__________________ Feasting Begbugs, Mites, And Ticks.

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Book information: Feasting Bedbugs, Mites, And Ticks

Gleason, Carrie. Feasting Bedbugs Mites, And Ticks. First. New York, New York: Crabtree, 2011. 1-31. Print.

Review Information: Your name: Kenneth Blair Class period: 1st Date: 3/17/11

Overview: The author the this books name is Carrie Gleason. The Book I have chosen is a non-fiction. My opinion of the book it was factual. It informed me with plenty of details for each bug. I found that the bugs in the book surround us in dust and in our beds. The books theme was insects. The insects were bedbugs, mites, and ticks. The book addresses the fact that these insect are all around. In the book it says that they feed of our skin, or our blood. Bugs hide in many places even our bed and clothes. So we need to be careful and stay safe, that s what the book informed me. Purpose: The purpose of the book was to inform the readers. It informed readers about the different kinds of bugs that hide in your bed and clothes. It informs the readers that bugs aren t just outside. In the book it talks about bedbugs, mites, and ticks. It informs that they want to drink our blood or they want to eat our dead skin. The book tells about the different types of species of these bugs. There was no intended audience in the book. The book was open to anyone that s wanted to read it. The purpose of this book was well explained. Background information My author was Carrie Gleason. She had written about 8 different books. Her first book published was Day of the Dead. This book was published in 2008. Newest book is Feasting Bedbugs, Mites, And Ticks. This is the book I have been reviewing. She does not have a biography. This publishing company is Crabtree Publishing Company. The company has many award for publishing some of the best books of

certain years. Crabtree was created by a man names Bobbie Kalman. Most of the books they publish are for children. Carrie Gleason is a terrific author, I hope that I get to read more of her books in the future.


This book was interesting. It gave me facts about bugs that I would have never thought of. Such as bedbugs, and mites, and ticks. I agree with all of the facts in the book. I have heard of these bugs but I have never actually seen them till I read the book. In the book it explains the possibility of bugs in your bed and over your clothes. The book has affected me great. I am more aware of looking for the bugs. The book if useful it give facts about insects that can affect you. I agree that this is a book to recommend.
Summary I believe the book was quite interesting. The book was quite factual. It gave various details about the insects that were involved in the book. In the book it explained that bugs are everywhere. Bugs surround us If you like you can offer advice for potential readers. In the book it explained how the insects covered many thing even animals. On a scale from 1-10 I rate the book A 8. I gave it this rating because it gave me tips. If it would not have been for this I would not have given this rating.

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