2008/09 CCA Gra duate Studies Re source List

C ontact i nfor mati on f or Gr adu ate Pr ogra ms:
Graduate Studies Office Lauren Dyer, Manager of Graduate Studies Curatorial Practice Leigh Markopoulos, Chair Allison Terbush, Program Manager Design Brenda Laurel, Chair Tessa Sutton, Program Manager Fine Arts Ted Purves, Chair Chrissie Bradley, Program Manager Matthew Bryant, Program Coordinator MBA Design Strategy Nathan Shedroff, Chair Nathalie Blavin-Kakone Master of Architecture Ila Berman, Director of Architecture Judy Krasnick, Assistant Director Thomas Landry, Program Coordinator Visual and Critical Studies Tirza Latimer, Chair Kate Moore, Program Manager Writing Joseph Lease, Chair Teresa Walsh, Program Manager

ldyer@cca.edu lmarkopoulos@cca.edu aterbush@cca.edu blaurel@cca.edu tsutton@cca.edu tpurves@cca.edu cbradley@cca.edu

415.551.9271 415.551.9249 415.551.9239 415.551.9283 415.551.9352

415.551.9214 415.551.9213 415.551.9350 415.551.9324 415.703.9516 415.551.9281 415.703.9562 415.551.9250 415.551.9251 415.551.9285 415.551.9237

nshedroff@cca.edu nblavinkakone@cca.edu iberman@cca.edu jkrasnick@cca.edu tlandry@cca.edu tlatimer@cca.edu kmoore@cca.edu jlease@cca.edu twalsh@cca.edu

I mpor ta nt C CA w ebsi te li nks:
Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with CCA’s website (www.cca.edu) and these useful links: • • • • • • • • Student Handboo k (www.cca.edu/students/handbook): academic policies and petitions, college regulations, public safety Academic Ca len dar (www.cca.edu/students/academiccalendar.php): calendar that includes all academic-related deadlines like drop/add period, registration, etc. Gra duate Progra ms/ Cur riculu m (www.cca.edu/academics/graduate): information about all of the graduate programs including faculty, lecture series, Playspace Graduate Gallery, and other Exhibitions and Programs Cours e Sche dules (www.cca.edu/academics/courses): complete listing of all courses offered at CCA We bA dviso r (www.cca.edu/about/administration/webadvisor): view your academic information like course schedule and transcript Financi al Ai d (www.cca.edu/students/financialaid): important financial aid information and link to workstudy jobs CC A Events Ca len dar (www.cca.edu/calendar): listing of ongoing events at CCA Educationa l Technolo gy Ser vices (http://technology.cca.edu): information about all technology services at CCA

C CA emai l acco un t:
All students are required to set up and maintain a CCA email account in order to receive important information about the Graduate Programs and all other official CCA business. If you wish, you can set up your CCA account so that it forwards to your personal email account. To set up your CCA email account visit: http://webmail.cca.edu.

Stud ent I D c ard:
All students must wear a current CCA photo identification card to enter the San Francisco/Oakland campus and at all times while on either campus. New students may obtain their ID by bringing a copy of their class schedule to the SF ID station located in the Hooper Public Safety Office during Orientation week. The SF ID hours for the rest of the semester are Monday-Friday from 8am to 4pm. The first photo ID card is free to new students; replacement cards cost $5. Chains and lanyards for photo ID cards can also be obtained at the Public Safety office. Students must obtain a sticker to validate their photo ID card for each semester of enrollment. Validation stickers can be obtained from the Student Affairs office on either campus with proof of current enrollment and a completed Student ID Acknowledgment Form.

San Franc isco an d Oa kla nd Studi o Faci li ti es:
Graduate students may obtain access to San Francisco and Oakland campus facilities for ceramics, glass, jewelry/metal arts, media arts (film/video), painting/drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and textiles. All students are required to attend an orientation that covers new and existing policies for safe use of the studios. This includes basic guidelines for use of equipment and accepted materials. Orientation schedules will be posted during the first week of each semester. You will not have access to the Studios until you attend an orientation. Please contact the appropriate Studio Manager for more information. San Francisco Studio Manager Contact Info: SF Studios Supervisor: Jo Slota jslota@cca.edu Model Making: Marty Marfin mmarfin@cca.edu Wood Furniture: Aimee Graham agraham@cca.edu 2D Studios: Renee Gertler rgertler@cca.edu Oakland Studio Manager Contact Info: Ceramics: Craig Petey cpetey@cca.edu First Year Studio: Hillary Kantmann hkantmann@cca.edu Glass: Bill Sistek bsistek@cca.edu Jewelry/Metal Arts: Tony Esola tesola@cca.edu Media Arts: Jeff Harland jharland@cca.edu Photography: Christopher Nickel cnickel@cca.edu Sculpture: John Poole jpoole@cca.edu Textiles: Stacy Speyer sspeyer@cca.edu 2D Studios: Chano Uribe curibe@cca.edu

Pol ici es For Use Of S an Fr anci sco C a mp us G en era l Facil iti es Equi p men t A nd Sup pli es: LADDER RESERVATIONS: Seven day advance reservation is required. Sign up in the Facilities Office. TABLES: Seven day advance reservation. Sign up in the Facilities Office. CARTS, HAND TRUCKS: One day advance reservation. Sign up in the Facilities Office. HIGH-LIFTS: If you have project that requires use of the lift, you must reserve time for it seven days in advance. Sign up in the Facilities office. No one but a Facilities staff person can operate the lift. Lift work can be done only before 8:00 a.m., Monday through Friday. PAINT AND SUPPLIES: Two day advance reservation required. ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER TOOLS OR EQUIPMENT LOANED

Media C en ter:
All graduate students may reserve and check out equipment from the Media Centers on both campuses. To do so, you must have a CCA ID with current semester sticker, a library bar code, and have read and signed the Media Center Policies. For additional information please visit: www.technology.cca/edu/mediacenters Hours: Open 8AM-8PM, Monday-Thursday and 8AM-6PM Friday. Closed weekends. SF Media Center: 415.551.9240 Oakland Media Center: 510.594.3731

Grad ua te L ec tur e S eri es:
The Graduate Lecture Series brings a wide and diverse range of artistic and intellectual voice of both national and international prominence to the college. Each semester the seven graduate departments (Architecture, Design, MBA Design Strategy, Curatorial Practice, Fine Arts, Writing, and Visual and Critical Studies) collaborate on generating a line-up of speakers that promise to provide influence and inspiration to the CCA community. Lectures are at 7pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the Timken Lecture Hall on the San Francisco campus and are free and open to the public. All students are strongly encouraged to attend these lectures.

Playsp ace Grad ua te Ga ll ery:
PLAySPACE, The Paulette Long and Shepard Pollack Art Community Experiment, is a graduate student-run, experimental gallery. It aims to provide a space for work that is especially appropriate for, and oriented towards, the academic setting in which the gallery is situated, as well as additional programming and curatorial insight to help interpret and contextualize these exhibits. PLAySPACE allows for unique opportunities to engage with, see, hear, and appreciate work that may not be granted exhibition space elsewhere due to its form or content. Please visit our website for further information: http://www.playspacegallery.org or email: playspace@cca.edu.

El ev en El ev en:
Eleven Eleven is an annual journal of literature and art based at California College of the Arts. The aim of the publication is to provide a forum for risk and experimentation and to serve as an exchange between writers and artists. The 2008 guest editor is Hugh Behm-Steinberg; the 2007 guest editor is Hugh Behm-Steinberg. If you would like to participate or take the class, please email: hbehm-steinberg@cca.edu.

Grad ua te S tu dent Gro ups:
Graduate Student Alliance - a group of student leaders, who advocate on behalf of the graduate student body and facilitate community through creative programming. Students interested in joining may contact the GSA Director, Liesa Lietzke and all inquiries can be sent to gsa@cca.edu.

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