SECULARISME THREAT AGAINST ISLAMIC DA’WAH Introduction If can be analogized, Islam is the goods, then the dakwah is its

advertising, as well as secular is the items, propaganda is the ads. The success of a brand's lies in the strength of the ads. What's happening in the world today is the change of the world is very quickly because of the movement and the explosion of information technology. Communication technologies ( the latest internet ) in the form of delivery and information network has eliminated the limitations of borderless world to make the world as a Global Village of every thought, ideology, culture ,ism and technology from multiple places across the world will enter state increasingly lost its border boundaries. Similarly, the outside ideology of especially secularism, rushed into the Islamic world east (orient) through the concept of borderless world, and Global Village, cannot be prevented until it becomes a big threat against Islam and dakwah. The weakness and strength of an ideology or ism (Islamic vs. secular) who practiced, lies in the weakness and strength of how the propaganda is spread. Altaf Gauhar (1986) states that the love of material things or wealth implies a level where we can measure the extent to which secular ideology has absorb into the Muslim community. Many Muslim community today has been influenced by the secular ideology that continues to spread rapidly throughout the world including the Islamic countries, especially Turkey (Turkey is said to be the initial growth of secularism in Muslim countries began in the 16th century AD). Especially in the corporate world, these days are often associated with the 'world money' which was a little dragging of the Muslim community living in the material world. If at the time of the Prophet S.A.W. Muslims have to face the real enemy as the polytheists of Quraysh, threat from Qaisar and Qisra at that time also the challenges that do not appear to have been no such trickery of munafikun , then on the history of the French invasion of Egypt in 1786 until the ideals of the western world to destroy Islam through the Crusades . To make matters worse, the world Jewish Zionist sent missions as the same goal and in addition to the efforts of all the Orientalist have the same ambition to destroy the Islamic creed in the East (Orient). Enemies of Islam are always looking for opportunities and the chance to destroy Islam from within their effort after the conquest of the country failed. The enemies of Islam era and the decade of this century have great strategies and techniques to destroy Islam from within at every corner. Enemies of Islam in this era of post modernism under the conceal of various names of the organization. Decades 20's is also a time full of challenges and disturbances to the Islamic religion.

humanism. Founded by G. such as universities and hospitals. In the 19th century. and science. the secular is defined as the areas in which the church no longer has the right at all to interfere in these areas: politics. Holyoake also established associations of secularism in some places in Europe with Charles Bradlaugh . History of Secularism The term of 'secular' found by researchers in history. Rasjidi (1972: 17) explains the term secularism is clearly born in 1851. Ism West has attacked Islam. At that time. Muslim community should be aware of the symptoms and the need to work through the strategy and effort of dakwah to address and overcome it for Islam as ad-Din and the way of Muslims life.M. Rasjidi (1972: 16-17). secularism and the various influences that destroy the Islamic faith and culture . many more areas of life apart from controlling the church.If the previous centuries. The Holy Book and Life After. Little by little the earthly affairs in the West (who is the Catholic) gained independence from the domination of the church." H. in the development of civilization of the Greeks thought. Holyoake (1817-1906) as the name of the system of ethical Philosophy Pope intended to provide interpretations to human life without belief in God. and physical characteristics of animals and angels. At first the Greeks called it as secculum associated with a particular relationship with time. We completely changed from human to human and human beings do not exist separated by the spirit. " When this occurs in the end religion is limited only in the church alone. logicalisme. In a book entitled: "Believe and Unbelievers have discussed this matter. He said: "We try to separate people from communion with God. from trusting God to trust people.S. pragmatisms. In the 20th century. H. religion was opposed by the war but now the hostilities change in the form of ideological spread. then increased the areas that escape from the supervision of the church. it has been heard the opposition against secular made by Robertson Brishton (1863) who said: "We tasted a living area afterwards another field again and finally religion becomes blur and not real. by applying the concepts of modernism. Having arisen Protestant leader Martin Luther (1483-1546). economics.M. Liberalism Women.

Busy towards worldly is the reasons they do not have time to sit down and think about these things hereafter. he followed the lines of the birth of secular history in a different view . the European people free themselves from the power of the church. He said: "The term arose in the western secular relation to political matters and a certain philosophy. In the mid. Secularism is commonly defined as an attitude of trends broad in society to be easy to think nothing of God and all the issues related to religious activities as busy with worldly affairs. The members of Secular Societies called Secularist but after a few generations. Next Rasjidi quoting the opinion of Alan Rishardson: "This matter relate to their association with a feeling of sad. From such attitudes." He added that. self-interest arising from the nature of priority among the journalists who made opposition to the absurd things in the political and religious freedom." Secularization has started since mid-century is seen as a historical development which can not be ignored. Thus.20th the first person to be chief in London. can be say that the completion of the process of secularization in Europe world and is usually spread to countries all over the east. the church began to take over the political and economic situation. they prefer to be called Humanist. in terms of politics. After the Western Roman kingdom was destroyed by enemy attacks. the reaction against religion. full of antireligious propaganda. Alan Richardson in the book The Religion in Contemporary Debate has been explained: "That the world we see now is a result of the secularization of the Christians and their civilization. So that secular movements arose among them as . At the time of Renaissance and the emergence of nationalism in Europe. these movements arising from the chaos that occurred before and after the Reform Bill in England in 1882.Attas (1981: 241242) . arose in the community. It is also a plan to see progress in the social and political and distributed by organization and education. Bradlough was an atheist who subscribed to the sitting of parliament without taking the oath for refusing to use the Bible." If we review the opinion of Syed Muhammad Naquib al . The main source is from the descriptions of Robert Owen and the followers of his school and also in the Chartist movement flow.

the religious influence out of all areas of human life in this world. but they must follow the same in the temporal areas. David Martin in the Religions and The Secularism describes secularism comes from the Latin term Saeculum meaning generation or times covering the following aspects: a." Understanding Secularism To facilitate the study of growth and the concept of secularism. H.which lays just a worldly thing. Mill. the term secularism comes from the Latin Sacculum means a period (enage) also means a generation refers to the time and place. In terms of philosophy. It is also influenced by the philosophy of positivism which included the effect of GH Lewis and J. While seculum mean things in relation to the present day. but must be fully human. Thus. Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas (1981: 140) defines the term 'secular' as something that by the time the current period or is present. And with the philosophy of utilitarianism in which the description of the motives of human activity is excluded from the religious.S.a reduction in the institutional church and the reduction of all the attention in matters of religion. Saccularis means related to a particular time. it is important to know in advance the definition of secular. This is explained by a German theologians of Bon Hoeffer said: "Man does not mean the Christian ecclesiastical. According to Dr. while religion is the things on the last day.a protest against conditions in the above areas. Rasjidi (1972:5). secularism has relation to philosophy of Associalationist by James Mill and Jeremy Bentham to be influenced by Thomas Paine and Carlyle. Religion and culture . Prof. secularism advocated by the British utilitarian. With the belief of positivism. then Western start spreading ideas of secular Christianity with the goal of great Christian nations do not just meditate in the church to foster a sense of piety.M. Next Rasjidi explains that secularism is an ideology or a belief that destroys trust in God and the meaning of secularization is a process of breaking down and understanding the problems of this world direct of intelligence and the ratio alone. while religion is the time that has . b. Thoughts and attitudes of society . Thus the secular means in relation to the world now. In the face of narrowing the religion.

He brought an example of Olympic sports in Munich. b. economics. But make himself merely as the pursuer worldly success. it means something that is owned or related with the outer world of nature only. Religion is in the church only while outside the church is not religion anymore.elapsed. history or art and therefore not concerned with religion. j. g. Next Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas (1981: 111) explains further that Secularism is a term originally derived from the Latin word Secular Saeculum of language that gives the following definition: a. e. then it means that emphasizes the moral teachings or people problems in this world. i." c. d. the point is made that a man who is no longer interested and the struggle to achieve spiritual or religious life. religious or not holy or sacred. If referred to the people. In the 19th century the secular in West is defined as the areas in which the church or the religious affairs have no right at all to interfere in business. If associated with various types of knowledge such as literature. science and others. If connected to teachings such as moral. is not holy or sacred. He said the notion of secularism is based on the pattern of life in which human liberation occurred from the nursery of religion and faiths that remain regarding the nature of the universe. In a book the same written by him are under the subtopic of Islam and Secularism (1981: 19) Syed Naquib describes at length the meaning of secular. h. . Something that is contrary to the church. If it is connected by means of education -oriented education that is not religious. and not related with immortal nature. politics. Something that belongs to the world just now and no relation to religion or its business. A generation or era. The broader meaning. the Germans have sung songs Hymns secular it is a present day and worldly only. f. By ignoring such considerations arising from the belief in God or the universe eternal or supernatural. It is also used with a negative meaning to indicate something is not related to the church. In the context of Christianity he took the meaning "of this world.

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