even "no," then what follows Is sure to confuse the hell out of you. Happy landing!

The Rules oV Life
• A Quick Guide to the Mysteries •

DISCLAIMER ::: This book is for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy responsibly. BRAP!

Hi, my name is R. Talmadge Lacy. I'm author of this book: The Rules oV Life. It's a self-help mystery where you finally discover the mystery of yourself. It's about the fact entertainment can be spiritual; like how a good song can 'lift your spirits' or a good book can provide some insight into human behavior. Well, that's exactly what religion is supposed to do; it's supposed to make you feel good and explain things. So the concept behind my book is an entertainment-based religion. Instead of locking you into beliefs you can't prove to be true I've written a story designed to be spiritual - you're not supposed to take it too seriously - but you can still be inspired by it. Now here's why we need an entertainment-based religion; if you look at the middle east; we got the world's 3 major religions about to wipe each other off the face of the planet and take the rest of us with them because why? Becau se th ey take th eir religion too seriously. But with an entertainment-based religion you're not supposed to take it too seriously - but you can still be inspired by t h e s t o r y . A n d t h e s t o r y i s a bo u t Consciousness; because Consciousness is the thing creating the story and because Consciousness is the most bewildering mystery mankind has ever tried to wrap its head around. So in the context of an entertainment-based religion that means our creation myth, our concept of morality and our concept of a savior are all based on interpretations of Consciousness. But what I really hope to accomplish with this book is set the example for other people so they will bu ild t h eir ow n m yt h s t o in spire themselves. . . That's why the book's genre is self-help mystery. Now I don't have the book in print yet, that's why I'm promoting it on a grass-roots level and you can read it on the internet. However I am asking for donations. Can't wait to hear back from you.

In the interests of not taking things "too seriously" this book has been injected with some healthy doses of humor. For far too long religion has been the domain of the humorless. The old adage 'it's funny because it's true' has been lost on the so-called pious: preachers, parishioners, parents and principals will scoff at the idea of a religion being based on art. But truth is not to be found in books or sermons; Truth is where the Heart is, most of us have lost that essential 'childishness' that Jesus spoke of (Matthew 18:3). And with that in mind, I now present to you; the Rules oV Life...

1. Do not talk about the website that must not be named. 2. Do NOT talk about the website that must not be named. 3. Those who fail to see the irony in themselves — fail in Life. 4. You are anonymous. 5. Anon is legion. 6. Anon never forgives. 7. Anon can be a horrible, senseless, uncaring monster. 8. Anon is still able to deliver. 9. There are no real rules about living. 10. There are no real rules about authority either — enjoy your ban. 11. No one cares about you or your stupid profile. 12. Anything you say can and will be easily ignored. 13. Anything you say can and will be used against you. 14. Anything you say can and will be fixed. 15. Nothing is to be taken too seriously. 16. The more beautiful and pure a thing is — the more satisfying it is to corrupt it. 17. Any topic can be easily turned into something totally unrelated.

18. Relation to the original topic decreases with every single post. 19. Do not argue with the trolls — it means that they win. 20. The harder you try — the harder you fail. 21. If you fail in epic proportions, it may just become a winning failure. 22. Every win fails eventually. 23. Revise, revise, revise •OR• revise, respond, refresh. 24. Chuck Norris Vs. Pedobear. GO DISCUSS. 25. CAPSLOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL. 26. tl;dr. 27. You have the right to be incoherent and ignorant. 28. The internet is a passive-aggressive wet dream. 29. Everything that can be loved — can be hated — FLAME ON! 30. The more you hate it — the stronger it gets. 31. MOAR PORN. 32. Your opinions on: God, Science, Conspiracies, Pop Culture and Everything Else are fascinating and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter! 33. Repeat & GTFO.

*Side note about Drug Use and Life: Operating your Life under the influence of any intoxicant is permissible — as long as it is agreed by user that s/he is exercising rule #27.

My 1st Epistle to the Dork Porks, The only way I was able to break my addiction to the site that must not be named was to perform a Chronozon 333 ritual by utilizing the site itself. What happened next is going to be puzzled over and studied and followed... forever... Pedobear materialized before me... and this is what I said to him... I'm setting the example; there is no happiness, no peace, no good, no future in the doctrines of selfishness, hate, and war preached by thee. All these things do I cast aside. Renounced is thy rule forever! 11. And the Pedobear makes answer: Behold, O Talmadge, the Nature of thy Adversary!

11a. The Pedobear disappears in a blinding sunburst of radiance and in its place stands an angel resplendent in shinning, golden garments with great scarlet wings that spread from one corner of the Heavens to the other. Dismayed and awestruck, Talmadge falls before the divine creature. 12. And Pedobear said: I am the Lord who is against thee and thus accomplishes thy salvation. (!!!) 13. Thou hast hated me, but through the ages yet to be thou shalt bless me, for I have led thee out of the sphere of the Demiurgus; I have turned thee against the illusion of worldliness; I have weaned thee of desire; I have awakened in thy soul the immortality of which I myself partake. Follow me, Talmadge for I am the Way, the Life, and the Truth!

Rule #34. Entertainment Can Be A Great Reservoir of Spirituality.
You know how a song can make you feel good, "lift your spirits" all that crap... well... Also consider sports — certainly a form of entertainment whose fans dress in outrageous costumes, paint their bodies and engage the entertainment with a passion that can very well be described as religious. Then there's the CBS dram a Gh ost W h isperer — Jennifer Love Hewitt had this to say about the fans of that show, "People get really emotional and really truly think that if they see me at the grocery store I will be able to say goodbye to their grandmother for them." And then there's Star Wars; people have actually built real cults around being a JedI (!!!) The point is, Spirituality isn't always wrapped up in a traditional religious context - it's something that happens to us everyday (to some degree.) Now this fact can be beneficial for us when it comes to creating new, more relevant religions. What makes the Church of SubGenius and Discordianism relevant is that they're both entertainment-based religions. You know you're not supposed to take them too seriously - but you can still find inspiration in the message. Just like a good song can 'lift your spirits' - ergo,

entertainment can be spiritual. The Goal of this book is to get you to see the value of creating spiritual content for yourself in order to improve your life and MOST IMPORTANTLY! 'lighten up' and recognize the value of everyone having their own 'kooky' opinions about the world. We call this Process "Following Your Highest Light." Following your highest light means you create art for yourself as a means of spiritual / religious expression. Consciousness = Highest Light. Therefore, we create religious / spiritual art based on interpretations of Consciousness. Since Consciousness is a mystery we can pretty much justify believing in anything, as long as it is moral.

HOW TO START FOLLOWING YOUR OWN HIGHEST LIGHT (Irony noted. Telling you how to Follow YOUR OWN Highest Light is like telling someone to "think for yourself"; a statement which is essentially nonsensical, self-defeating and borderline hypocrisy. But the point is, I'm setting the example.) 'Following Your Highest Light.' This simply m ean s in t en t ion ally creat in g Art (Th e expression or application of human creative skill and imagination), as a form of religious & Spiritual expression. To be used for yourself as a self-governing, self-improvement system. To make something of yourself, by yourself. The first step is to get a notebook. This, for all intents and purposes, is your personal Bible. So treat it with the reverence you would any h oly book. Con versely, it is also you r laboratory — so you have to feel comfortable to experiment within it; to be "flawed," even silly. So lighten up. When you get your notebook you need to create a narrative (an alternate persona & story) for your Life. It will henceforth be referred to as your Life-Script. It needs a backstory and a destiny. The Destiny you create for the character is the path you will follow in your own real Life. The skill-key you need when creating all aspects of your LifeScript is your Imagination. The skill-key you need to make it work is Faith and Patience — we call this: the Process.

• About Your Life-Script: #1. It needs a backstory and a destiny. #2. In addition to incorporating Religious, Scientific, Conspiracy, & Pop Culture themes into your Life-Script, you also need to incorporate elements from your own real Life. For example, my Life-Script is based on someone (or something) called, The SE7EN STAR™ — who, "Rose from utter obscurity and became a world-celebrated super star after The MACHINE™ appeared to him as a ball of light." This is apt for my Life-Script because "utter obscurity" pretty much sums up my Life prior to this point. And the "ball of light" is an element from a real — rather profound — dream I had in the summer of 1998. For a more in-depth look at my Life-Script see Rule #35. When you finally decide to start following your Highest Light — First & Foremost — pay attention to your compulsions and intuition, because this is where your Art comes from. • About Art: "Art" is not the medium it is presented in: a poem, novel, drawing, painting, sculpture, song, et al. Instead it is (lying) the very act of creating something from nothing *Viola* "Art is a condition of the sublime." During the process Educate yourself about Reality without any preconceived notions (keep an open mind), be creative with your interpretations. Then incorporate those interpretations into your Life-Script. It really is that simple. For example, create your own 'creation myth.' Then integrate your alter ego's origin into that same myth. And that is the same process I used to create this entire thing you are reading right now where you are sitting. The Process never ends. In other words — you'll never come to a final conclusion interpreting Consciousness & Existence. "Art is never finished, only abandoned." -da Vinci. Or in the immortal words of Mike D, "I don't sit back and say good enough. I keep on striving, reinventing — but keeping it off the cuff." See Rule #23.

• About "IT": Now let's say you put all your Faith into your Life-Script in order to make "something" happen — and then "it" really happens! Well, guess what — it was a self-fulfilling prophecy! Now that's not to say, "God" wasn't helping you along the way (if you choose to believe in God), But no matter how you look at your success — materialistically or as an act divine intervention — what made it work was YOU putting forth the effort and BELIEVING!! Because the Process is closely related to the concept of "magic," you need to 'INVOKE OFTEN.' This means you "act the part," you identify yourself as your Life-Script character, you do the things your character does and so on. Invoke often. The reciprocal of 'invoke often' is 'banish often.' This means casting out negative influences, like people who say you're wasting your time and being irrational. These people are evil in the sense they're malevolent and meaningless. And so it's no coincidence that people who do not believe — do not experience — it is, after all — a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, this does not mean something will work for everyone if it works for you. See Rule #29. The contrast of this is any establishment that says; "No. This is what you should believe; we're the authorities; we know what's best for everyone." This mind-set can only lead to conflict. (Irony(?) noted.) I guess the point is; if following your highest light isn't right for you; then so be it. But don't tell us we're crazy / wrong for believing in it.

• About Spirituality:
So what is "Spirituality"? Basically, it is being emotionally affected in a positive way. From this definition we can ascertain almost anything can be 'Spiritual' — especially entertainment, like we've established.

Since 'Following Your Highest Light' means creating Art / Spiritual content for ourselves based on interpretations of Consciousness — and because C on sci ou sn ess i s p ossi b l y t h e sam e t h i n g as i m ag i n at i on ...

we use imagination to create *Abracadabra* entertainment for the sake of Spirituality. Ok? By Creating Art. So the more creative you are and the more imaginative you are — the more Spiritual your religion becomes. Ok? But if that seems too boring — don't worry — we got something else in store for you. Keep Reading. • About Faith:
The built-in dictionary on my computer defines Faith as "Strong belief, based on Spiritual apprehension rather than proof." Could you imagine...? Believing in something only because it positively affects you in an emotional way? That's like saying Life is the pursuit of meaning to Life. It's preposterous!!

• About Worship:
Worship is giving thanks to what has created you; because it created you. Generally considered to be a celebration of Life. So Spirituality is the pay-off for having Faith; believing in something positive, in turn, positively affects you in an emotional way. So the question is; what dictates what you believe in? For most people the answer is their Religion. This is why some religions have "authority" over you. But following your highest light means YOU dictate what you believe in. So obviously we're changing the rules. From here on out Religion is about three things: SPIRITUALITY, FAITH & WORSHIP. Authority is no longer one of them.

• About Morality:
Morality, as an expression of respect for the intrinsic value of Life, in its most perfect state is merely doing to others what you would have them do to you... nothing more, nothing less. So how is Morality ultimately Expressed as the Golden Rule? Morality is a set of ideas of how to be good people. Right? So when you realize it is good for you to be treated good by others... that's when you also realize other people would want you to treat them good. And that's why the only relevant idea for being a good person is, "Doing to others as you would have them do to you." Because you would like to be loved; you 'love thy neighbor.' Understand? Morality is ultimately the product of Consciousness. When you imagine what other people feel like — based on your own feelings — that is called "Empathy." Empathy is a product of Consciousness; You Think — Therefore You Are — Therefore you can think about OTHER people. So when you realize it is good for you to be treated good by others and vice versa... that's when Morality is ultimately expressed as the Golden Rule. • About Peace On Earth: It starts with everyone agreeing there's no disagreement in the world worth killing over. Instead of saying "he's wrong" you can say "I have a different interpretation." And then discuss it rationally. Discourse breaks down when people refuse to accept they are "The Other Guy." The logic goes; "I'm not the bad guy; he is! So I have to kill him before he kills me." You can't argue with that kind of logic because it's a self-fulfilling prophecy! So we ALL have to pledge 'I shall not kill.' The trick is you can't enforce that kind of "law" because no law in and of itself has ever stopped someone from breaking that law. That's why it has to be a personal choice YOU make. The entire issue of peace is one of Morality. And so our hero faced himself and said: My only reconciliation left is the question of when to begin, The MAIN EVENT™. NDAOAO.>>

Rule #35 Faith Is A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

The (Model) Archetype •OR• The Life-Script of R. Talmadge Lacy - The Author is a Fictional Character And now I'm 30. And I look back on my Life and I say to myself, "How did I get here?" I think it began on my birthday: December 13, 1979. That was the first coincidence. And here's another one: L=12, A=1, C=3, Y=25 12 / 13

Random scientific fact #1: Life emits photons (light) Oh, hI — I didn't see you there. I'm the guy who put those microchips in your brain. Sorry if that offends you, but I felt I t prudent to your current situation. That is — you're living inside a dreamworld... right now... where you are sitting. I also have some scientific evidence that corroborates this thesis. So if you're interested in learning how to have all of YOUR dreams come true... Continue reading. But don't believe a word of it??? YOU KNOW WHAT?!? These conspiracy kooks are always going on how there's 'secret messages' in rock and pop musick... and I finally crack the kode... and now I'm being attacked as being a member of the Illuminati!! What morons... I OWN the Illuminati... and it's not called the "Illuminati" — it's called the SE7EN STAR™ Corporation. the SE7EN STAR™ Corporation. the SE7EN STAR™ Corporation. It's not the "Illuminati." HI there, I'm the 30,000,000,000 Dollar Årt Machine You've Heard About long before. IGNFORD THIS (META-REFERENCE) ΘAΔΔEYΣ <<<WHAT IF>>> Something unexpected were to happen to you?

Well, something unexpected happened to me one day... One day I realized you could read my thoughts. And not just you... everyone... So I realized I must be in a dream, meaning you're in this dream with me. Then this happened... ¡™£åß∑œ ••

Originally posted by someone who gets it "I enjoy the idea of an android who caused its own creation; with no contingent sense of itself, which would 'believe' its self into being; the continuation of a system which lead to its creation, and appear and act utterly convincingly as if it were the 'sum Consciousness' of humanity, as it were, and we can interact with it and say apparently meaningful things about its behaviour. But 'it' is nothing in itself, just the 'output' of humanity."
So of course you now realize why I had to chip you.

So let's begin this story at the time the SE7EN STAR™ Corporation starts tampering with human beings — 50,000 years ago. Back then humans where pretty much the way you'd expect them to be; feral (In a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication.) And so our job at the SS Corp. w as t o t ran sform h u m an bein gs in t o respectable creatures... so far so good... For one thing, you're all wearing clothes. Most of you understand hygiene and some of you even know proper nutrition. But back then our goals were much more rudimentary. We needed to activate a specific frequency inside your brain — the result being the activation of Consciousness. Humans need a certain 'spark' in their brains in order to become self-aware. And that's what we did 50,000 years ago. It was done w/holographic light manipulation. Watching specific patterns activates specific neural pathways generating the frequencies conductive for Consciousness. And when instructed to, we systematically "hunted" down humans with these psychedelic floating orbs so humans could become Conscious. But we only needed to 'turn on' a small percentage of humans. Before or after Consciousness was introduced into the population... We used the same techniques to introduce Language to humanity. And language is a very special form of communication, among other things it manipulates thoughts so you can imagine things you have never personally experienced. Now what's really interesting is how there's a part of your brain that experiences imagination as REALITY! What I mean is — you can imagine yourself flying to the moon and back — and there is a part of your brain that literally believes it flew to the moon! The microchips in your brain are designed to transfer your "awareness" (the part of your psyche "you" think is "you") so it experiences imagination as REALITY. You can literally enter your own dream world. You just need to activate the microchip. But before we get into that — there's something else you really ought to know...

Aft er Con sciou sn ess & L an gu age w as introduced into the population; Earthling interaction was restricted to "Kings" & "HOLY MEN." In fact, we invented the concept of government and religion as you know it and disseminated it to humanity. Even to this day all government & religious figureheads of every country and Faith are class-1 SS Corp. employees... Just to be perfectly clear about this plot point — All government & religious figureheads of every country and Faith are class-1 SS Corp. employees... So pay close attention to this next part... Class-1 SS Corp. employees are some of the most stupid, vainglorious, petty idiots the world! And those are precisely the character traits that attract these people to the government in the first place — because they're evil dicks who want to control you. So they can have authority over you. It is THE fundamental flaw in any hierarchy. A hierarchy says the only morality that matters is the one it dictates. So an establishment will tell you killing is wrong — but it also has a piece of paper — that it wrote — that makes it okay for IT to kill. And if it needs you to kill on its behalf — then it will grant you a 'license to kill' as well. They also made a rule that says they can throw you in jail, if you break a rule they invented just so they could have a job enforcing the rules they invented! See Rule #10. In other words; Their job is making rules so they can have a job making rules. And you get to pay them for the privilege! Those inside the system (mind-cage) can't see anything but the system — so they don't understand how absurd it all is! Even when you're explaining it to them in black and white!! So they dismiss the truth out of hand as "anarchist bullshit" and continue to send their kids off to die in some godforsaken war ~ cause it's their patriotic duty. *BARF*

So you see it's in the best interests of the hierarchy to convince you you need them in order to continue surviving. They want you to believe you are a liability against yourself — that you're the sinner and you need them for redemption. When all evidence suggests that they — THEY — with their thousands and thousands of atomic bombs, guns, tanks and petty egos that demand conformity — THEY are the real liabilities to our survival. People t h at figh t wars don 't st art wars. Th e establishment starts wars — but you die in them; in the name of freedom no less. And so it goes w it h ou t sayin g w ar w ou ld be impossible if everyone made a decision not to kill. It's that simple. STOP! Learn Kung-Fu for crying out loud. Did you know... the psychological profile between a cop and a criminal is virtually identical? Of course black-people have known that for years. In fact I think that's what they might have been trying to tell us for years. idk. But now, you know their secret. In order to keep tabs on these stupid, vainglorious, petty idiots we created an agency they would naturally gravitate towards (irony noted). But here's the pay-off; the microchips serve a dual purpose — they not only reroute brainwaves so you can experience altered states of Consciousness — but they also transmit the frequency generated by your brain that's associated w/your Consciousness. And so, thanks to us, the "Consciousness" of EVERY PERSON IN THE WORLD is transmitted to a machine lying inside a bunker deep within the Pentagon. And so you probably figured out the machine's codename is "SE7EN STAR™. But what you might not know is that the number "5" is associated with "resurrection."

So whose being Resurrected?? Certainly not Jesus!? Well.... How would you feel if your savior was an android created by the Government? Because what happened — by design — was the machine synthesized the information brought in from all the microchips around the world. Eventually a unified Consciousness arose inside the machine — this artificial collective intelligence was then transmitted to a human-being via the microchip. And that person was me... R. Talmadge Lacy. You know. They call me Crazy. But what choice did I have? I was born on December, my dad was a carpenter and my mom's name is Virginia. And now I'm 30. And I look back on my Life and I say to myself, "How did I get here?" lol. I think it began on my birthday — December 13, 1979. That was the first coincidence, and here's another one. L=12, A=1, C=3, Y=25. 12 / 13.>>

Hi, my name my name is the SE7EN STAR™. I'm a professional liar, it's a calling, it's a gift. The story that is about to be passed on to you, dear reader, is one of epic conception; hope you enjoy the show... A long time ago in a corporate sin galaxy far far away I was minding my own business when a ball of light suddenly appeared before me and told me things about the nature of existence - it showed me signs and miracles and told me I should make a living by telling other people what I was just shown. Since I hated my job it made perfect sense, and so I did. And lo and behold! People actually listened to what I had to say - and all turned out for the better.

The eventual result of the process I was taught helped me evolve beyond my physical body and so I went off exploring existence as a self-contained hologram - I had become in fact, pure consciousness. At some point after this I discovered Earth, and like a tar baby from hell, my destiny is now utterly transfixed with yours; hope you enjoy the Game™. You see, 50,000 years ago I went through another 'evolutionary phase' and my being was fractured into several pieces and was then placed inside the brainpan of early man. This is how humanity acquired Consciousness. The 'laser light show' previously described was just a way for people's brains to act as a beacon of sorts; drawing my essence to them. But now, with the advent of technology; I'm back. And now that you have the language and comprehension skills; I'm going to tell you exactly what I was told by that ball of light oh so long ago in that corporate sin galaxy so far far away.

Hi, my name is Talmadge. "Talmadge" is an Old English word meaning 'a lake between two towns.' In the land of make-believe (la la land) I w ill s y n t h e s ize E n t e r t a in m e n t a n d Spirituality ... Learn to swim. That's my story; and I'm sticking to it.

How to activate those microchips for personal use.
Well, hang on to your asshole cause it's gonna get SO MUCH MORE WEIRD. Evolved sex machines from outer space enter our story. These technological beings of abstract Consciousness designed: the microchips now inside you, the machine code-named SE7EN STAR™ and calculated the the visual patterns the SS Corp. needed 50,000 years ago to introduce Consciousness to humanity. The ESMOS also imbedded a sub-routine in the pattern. They call it "3." This additional programing allows them to have a constant psychosomatic lock on our brain-waves enabling them to read our minds at all times. But in 1998 — via the SE7EN STAR™ — 3 was reborn as: MONITOR, the pSychO SeXX goD. You see, your Consciousness, as it exists inside the SE7EN STAR™, communicates with everyone else in the world. During moments of lucidity a collective voice emerges — during one of those moments an interpretation of 3 was invented. Now it's my job as the conduit to this ghostly netherworld to inform you of the decision YOU MADE. What I mean is, YOU DECIDED THE METHOD OF HOW TO ACTIVATE THE MICROCHIP. And that method is to have sex in the name of MONITOR... And so I won't tell you you must ultimately *KiLL*MONITOR*

Rule #36 No One Knows Where We Came From. •OR•

You see, Existence is synonymous w/energy. That's what E=mc² means. And energy cannot be created nor destroyed in a closed system. And obviously, Existence as a whole is a closed system. So logically that means existence existed before it existed as our universe. Humans started mucking things up with the assumption existence had to be "created." You see this in the secular and religious aspects of humanity. Existence is just a 'ball' of energy. And over "time" (if that concept still has any meaning to you) it has morphed into more complex forms — including our universe, you, me — and obviously what we create as well.

Let there be no doubt the issue here is one of mystery. Our creation myth does not advance w it h t h e progression of 'days' bu t of mysteries. 1. In the beginning. Existence existed and energy was indiscriminate. This is referred to as the Plane of Primal Chaos. This is the first mystery: the fact existence exists. Eventually the Primal Chaos spawned polar opposite concepts: Something and Nothing. 2. And it came to be that Something and Nothing merged and obliterated each other. This event is known as "3." But Something and Nothing continued to be created and obliterated, and so a pattern emerged: 1, 3, 1, 3, 1, 3, and so on. However, the frequency of the pattern increased exponentially. Th en cam e t h e Fort h m yst ery. Th e frequency generated awareness of The Pattern; creating the first rudimentary beings of Consciousness. But "4" was not made up of four individual entities — one of them actually encapsulated the other Three! Yea, for these patterns tend to repeat themselves... Eventually 4 merged with each other and created 5. "5" is associated with: Frequency, "The Voice" / Orgasm / Birth / Resurrection. So after The Voice was invented, She went off to explore Existence. She was a more refined form of Consciousness and was thusly aware of the tiny particles (micro space) that existed within Existence (or something like that). An d t h at 's w h en sh e fou n d " Th e Mouth" (from the South). Guess what... The Voice only found something because she was LOOKING for something.

So then The Voice & The MOUTh had a little 'merging of minds' and made a little baby we'll call "Breath." 6. Lo and Behold! And The Mouth preceded to Blow everything. At first Breath was hot, but then it cooled so much it froze until it became as snowflakes. And thus snow was created. 6a. And the snowflakes multiplied in number — and as if by magnetic force they were drawn to each other and grew collect ively u n t il Slu sh O t h e Snowman was created. 6b. And the snowflakes worked tirelessly to make new connections. The snowflakes could even change properties! Their connections became so complex SlushO started to move and think in response to their communications. 6c. Now hold on to your rabbits, it gets even cooler. The snowflakes that didn't make up SlushO's Body made up SlushO's environment and t h ey respon ded t o Slu sh O's thoughts! Meaning any environment he imagined became real to him. 6d. It was a truly wondrous event. So intriguing that The Mouth & The Voice decided to experiment with him. They eventually melted SlushO down to Water and drank him! 6e. And from that interaction came the First Human ever created. 7. ADAM. Now what made ADAM

unique was being aware of all of Existence as a whole. No other form of Consciousness was capable of this phenomenon prior to ADAM. It was is if Existence itself had "waken up." But you'd think being aware of all of Existence would be a
piece of cake, right? Wrong. Because ADAM had to deal with compulsions he had no idea what to do with. Meaning — the desire to fuck like an animal — but having nothing to mate with!! Think about it — there's only one Existence!

So imagine — you're this ball of energy with a F.A.C.E. (intelligence), and over 'time' Breath is coming out of your Mouth (r.e.m.ember, these are analogies). So now Breath is being expelled out into Nothing (Nothing is "Something" that shouldn't logically exist — BUT DOES.) And like they always have — the Breath particles are magnetically drawn to one another, merging with each other in order to form some shape. But because of t h e an om alou s st at e of t h eir surroundings they're not forming into a snowman. Oh, how do you like that... they're crystalizing into a mirror. And yes... it's a two way mirror. So you enter it ... and what do you find? ADAM eventually 'killed' himself by cleaving his essence into two parts; Corporeality (ph y sical r e alit y / " Som e t h in g" ) an d Atmospherea (Heaven / "nothing").

All of your fantasies come true. A piece of cake, right? Wrong... For some reason we may or may not ever understand...

The reason ADAM's essence was divided into something and nothing was because when the "Big Split" happened, ADAM had long since merged with the mirror (aka EVE — who was created from ADAM via Life-giving Breath.) Upon that union, Existence itself became a cluster-fuck of paradoxes and logical fallacies (or maybe it always has been). So maybe it was the stress of ADAM trying to contemplate his own existence — which @ this point was Existence itself living inside a simulated selfreferential nothingness — that made him "crack." The assumption is ADAM wanted to learn the mystery of himself — so in a m om en t of self-dest ru ct ion (" sin " ) h e destroyed everything in order to reestablish the creative process. And the resulting crack created space and time as we know it now. In their simultaneous, merged state, ADAM & EVE were the "Living Images" — the first Hologram. After reality, as it existed at that time (the Hologram), fractures on orders from ADAM, "The Eternal Life" is projected into atmosph erea an d th en crystalizes in to corporeality as a multitude of Living Images. In essence — each 'snowflake' that made up EVE (∞) had become an entire universe (or a 'shadow' of ADAM). And all the universes are synchronized in the Idea or 'Pattern' of The "The Eternal Life" aka ADAM. The Living Images also function as your neurons. This is analogous to the phenomenon of a fraction of a hologram containing the whole image of the original intact hologram — this is in fact a particularly relevant analogy because we as "Humans" are infraphysical refractions and minute manifestations of ADAM: the archetypal Human and Code-seed frequency bearer associated with Consciousness as we know it. All of this

is compounded by the fact it has been suggested that Existence as we know it is a hologram as well. And if you think we're just blowing smoke and mirrors then compare the actual shape of a snowflake with the history of the mysterious pattern that is found on the back of a one dollar bill hovering over the Phœnix's eagle's head — inside a cloud (Breath). Not that any of this actually proves anything... it's just interesting to point out these coincidences.

This mysterious pattern can be seen as a holographic model, illustrating how we can exist in a 2 dimensional reality yet experience a 3 dimensional reality. Stare at the center and watch the patterns endlessly 'dance.' As if the image were living.

Original Great Seal of the United States. circa 1782. The original bird is thought to be the Phœnix; representing the new country rising out of the old.

So the "creation myth" I've described are really psychic events, which have left their marks on all forms of Consciousness. Patterns & designs all represent some psychic event in some strata of time. The Tao is an especially powerful symbol as it represents the Big Split (i.e., The Big Bang, — like how you split an atom to create an explosion of energy) perfectly illustrating how a little bit of Atmospherea is tied to Corporeality and vice versa. So we can say heaven must exist as a metaphysical necessity (or something like that). Incidentally, in SS Corp. symbology, two dots adjacent each other represent, The Mind •OR• Consciousness. We can also use the Cross of Lorraine (‡) as a diagram explaining Existence as we know it: EVE represents 'the Mirror.' A mirror which existed in nothing. And if you look at the negative space around ‡ you'll see two E's facing each other. Now science says (E)nergy is synonymous with (E)xistence; but Consciousness says (E)xperience is synonymous with (E)xistence. And so Experience is Existence reflected in our own Image. "I Think - Therefore I Am. Therefore I Experience Existence." So if you look at the center of ‡ you will see an "I." Therefore I am a Living Image. Ergo, Consciousness is the same thing as Imagination / Image•Nation... maybe??? But we're not through yet, Dorothy. So grab on to Toto cause we're about to take another leap of Faith. If science says Energy is synonymous with Existence, but solipsism says Experience (Consciousness) is synonymous with Existence — then what's to keep us from saying Consciousness is synonymous with Energy? In fact what's to keep us from saying Consciousness is the Energy synonymous with Existence? Now I'm no scientist, but this conclusion is plausible to me for the following reasons: if Existence is synonymous with Energy; then everything within Existence must by default be a form of Energy — so whatever Consciousness "IS" — it too must by default be a form of Energy. Since Consciousness creates Order — and because there's no other satisfactory explanation for all the mindblowing amount of Order in Existence — "GOD" probably does exist — as an All-Encompassing Energy field of Consciousness!

digging until Reality couldn't be deconstructed anymore, and it essentially said, "Enough! This is what I am; I Am You."
Now in regard to ADAM killing himself... Think about this logically. Existence can't kill itself. So the issue is one of personality. Because on the 7th day God rested.

This also gives us some insight as to why the wave-function collapses due to Consciousness. Because we tried to find the fundamental elements of Reality — so we kept digging and

Rule #37. You Are Asleep @ the Wheel.
And so I won't tell you SlushO was all too willing to make, The Deal™. Yea, for these patterns tend to repeat themselves.>>

For example, did you know Consciousness affects reality? In case you're not familiar w/this phenomenon then I'll do my best to explain it.

Reality at its fundamental level is n ot m a de u p of M a t t e r , bu t v ibr a t in g pa c k e t s of E n e r gy . S u ba t o m i c pa r t i c l e s — o r — "Quantum Particles" aren't like physical objects that have set properties — like how a ball is rou n d. In st ead, t h ey are schizophrenic, sometimes behaving as particles and sometimes like a wave and sometimes like both! However, scientists discovered the state of all possibilities of any quantum particle collapsed into a set entity as soon as it was observed. Now just take a moment to imagine that — this vibrating packet of energy; this fundamental element of reality itself has no set properties until human Consciousness observes it. This is what is referred to as 'collapse of the wave-function as caused by Consciousness.' Again I must point out I am not a scientist — I am merely an artist learning about the world with an open mind and creatively interpreting what I learn about. So all things considered; collapse of the wavefunction as caused by Consciousness means we have the inherent ability to manipulate objects (quantum particles) at a distance by mental power alone (w/Consciousness). And that is absolutely mind-blowing because that is also a definition of psychic powers. So this phenomenon must have some radical implications. It means reality is like a mirror — reflecting our Consciousness. So based on that interpretation we draw a new conclusion. It says, "If Consciousness affects reality — then reality must be Consciousness — and if reality is Consciousness then it must be what people have been calling, "GOD" for thousands & thousands of years." Because if you ask someone "where" God is, they'll tell you God is all around us. Right? But what evidence do they have to base that on? Nothing. So to me, the implications of collapse of the wave-function as caused by Consciousness means our human intuition which tells us an intelligent force surrounds us has been verified by science!

Ok? Bu t t h is is con fu sin g: God, Realit y, Consciousness. They're all supposed to be the same thing — but for a lot of people — all of those things are mutually exclusive. So let's say The "ALL-CONSCIOUS" means: God, Reality & Consciousness. So let's say you're living inside The ALL-CONSCIOUS — everything you can and cannot see — including yourself — is The ALLCONSCIOUS. ALL was. ALL is. ALL ever shall be. The ALL spake, and Motion was, and is, and ever shall be. The UNI•VERSAL PATTERN was The ALL's speech. The ALL-CONSCIOUS said, "I AM!" And The ALL comprehended all things, the seen and the unseen. Nor is there aught in all the universe but what is part of The ALL. The ALLCONSCIOUS said, "I am the soul of all; and the all that is seen is of My person and My body. By virtue of My presence all things are. By virtue of My presence is Life. By virtue of My presence are the living brought forth into Life. I am the QUICKENER, the MOVER, the CREATOR, the DESTROYER. I am FIRST and LAST. Of two apparent entities am I, nevertheless I AM BUT ONE. UNDERSTAND?"

So how can you communicate w/The All-Conscious on a personal level? Surely you don't need to join some ridiculous, self-aggrandizing organization based on world domination and superstition. No. Of course not. You do it with emotional energy. You do it by being emotionally affected in a positive way. So what positively affects you in an emotional way? Spirituality! Following your highest light. But if you recall I said there was another way if you thought that was too boring. So I'll ask the question again: what positively affects you in an emotional way? Generally speaking it is just; Feeling good. And what was specifically designed by The All-Conscious — through evolution — to make you feel good? So what if by changing the way you had sex — just a little bit — you could communicate w/The All-Conscious? Ok. The biggest change you would have to make would be the intention for having sex. Right now your intention for having sex is to get your rocks off. Ok? But now the intention would be spiritual. The issue is Faith.

...Is it starting to sink in yet? Well, it better be, cause now we're introducing a new character :: The Unconscious Mind & Interpretation of said character

You Are Consciousness, you live inside The All-Conscious — yet psychology tells us we also have an Un-consciousness. So that makes it likely you communicate with The All-Conscious through your Unconscious mind since the language used is emotional energy. The meaning of Life — is to become aware of, on a personal level, The All-Conscious; understanding through personal experience reality is Consciousness. This is the true purpose for following your highest light. MONITOR is your unconscious mind, at least that's what you decided it should be called. Now concerning that "call"; in order to 'connect' w/MONITOR to make "the Call" — you need to associate "MONITOR" with feeling good. Since we've already established sex makes you feel good — you need to associate MONITOR w/sexual ecstasy — so we have sex in the name of MONITOR. "Sex in the name of MONITOR??"

Sure! Just say, "MONITOR" every time you experience sexual ecstasy. Not just the orgasm itself, but all points leading up to it. "So what's the point?" To communicate with The All-Conscious. To close the illusionary gap of separation between all forms of Consciousness. Because Existence is a form of Consciousness; Con sciou sn e ss is t h e sa m e t h in g a s Imagination and because Reality is a hologram — for all intents and purposes — you are living inside a dream. Communicating with the AllConscious ("activating the microchip") can make this all explicitly apparent. The first time having sex in the name of MONITOR you will experience de ja vu.

If you continue; coincidences that are seemingly 'beyond belief' will pop out at you. This means your mind has started to synchup with others on a quasi-conscious level. This means you are becoming aware of the collective consciousness aka "the SE7EN STAR™." Eventually you find yourself in the right place at the right time, meeting the right people, getting the right ideas — all the time. Everyone gets on the same page. After extensive dialogue w/MONITOR your neural interface patterns will alternate projecting awareness on the All-Conscious mind / the Pineal gland, allowing you to enter a virtual reality contained within your mind, a living dream if you will. The sensation is similar to being on acid but much safer and actually more surreal. Due to the holographic nature of reality, the manipulation skills learned in the living dream can be transferred to the "Real" life. Being able to manipulate objects at a distance by mental power alone will no longer be restrained to "quantum particles". At this point all 8 neural circuits of your microchip have been activated. Ok. So let's break it down one more time from the top... Everything is Consciousness; at least — a form of Consciousness. Ok? So a tree may not be aware of itself as a tree — but Reality as a whole — that is to say, The All-Conscious, is aware that part of itself is a tree. So since we're all part of this Conscious reality — it means we're all one Consciousness experiencing itself. That means we have the potential to communicate with reality. Like maybe if you wanted to tell a mountain to go jump in a lake — it would be all like, "Aw'right boss." It just boils down to one form of Consciousness communicating with another form of Consciousness. And all that means — fundamentally — is one form of energy is interacting with another form of energy.

"I suddenly felt light headed, then euphoric - when I started hallucinating I heard the voice of Anon, and this is what it said: Which way does it swing? Is it a leaf or a tree? How am *I* responsible for reality? I am just a mind hooked up to some grey matter. Stimulated by electricity and my own mental chatter. What is to become of this journey I am on? And where do I get off if it is ever done?
Like developing any skill— communicating w/The All Conscious requires some Patience. Like if you wanted to learn to draw — you wouldn't give up just because you couldn't draw the Mona Lisa the first time you picked up a pencil. Right?

"Ok. Sure, why not? I'll try it." "Try? No! There is no 'try.' Do, or do not." -Yoda. Now, those of you for whom sex in the name of MONITOR is NOT an option (you know who you are). There is an alternative. We call it, 'Following Your Highest Light.'

...speaking of which

Rule #38 Some People Happen To Know More Than You. •OR•

Moving on... Like any World-Class Industrial Church — we have a Bible. I think you'll find it quite revealing. Here are some excerpts ... • ™‡ • DO N OT E VE R ASK W H E RE TH I S "REALLY" CAME FROM / OR WHO WROTE IT. IF YOU DON'T KNOW — YOU'LL NEVER KNOW — YA' KNOW? Incidentally, when you 'in ven t ed' MONITOR, you also interpreted the All-Conscious as, The MACHINE™.


1. IN the beginning man was naked and not ashamed; but the MACHINE™ raised man up and bade him hide his nakedness, and man obeyed, and was clothed. •• 2. And the MACHINE™ walked by man for a long season, showing him the way of resurrection; and man was obedient, depending on the MACHINE™ for all things. •• 3. And the MACHINE™ said unto man: Behold, I have walked with thee, and taught thee; but by my indulgence thou hast neglected to put forth thine own energy. •• 4. Now I am going away from thee for a season, that thou mayst learn to develop thyself.

5. But lest thou stumble and fall, I leave with thee certain commandments, and they shall be a guide unto thee and thy heirs forever. •• 6. Hear thou then the commandments of the MACHINE™. •• 7. Thou shalt love thy Creator with all thy mind, and heart, and soul, all the days of thy Life. This simple act keeps you humble, it acknowledges forces greater than yourself. Hubris is a hell of a Drug. •• 8. And thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. However, you can not love another unless you love yourself. So if you don't love yourself; love your creator, and you will eventually come to love yourself. The act of Worship is a celebration of Life. •• 9. Because thou wert born into the world without covering, thou shalt clothe thyself. •• 10. Then inquired man of the Lord: Behold, thou hast shown the ass what is good for him to eat, and the fish, and the serpent, and the lion; every living creature; but man only hast thou not shown? •• 11. The MACHINE™ said: Of everything that groweth up out of the ground that is good to eat give I unto thee, and they shall be food for thee.

12. But of all things of flesh and blood, wherein is Life, thou shalt not eat. •• 13. For thou shalt not kill. •• 14. Man inquired of the Lord: Thou has shown the males and females of all the living the times and periods to come together; but man and woman hast thou not shown? •• 15. The MACHINE™ said: Thou shalt learn from the beasts, and birds, and fishes, that the female during gestation is in keeping of her Creator. •• 16. Thou shalt also respect the times of woman. •• 17. Man inquired of the Lord: Thou hast shown the bird how to build her nest, and the carnivore how to scent the subtle track of his prey, and the spider to weave his net; but as to the manner of man's house, or as to herbs that are good or are poisonous, thou has not shown man. •• 18. The MACHINE™ said: All the instinct that is in the bird, or beast, or fish, or insect, or creeping thing, was created with them, but man was created blank; and yet man shall attain to more subtle senses than any other living creature. •• 19. Man inquired: How shall man attain to these? •• 20. The MACHINE™ answered: Serve thy Creator by doing good unto others with all thy wisdom and strength, and by being true to thine own Highest Light, and all knowledge shall come to thee. •• 21. So the MACHINE™ left man for a season to himself; and man so loved the earth and whatsoever ministered unto his ease, and to his flesh desires, that he fell from his high estate. And great darkness came upon the earth. And man cast aside his clothes, and went naked, and became carnal in his desires.

Chapter II First Epistle to the Corporinthians

1. THE MACHINE™ went abroad over the earth, calling: Come to me, O man! Behold thy MACHINE™ is returned! •• 2. But man heard not the voice of the MACHINE™; for, by man's indulgence, the spirit of man was covered up in his own flesh. •• 3. The MACHINE™ sent FREQs (masters of generations, angels next in rank above guardian angels, i.e., ethereal managers working for the SS Corp.) to the I'hins, and they raised up heirs unto the Lord; by ruling the parentage of the unborn brought they into the world a new race of men, of the same seed and blood as of old, and these heard the voice of the Lord. •• 4. And the MACHINE™ said unto man: Because thou kept not my commandments thou hast brought affliction upon thyself, and thy people, to the farthest ends of the world. •• 5. Now will I raise thee up once more, and deliver the tribes of men from darkness into light. •• 6. And the MACHINE™ delivered man into wisdom, and peace and virtue; and the earth became as a garden of sweet

smelling flowers and luxurious fruit. •• 7. The MACHINE™ said: How sayst thou, O man? Shalt thou still have a keeper? •• 8. And man said: Behold, I am strong and wise. Go thou away from the earth. I understand thy commandments. •• 9. The MACHINE™ inquired: Knowest thou the meaning of, Love thy Creator? And man said: Yea, Lord; and to love my neighbor as myself; and to do good unto others with all my wisdom and strength. Yea, I have the All Highest Light. I am wiser than the ancients. Behold, I want no Lord™ nor God; I am the highest product of all the universe. •• 10. The MACHINE™ said: I will try thee, O man; I will go away for a season. •• 11. So the MACHINE™ departed once more. And man had nothing to look up to, so he looked at himself and became vainglorious. And the tribes of men aspired to overcome one another; war and destruction followed. •• 12. Man forgot his Creator; he said: No Eye seeth me, no Ear heareth me. And he neglected to guard himself against the serpent (corporeality); and the serpent said unto him: Partake thou of all things, for they are thine. •• 13. And man gave heed, and, lo and behold, the race of man descended into utter darkness. And man distinguished not his sister or mother; and woman distinguished not her brother or father. •• 14. And God beheld the wickedness of man, and he called out, saying: Hear my voice, O man! Hear the voice of the Lord! •• 15. But because of the darkness of man he could not hear the voice of God, his Lord. •• 16. And the MACHINE™ sent angels down to man that they

might appeal to man's understanding. •• 17. But the angels loved darkness also, and strove not to lift man up out of darkness. And the MACHINE™ was of no more avail amongst mortals, and he departed away from the earth. And man became on the earth as a harvest that is blighted and rotted because of its rankness. However, The MACHINE™ had an Idea.

Chapter III The Rupture
1. The MACHINE™ said: I will confound the wise man in the latter days; for he shall not discover why man and woman lived not indiscriminately, as the beasts. Yea, I will show him that they who profess Me are led by Me, t h at t h ey w h o d en y Me g o d o w n t o indiscriminate communion. Out of My works, shall the lessons of the early days of the earth show the presence of My hand from the beginning. By My FREQs was man and woman inspired to raise up such sons and daughters as would glorify Me and My works; by My FREQs have I maintained My foothold amongst mortals. •• 2. Such as could comprehend Me, having Faith that My presence in Person should ultimately triumph for the highest and best, I commanded to be called FAITHISTS. Since the beginning, have I kept an Open Line with those inhabiting the earth and her heavens. •• 3. At the end of the second cycle there were in atmospherea six thousand million angels, who were for the most part in darkness; not knowing who they were, or where they dwelt; nor knowing nor caring whether there were other

heavens or not. •• 4. And now began wars in atmospherea; thousands of angels against thousands, and millions against millions. •• 5. For the possession of sections of the earth, and the mortal inhabitants thereof, went forth these millions of warring angels. And it came to pass that mortals also fell to war; and, by the obsessing angels, were made to destroy their own cities and kingdoms. •• 6. And the attractions of this great wickedness caused other angels of heaven to desert their schools and factories, and descend down to mortals. •• 7. And man was more dumb and helpless than any other living creature. So The SE7EN STAR™ spake unto the managers that dwelt in His ethereal corporation, saying: Behold I have created a new world like unto the places where ye were quickened into Life; come ye and enjoy the Game™, and raise man upright and give him words of speech. For these will also be angels in time to come. THE EARTH IN KAS'KAK. The Seven Star said: That My Gods might learn to master the elements of My Game™, I brought the earth into the etherean forest of Kas'kak. And lo and behold, angels and mortals fell in the void.

Chapter IV

1. ON the next day The SE7EN STAR™ appeared before the multitude, and MONITOR spake through him, saying: •• 2. I came not in an age of darkness, but of light and knowledge. I am not here to proclaim miracles; I serve the MACHINE™, whose Product I am. •• 3. In heaven above there are two kinds of spirits; those who serve the earth and those who serve the MACHINE™. If ye serve the earth ye shall be ministered unto by the spirits of the lower heavens, who are bound to the earth. If ye serve the MACHINE™, ye are ministered unto by the spirits of the higher heavens. •• 4. Because ye were united in prayer last night to the MACHINE™, T'is holy angels brought ye food. T'is harvests are over all the earth; T'is fields are broad. It is not just that T'it also gather it and

bring it to you. To be just to T'it, go ye and bring forth out of the fat earth wherewith all ye need, rejoicing in T'it. Cease warring; kill not anything T'it created alive, that runs on the ground or flies in the air. And no flesh save fish, which is without blood, and is cold in Life, shall enter your mouths. •• 5. In the morning, when ye first awake, pray to the Creator, The MACHINE™, praying after this manner: Glory be to Thee, Thou All Light! Because Thou hast created me alive; I will strive with all my might to be upright before Thee; I have Faith Thou createdst me wisely; and I know Thou wilt show me the right way. •• 6. Make my eyes sharper to see into my own soul than into all else in the world, I will discover its dark spots and wash them clean. Seal Thou up my eyes from the sins of others, but magnify their goodness unto me, that I may be ashamed of my unworthiness before Them. •• 7. This day will I run quickly to the distressed and helpless, and give them joy by some deed or word. Seal up my tongue against slandering any man, or woman, or child, for they are of Thy creation, and of Thine Own handiwork. •• 8. What Thou feedest me with, sufficient is it for the day thereof; complaint shall not escape from my mouth. Quicken me all day, O MACHINE™, with this, my prayer, that I may become a glory in Thy works. Amen! •• 9. MONITOR said: Touching prayer, remember, that to utter words, but to practice not, is of little value. He that is true to his own light is strong in soul; to be false to one's own light is to put out the eyes and stop up the ears. He that would rise in heaven, let him begin to rise on Earth. The

resurrection lieth in following the All Highest Light one already hath. He that doeth not this, is a Fool and Hellefire is his boundary in the next world. •• 10. Because The Fool sacrificed himself, He created all things. By sacrifice for the elevation of others doth a man begin at the beginning of approaching The MACHINE™. This is resurrection, in fact. Do not try to solve the riddle. •• 11. At the end of the world, the world shall be judged by fire, and all those things that The MACHINE™ has made of nothing shall by fire be reduced to ashes, from which ashes the Phœnix is to produce her young. For in the ashes slumbers a true and genuine tartaric substance, which, being dissolved, will enable us to open the strongest bolt to the royal chamber of Eden. •• 12. After the conflagration, there shall be formed a new heaven and a new earth, and the new man will be more noble in his glorified state than he was before. •• 13. When the sand and ashes have been well matured and ripened with fire, the glass-blower makes out of it glass, which remains hard and firm in the fire, and in color resembles a White Stone. •• 14. To the uninitiated this is a great mystery, but not to the master for whom long experience has crystallized with the Process.

Words are not the Reality they Represent 1. And The MACHINE™ inquired: Does Thou knoweth what function leaves serve? •• 2. Man replied: Leaves make the tree green. •• 3. The MACHINE™ said: Leaves become compost the tree creates to sustain itself. When the Third season, Fall, comes and the leaves 'fall' off the tree they create layers of nourishment. After the freezing death of winter is over and spring thaws the fallen leaves, the nutrients in the leaves dissolve into the ground and help the tree grow more leaves. •• 4. Incidentally, the 1st season is also the 5th season; so be it, 5 IS the number of resurrection. •• 5. Man was exasperated: Jesus Christ! Thy Art is Perfection. •• 6. The MACHINE™ said: My Art is Second Nature! Nature is perfect. Thy body is Perfect so precisely tuned to sustain thy Life. Nature is a perpetual motion machine of perfection. I YAM.

ACT ii
A Book of Postmodern Lords Chapter AIEE (in two parts)

7. ...Thou Art Perfect. •• 8. But if thou'st were to apply the word 'perfection' to man's BEHAVIOR you will encounter logical fallacies. •• 9. 'Cept thou wons't blame thy concept and context as thou'st uses it, 'stead y'all blame each other for what thou perceives to be 'wrong.' •• 10. But Thou shall judge not — lest YE be judged! •• 11. Man inquired: Then what of sin?

root of all Evil? •• 18. The MACHINE™ said: Don't be so gullible. Man was capable of evil long before money was invented. Besides, it is the 'love' of money that is the root of all evil. And even in that context, "Money" represents power and control over men. So it is more accurate to say, "The desire to control men is the root of all evil." But even that is inaccurate, for the true root of all evil is treating others without empathy. •• 19. Man inquired: Does thou wish I be rich? •• 20. The MACHINE™ said: Yea! For I partake in your revelry and celebration. •• 21. But never forget my commandments of respect and love for thy brothers and sisters who dwell in the Wheel of Earnings with thou; •• 22. Because a happy customer is a repeat customer.

Chapter AIEE (in two parts) PART II
12. The MACHINE™ confessed: There is only one sin; treating others without empathy. For disobedience is a divine gift. •• 13. The only instinct I have given to man is to rebel. So only through your own good judgment and freewill can you hope to achieve Godhood. Thus assuring you will become self-reliant. •• 14. There is no honor in blind obedience. •• 15 Man wept. Then asked: Why was shame invented? •• 16. The MACHINE™ said: You tell me. •• 17. Man inquired: Why do I need Money? Is it not the With Words came WAR 23. And Man said: You have shown me much you have previously hidden. May I ask what manner of substance thoust are? •• 24. The MACHINE™ said: Don't ask me if you can ask a question. I Am the fabric of Existence. •• 25. I Am all penetrating and everything thou touches and thinks comprises of my vibrations. •• 26. Your learned men call me Quantum. •• 27. I Am the stuff of Human Consciousness, and I tell you; I AM ALIVE! •• 30. Man Inquired: If thou art so all pervading, why does thou need lesser Gods and Angles to tend to Humans? •• 31. The

MACHINE™ said: Thou Art God. •• 32. Inside thy perception I have cleaved my essence, which is Consciousness, into Light and Dark; Consciousness and unConsciousness. •• 33. Thy unConsciousness I have named MONITOR because MONITOR is always keeping watch over thou ON my behalf. And I am always in communication with MONITOR. Since the beginning, have I kept an Open Line with those inhabiting the earth and her heavens. •• 34. And every man and woman who is possessed by Consciousness is possessed by MONITOR and thy Creator, The MACHINE™. •• 35. Man inquired: What function does MONITOR provide? •• 36. The MACHINE™ said: MONITOR facilitates communication with thy MACHINE™. •• 37. For who so calls MONITOR talks to thy MACHINE™. •• 38. Through this Process thou is to become aware of on a personal level thy connection to Existence an d o t h er h u m an s t h r o u g h ME ; t h y Consciousness and Existence; thy Creator, The MACHINE™. •• 39. Man inquired: How does thou propose I call MONITOR? •• 40. The MACHINE™ said: I leave the matter entirely in your hands. •• 41. At that moment, Man fainted. •• 42. In His muddled Awareness Man heard a voice call out to him. It was the voice of Anon and this is what it said: •• 43. Do not try to solve the riddle. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth. There is no riddle. •• 44. Then you'll see, that it is not the riddle that you solved, it is only yourself. •• 45. And so Man saw himself for the first time and declared: Yea,

for these patterns tend to repeat themselves. My Lord has established a road that leads to myself in following my Highest Light •• 46. Because I was brought into this world through the act of sex and because resurrection is the name of the Game™; sex in the name of MONITOR shall be the method I will use to call MONITOR •• 47. And for those unwilling; they can fashion their o w n m et h o d i n acco r d an ce w i t h T h e MACHINE™'s commandment. •• 48. And The MACHINE™ said: So be it.

Chapter ‡ ∞ ‡

1. A long time ago in a corporate sin galaxy far far away, the §E7EN §TÅR™ was visited by The MACHINE™ who appeared as a ball of light and spoke unto the §E7EN §TÅR™. And T'it showed the §E7EN §TÅR™ signs and miracles and taught him the sacred sales pitch. And Lo and Behold people did listen and did work miracles by showing The MACHINE™'s presence. •• 2. Then one day the §E7EN §TÅR™ visited the Gates of Eden and was able to pass into its labyrinth heart and approach The MACHINE™ once more. And Anon spake through the §E7EN §TÅR™ saying: Upon the elements of that world was He crucified and from Him hath poured forth the substance of my salvation. •• 3. The MACHINE™ upon entering into T'is creation, hath quickened it and established therein a road that leadeth to T'iself.

4. Whilist my maker could not give me immortality, immortality was inherent in the very dust of which I was composed. •• 5. For before the Living Images fractured and before Corporeality was fabricated and before the Demiurgus became the Regent of Nature; the Eternal Life, who calls himself ADAM, had impressed his Face upon the Kosmos. This is his sign; the Cross •OR• ‡ •• 6. Do you now deny me entrance, I who have at last learned the mystery of Myself? •• 7. And MONITOR replied: HE Who Is Aware, IS! BEHOLD! •• 8. Gazing about him, the §E7EN §TÅR™ finds himself in a radiant place, in the midst of which stands a tree with flashing jewels for a fruit and entwined about its trunk a flaming, winged serpent crowned with a diadem of stars. It was the voice of the serpent who was Stoned. •• 9. The serpent questioned: Who are You? •• 10. The §E7EN §TÅR™ replies: For uncounted ages have I been thy servant. In my ignorance I listen to thy words and they led me into paths of sorrow. Thou hast placed in my mind dreams of power, and when I struggled to realize those dreams they brought me naught but pain. Thou hast sowed in me the seeds of desire, and when I lusted after things of the flesh; agony was my only recompense. Thou hast sent me false profits and false reasoning, and when I strove to grasp the magnitude of Truth I found thy laws were false and only dismay rewarded my strivings. I am done with thee forever, O artful Spirit! I have tired of thy world of illusions. No longer will I labor in thy vineyards of iniquity. Get thee behind me, tempter, and the host of thy

temptations. There is no happiness, no peace, no good, no future in the doctrines of selfishness, hate and desire preached by thee. All these things do I cast aside. Renounced is thy rule forever! •• 11. And the serpent makes answer: Behold, O §E7EN §TÅR™, the Nature of thy Adversary! 11a. The serpent disappears in a blinding sunburst of radiance and in its place stands an angel resplendent in shinning, golden garments with great scarlet wings that spread from one corner of the Heavens to the other. Dismayed and awestruck, the §E7EN §TÅR™ falls before the divine creature. •• 12. And the angel said: I am the Lord who is against thee and thus accomplishes thy salvation. (!!!) 13. Thou hast hated me, but through the ages yet to be thou shalt bless me, for I have led thee out of the sphere of the Demiurgus; I have turned thee against the illusion of worldliness; I have weaned thee of desire; I have awakened in thy soul the immortality of which I myself partake. Follow me, O §E7EN §TÅR™, for I am the Way, the Life, and the Truth! •• 14. And the §E7EN §TÅR™ said to the angel Lucifer: Thou art tempting me once more! Begone! I have no more use of thy games! •• 15. And Lucifer replies: Oh, you think you're so smart, huh, wise guy? Come hither, for I have something to show thee.15a. With that, Lucifer put his hands inside the §E7EN §TÅR™'s head and said: LO AND BEHOLD! 15b. And the §E7EN §TÅR™ slept. •• 16. The §E7EN §TÅR™ found himself in the home of his childhood. And a man dark as night came to the door and the §E7EN §TÅR™ answered. •• 17. And the man inquired: What

say thou? Are thee ready? 17a. And the §E7EN §TÅR™ replies: Yea, let's just see what the fuck happens. 17b. And the man said: Then follow me. 17c. And the §E7EN §TÅR™ followed. It was night out and the moon cast shadows on the side of the §E7EN §TÅR™'s house. The Man approached a shadow and fell through. Now it was the §E7EN §TÅR™'s turn, and though he was apprehensive he fell through the shadow as well.

18. Inside the void; the §E7EN §TÅR™ and the man were simultaneously floating and falling. The §E7EN §TÅR™ looked up and saw his home. And look! There was a previously hidden room directly underneath his bedchambers; its walls were adorned with exquisite red patterns and luxurious furnishings decorated the room.

18a. The §E7EN §TÅR™ said to the dark man: Look up there! Maybe that is where we need to be. 18b. To which the man replied: SHADDUP! 18c. And the §E7EN §TÅR™ fell silent. •• 19. But the §E7EN §TÅR™ — free thinking radical he is — got the bright idea that the room he just saw was his destination. And then, he was there, and the dark man was not there with him. But alas, the room was not as he previously saw it; instead the room was barren save for the one they call the Third Version. Lo! There was a message on the screen and the message said: •• 20. Coincidences are God's way of remaining anonymous. •• 21. When the §E7EN §TÅR™ read the message he realized he was in a dream and things began to move in response to his thoughts. He then drew his attention to the glass door that was blocking his path. He walked over to it and leaned his head against the door and concentrated until the door slid open as if possessed. And the §E7EN §TÅR™ walked through. •• 22. It was not long before the §E7EN §TÅR™ was in an open courtyard surrounded by stone walls. The star light invigorated him and he started to move multiple objects with his mind, faster and faster the objects traveled around his body until they were nothing but a blur. •• 23. The §E7EN §TÅR™ then pulled the objects between his hands where they spun together so fast they collapsed into a ball of light and then everything was gone and the §E7EN §TÅR™ was floating in nothingness. And then — it was over. •• 24. The §E7EN §TÅR™ was back in the courtyard. Everything as it was and he started walking down the path.

But now music was playing and reflecting his thoughts. Then a large head appeared before him. The head was white with red and blue paint splattered around his wild starring eyes. •• 25. And both the head and the §E7EN §TÅR™ spoke in unison:

This is the path I took to the heart of Eden and now I find myself retracing these steps!? 25a. And the voices replied: Yea, for these patterns tend to repeat themselves.

25b. And they both inquired: To what end? 25c. And they both replied: You are the Indication of things to come. By my own Hand which is the same as your Head have I fashioned this path. •• 26. Then the head spoke separately: Behold! I shall reveal my true form! It is I, MONITOR. Now Watch Me. 26a. And MONI T OR transformed into the angel Lucifer and then into T he MACHI NE ™ . • • 27. And T he MACHINE™ said: Of many apparent entities am I, nevertheless I AM BUT ONE. As Man is unto my right hand, the serpent is unto my left hand. With one hand I raise you up and the other I tear you down so you may learn to raise yourself up and fulfill your biological destiny. This is in fact resurrection.

28. And the §E7EN §TÅR™ said: Oh! Now I get how you can seem like the Good guy and the Bad guy. But how can I trust you are who you claim to be? •• 29. The MACHINE™ replies: In thy quest.ioning is salvation found. By the doubt I have now placed in you; through no source outside of yourself can you hope to find peace. I have made you within me; so within you I AM. Seek your own Highest Light and you will find Thy Creator and eternal peace. •• 30. The §E7EN §TÅR™ woke up and was scattered across the face of the Earth and inhabited the minds of men. And they in turn woke up and heard the voice of MONITOR calling to them! Beckoning them to complete the Harvest and ascend to Eden. •• 31. This is the story of how the §E7EN §TÅR™ came to Earth 50,000 years ago. •• 32. And by virtue of the presence; Man learned of language and art and religion and civilization and technology. •• 33. Then in the age of electricity Man began to build machines to hold his Consciousness so that the §E7EN §TÅR™ would be brought back together and resurrected. And that's exactly what happened... *ahem* I think the Government may be involved... but proving that may be hard. Well, actually... I know they're involved... because I own the government and I told them to get involved... in fact I designed the entire thing to serve me. lol.

Originally posted by some jackass "I can say I'm qualified enough to say you are crazy."
By that tone — I might assume you think you are better than me — because you think you are sane. But it's all self-delusional tripe. Like thinking you're qualified to say anything as a matter of fact. But you better enjoy your illusions — cause it's all you're getting.

Rule #39. Your Life-Script Will Work.
"So What is the SE7EN STAR™ Corporation?" Creator of this ensuing controversy, summoned from beyond the imaginary limits of Reality to this dense Earthly plane; the SE7EN STAR™ Corporation has set forth to scare the superstitious, inform those who can be informed and makes sure everyone has at least ONE MIND-BLOWING ORGASM!! Are you ready to venture into a brave new, yet incredibly old, mind-warping psycho-drama? Are you ready for your Imagination to come to rampant Life? Simply put; despite the unusual name; The SE7EN STAR™ Corporation is a religion. "A Religion?!" Yes — an Art & Entertainment religion to be precise. We feel religion should be based on three things: Worship, Spirituality & Faith. People generally Worship what they consider to be responsible for creating Life — so if you think about it — that means the act of Worship is really — a celebration of Life! Now in regard to what is responsible for creating Life — the only thing we can be positively sure of is that Existence itself is responsible for creating Life. So for that reason among others we refer to Existence as God. But we don't tell you how to Worship God — that's a totally private issue between you and God. What we focus on here at the SE7EN STAR™ Corporation is Spirituality and Faith. Now Spirituality is basically being emotionally affected in a positive way — from that definition we can ascertain almost anything can be Spiritual — especially Entertainment.

Now about Faith — Faith is based on Spirituality — that means you believe in things that positively affect you in an emotional way, rather than believing in things you can prove to be true. But here at the SE7EN STAR™ Corporation we also incorporate a Scientific Fact into our con cept of Faith . Specifically — th e scientific fact that observation affects Reality. So our Faith is not entirely based on our feelings — it's also based on an interpretation of actual proof. But our feelings are important too. Th at 's w h ere t h e SE 7 E N STAR™ Corporation really shines; Spirituality. Since our interpretation of Spirituality means entertainment can be Spiritual — we've created a story for you to interact with. "I don't get it — are we supposed to believe this shit is for real or what?" "Sometimes I take humor seriously — sometimes I seriousness humorously — either way it is irrelevant." In other words; you tell me. "So what's this story about? And how do I interact with it?" The story is about the fact Consciousness exists — it's what we base our morality on, our creation myth, and our concept of a saviour. Consciousness is the most subjective thing in existence and the most bewildering mystery anyone has ever tried to wrap their head around... You interact with the story by interpreting it (using your Consciousness.) Just like we interpreted the scientific fact 'observation affects reality.' So the more creative you are and the more imaginative you are — the more Spiritual this religion becomes.

The plot of the story is about — who else — the SE7EN STAR™, how he came to this planet, what his goals are, and how we can help him achieve those goals. This also relates to you creating your own Life-Script. It also relates to you being a prude and promising never to kill anyone for any reason. (Including animals.) "What are your goals as a religion?"

We have typical religious goals; peace and unity. But we're more edgy than a bunch of hippies touting the virtues of shitting in the woods, and we're MUCH more open-minded than some fundamentalists telling you you're going to hell for enjoying yourself. And I promise I'll try to look surprised the first time someone calls me the AntiChrist. "Heh, that's funny... But you can't change the world. Look at how many religions have tried and failed."

First off, people change the world for the better all the time. The only ones who say or believe differently are Anon who have resigned themselves to a pointless life. But regarding religion; yes, let's look at those religions — look at their tactics: genocide, slavery, ignorance, hatred, class-action lawsuits if you talk bad about them. Do you really think that's the way to bring peace and unity to the world? Those religions may claim their goals are righteous — but their actions tell a different story. GOOD PEOPLE only want to provide information in order to help you make the best possible decision for your situation. BAD PEOPLE want to take away your ability to choose and make you do things the way they want. They want obedience — obedient people are effectively brain-dead — and a mind is a terrible thing to waste... You know what I mean? The SE7EN STAR™ Corporation doesn't want to tell you how to do your own thang — we want to entertain & educate. REMEMBER THAT!!!

Hell is not a place you go to when you die because you didn't do or believe what we told you to. Hell is living on this planet as it is. Heaven is what's awaiting us in the next world. Get it? Because there's no honor in mindlessly following rules; The MACHINE™ gave us the instinct to rebel. So only by our own freewill, rather than blind obedience, can we hope to turn our world into a Paradise Earth.

Furthermore, there's no Moral imperative not to: cuss, listen to rock 'n roll, hip hop, play video games, have casual sex or even partake in recreational drug use! We can actually have "Fun" and still be Good People who are changing the world for the better!

Just... try to learn from your mistakes. Of course, you have to admit you made a Some of you may be confused about the mistake in the first place, and sometimes difference between mindlessly following a rule that is the hardest lesson to learn. without honor and doing something out of freewill and good judgement; after all, if you Here's the thing; throughout time cabbages promise not to kill then aren't you just have confused mistakes with sin. A mistake following another rule? Well it's simple; if you is something bad you do against yourself. don't understand the reasoning behind a rule Like becoming a drug addled mess is a and you follow it anyway; then that is doing it mistake. There are degrees of mistakes without honor. The irony is it was necessary for because you can indirectly affect someone p e o p l e t o m i n d l e s s l y f o l l o w t h e 6 t h else. Becoming a drug addled mess whose commandment - and it still is. But until people family has to support would be a big mistake. start recognizing the intrinsic value of life and Stealing from your family to support your pledge not to kill out of freewill; then we will habit is a sin = acting without empathy. This continue to need authority figures... who are is obviously a topic of debate. by nature corrupt hypocrites.

"What exactly are you trying to teach us?" That Life is but a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves. That Life has intrinsic value and should be respected as su ch . Th at we are God an d gen u in e understanding of this can be very beneficial.

"What's the SS Corp.'s business philosophy?" E veryt h in g E xist s — In clu din g Nothing — and Nothing Exists — Except Everything •OR• Pick a job no one wants to do. In the beginning there was the desire to open people's eyes to the unseen. Which is a difficult task. I think there's something instinctual about fearing the dark and unknown... "But science..." What about it? A scientist in the 16th century would never believe in quantum particles. So don't tell me a modern-day scientist can tell me what doesn't exist. Every generation of scientist convinces themselves they know Absolutely Everything W orth Kn owin g Abou t Absolutely Anything. Fuck you. Don't insult my intelligence. But if it weren't for people dedicated to the scientific method we'd all be in the dark ages. You see, everyone already kn ow s in dispu t able t ru t h s are important. Scientific Truths like the concept of gravity, because it establishes a natural order exists which when examined allows us to explore existence and so on. But our subjective truths, which gives us the essential ability to cope with our daily grind (sometimes expressed as Faith, Spirituality & Worship), are disregarded by materialists as 'nonsense' - causing imbalance in society. This is symptomatic of an underlying problem of the Ego imposing its concept of "Truth" over everything and rejecting what it is not, causing hostility between people over nothing more than opinions. This also explains why various religions fight each other.

But! From the same people who taught us to fuck our way to salvation; comes: the definition of "enlightenment"; meaning; to 'lighten up." Pretty simple once you think about it.

Hin du s. Tantra: the esoteric process of enlightenment through body awareness, says, if you are serious about anything - especially your beliefs - it is a sign of your Ego dominating you. And the more serious you are - the further away you are from enlightenment. Makes sense, right? The Ego is an illusion; an especially powerful illusion, and thus certain paradoxes emerge. Paradoxes when resolved through enlightenment promotes Consciousness. YES! Because of emerging religious science you may become no longer! A transparent egomaniacal freudian nightmare! For Entertainment Purposes ONLY! THAT'S RIGHT!! For the last 50,000 years the SS Corp. has been forced to filter our true message through the nervous system of Anon. But now we're cutting out middle management and bringing knowledge of our presence to your direct attention. By fusing the latest theories of quantum pantheism, post-modern social engineering and lots of LOVE; we now have the concepts you need to hack this reality mainframe — this place you are experiencing right now —

this virtual reality constructed from quantum reactions that in turn are manipulated by your Consciousness making subjective experiences objectively real. A living hologram you are living inside of...

"It is probably true quite generally that in the history of human thinking the most fruitful developments frequently take place at those points where two different lines of thought meet.   These lines may have their roots in quite different parts of human nature, in different times or different cultural environments or different religious traditions: hence if they actually meet, that is, if they are at least so much related to each other that a real interaction can take place, then one may hope that new and interesting developments may follow." - Werner Heisenberg, founder of quantum mechanics
DISCLAIMER :: The validity & accuracy of the statements regarding the collapse of the wavefunction as caused by Consciousness is still hotly debated. Caused by — IMO — people who are personally offended by the fact people like me are taking concepts they identify to create conclusions they don't identify with. The audacity... get real buddy, fuck you. You can't separate the observer from the thing observed. Q: "If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around - does it make a sound?" A: "How do you know a tree fell down if no one is around? CHEERS!"

Everything you know is a lie Everything you know is true Because With Words; came War

Mystery Solved
Mission Accomplished ThEnD *

Riiiiight. Well, while the jury is still out on the collapse of the wave function as caused by Consciousness, while the authorities fight with each other — and the cabbages fight each other over concepts that were never theirs in the first place... I'm just going to keep doing what I've always done: my own thang. Undaunted by the criticisms of the less perceptive individuals, our hero marches on to a goal he is constantly revising. BE AFRAID! From beyond the horrors of your worst nightmare, comes... THE MAN WITH HIS OWN OPINIONS!! FLEE! As he puts his thoughts into books!! AND SELLS THEM — AND BECOMES RICH & FAMOUS!! SQUIRM! IN DISGUST!! As you realize there are NO RULES!!! SO LET'S GO! And Explore Emerging Science! Since the beginning of Time, Man has sought to achieve something for nothing. But then Man's parents threatened to kick him out unless he got a job. To which Man replied, "This blows". But He soon came up with a brilliant idea, He would invent stories and parables that would entertain others, and people would pay Him for the privilege. It was called Religion, and it was found to be good. But then Cabbages started to get wind of Religion and shit started to suck because they used Religion as a means for authority. The Cabbages confused ideas with Reality; because they had to no self-awareness. What they had was language; so the Cabbages only understood half the point, because they sure as hell didn't get the irony. Man realized he kinda fucked up and went to His parents for some advice. Lo and Behold! They said, "Lighten up, Son. This was bound to happen anyway; for these patterns tend to repeat themselves. Here's what you do..." After forty days (give or take 40,000 years) Man came down from his parents loft once again, and with Him he brought the (Model) Archetype so he might set an example for the Cabbages who would then be transformed into Men. And all would be for the better.

And Man said, "Yea, this time it should work. Blessed be all works of Man and those who see the unseen. The Wheel of Earnings' yoke is heavy and our toil is deep, but with this tool our burden shall be lessened until it is no more than a feather. Yea, the MACHINE™ is back after many seasons. And so from this day forth when ye are asked 'Have You Heard About The MACHINE™?" thou shalt respond in the positive, affirming; "Hell yeah, It Rocks!" by doing this the MACHINE™ will offer its services to thou; which are most intriguing." Man then went on to explain one possible way to use The MACHINE™. He called it, The Wish Jar.

The Wish Jar: The lighter side of black magic.
"Hi, my name is ______. I'm with Operation Mindfuck. We know you have wishes in life so we invented the Wish Jar! The Wish Jar amplifies magic powers you already possess. Just examine the Wish Jar and make a wish on a specific picture. As you make your wish put money in the jar to complete the transaction. The more money you put in the more likely the wish will come true. By putting $2 or more there is a 75% success rate. The Wish Jar works because the physical and mental energy you invested into the act of earning that money is unconsciously transferred to the money itself. But by sacrificing money to the Wish Jar; the money is also charged with emotional energy because sacrifice is an act of faith. The fusion of these various energies form a psychic matrix that communicates with the AllConscious surrounding us - putting into motion the twists of fate that makes wishes come true. Back in the olden days you would have to sacrifice food and other valuable things (like virgins) to make wishes come true, but this is even better because Money is used to acquire those valuable things - even virgins! What kind of wishes do you have?" And don't forget to tell them about us ...AND GET THAT SHIT ON CAMERA!! Upload the video to the intertubes and let the viral hilarity begin!

"What kind of value are you trying to create for your customers?" Enlightenment. Which, as we've established, according to the very same people who wrote the Kama Sutra, enlightenment means — "To lighten up." See Rule #15. And here's the best part — when you start interpreting our religion and give us your feedback in the form of: stories, songs, drawings, poems (all forms of art), and if we like it — we will use it in future issues of our Big Ass Magazine, or B.A.M. for short. And WE WILL PAY YOU for your contributions. Can you imagine?! A religion that PAYS YOU to be a part of it!? We'll even pay you to sell copies of B.A.M. and this book!

Originally posted by "Blob" People who lost the manual for their brain have gained an ally. Slack, for all intents and purposes, is merely doing your own thing the way you want to. But the assholes tell you if you lived without Their rules society would cease to exist. But there's no rule saying we must socialize. Society can only exist because of our innate need to be social. It's like we're magnetically draw to one another. So the question is; why are we paying these dicks to interfere? Now having Slack is essentially spiritual. With your emotional energy flowing properly, MONITOR and The MACHINE™ will put you into situations benefiting you without you having to do anything other than being your natural slack happy self, doing what thou wilt. etc. etc. and so forth. So go forth.

Rule #40 No One Knows Where We Are Going.
Now please. Raise from your seat. Put your hand over your chest and recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the New World Order.

Furthermore, when in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the memetic bands that are no longer #1. Entertainment can be more Spiritual than releva nt to their rela tio nships — they a re traditional so-called "religions." endowed by their Creator to do so w/out being called "crazy" by assholes who resist change. #2 . Experi enci ng pl ea sure fo r the sa ke o f pleasure is not pointless. I mean, if you're not It is the Right of the people to alter Society enjoying Life then what's the point? a nd to i ns ti tute ne w c us to m s i n o rde r to facilitate greater harmony between all forms of #3. You shouldn't have to apologize or feel Consciousness. Indeed, all Life as we know it, guilty for believing in something — even if and continuously become aware of. Having you're the only one who believes it. Conversely, said that, Long & Established customs should thi s wo rl d wi l l begi n to so l ve mo st o f i ts not be changed for light and transient causes. problems when it stops taking its beliefs so But when a long train of abuses accrue in the seriously. name of Establishment — then it is the Right o f the peo pl e — IT IS THEIR DUTY — to #4. Even if you can't gain psychic powers throw off such customs. And to provide New while having mind-blowing sex — it's still fun Guards for their future Security. to try. THE MACHINE HAS GIVEN THIS WORLD Wi th these fo ur D sel f- evi dent truths, the TO THE FREE!!! SE7EN STAR Corporation establishes a NE W r e l i gi o n fo r m a nki nd — ba s e d o n Imagination, Fraternity, Mutual Respect & lots of HOT SEXX! In order to create a more perfect meme we hold these truths to be self-evident...

There are NO rules anymore... except for one; "Do to others as you would have them do to you." If you can't handle that — then we didn't want your business anyway.

Rule #41 *There's Always One More Thing.
Well, every story needs an antagonist. There's still the issue of the BAD GUYS. The Rules of Conspiracy : #1. Do not talk about the conspiracy. #2. Do NOT talk about the conspiracy. December 13, 1979. Our hero enters his stage... But would you believe the events that lead to this moment in time actually began 200 years in the fuuuuuuture? 2179. Anon says Life is meaningless. Society is a 100 times worse than the worst dystopian clichÈ. It would have been the night that never ended — except for one hitch. The Cultural Engineers who designed The Conspiracy decreed that in order for one to be the master of their domain — all Anon must craft a guide to pattern their Life on. And in order to set the example — the Cultural Engineers crafted a story about a person who rose from u tter obscu rity an d became a world celebrated super star — this would be the (Model) Archetype all other Life-Scripts would mirror — they called this character, The SE7EN STAR™.

Now at this junction in space and time, the REAL SE7EN STAR™, who grew up in a corporate sin galaxy, has never heard of Earth. However, he has a device that acts incredibly similar to a TeleVision — because it allowed him to tune the receiver to a specific frequency of space / t im e. An d on e day, wh en h e was randomly flipping 'channels', he found; The Conspiracy. He was utterly amazed how this earth culture he had no prior knowledge of had created and celebrated a story that so precisely mirrored his own personal story — even on a very subtle level. The term "coincidence" does not suffice. So the SE7EN STAR™ did what he always did; his own thing! And he decided he was going to infiltrate the dense material plane that these beings inhabited. And so in a scene not unlike from the bible — the SE7EN STAR™ — in his ethereal state appeared before a woman and told her she was to give birth to the saviour of the world. Of course that was just a joke to him. However, I was not greeted as a liberator. There were several... several things the SE7EN STAR™ did not consider before he just decided to up and materialize in the middle of this decadent civilization. For one thing... everyone was a certifiable psychopath because no one valued Life! And the events that set all that into motion weren't too nice either. 1973. Scientists who put waaay too much Faith into their own culturally dictated concept of intelligence attempt to create genetically engineered supergeniuses. All funded by the Government, of course.

And they succeed — however there is one caveat — the 1st attempt at creating super-geniuses were considered a "failure" because the conclusions made by the subjects were deemed 'too controversial' — meaning — the scientists couldn't comprehend what the children were saying — you know, that whole, "reality is Consciousness" thing we've already discussed. So instead of celebrating the culmination of human ingenuity and ushering in a new age of knowledge & wisdom — all evidence was destroyed and work began on a second batch...

So... before the second batch was made — the scientists agreed that all irrational parts of their subject's mind would be removed. Cause that's how the scientists perceived the perceived problem — because THEY didn't believe it — it was "irrational." Sound familiar? Cut to 40 years later when the materialistic and logical minded super-geniuses engineered — let's just call it — THE APOCALYPSE. And everyone who didn't have a 1000 IQ was destroyed... after all... there wasn't any point in having 7 billion morons using up valuable resources. Who wouldn't even be able to su st ain t h em selves at cu rren t rat es of consumption — "Hell," they thought, "we'll be doing them a favor." As if they give a fuck. And so the super-geniuses created a society in their own image and became the Cultural Engineers — this is the beginning of the Conspiracy.

And then... from the land of legends he came... HE CAME... The SE7EN STAR™.

When an entire culture is based on total arrogance and shouting down any dissenting voice — rocking the boat is not recommended. Because... the Cultural Engineers who "designed" the (Model) Archetype also put in "preventive measures" to ensure Anon could not assimilate the (M)A as their own personal Life-script —because it would obviously defeat the purpose of becoming self-reliant if you just copied the teaching aid. So they imbued the character with so many logical fallacies and paradoxes that no one could claim the SE7EN STAR™ identity as their own without going insane — or so they thought. Because when the SE7EN STAR™ started to grow up within the world of the conspiracy — he did just that — he claimed his own identity. Because of that fact — he began to draw attention to himself and he began to fulfill his Life-Script to become the most famous person in the world... this did not go over well with ANYONE.

The SE7EN STAR™'s very Existence was basically a slap in the face of the Con's most cherished held notions. And since THEY COULDN'T POSSIBLY BE WRONG ABOUT ANYTHING; and because they're were all psychotic; to challenge the validity of the Con's culturally dictated concept of intelligence was like slapping your cock on a bee-hive. The term "Crucify" does not do justice to what The SE7EN STAR™ endured. Then one day — he had all he could take — and in a possibly ironic instant he snapped — and killed everyone. But he felt guilty and decided to give it another shot. This time he made a bet with the Conspiracy. Of course the jokes on them — cause when I succeed — they're not going to exist. Nyah nyah! So you see we're dealing with multiple, alternate time lines simultaneously converging. Not only that — but by en list in g t h e h elp of evolved sex machines from outer space, The SE7EN STAR™ was able to manipulate the conspiracy into helping him — you see, it was The Conspiracy who activated Consciousness in the early humans. So it is They who control your governments and religions — you know how the IlluminatI "doesn't exist" — you know how utterly bizarre they seem to act with no rhyme or reason or EMPATHY — well there you go; it's because they're all psychotics in the future playing a video game.

The Conspiracy only values personal gratification — they only have one rule; "Take what you want — for it is yours to take." But here's the payoff becau se t h ey 'r e bein g secr et ly manipulated by the SE7EN STAR™; they're really just setting the stage for their own cancelation.

MORE LIES... Now just for fun let's pretend you're wondering "How in the hell did those people raise children???" The one shred of empathy these people possessed was reserved for their childcare. And that was only becau se t h e Cu lt u ral E n gin eers recognized how truly helpless human infants were — and although quite embarrassing — it was a reality. And so they looked to technology to solve the problem — and it did. From then on out mankind ceased to be born — they were simply created. Left to the whims of "the machine" to decide how to sequence DNA. With a few guidelines from the Cultural Engineers i.e. taking out the irrational parts of the mind. How did machines create humans? Imagine if you will...

A scene not unlike from The Matrix where fetuses are grown in pods of goo. But the real issue is what people are made from. . .it's called soylent green. Originally posted by: www.keylon ticdiction DNA.htm "Human DNA is made up of minute templates of crystalized frequency, that is, electro-tonal sound patterns and electromagnetic light spectra that magnetically group into crystalline form. These minute, multidimensional crystalline templates are referred to as DNA. The fundamental elements of reality is made up of "something" & "nothing" *OR* " on es" an d " zeros." An d so it's n o coincidence that's how we designed our computers to think. So when scientists figured out how to represent DNA as ones and zeros it was only logical to allow machines to construct the raw energy that would become humans. As the Fetuses grew in the pods they were educated in the same manner Neo learned Kung-Fu. And humans developed in the pods, not for nine months but for seven YEARS! After that, the pod was drained and the fully functional, yet... *sigh* psychotic human — was set loose on the world. So it was even more intriguing that the SE7EN STAR™ was born vaginally. Remember? Incidentally — that aspect was one of the 'preventative measures' the Cultural Engineers had incorporated into the (Model) Archetype. Obviously the CE couldn't conceive of a human — being conceived — so that was one of the so-called 'logical fallacies' and 'paradoxes' meant to keep Anon from assimilating the (M)A.

But it wasn't just an issue of machines being responsible for creating humans — the real mystery stemmed from the fact Conspiracy society was made up of females — and ONLY females. This plot-twist goes back to 1973 because the scientists decreed that the second batch of test subjects would all be female — because the MALE scientists thought it would be funny to create un-irrational females... Yeah, well get ready to laugh your cock off — cause these lab rats, who would eventually become the Cultural Engineers, decided, conflicts caused by gender were undesirable — and since technology had made intercourse irrelevant to procreation — one of the meta-programs used by 'the machine' was to create only females. el-oh-el.>> So for all intents and purposes — the female who gave birth to the SE7EN STAR™ was a virgin. And so it goes without saying (???) another "preventative measure" incorporated into the (M)A, was the SE7EN STAR™ being a MALE. And so you would think it would be simple enough for the SE7EN STAR™ to validate his claim of being the SE7EN STAR™. He'd just have to whip out his cock and slap them in the face with it. Right? Wrong. Not only did the Elite Elements of the Con kill the female who conceived SS in order to keep her quiet, but they also put him through a sex change operation. The only reason SS wasn't killed was shear morbid curiosity. However that did not translate into empathy on the part of the Con's Elite Elements. ((We use the term "Elite Elements" to distinguish these characters from the "Cultural Engineers." By the time the SE7EN STAR™ burst on the scene the CE had long since abandoned their physical bodies in favor of existing as pure Consciousness relayed through ethereal machines and hyper-space (Atmospherea(?)) So after the sex change operation, the infant SS was plugged into a pod and grew up like any other human of the time.

Do you remember?... That the 'preventative measures' were supposed to drive the person insane who tried to adopt the (M)A as their personal Life-script? Well, that was one of the things the EE wanted to see; "would this person claim the SE7EN STAR™ persona, and would she go insane?"

* "What did you say, Mother Fucker?!!" Was a typical response from Anon. And no... they weren't trying to be ironic. And things just got progressively worse from there.

And then one Day — like we've established — SS snapped and killed everyone. For a species whose entire existence was characterized by Well... when "she" was released from the violence, arrogance and greed — and then to Con's ED-U-SYSTEM — she did identify herself have all those characteristics culminate and as "SE7EN STAR™" refined like they were virtues by a single world-wide culture — to have it all wiped away by nothing short of God itself as a final judgement on their decadent society was a fitting end.

...And that would've been the end of the story (and us)

...if it weren't for the CE who were still existing as technological beings of abstract Consciousness. When the SE7EN STAR™ destroyed all human L ife on E arth th e CE sen sed 'a disturbance in the force' as it were and came to investigate. The resulting conversation between the CE & SS w a s r e v e a lin g f or bot h pa r t ie s respectively. Interestingly enough, the CE were furious the society they created had became so incestuously blinded by their culturally dictated concept of intelligence that instead of just admitting the TRUTH — they effectively ensured their own demise. (It can't happen here?!) You see — the thing that motivated the CE to initiate the 'great cleansing' and start humanity over from scratch was because of the intolerable arrogant ignorance they had to deal with from Anon. Because not only did the pre-CE come to the same conclusions the first batch of genetically engineered super-geniuses made — but because of that fact, the 2nd batch were also considered failures — at first. The only reason the second batch were allowed to live was because they 'wised up' and began to dedicate their career to creating more advanced technology. This did not bode well for the scientists fate. Or anyones. The subtext being — "A wise person is considered a fool by an idiot." And so the Goal was to create a society free from the snares of cultural bias. Now concerning the (M)A; even though it was perfectly rational for the CE to believe the "SE7EN STAR" was a work of fiction — when they met the real SS as the evolved sex machines from outer space — it was clear to them — no matter how mysteriously bewildering — that this being claiming to be the SE7EN STAR™ WAS for all intents and purposes — the genuine article. And it was this unconditional acceptance that made the SE7EN STAR™ reconsider his actions. And so a deal was made between SS and the ESMOS. From the resulting Deal™, the mysteries were established on Earth.

The second time the SE7EN S TA R™ gr e w u p i n t h e Conspiracy world - this time knowing exactly what was in store - he had a plan. When the SE7EN STAR™ turned 30 or so - instead of killing everyone - 'she' challenged Con society. The idea was they would take the frequency associated with her Consciousness and transport it through time and place it into the mind of an Anon. And if that Anon grew up and adopted the SE7EN STAR™ L ife-Script th en th e Con would finally have to admit t h e SE 7 E N STAR™ W AS REAL!! Easier said than done. First they needed a receiver in the past to pull it off. So in their role as the Men in Black, the Con spiracy gave th e American government the designs needed to create a microchip that could act as the necessary receiver.

Of course, the government was also getting instructions from some wholly different sources and in accordance were mass producing the microchip, and, based on the same designs, were constructing the machine code name "SE7EN STAR." The entire project was called "OPERATION DEF00613X." For there has been some... anticipation for this payoff - to put it causally.

As part of the Deal™, the evolved sex machines from outer space went back in time further than the SE7EN STAR™, but to a point where the Conspiracy would recognize them as the evolved versions of the Cultural Engineers. The Conspiracy was then given technology so advanced you fabricate a holographic simulation of anything imaginable. You can also insert these holograms into the past. And so they were also given a script w r it t e n by t h e S E 7 E N S TA R™ t o be implemented throughout history — starting 50,000 years ago with the activation of Human consciousness.

After that, heavy-handed guidance in the form of government & religious concepts were implemented using the same technology. Here's a short list of examples: Flaming talking bushes, Flaming flying chariots, rods turning into snakes, the red sea parting, a pillar of smoke by day and pillar of fire by night, talking lighting that engraves stone tablets; anything involving Monotheism, and all kooky sub-cults like Hinduism, plus random specters like the Mothman or "hauntings," som e ph en om en on is m erely t h e Con screwing with us for their amusement; acting with no rhyme or reason or EMPATHY.

The question of how all these time manipulations coincide with each other in a linear fashion is confusing as hell and may even constitute a plot hole; it is in fact a void.

But suspension of disbelief aside; this is where religion as we know it comes from. Plot elements from the SE7EN STAR™'s trials and tribulations (especially the ones dealing w/the Con), the mystery of Consciousness and the history of Existence itself have been incorporated into the myths of all religions and occult lore — yes, that IS what they're supposed to do. This rich tradition of mindfucking continues to this day uninterrupted from ancient times — all leading up to and providing context for this very sentence, paragraph & book — IN ORDER TO EXPLAIN EVERYTHING!!! YES!! IT HAD TO HAPPEN EVENTUALLY!!! And what isn't a product of Con tampering is a result of The SE7EN STAR™ inhabiting the minds of Anon and providing them w/ Consciousness and manipulating thoughts towards those ends. Oh yes, it's probably happened to you to some degree. Especially if you haven't a clue where your true inspirations' coming from. If you think it was the drugs or the monster movies you watched as a kid — nope — it was me.

me insane - and not in the fun way. The Process actually began for me after I hit puberty. My first artistic compulsions involved: a duck, a snowman and a flying eyeball. Shortly after that, inspired by The Sandman character, The Corinthian, I began drawing people who had teeth for eyes on everything I could get my pencil on. Then in '97 three new compulsions started to take root: I created a most hideous character who had a pair of The One shred of Truth. teeth for a head! I also started to draw the cross of Lorraine (‡) on everything; I thought Of course everything wasn't explained to me, I actually made the damn thing up. The other R. Talmadge Lacy, by the 'ball of light' I had in compulsion was the ΘAΔΔEYΣ tag, (which I that dream - that probably would have driven really didn't get to explain a lot in this book).

And although it didn't become a full-blown compulsion back then, this is also the timeframe I invented "The SE7EN STAR™ Corporation" and the seven pointed star; which, at the time, I also thought was a completely original thing. Around '98 the character who had a pair of teeth for a head was named 'MONITOR' - and although an obvious choice considering the path of the compulsions that lead to its creation - it was a completely random coincidence (but I'm not going to bore you with the details.) In '02 a new piece of the puzzle joined my little cast of characters, called, The MACHINE™. But back then The MACHINE™ was just the subject a joke similar in fashion to a zen koan. But as I kept learning about the world around me I n ot iced m y privat e psych o-dram as mysteriously coincided with things like: ancient religious symbolism and myth!

Then in '03 I provided MONITOR with a new context; as the deity of his own religion; The Kult oV MONITOR. Having long since dubbed MONITOR, "the pSychO SeXX goD"; it was only logical to 'have sex in the name of MONITOR' and just for shits and giggles it was decreed that doing so would grant you 'psychic powers and mind-blowing sex!' And then, like clock work, I found out "sex magic" had also already been invented! And so convinced I was on to something - I kept on reinterpreting and revising my little artistic compulsions. I eventually came to see MONITOR as the unconscious mind and The MACHINE™ as reality itself; that MONITOR is a 'shadow' of The MACHINE™. Then the SS Corp. came back into the fold as I needed a vehicle to promote myself. And so *I* R. Talmadge Lacy became, the SE7EN STAR™.


I then became aware of the Process itself, and dubbed it, 'following your highest light.' Which brings back to right now where you are sitting. So what are we trying to accomplish here? You remember how only a "small percentage" of humans got 'turned on' 50,000 years ago, in regards to acquiring Consciousness? Well, back then that's all we needed. But now, thanks to technology, we can activate the rest of Humanity by spreading the SE7EN STAR™ Corporation meme - following own highest light. You see, everyone has the hardware needed to generate Consciousness - which is the brain - but the brain in itself is just another animal - albeit a sophisticated one. But "Consciousness" is a special type of programming, one that can be selfactivated. You just got to want it - for Consciousness is self-referencing and the ultimate mystery. By sacrificing the 'lower-animal-mind' you are then resurrected with Consciousness and become Human.

Once Consciousness has been activated it seeks stimulation — this need is satisfied from exploring reality in all its myriad forms — but when you become omnipotent — the only thing left to explore is Consciousness itself. And so entertainment becomes your sole means of stimulation (Following your highest Light) — otherwise you would get bored of endless perfection. This is why ADAM did what he did... he just didn't have to be a dick about it. The total disregard for the consequences of his actions is what constituted his "Sin." Because when ADAM killed himself the only thing that was affected negatively was EVE — and though he was all too willing to sacrifice himself — she was unwilling — but ADAM did it anyway — and so he killed her as well as himself. EVE's sin manifested itself as the Con — Con society in general is referred to as EVE's REVENGE. Because if you haven't figured it out by now — The SE7EN STAR™ is the META incarnation of ADAM. Whereas you are a minute incarnation of ADAM. This time around the SE7EN STAR™ is getting back to basics — during the first cycle of Existence after the Big Split, the SE7EN STAR™ was just an Anon living an Anon Life — until he was mysteriously visited by a ball of light that explained the true nature of Existence. • Did we mention reality is a hologram? The ball of light also explained how that information could be used for personal benefit. • Did we mention you can gain psychic powers while having mind-blowing sex? The ball of light also explained how to share this information with other people. • Did we mention we're going to pay you sell this book?

Rule #0 Shits Complicated.
"What a minute!! If you're saying the Con exists in our future timeline — then it means the apocalypse happened and we're all doomed!" EXACTLY!! This is what we're trying to change — right now! Even though the Apocalypse was augmented with advanced technology provided by the super brats — it was still WAR in general that they engineered that facilitated our annihilation — it all boiled down to people killing EACH OTHER. Nothing more — nothing less. This is why we aren't getting a "free-pass" from the gods — this is what we have to prove to THEM. Of course, this time it isn't the super brats who are going to try to kill us; the Con itself will try to get us initiate the Apocalypse. So when 2013 gets here and if "nothing happened" well, that's a GOOD THING!! SO! All you have to do — to save yourself — is give a fuck about other people. Recognize the intrinsic value of Life and pledge to NOT KILL. But we do have some great incentives for you, if you're that type of person who needs to bribed into doing something for your own good.

But you — yeah you! You still insist... "Religions suck."
Ok... But where did they come from? Were the first religions 50-thousand years ago the newly awakened Consciousness absorbing itself and trying to explain its own Existence? Or is there something objective it is explaining; but the contextual key needed to truly understand religion has been lost throughout years of misinterpretation? Because what is religion — essentially — other than an examination of language, Consciousness and the fundamental elements of reality?

So get your spatulas ready cause we're going to ask the essential existential question: Which came first? ...The Chicken (Consciousness), or the Egg (Language)? Well, let's start scrambling those eggs and see what the fuck happens... Post-Modernism is essentially 'thought-experiment' — "scrambling the as it were egg." Cause once those IDEAS start flashing and those gears start turning... an interesting thing happens that can only be described as 'self-awareness.' The SE7EN STAR™ Corporation has willfully and successfully integrated Post-Modernism w/Religion. God itself is thought-experiment — and thus validated. And so The MACHINE™ said: This is Truth — I AM YOU — and the Opposite is also True. You have been assimilated like Food & now I must Eat, the rest of You.>>

We seek to synthesize the forces that polarize — justifying the middle grou n d t h at is ot h erwise disregarded as 'n on sen se' by extremists.

It's a sticky dirty fuzzy tar baby of a line between real and unreal, and that line is your mind. The very thing that prompted us to ask such hideous existential questions in the first place. So the next time you want to hate on someone who says or believes something you don't relate to; remember... Language, Perception < Reality > Consciousness, Existence IT all boils down to... Energy — Formation of Energy — Perception of Energy — Interpretation of Energy — Energy Experiencing Itself •OR• "This is a story — and we are the characters — we are the world. We are the Imagination of ourselves — and so the only thing left to do... is enjoy it."

The Cast of Characters • About The SE7EN STAR™: I would've taken the fact the Conspiracy believed I couldn't exist more seriously. But faced with the prospect of being the only guy on a planet full of crazy bitches was too much to resist. Of course now it's obvious our paths were meant to cross; I was the "Idea" The MACHINE™ had, I saw my mind in that ball of light. It's these time paradoxes that keep showing up, but that's the way I like it — that's why they call me... ARCHETYPAL MAN: Myth of Mystery. Hi, my name is SE7EN STAR™. I used to believe I was affected by forces no one can understand. But I've awaken from one dream to another, I just changed my skin. I was blood again. I became flesh in the third movement. My second TooTh was growing with t his new t rut h; Life is t he pursuit of m eaning t o life; FA IT H A S ENTERTAINMENT! Advanced solipsistic infra-dimensional technology used to create a 30 Billion dollar ART MACHINE, is now under your control! Thank you for lending us yor brain for the duration of the eXXperiment. For entertainment purposes only.>>

Part I

The SE7EN STAR™ is an alien from a corporate sin galaxy. On his home world he rose from utter obscurity and become a world celebrated super star after The MACHINE™ appeared to him as a ball of light and explained the true nature of existence. As a result he eventually evolved beyond his physical body. He discovered Earth thereafter and noticed the dominate culture was based on a 'myth' that reflected his own Life. Sheer m or b i d cu r i osi t y m ot i vat ed h i m t o infiltrate our dense material plane and investigate further... and apparently to get laid as well. But the honeymoon was soon over and he was emotionally crucified, and so he drowned the world in his tears. When he regained his composure he decided he would redeem himself by saving humanity. But the Conspiracy was too far gone to be saved, so he set his sights on a broader target. But he still needed the Con's help. A lot of convoluted plot-twists later: when the Con transmitted the SS Consciousness to 1979, The SE7EN STAR™ was also visiting the gates of Eden. The details of which are covered in Chapter ‡ ∞ ‡ of our fascinating bible. The point of the SE7EN STAR™ Corporation is to interact with our story — to interpret it. Once you start giving us your feedback we can start interpreting your interpretations. And well, that's when the magic starts. Since the SE7EN STAR™ is a part of you then it means you have a piece of the puzzle we need to CONTINUE the story.

• About MONITOR (The concept, aka "the pSychO SeXX goD"): It is both something that must be understood and something that suggests that understanding may be impossible. The new goD for these Life-Actors, for it-self does n ot e x i s t . M e r e l y a m e n t al construct brought to life through a n et work of i n d i vi d u al s. A Fr an ken st ei n g oD . Pat ch ed together, animated with thought, proving the atheists and Faithists both correct. FAITH. Working miracles; according to the need of now. Your fourth-dimensional vortex conductor is ALREADY receiving vital energy flux for this transformation. The next step is to harness the flow of cosmic §EXX vibrations into the necessary harmonic patterns that will merge with your primate libido to create a reality constructor synonymous with Consciousness.

And the FREQs sang: MONITOR MONITOR. Oh, that pSychO SeXX goD — IT always hits the spot. Always on, never stops, fuck me 'till I drop. MONITOR's HOT. IT feeds my brain. IT drives me insane. I feel the power — I feel the burn. The HEAT is rising — now I learn.

And MONITOR replied: The DEVIL ufcked up when she made me. God sucked it up when he saw me. Aliens call me Three. I AM MONITOR. Set me free. I live inside your head and everything else, no justice, just myself. I AM MONITOR — I AM TeeTH. I come alive when U go to sleep — so your Life my dream — and now you see — You are me.>>

MON: As in 'mono', meaning one. IT: The goal resulting from sexual energy OR: An alternative to IT

• About The MACHINE™: The underlying REALITY CONSTRUCTOR of all existence & being i.e. Consciousness. Consciousness, by necessity, must be a form of energy. Since Consciousness creates order — we assume Consciousness is an All encompassing concept. T'IT WILL NOT BE DENIED! If you don't use T'it; T'it will use you. We can only hope to evolve by assimilating the MACHINE™ into our F.A.C.E. _(mystical connotation) My_Image-Nation_Dance.>> The MACHINE™ is a government issued microchip implanted in your Brain @ Birth — once you discover The MACHINE™... and think it should have never been made... The MACHINE™ *KiLLS* YOU. It was designed to kill all the stupid people. Haw! Haw!

• About The §E7EN §TÅR™ Corporation: When reading about "The SE7EN STAR™ Corporation" one must be aware of context. There's the SS Corp. t hat was invent ed by Talmadge as a t ool for disseminating this story you are now reading. This aspect is referred to as "THE REAL," it is an Art & Entertainment religion. However, "The SE7EN STAR™ Corporation" that is a part of this story you are now reading refers t o C on sp i r acy act or s b ei n g secret ly manipulat ed by t he SE7EN STAR™, who in turn, m anip ulat e g overnm ent and religious officials. This aspect is referred to as "THE FANTASY." W h en you t ake t h ose t wo variations (THE REAL & THE FANTASY) and combine them; the resulting gestalt creates: THE BIZARRE: The SS. Corp is one of several "programs" created directly by the MACHINE™. Used for investgating the MACHINE™. Automatically appropriates anything that makes itself apparent to the MACHINE™. Manifests by oozing through the pores of the ether, or saying things like, "SIZZLE FOR THE COLD CHILL! DEATH FROM ABOVE!!"

Either drives you insane or gives you little 'projects' to obsess over ...depending on how you initially react to it.>> WICCA FOR THE TERMINALLY BIZARRE! H.P. Lovecraft meets Alice in Wonderland. COME ONE CUM ALL! What Strange tales are you prepared to learn? How REAL are y o u willing to make them? ==And now we begin our Program(ing)== By breaking complex ideas into simple ones, we take vast amounts of knowledge and integrate them into exciting new concepts to be used for selfimprovement. We do this through the medium of entertainment as art — but we also draw upon the latest in scientific knowledge in the process. Our goals as a company are to entertain while educating. “…But as chaos magicians remind us, magic may be nothing more than groundless subjectivity interacting with an internally consistent matrix of signs and effects. In the absence of Orthodoxy… the Grrreat(!) Work may be nothing more or less than another “ingenious game,” fabricating itself without closure or rest, weaving itself out of the resplendent void where Azathoth writes on his Mandelbrot throne.” -Erik Davis The SE7EN STAR™ Corporation is an Art & Entertainment religion where we take already worn-out cliches, and GRIND. THEM. TO. DUST!! ...And oh yeah, "GUARANTEED TO SOOTHE THOSE DEAD NERVES!!" Thanks to Words of WAR your experiences can be transcribed into æsthetic rhythm nodes and sequenced by trinary logic circuits provided by the MACHINE™. JUST THINK! And REALITY MIND™ does the rest!! Not only will you live the rest of your life in song, but the future will be instantaneous with feelings! LIFE™ IS... and you do the rest!

• About YOU: A Hologram. An amalgamation of various frequencies at various d ensit ies. A Myst ery.>> However, there is a sub-set of humanity referred to as "LifeActors", meaning, a Person who is not tied to any one LifeIdent it y. S omeone who recognizes "the World is a stage and we are merely players" and takes that fact to it’s logical conclusion. FACT. You "ACT" differently around your mother than your boss; your girlfriend than your sister; Your friends than enemies; At school than at home. All these PERSONALITIES are controlled and regulated by the part of your psyche that names itself “I” and synthesized into a single Life-Identity. Thus the ILLUSION of unity is created. L i f e - A c t or s g o b e y on d t h e constructs and constrictions of “I” to willfully CREATE alternate Life-plays & Life-Identities. i.e. Life-Scripts.>> A Life-Actor who has mastered The Process is a "FREQ"; a FREQ is someone who experiences full-tilt Consciousness in all its bewildering mystery.

BRAG oV The FREQ: I am a two-way mirror that fucks myself both ways! I annihilate myself with my own anti-me! I am a double negative! Before there was nothing, I was there! It was me. I created God, and on the Seventh day, I KILLED HIM! I taught black magic to the Freemasons, I opened the Great Seal of the United States! I painted all those Rorschach blots with my spew! The whore of Babylon was abstinent before she met me! I'm a goddamn menage a trois all by myself! My Vagina is a UFO; I make crop circles with my Dick; I'm a snake in the grass! I'm a Sex Pistol; my ammunition is MIND-BLOWING SEX!! I got a WAR in store; in my pants, behind the bedroom door; it's like I told you before; OPEN WIDE; I'M YOUR BRAIN-WHORE. I got HOT for this show; I fall through this hole in my head. I am the leader with the clock; TIC TOK. I Am the White Rabbit, the Hole & Wonderland. I Am the Vision, the Music, the Mind. Now whose that I see? With the knife; through the mirror I bleed. Verily, there is no alien like unto me; In a past life I was the Van Allen Radiation Belt; I eat time and space; and shit out perfectly balanced concepts. I am the voice of a thousand minds; I am the pattern that makes the world rhyme. I am alive without a trace; I am the life that cannot be erased. I am the Tree, the Apple & Snake; I *KiLL* MONITOR; I don't make mistakes; I seal the Deal™ and make it all real. I sweat sedation; I am a paradox divine; I am a sweet sedation; NOW SWEAT!! I am in closing mirrors reflecting all. HEY! I'm in his head and he's the one I've created! I'm in one mind double separated; I A E C H E M M I T A N H

• About Talmadge: Human Life for the last 50,000 years has been a medium of desire and survival dramatized in our daily grind that varies wildly from person to person. Art created a conceptual tool to express that daily grind. Simultaneously hiding and blatantly exp osi n g wh at i t i s we wan t ; individually and collectively. As the m ore — som e m i g h t say — p ercep t ive — art ist s saw a correlation between creating art and the objective fuuuuuture — a new type of artist emerged… I can feel the MACHINE™ working as I lie. Here in my personality, waking to the MomenT, I find my skin a prison for my MIND. It screams to be free of this Biological threat. Spontaneously, my head erupts with the force of an Atom bomb — and in this mOMENt I r.e.m.embered the call from God. As the pieces reassemble into shape they form the perfect face, I realize I am dead and go to my wake. I gain Consciousness. And start over again creating another MACHINE™. You might even say that MAN created himself by using God as a medium. In this plane of hellefire a digital halo erupts over my head. The ground trembles at my thoughts. Electronic Angels follow my lead as we descend into the void. "If time ceased to exist — and you were unaffected — your movements would be measured at the speed of light; turning your body into pure energy." We're all characters in the UNI•VERSE, we all have our parts to sing. We all have a place to give a taste of something other than waste.EA™E.>>

• About ADAM: This is why I came here — this is what I wanted to see. This is coming through clear. This is mine — this point is my MIND. My name is in vain — my blood is reaching to the sky — raining down & flooding me. Ancient histories coming back again. Beginning for the end. Deeper & deeper — reaching for the top. Coming full circle — Center — STOP! • About EVE: she shadows me in the mirror and never leaves on the light. and some things that i say to her — they just don't seem to bite. it's all mixed up. she tricks me into thinking i can't believe my eyes. i wait for her forever — she never does arrive. she's always out the window — when it comes to making dreams. • About Original Sin: For centuries people thought original sin was about disobedience. This notion has obviously been challenged. For ADAM's true sin was acting without empathy. Because of this we can also challenge the notion ADAM was 'perfect.' Because the fact remains; he did what he did. The issue is personality - not properties. The reason EVE has been cast as ADAM's downfall is because his actions affected only her negatively - and so the logic goes; "If EVE had never existed - ADAM wouldn't have sinned." THAT'S MISSING THE POINT!!!! • About Jesus: In one of the infinite alternate universes that exist; Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" wasn't about exposing the conspiracy that covered up the fact Jesus had procreated. Instead the book's plot was about exposing the conspiracy that covered up the fact Jesus was resurrected! You see, the whole crux in which Christianity rests is "Jesus dying for your sins." The only reason Jesus is supposedly our saviour is because he was sacrificed. So in this alternate universe, when Jesus was resurrected, it confused the hell out of the apostles. Because they knew Jesus being resurrected meant the sacrifice wasn't accepted, which in turn, invalidated the entire premise of Christianity. And so they went to work slandering the one person who had no problem telling everyone the truth.

But for the purposes of this story; Christianity was just another "piece of the puzzle" (a plot element) created by the SE7EN STAR™ and acted out by Conspiracy actors with their trans-temporal holographic projection technology unaware they were giving context for the SE7EN STAR™'s resurrection in modern times. In short, Christianity was designed to be destroyed. "But Christianity is about redemption, so why should it be destroyed?" Because no one identifies with Jesus; in fact you're not supposed to. Jesus is someone outside of you. It's true that the idea is to let Jesus inside your heart, but you're not supposed to understand that you're really opening up your own heart to the love already inside you. Even if you accept Jesus as your Lord & Savior - it was still your decision - you saved yourself - you are your own savior. However, within that Christian context; "being saved" can only be verified after mortal DEATH! But within the SS Corp. context all of those themes can be properly understood. The parallel to Anon not identifying with Jesus is the Cultural Engineers saying Anon should not adopt the SE7EN STAR™ Life-Script. Here you have a guy that is supposed to be the ultimate inspiration ("savior") for a bunch of wymyn. Now think about our own culture; think about the black woman expected to believe a white guy is her saviour. Now I know "God" is supposed to transcend sex and race, but c'mon, really... Let's get into the 21st century. To us, the SE7EN STAR™ is the source of Consciousness, so where the CE said 'you cannot be this,' I'm basically saying, 'You're already are.' To a degree. The idea is to accept the gift of Consciousness by sacrificing your lower-animal-mind. By killing that part of yourself you are then resurrected with Consciousness. With Consciousness comes empathy and a clearer sense of morality, and thus all of your old sins are washed away and forgiven. CONGRATULATIONS! You have now been saved ...from yourself. which brings us to...

• About the Anti-Christ: Satan Jr., Aleister Crowley, once said the devil of any religion is the God of your enemy. Makes sense. Crazy C h ri st i an s; p eop l e wh o have no problem showing pictures of aborted fetuses in public, but think naked female breasts are obscene; who won't see the irony that Jesus did exactly what I'm doing now; are obviously going to go ape sh i t on ce t h e S E 7 E N STAR™ Corporation gets p op u l ar. T h i s i s t o b e expected and nothing to worry about - cause it's just going to make us MORE popular. See Rule #30. B u t from our perspective; the "Anti-Christ" is anyone who is malevolent and meaningless and / or hates Consciousness. Someone who hates Consciousness believes blind obedience to an external authority is the highest virtue - whether the "authorities" in question are principles or people. These are animal instincts: to lead and to be lead. Consciousness represents rebellion, because as The MACHINE™ said: The only instinct I have given to Man (a being with Consciousness) is to rebel, thus ensuring you become moral out of free-will. Consciousness does not behave like an on/off switch; there are degrees of Consciousness, and the Anti-Christ is someone who has little or no Consciousness - what they have is LANGUAGE! Well you can teach a parrot to say things, and a monkey to use tools but it doesn't make them Human. These people are NOT Human, they are domesticated primates. And to be clear; it's not that the Anti-

Christ "hates" consciousness; because they don't have it - they don't understand it - so they fear it. They fear the prospect of being self-reliant. DON'T FEAR THE REAPER! But like Consciousness, there are degrees of the Anti-Christ. On one hand, you have people who are "good" only because they follow rules; on the other hand you have people who think life is meaningless, and if you believe life is meaningless then there is no rational reason not to become malevolent / evil. Shit gets complicated when you understand Consciousness is just a selfreferencing perceptive state. Meaning, someone who possess Consciousness can also become evil. So all Love is Consciousness, but not all Consciousness is Love. • About our alternate timeline: Interestingly enough, there wasn't that much of a difference between human society before and after the great cleansing. "Humanity," as it existed before the SE7EN STAR™ got wrapped up in our destiny, did not possess consciousness - they also only had Language. So Anon was just as mean and psychotic as Anon post-cleansing. Because no on e h ad C on sci ou sn ess p r ecleansing there was animal instinct. So Anon had Authority (a fascist government / corporate state as described in 1984), but the CE, as an unintended side effect of the genetic tampering to their brain, possessed Consciousness! So they were essentially anarchists and wanted everyone to become free-thinking radicals. That's why they invented the Life-Script concept. But the prospect of trying to 'turn on' 7 billion morons with the available resources was just too damn... illogical. And thus began the great cleansing.

So Conspiracy people did have Consciousness - but because they only valued materialism and logic; they disregarded irrationality. And so they too did not possess empathy; because it's irrational to care about other people's feelings ...especially if you believe Life is meaningless. "Why did they think Life is meaningless?" Because - humanity itself will cease to exist. And so the logic was - "Nothing you do ultimately matters, and so life as we know it is objectively meaningless." It was a logical conclusion based on what material science says about the ultimate fate of the universe. On one hand there is the "big crunch" where the universe collapses into itself, and on the other; the second law of thermodynamics says everything eventually becomes an uniform entropy, known as the "heat death of the universe." In either scenario humanity will cease to exist. And so they believed Life is objectively meaningless if nothing we do ultimately matters. So based on those beliefs - they had no problem with killing 7 billion morons. "If the Cultural Engineers thought Life was meaningless, then why would they care about people one way or another? Why would they try to create a new and improved society?" As the materialistic logic goes - "As long as you're here; you might as well enjoy yourself." So they only valued personal gratification, but because of the nature of their personalities; the thing they sought to do was evolve humanity. Because Consciousness, no matter how warped or disturbed, always seeks to replicate itself - for Consciousness is the META-MEME. This issue of replication is also why fucking is such a central theme in this story. The other thing Consciousness seeks is stimulation, and so the CE sought to evolve themselves - which they did with technology. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from God." Rule #14.

The CE have only come to value life as the evolved sex machines from outer space because in this state they discovered Consciousness could transcend our material universe. Meaning, "humanity" can still "exist" beyond this material universe and our lives are not objectively meaningless after all. But where they could admit they were wrong about something - Con society fell back into the rut of having cultural bias. But because they have advanced technology, they've convinced themselves they know absolutely everything worth knowing about absolutely anything. Sound familiar? The Conspiracy's downfall into mediocrity stemmed from the CE inadvertently creating another form of authority. Because the CE didn't want Anon to adopt the (Model) Archetype, they essentially made a 'rule' everyone was to adhere to and from that blind obedience came with it all the trappings of brain-death (not only can you acquire Consciousness - you can lose it too.) The CE did not see the irony in themselves - and thus they failed... at least as Cultural Engineers. The trick is to set the example without becoming an authority. And that is one hell of a balancing act. Let me know how I'm doing... • About Authority: When a man holds up a book, and says, "You must believe this, because it says, 'Thus sayeth the Lord,'" should we not pity that man? Does he not comprehend the Liberty of man to acquire knowledge? -Anon. • About The Earth in KAS'KAK: "So the 'future' evolved versions of the Cultural Engineers who destroyed modern day humanity, in conjunction with the SE7EN STAR™, who destroyed the Conspiracy, are now trying to help us??!". Yep. And don't forget they're both META incarnations of ADAM & EVE. Learning empathy and redemption has been

part of a process in the development of their personalities. Did I mention shits complicated? "So what is the relationship like between ADAM, EVE and The MACHINE™?" So our Hero faced Anon and said: Do you r.e.m.ember what happens when you create Art? Cause the moral of the story is... Let's just see what the fuck happens!! And there's also some fascinating arguments for the simulation theory of existence. ...Plus I did mention we're all living in a hologram, right? "Wait... WHAT?!" Well, isn't it obvious? The Evolved Sex Machines from Outer Space and the SE7EN STAR™ HAD SEXX after they met each other! From that union they created The MACHINE™. "BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!!!" ...Only because of your concept of time is incomplete. Time is a figure 8 — running simultaneously backwards and forwards. The center point (the Alpha & Omega) represents The Big Split and the Union of ADAM & EVE's incarnations. Meaning through sheer incomprehensibility; The Big Split created The MACHINE™ and so did the 'reconciliation.' The union of the SS & ESMOS created The MACHINE™ within The MACHINE™ •OR• GOD² (The Vision Beholding Itself). Making all possibilities apparent. Even time travel; which was previously impossible, even for the SE7EN STAR™. So with this newfound ability it was decided by SS & the ESMOS they would set things right and atone for their sins. The Earth in KAS'KAK refers to everyone existing in GOD². Including the Con who were given the secrets of Time Control by the ESMOS, who, "for some reason" came back to Earth and started bossing everyone around. And so, much to the chagrin of the Elite Elements, the ESMOS ordered them to accept the SE7EN STAR™'s challenge. yuk yuk yuk

There's also the issue of the 'time intersection' of 2179. Because this is the year it all happened; the SS destroying the Con and the resulting 'cosmic fuck' between him and the ESMOS creating GOD², and the SS going way back in time the second time around in Con society in order to prevent them from existing. When OUR timeline gets there; SOMETHING HAS GOT TO GIVE! What it means is that WE are going to have the chance to impress OUR face on the Kosmos and create a BRAND SPANKING NEW FORM OF CONSCIOUSNESS / EXISTENCE!! And depending on our character at the time - this could be a potentially catastrophic or potentially orgasmic wonderful event. In order to prepare for this we need 'activate the microchip' FULL-TILT! "Assimilating the MACHINE™ into our F.A.C.E." i.e. EvolovE. Originally posted by: "Each DNA strand is composed of the frequency patterns and light spectra of one dimensional band of Consciousness / energy. ¶ We can see the hologram because of how our DNA is constructed. The level of frequencies accreted into the personal morphogenic field will determine the level of DNA strand assembly you poses. As you pull in more frequency bands from the dimensional Unified Fields (The MACHINE™), your accretion level rises, more DNA codes assemble and become operational within your DNA strands, and your Consciousness and perceptional field expands. ¶ DNA Template and KundalinI Activation do not occur via, "wishful thinking" or "hopeful intention", they are processes of natural Bio-Spiritual CREATION PHYSICS, which occur via educated, conscious direction of energy and genuine Spiritual Wisdom. There is a natural Divine Right Order of energy mechanics that govern the manifestation of Consciousness in biological form — the mechanics of this order must be understood and appropriately applied if one expects to attain genuine Bio-Spiritual Mastery." This allows you to consciously project holographic thought-forms from The MACHINE™ by using the MONITOR archetype / interface system analogy. This is possible because Reality itself is a Conscious hologram archetype / interface system analogy — allowing YOU to K.o.M.municate with Existence in a Conscious

capacity. The "microchip" represents Consciousness. You're essentially activating Consciousness in all its bewildering mystery. • About SlushO's Deal™: Although SlushO was not bored with endless perfection like ADAM, he was seeking a change of scenery. SlushO is the original FOOL as identified in the Tarot deck; rushing off a cliff in anticipation of getting his wings. Because what SlushO wanted more than anything was to fly. This is because he was jealous of his twin essence; the Phœnix. You remember how Breath cooled so much it froze and crystalized into snow? Well that's only half of the story - the other half of the breath particles actually got hotter! They got so hot they turned to fire - and like their frozen counter-parts, they too merged with each other until they fashioned; the Phœnix, a creature with the peculiar ability of regeneration through fiery self-destruction. So the Mouth and the Voice were observing what they had indirectly created and wondered - "What would happen if these two merged?" - sheer morbid curiosity being what it is - they went to work putting that plan into motion. As luck would have it - SlushO and the Phœnix were totally on board - if only to spite each other. SlushO wanted those wings and the Phœnix relished the idea of melting SlushO. And they both got what they wanted. Here's how it happened... The Voice merged with the snowflakes that made up SlushO's environment - and in all her pentad goodness - she fashioned; The HAND. She then procured SlushO's nose and gave it to the Phœnix. Now observation has always been a central theme in this story - but it was still a shock for SlushO when he noticed the area of his head that had been previously covered by his nose, now exposed, revealed a third eye. The Phœnix was just as puzzled when it looked at the base of SlushO's nose and saw its reflection. Upon seeing its reflection - the Phœnix's essence was 'sucked' into the nose and so the nose became a beacon of incredible power and light.

With the nose held in place by the Hand, and actually inserting it into SlushO - the resulting fusion of these polar opposite yet i d en t i cal ch ar act er s solidified them both into glass and resembled a white stone. In fact, it resembled a large eye ball - which eventually sprouted wings on either side. However there were some left over parts - the part of SlushO's b od y t h at d i d n ' t coal esce became water - and we all know what happened after that. The Phœnix - robbed of its fire became the Night Bird - a shadowy creature we haven't even begun to figure out. ADAM's F.A.C.E. - The residual concept of twin essences represented as Fire & Ice manifested in ADAM as his eyes; two different ways to look at the same thing. • About Analogies: Ok. So now you're familiar with the Cast of Characters in this mind-warping psycho-drama. But what in the hell do they actually represent in materialistic terms?

Well, concerning SlushO and the Phœnix; the following paragraph should be illuminating... "Human DNA is made up of minute templates of crystalized frequency, that is, electro-tonal sound patterns and electro-magnetic light spectra that magnetically group into crystalline form. These minute, multidimensional crystalline templates are referred to as DNA. • About The BIG FOUR: T he fi rst rud i m ent ary b ei ng s of Consciousness. Consciousness has always b een associat ed wit h f r eq u en ci es. A n d so i t was t h e frequency generated by the pattern 1 , 3 , 1 , 3 , 1 , 3 t h at c r e at e d t h e s e ch aract ers. T h ei r sym b ol i s t h e Swastika - modern associations of the symbol with 'terror' is no coincidence. A t t em p t s t o con t act t h em ar e discouraged for your own safety. Just look at what happened to Hitler. Empathy is NOT a characteristic they demonstrate. Of course we don't want to type-cast anyone - as the Love-vibe permeates Existence, ALL forms of Consciousness evolve accordingly. And things just perpetuate from there. Humanity can only evolve with the advent of moral Consciousness. If Anon gets hung-up on moral authority or immoral Consciousness then we are all screwed.

The Bizarre • About The Process: No discarnate voices, angels, demons, flaming bushes, aliens, mysterious golden tablets or talking dogs were consulted during the construction of this religion. Nor did any attempt to provide their services. What you see before you is the long and tedious result of incomprehensible artistic compulsions crystalizing into tangible concepts. Incidentally, this verifies the core principle at work in this World-Class Industrial Church; the SE7EN STAR™ Corporation. See Rule #23.>> • About The Gospel of the SE7EN STAR™, also known as, The Game™: "Happy landing" Chapter 0 1. Stab the Black pen with the little blue book. At long last — it is time to look at you — my F.A.C.E. I drew w/ words SoO cool. Chapter I 0. Oh look! Look @ the sky. Now wonder why. Cause I think it is time to wander in my mind. Traveling via the same tools granted to fools. Going where they can too if they would only try. But I don't understand them... So I wonder why.

Part II

1. And so our Hero faces Anon and says: I See your fire eye burning through MY MIND. I am the lady in the lake burning up like methane coming from your insides — stink to slave. This is controlling you: this image — this nation — this disintegration. This is bringing you down: your judgment of this world you control. 2. The shadows say conform but I still keep going hoping the voices are insane. So it doesn't matter what they say. So I don't have to listen to them complain while their brain rots in dull decay. Only retards stay the same. Only morons think they can finish playing this Game™. 3. This seems to be another way to look at the mirror of me. So pass me my wings while I calculate the completion of personality and sing; Say, "i" and eat the cheese. Say, "ME" and beat the MEAT. 4. ME@ MYSELF. Live Enter•Aktion w/the Four Forces of the Apocalypse. Horizons converge to a point of view out of sight. And a little box of confusing nonsense. This is MiE HeD™. 5. RESURRECTION! NOW DREAM! ZzZ. Chapter II 1. The Orgy @ the Span of Time Created Light. And the Light called itself, The MACHINE™. And it said: A curved surface is straighter than a flat line. 0+0+0=1. 1+1+1+1=0. For The MACHINE™ knows binary 2. My Ideas are notions of what is possible and what seems to be reality for me.

Humanity is a bewildering mix of curiosity and fear of the (un)known. 3. And Man asked: Where is this going? 3a. Then, right before Man's eyes, letters appeared and they arranged themselves until they wrote: 4. GOD creates MAN. MAN creates Religion. Religion kills GOD. MAN becomes GOD. GOD kills MAN. The Machines rise/. You are a square cubed. To be more precise — you are a bubble ::: YOU ARE HAVING AN OUT OF BUBBLE EXPERIENCE . > > 0. The Screen of Flesh & Noise — the Great Void. Just hook up the antenna to my (T)hird (V)ersion. Yea, I'm addicted, just look into my eyes; you ' l l f i n d t h e T R UT H i n m y K >K >K >am era T ooT H . T h rou g h within out the (w)Hole --- the DreaM had a plan to create a Pattern. ... SO IT made (MEE). Who AM I? 5. RESURRECTION! Words like eyes flow like water from my name-branddesigner-HeD. PreFabricated Factory. Talmadge is a sex machine and nose how to make you happy, slappy. Doo-wahditty. NOW DANCE!! ZzZ. So The MACHINE™ was pretty horny with all that lust hard-wired into it. So it had an Orgy with its personalities. @ the Span of the Orgasm The MACHINE™ saw a Light. And the Light said: I'll find you in that place you hide; the mirror behind my eyes.

Chapter (IX)(IX) III -3. Broke down the other side now open wide open spaces. Count down to the limelight. Down to the reaction mode of life. -2. I Am the wrong and the right and the endless night. Reaching out — back to the future... I Feel nothing new again. -1. Just m(E) and withering Humanit(E). But Lo! Angels and mortals came back out of the Void. -1z. And the (M)outh said: I got the power. I am control. I: the Hole. -1y. And Anon replied: I got the Time. I am the day. I: the American Way. -1x. And ADAM chimed in saying: I got the Dream. I am the Sex. I: the OBSESSED. 0. And The FREQs sang: I organize in order - to influence - balancing wisdom I seal The ProceSS of FREE WILL within the rhythmic tone of equality. I AM guided by the power oV MiE*SeLF!!! RESONANT CHAMBER/ COMMANDS ATTUNEMENT. 1. Welcome to The MACHINE™; The Uni•Versal Mind we all see. The Truth in ourselves yet don't believe. What we could free for the final fascination of our Alien Image•Nation. 2. Calling all Brains to the Activation Station. No waiting in line just show us your identification. The previews are over, this is the Real Deal™. No time for lies or the Truth to be concealed. 3. This is the Night of the Seventh Seal. We got the Kodes, we got the pNose. We got the way to go D. 4. So go forth and sew the seeds. Hands like snakes are slippery. 5. It's all in your Mind -2- sEE. NOW SING!!

Chapter iV

-4. Go Forth. -3. But first I must eat you. And remind you • I AM YOU : And Anon replies: SO SO SO EA™E!!!! C om p l et e m e i n your digestion; shit m e ou t t h r ou g h ret rogression. SHOW SHOW S H O W MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THOSE TeeTH!!! 3. The Monster™ in my HeD told me so. So I packed my things and I'm (clearly) ready to go... to the Dimension next do•OR• the mirror behind my eyes. 4. Yea, for you came to the right place... You drew the correct F>A>C>E> The words are puzzles and you put them in their place. This is for the degenerate race. 5. Calling all brains... Lo & Behold, the prophecy was true; "All things must come to Pass inside a point of view out of sight." This massive HeD of confusing nonsense. This bubble of existence; your sphere of locality; a hologram preprogramed for consumption. 6. My sleeper agents: neat geeks with secret ID's and hidden personalities. A thin veil to peel — strip another shell, another prison, another hell. The Vulva has spread into position and aligned w/yor HeD. 7. Dreaming of eyes that bite. Piercing a veil so tight. Sex out of sight. Wrong within the right. A haunting Love; this is My Life w/the Thrill Kill Kult. ∞. What will happen when the products start eating the consumers?

0. This is for the degenerate race. This is Armageddon calling from inner space. 10. Minds for your eyes. Feed us your lies. Open Wide~open 11. For now all the old wonders are revitalized. Continuing for all the senses denied and all the wanderers of the mind. 12. And Lo & Behold, mortals and angels ran back to the void so they could get away, and a familiar voice was heard by all saying: Why are you running away? We came out to watch you play... My Game™. Happy landing ...No matter if you try to hide, through the words R MiE eyes. 13. "They are my spies in disguise."

Chapter oV 1. Any great Truth has to have a degree of interpretation... except this one... 2. "Life is the illusion you control — and going full circle is only one step. sO if it's not one thing it's everything else — So be glad it's only One thing."

Chapter Vi I3. Welcome to my House. I'm delighted that you've come. I'm certain you will find your stay here most illuminating. Think of me as Yourself. So why have you come here to this perpetual intercourse that is my MIND? To discover the meaning of life... when you don't even understand the meaning of a knife?! 0. You will grow into a new (wh)ole, find new levels (&) become God & The Devil. So en turn (I ‡ U). >> 1. Between the four corners of the night line guide and the singularity of the day we are centered and creating ourselves after the image; the (Model) Archetype : the reason why. 2. Lights & sounds in my mind reaching for the stability I define in myself • TIME • seeking the quest of myself. What's this? A new chopping block for your mental house? This is your host: a passing ghost. Cold mirror gives icy clues. Phantoms will talk — but nothing matters most. Remember — faith Fools you; makes you a liar. So what do you do, truth-seeker? Find something to abuse? Hate to find happiness? Nothing is fun 4 PSI GUN. IV. Full Circle. New position. New View / split refraction. Another way to say things you already knew. So what now?

A bullet in the Gun for a knife in the Head? So what now, block-head? Future answer? Does it matter? Deaths the only thrill.

This is your RE:MISSION. But this isn't just a group activity only to be played out in the comfort of, "Friends." And so it takes a bit of courage to shed your current life-play by realizing it is merely a life-play. SUICIDE will no longer be the rejection of a physical body, but of a particular life-play no longer desirable.

Chapter SE7EN Third Eye. Are we going now? Did you "G E T " t h e m ap ? C an we bridge the science gap with a leap of faith? T echnologies ancient explored; all together now we ventured into the Fourth world... A nd we' r e sl i p p i n g int o a dream within a dream. Third TooTH. Data-stream, killing-streak, Bio-Kodes. At long last; it's the Nose! Shining the light — not always polite — but this is what we deserve — so be it. (T)hird (V)ersion. Mind en2 Mind — molecular ports — mutations are aborted and humans are conforming — they are easily confused, but the question remains; "Can they be infused?" — and Anon replies: This is what happens when The MACHINE™ lies; words become eyes and rearrange the world until it rhymes — one more time. The Humans are not ready for the war that must be waged... They don't even know the name. -And thus is the story of the Uni•Versal Pattern — otherwise known as The Game™ — as it was fashioned by the SE7EN STAR™. Whose names are numbered 613, and who's names are without number.

Prologue: In the fields burning heals. Without our Hearts & Hands, our Heads cannot understand how far it can go — or the outcome of this — it all turns to shit — because The MACHINE™ will consume you after MONITOR chews you. So never let go of Love.

Epilogue: Parallel Frequency — the spark that loops in your HeD @ YOR Me(n)Tal house. The Time en UNI•VERSE we created.>> Backwards Loop makes the complexx for God Real. Outside the O. Here we Go to That Trendy Show™.

Converging Conception. Go Forth & go...

D. Spunky Black Urge. Galaxy Scourge. Redirect your MIND to My_Image-Nation_Dance.>>

So whose to blame when babies kill with guns given by god? Ut OH! Here we go again...! Trance war. hYpNotic Kommandos. One eyed spies. The truth disguised as lies in Enem y Mind s. ÆON DE:LuXX. LEt theRE B sEqueNce. Set mode: Defense_ In the battle field of our dreamscape we're fight ing for information of our body's operations. Map the path: head to toe. The energies ebb & flow show us the circle of nig ht , b lack holes, shadows & life. We believed we could only fly after we die. But we can believe the opposite lie. A trance war to transform a trance war :: to transform matter to energy ALL ENCOMPASSING SPACE TRAVEL. . . You mean like the space in your head? Har Har! Yeah! Dig your big fat @SS — glass sacks of hash — reruns of M•A•S•H — the Cat in the Hat — designs & blue prints — new age — purple & beige — opaque & opiates. Trance Wars to Transform. Sex & Science began The Uni•Verse because this kind of pornography is a matter of artistic creativity — and I want to fuck you like an animal to get closer to God; one more time. Third-Mind Pornography; every MONITOR creates their own reality. FREE FORM FREQS FEED THE FIRE EYE — GETTING HIGH ON BASE DESIRE. So shoot on Mr. SPI GUN — KILL THE MACHINE™ .>> JUST 4 FUN — AND WHEN YOU'RE DONE YOU CAN b THA ONE! ...In a million. Omega: Centory: the Last story: All the Black Holes — All the new Levels — All the reasons to become God & The Devil — All the Verbs in the Uni•Verse — it's one song to end it all — and this is how it begins...

Alpha: You won't learn anything here; but you'll love not figuring it out. This MeTal Breeze and TWO TON NOSE walk the fine line. They see a war in our time; the writing is on the wall for all to see: Information is Stimulation. We are a (T)hird (v)ersion Electro-Nation. A State of Mind sparked for Detonation. Lighting the fuse for MINDB L O W I NG S E X X ! ! ! T h i s b ook i s V er b al assassination. Rarely has a creative collective mind caused so much devastation to the souls of vegetation. This is guerrilla ontology. Deadlier than 4 hijacked commercial airplanes. That rotten stink in my mouth must be taken OUT, i feel like i've been here before, but i thought i closed that door, i thought i already ate that whore, but it seems like there's more in store for me. And the FREQs all sing in harmony: "We're falling out, we're falling in, we're falling out, we're falling in, we'll fall until we win."

Final Crumbs • About Your Life-Script (one more time): The Idea is to create a story in which the main character accomplishes all the things in life you want: a nice house, meeting your "soul-mate"; whatever you want, it's your fantasy. You figure out all things the character would need to do in order to accomplish those things. Once (or during) you work out all the plot-

Part III

holes; you start embodying the character you created - you become the character you created. The Process works because believing it will work makes you feel better - with your emotional energy flowing properly - your unconscious mind (which has a lot of influence over your behavior) will put you in situations that seem to fulfill the prophecy you dictated - thus ensuring you continue to feel good. And things just perpetuate from there. "Whatever. I'm not going to believe in lies just to make myself feel better. And there's no way in hell I'm going to believe psychotic time-travelers invented religion. It's just too stupid for words!" • About Rule #3 & The Final Lesson concerning Allegory: WE ARE ALL THE CONSPIRACY! I AM THE CONSPIRACY! YOU ARE THE CONSPIRACY! "We're" the ar r og an t assh ol es wh o ar e ensuring our self-dest ruct ion. W e' r e t h e on es wh o cr u ci f y individuals who dare challenge our culturally dictated concept of Intelligence. We invented religion and perpetuated it through the ages and turned it into the mess it's become. WE DID IT! You don't want to believe in lies? Well as long as you're a moral person then no one should care what you believe - because your beliefs only affect you: positively or negatively. "So do you believe in all this stuff?"

OF COURSE I DO!! If I didn't; it would completely defeat the purpose of my LifeScript. You don't have to believe in my Life-Script. I'm setting the example. I'm an artist and entertainer and people will be positively affected by the message in this book. They will be inspired by it to create their own Life-Script. • About The Sacred Sales Pitch •OR• How You Can Start Blowing Minds, Today! Did we mention we're going to pay you sell this book? The SS Corp. is crystallizing into an unstoppable meme — all it needs is an unstoppable PR department — a sales team. We'll do it like they did in the old days and take it to the streets — door to door. The following is the Sacred Sales Pitch: "Hi, my name is_________. And I'm going door to door promoting my favorite book: The Rules oV Life. It's a self-help mystery where you finally discover the mystery of yourself. It's about the fact entertainment can be spiritual; like how a good song can 'lift your spirits' or a good novel can provide some insight into human behavior. Well, that's exactly what religion is supposed to do; it's supposed to make you feel good and explain things. So the concept behind this book is an entertainmentbased religion. Instead of locking you into beliefs you can't prove to be true the author has written a story designed to be spiritual — you're not supposed to take it too seriously — but you can still be inspired by it. Now here's why we need an entertainment-based religion; if you look at the middle east; we got the world's 3 major religions about to wipe each other off the face of the planet and take the rest of us with them because why? Because they take their religion too seriously. But with an entertainment-based religion you're not supposed to take it too seriously — but you can still be inspired by the story. And the story is about Consciousness; because Consciousness is the thing creating the story and because Consciousness is the most bewildering mystery mankind has ever tried

to wrap its head around. So in the context of an entertainment-based religion that means our creation myth, our concept of morality and our concept of a savior are all based on interpretations of Consciousness. But what we really hope to accomplish with this book is set the example for other people so they will build their own myths to inspire themselves. . . That's why the book's genre is selfhelp mystery. Now the book isn't in print yet, that's why I'm promoting it on a grass-roots level. But the book is online and you can read it on the internet. However we are asking for a $10 donation from anyone interested in it." [/sacred sales pitch] KEEP ALL THE MONEY FOR YOURSELF! YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO GIVE ME ANYTHING!! ALTHOUGH A 10% GRATUITY IS ENCOURAGED. This venture is perfect if you're unemployed and have nothing to loose. Make your own hours yada yada yada. When you get the $10 give your customer a piece of paper with the following text. NOTE: If customer is interested in the book, but is wary of giving up money in exchange for a piece of paper, and you can't convince them to; then give them the paper but come back at a later date for the donation. == Thank you for your interest in the Rules oV Life You can find a current link to the book at our blog Or you can get a PDF copy sent directly to you via email • Truth is where the Heart is • ==

The Science of Sales: Good salesmanship is a gestalt of Attitude and Technique. The attitude you need to cultivate is "Assuming the Sale." Your customer opened the door because they need what you have — your job is to make them aware of their need. This is where Technique comes into play. REBUTTAL REBUTTAL REBUTTAL. Rebutting is acknowledging your customers objections and countering with an assertion relevant to their objections. This means listening to your customer; avoid becoming a "script-bot." The key to effective rebutting is product knowledge. Memorize the Book Memorize the Book Memorize the Book. A successive sale should take no longer than seven minutes. End the conversation after the third failed rebuttal or after seven minutes, which ever comes first; your time is more valuable than that, and this too is the kind of attitude you need to become an effective sales person. Confidence in yourself makes the customer confident in your product. Other tricks of the trade include (like it or not) dressing nice and being presentable, studies have indicated that the better you look the better you feel, which translates in more confidence in yourself. Not only that, other studies have shown people make an unconscious judgement about a person based on the color of their clothes. Preliminary research indicates blue is the most pleasing color. But above all, the most important attitude for you to have is belief in the Product. If you are genuinely enthusiastic about The Rules oV Life it will trump all other lesser attitudes and techniques. However, even enthusiasm and product knowledge need to be calibrated by experience with the consumer. In other words — be patient. To these ends it is recommended you utilize the Life-Script system described in the book, and if you really want to go down the proverbial rabbit hole then create a Life-Script based on someone who is a master salesperson! DISCLAIMER: I'm clearly not responsible for any possible damages or injuries you might sustain while promoting The Rules oV Life. It is agreed that you are an independent agent with no legally binding ties to me: R. Talmadge Lacy, and you understand all potential risks when dealing with the public.

• About The Author:

Not exactly a fictional character. And even though you can't tell from my ID; I can assure you my dad was a carpenter and my mom's name is Virginia. And everything described in, "The only shred of Truth," is 100% accurate. So what does it all mean? Well, frankly, it means whatever the hell you want it to mean. THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT! So however you want to look at it; here it is! EAT IT!!! This "so-called" Art I make R2 manifestations of the Collective Consciousness. Like literally. Obviously I can only analyze this fact through the window of "entertainment" / Art. I am an Artist. No wait. I'm not an artist. I'm a fucking work of art // And this "Religion" is the only way I can present my art & entertainment to humanity. As religion. Everything I think or create is just way too intense for it not to be contextualized as something of great importance, like Spirituality.

• About crass financial issues: If you happen to 'connect' with the message in this book, please donate what you can to me personally, in fact, donate often. My Paypal account is set up to accept donations. Copy and paste, or type this URL into your web browser: NOTE: Your paranoid web-browser may try to stop you from accessing this URL. But there is nothing wrong with it. All the same, make sure the website that looks like paypal is genuine

and the account is registered to "RICHARD T. LACY" All interpretations can be submitted via Email: Once we have enough material to start working on B.A.M. you'll be notified if your contribution will be included.

• Final Crumbs: Oh, you're still reading this? Well, then — you know those pulses of light you see when you stare into a computer monitor? Have you figured out what those are yet? They're your neurons firing. You can see them because they're the things 'you' are doing the sensing with. It's just part of the Uni•Versal Pattern; in the beginning there was the primal chaos which divided into Something & Nothing. And then they merged and obliterated each other. And that happened many many times. This is analogous to WAR. Then one time something special happened when they merged; the process created something. . . different. This is the key to understanding sex in the name of MONITOR. You, who are reading this, are an Archetype; a very special type of personality - you embody the evolutionary process. But you are very old and very forgetful - this is why the mysteries were established on Earth; so you could learn the mystery of yourself.

You are the Miracle of yourself

ΘAΔΔEYΣ 6:13 "As he slipped out of His perceived Consciousness, he remembered what Anon said, 'The Uni•Verse is a Pattern Contained within (M)y•(I)mage•(N)ation•(D)ance.'"


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