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Elpho Info

Winter 2021 Volume 90

The Community Newsletter of Elphinstone

Message from our Councillor
ASSOCIATION PRESENTS Elphinstone Playgroup
What's happening at
Elphinstone Primary School
Meet a Local Business
Wildlife Whispers
Meet a Local
CFA Update
EPA Update
Health Corner
and more...


OLIVERS LANE Elphinstone Primary School's new
flag poles at the Reconciliation Week
BRING THE FAMILY & Smoking Ceremony - more on last page


Elpho Info is printed with the generous assistance of

Mt Alexander Shire Council & Print Together.
Printed on 100% Post Consumer Paper
Competition - Draw your favourite native animal
Get the kids pencils, crayons, markers, pastels, paint out and get creating.
Draw/illustrate/paint your favourite Australian native animal and hand it
back to the Post Office by Friday the 11th of June. Include name, age and
contact number or email. The winner will be judged by Nikki Medwell
who donated this amazing prize. It's an educational game about Australia
containing magnets, stickers, playing pieces and cards and it looks
amazing. Thank you Nikki. (Please note the game is for ages 4+)

Lynden Bookkeeping
ABN 98943174455

Certified Bookkeepers

Registered BAS Agent 26019166

Local to Elphinstone Area

Water Deliveries & General Cartage
10,000 Litre Water Loads
Grass Slashing Lindsay Matheson 0422 711 758
Elaine Matheson 0400 457 606
John Growcott 0407 506 666

2 Elpho Info
Elphinstone CFA Update
CFA Silence is Deadly Campaign – Smoke Alarms
The Silence is Deadly campaign is a joint initiative between CFA and FRV to urge Victorians to install interconnected smoke alarms in all
bedrooms, hallways and living areas.

In the past decade, Victorian firefighters have responded to more

Fire spreads extremely quickly and if a fire does take hold, you
than 32,000 house fires across the state.
could have just seconds to escape.
Data from CFA and FRV reveals most fatal house fires start in
The latest survey of Victorians revealed just 17 percent of people
living and sleeping areas, but a concerning number of Victorians still
have interconnected smoke alarms in their homes.
do not have working smoke alarms in these locations.
We know that many fatal fires start at night and the smell of
CFA and FRV’s most recent survey of Victorians revealed just 16
smoke won’t always wake you up.
percent of Victorians have smoke alarms in their bedrooms. And
only 56 percent of people have a smoke alarm in any living room. If you’re one of the many Victorians who do not have
interconnected smoke alarms in your bedrooms and living areas,
Recent tests conducted by Fire and Rescue NSW revealed that
we’re urging you to install them in your home.
when a fire started in a bedroom with the door closed, the hallway
smoke alarms did not activate at all. You can learn more about smoke alarms on the CFA website
Interconnected smoke alarms work so that when one smoke
alarm activates, all alarms will sound. For example, if a fire were to If you would like to know more about your local CFA, please
start in your child’s bedroom, the interconnected smoke alarms in contact Captain Andy Chapman on 0408 507 770 or Secretary
every room of the house will sound. This will mean you are alerted to Gerard Kelly on 0402 456 758.
a fire in your home, regardless of which room it starts in.

Elpho Info Editorial fresh energy and enthusiasm for keeping the Elpho Pub fire going. Thanks
to Peter for his piece about the history of Swing Bridge Road (pg12).
Another Lock Down isn't going to stop the Elpho Info! I hope A good reminder from the CFA to check/ipgrade your smoke
everyone has enjoyed our lovely Autumn weather with a taste of Winter detectors. We hope to see more of you at the Trash pickup day Tim has
just at the end there. Thank you to all our contributors who all make this organised (pg 5) and also at the ELMA Winter Solstice bon fire.
an important, yet casual, run around of what's happening and updates in We'll be contacting all advertisers before the Spring Edition regarding
and around Elphinstone. another year of advertising. Advertising supports the printing costs of
This edition includes local artist Smiley Williams as our 'Meet a Local' Elpho Info.
and I recommend everyone check out his art studio during Arts Open next Elpho Info would like to send our deepest sympathies to
year. J & Z Tree Care have contributed a little introduction to their business family and friends of Vange Missios after his life was tragically
in Meet a local business while our Pub has a new owner, Hollie, see Mark's taken by a snake bite last month. A regular advertiser in this
final words and Hollie's introduction on page 4. We wish Mark and his paper and a vibrant character in our community, the loss of
family all the best for the future and whole heartedly welcome Hollie's Vange will be felt by many. May he Rest In Peace.

Elpho Info 3
Elphinstone Hotel News Message from Hollie
Final message from Mark Hello to the Elphinstone
With a heavy heart, this will be my final submission to the Community.
Elpho Info. Melanie and I have sold the Elphinstone Hotel, and My name is Hollie. I’m
we’ll shortly be handing over the reins to Hollie and Noelene. I’d so thrilled to take on such
just like to thank everyone who has supported us over the last an amazing country pub in a
18 months, in what have been extremely challenging times for beautiful part of the world.
all and sundry. I was born in Bendigo and
We have been open, closed, open for takeaway only and raised in Myrtle Creek. My
dictated by density limits for most of our journey, but the support family owned The Junction Hotel
during these extraordinary times is testament to the type of - Ravenswood 20+ years ago, which was well known for bush
magnanimous community that Elphinstone is. tucker and my Grandad's award winning cold beer. It’s fair to say
We haven’t really had a chance to stretch our legs because of Hospitality is in my blood.
Covid, but we did manage to host the inaugural Elpho Chopper Now, it’s my turn, fully backed by the family of course. My
Show, which was an event for the ages. I hope it becomes a Mum is a chef who won’t be retiring any time soon, My nan will
permanent fixture on the Elpho calendar. pop in and out, at our previous café everyone referred to her as
I’d like to wish Hollie and her mum, Noelene, all the best as Nan. My Partner will be pouring a beer for you, when he’s not
they embark on their Elpho journey. They have a long history in working (he’s a wharfy and works weird shifts) and my Dad will be
hospitality, and I’m sure they will continue to take the hotel from there, just not too sure what side of the bar he will be on.
strength to strength while maintaining the ‘country pub’ feel that We are so thrilled to bring The Elpho back to life, I can’t wait to
makes it such a special place. meet you all.
And keep up your support for the Elpho Info – publications All the best Keep updated on Socials
like this are vital to the vibrancy of a small community. Hollie.
Thanks a lot, Mark @TheElphinstoneHotel theelpho

COST RANGE $160 - $240
Ph 5474 3109 Leg, shoulder, shortloin, 1. Leg (bone-in)
loin rack, chops, 2. Leg (boned & rolled)
shank and sausages 3. Leg (minced)



4 Elpho Info
Elphinstone Progress
Association, Inc. (EPA)
Hi Folks Tim Ratcliffe here from EPA with a bit of a catch up based An event is on
on our last meeting. the cards for the re-
opening of the hall
Town Centre Project. with its new kitchen
Mount Alexander Shire Council (MASC) were unsatisfied with any and celebration of the CFA with its 100-year anniversary. Possibly with
of the applicants that applied last year and have now, only just, selected a a bush dance theme. The EPA and hall could work together to celebrate
contractor for the job. With any luck the job will be completed this year. the CFA.
Mining Exploration Licenses. EPA Face Book Page – Has been Launched! – Check it out EPA
A brief description from John Lewis’s research: Elphinstone Progress Association
The one that was proposed around us, Syndicate Mining, from the
hall to Metcalfe, has been granted and so that’s going ahead and we don’t
Next Meeting – Tuesday August 3, 2021 7.30pm, at the school.
expect much action there. The one license that affects everyone here, Backyard Fest Update
Kalamazoo, and has licensed the whole Castlemaine Diggings areas is Following a tremendous appeal process from Redbox Wildlife
the one to keep an eye on. A potential problem is in Malmsbury with managers Nikki and Scott Medwell, we have the great result that
BellaToppa. Backyard Fest will not take place on the proposed, and completely
John Lewis is working with people over the shire to form uniformed inappropriate, private Elphinstone property. This is a win for local
group, particularly with Taradale and Malmsbury and will Represent the residents, both human and non-human. Well done Scott and Nikki for
EPA at a Meeting to be held in Taradale on June 8th - Covid willing your successful and tireless campaign! Interestingly Mount Alexander
Shire councillors have connected them with the Newstead Racecourse
Community Website Committee and have given them a grant (i.e., our rate money being
The EPA has been successful in obtaining a grant from MASC to given to a couple of random youths from Melbourne) to kickstart the
create a new community website covering as much of the different organising of a festival that may or may not happen due to covid. I don't
aspects of Elphinstone as we can think of -Hooray! It will be modelled think anyone has a problem with the festival organisers as such, however
on Harcourt’s: The community groups we would like some of the councillors have had questionably bizarre behaviour
to capture are the CFA, ELMA (Landcare), ourselves (EPA), facilities throughout the process! For now, we will be celebrating that Elphinstone
committee, playgroup and the school. The community groups and residents have been heard and supported, albeit through an elaborate
business such as the post office and the pub will most likely have their VCAT process. Special thanks go to Jacqueline and Doug at Shed Shaker
photography paid for by the grant because they have such an integral for hosting a fundraiser to recoup some of the VCAT expenses, which
role in our community. If you would like your artistic pursuit, business you can read about in this edition of Wildlife Whispers.
or group featured on the website please get in touch. We would also love
ideas on beautiful images to include. Become an EPA Member
or a note via the post office. Please support the EPA by becoming a member, only $5 payable
via bank transfer (email for details) or in an EPA membership envelope
Social Events. available at the post office. Email:
Car boot Sale at the Hall in January 2021 was effective in emptying
out the cricket club and raising a small amount of funds for the
Elphinstone Billycart Project.

Trash Walk
Date for the Elphinstone Trash Walk has been set for
Sunday the 27th June 2021
Groups will start from their house or a given point,
walking for 1 to 1.5km collecting trash
and ending with a BBQ lunch at Sawpit Gull Reserve.
We have 5 groups so far but more more more would be great.
Tim will have a trailer to collect all the trash at the reserve.
A Free BBQ will begin at 1pm at Sawpit Gully BBQ area (Post Office BBQ Area)
Hamburgers Designed by the instigators Aiden and Greta
Message Tim to let him know you’re in and a route can be worked out
Tim - 0412 333 835 image credit

Elpho Info 5
A message from Council fit in all of this? Our local roads and footpaths need to be
in good condition so that people can move safely around their local
area, get out and about to meet others. Council’s Community grants
our Councillor to local groups support initiatives, events, provide useful equipment
for activities. Playgrounds with seating for supervising parents, parks
The first round of community input with picnic and barbeque facilities, community halls for social events.
into the Council Plan and ten year Council For our older residents, Council’s Home Care teams provide highly-
Vision has recently closed, with several hundred valued services to those in need of assistance in order to remain
responses via the Shape.Mount Alexander website. living in their own home, including delivered meals, house cleaning,
Reading the comments from people it’s easy to spot a common personal care and home-maintenance services. Assisting our elders in
theme of appreciation for our natural environment, whether it’s this way enriches the life of the whole community.
our parks and gardens or the forested areas that surround our local A third theme is the value placed on the creative nature of the
towns. Feeding this into a Plan and Vision for Council, there’s a community. Mount Alexander Shire has long been known for its
clear responsibility to maintain and improve our recreational spaces concentration of visual artists, musicians, actors and performers of
and walking trails, as well as advocating to the Department of Land, all kinds. Potters, artisans working in wood or metal and let’s not
Environment, Water and Planning (DELWP) to use best-practice forget the wonderful creativity of the Hot Rodders and the classic and
management of the forests, from controlled burning regimes to vintage car restorers that our shire is famous for. How do we embrace
maintenance of access tracks and preservation of cultural sites. and support such a diversity of creative people and industries in the
Our planning scheme needs to protect areas of private land with Council Plan and Vision? While some of our creative artists and
significant natural vegetation, ensuring that any development artisans enjoy considerable commercial success, the majority receive
minimises loss of diversity and habitat. limited financial reward for their work. Council can assist in small
Another popular theme is ourselves, the people who live here. ways. There’s the ongoing seasonal art exhibitions in the Castlemaine
We like each other! We enjoy living in communities where people Market Building, providing a sales outlet for visual artists; an annual
talk to each other, help neighbours, and support local community program for local performing groups to use the Phee Broadway
groups. Our local Facebook pages are a good example: how many Theatre at low cost; assistance to the Castlemaine Hot Rod Centre
lost dogs stay lost for long these days? Most posts I see are already in acquiring a lease on workshop space at the Etty Street CSC school
closed with an ‘owner found, dog home now’ message. The local campus. Council promotes its creative community to visitors and
shop and post office provide social spaces for neighbourly catch-ups, gives community grants to groups wishing to employ a creative artist
passing on important news items such as whose baby has been born, to run workshops, teach skills in creative pursuits.
who’s not well, an event at the local school and so on. Where does The first phase of consultation on the Council Plan and Vision is
over. Look out for phase two, where there’ll be further opportunities

to have your say. Meanwhile there are other surveys on the Shape.
Mount Alexander website. The Cats and Dogs survey is attracting a
lot of interest – should cats be confined to the premises at all times?
Should dogs be banned from recreation reserves? Make sure you

have your say if you’re a dog or cat owner, or have a strong opinion
on their control. A survey that all house owners should be interested
in is the new rating strategy. How should rates be balanced between
residential, commercial, farm properties? Should rate relief be given
Andy & Kath Chapman & Girls to various categories e.g heritage, environmentally friendly (has solar
panels), rental. Look it up. Have your say.
Calder Hwy, Elphinstone, 3448
For all your Backhoe &
Tip Truck requirements
Quarry and Road Supplies
Grader hire
Driveway & House Sites
Andy has 30 years local
knowledge & experience Dentist
For Further information phone:
Bob Franze
0408 507 770 (Dip Equine Dentistry)

Phone 0418 346 830

or 5473 3294 Prompt and reliable service covering all areas

6 Elpho Info
Meet a
Smiley Williams
Local Elphinstone Artist
In September 2014 we arrived in Elphinstone are many years living
in inner Melbourne. I had during this time been driving out to Central
Victoria as often as possible to paint the varying landscapes, so it wasn't
such a big leap for me. The quiet and the abundance of wildlife made
this a great place to start a new life. It also give me the space to expand
into a larger studio.
As a teenager my first interest was natural history; I was a
passionate amateur entomologist, and frequently went bush on field
trips. For most of my twenties I worked at Melbourne Zoo as an
animal keeper and loved that. However increasingly I felt the pull to
art practise. I did 3 years of art school, where I discovered a facility
for sculpture. For many years I worked in various foundries casting when the weather allows. But I paint and draw anything, from the
sculpture in bronze, while simultaneously developing my own career interior of my studio to the garden, people, animals and still lives and
as a sculptor. As well as commissions for various public sculptures, I a lot of life drawing. In painting, my work is not realistic but not purely
created work for film, theatre, television, advertising and puppetry, abstract either. I'm motivated by colour and tend to push it. If I paint
including modelling many of the characters for the Myer Christmas a sky yellow it's because it works. After all, it's a painting, not merely
Windows and for Rubbery Figures for ABC TV. I also exhibited my objective reality. I love colour!
work at various galleries. However over time, painting became of
greater interest than sculpture. Artwork as colour or drawing has What I love about Elphinstone is that the air is clear out here -
become my overriding passion. and there are more kangaroos than in inner Melbourne! These and
the birds and other wildlife are a constant delight and a privilege to
Meeting other artists has always been a delight, and there are a be amongst. I have also recently hooked up with a naturalist group
great many in this general region who are highly skilled and good monitoring phascogales in the area, which completes a circle in
company. returning me to my old passion as an amateur naturalist. It is a quiet
Landscape has been my major subject - I go bush to paint outdoors place to live - apart from the cockies and galahs of course!

Like to see your ad in Elpho Info? Elphinstone Hall

Olivers Road, Elphinstone
- Large car park - Main hall is 20m wide x 40m long
- The flooring is polished floorboards - 95 chairs - 20 tables
- Full kitchen with oven, cooktop, urns, kettles,
pie warmer & two large refrigerator
- Comprehensive crockery, cutlery & coffee/tea cups for 80 people
- Sound equipment - Two large gas heater
- Two playground, one with sandpit - BBQ trailer, fully equipped
- Internal toilets, with showers
- Ramp access to hall, with disabled toilets
Fees and charges
Half Day $50
Full Day from 9am - $100 (including equipment below)
2 hrs & Below - $20
Grounds (Outside of Hall) access to two Playgrounds - $50
Trestle tables - $10 - Chairs - $1
Crockery & Cutlery - $1 per setting - Pie warmer - $30
BBQ trailer 24 hr - $55 (Gas Bottle Refill via Elphinstone Post Office/Milk Bar)
Plus $50 bond or each item above

Elpho Info 7
Wildlife WhispersBy Nikki Medwell
On Thursday 13th May, Castlemaine business The Taproom –
Shedshaker Brewing located at The Mill held a community event
which doubled as a fundraiser for Red Box Wildlife Shelter. We were
contacted out of the blue by the owner Jacqueline stating she loved
what we do and wanted to show her support.
The event was self-propelling and it became quite a night!
We asked Jaqueline if she would like to screen a movie. She loved
the idea.
So friend and co-director Mick of the “Kangaroo A Love Hate Story”
documentary, plus cast member Greg (another close friend) flew
down from Sydney to conduct a Q&A after the screening. Soon the
bush telegraph was a hub of activity with their presence and three me their names and numbers stating they want to get involved with
other screenings popped up around Victoria. Castlemaine, Beaufort, keeping The Shires kangaroos safe. I have my work cut out for me
Rosebud and Albury/Wodonga. So successful were these nights that now as I try to arrange a meeting (or meetings) with everyone.
the boys are planning another “tour” in the coming months where The photography exhibition will be on display until Wednesday
screenings can be booked and organised well in advance. Interested? 16th June and all prints are for sale. A lot sold on the night but
Let us know: all are available for re-print. If you get a chance to head into The
We also asked Jacqueline if The Taproom would like to host a Taproom and view these beautiful prints, please do. All kangaroos
photography exhibition titled; “The Kangaroo” by renowned animal photographed live here in The Shire. Truly stunning images to have
photographer Tamara Kenneally and she loved that idea too. on your walls.
Jacqueline embraced all that was on offer and coordinated everything It was a great night and the community gave so much.
to create an amazing event. Unable to leave the shelter unattended, There was more good news recently when Council moved a proposed
Scott and I did a split shift on the night. Scott was at the opening of music festival from an Elphinstone paddock to Newstead race course.
the event and me at the closing of it. A venue much better suited for this type of event.
By the time I arrived it was standing room only and you could’ve This move was prompted by local objections and the lodging of a
heard a pin drop. The audience was captivated. There was a journalist VCAT appeal. VCAT handed down an official order on 17th May,
from The Age up the back diligently taking notes and stayed back 2021 that no permit be granted. Since then, we have been receiving
to speak to co-producer Mick. I overheard him telling Mick that the lovely emails from objectors that are relieved and are no longer
media had done this documentary a huge disservice and that it was feeling anxious.
life changing. We are all looking forward to seeing what he writes up.
People objected for many reasons and all valid and reasonable and
An attendee had flown down from NSW with handmade items to should’ve been taken into consideration from the outset. I won’t get
sell on the night with all the proceeds going to RBWS, that was very into their reasons here but ours was to try to protect this regions
humbling. kangaroos because as a flight animal, they would have suffered
People were incredibly generous on the night and many also gave immeasurably fleeing the area. Oncoming traffic, fence hanging and

8 Elpho Info
displacement fear being just a tiny number of threats to a native
animal that we, as a community are responsible for. Wildlife Emergency numbers:
Rescuers, wildlife groups and shelters are always in need of
volunteers. There are roles for everyone. No matter your age, Rescue - Wildlife Victoria: (03) 8400 7300
availability or level of interest – you are needed. PLEASE consider Rescue - WRIN: 0419 356 433 (Central Vic Region)
discussing a role that might best suit you by contacting us at: Cruelty - Castlemaine Police: (03) 5470 4100 or 000
Currently there are only two shelters in Central Victoria with the
infrastructure to take in the bigger roos in need of love, care and Cruelty - DELWP Epson branch: (03) 5430 4444
rehabilitation. – ask for the Snr Wildlife Officer
Not long ago, we were forced to send an El-Roo away due to the
Report shooting and/or dog attacks via email to:
lack of a suitable enclosure. This broke our hearts. Kangaroos have
extremely tight family units and their home range is known to and copy in:
them and water and food locations passed down from generation to
generation. When travelling peacefully, they are aware of roads and
there dangers. We have video from a wildlife camera showing a larger justification of their conduct, the natives urge, that the white men have
kangaroo stopping youngsters from crossing a road when he hears a driven away all the kangaroos and opossuns, and that black men must
car coming. They love and care for their children just like humans do. now have beef?” The Sydney Gazette & News South Wales Advertiser,
We are very grateful to the Mount Alexander Shire Council for Thursday January 8, 1824.
providing us with funding to help house our local kangaroo Localised extinction is still occurring in 2021. Be on the right side of
leaders. The families matriarchs and patriarchs will no longer need history and help protect our native flora and fauna.
to leave this district but remain here for treatment and then be From Scott, Nikki and the El-Roos – thanks for caring. The world is
immediately returned to their families with little to no sedation and/ watching.
or transportation. Red Box Wildlife Shelter, Elphinstone VIC
This will take a while to erect and get organised, but the foundation Contact:
has been laid. Visit our FREE online educational program:
Just 9 years after colonisation of Wiradjuri Land, the kangaroos were Wildlife Victoria will be holding a wildlife rescue training day in
gone: “Advices from Bathurst say, that the natives have been very
Bendigo on June 20th in which I (Nikki) will be speaking.
troublesome in that country. Numbers of the cattle have been killed. In

Meet the El-Roo’s Jelly Bean

Uber’s little joey “Jelly Bean” recently made headlines in the
UK and featured on Good Morning America, which last time I
looked had over nearly 11 million views and was steadily increasing.
Kangaroos put us on the map. The world loves them and they are
one of the biggest contributors to the 6 billion dollar nature tourism
industry for this country. Here before us, they managed this land
for over 16 million years and kept it pristine. We have a lot to thank
them for and they ask for so little. With no material possessions,
they live harmoniously with nature, are soft footed and their toenails
re-seed the earth. They never ringbark trees and only take the tips off
grass - to which they prefer the native grasses. Not pastural grasses.
Jelly Bean is hitting his teens. Time to move out of home but his
mummy loves him so allows him to stay. I wonder if he has posters
on the walls?
Photo: Mum resting with Jelly Bean watching the world go by
from the safety and security of ‘home’
Meet a local
J & Z Tree Care Jarrod and Zara from J & Z Tree
Care run a locally owned Arboriculture
business that started operating from
Elphinstone just 3 years ago. Servicing
the surrounding area and occasionally
travelling to other shires.
Jarrod originally from Guilford moved to Elphinstone 6 years Zara covers the general admin as well as on occasion works
ago, whereas Zara has lived here now for 12 years. They have 3 young alongside their employee Jelle as ground crew.
children Cheyenne, Ashton, and Indie. The most enjoyable work so far has been work completed at the
Jarrod originally a mechanic decided to make the move into the Black Hill Reserve creating habitat for the wildlife and making the
arboriculture industry. He worked with other local tree care business walking tracks safe again due to a fire that left a lot of damage.
and quickly learnt the ropes. Finding his passion in this industry he J & Z Tree Care work at many different locations such as at local
went on to become a qualified Climbing Arborist. schools, nature reserves and private estates.
Jarrod and Zara decided that they were then ready to go out on Jarrod does not just come out and give people a free quote, he is
their own. The business happy to spend the time to go through all possible options as well as
has grown very quickly, educating customers on how to best look after their trees.
and the business now Jarrod and Zara appreciate the enormous amount of support they
offers a range of services have received so far from everyone in Elphinstone and surrounding
from tree preservation, areas and looks forward to working with you in the future for all your
tree removal, stump tree care needs.
grinding and chipping.
If you would like a free quote, please call Jarrod on 0458 955 229.

Elphinstone Post Office

and General Store
5473 3200 Susan Lintott

7:30am - 5:30pm
8:00am - 1:00pm
Sunday 8:00am - 12noon Nutritional and herbal medicine
Public Holidays 8:00am - 12noon Dietary and lifestyle advice 0401 764 050
Relaxation and deep tissue massage
Gill and Dave Located in Elphinstone

10 Elpho Info
Health Corner
cells. Iron deficiency at the time of vaccination in children was
By Susan Lintott shown to impede antibody production and compromise vaccine-
induced immunity. Ensuring children have good iron levels prior
Focus On Immunity and to vaccination may therefore improve vaccine response, as well as
providing essential immune support.
Increasing Vaccine Efficacy Vitamin D has had a lot of attention throughout the current
Love them or hate them, vaccinations are here to stay! The pandemic due to vitamin D deficiency being associated with serious
following information gives you some tips on how to increase the presentations of COVID-19, such as pneumonia, as well as a greater
effectiveness of your vaccine and immunity in general. I’ve included prevalence of hypertension and cardiovascular disease, which further
some scientific explanations for those who like them and written it to complicate outcomes for the disease. A retrospective case-control
be skim read friendly for those who don’t! study involving 216 hospitalised patients demonstrated 82% of cases
Vaccine efficacy is influenced by the strength of your immune displayed vitamin D deficiency below 50 nmol/L. Further, vitamin
system. Much like immunity acquired through primary infection, D deficient patients exhibited raised inflammatory markers that may
vaccination exposes the body to antigens that mimic disease-causing indicate thrombosis. Identifying and treating vitamin D deficiency
pathogens, stimulating an adaptive immune response, antibody may offer protection against infection and benefit COVID-19
production and subsequent memory of the antigen without causing management, particularly in high-risk populations such as the
disease. Both T cells and B cells are essential to this process, elderly or people with comorbidities.
necessary for inducing high-affinity antibodies and immune AHCC (active hexose correlated compound), extracted from
memory, directly contributing to protection provided by vaccines. Shiitake mushrooms, may benefit people with chronic or severe
There are environmental factors that alter individual vaccine infection and compromised immunity as it can stimulate both innate
responses such as age-related diminished antibody production and adaptive immune responses, and improve vaccine efficacy.
(common in the elderly), alterations to the gut microbiome, Specifically, 3 g/d of AHCC™ administered for two weeks prior to
micronutrient status and psychological stress levels, as well as pre- vaccination was shown to enhance NK cells and influenza B antibody
existing comorbidities such as diabetes mellitus and kidney disease. titres, demonstrating immune enhancing effects.
Additionally, dietary and lifestyle alterations that help to correct
The Best Immune Defence is a Good Defence drivers of immune dysfunction, including microbiome disruptions,
A strong nutritional foundation is essential for supporting a
dietary inadequacies, stress, and comorbid diseases, may help to
healthy and resilient immune response.
restore compromised immune function, enhance vaccine immunity
Zinc supports the development of non-specific immunity, and increase infectious resistance.
including neutrophils and natural killer (NK) cells, and acquired
Of note, the Mediterranean diet has shown to provide protection
immunity which are both key targets for infection prevention and
against several diseases associated with inflammation and immune
maintaining vaccine immunity. Research has found low zinc status
activation. The Mediterranean diet has also been found to improve
correlates with increased susceptibility to infections, including
inflammatory load and simultaneously balance gut microbiota
diarrheal diseases and viral infections. A study in children found a
The Mediterranean diet is inclusive of high intake of fruits and
positive association between serum zinc levels and vaccine efficacy,
vegetables, lean protein, quality essential fatty acids, and wholegrains
indicating that zinc status may enhance immunological memory.
(limiting starchy grains).
Vitamin C has been found to reduce the duration and severity
In particular regular physical activity and frequent structured
of infections, particularly when combined with zinc. Vitamin C
exercise reduces the incidence of many chronic diseases, including
supplementation enhances both immune activity and antibody
viral and bacterial infections, as well as chronic inflammatory
Specific Probiotics stimulate innate immune responses and anti-
Written by Naturopath Susan Lintott who is here to help you with
viral defences, including up-regulating interferon gamma (IFN-γ)
your health, practising in both Castlemaine and from her home in
and NK cell activity. Probiotic administration has also been found to
Elphinstone (locals only). All enquiries welcome contact details are on
lengthen the therapeutic window of vaccine immunity, as evidenced
the opposite page.
by a meta-analysis of randomised control trials, which
found probiotic administration (specific strains) for
2 to 28 weeks improved the efficacy rates to influenza
Giving your immune system
an extra boost
Green Tea - has been shown to have antiviral
properties. A study consisting of 4,302 participants
demonstrated that frequent consumption of green tea
was associated with a lower risk of influenza infection
in the working population. Specifically, participants
who consumed >5 cups of green tea per week were
39% less likely to contract influenza infection than
those that consumed 1 cup per week .
Iron - Iron status and immune resilience go
hand-in-hand as iron is essential for immune system

Elpho Info 11
Come and chat to reconnect Proposed Budget 2021/2022
Are you or someone you know feeling lonely or isolated as Submissions on Council’s Proposed Budget 2021/2022 have
a result of COVID-19? Want to feel more socially connected recently closed.
locally? The $39.61 million budget outlines the resources necessary
Council is running casual drop-in sessions at a community to maintain and improve infrastructure, and deliver projects
hall near you. Turn up, enjoy a cup of tea and a chat with our and services which are valued by our community.
community connectors who can link you into local services
or activities. Councillors will prepare to adopt the final budget at the
Ordinary Meeting on Tuesday 15 June at 6.30pm.
• Tuesday 8 June - 10.00am–12noon, Castlemaine
• Thursday 10 June – 10.00am–12noon, Maldon View the budget at
• Tuesday 15 June – 10.00am–12noon, Harcourt Thank you for your input
• Thursday 17 June – 1.00pm–3.00pm, Newstead Thank you to everyone who shared feedback with us during
• Friday 18 June – 1.00pm–3.00pm, Guildford the first phase of consultation of the Your Community, Your
• Tuesday 22 June – 10.00am–12noon, Chewton Vision project.
• Thursday 24 June – 1.00pm–3.00pm, Taradale We’ll be reporting back soon to show you the results of what
you have told us so far.
• Friday 25 June – 10.00am–12noon, Castlemaine
For more information or details on drop-in locations, call Keep in touch with the project and find out more about the
5471 1700 or visit next stage via

Swing Bridge Road

By Peter McCarthy
If you continue driving past the Elphinstone Hall on the gravel
road toward Taradale, you will see Swing Bridge Road on your left.
Drive down that road and you will pass old quarries high on the left
before reaching a ford over the Coliban river. The road continues
beyond the ford, but today is blocked by an area of severe erosion
that would be a serious four-wheel-driving challenge. To get to the
other side of this blockage you need to start from the Metcalfe-
Taradale road, where Swing Bridge Road is clearly signposted.
The ford was once known as Kirk’s Ford, and was established
some time before 1860, after which it was maintained by the Metcalfe
Roads Board and the Metcalfe Shire Council. This arrangement was
considered satisfactory until a tragic accident in September 1866,
when young John O’Çonnor was drowned. John was returning
from Taradale to his father’s farm in a horse and cart during heavy
rain, when they were swept away and both he and the horse were was to be a bridle bridge, wide enough to walk a horse across or to
drowned. This was witnessed by a 12-year-old girl, who ran to tell drive sheep across but not for a vehicle. The wire rope suspension
her parents who in turn contacted the police. It took three days to bridge cost about £40 and was maintained until 1909 when it was
locate the body, which was caught behind a log. damaged by floods and was probably not repaired.
To cross at Hollywell’s bridge would have added two miles to A swing bridge or suspension bridge of this type had tall posts
the journey, so people continued to cross at Kirk’s Ford. The council at each end to which the steel cables were attached, with the bridge
attempted to raise funds for a new bridge, but it was 1870 before deck suspended from them. This photograph shows the remains of a
tenders were called and the bridge was built the following year. This swing bridle bridge near Wee Jasper in NSW.

12 Elpho Info
Councillor Listening Post at the Elphinstone Post Office
Come and have a chat outside the Elphinstone Post office
on the first Friday of the month, 8.30 am to 10.30 am
Local ward councillor Christine Henderson is available at
the Post Office to meet with residents, hear about any
council-related concerns and answer questions.
Come and have a chat.

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Elphinstone Rainfall in mm’s - Comparing 2019, 2020 and 2021




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63 66

43 41 42 39
38 35
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14 15
7 10 9
15 4 9

‘19 ‘20 ‘21 ‘19 ‘20 ‘21 ‘19 ‘20 ‘21 ‘19 ‘20 ‘21 ‘19 ‘20 ‘21 ‘19 ‘20 ‘21 ‘19 ‘20 ‘21 ‘19 ‘20 ‘21 ‘19 ‘20 ‘21 ‘19 ‘20 ‘21 ‘19 ‘20 ‘21 ‘19 ‘20 ‘21
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Elpho Info 13
Elphinstone Playgroups
Playgroup is a wonderfully welcoming place to play, socialise and
supported each other. It takes a village to raise a child and during
these uncertain times playgroup is a weekly reminder that we are
part of a fantastic village here in Elphinstone. If you have a child
aged 0-5 years then come along to one of our fun playgroups and be
part of our playgroup village. The hall is heated and the kettle is on!
This term the children have enjoyed making Mothers’ Day gifts,
playdough, painting, having fun with lots of toys and our choice of
2 exciting playgrounds. Parents have enjoyed play, craft, the weekly
catch up and, of course, the coffee machine!
Each week we have 2 playgroups at the Elphinstone Recreation Hall;
Elphinstone Baby Playgroup (up to 18 months) – Monday @ 10-11am
Elphinstone Playgroup (over 18 months) – Tuesday @ 9:15-11:15am
For more information contact Libby on 0402 031 153 or
Join our Facebook page “Elphinstone Playgroup”.

Tuesdays, 9.15am to 11.15am

at Elphinstone Recreation Hall
on Olivers Lane during school terms.

$3 per session. Tea/coffee, toys and craft materials

provided. Please bring a piece of fruit to share

Contact Libby for more details on 0402 031 153

Covid-19 guidelines adhered to.

Please stay home if you or your child are unwell.

Come and chat to reconnect by COVID-19 and need help reconnecting with activities, services
or their community,” said Melissa Fowler, Mount Alexander Shire
Do you need to connect with other people again after COVID-19 Council’s CASI Community Connector.
restrictions? Or find a service or new things to do to beat the post- “But anyone is welcome so we hope to meet lots of people and
COVID blues? chat about some of the things they are interested in as well as some
Come along to one of the Community Activation and Social services they might need.
Isolation (CASI) Community Connector sessions during June to “The aim of the sessions are to provide face-to-face support
meet some of the local CASI Community Connectors as well as find in local towns to help people who may be feeling anxious about
ways to link with others, learn about local activities and services, or re-engaging with their community again. Whether it’s support to
just have a chat over a cuppa. connect online, or with groups or just wanting someone to talk to, we
“These sessions are mainly for people who have been impacted hope to help them re-connect.”
Community Connector sessions will be held on:
• Tuesday 8 June, 10am to 12pm – Castlemaine Senior Citizens
• Thursday 10 June, 10am to 12pm – Maldon Community Centre
• Tuesday 15 June, 10am to 12pm – Harcourt Leisure Centre
• Thursday 17 June, 1pm to 3pm – Newstead Community Centre
• Friday 18 June, 1pm to 3pm – John Powell Reserve Pavilion, Guildford
• Tuesday 22 June, 10am to 12pm – Chewton Seniors Centre
• Thursday 24 June, 1pm to 3pm – Taradale Hall
• Friday 25 June, 10am to 12pm – Ray Bradfield Room
Bookings are not required and all sessions will be CovidSafe.
The Community Activation and Social Isolation (CASI) program
is a Council-led project funded by the State Government.
For more information about these sessions, contact Council’s
CASI Community Connector, Melissa Fowler on 5471 1700 or
email or
visit Council’s website
What’s happening at Elphinstone Primary School
Paddock to Plate ANZAC Day
Earlier this month we held our ‘Paddock to Plate’ excursion and We recognised and honoured Anzac Day at the beginning of the
our students had a great day looking at various primary industries in second term and our students visited the Cenotaph opposite the pub
our district including Pollards Apples, Harcourt Coolstores and the and Tegan and Leo, on behalf of the whole school, laid a bouquet
Harcourt Organic Farming Co-op. The students are currently working of rosemary picked from our garden. The photo below shows the
on inquiry projects relating to one particular local food of fibre which students returning to school in front of their artwork of poppies that
will feature a flow diagram and a recipe using their chosen produce. were made in Katie Mawson’s Art class. They looked fantastic!
Here is what a couple of students had to say about the day:
"When we went to the Pollard’s Apple Orchard, they get picked and
put in big bins. Then get on a long machine and it sorts them out in
different sizes and they throw all the gross ones out. Then they put the
apples in a bag and get sent to the market." Riley Hancock Grade 2
"In paddock to plate we picked the corn at the Harcourt Organic
Farming Co-op and there were so many different types like baby blues,
rainbow corn and more! We also went to see the dairy farm and the
cows. What I learnt about dairy was that you taste the milk while you
are milking in a little cup and if it tastes normal they aren't sick but
if it tastes odd there is something not quite right. We also went to the
Harcourt Coolstore rooms and they were HUGE! The fridges were taller
AND wider then this school! We got to have an apple from the cool room
and it was freezing! To keep the apples fresh and hard they keep them in a
big room with no oxygen and the apple lasts about 12 months hard after
being in there and if one of the workers wanted to go in there they would
have to let the
doors be opened
and let the oxygen
in and then go in."
By Harley Davis
Grade 4 School Works
There has been a lot
of work done around the
school over the Easter
holiday break, the most noticeable being the installation of 3 new
flagpoles near the art shed. It has been a long held ambition to fly the
three flags, Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island together
and they certainly stand out as you enter the school. We received a
‘Salute your Service’ grant from the Dept. of Veteran's Affairs late last
year to fund the project. We have a planned Welcome to Country,
Creative Workers in including a Smoking Ceremony conducted by a Dja Dja Wurrung
Traditional Elder, along with a bush foods incursion where our
Schools Program students will learn about bush foods and plant a range of species in
We have been very fortunate to
our garden.
be accepted as participants in the Creative Workers in Schools Program
that is being run by Regional Arts Victoria. We have been introduced The students were a little disappointed to come back to school
to Kitty Owens, who will be working at the school for one day a week and see the old tunnel and slide go from the back of the school due
until the end of Term Three. Kitty has a background as a visual artist to Health and Safety regulations. The Junior School Council are
and museum curator. Planning has begun on some exciting projects currently exploring replacing the space with a slide or some other
and activities that will unfold over the coming months. During the first type of playground equipment. The school would like to thank Andy
week, Kitty introduced herself to the students with a Show and Tell of Chapman for completing these projects and his ongoing commitment
her work. The Prep-2 class to helping our school wherever he can.
then created images of
vegetables, while the 3-6
Defibrillator Grant
Elphinstone Primary School has been successful in obtaining a
class experimented with
Defibrillator (AED) through grants provided by the Maldon & District
recolouring a historic
Community Bank. We plan to make this life saving device accessible
photo of the Elphinstone
to the public at all times by mounting it on an external wall. The
Teacher’s Residence.
program has provided a publicly accessible AED at every school in the
Welcome to our school
Mount Alexander Shire and Dunolly region.
community, Kitty!

Follow Elphinstone Primary School on Facebook to keep up to date. @elphinstoneprimaryschool

Elpho Info 15
Bushfoods at Elphinstone
Muntries, Spiny-head Mat-rush, Chocolate Lilies, Pigface, Warrigal
Greens and Flax-Lily. The Prep-2 class also took great delight in

Primary School By Sam Downing

hunting for worms in the garden, and planting seeds for future native
wildflowers and Currant bushes.
After planting, each class took part in a cooking session where
To mark the start of Reconciliation Week on Thursday May 27th,
everyone made Wattle-Seed biscuits to take home to share with friends
Elphinstone Primary School were lucky to experience a Welcome to
and family. Some students described
Country and Smoking Ceremony which began a day of learning about
the sensation of ground Wattle Seed
Bush foods. Dja Dja Wurrung woman Rhianna Kerr from the Dja Dja
as “mixing it up with black rain.”
Wurrung Aboriginal Clans Corporation led the Welcome to Country
and Smoking Ceremony. Ira Barker of Murnong Mammas then led This Reconciliation Week
each of the classes through a fantastic day of planting and cooking of event was made possible by the
Bush foods. support of Adapt Loddon Mallee’s
Caring for Country in a Changing
As a Gunditjmara & Barkandji person, Ira led the classroom
Climate program. Thanks to Ira,
discussion with an Acknowledgment of Country, which was a great
Rhianna, Murnong Mammas
opportunity to discuss with the students the diversity of First Nations
& Dja Dja Wurrung Aboriginal
people living on Djaara country. Ira introduced each class to plant
Clans Corporation for a fun day at
material used for weaving and students passed around fibre, bags
Elphinstone Primary School.
and baskets, amazed at how fibre could change form into string,
rope and woven coils, enthusiastically feeling and sniffing each one
to discover the different techniques and treatments. Connecting
learnings about living Aboriginal culture and the ethos of Caring
for Country permeated across and throughout the sessions, with
lots of opportunity for hands on experience of materials and tasting
throughout the day. Fresh Ruby Saltbush berries were handed around
for tastings, prompting a range of reactions to new flavours. A bit
sweet & a bit salty, too salty for some, we managed to find other
Saltbush berries and Midyim berries on other plantings to compare to.
The development of a bushfood garden at Elphinstone Primary
School will be a great addition to our existing garden program. We’re
looking forward to seeing what thrives in this garden. School gardens
are particularly tricky to manage over the summer period, when both
watering and harvesting intensify over the holidays. It will be great
to trial some new food plants that are adapted to our climate. We
planted a number of berries, tuber and fibre plants including Midyim,

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