The Interview March 8, 2002 First Email from Trinity: 3/7/02 7:29 pm Hello IM Trinity, N....

says to answer your questions about what happened to me, but so much has happened to me in a spiritual import its hard to begin. I probably could write a book, so if you have questions I don't really mind answering whatever you wish to ask....We are One....Trinity

Editor (in an Email back to Trinity): N.... mentioned you had a transforming experience that changed your life. I would be very interested in hearing of your experience and how it affected you afterwards.

3/8/02 8:16 pm I'v only told a handful of people my story and i'v never typed it all, so get ready. As it is you probably won't get but half of the st ory ..I don't type that fast...Trinity

3/8/02 8:44 pm Love and Light... Here ya go...... Where to begin..Iv had a driving hunger all my life to KNOW everything That has to do with spirituality...Why things work in life as they do. Iv known there has alwa ys been something more then just what we can see and hear. So IM the kinda guy who has done Yoga all my life, Studied as many religions as I could,(quickly moving away from what didn't "feel " right) Absorbing as much as I could of what did resonate with me and moving on... My job enables me to be outside working with animals and being mainly left alone to do my job. I was working while doing what i call a walking meditation......Let me back up a little, I had been having a repetitive dream (found out lat er that i had this dream many times,and it wasn't a dream). In the dream i was at what i call a rest stop ,like a small snack stand, (can still see it like it was last night it was 7 to 8 years ago)The outside was a intense bright white, the inside was jus t a simple snack stand with the usual board on the wall over the counter and a screen door between outside and in, By the way everything was in color if that matters. Outside were these two beings..They looked like two semi -older people, man and a woman. T hey were wearing sunglasses (found out later this had great significance) They looked like they just stepped out of an R.V....K now back to work ..I couldn't stop thinking of this dream, it ate at me so bad , just couldn't stop thinking of those two people and this place. I started thinking about what, i was thinking about while dreaming . Started thinking about how i felt while i was at this snack stand .. Then i went into my heart and duplicated how i felt while dreaming of this place ............ Then i t happened ...Everything exploded in my head , a very loud humming was going through my head, There were people shouting at me (at this time the inside of my head was roaring with noises). Thoughts and concepts were flying at me so fast, it was like trying to organize groceries in bags that are just flying at you till you look up and its an octopus with 8 arms throwing them to you. I later learned to organize all this. I looked down at my hand and arm and i was glowing literally glowing about 10 to 12 inches away from my body

(blue/white/gold were the most prominent colors). I was definitely at a loss as to what to do, Then a voice i n my head very loud shouted at me, call your teacher ( iv had a very close friend and spiritual teacher since i was about 19 but i hadn't seen her in many years, and had just within the last few months started talking to her again) So i dropped all the too ls in my hand and went home (i live on the property where i work) And called my teacher .. It took her about a minute to feel what had happened to me .. All i can say is i thank GOD for her, My mind then and many times later probably would have imploded if it wasn't for her loving guidance... During this time i was instructed in many things, how to use crystals more effectively, How to "go into the molecular structure of things", Was shown many wondrous things, was taken to different Realms. I could feel a perfection within my self of all, I could think of a question and the answer was just there. I was told and could feel my self connected to universal consciousness, Even connected to the consciousness of GOD, (thought i was going to swallow my heart it ca me up into my throat so fast) Many other things too.. All this happened within the space of about a little more than a month Then THEY started asking me how i wanted to transcend, If i wanted to assist and help here on our planet or to transcend at once. I told THEM I wanted to be of service to other humans on this planet.. So everything started changing, I started going through different changes than I already had, I started being infused with energy in intense amounts. My state of mind was also changing , I started waking in the morning with my mind in many different states, I called it being in a dimensional mind set, sometimes it was 6th dimension and lower sometimes it was others. That lasted for about a year till I started getting stable with the diff erent energies that were given to me. At first it felt like someone trying to shove a piano into my Third eye, Then slowly I started getting used to it all. Its been a slow climb since then, Hard too, To have been fused with the perfection of spirit and t o give it up (even temporarily). Now its a slow climb back up a different way, to alter my physical structure from its carbon based molecular structure to a crystalline based molecular structure....Now They still come to me when IM not preoccupied with physical life, Usually in the morning when IM working out and in the evening THEY come to me and still teach me wondrous things, and THEY still take me to different places, (light cities , star gates, Space ships) Many things about me were revealed to me. Now IM given huge amounts of energy in different configurations. Left out so much... We are One ....Trinity

Editor: Hello Trinity. I am just totally blown away (to use a colloquial phrase) to read your story. I think it can help many people. If you wish to continue, let's correspond a bit and slowly expand on this for the benefit of others. Can you elaborate on a few points? (From this point on answers are grouped by topic and not necessarily in strict time sequence)

Question: Do you think you were basi cally an average person or did you always feel you were different from others?

3/11 6:46 pm Always felt out of place.odd..Even through childhood, was a loner, till high school, Flower children ...Everybody was cosmic..Always wanted to know about spiritual matters .. I was totally curious from the time I could read ..devoured books on ESP and ghosts etc. Was told later when THEY could talk to me, that I was created by insemination from Pleiadian stock into my mother...... Never ever wanted to be normal......We are One ...Trinity 3/11 8:38 pm Wanted ONLY this all my life ..Waited and knew some day i would know....Wanted this so bad i can't even explain how bad i craved to know God. ......Trin

Q. Do you maintain any special diet -- that is are yo u and have you always been vegetarian -- before, after the "incident"? 3/11 6:58 pm I Stopped eating red meat early in my life because at the time it was fashionable and noticed it was making me ill in the morning. So I stopped eating read meat and Pork. Ate only chicken, turkey and fish..Lots of beans .. Then when it happened THEY strongly guided me toward an even purer diet and a more healthy exercise program for cleaner purer physical structure. IM also becoming very sensitive to any toxins like chemica ls in pre packaged foods. So IM now eating less chicken, more fish and fresh fruits and vegetables. My shifting body is becoming ultra -sensitive.....We are One......Trinity 3/11 8:35 pm Also take alot of powered herbs in a morning shake after i work out e very day..Sprilinia etc....Trin

Q. Are you married, closely associated with other people or are you a loner? 3/11 7:05 pm Yes I have a family, wife, children, boy 9 girl 5...( Wife thinks people will think IM nuts, Actually many do, and my kids know me as the daddy that talks to the Angels) Know many people, not really introverted anymore ..i understand so much more now....But we live a quiet life ...Trinity

Q. Who are THEY? What does your intuition tell you about these beings? 3/11 7:45 pm THEY are a very wide variety of light beings in various forms..Met space beings, Pleiadians and other races ...Have met Melchizedeks as well, many different beings too numerous to count. Have different teams working with me through different periods of my life, have a few personal guides that seem to be semi permanent as well as a Guardian Sephiroth..... It's a hard question about my intuition..I gather so many feelings and senses from them .and so much happens that is just undescribable in words. all are pure in their intent.. I can feel a sense of "being in THEM " so i know how THEY think/feel .. I'd have to say my "self" has become so universal that its become just "knowing"..Trinity

. and quick scribbles. she lets it go.. Tiny glowing lights EVERYWHERE.And my favorite nights are ones that THEY talk to me. I ts depth is about up to our neck. I can se e we are approaching a Planet with LOTS of activity all around it . She reach es the other side and steps through some pillars and floats over to a railing and turns around and looks at me and sweeps her arm over the railing .. ... or is meditation or some other path just as effective? If crystals can help....Like your heart is ready to break because you love so much... Small beams blinking on then off.What kind of a story you want . 3/11 8:22 pm .. We flew in closer to the planet t ill we were over it. Hard to describe this. (my vibration still can't maintain efficient control yet... Balls of light hanging suspended ..Ships of all different kinds coming and going lights flashing.Most nights i get energy work through my body..Travel?."YES" She said.Q. glowing tubes every where strings of light with lighted beads .just about every night i keep notes on a journal about my adventures (was suggested by THEM to me when it first started to write it down).. VERY VERY complex looking .The next thing I knew IM being pulled with her flying along... She automatically steps into the water with me and wades across... Watching shiny metal balls as we whisk by...L/L.Sooooo.. i travel and THEY teach me FUN stuff.... Still we flew around.. light like water but thick like syrup. talking to me about stuff for the last week.. Well... Lots happening. Those Blue white glowing eyes smiling at me.. then I return with her to do more Classroom stuff.... I take in as much as I can stand.. Some nights THEY talk to me..Some nights i get to travel to different places . soon .What s odd to me is i can go back to any page and start reading it (chicken scratching..My Guardian Sephiroth came to me last night as she has been now for about a week. hard to think sometimes too) Its so vivid that its like it was last night. Can you talk about a few of the things you were shown.We are One.Trinity At this point Trinity sent me an email from a prior message board post.. Her energy feels like when you are just about to cry out in a tearfeltlove . then she takes me in closer and we land next to a pool of some kind. Then the inside of my head explodes with energy and its really hard to focus. Thats how Her energy feels (crude description but I learned long ago human words don't near ly convey what spiritual is like) She has been Teaching me things.. Lots of other light beings flying around (personally I don't know how they don't crash into each other).Out before me is a very spectacular city of light and crystal for as far as I can see..... how do people use them effectively? 3/11 8:32 pm . or realms t hat you visited? Do any particularly vivid experiences come to mind? 3/11 7:58 pm Where do ya want me to start.. The fluid feels light like water but is syrupy. Any way. This is even busier... when the energy's hitting me .. its hard to write some times..... as we reach the other side she "lets go of me" Some attachment to her I have. last night I asked if she would take me some where.. We are One. very soon).. Can crystals benefit people in some important way... Some nights a re much more fun ...Trinity Q. threads of light coming off the planet. under and through all this..

Basically our physical structures are light transmuting m achines.. I run about a mile a day and Do weight work and exer cises.. Been doing this for quite a few years now. from the carbon base... and energy in the area has to be in a special configuration. and THEY still take me to different places. So basically its a big waste of energy just to appear to make me believe that its real and I don't need it anymore. the aether around you is actually a type of syrupy crystal form. THEY need special permission. Crystals are important because of the alteration of our physical structure..Everything and anything that helps . Earlier you said: "Now They still come to me when IM not preoccupied with physical life. Mostly have been THEM coming to me inside my head... star gates. (light cities..Trin 3/12 1:10 pm and in the evening THEY come to me and still teac h me wondrous things." Since we are all carbon based on this planet. I close my eyes and can see THEM standing there. Crystals are hard and shatter so I don't u nderstand how your body could become crystalline. There's a WHOLE lot more complexity to it but basically crystals can assist in our transmutation.. Usually in the morning when IM working out" Working out? As in exercising? 3/12 12:51 pm Yes.We are One .We are O ne . I'll .. Do you see them with your physical eyes? While you are awake? Do you only go to places while asleep or do you go into a sort of deep meditation? 3/12 1:10 pm Have seen both . just have been shown the changing happening .. I have seen my share of physical appearances though... from carbon base to crystal based structures.Trinity Q. 3/12 12:44 pm The ascension process that's happening to many right now is a DNA alteration. You said: "Now its a slow climb back up a different way..Trinity Q. Not all crystals are h ard... How THEY are actually accomplishing this IM not sure. is merely liquid crystal (teachings from THEM). The basic structure of our bodies are changing into a crystal base. (We have talked about this before).. but THEY don't like to do this.... The crystal base form can stand up to the h igher forces of spirit and the radiation of the higher realms. to alter my physical structure from it carbon based molecular structure to a crystalline based molecular structure..I have watched my molecular structure changing very slowly.. what does the crystalline structure refer to? Is this at a more subtle level than matter as we think of it. work out.. Space ships) Q. Your blood in your body is a type of liquid Crystal. How is it changing?..What everresonates . and open my eyes and can FEEL THEM standing there in front of me (when the being has the capabilities of bridging two dimensions). THEY have better ways to keep me from doubting its really happening.... Do 20 mins Tie Chi come home and get my kids breakfast ready at 6:30.Do this 6 days a week. The basic carbon base form is limited in its acceptance of the higher spiritual energies.I get up usually about 4:30 Run. Our blood..

But this is very difficult and there are lots of distr actions. so its causing changes in my p hysical structure in this way as well as the quickening shift. I used to go for walks and find a place to sit.. So basically IM taking higher form energy and transmuting it into an easier form for all to use. you said: "Outside were these two beings." Is this energy to bring about changes in your being? Or do you pass it along in turn to others? 3/12 1:26 pm Both .. it scared me just about to death. I was now feeling the full intensity of his spirit and this was no small thing... put on sunglasses (so as not to be too obvious) and meditate. Nothing. Maybe because I don't see its distribution as easily as THEY do.. I was now looking at two smoldering blue white stars burning with raw intensity looking at me... you just "click" into a silent stillness. I see this as a byproduct of my work. .Now THEY don't use them. 3/12 1:44 pm Once you reach a certain place.Saw this come across the room. Now IM given huge amounts of energy in different configurati ons...They looked like two semi -older people. I see and feel other things we do together more clearly. as slowly as he had taken them off. man and a woman.Trinity Q. slid his glasses back on .. They were wearing sunglasses (found out later this had great significance)" What was the significance of the sunglasses? 3/12 6:51 pm Later on when other beings would come to me THEY would also have sunglasses on... I found I could get up and walk and still continue the meditation. Swirl up to me and stop in front of my face and talk to me. (it looked neat) Have you ever seen the movie Poltergeist? The part where the guy's wa tching the video camera of the stairs and the wispy tendril like being swirls down the stairs (all the way up to the part where she turns into a face). . He. Iv gotten used to their eyes. You said: "I was working while doing what i call a walking meditation" Since I work I have to find a time to meditate.The other is to concentrate on God and nothing else or spirit. You said: "Many things about me were revealed to me.. No thoughts. But this is just one of many notes in my journals.. I asked "What's with t he glasses? He turned to me and slowly slid them off while looking at me.I've seen this . Once I am in the state of mind. Till one day I was sitting next to one of these beings talking to it. Even harder is finding a place to meditate. The energy that comes in is always increasing in amounts and vibratory rate is always rising..First .had a very bright white misty -like with the tendrils swirling around .... I thought it was crazy . Trinity Q. I can only do this once I have attained a deep state sitting still first.tell you one physical appearance that I liked . In working with the energy as i do. Was also told that one of my primary uses right now is to be a conduit for the energy that passes through me. I transmute the energy into a more usable form for this planet and its inhabitants.When you were talking about your original experience with THEM..... What I was looking at was fantastic but what I was now feeling was terrifying beyond belief.Trinity Q. THEY thinks its more important.

(dark yellow gold are older angels) and the reason for the twin stars for eyes is because THEY have never had physical eyes where other beings I ha ve met have had eyes.. are the angels class of the beings iv met ..Trinity Q.. You said: "Then THEY started asking me how i wanted to transcend. anything from doing a little bit of grid work to working with spiritual devices with THEM in other realms. If wanted to assist and help here on our planet or to transcend at once. or just humor you and think you are a crack pot. Its what THEY think is wise to be shared i do so but mostly.My kids love it . do they tend to believe you.. But I know that THEY feel some things are not to be talked about with some people.... I told THEM I wanted to be of service to other humans on this planet" i Can you talk about your work. THEY have showed me how to reach out an d sense things around some people so iv seen this disharmony happen. When you open up to people. It can cause great disharmony in the world around them. So iv learned to not say too much .. THEY say they did it so as not to frighten me too soon..The light blue eyes are younger angels. I do wh atever THEY ask of me. My wife isn't really into spirituality either but when she met me she knew what i was and what my friends were like. to the ripples of golden light i can release when doing energy work with THEM. I just ... Is it a type of educational process such as raising the consciousness of people ar ound you or something more specific? 3/12 7:40 pm The obvious is my interaction with others and the energy i spread around Whether it be through every day in the store. Or again do you keep mo st of these happenings to yourself. Q.. She has interest.. As I read your messages.. that I have told pretty much don't believe me...I have helped escorted souls that have recently passed through the portals of death to the first Mansion world. 3/13 5:26 pm The people that have no real spiritual knowledge. I wondered whether you generally tell people of our inner experiences 3/13 5:26 pm I don't tell too many people about my experiences. I can "feel" When some things are "right" to talk about and some things just don't feel right.I have helped with a souls ascension process that are still on this world struggling. Do the beings you work with ask you not to talk about things. The ones I do tell usually have some kind of spiritual background.. .. I have been asked to be at meetings to opening of new temples. or do they encourage you to tell others? 3/13 5:36 pm They really don't say either way.We are One .(unless IM guided to do so)..Trinity Q.Iv learned since then that These.. And she listens to my adventures but she's very skeptical.Trinity Q..

I would expect very evolved beings to live there. planets. So how could they have bodies si milar enough to ours that DNA from them would mesh with DNA from us to allow a conception? Mind you I am discussing this in the most detached unemotional manner that I can and I don't mean to offend you in any way.... Ours is that rare jewel in the universe where a prec ise combination of the five elements (fire.You have to understand that at the time these books were written that peoples concepts and understandings in the worl d at that time were far different than now. I have long felt an attraction to this beautiful constellation and often look for it in the night sky.I wondered if you had ever read the Alice Bailey books 3/13 5:46 pm I have her books here next to me on the shelf.. and esoteric astrology texts I have read mentio n energy coming from this constellation as being channeled through planets in our solar system. I do believe that there are other lokas.. I just want to clarify or probe this stat ement..The same goes with H. It is common that when people grasp a higher concept.We are One . earth. just as the stories of our collective consciousness present to us in science fiction and movies such as Star Trek. maybe without even physical bodies . water.Trinity Q... Q..ever read The Secret 3/13 5:46 pm Have her books too. at least in this galaxy that harbors organic human life forms like ours... My belief has been that this is extremely rare. ether) exist in a very rare combination that allows organic life forms such as ours to evolve and flourish.. I'm sure there are more advanced worlds than ours that have more highly spiritualized beings living on them .. It is mentioned a lot in mythic literature.don't say much unless it s some enlightening lesson that would benefit people in some profound way. puts a little bit of their own personality in what they write or say.light bodies. Last night as I was thinking . or a more formless spirit. Could it be that your spirit is from the Pleiades and that you took birth in an Earth body provided by your mother? Is there any resemblance between yourself and your father that leads you to believe that he is your actual biological father? I wonde r if your spirit guides said one thing but your human mind stepped it down into this thought of insemination.Every writer or psychic no matter what.P...but not what we could consider to be human life forms.Trinity Q.. The better the psychic the more pure spirit that comes through. There wasn't a lot of knowledge of this at that time so descriptions were geared toward this period. Blavatsky and her masters Doctrine or Isis Unveiled? . You said: "I was created by insemination from Pleiadian stock into my mother" So far this is the only statement you have made that I found somewhat unbelievable.. air. they . My view of thi s universe is that this planet is one of the few (or only) planet. I wonder if maybe we are the first pl anet to evolve this kind of carbon based higher life forms and maybe it is our destiny to one day populate other planets similar to earth. regions) for spirits on given levels. I am sure that Pleiades is some kind of highly evolved center. whatever you want to call them that serve as worlds (environments.

A lot of the terms you use are not familiar to me..Alot of the light beings i have dealings with are space born as well as family to me.From our point of view. Melchizedeks . Space beings . Mo st of the structures iv come across are made of a substance that's a cross between concrete/plastic and light. I don't think i will be going through the portals of Death. We are One Trinity Q.Iv looked at these blocks closely....Trinity Q.They do travel in space ships.Can be found in any spiritual book even the Bible..Trinity Q. We still had a very unique opportunity to be able to accelerate our spirituality to a higher form . not to have this heavy clay body and to be able to float through the universe and send and receive light messages would be liberation compared to our earth life. Your Guardian Sephiroth? Is that a name or a class of beings. Can your elaborate on this? The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades 3/13 5:51 pm I had trouble believing this one too.. MelchizedeksDon't know what this refers to. 3/13 6:04 pm Even before we had all this influx of higher vibration of energy coming in to our sphere. Solid like us? Do they use technology or move around in more miraculous type ways. Do you understand from your guides that this will be your last earth life? I assume you do believe in reincarnation. What was the most spiritualized place you have been to where things were not like buildings built using materials as on this planet but as if they were made of light or a mind substance? Have you ever been to such a place? 3/13 6:40 pm This is hard to answer.Born on other planets besides ours. They use a higher form of technology.Trinity Q. Their physical structure is solid but they have abilities to live in a higher rate of vibration allowing them access to higher worlds and realms. until i had other psychic's tell it to me as well as THEM. I have been to many such places. As far as has been revealed to me. Been to buildings that were made of Crystal as well as many other substances... Unless of course you are requested to be r eborn to assist in the evolution of others like many others have done before.sometimes put a spin on it that makes it familiar to them but thus reducing the purity of the original truth or idea.. they . Guardian Sephiroth is a guardian angel..are these inhabitants of another world. I believe in reincarnation. 3/13 5:55 pm Yes.Beings from other planets with higher rate of vibration..... 3/13/02 6:17 pm Space beings....

Does your insight tell you this process is going on with me? 3/14 6:31 pm The only thing THEY have said about you is you believe too much in the negative aspect of spirituality.Many will through you . im content.Trinity Q.... a huge number of people will be taken to liberation over the next century or so and after that.. So..We are One.But iv been into spirituality and being with THEM for so long it doesn't matter to me if people believe me anymore or not. maybe this work (with you) is part of my process of removing t hose blinders. N.. Do your guides talk of this at all? 3/13 7:54 pm THEY speak of many changes taking place on our planet. Ju st one of the building substanceiv come across. but not rough.. 3/13 7:03 pm Don't take this wrong .Trinity Q. We are getting into the "i can't really describe this in physical semantics" realm now .I have seen places that are waiting to be inha bited.. that's out of my experience and I know nothing about it and don't know whether to believe it or not so I'm just not going to deal with it".......THEY suggested I use the term spirit instead of THEM .are gritty. In fact the predicted Kalki Avatar even spoken of in the book of revelations.. IM perfectly happy being with THEM...Trinity Q. Trinity I am starting to see things differently but in the past I have had a certain set of blinders. When people start talking of things that I think are out there...... and inside it seems to be lit. And if along the way i can assist others and be of service.... Yes. Iv been to places where the beings live in a liquid space (not water) Where your thoughts are liquid flowing away from you.... You will and are. I remember reading this once in one of his boo ks ... I think I just have never been exposed to a lot of things where I knew someone first hand that I had credibility in. like lights running through it or something. the door will be shut for a while. mentioned to me that your friends (THEY) told you that your contacts with me would be in some way significant. Was there any detail in how? 3/13 6:48 pm Yes our meeting will cause conceptual understanding in a universal sense....SathyaSai Speaks. I just sort of tune out and think: "OK. (all eyes of all the universes are on our planet) many beings being raised up ..Trinity ..Lots of things just aren't describable even if i wanted to.. Did you ever look into SathyaSai Baba? Many people say he is a major Avatar . already thinking of things differently. According to Sai Baba. Everything i could ever want i already have.. TH EY said it gives you suspicious fears of negativity with the connotation of THEM.equivalent to Rama or Krishna of the past.Trinity Q.

.. she had eyes) I had been wanting to go to a part of the "Garden" called the Luminescent area.We are One .But I was never allowed to go into this area.. .God....We are One .." I go to the garden all the to put names to it. can you describe what kinds of things or activities that Average people should do to become more spiritual? What about more advanced people that are somewhat spiritual but sti ll very much earthbound? 3/14 6:38 pm What do you think about all the time .Just one of almost a hundred different beings iv met over the years....Last night was taken to a place in the "Garden..... we will both know.... She was a beautiful light being (not angel class. Maybe ill send you the story of The New Jerusalem Star Gate And Innix in . After that came back did other things. Some flowers glowed like different colored puff balls of light..... Thats a start..or....What is one of the best ways to accelerate the evolution of the people on our planet as a whole? In other words... Sometimes the inside of my head is just so intense I can't even close my eyes..... What Spirit feels like ....Trinity 3/15 7:59 Ill find another in my journal and send it to you after I hen peck out whatever travel I pick.... Iv seen planets from space with technical advancements you wouldn't believe...From your experience of seeing things from the inside out...Trin.. go to sleep quickly...I see visions that THEY put in my head.....These are angel class beings (never had eyes)..Trinity Q.or .. don't know why THEY decided to take me in but She did.Iv had times for days I couldn't close my eyes only to sleep. She took my hand and pulled me into this part iv never been to. people who want to help with this process? 3/14 6:44 pm I pray for that answer every day .....I just do what THEY ask of me.......Some looked like light threads running through the leaves. Sometime its symbols of what's happening to me or what THEY are physically doing to me...... Some were a misty kind that shimmer in and out of the here. I don't know why.. Is your mind/heart/body still and divine or full of chatter and confusion.. with space ships coming and going ...... But i needed an escort to this area .Television....Q...... what can we do.... pictures so wild and abstract I just can't recognize what it could be ..I'll explain something. Sometimes its THEM taking me to places ..Others had multicolored strings going through the petals of the flowers. If you get a chance this weekend could you write about some other trip or visit with your Beings? 3/15 7:40 pm Yello/Gold or blue around the edges with w hite in the center?.Anyway flowers of light that are a little bit of half physical and a little spirit ..You find out. ..Trinity Q. Sometimes I close my eyes and I have no idea what in the heck IM looking at.........

. was a ball lightning.THEY don't give me long conversations very often.Trinity Q...Trinity Q..You mentioned Sephiroth is your guardian..... class of being..Out of all the beings iv met only a handful have left their names .You have to understand something .. most of the time its THEM standing there. 3/18 6:05 pm Not her name.... Do they look for other people with normal DNA but spiritual receptivity to work with consciously like you a re or is this an extreme rarity? 3/18 6:17 pm THEY don't tell me .. He's an Alien..Trin Q.. He looks like a cross between an ant and a praying mantis and he has the sweetest biggest loving heart (wasn't even that strange to get a big hug from mandible arms). Every time i go to see him he feels so loving and good ....THEY act as guides and protectors...We are One .. It makes me feel really good when this vision happens.. Was there any such incident involved in your conception? 3/18 6:19 Don't know....Trinity going home to tell your Mom about something.THEY once forbid me from entering a certain area because in THEIR wor ds "To much potential for metaphysical mischief".Why? With me its getting into trouble ...I wonder. 3/18 6:03 pm When you reach a certain stage in your quest for illumination you are assigned a guardian. very powerful people "hooking up" In a line. Sai Baba's mother tells that she was going to the well for water when she saw a light coming toward her and enter her being.. accepting .....the Environment and weather control (I call it the map room). Its odd you asked iv been having visions of me standing there and one by one smiling people "Link up next to me........ Parents been dead for a while . Later she found she was with child.. Are there others here with special chromosomes like you that are also working with these orders of beings just as you are? 3/18 6:13 pm To tell you the truth Iv felt my alien background was unique but the quickening process isn't....This is a very strong vision. Do people generally have a guardian assigned? What is their job or what are they attempting to do with their "charge".My mom always stated the most beautiful thing she saw.Found many reasons for that later.Trinity Q. loving...Trinity Q.iv had many times. Felt iv known these people already.... quietly waiting for me to "get some" lesson THEY are trying to get me to think about..... She passed out.

.... 3/25 7:57 pm Not really the outer layer but for now its the be st mental concept to use.The easiest is to accelerate your vibrational rate in your physical structure... Then see what THEY see.This information is very real ..Your mind must be insulated enough to take the int ensity of this state also.. It seems like the perfect place where there might be beautiful spheres of light. Do your Friends ever mention this? 3/18 6:44 pm Here ill explain something.Trinity Q. that mentioned it to me.Trinity Q.. Please forgive me if you already know this. If your asking me personally...LAYERS.......(actually stacked in). So are we the outer layer (of the Universe)? How do you get from one layer to another or is that not something that human types can do......( all eyes of all the universes are on our planet) man y beings being raised up .Stacked on top kinda th e Tree of life ..If you accelerated your physical structu re till the rate of spin patterning speeds up to an incredible rate. and piggy back ride. but this doesn't take into account many other things.Q. The Urantia book is a factual accounting of the inner universe... 3/18 6:27 Yes.(Voice of experience here) Or it can blow your mind apart and leave you a veg.Trinity Q... is the Urantia book an authentic source book of information on other worlds and realms? I know it contains lots of ideas that would help us be better spiritually but is the information in it real and worth studying? Do you know anything about this? I think it was R. I have always had the suspicion that black holes were the realms wherein the gods lived....ya got to get in to get out?. perfect ed realms hidden away from peering telescopes where the gods and higher beings could reside. trillions of galaxies make up what our scientists call the universe.. It depends on the different type of energy im given for each night as to where i have access to ...The universe is layered within . We are One..Same with all the universes one of the ways of distinction between th e different galaxies is vibration and gravity...I have seen places that are waiting to be inhabited" Are you considering each galaxy as a separate universe? There are clusters of galaxies and billions... go where THEY go. Trinity. you would disappear out of this sphere and would be standing in another if not many at the same time peering out.. Its seems to be a very accurate map for places i travel .......You know.You mean they stink .No No No. You said: "THEY speak of many changes taking place on our planet..I also can join i nto one of THEIR consciousnesses.... Its the only book that THEY seem to not dispute. Are there multiple of these universes or do you use a different term... . 3/18 6:31 Ogres are like onions .if anything else it greatly assisted in projecting me forward on my spiritual quest... You also need to be of a divine personality. There is supposedly a very immense black hole that anchors each galaxy and of course there are lots of smaller black holes from large suns that collapsed into very dense states that created black holes.........

. do you actually verbalize out loud or is it more of an exchange of ideas at the spiritual level. etc report being able to view the universal Self and all it's contents. It can give you the most assistance on your path . in other words being able to know the state of an individual's thoughts. Do they understand and speak in English if you want to talk that way? 3/18 6:55 pm I have communicated with so many.Iv had THEM shouting in the front of my mind in a loud voice.Iv had THEM speaking soft and gent le in the center of my mind.....I do know there are many different languages in the spiritual realms . Saints..Trinity Q..In Egyptology its called the "Ki".. If we've been assigned a guardian.But i know when THEY do speak to me there's more to their communication than just words ..Black holes are passage points...... etc. and see far off.Trinity Q... and IM usually so busy doing other things. In a past message you said: "Maybe ill send you the story of The New Jerusalem Star Gate AndInnix in the Environment and weather control (I call it the map room). feel..I got this sing song kinda talking and singing funny words and I could sense........I onc e asked THEM to speak some to me ..." Can you send this story? 3/18 8:10 pm OK ... I never asked.In this state i can look at someone..Trinity Q..... and all that is behind them. All that is before them. i wasn't curious about that. see pictures. Q... and feel emotions all at the same time... Sages. 3/18 6:59 pm From the Urantia book it speaks of a Spirit Adjuster ......We are One ..Where I AM all things .Trinity. When you communicate with THEM.We are One .. is it an advanta ge to be aware of it and try to communicate with him/her. Are they passage points to different layers of the universe.... Q. Better to try to communicate with it... and all that will be in them.Enlightened masters. Do you eve r get into this state with other people or can you at will? 3/18 7:08 pm I have been for extended periods of time in and out of states of Total "knowing" where ALL is known to me and all consciousnessess are in me. different regions of the universe? Different universes? 3/25 7:34 pm To tell you the truth.. THEY all do it different between beings . all that is them.(Why i sign off with We are One). Who can use these passage points..I can't yet turn it on and off at will..Iv had THEM fill my mind with pictures to get some idea. aspirations. current state.

Most of the souls i encountered knew they had died ...Never knew really why they are here..We are One ..Don't know what we did but i was involved..I was shown early the identity signature of this place so i can find it by my self . That's the weather and en vironment room.. Other information too.We are One . are they aware of one another on the other side or is each in his own psychic realm or space? Do they realize they have died? 3/26 5:18 pm The severed souls do not Sense each other in the void.Walk behind the desk up the platforms to the right then through the door.....Any way glued up the steps through the door and across the room there's a big half cycle desk with a raised set of levels behind it..Trinity . One really big one in the center and two smaller ones o n either side....This star gate is located off the coast of Portlan d and Washington About a couple miles out Floating about a quarter mile off the ocean..I went into the void and helped reluctant people to pass through..Trinity Q...... Trinity..And usually you aren't self thrusted into the void. The only interplay iv had with them was one time i was out side sitting on the steps watching the beings coming and going and one came and tapped me on the shoulder and motioned for me to come inside. stars and every thing else in that area exactly . with railing around it with breaks in it.. but you don't view different types. lokas.Trinity Q....(favorite spot of mine to sit an d watch beings "pop" out of wherever they are coming from to the here/now and fly up the steps).When he turns it on the raised platform from the floor to the ceiling lights up with a specific place in space (you can request special areas to look at but i don't know what to ask for so i let Innix pick) All the planets.Many confused souls.he controls it ... Inside is a big raised circle in the center.. Out the door of the map room to the left up the stairs to the top level and the cat walk around the three beams of the Star gate . At the front door are two men always stationed standing at the edges of the door..stairs to the left and right.. What is supposed to happen is you slowly drift off from physical consciousness into an unconsci ous state (under special circumstances Some souls have been conscious here) Beings are there in attendance and transport is called... When a mass of people die suddenly like that (as in the 911 attack).. I did and there was some meeting going on..You fly up to the white stairs and pillars land on the stairs ......Innix is always in this room ...... Your physical -less soul is locked into transport and you are taken to the first Mansion world for resurrection and registrat ion.. regions or whatever they are? 3/25 7:29 pm I assisted in the 911 attack. Only under a trauma situation will this be happening... you mentioned once that you helped assist someone with their passage from earth l ife (after death) to an intermediate state.. till later..... many did not want to pass because they didn't want to leave others back on the planet ..You can reach into this and pick a planet with your mind and it will tell you all kinds of information about its environment... In fact the planets full of different types of beings .I can come here in an instant....Was a ver y difficult time. Have you done this more than once? What can you say about these after death states..The stairs are wide and go from one side of the building to the other.When you are resurrected there are MANY beings all around you...THEY said i was better able to do this because i had a human vibrational feel so souls wouldn't be panicked .

.. seem to coincide here. But iv also read MANY books on spirituality as IM sure you have. You must have been a mature spirit with many lives behind you to have reached this place.In this state i can look at someone. and all that will be in th em... and see far off... and a brown robed monk. and all that is behind them" Is it a goal to be more and more in that state of total unity.....We are One ... You said: "I have been for extended periods of time in and out of states of Total "knowing" where ALL is known to me and all consciousnessess are in me.Just little views in my visions .. I remember it as huge as it would take several years to read and study..We are One ....In Egyptology its called the 'Ki' " How do you invoke or communicate with t his Spirit Adjuster? 3/25 7:22 pm Stillness .. I am curious...Been a doctor in the 1800s Was a Nights Templar.Where I AM all things . Have you ever seen any of your past lives? 3/26 5:27 pm I Have seen little pieces of my past lives ..Al l of my dealings with THEM seem best to be described in human terms by this books descriptions......It is total knowing. It is total fusion with spirit..... Better to try to communicate with it. Was this your major source book of information? 3/25/02 8:18 pm I have spent many years reading Urantia.... ... you will hear Its answer to your questions and Plea's . Same for my destinations .. How are you? I was most astounded when I read your last batch of transmissions.But it doesn't seem to be important to THEM or me yet... total knowing? 3/25 7:18 pm It is the perfection of God as man.. Just using your mind to envision an identification of a name. sense us" "know our energy signature.When THEY first started coming to me I would always ask "who are you" THEIR reply was always "feel us..... all that is them... In a previous message you said: "From the Urantia book it speaks of a Spirit Adjuster .But THEIR latest teachings to me are on how words and naming something.. not a name" So now when I want to find a specific light being i "feel" h ow THEY "feel" and I can find THEM....Q.It is a feeling of bliss and euphoria like nothing you have ever felt.Trinity Q........ It can give you the most assistance on your path . Hello Trinity..(Why i sign off with We are One)... wastes thought......Trinity Q..Trinity Q.It lowers its vibration. did you spend a lot of your time studying the Urantia book. All that is before them.Trinity ...and when ITS ready.I can't yet turn it on and off at will.We are One ...

. I seem to recall that she went West but don't remember for sure. Would love to go into the basement to try to find it. I think I remember hearing about somebody sending a submersible camera down to the bottom of the lake a few years back. I see them in the shallows of Crater Lake ..It was somehow set up to be open at night to give full view of th e lake while they were working . I wonder what our scientists would say or think if they found remnants of a city at the bottom of this very deep lake.B.THEY told me that The one and only Madam Blavatsky walked in that lodge. (A fellow Lightworker) mentioned a city underneath Crater Lake.... The basalt probably does have a crystalline structure if you examine under a microscope... I have seen it from far off. When I was there I noticed that the rocks looked like your typical basalt you find around volcanos. so I haven't actually walked around the city to tell you much about it. Crater Lake Overlook 3/28/02 5:00 pm They have explored it a lot .. I know H..Im sure she was there to do work in the basement room.Trinity Q... Didn't know about the lore of it.When you were there at Crater Lake did you notice the consistency of the rock? Crater Lake is unique because its a giant cry stal bowl that has meteorite magnetics fused into it..We are One. I did a search on information about Crater Lake and found some interes ting Indian mythology.....P..The City I haven't really seen to much of it.S..Q.. Learned more of the energy of Crater Lake.. Its a city that glows with tiny waving colored lights all over it. (Helena Blavatsky) was in America (NY I think when she founded the T. I read her Biog (When Daylight Comes). Hello Trinity.Trinity Q. I never went to the Lodge.. Still learning about this place. It was held in great secret by these gr oups. We are One.. R.. (Theos ophical Society)... .... like I said I haven't seen much of it.I know that there are springs and caves that feed Crater Lake from below on the bottom.. Maybe the old city is buried under sediment so they wouldn't see it..It gives the people who live down there passage to other waters around our planet.. Maybe the groups owned the Lodge at the time. I understand the lake was formed when the caldera collapsed inward.Its real function is for transport off pla net to direct passage to certain planets in the inner universe... not one I really have access to. I have felt a room that is partly cover over now down in the basement of the Crater Lake Lodge that was used by the spiritual Groups of that era and of that time...How this was done without others knowing i don't know. What kind of beings inhabit the place? Can you describe the city? 3/27/02 8:26 pm The city was built by a race of beings that are water breathers. They were brought by Space brothers from another plane t for an experiment with our world that didn't work out.

" The man they saw was in transit to or from the inner universe... Give me power. snakes.. before evening he had become a shaman" (Spier 1930:96). (1) Gaining a vision of the supernatural beings residing in the lake was a major goal of that quest (Spencer 1952b:222)." (Spier 1930:96) An elderly Klamath woman recounted in the late 1940s her experience of seeing a spirit being on the lake: When I was young. underwater. "Untie your eyes.Trinity ... . "I want to be a shaman. I saw a man standing on the water far away." and I nearly fell off the horse.. The seeker would often swim at night. She tied my eyes and led my horse. he went swimming in Crater lake.. (Spier 1930:98) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3/28/02 7:21 pm "she said. Catch me. "Untie your eyes. The quest for such spirits required courage and resolution: He must not be frightened even if he sees something movi ng under the water. Crater Lake was a particularly dangerous site for the spirit quest." and I nearly fell off the horse. He scared me so. to encounter the spirits lurking in the depths (Spier 1930:98). "having lost a child. prays before diving.. There are animals. and a sort of people who live at (or in) the ocean. He scared me so. (Spencer 1952b:222) In other Klamath (Indian) accounts the floor of the lake contains a mythical world: People were stolen and taken down into Crater lake by beings there. I saw a man standing on the water far away.. I need the power.. I don't know who that was. Some say they have found no water in the lake. Instead there were rocks as big as trees and deep tunnels in the bottom.This was really interesting Thank you. just like in the Bible.. Then she said. I don't know who that w as. I we nt up to Crater Lake with a woman I knew. but I like to think of that man now..------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As one Klamath individual noted. just like in the Bible. but I like to think of that man now. Leslie Spier commented regarding the father o f one of his consultants.We are One..

Trinity Q.use the moons energy through you and you r Chakra system to generate energy through your hands to the heart of the stone.... Put it into a bag with sea salt for a few days. I think I asked you this once before but it must have slipped past..We are One. To have the crystal assist in the open within your self. I understood that you said it was a failed experiment.then bring it out in the full moon light . when you just let go and say "i don't really care how high I am. humming inside you. You have now attuned to the stone ....Trinity ...have you previously charged this crystal? I will go on the assumption that its brand new. And the people under the water wish to be left alone... Trin. You said: "The people who live down there".. advice or web site reference would be appreciated. Is there any procedure I can use with this in the awakening of the ajnacenter? I don't know how to use crystals.. Trin Q... You said: "That era and that time" " Then it happens. But this also infuses the crystal with their energy. just know that Spir itual societies have used the energy from the lake and would meet and do rituals or such there..) Organic lif e forms Q. you must state your intent to program the crystal to this use... Live the life of spirit . Any help.. When you let go .. We are One . this can also be done wi th herbs.leave it there for as long as you can.. rosemary. First..Q. I just want to be .. I do have about a three inch long quartz crystal.Trinity 3/28 7:41 pm (Yes.. a week or month.They were a race of water breathers that were brought from another planet with their permission...... etc.. but it does clean the stone..Feel the energy pass into the stone singing its song through your nervous system. like hanging out in a bus station .you are now in harmony with its frequency.... the nucleus. From here on is your own personal journey with your own you know how long ago that was? 3/28 7:32 pm No sorry i don't... 4/1 7:20 pm K. Thanks much. Are there still beings living under the waters? Are they organic living life forms like us or spirit bodies? 3/28 7:40 pm They still live there.Lavender. What prevents you from going there on a nite trip? 3/28 7:50 pm Boring.... Your progression of adjustment of personality and spiritual balance within soul and spirit .. Clean this crystal.

I think there's 1 2 .... Today my chakras in my ears went off thats another odd one. But that's not really as odd as your Taste buds. We are One. within your whole balance of energies within you.... Your body has MANY chakras from your finger tips to your eyes and mouth (thats a bizarre feeling when that one goes off )......but don't limit yourself .. but instead of a blast of water its a stream of energy. I could mail (the crystal) to you for charging..all this is controlled by higher beings Metatron. Was taken into space to see a conjunction of 9 planets . You wouldn't happen to live by the beach would you? If so.being able to travel?" This would be highly Unlikely.....Feels like a fire hose is placed in your mouth.Trin Q..... 4/2 7:38 pm Sea salt can be bought at most health food stores ..Trin "..... its very odd when your mouth chakra goes off ... tingled and kept shifting very strong tastes from chalky to sweet to something else entirely. Ariel and more. It floods in your mouth.I think they refer to them as Nadi's??? 4/2/02 7:46 pm Yes. You said: "thats a bizarre feeling when that one (mouth chakra) goes off" That sounds like an interesting story. Is there anything you recommend for developing the third eye and being able to travel? 4/1/02 7:24 pm Focus and concentration on this point ... And to tell you the tru th I was going to post this but I can't figure out what it means .. THEY all came to visit but I didn't really note who was there.. Trinity Q...Was never told what this all means just was shown ... your frequency and talents. you're a little too busy to take a roll call. Mouth chakra? I know in Yoga they talk about many smaller chakras . No access to ocean wate r here.....your whole system (all your Glands Chakras and kundalini) all work in a fine perfection of balance within a WHOLE system TOGETHER. Iv got 2 pages THEY gave me on this but I still don't understand its purpose . Michael..There are 5 planets in a curve and 3 more along the same curve but inside the 5 other planets .. Then in th e center is a moon that sits at the top so this whole thing looks like a tear drop with the moon at the point . this moon is connected to some vortex of energy .When you have 12 beings consciousness of their caliber around you....You..... I will gladly charge it for you but it would then be attuned to me and not you.Being -you...Trin Q..Q..and would change the prospective usage. Do you have any recent vivid experiences you can pass along? A place?A meeting?Trip? 4/2 8:02 pm Last night THEY specifically came to get me and said "come with us" i say this because THEY really don't do it like this that often and when THEY do its very important. would be highly unique to a specific ability.

. Is there a special energy... "Have They ever taken you there?" Probably but i was never specifically told i was there.... Criss cross's till it points out the moon... I have been reading them..which I'm guessing would only mean something to you.. I can't get a good grasp on its location . (and THEY keep warning me IM not able to travel. We are One .. Was this a far away solar system or distant galaxy? 4/3 5:28 pm To tell you the truth i was trying really hard to tell where i was but couldn't.Trinity Q. So travel has been sporadic the last week or so . Can you email the two pages they left with you on this? 4/3 5:40 pm You couldn't read my scribbles and pictures...We are One .I know all these planets are interconnected by energy lines between all the planets together.. Would it be possible to write a little each web site...To tell you the truth iv been going through body shifts........Trinity Q... It has to do with my light bodies .. You trigge red a memory of something I wanted to ask you.Trin Q..But it means that iv been too off balance and have been too busy trying to adjust to the changing forces running throug h me to travel... All aligned.. usually with poor results) . just could feel the intensity of what THEY were trying to show me..... I try to anyway..Trin Q. Do they have some significant association with our planet and its evolution? 4/3 5:23 pm There is an "energy signature 'that is unique to their race... was so real just floating there looking at those planets with shadows across them.. or force. I think a terrible inheritance is being lost becaus e you don't document your trips beyond your notebook .But i was told balance and transition are in comp letion ....Trinity Q. or consciousness associated with the Pleiades constellation? Have They ever taken you there? As I recall there are seven suns about the same size and brightness in a sort o f cluster... There is one a month going back a few years. "Do they have some significant association with our planet and its evolution?" The Pleiadians have pledged their support to the Galactic Federation to assist our planet. Trinity have you read many of the Beacon articles on the Lightworker. or a couple times a week at least so that these images / experiences aren't lost? 4/3 5:39 pm You sound like Rain (another Lightworker)... Do you feel they are authentic channellings from Angelic beings? The ... .We are One ..

." From a pri or message board post by you: I can see an overlapping of a new grid laid over the top of the old grid.Trinity Q..We are One..Group of 9...But i do keep up . So I looked around and returned to me. THEY took me inside and pr etty much just let me go .. 4/4 6:42 pm Yes ... and to fly up to the steps.. Just ask your self while you are reading a story "does thi s help me or teach me or tell me something i don't already know? Or is this just (as i call it) "filler"...... went there a lot.....Trin Q.. . Trinity....At the door always stands two large men on either side . This was more like white marble than the usual light ed stone I usually see. THEY left me to my own exploration.. I stopped at the steps and looked back we were ov er the ocean about coupla hundred feet and i could feel shore behind me.. I don't read as avidly as I did. Reading articles and books don't seem to be important to me anymore.New implementation of expanded forces. These grids are now in place and the next step is up to you." Does this mean new temples built by churches (like LDS temples.. 4/4 6:27 pm Yes. Started to travel there on my own.... You said: "I have been asked to be at meetings to opening of new temples.. You were once describing some of the things you do.Have read from a lot of these sites . This is why i'v been denied access off the planet for the last coupla days. I asked is it 2 or 3 lines in the old system... THEY said the old system of 2 -3 lines wasn't enough.. or other religious buildings) or is this some kind of temple on the other side such as a light temple or place of energy? 4/5 5:03 pm When new Jerusalem star gate went online I was asked to attend. I have read Beacons of Light newsletter. THEY said its actually a 2 line system but the third was expanded onto it.. I'll explain. now it doesn't hold the amount of energy needed. They seem to refle ct a lot of the things you have been talking about.Most are true articles..... THEY came to me and said THEY would take me to a new place.The stone on the steps and the walls are different from some of the other planets iv been to. THEY have given me more reality than any book can. I really like to sit on t he steps and watch the air around the door and watch beings pop in and out of space to appear.. I wont say guards just door men.. (the purpose was to give me an identify energy signature to return on). THEY said its because THEY needed an increased capacitance for the new incoming energies.I watch the message boards and look for signs . are these magnetic grids related to your statement below? From a Beacon article: "The magne tic master of this family of Light known to you as Kryon has been working with the hearts of humankind and with the magnetic grids of the Earth to position them for this exact event. You have to find what resonates with you personally.Lots from Spirit Web .. and these men pretty much just stand there and don't talk to anyone (at least iv never seen them talk to anyone).. So i went with THEM to a building that looked kinda like a Greek temple with the columns in the front and steps leading up to the door. I'd say about a mile out from shore. The new system is 3 more lines blended into the old.

. and work from there .... The place is packed with beings .. I kinda moved with the crowd and found my self on kind of a catwalk looking at one really big beam of energy going straight up . If things feel alright ill start right away (almost always it is) By now the energy through me has increased to the point where i can just barely think or concentrate. . I could hear a really loud humming .... We are One ..Energy runs through me all day and at the time i decide to do light work (whenever i can)..This was my invitation to the opening of this Star gate... I state my intent ... . Then clear all thoughts and it starts.. Then i stabilize and balance all systems . Its pretty much roaring through me by now..Can't remember what was first .give thanks to Father .... Trinity Q.. Is most of your work done while the body is sleeping? 4/5 5:20 Wide awake .Trinity Q..... Do you remember your dreams at night? Are they vivid like being awake while sleeping or are they just ordinary dream states with no special significance? 4/5 5:33 pm I don't really have dreams anymore ..... Where was the first place They ever took you to? Can you describe the feeling and experience you had then? 4/5 5:05 PM Have to think on this ...The sensation is roaring energy going through me. And to the left and the right were two smaller beams ....... Q... At first I didn't know what to do but I joined in on this harmonic song with them.... let alone try to think and pay attention to sensations. Been told not to fly or pass through the beams. still like to do it) anyway as IM sitting there one of the door men walks up to me and doesn't say a word but takes me by the arm and leads me inside . he leaves me in the crowd. OK.. I was understandably awed most of the time but it takes intense concentration the whole time all this is happening.. When it fir st started to happen to me. All these beings are looking toward someone in the front speaking (Co uldn't understand him) noticed beings looking at me then looking away after I hear "He's shifting" Then every one starts to hum or sing ... Hopefully by then everything has smoothed out ..S. and flew up to the steps and sat down (i had been doing this alot by now.. But do you remember the sensation the first time they took you somewhere? 4/5 5:44 pm You have to understand something.Well one time i was going to go to The New Jerusalem gate when THEY came to me before i could leave and said there was restrictions on transference (popping in and out). well it doesn't matter what was first.Trinity P.Trinity Q.. I could barely control what was happening... THEY said that there were a lot of beings and that i couldn't "pop in side" so went there and came out.. I go to my "place" and start. outside.. It changed pitch a little and then ended and it was all over.. but IM better at my control now and can pay better attention.We are One . It still does...

Trinity Q.. Atat the same time. I see a whole lot of visions.. Are there places you go to that are quiet.. But this might be because IM producing a very high vibration of energy and these people might not be sensitive enough to sense it or feel it.. THEY kept most beings back . That it reaches many. Trinity Q... so i don't really dream anymore...Trinity Q.. The garden usually has only a few beings there ( was asked to attend some function there too but i had no idea what it was about... etc.. ( shouting more like it). intellect and subconsciousness rule my sleep. its usually me.but i have been asked to do other things.. Then is most of the work you do transmitting some kind of spiritual energy? 4/5 6:12 pm Most of the work i do is this. I get the feeling some of these places are pretty crowded with beings coming and going.. a nd no one around me seems to notice.. I don't need to let my ego. Iv been in stores and been "going off" with tremendous amounts of energy coming off me... So as not to trigger an unwanted sensation... and just look away like they didn't have a clue why they were drawn to look. with a group of light beings discussing some significant event that needs addressing. Fear.. We are One. A union of 2 beings i think ). yes ..Now its not like that.I was Told by THEM that because I do work in sleep mode now..Interesting to note.."Are they vivid like being awake whi le sleeping or are they just ordinary dream states with no special significance?" When I am allowed to remember what transpired during sleep. Pleiadians and of course my own spirit adjuster.Trinity ... peaceful.I would walk around a city and i would see a few people looking at me odd and hurrying on. I noticed most of the time that there were very few beings around. I asked why and was told that "i don't have proper control of the forces in me and that im still unsure about my journeys" .. But this ha s only happened a coupla times. im used to all the feelings/energies coming off the light beings around me. some i don't have a clue what im looking at .. Trinity 4/5 5:49 pm Actually the first time now that i think about it THEY were just there all of a sudden in my head with the roaring energy . And the First beings that came to me were space brothers. not too many other bei ngs around? 4/5 6:02 pm When i first started traveling. But then for a while i would walk into a store and everyone would look at me.... What effect does this energy have o n people or the earth? What is it's purpose? 4/5 6:20 pm THEY tell me that the energy I transmute is of great importance. speaking to me in my head..later i learned to focus and control it at certain times.. Was very unnerving at first (learned to control this too). some i can see what they are..

. I can usually work until my body gets too tired and this varies from night to night.which to me is a symptom of the inner person trying to expand the thinking of the personality ...or a sort of inner spiritual urge expressed in a munda ne way.Maybe another though.Iv been shown visions of times wh en THEY have tried To raise my consciousness through my life and seen how close i came.Trinity Q. I just don't have the sensitivity to hear it yet. some only a few hours.... and THEY won't do anything .Trinity Q. Several times when I've gone into deep meditation states I've tried to contact you.We are One........ He wrote of very beautiful space travelers from the planet Venus that he met when they landed their flying saucer near Los Angeles. When I was a kid. I read these and believed them.. with THEM instructing). Some. THEY said that because iv use my sensitivity to sense other realms so much more than that one.. I remember reading a couple books by one George Adamski. So every night is different. I realized I'd bee n taken in. Some nights the energy is congruent to travel to the garden. And about one nigh t every 2 weeks to a month i get a night of nothing... my brother used to go to the library and checked out all kinds of books about UFOs .We are One . Have you ever felt the pressure? 4/9 4:17 pm Don't feel bad... 4/8 8:49 pm No not OUR TYPE OF LIFE FORM.. But later as I grew up and studied science and there were more space probes and research. Some nights i can't travel at all and all i do is work with the energies through my body (usually this is teaching or training. Some times these nights are rest.Trin Q.. What I do and where I go depends on the Frequency of the energy IM working with that night.. does that means they were patiently waiting for you to reach a certain stage of development to begin working? 4/8 8:43 pm Yes i was an experiment. my body will be sore.... Some nights could go all night.. Some nights all im given is visions.We are One ... some nights the energy is very high and I can go to so meplace higher . Can you do energy work in 5 or 15 minute chunks or do you need a good solid amount of time for the work? 4/5 6:34 pm This is harder to answer.. Did They ever mention why they chose you? Was it because of your Pleiadean gene s? If so.Iv asked THEM about this.. The energy travels through me all day but the intense stuff is only when IM working (MOST OF THE TIME)... it came out that the surface of Venus was very hot and could not support our type life forms.. (Pleiadean genes) that THEY were waiting to grow into fruition ... MY (physical) te acher tries to send messages to me and I don't hear them either and she is a VERY powerful being... They wore shoes that left sacred symbols and drawings in th e dust on the ground..Trinity ..Q.

because it doesn't teach me really what I need to learn. Last coupla night s have been great...THEY have spoke of this.Q. (restricted travel during these periods).. Or to sense subtle lay ers in the forces coming through me. Or Will turn on energy in me and teach me to sense this energy in different ways.. We are shifting in a very new way ..We are One .. and amount IM allowed to retain.. type. its THEM standing quietly next to me waiting to see how the new change will effect me. Last night I was wondering how much (proportio n of your time) you get to spend in Unity consciousness versus being busy with distributing energy or visiting or traveling with your Friends. Have They talked about this topic? 4/9 5:38 pm Yes .. Its fun but not of great benefit to our universal evolution..As an example. Like THEM sending energy through a different input point on my body and teaching me to work it in different ways.. All eyes of the universe of universes are on our planet. When you say she is a VERY powerful being.... Don't know if you know much about SathyaSai Baba... Classroom teaching is usually the most important thing.We are One. Seven years ago...And yes iv heard of SathyaSai Baba..Trinity Q.. Matter of fact was there last three days. Do you mean in terms of her psychic ability or some other way? 4/12 6:02 pm Her advanced psychic abilities.. My teacher has spoke of him before. He was asked once if the human life form was unique or if there were other planets with similar life forms...Iv been going through very intense shifts. How many years ago was it that you had your breakthrough? I am guessing you are in your mid thirties by the age of your kids...And im in my mid 40s.Trinity Q... 4/9 2:09 pm Summer. There are Hundreds of ways to feel Soft in energy.. Have they ever taken you to any of the orbs in our own solar system to see the psychic beings there? 4/9 4:45 pm Nope.We are forming a very new type of light being. Trin Q. It has to do with the amount of energy flowing through me........Trin Q. But I have been in this state many times..... I mean is the Unity experience a rarity or do you get to get into this state frequently? 4/9 4:43 pm Total Consc iousness or to be in total knowing is a semi rare state. Are we the first planet to evolve this particular organic human form? Is this why our planet is getting so much attention........Trinity . His response was that we are absolutely unique throughout the universe.... Traveling doesn't happen as much as id like to. and when monumental changes happen like this.. He is supposed to be the most important Avatar our plan et has had on it.

. Are the so called Indigo children spirits that evolved using human forms or are they from a different evolution than us? 4/10 5:05 pm There are many different views on the Indigo Children.. mine is . water breathers.Trin Q.. They are the assistants to higher beings .They make the Donuts (as in doing the manual tasks) .Trinity Q.. But you must understand all beings from all systems all go through the same type of evolution.Trinity Q. The term Grey's is often used to refer to aliens among us that developed a technol ogical culture without the accompanying development of the heart center and higher emotions..We are One ...Q. Do Grey's really exist on this planet (present or past tense).. Is it a common thing that souls from regions outside our own planet incarnate here or is this unusual? I always use d to think that most souls .. or whatever they require . They are just born with all the Ascension Changes already installed in them.. Are these angelic type beings or more like our ascended masters gone on to higher realms of service? 4/9 5:44 pm Yes there is a universal government that is the physical interaction within the spiritual realm..... You said: "My space brothers and sisters are ascended masters in their own form that have accelerated to higher service" Did they matriculate from our planet or some other system or is there a Deva (Angelic) ev olution that parallels that of humans? 4/10 5:27 pm From another system .. My space brothers and sisters are ascended masters in their own form that have accelerated to higher service.... You said: "The Pleiadians have pledged their support to the Galactic Federation to assist our planet" So it sounds as if there is a sort of Universal government...Trin 4/10 5:17 pm But iv never had any contact with Grays .. The indigo children are of our planets evolution.. I mean confirmation not from your readi ngs but from comments by the Sephiroth's or others you've communicated with? 4/10 5:16 pm Grays do exist.... Have you had any confirmation that this is more than a myth.... All are under One God and one working system of Government on the other side... They are the wise children that are altering our world slowly to bring about our planets shift into a predestined higher path. or hierarchy of authority.Trinity Q. They all wind up on the system's capital worlds (some worlds are made to accommodate all beings whether they are air breathers.

or they took no notice of me.. When I think of traveling.Trin ...A spirit adjuster doesn't work on the same planet each time.. see scenery along the way. the car traveled on some predestined track but it was unseen. but it does happen quite a lot. It has to do with a souls evolution...Trinity Q. I think of it in human terms... But there have been times where THEY have actually came and got me to take me some where. then the Spirit Adjuster moves on to another planet to gain a different perspective in a different being.Was taken to a pla net that was covered by many little water ways like canals . Found myself sitting in a type of gondola type of car looking at the planet way below being there instantaneously and the other. you're just suddenly There! Do you experience both modes of travel . Been seeing pictures and visions of things again that i have no idea what it is im looking at .. So i now am what iv been all my life . animal..... The car has the ability to "read" this track from here. with the scenery going by ... . with THEM. If that being fails .... In the Trinity is hidden the wisdom of the whole world".. 4/10 5:13 pm Its not unusual and its not a huge amount..."One in essence. I could see other cars far off. Is there a special significance to your spiritual name Trinity? What to you is the meaning of Trinity? 4/10 1:45 pm As for where The name Trinity came from. seeing the scenery along the way as you travel? 4/11 2:00 pm Exactly.. I am getting the impression that sometimes your consciousness just winds up somewhere else so that you don't have any intervening sens ation of having traveled.but three in aspect. Most times Im just there!...... except that there weren't any type of wires or supports anywhere.We are One ... human). plant. Then when i started to play on the computer i needed a name and i thought for sure my old Trinity would be taken by someone else .. was shown how it worked..My harmonic vibration is rising again.. Then theres the understanding the triads of spirituality.S.We hit upon Trinity for me and it was like a light went off for both of us. 4/10 4:51 pm Here is where I last traveledto.Trinity P.IT WASN'T i was amazed (not about much anymore). there is a track of sorts that exists in another dimension. What s most interesting is that a Spirit Adjuster is always placed on a different planet to be fused with a different type of being.Or as Hermes puts it. and there were peopl e sitting in the car with me but i took no notice of them.. then you arrive.We are One.. we both agreed that that was the perfect name for me.. You start moving...Trinity Q. I ts one of those "Meant to be Things" It started when I was about 19 and a friend of mine and I were making up nicknames for each other and other people. . It seemed like a normal type of ride...on this planet evolved upward through the different life states (mineral.

...We are One . Its really very easy to tell the difference.. always wondered how THEY can keep me from accessing all of THEM..THEY were right it doesn't hurt but it is mighty uncomfortable.. 4/10 7:40 pm Has caused some discomfort. Another possibility.... From there my kundalini was intermittent .been that way for a coupla weeks now...... I know when im in another being.. Others may choose to keep a certain amount of individuality so that they can continue to evolve and be of service.. constant now.. or others acting on the other side if they have merged. Un less there is Divine impulse.. Either that or there are multiple paths where some may merge and lose their identity completely.Q. 4/10 7:37 pm My kundalini activated in the beginning.. It seems to me that this can't apply to everyone or there wouldn't be ascended masters. I can sense THEIR thoughts and impulse' s. ..Trin Q.Not just my chakras and intermittent Kundalini.. THEY have some way of letting me piggyback with THEM but keep me from reading all of THEM. Then other Systems started to be activated and DNA restructuring had started.. maybe you are tuning in to the consciousness state of another being so that you think "you" are there but real ly you are just temporarily merged in another being's state of awareness.... and your right those three days were not fun. Unless maybe the mergence is not finalized until a long time into the future...It took 3 days to break through my head till then it was. 4/11 5:50 pm This happens alotalso .climbing up my spine slowly then it would smack the top of my head.... Here i s something I have often puzzled over. and again . I understand kundalini can be painful if your body is not pure enough when it a ctivates. and ego so there is no independent will or identity to initiate actions.. Did your kundalini activate at the same time as you began seeing things internally or was that a later development. Seeds were activated.. Chakras became of supreme focus of concentration.Reminded me of something they told me in the beginning "It doesn't hurt its just uncomfortable . Interesting side line here.... RamanaMaharshi among others has said that once merged we lose individual will. Then again .. White Brotherhood.Trinity Q. .We are One .. randomly through the day. Do you have any insights into this? I remember one of your first comments was the Sephiroths asked you how you wanted to ascend...Trinity 4/10 5:33 pm Kundalini's running hard ...intense... the merged individual no longer acts. and stayed actively "on" for about a year.. Our destiny is often said to be to merge back into our source.But i know the difference.. Trinity Q. Then about 3 years ago it started again very intensely.. Block off parts of THEM from me.

.. but not personality. " My memory of what you said in an earlier message was that at a certain level of spirituality you get a teacher or guide from the Angelic evolution which you term a Spirit Adjuster... If you failed fusion with it is sent on to another physical being and it is always on a different world than the one it was just on. Physical....Trinity Q. .Wish i could let my Teacher explain this . the Thought or spirit adjuster hold your memory transcript of your career ..THEY feel other things are of more importance to be taught to me. the human temporarily loses identity. during your earlier lives when you are not that spiritually developed? Or is the Spiritual Adjuster given to you along with a guardian or in place of a guardian that you have had during many previous lives? 4/11 5:44 pm K.If you complete certain criteria within your life. Let me explain something there are 3 basic states of energy in all the universe..... Is this your Physical teacher you are referring to? I thought she was human? How could a human know so much about the Spirit Adjuster? 4/10 7:25 pm Yes..This has to do with your personality perfection in your physical life..Trinity Q..i don't understand all this yet either. Does that mean that before that time you don't have a guardian angel watching over you . I have a more personal connection but THEY haven't explained such things to me. Its the same with all the planets.with it's dense matte r and good balance of fire. water elements? Or can you even tell when you view them whether they are physical or a more finer essence like astral.....She has also read Urantia much more extensively than I have. and Spiritual...We are One. there are hundreds of worlds that exist in all three states and some are a mixture of all three.Upon resurrection you are fused with your adjuster and personality (if you have progressed that far). At death th e Thought Adjuster temporarily loses personality but not identity. its very complicated... she is human . Morontia....Hope this helps .. etheric.4/10 6:24 pm When you die.She is very experienced in such matters .. she understands all this way more than i do.. water breathers.. you are given a guardian Sephiroth . earth. ... In a previous message you said: "Spirit Adjuster is always placed on a different planet to be fused with a different type of being. A Spirit Adjuster is sent to a child at ab out the age 7.... In an earlier message you said: "They all wi nd up on the system's capital worlds (some worlds are made to accommodate all beings whether they are air breathers..Trinity Q. " Are there a lot of worlds with physical conditions like our earth . so it can gain many experiences...This adjuster is in you till you die.(There are many more but we will keep it simple here). Its when he has made his first Moral decision in his life... or what ever they require . or thoughtforms? 4/11 7:50 pm First.

I always get that look and THEY can also give it a feeling of....Trinity Q... You said: "you are given a guardian Sephiroth" From a human standpoint that would seem to be an extremely boring job. I wonder if their sense of time is the same as ours. You look up and he has that face where he is waiting for you to figure it out....... Iv seen some really strange plants and animals. That I don't know what it is IM looking at.Its back to the what THEY always tell me "if we answer that question you will ask a hundred more that we can't answer " So most of THEIR conversations with me are short and sweet. but some of this stuff I don't see (some are out of the range of my abilities to perceive that vibration)... watching over your charge constantly..Was taken to a planet that was covered by many little water ways like canals .. Don't get me wrong some nights THEY talk all night and won't stop. Some of it is so out of my mental perceptions.We are One. . (love those times) But most of the time I get the feeling from THEM that THEY want me to figure it out instead of THEM telling me. " Were your Guides with you when you went there? Do they explain things to you or just expect you to get whatever you can from what you're seeing? 4/11 8:08 pm THEY are always there. Sometimes THEY do. Hope IM not rep eating a story.Trinity Q. No you are not repeating anything here.....Most of the planets I visit are a mix of 2 or 3 of the above... Like a very small dog that had no ears and really big eyes. sometimes felt but not seen..... The planets have water and plants.. 4/12 6:05 pm God only knows .. Remember when you were in school and the teacher was strolling around the classroom and he walked up to your desk and asked you a question.... I have read our entire life time is like a few fleeting moments in higher spiritual time.. we're waiting .. but most of the time THEY keep silent when we are traveling.Trinity Q.That is exactl y how THEY look at me A LOT. They must be trying to get you to "grow up" overnight into a Master.My life is such a roller coaster ride. What are some of the characterist ics of the Morontia state? Is this kind of an in-between like etheric -astral? 4/12 6:04 pm Its more of a Physical To a mid state of vibration.. I guess you will be some kind of energy channelling specialist once your training is complete.Trin Q.. He was sitting in a guys lap in some arena watching some event.... You said: "Here is where I last traveledto...

. I miss it.... focused toward its lover. As for Time every thing on the other side is very fast compared to our time. How are you? Did you notice any kind of change this weekend in energy? Saturday was the activation of the grid. and protects you from harm.The Energy has changed frequency and is easier to access...Trinity 4/15 7:20 pm "I am not too advanced in terms of psychic activation though so it may just have been me" If you want to gain growth within your own personality..Yes i noticed the activation . This angelic being also regulates and acts as your go between with other beings..Trinity 4/12 6:01 pm I have been in states where the energy coming into me is in such a accelerated state that it takes me about an hour to get used to it.. We are One .4/12 5:58 pm Once a being reac hes the stage where they are sent a guardian SephirothThey have achieved a state of mind where its anything but boring... but thi s varies from realm to realm. Trin Q. Are they just supposed to stay in the background and guide you? Guard you? Lead you on a higher path? Or are you supposed to just make your own choices and select your own paths without interference? 4/12 6:28 pm A Guardian Sephiroth also takes note of your spiritual advancements and reports and records them as well as help you in the inner universes. I am not too advanced in terms of psychic activation though so it may just have been me. Her energy feels like A lovers heart. I have had communication with my Guardian Sephiroth before.... This is an extremely difficult job.. Project what can be. Full of the emotion of love.. Our lives are such that we cannot hear them but they patiently and lovingly tr y.. don't defeat your self before you have started .. 4/15 7:12 pm Im Great.. Their Time is mostly three times faster than ours.. .Trinity Hello Trinity..I was with the ships a little while THEY were busy charging the grid. What are some of the criteria for getting a Guardian Sephiroth? After this happens....... can you attempt to contact your own Sephiroth or will "They" just ignore your efforts. But to tell you the truth i haven't experienced th is accelerated state in a while. But your real guide is your Spirit Adjuster..You make this sentence sound like you will be in this state of "not t oo advanced" forever.. as envisioned by Turtle woman.. Its his job to guide you through your life to try to get you to adhere to higher truths as well as to seek to do the will of God and achieve a higher state of consciousness...We are One .. I took part but didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.Thank you for asking..We are One . longing..

what to do.. Sometimes I'm deeply concentrating on something and the phone rings and I instantly get mad at being interr upted.thus seeing people in a negative light.. "Right thought. If there's anything you can do from the "inside" to help with my transformation it would be greatly appreciated. and finally asked THEM. Stop the chatter from your subconscious mind and look to your 4 sheep as it says in the bible. Yes............"Project what can be. I am feeling an inner urge building. and harmony in all you do in your life. right action. I guess I felt internally when I asked that... Right thought. We are One .....Just in knowing what you know alters your life far more than you can conceive of.. Do you remember your own state of mind before your transformation? I bet it's light years from where you are now. my state of mind was very basic..Know it. we do have this self image cage that's hard to break out of . dive deep inside. Thanks for your carefully worded reply....baggage from our many past lives I guess. I know....don't accept anything else. stop the internal dialogue. But I will keep on. THIS IS NOT FUN) your mental capacity must absorb all its own know ing within your life as you gain the experience you need .. I like that.don't defeat yourself what hasn't been.... and harmony in all you do in your life... So constant diligence on your mind set . We are One. I still have periods being irritable ...Trinity Q....You have the potential to be it all . "If there's anything you can do from the "inside" to help with my transformation it would be greatly appreciated" I thought about this a lot .. Hurry .. keep the mind at rest.KNOW IT!....don't accept anything else. I keep trying to meditate intensively.. You said .Trinity Q.. Your constant attention to the enactment of the will of GOD through you helps to raise your vibration to the accel erated rate you're trying to achieve.. where to go from here. right speech.. That is one of the worst things for me. Still I feel like things are moving at glacial speed. (trust me here..I can look but i can't really touch. Your mind is not ready for the harmonic vibration that would follow." I read your reply and I must say I was very moved by it. growing to actuate. Thought about it during the day while I was working. And then there's that feeling of impatience.... Iv been real close to this.... that it was really not a proper request.. The challenge is how.. 4/17 6:25 pm Yes. like you say . THEIR response was that The State you desire SO GREATLY Is like letting me loose at your work to fix computers with limited knowledge... My State of mind fluctuates ... right action..Im sorry to say im not allowed to infringe on anyone's progress that way .. But in my life now. Be it.. I like peace and quiet working and have alway had a problem when I'm interrupted in the middle of doing something.HA..You have the potential to be it all .. As for altering you from the inside .. right speech.. become." And how true it is that that is the goal but the goal is still a ways off.. don't defeat yourself what hasn't been. It would literally rip your mind apart.KNOW IT!. Kind of like asking a gardener to pry open a flower so you can see it sooner.. All my life I've always been in a hurry...

.. heal people. it makes you want to hurry and catch whole life now is in service .We are One .... Every thought you think..Trinity Q. Hurry to get something done. The strange thing is that I have read so much about realized beings and I know they can materialize a seemingly corporeal body when needed. OK.I know this sounds corny but I look at it like this. and the like. Don't know where that comes from.. mind...... I guess my job is actually very good therapy for me because it makes me deal with these same issues over and over again...oh can honestly say . Every one in life is more important than I am mind fluctuates. And I believe all these things at a very basic level. I find myself grappling with this fluctuation of mind states sometimes.It doesn't matter to God i can obtain and how can i be of you a re ready. beliefs..So always take a deep breath and smi le. - So anyway I will attempt to home in on this Atmic state as much as I can in this daily hubub of job and home life. galactic federations.. So bear with me while I try to adjust and integrate my mind state. The higher spiritually you get the less its your life any more . only the closeness service to Father/Son/Spirit.Its an opportunity to learn something new to improve your character to get you to where you want to be. Anywa y. energy grids. Hurry to get home. UFOs. 4/19 9:00 am You have great honor to know all you have learned all your life . When you reach the stage where you how high i get.project your life but don't live in the "i'll be happy when i reach this stage" .. change them. Most of it ... I'll tell you something here but promise you won't hold it against me. they can "take" things out of the air. m ultiply food. I become totally convinced that all this is real and then I'll spend hours or days in a completely convinced state. When you see others around you so far up ahead. etc... awareness) but apparently I am somewhat schizophrenic or like you say . be of good cheer and be happy in the knowing of WHO YOU ARE.( Jezssss IM well)..Give yourself credit for getting where you are now .. Then starting to sound like a monk... I think of myself as an integrated being (i. "Your constant attention to the enact ment of the will of GOD through you helps to raise you vibration to the accelerated rate your trying to achieve" This is a perfect image for me to keep in mind to help with this inner conversion process.....e. in everything I do I ask my self how would God answer or do this task..Stop looking for what you want outside of your self.... etc. activate their kundalini at a touch.. In the East they call it Satsang spiritual company.Doesn't work like that .. I find that I'll be walking to my car after work and thinking maybe you are just hallucinating all this stuff and there is no basis of any of this other than on some kind of astral hallucination level.. or maybe the subconscious rebels and plants seeds of doubt.. project their consciousness into anyplace they want. When I read throug h your messages. But for some reason I haven't assimilated all this stuff about beings from other get to work... But this doesn't seem to sink in quite at the 100% level. But I'm sure my meaning is different from how you mean it. every time you lift a finger to do a deed every time the phone rings .

seems like a big waste to me .htm ... Don't think .. You have a great opportunity to be of service ..Don't doubt . please paste the following URL address into an Email and send it to them: http://www....just didn't know what to think.let it come .. You think to much. THEY have been teaching me the last month not to "Waste Thought". Just be God and smile.......Iv been at this so long now i can't doubt.. very strict laws.and then THEY reach into me and zap the shit out of me and when it all calms down within a few mins i hear " ANY QUESTIONS?" in my head . I neither beli eved or dis -believed .Trinity If you thought this interview was helpful and would like to share it with friends.... Morontia and pretty new to me... 4/19 6:07 pm First .. Now ill admit that thing s are getting "Looser" in the spiritual laws department but still ..The last time i doubted .. I told my self "IM making all this up its all in my mind.. We are One ... physical.. I know THEY are there and so do worry too much..CosmicHarmony..But why ? For what purpose . IM just becoming crazy . Before there were always just question marks in this area... Your a child of God..Doesn't offend me ... A child of light . to impress us ..... The things you have read or heard about happening to others are allowed with very special permission..Be happy .. Last you talk of Midwayers and other light beings that have the ability to appear before you .Next There are very strict laws that govern all beings. I repeat.Clear your lower minds chatter to make room for your higher mind.