committed workforce and an appreciative clientele.•  India’s most advanced Spices & Food Solutions company •  Initiated as ‘Paras Enterprises’ in the year 1982 •  A provider of innovative and competitive solutions through Reliable services. •  Supported by continued association with dedicated suppliers. Innovations & Quality products •  The biggest Indian supplier to the world’s largest food company. .


•  First Prize for being the safest factory by Punjab Govt. •  Kosher Certification: . •  Approved supplier under FSMS (Food Safety Management System) by Nestle •  Exporters Certificate from Spice Board of India •  Agmark Certification . Some of the recognitions we have… •  ISO 9001:2000 •  HACCP certification •  First food vendor in South-East Asia to achieve VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) status from Nestle. •  Promising Debut Partner Award by PepsiCo. •  Holder of FPO (Fruit Product Order) license.Certified for Kosher from Star –K certification. USA.We are proudly certified and acknowledged by some of the best institutes of the world. •  “Halal” certified.

. product offerings & customized products •  State-of-the-art infrastructure & self-sufficient R&D •  Suppliers to the world’s leading food companies in India.•  A value-backed company supported by a 25 year old heritage & a strong legacy •  Enviable market presence in B2B segment. •  Integrated packaging solution.

•  Spices •  Flavors – Seasoning •  Dehydrated vegetable & herbs •  Contract farming •  Chicory processing •  Private Labeling Solutions   .

•  Innovating & producing premium quality spices in the country •  Globally-recognized manufacturers of spices •  Wide range of whole. powdered & blended spices to suit every taste .

while meeting the multiple challenges of the food industry and anticipate market needs.Paras provides the right flavouring solutions that boosts the appeal of our clients products. Our flavorings find a distinguished use in some of the following product categories: •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Ethnic Indian Seasoning Snacks & Indian namkeens Marinates. Pizza Application Noodles Seasonings Culinary meat & Common curry powder Rice Seasonings Culinary fish Bakery Breading & batters Seasoning for aerated beverages Sauces .

Basil. processed meats. dairy products & seasoning blends. Our dehydrates of Vegetables & Herbs are used in dry soup mixes.We ensure that the dehydrated herb or vegetable retains its original taste and is suitably preserved. garlic & carrot etc. Parsley. Rosemary & Spearmint •  We dehydrate vegetables like onion. •  We process herbs like Oregano. Thyme. canned soups & sauces.   .

• Partnership with local farmers to start the plantation of spices • Cultivation over an area of 700 acres in 2009 • Supply of seeds & procurement of crop from farmers’ fields at company’s transportation cost • Assistance to farmers for easy financial help • Supply of genetically pure seed on credit to the contracted farmers without interest • Initiative to introduce innovative crops & agricultural practices like 100 % line sowing to improve productivity and minimize wastage • Empowering farmer community. making them self sufficient. helping them hone their skills and attain financial security • Transparency and fairness in dealings leading to farmers’ trust and great reputation .

•  State-of-the-art Chicory Processing Plant •  Processing and roasting of chicory to meet global standards •  In-house facility for tests like estimation of ‘RS’ (Reducing Sugar) and ‘Total Extractable Matter’ .

Pouches. spices or extracts in a variety of packing options . Glass Bottles & Jars. PET/Plastic Containers in various sizes •  Customized blending and packaging to suit the clients’ specifications     .•  Value-added and cost-effective product offerings to the retail segment •  Providing our blends. Tin containers.

•  Implementation of HACCP & GMP standards in factory/plant design •  Complete in-house spices and food solution facility to ensure the best quality . spice blends & seasonings. ft.30 lac sq. flavors and chicory •  Fully mechanized spice processing plant with a tentative annual capacity of approximately 12.000 metric tons and a covered area of 1.•  Two production sites in India (Punjab & Uttrakhand) to produce and process spices.

HACCP & GMP standards •  The most sophisticated and latest of equipments •  Backed by a team of experienced professionals •  Food Safety is the main pillar of all our processing methodologies and technologies .•  All processes designed in accordance with ISO.

herbs and seeds •  Minimum adverse effect on flavour. vegetables.One of the pioneers in the World to start Steam Sterilization of vegetables & herbs. colour and loss of volatile oil . even in India we are one of the first Food Company to use this technology for spices which offers the following benefits: •  The world’s safest and the only natural technology for controlling the microbial load           •  Allows simultaneous reduction of microbiological load & ample inactivation of enzymes in spices.

waste C minimization and strategic investments enabling cost reduction . quality is the responsibility of one and all and must not be compromised under any circumstances •  ur focus is “Quality Management from farm to fork” O • n-house quality testing of entire product range I Our Quality Policy includes: •  uperior quality products and services S •  igh-quality ingredients from consistent sources H •  ontinuous innovation to enhance our efficiency in business processes.At Paras.

development of new taste.•  Providing training. opportunities & encouragement to our workforce in achieving targets & maintaining quality •  Global network of experts specialized in creative and technical development •  Team of specialists working on optimizing development & product improvement •  Collaboration with leading external scientists and institutions •  Research into basic food mechanisms. technology and applications .

•  Company-wide commitment to apply our global knowledge and experience to help meet complex economic. focusing on pollution control. waste prevention and energy conservation •  65% of all our premises covered with lush greens •  Plantation of thousands of trees every year in Punjab to improve environmental conditions and social bonding     . environmental and social challenges wherever we do business •  Concern for the environment by adopting eco-friendly system.

We are the biggest supplier of spices and seasonings to the world’s leading chips & noodle companies. we also value our associations across industries with • Culinary industry • Coffee chains • Snacks Industry • Quick Service Restaurant • Premium Hotel Groups • Restaurant Chains • Catering Services • Modern Retail Chains . Besides this.The wide and varied applications of our products enable us to cater to a clientele across the various industries.

Khosa Pando.P.O. Zira Road.com .Paras Spices Private Limited Factory : V. MOGA. Email: welcome@parasspices.

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