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Apuntes relacionados a medicina espiritual alternativa

The eminent Master Paracelsus gives the name of ‘Sylvesters’ to the elementals of the frests and
‘Nymphs’ to those of aquatic plants. The holy symbology of plants is found broadly exposed in the
sacred books of all ancient religions. It is enough for us to remember the tree of the science of good and
evil from the Garden of Eden, which is a tremendous symbol of the sexual force, within which is found
the redemption or condemnation of the human being.

The Sephirotic tree of the Kabbalah and the Aswatta or sacred fig tree are symbols of divine wisdom.
Zoroaster represented the nervous system and the liquid system of humanbeings by the ‘Haona’ of the
Mazdeists. Other symbols are the ‘Zampoun’ of Tibet and the ‘Iggradsil’, the Pheredydes oak of the
ancient Celtics.

Christ is an exception to this rule, since Christ is the very same wisdom. He is the Solar Logos, whose
physical body is the Sun. Thus, Christ walks with his Sun, in the same way as the human souls walk
with their bodies of flesh and bones. Christ is the light of the Sun. Therefore, the light of the Sun is the
light of Christ.

The light of the Sun is a christonic substance which makes the plants grow and the seeds sprout. Thus,
within the compact hardness of the grain, the substance of the Solar Logos remains enclosed, and it is
what permits the plant to reproduce itself constantly, with this glorious, hardy and active life.

This science that I baptize with the name of “Elementotherapy” the ‘royal art’ of medical wisdom, is
as ancient as the world. One cannot be a doctor without being a magician, nor can one be a magician
without being a doctor.

“These kind of doctors (the Gnostics) are named ‘Spirituals’ because they can command the spirits of
herbs and roots. Thus, they (the Gnostic doctors) force the spirits to give liberty to the sick people who
they have pill into imprisonment. Just like the Judge who places a prisoner in the iron trap, this Judge
is the doctor of this prisoner, because having the keys of the trap, he can close and open the lock at any
time that he so pleases.

Hippocrates is one of those who belonged to these class of doctors.”

(Parami-prologo III-Paracelsus).

Until now, beloved disciples, you have only heard comments about oriental Tibet and of the Holy
Masters who dwell there. Franz Hartman comments to us about the Masters of the occult temple of
Bohemia and Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha) comments about the temple of Monserrat in Spain and the
temple of Chapultepec in Mexico.

Yet, our beloved South America also has its majestic temples, even when no one has spoken about
them. These are the temples of Goddess Nature, these are the temples of the sacred mysteries of the
Mayan Ray.

Until now you have heard comments about the Asiatic and European Masters. Many spiritualist
students would like to internally progress. However, they cannot because they have not found the Path
which belongs to them, as well as their Ray and their own key note which must be in accordance with
their blood and psyc he. We must not forget that in South America the blood of the American Indian
predominates over everything. Thus, there are millions of human beings who belong to the Mayan Ray.

I am going to talk about the Masters of the Mayan Ray, I am going to unveil for the first time the veil
which hides them.

Kalusuanga - the primeval God of light, the great Master of the Sun, has a storehouse of esoteric
wisdom in the temple of ‘Buritaca’, headquarters of ancient wisdom (Atlantic coast).

Kunchuvito Muya - a powerful God.

Nuestro Seyancua
Nuestro Padre Seukul
‘Mama’ Kaso Biscunde
‘Mama’ Batunare
La ‘Saga’ Maria Pastora - a female Master of Wisdom.
The God Kuinmagua - This Master is the God of tempests, who has power over the seasons of spring,
summer, autumn and winter.
The God Temblor - is an innocent child who makes the earth tremble, and whose speaks for itself
name [means tremble in Spanish].

These Masters of the Venerable White Lodge from the Mayan Ray are the silent vigilantes of Latin
America. The mountain of the Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta (Colombia) is another powerful and
very ancient Tibet.

Kalusuanga, the primeval God of light, will joyfully admit into his Mysteries the souls who are thirsty
for the Mayan Ray. The clue in order to enter into the temple of Kalusuanga, the Mayan Indian Master,
is the following:
The disciple will sit on a chair before a table. He will place his elbows on the table and will hold his
head with his left hand. Meanwhile, he will perform magnetic passes by passing his right hand over his
head from the forehead to the neck, with the purpose of magnetizing himself. Thus, with force, he will
thrust (with the magnetic passes) his astral body outwards, towards the temple of ‘Buritaca’, which is
the headquarters of the ancient wisdom of the Mayan Ray.
The disciple will unite his willpower and imagination in vibrating harmony and will make the effort to
fall asleep. He must feel, while utilizing his willpower and imagination, as if he was with the body of
flesh and bones within the temple of ‘Buritaca’.

He must pronounce with his thought the following mantras or magical words: OMNIS AUN IGNEOUS.
These words are pronounced in succession, prolonging the sound of the vowels until falling asleep.