Eternity will never be enough to tell you all the things I feel Goin to this crazy place ya know Been comin here a lot lately A place to help me heal Staring at the sun on a moonlit night Wonderin how you feel Like me? Burnin bridges on down«lest they come to get me Following me through the timeless past While frost forms on the window Still I think of you As I scratch your name on the inside of my brain with invisible pencils Cause I can Not stop this silly madness I¶ve imagined many lifetimes with you in every scene Why is this not real

hen everything falls away Catch me when u fall When night turns n2day Hear me when you call Like sunburns on a midnight stroll you like to wonder About your future.. Me too Falling away from 10 thousand feet knowin I have no parachute Its how I felt the day I told you how I felt No turnin back Catch me when u fall Ill cu 2

Its getting brighter now I heard from U God I mlivin again Comin up for air after dyin a billion times Dead to the world when I felt your sadness Now 4 sure Its total perfect madness In here with me Watch out world here I come again Look out for some really real Stuff L O V E U

Cant eat cant sleep cant get away Cant think cant sit cant run today Cant do nothing but walk around n Crazy circles in my mind With u in the middle It¶s a happy pain That¶s killin me

From the nside


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