2011 April Fools Press Release The 6th annual April Fools Bicycle Challenge is just around the

corner. The April Fools Bicycle Challenge (AFBC) is a month long cycling event aimed at getting people on their bikes enjoying the beautiful print weather. We support and accommodate all types of cycling including children and stationary bikes (attention Fitness First members!). Even miles on your unicycle count. As in years past, in addition to getting more folks riding their bikes, we also use this energy to raise money for Calistoga Family Center. Participants get their friends, family, and coworkers to offer per mile pledges. Community members, service organizations, and local businesses also offer pledges against all miles ridden. Some of the businesses already supporting this event a Calistoga Bikeshop, Boskos, Cottage Grove Inn, Lava Vine, Twomey Cellars, Missing Link Networks, and Wellspring P.T. Anyone interested in supporting this event can contact us via the website at www.bikingfools.org. We welcome pledges of any amount. Here’s a recap of 2010. 2010 was a big year for the AFBC as the event expanded to include St. Helena. They had a tremendous first year with over 60 registered riders logging just under 13,000 miles. Calistoga had over 50 registered riders and logged just under 14,000 miles, a 44% increase over the 9700 miles ridden in 2009. It was really St. Helena’s entry into this event that motivated Calistoga riders to put in all those miles. In addition all the muscles those miles created, we in Calistoga raised around $10,000 for CFC. The 2 Mayors – Jack Gingles and Del Britton placed a friendly wager on which town would ride more miles. And although Mr. Gingles won that bet, he lost the personal battle as Mr. Britton logged a respectable 152 miles, easily besting his Calistoga counterpart. Calistoga had a record 4 riders log more than 1000 miles, led by co-Grand April Fools Mark LeRoy and Iris Set, a springtime regular in the area, even though she lives in Singapore. Joining this duo in the 1000 mile club were Gary Kenworthy and Peter Potrebic . Iris is back for her 3rd year in a row! St. Helena appears very motivated to best Calistoga this year. Calistoga will be hard pressed to retain its title, so please get out and ride! Even riding a few miles can make a difference. Getting 20 first time April Fools, each logging just 50 miles for the month will add 1000 miles to our total. That could be enough to keep us ahead of our neighbor to the south. If you would like to make a pledge, no matter how small, please do not hesitate. If you are proud of Calistoga, and want to encourage our riders to ride more miles than our friends in St. Helena, then step up and help us out. To make a pledge please visit the “Donate now” page on the website (www.bikingfools.org), or call Peter Potrebic at 942-4335, or stop by the bike shop. If you want to ride in the April Fools Challenge simply go to www.bikingfools.org and register today. Everything you need to get started is on the website. Tell you family and friends. Like last year we’ll be hosting organized youth rides a few times per week. Details and a calendar will be published on the website. Organizations like Calistoga Family Center are critical during these challenging economic times. But it is also springtime in Napa Valley, with the unlimited potential that the season brings. Please look at the beauty of our hills and ask yourself if you can make a pledge (any amount welcome). You’ll be doing something good for your community, motivating your neighbors to ride their bikes, and helping a local charity that helps 100’s of families in our town. Some of your friends from the Lions, Rotary, Kiwanis, American Legion, and Soroptimist Clubs have already made the choice. Thank you.

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