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Project Data
Region: Lisburn , Northern Ireland
Client: Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister
Involved Units: Bilfinger Berger Environmental Ltd
Execution Time: March 2010-on going
Contract Value: £4,000,00.00
Work Performed

• Soils Screening and segregation

• Landfill lining and remodelling
• Excavation and dewatering
• Insitu gas and water extraction system
• Bioremediation
• Asbestos removal

Combined approach to
landfill, soil and groundwater
Remediation of Contaminated Sites and Landfill Engineering
Land & Groundwater Remediation
Combined approach to soil and groundwater remediation

Bilfinger Berger Environmental Ltd (BBE) are be an applicable remedial approach. The near
currently completing the soil and groundwater ground surface at this location was poor and
remediation at the Former Maze Prison in Lisburn, contained a large amount of impenetrable
Northern Ireland. Synonymous with the “troubles” obstructions which were not able to be drilled
of the 80’s, the history of the site pre-dates this and through using standard techniques. Therefore, we
was formerly used as a US Army base during the used a sonic drilling method to install extraction
1940’s. wells. The full scale MPE was installed and has
been successful in removing both the contaminated
Historic contamination related to the use of fuels for groundwater and vapour.
aircraft has left a legacy of contaminated soil and
groundwater. Landfill areas on site also exist and As part of the contract we have achieved the
these have been found to contain asbestos Considerate Contractors Scheme accreditation and
products. scored very highly in the assessment. The project
is also being rated for the CEEQUAL award for the
The remedial scheme was designed to address the whole project life.
known contamination based on the constraints of
the site i.e. buildings with scheduled historic Bilfinger Berger Environmental Ltd. provides a wide
monument status. range of remediation technique to enable the
redevelopment of contaminated land, and are term
In areas away from buildings, the contaminated contractors to National Grid Property Holdings Ltd
soils were excavated and placed in windrows. Two with respect to specialist groundwater remediation
windrow turners were used to turn the soils thus projects. We offer a full range of technologies
enhancing the biological reduction of contaminants. including soil vapour extraction, air sparging, soil
washing, thermal desorption, bioremediation
The areas on site where asbestos has been (windrow turning and ex situ static methods),
identified have been excavated and/or covered with stabilisation and solidification.
a membrane and cover materials. Other asbestos
materials have been identified and removed from Bilfinger Berger Environmental Ltd is backed by
site in line with the current legislation and codes of decades of experience and interdisciplinary skills
practice. amassed by Bilfinger Berger AG and Bilfinger
Berger Remediation Services.
The reuse of materials is key to the success of the
project and as such we have ensured that we have Our company Bilfinger Berger Environmental Ltd,
maximised the potential for reuse of materials. ranks as one of the most highly skilled and
dependable services providers specialising in site
In an area to the rear of the WW2 Aircraft Hangers rehabilitation, waste disposal and service platform
the contamination could not be excavated due to preparation.
the nature of these structures and underlying
electrical services. A treatment trial was completed
in this area and the conclusion of the trial was that
Multiphase Extraction, MPE (“Bioslurping”) would

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