first certificate

Sally Burgess
with Richard Acklam


Introduction Exam overview to the Exam Maximise,.




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pAD key word trensformaticns

Reading: Listening: Writing:

wived Paper 3, Pari 2
matching Paper 1, Part 4 multiple gap fill

Grammar: reported statements Grammar: reported questions.

p7 p.8

Word formation:

Paper 3, Part 5
Pape-r 4, Part 2 letter Paper 2, Pan 1

p 10

transactional vocabulary: feelings
Grammar: questions

Speaking: Interacting

Paper 5, all parts

p.12 pl2 p.13

Paper 3, Part 3 Grammar: error correction Paper 3, Part 4 Vocabulary: love end marnaqe Listening: multiple choice Paper 4, Part 1 Writing: background reading texts Paper 2, Pari 2 Reading: multiple choice Paper 1, Part 2


multiple choice doze Paper 1, Part 3 Paper 4, Pert 2

Grammar: Listening: Grammar: Vocabulary: Vocabulary: Speaking: Writing: Reading:

gerunds key word multiple education short responses matchillg and infinitives


Paper 3, Part 1 Reading: gapped text Listening: Word vocebulery: Speaking: Grammar: Writing: note taking formation:

p.14 p.lS p16

note taking:

Paper 4, Part 2


Paper 3, Pari 3 choice doze Paper 3, Part 1

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Paper 3. Pari 5

jobs/employment priOritising Paper 5. P.;Ht 3 present tenses transactionalletter Paper 2, Part 1

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Paper 5, Pan 1 Peper 1, Pert I

decurswe multiple

Paper 2, Part 2

Vocabulary: Listening: Reading: Word Writing: Grammar:

describing multiple multiple making choice people Paper 4, Part 3 Paper 1, Part 2 matching

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p.24 Grammar: Listening:


error correction selecting and


Paper 3, Part 4 4, Part 4 open cloze

Vocabulary: Vocabulary

entertainment grammar:

p.49 p49 p.50 p.50 p.51 p.52 p.54 p.55

formation: transactional

Paper 3. Part 5 comparisons letter

Paper 2. Part 1


Paper 3, Part 2 Grammar: Present Perfect Writing: report

Reading: Grammar: Vocabulary: Listening:

multiple- matching Paper 1, Part 1

Paper 2. Part 2 4


P(lrt 3 phrasat verbs (take) matching Paper 4, Part 3

Paper 3.


Writing: narrative Paper 2, Part 2 Vocabulary and grammar: open (laze Paper 3, Part 2 Speaking: picture prompts Paper 5, Part 2

p.28 p.30 p3l p.31 P 32 p.33 p.34

Reading: Speaking:

multiple choice Paper 1. Part 2 opinion excbanqe Paper 5, Part

l_;N IT
listening: Vocabulary: Grammar:

morupte clothes used tolwould matching Paper 4, P.;Ht 3

Paper 2. 2 Writing: description vocabulery and grammar: open doze Paper 3, Part 2

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pepped problem


Paper 1. Pi;lrl3




3, Part 5

Speaking: Grammar: Grammar:






p.60 p61 P 61 p.62 p.62

Grammar: Grammar: Reading: Vocabulary: Listening:


fuwe to/don'r hav~ lo/mu5tlneed correctron Paper 3. Part 4
malching matching Paper I, Part 4 Paper 4, Part 3 Pari media

p.86 p.87 p.S8 p.B9 p.90 p.90


key word trensforrnanons


Paper 3, Part 3



Paper 3,




p.63 /uncountsbles Paper Vocabulary:

vocabulary: multiple
Paper 3, Part 1 Grammar: countables note

problem and solving Paper


Grammar: Vocabulary Vocabulary: Wri1ing:





Speaking: Grammar: Vocabulary: Reading:






Paper 5,


error correction multiple m.;ltching


3 3.


phrasal verbs. (pur) Paper

1, Part 4

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p.68 p68



doze p_93 p.94 Part

Paper 3, Part 2

Gremmar: future forms Vocabulary: shopping

describing places Paper 2, Grammar: key word transformations. Paper 3, Pari 3
gap fill muttiple Paper 4, Part 2 matching Reading:


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p.96 p.97




of sppjcatlon



Part 2


Paper 1, Part 1

Vocabulary: Reading: Grammar: Vocabulary: Writing: Listening:

do/make p.70


multiple choice Paper p.98

multiple relative


Paper 1,




Grammar: Vocabulary: Writing: Vocabulary: Listening: Speaking: Grammar:

l, Part 2


make/fer/allow phrasal verbs (make) narrative> multiple multiple opinion Paper 2, Part 2 choice cloze

p.98 p.100

money multiple choice


Peper 2. Part 2 Paper 4,



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p,76 p76

P 101 p.102

vocabulary: numbers Speaking: prionusinq

Paper 3, Pari 2 choice Paper 4, Pan 1 Paper 5, Pert 4

Paper 5, Part 3


UI\ l T

Paper 2. i,


103 p.l03 p.104


transactionalletter gapped text Paper
weather the article and

Part 1

Part 3

p.77 p.78

Grammar: hypothetical



p.105 p.106 P P


Spea~ ing: Paper 5. Grammar:

Grammar: Grammar: Speaking:


p8D (past) p.80 p.81

air pans h.ave something done
Peper 3. Part 4

Paper 3, Part 2 medals of deductlcrvcriticem key word picture transformations Paper 5. Part 2 4. Part 4

error correction

Paper 3, Pan 3 prompts


Reading: gapped text Paper 1. Part 3 vocabulary: spoken and written ~anguage Listening: selecnnq Paper 4, Part 4 Writing: discursive Paper 2, Part Z

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opinion Paper 5,




p.84 p.85

li{1king e):pre:s.~ioflS-

Writing: discursive Paper 2, Part 2 Grammar: modifiers/intensifiers Vocabulary: phrasal verbs



have learnt while USing the First Certiftcaie ano exam The level 01 your English IS already nearing Fl1st Cerutlcete exam standard. The Exam OverViEW on page 6 g~ and over an academic year. You willl}se practice IfI the Exam M. First Cernlicate skills. you Will use the Exam Maximiser with the First CefUficatf' Gold and highly dnswer used in the exam surprises.3)(lmiser though you have not been follOWing a YOl} now need sxerrunsnon yOI) know what It actually feels: like to do the First Certmcete Exams coursebook. depending your needs ana the time available.g a First Certificate students planning probably course with other Gold COlJrsebook the filers Certificate on the oepers and ouesnons in the First exam.of ways The Exam Maximiser offers: f~rther grammar pra. This means that you Certificate PriKllce know eKilclly what 10 expect in each paper end that In class This. as Since you have already waned Cel"/llkale ta wolcelteacher's prQ cttce correcnons and examiner's comments well as sample enswees for you 10 grade through the First with _"heets troJnsferring rough work Gold CQur5ebook or perhaps another just coursebcck.. ~.m. showing YO(l howe already done a First Certiticate course course end to prepare for you Ihing~ ~ou sho1Jld try to do and things you should a\lOid doing in the exem. sanlp(e dn~ "S to exam questions.'rmi5f>f stud-ents' chance'> Gold is 5peoally Who is the First Certificate Gold Exam Maximiser for and how <an it be used? The Exam MllximisE!f1$ stud-ents in II of success tn the extremely 01 llexible and can be used bl' FifSI Cenificale ~ngli~h examination.~ffPf:tiwaly focused short exam course in the' exam so You have a Ceruhcate V&ry that you can avoid the problem YOU run out of time complete sample CoorstmOOk of losing marb because covers what you Gold This means that snort period in which to take the First exam which exam. There ani! also you are now dOing an mterswe the exam. You can then get fun her practice in Ihi~ the Firsr Certificate Gold Praaice the Exam Maxlmiser a coursebook.Introduction to the Exam Maximiser What is the First Certificate Exam Max..(tice with a!1 the important and skills that you study in the vocabulal)'. fil$( Here are some typical sltuetcns: C!iY1ific a re You are doin. IQ help you get extra your teacher will ask you to do exereses You home as well Will use the enure ~m M.' designed to maximise in Gold Exam MoJ.ser? The Firs! CerfifictHi. from It at or on you need to gel a good grade in the eX3m. together there are no help unpleasant uSI-ng Exams. the techniques.It. even though Sometimes you will also do the related you mtormauoo all each ot the five papers stpp-b r-step guidanN' with the.ri-ell'. You are all to lake the exam at the same lime in or vov are uSing the Ftrsf Cemfic. by working through thai is 10 say without because you need the exam taSKS arid how to approach 4 . I'ariety suuatens and in a ". will gl\l'e you a concentrated wit" tmw. them.Strategies recbmqees marks There ale also lOIS.:Ixlmiser you and your teacher Will use II sele<tM>ly.of Hot tips! exercises a whole Unit from the Btam Ma~imi5l!f in class."m· ty/f' '"erdU!'~ so that you can practise using . independently.:l(e Gold Coorsebook oess.

You are re-Iaking uolonunately attempt the Firs! Certificate eXCim as in your you were not successful tnst 'rou may be hailing to re-take the exam because you were not SUfliClL?nUy ramili-ill wiLh the exam reqcsements. • You are not attending to take the exam and prepare for it iri.1 English in your for Your course.:am Maximiser iii VOU ~nd coorsebook.:IliSS.deperid~ntll'. you can also use n on You (an give your own to prepare for the exam practice by uSing the Firs! Cenificale a F. Will gel the practice and preparation Mall/miser to use the Fim Cenificate by itself.wish Gold PfCKfice Exams as well 5 .eof the Exam Maximise( so thai everyone can revise and practise what they have lfiU'nt yourself additional However.. ThiS means there are prob<rblll students the exam teacher will recommend us. You are preparing lor the exam on your own . but you will use the to develop your exam techniques build up your confidence. Near [he exam tjme jou mOl!!.rst Cenifcate . • Perhaps you are in 13class where the reecber IS 1J51r'!Q the Firs! Certiflmfe Gold Cour:oebook class who ate not artually homework. takinq as a gener".but wi~h You by u$ing the Exam Gold Practi(e £i@ms ivst before you take the exam . will not need to follow fi.

reports. or 3 long and 2 or more short texts: 35 re-ading comprehension questions. candidates and an interlocutor. Paper 4 Listening 40 minutes (approximately) 2 longer recorded texts and 2. A conversation divided into four parts between two Questions test your ability to understand the main idea. to express your own opinions and anitud€-S and to find out about other people's. series. 6 . Paper 5 Speaking 15 minutes fapprosirnetelyl The four parts test your ability to exchange personal end factual information. articles enc compositions for specific audiences. Paper 2 Writing 1 hour 30 minutes Paper 3 Use of English 1 hour 15 minutes 5 sections with 65 questions altogether focusing on grammar and vocabulary. Questions test your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. opinions and attitudes. specific details.of short extracts: 30 hsteninq comprehension questions. Part 1: compulsory leiter Pert 2: a choice of writing tasks Test focus Ouestions test your und@rstanding of the qeneral idea. detail Dr specific intormetion. the structure of the text and specific intormstion Ouestions test your ability to write letters. the main pomts. Another examiner will be in the room with you 10 assess your performance.Exam overview Paper Paper 1 Name Read~ng Timing 1 hour 15 minutes Content 4 long texts. the m13"1n points.

... and that you reach your wi(h absolutely {llC will be like and what kinds you will be asked. (t ).... with you.. You will . Part 2 :> About the exam In Paper3.. across the Pacific Ocean or travel down Naturally (3)... like this of on a talk you your journey cbances (8). and We hope you have an enjoyable You need to learn how welt FeE. for across alone lb. everything w haL dangers you need LQdo really well in exam 7 . Perhaps you arc going to drive a jeep across (he Sahara desert.. preparing difficult... kinds of questions Maximiser.wm . and atlases. .... canoe trsvelhng liner destination hire maps Laking off missing trip visit chec:l:. Part 2 you fill in the qaps in a text Strategy Alwaysreed the whole text all the way through before you begin t_o_fil_Ii_"_th_"_. 011a journey...."(lm Maxuntser is like a guide.NIT 1 A sense of adventure Vocabulary: travel ®ii?].... The First a guide can help you make the you arc going. First Certificate Gold E.:g'-ap'-' -----' 1 Fill in the gaps in the following text with an eppropriate word or phrase from the box You do not need to use all of the wo-os.... When Jl')lagine thut you are about to set cut on n nnther complicated but exciting journey. rt is nQI just question at :1Il airport and getting other words a guide can of travelling you your a untn or bus. plane or (4).. been to the places what 10 take and decide safely and arriving at your ... LIJother WDL"d~it masfmlses welcome safe (9) final destination. for u journey <I PCE.... your chances aboard the . Preparing examination questions to answer to HIke First Certi llcutc You have 10 know is very like going whut the of in a (2) . It is designed to help you Jearn everything of exam success.. . the various 10 avoid..... maxlrnlse TTl you wi ~I prepare mosl or your money and lime so lJlfll you enjoy nnd get to wherever help \/cry thoroughly. So and you need hi kr10~1/to PilSS in departure sail travel fly catching WeI!P_lff/!! oDOtu'tf..l"0Ugh the desert or an ocean or down easier.. Cf'rll"/h'([/e Gold b. a river. on time. . 011 your own would be very But with a guide it is much you arc travelling. (5) whu have already need to consult to people will (6).e the Amazon First Certificate Gold Exam Maximiser! Like (7) in the moumnlns.

vlOIgetble. a bank. Each player has to try and spot the ten items first. When a player sees one 01 the obje<:ls.UNIT I A sense 01 adventure Travel Games groups of words relate to ships. Read the text Qgoin unoerlme the relevant rnformancn in €ilch paragraph.' Tt"le game continues until one of me play'e. think of a cateqory and write down the words you can remember. Mum wants Ihe classical music station. Mineral a can be used lor art o"bJa.lmbeL FQr example. r Paper Reading: multiple matching " Part 4 :> Then Strategy Read the text through quickly to get a general study the questions. make a list 01 ten aems you are likely 10 see cot 01 the wncow on your journey such as a woman with a pram. I~lhe answer i$ 'yes-. for example 1fansport: ships. 'I weot o-na trip ami took a lishing ner. th-ey must shout cur and the first one 10 shout gels a polra.·1went On a trip andtook a fishing nel and 100 "W bowler hal'. The nsxt ptayer ~OIyS. B CRAZY STORIES Each player lakes it in turn 10 be the srorv-tejer. Continue tmlil one p'ayer has. If no one has guessed the objec~ aUer20 queslions. etc. While I was there I met a little girl who was my nephew.-:ts which are not animal or vegetable. a boy on a brcycte. planes. you win. Before too long everyone is fighllng over what cassette 10 put on or what radio station to lislen to .ilch and had a game 01 gotl. if you chose the number 17 then a number plate 60 of F458 GHU would be a success. Every-one chooses another number and the game begins aqafn. A 80 tomato or a loat 01 bread would be vegetable..J do not play golf on a football pitch and 50 she was his niece. somebody hilChhlklng. cars or buses. During the story he or she will make the occasional deliberate mistake which l(1e other players w~1l 1\C1have 10 Ify and spot. but ~II-he or she tells Ihe others is whemer il is animal. between 10 and 20. For e:o:ample.: by lynn Gucsi .a horse or an egg would be animal. my bowler hat and a bvcket and epece. Later. An example of a mistake would be: 'I went to the toomal! p. Cirde this which C ADDING ptayer picks UP a number Each 2 phrase word The following 10 trains. Now you have a go.Dad wants Ihe football. One way to get over this problem is 10 play some kind of game as you are driving ~IOrlg The following trevel games might be JUS!the thing when tempers are geftil"lg h!ll"ed or when you simply want to have some fun. cars. or mineral. someone else wants heavy 10 metal and nobody can agree. When thev do.' There are two mistakes here as yOI. put them into oil categories.!Sforgets something on the li~_. not his nephew. I Long car journeys can be pretty boring . you can ask a question like: 'Is.. 0 AN IMAL~ to VEGETABLE OR MtNERAL? One Dlayer has 10 lhjnk of an Object. The one 10 spol art Ihe items first islhe winner. won three rouncs." a 00 horse?'. If you Ihio~ you know what the object is. he or she shoots out 30 and claims il: ~ cannot be used by other players. a statue.especially if you are using motorways. each group and the other or phrase then write words wheel type of transport fXAMPU: relate to a steering brakes a boot <@ 1 a dual carriageway the fast lane 2 a cruise a platform a lay-by a flight a lifeboat a liner a guard 4 a port a platform a track off to check in a slngl€ lounge a departure a parking a saatbelt 6 to take meter a driving inspector CI test an an inspector a steward a cabin a stop fare a deck 7 a seatbelt a cruise Learner training When you learn new words. A diamond ring would be mineral. A OBSERVATION 10 With your partners. but there is one word or that does not belong. The next in turn says. the person who thouqnt 011118 object wins E I WENT ON A TRIP One player b69!ns. However a number plate of 0981 SYT would be 01 no use 10 you The lusl playel to spot nis or her number wins the round. The other players have to Iry and find out what the objecl is by asking qu€slions which !he player is only allowed 10 answer wllh a 'Yes' or 'No'. Sl<lrt again with a new list • idea. and Read lhe text opposite Which journey? of the games would through once quickly \{OU like to play on a long 8 from Tr-!lvm Game:. The oblect of the game is 10 find car number plates which add up to your chosen n1. 'I wenl 00 a hip and I took a fishing net. planes.

0 Notes: rhe reteVdr'lt inform<?ltion for this qUEStion '-5 ifl /)n~84.m.ef {. 'Find out' means arm05r rhe same Illing as 'guess'.ames? 1. __ ~ eeeeeee .. Part 5 7 One of the st-eocest aspects... Strategy Before you try to fillin the gaps. ". believe).. toJd the story of the biggest and most 'uxuriou~ ( .. L. written by Morgan of the gamf... it was not I)nW five minutes. 1 And so began two hours. . The first two questions have been answered for you.llif {. adverbs.. then twenty-four. ) Titanic '..) safest liner in the world to sink beneath the icy waters of the. (. . decide whether the missing word is an adjective (e. rear and finally horror For the 2. l'1ou/. ) derail in a novel published fourteen years earlier 8 The book. 5 6 than be prayed by more be effective? 7 ...d. At the end of each line of the text ther!? IS a word in capitalletters You use thiS word to form a new word for each gap.g.' j~ to 'find out w~t (he ouea is'.) liner ever built About the exam 10 Paper 3. and forty minutes of .300 passengers of the 'unsjnkal...!s. an adverb (e. and going off to JOll1 her husband In the USA. the important Informalion m)mber plates' in line 55....Jjdjii~{I{~ . must 4 Although the Titanic struck the iceberg at 11... -----. played 2 For that was all the time that it took for the biggest and ~ ( .. {Quid only be 2 .. I~i~·~~~~·~f··ih~I:~I~~g~~~~~~)flISSed the fits! ten I L. carefully).North Atlantic The myth of the Titanic's unsmkabjlity was only aile otar'1~( )~ If yQUwere travelling by car? heff' Notes: i~ 'find car (..t~~ee ::~~~:%need a -------..g.b. a noun (e_g information) or a verb (e. It Xi}'S the.... ) of human errors involveslistening very carefully? 3 could be played on a plane as well? 4.J 9 . ) and Word formation Paper 3.lS that it had been foreseen ill ~ (. '~ ( ... Which gClme: The following sentences all come from the listening exercise on page 14 in the Fif5( Certificate Go(d Coursebook Look at the underlined words in each sentence and decide whether they ere adjectives. I S:~~~ ~~ Iexample. two players to 6 The sea was full of ~ bodies... of this disaster W. . after midnight that the order was given.40 p.. ould be best for people who enjoy guessing g..q.) the lifeboats!' 5 In one of the last ~ ( . .!.> lifeboats to leave the Titanic stood Mrs Emily Richards.I.eli. beautifu/).. do you need the positive or the negative Iorm Iof the word in this sentence? r Hot tip :::tv~e~~ ~I~:. nouns or verbs._ ...Now read the followmg questions end write the appropriate letter for each game in the gaps_ SOme gam€!sare used more than once. Part 5 you lead a text with gaps. Look at the notes before you answer the other questions.

unfr. 2 Now hsten to the cassette end do the exercise. I carefully at the instructions alld questions before you listen 10 .:0. 'F (farse) or? (don't know).. You will hear somebody telling a story. listen to a young traveller giving a report on a place sne vrs!ceo': Matc" the numbered phrases ill Column A with a word or phrase 11"1 Column 8 Write the appropriate letter in the gaps.and then mark. You know 1/)1$ becease 'are' and 'rarher' come before it.Now fiU in the qaps in the.. About the exam In Paper 4... The idea of tile senterce is negative 1 Read the followmg instructions and notes. (HELP) 3 There is an old castle on the island that is used 4 Marsalforn. the statements below T (true).. (HOME) 10 there were wster-skiinq. f) g) 8 Take an umbrella if you go in autumn as it is very to rain. 'Q'..d1y and otter. Ramla bay 4 They decided to close the hotel because never been very "'". seem to went to avoid the tounsts. (CHARGE) . lt would be a good Idea to listen carefully for words for types. (PATIENT) 3 The man in the tourist Column To She gal information office was very and gave us lots of free maps and it explore {he island she brochures. restaurants Statements t The satan park.~onowlng sentences. us for a) as a disco plane and ferry.. 'there are two extra items in Column B which you do nat need to use. MalIa 2 It"s no use getting . 1 Listening: gap fill I Paper 4. was a bit of a too few animals. (APPOINT) 3S You will hear more than one person speaking on the cassette. a film. etc 4 The speaker will give her opiraon about the place..e~~ . people in mO:..of transport and the places mentioned.(f. with the correct form of the word in ceorters. (UKE) 9 there ate .lI. 'c'. c) m d) swimming e) lured a moped. Decide what part of speech to U5~ and whether you need CI positive or a neqatlve word. Part 2 you listen to a talk or conversation and complete short sentences with a WOrd or phrase Strategy Always spend at least 45 seconds look. {FR'END) Notes: the missing word is an Qdjective... (PROFIT) had and San B'as bay are best for 5 The church in Jspinu has been used Column b) B 5 We had lovely weather the-whole time we were there (SUN) 6 Don't the cost 01 hotel accommodation when you plan your next hohoay (ESTIMATE) 7 A dishonest waiter tned to our meal.jjr. just because there's a long Queue to check in. Reporter: Diane Pilgrim A to Gczc by Destination: 60.1of the worfd's big dues nowadays._Part <~ -> 3 You only have to write in the letters 'b'.

. I Dear Sir/Madam.." OJ rd/>'Iwn tv _ife "'iPil1 ".. 10 I'm sorry I haven't written tor such a long time. CC\1\J.. Will your answer be formal Dr informal? you don't know know very well. Write the numbers 1-7 In the gaps..:o. 7 Give my love to your parents B Should you require a.. especially companies and institutions..ny fu r-cher- ApoIClfJise fiJr. 3 ~ ymtl1exlWeek.:j ~n+.come and 6tay? Now look at thiS plan for the above task and put [he points in a logical order.(. vi. spelling or vocabulary mistakes your teacher has corrected In your written work before If necessary...t .". WhICh of the followin.oUOQ pepple you met planning 10 visH your country last summgr are on holiday and have asked you 10-suggest some places 01 interest to see. o. think 01 ideas . ter of 15 May. gJ SPy why y"" haven't replied sooner: ' Think of ideas: a reason far not replying.1'.lc2b1i1ardtYh'{)fit! to rece i . write a plan..-(1. 4 Wnte your letter In 120-180 words.when? -how long? I (informall.'T I Asense cr adveonrre Writing: transactional letter Paper 21 Part 1 About the exam Part 1 of Paper 215 compulsory. 1..fait~jt.(" reJ..g phrases arid sentences would you expect 10 lind in a formal ~elter? Which would you expect to lind in an informellerter? Mark them F (formal) Of Some y.. . members.t replyi"g sooaer. Write a letter of reply using the notes 5 ~.. 6 1 am writing in reply to your let."r5. 11 Check it carefully for any grammar. '1"1'1'12.elfa. Formal or informal? To a friend or to someone you don't know? 2 1 Look at 1 A formal feller is a letter you write or don't to someone this task arid the underlined words. do not hesitate to contact us at the above address. You always wnte a letter 10 ask for or give information of some kind Strategy Always read the instructions carefully and decide what kmd of letter you are supposed to write. An informal leiter is the kind of letter you write 10 friends.IP!f' AM ~al'da Herrera. ."" vf. lV\ost 51'.. oJ Ask when #ley will be c_il1g .6. <1... -_ .~. . write your letter out again.... There is no /illings m do. 'ee..e. 11 . ~e "J "w.t'e~\ I( :jr. rs there a particularly good time of year to visit these places?' What can your friends do there) information.". Strategy Read the instructlcns very careful'y.J 4 I look forward your reply. .. b) 7h~l1k Hlem -{by#teir letter...N. eJ Jirvife {hem to smy for" f'ew daY'" " 'f}gesf plae&. places to vert: things they m~ght enjoy domg and seeing. but I've been really busy. of your family and other people you know well.and check your work thoroughly.

. sentences out again correctly what mean does 'miserable" each you traoslete you drd cefininon are word write (I [ gOing to? of? [] J 2>lkJTL~ and Tifft..r ~'1I""""rpIaA.. the sentences out in your notebook..& vWi'..... good way of reccrdinq my phctoqraph f) I have [0 describe g) I think h) I don't I'd like to stay here.... -e.J. ~ ~ m..r~· . I examples of for the forms. eqree you don't? spare doing time your? go to this weekend? angry.. Then match each Question to an answer write the eppropriete letter in the box e) In a state of extreme f') 1 people how learn do new words! g} uncertain h) unhappy' i) to think do what we have do to? you 4 5 tited and urnnterestsd do..rc. Vocabulary mistakes work and Spelling the correct mistakes you often and write make.. k.... There letter Learner training Keep a rec~rd of mistakes you make in your writing (e.h a....h. 9 10 l the form of adjectives. I copied By finding the dktronary to the cinema them while you hsten 1"". .t~. in your Match (he following ?e1ow.r)u~ ¥cudh.tti""""'P~"'= <>A<ll "'""""" i/>W"&>£"'I ok d.". 0/' ~ II:' ·umrlh i.k..Ad.tlpht..'·m/~I"""'.j<..of!fV""'~. earlj<.Vocabulary: f IS feelings words wrth a oefuution in the gaps.t.. causinq anger or impatience Grammar: 7 questions in b) vel)' pleased c) d) Or :}.{d . 5 nervous ...nd.' ZhI ~ M<M<>4(_. me ~". j) No.=· ~ 12 .. bl c) My brother.I! .z."."... K..t ~_"'_..£. . /m~/~t~btl~./wLn< II . l'lIIf-~. ~...e tk d) Playing basketball e) (3 and going y=bth.. wi:lh ~-"'# _d< ."":1..""'"' ~ 10== h. Th..nuu.<1. 6 cross 7 8 depressing thrilled ..6dUr~. vi"'7at=il1Un.q.. ~.nderf"' ~=t~.t ..t. "*" ~ '"'" ~. know. / hM.Jnd. I...'tB~ a... 71'? ~ ~ Yes.t/um.f. I t. 1 f.. """"' ~e£u.~klwvp...k .. Exams always rrtake me teet like this I don't ones pi..ud~ aiJmd'"fl~1. wdl. mistakes ..P'~ 'cruise' [J a) The dictionary says 'very He drives it from unhappy' crazy Me ~)u.. just the important IJ"='pkoa. W~ite the appropriate one deflnltion terrified wtuch you do not need to use.edotd~= w. ~._uy wiU f1m-"s..a£..Itislied Put the words Write the correct order to make below and making you '€leI very sad causing great surprise shock might or fear happen or do worried about about what what questions. e 6. actually..UU etdI~ed (.. wtth -mgl-ed adjectives).. Wn.ldnr~..."".. I'm afraid No. bad-tempered 2 Now look at with do you like.d Andhr 1)...-.. """"Jed v. Alw~ys check 2 confused 3 rnisereble 4 astonishing CI} whal do you where want n r I] l 1 I this letter a student wrote Write in the 6 why get you do nervous so? who you angry were with' answer mistakes to the writing task on page '11 and find sil: in your notebook. I _. of.. y"" <Ulud abnd are... Make sections in your n~tebook for Grammar mistakes. 11.

Janusz really enjoyed it. . l sm How did I) Yes. . Sam asks ebcve and check your answers. think you get the number 14 it Speaking: interacting 'Paper allparts:> >.M. Write indirect questions usrng the words given.Jones family? Do you know when are they t~king their holiday? Probably in August like everyone else.. You went on the rr (Could you tell me) trip to Oxford.lirly sure or not very sure that the information is correct?' Merk the tagsP(up) or\r(down). . b) I c) No. are you? I) Strategy In Paper 5 you have to answer questions. I hear you was really good. Where you think would the Smith family like to go? J think the Channelislands would be good for them because there are sate beaches. too.. . 13 . . .?~.. Then practise saying them yourself. Where we will send the. You'll be at school tomorrow. but you also have to ask them. He went a couple of years ago.. .. do.. . You used to li\ll?in Germany. and they have small children. so you're a friend of his.!. No. too. . Does his voice go up Or down Oil the Question tags. ? . 1 ? o 4 Does this bus go to Oxford Street?' (I 5 Where is the tourist office' wonder) 2 I've seen you somewhere before.. not any more. Is he ti.nxrr I A S!!I'15eof edventure Fill in the gaps ill the following sentences with an epproprtate question tag Then match each question to en answer below and write the appropriate lette-r in the box I 3 How many tourists visil your country each year? like to know) (I'd You're Polish. 3 Janusz IS your older brother.. Why did she say that? SYlVIE: ~~..1 7 What sre we supposed to do? telling me) she English or American?' (Would you mind . Maybe You look slightly familiar. . to 8 Is (I don't know) 10 You wouldn't know Piccadilly. candidates doing Part 3 at Paper 5 have been asked to discuss suitable holidays for three families The candidates mak-e-four mistakes with questions..k.. g) guess? that's where my father's from. (t wonder) SYLVIE: Are you ready to start? WhQt we have to do? Choose holidays for these three families. He wants to go again next weekend eJ Yes.. h) Oh. She's gone back \0 Poland.~~~:~ ~~~:::. j didn't actually.. OK. Two ~YLVI~: t:AT~INA: SYLVIE: !I Now listen to the questions. About fhe exam Paper 5 is a conversation between you and candidate and/or the tnterlocutocexemmer. 4 Your sister studies English.. Find the mistakes. . I'm taking my First Certificate exam. a) which "? bus I get o That's fight.. jl I'm afraid not. 7 n n D [J [l 0 D 6 Are there aoy museums near here? (00 you know) He'd been there before.~.~~if7~r~o. anothe d) Yes. to do? (I KATRINA: I What am I going don't know) .

rrune. with 1 At the beginning of my English class. You must be very. " 9 belong ~.atisfled 1 Don't ask of heights Vocabulary: multiple choice cloze I Paper!: Part 1 > sentences with About the exam In Paper 3. of themselves She speaks twe languQge:s.~~ .. ff'volve. YOu will be for [he Ill'...... ut she is not V€ry b . 5 'Don't use things that don't bejonq ..... :..ccoml<uy schoo] alJ(~ have 14 A~soci<Hlon M Profcssionnt prt:fei~1lCe Tourist Guit.. at mathematics.. (5.. of her tor doing SO With my results In the not very test He is not on high risk sports.~.:::ri:::fie:. A consists B revolves C depends 0 results Alternative C is the correct choice because the verb depends is the only one that gQ4.... 4: When' got home I saw my brother using a pen that rerrunded me a lot ...:.. The guard seemed to be of the museum viSitors and never took his eyes off them I think athletes who use drugs should be . the uf 'lI1i~hed . well in the exammsticns I was .. 4 ln this house I am for making sure everyone helps with the washing·lIp.. Part I you choose. ~ comnnmica..between four alte-rnatives to filj gaps in a text..·'·.... you!' ftllliunalilic.<.. from.) cticms 011 IOll~ (6) II.lin_g with people of ..~~.who ure OJ . my favourite poe-no but j couldn't find It anywt1ere Eventually I borrowed one next to me... ~~. I was stili worryinq about the pen and I couldn't concentrate the lesson properly.. The other verbs go with these prepositions: consIsts of. interviewing at young people of .i.. 3 Read the foJlowlng Job advertisement and' then choose the correct alternecve to riJl in the g.. Fill in the gaps in the following sentences of.. [he havc job if YULI s.::~~:~~c .: 6 'And don't accuse methings I haven't dane!' he-sefd 'This is my peon.l keen 3 A qualified B good 4 A keen B interested 5 A in charge B responsible 6 A capable B SUitable 7 A $peCla'~sed B satisfied 2 A Join Always look at the words before and after the gap. on Successful candidates ilge" and (4) (ravclling.... I said.. men :111d women We are (2) HO Young People no . and resu/rs in..... _on adoptinq the right strategies. taking the pen. I am Strategy Sometimes the COrrectalternative is ..>S with the prepositron Oft. for or ro.a word that goes with the word after the gap.._.....UN.~~·r'... Here is an example First Certificate Exam success .lc~ wi IJ he given .. " .Mum bought it tor me this morning' •• ".aps 1 A seekrng B looking A Interested I.n the gaps In [he folloWlllg an appropriate word from the bo« ashamed s.. the girl sitting WANTED We are (i) . around. for meellng our olrpon and escorting area....~'·. . They will help you choose the correct alternative on...l I. I spent aqes searching.Ill all will be them However.lT 2 Work and play 2 Fill . good responsible keen~t~".::I~·~'·(8')il.:d me to drnb proud suspicous _j I up there....... " .. for Yllung to work a" tour in ~ guide".....

become <I bland lind safe place. Or tllkillg part ill expedition s. Now ~ turn 10 nsk sports <IS an escape.. Read the text and decide. .. ~ ii~ ~. Write the word or phrase in the qaps RISK SPORTS are one of the fastestgrowmg l..eclltive~ irl office jobs who need to stay alert so Ih:'ll ~ can cope when things go wrong (5) ...' (3) . ~r. Read these paragraphs from the art.h.~ ~~~~I ~~ One man wan led to be telephoned by a woman asking him out to the theatre in order to make his wire reel jealous. About the exam In Paper 1.' says Lewis. A Since starting his new finn -lWnt-A-Cali _ Mr Benz has received hundreds of calls frcm potential clients.g. will telephone customers on their mobile phones when they want to talk about whatever they want. there was no point in having one if it never l'ill1. (~) . i~'g'. 'The world h:l1\.but that very few ever get caned on them. 15 .ed bungee jumps to illegul+y Jumping off huildlngs. my. Som-e ~ny sports me wnk:.:· ~~~ 2 ~~ people \\"'0 do li~~ ugninst a ~odely feel has become dUll and (l__j Most have been businessmen anxious to Impress colleagues or clients by having their mobile phone ringing at a vital moment in the negotiatjons Inquiries have also come from people wanting to put on an act fOT a new boyfriend or &tirlfrieI1d.he) demonstratives ( ego {hiS. 'People used (0 be able to seck adventUre by hunting wild animale. These people never feel s~ alive ns when ~ are risking their lives..l"K"tl':! Work aru:jplllY Reading: gapped text Paper 1. There is always one extra sentence which you do not need to 'Why do we risk in' (First Cenilicste Gold COUf5€'oook. Strategy Look at words like pronouns ( e. IIl£Y help people _10 ove. our culture has climifl'ltcd risk. Part 3 2 The follOWing sentences have been removed from the text below. (3__j from The Age newspaper Risk spMIS howe a positive side us well.. who is twenty-nine. 'I t struck me that although the reason for displaying these phones Waf.rtome fears 111l1. 111 ~n ancmpt to guammee safety.'lI' after noticing how many Germans have mobile phones . that) and possasslve ~die(_ti\les e. Part 3 you look (It some sentences or peraqrephs that have been removed from a text. YOuread the text and decide where the sentences fit.l affect them m their real lives.g.IY crave adventure. (4) " " This makes risk sports parllcularly veluabtc fur cJi. (1___) Mr Benz.S thai people tod. it. to create all impression of being incredibly important and busy.which sentence goes In each ot the numbered gaps. said.~j~. page 8) and decide what the underlined words refer to. Rent-A-Phonecall Joachim Benz.g: LlWI fCCiClil. c 'I'lais ide a came to him earlier this YC::. a German businessman.~.cLsure aCliviti(:s: Daredevils uy anytllllig from Q(ga_n. . her) in the sentences that have ( been removed from the text and decide what they refer to.

I'm certainly always busy.. Occupation: (l) Relative with 'Same-occupation: (2) Compares racing to: Occasional reactions from: (4) (3) to adjectives like..'ollowing €>xtractscome from the listening Unpopular jobs on f page 17 of the Fif3r Certificate Gold COI.!.. Study the suffixes In itali(5 in the words In Exercise 1 and complete the following information. 1 I just couldn't believe that anything could be so ~ (. 1 If you add .. .. ---. rve had several (5) ...a!lt (...J I I 2 II'S~ Were men ~ (.. ...l.. ) ..... ) taken over my life.part5 About the exam In another type of exercise In Paper 4. detect .."'NIT' 2 Woo..o.. is added to the end of a word to chenqe it 10 another part of speech.. .If5ebook Read the extracts and then fill In the gaps with an appropriate form of the words In capitals at the end of each line PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR It can be quite a (1) .. you can make nouns. 4 But sometimes you get real ~. In his hotel FAIR ABUSE SERIOUS VARY 16 .. 01 ....probably 00. ) turned into my wheels 6 I SUppose because he understands what it's actually like he's less likely to thinklt':s.. " you make adjectives of Reason for becoming a driver: (5) Father's attitude to her racing: (6) Boyfriend's attitude to her (aCing: (7) . ).. . ...Iy SO". 3 ThE. ( .. Part 2 you listen and complete Ilotes The following sentences come from the interview with Meregan Turner...... In fact. ecverb or nOUr1. you make adverbs.~... hostility 3 If you add .. . job and you can meet some really nasty types.. to adjectives like hO$tiie-. Listen [0 an interview in which a woman talks about an unusual occupation and complete the following summary of what she 5 When I f. I.... l succeeded. What do I like most about it? .. 4 Ii you add -ces to nouns lik€' . w~ all have to be-licensed and follow strict guidelines. DANGER SURPRISE PLEASANT Boyfriend's country of origin: (8) Location of boyfriend's hotel: (9) Circumstances in which she mel boyfrie-nd: {IO) . he ~ (.... Look at the.... phone calls in the office . I think it's the fact that there's lots of (7) . (6) . suppose it's not really very (2) . to verbs like protect that end in -rKt. L!X::se! I DON'T write more than three I lour words irl note-rektnq r Hot tip! .underlined word in each sentence and decide if it is an adjective..... or If you drop the -e and add . ) of you on the track] (. that this kind of work has such a bad reputation. and play ~ Listening: note taking Word formation !P_3.... lunch hours. ....they car' get pretty (3) DEBT COLLECTOR I think It'Svery (4) ........ The worst part about the job? Well.... but some people don't like it much If they find out you've been spying on them .... ..) 2 A sum. you can make adjectives or nouns (eg..

violinist {O 'ix the le. of nme when workers stop work So .. old r.llg tap in the and looking at the first j) is. are 90i"9 on hospitals.R I 17 . paid for professionaljob forrnaliy 1 2 3 money s. are always leaving the off our rubbish bin d) buys end sells stocks and shares. g) checks that vehicles are n01 place.. Wrile the appropriate EXAMf'LE: commerdal 'artist 6' nightdub 7 1 letter in the 1 debt 2 collector bouncer g'p' social worker traffic plastic/surgeon 3 4 warden 8 bus conductor 9 senior librarian editor private Jnvesnoator ta" inspector 10 'oewspaper in the grid below to match find following words the has been Column A given to definitions. in Column A with e phrase from Column B. SIne collects the tares b) prepares books and newspapers lid tor printing a person who is paid to work e. . Be cereful' The word conductor has more than one meaning.a company 1O get money by working e .. Match the jobs. for somebody . (... The first letter of each word help you..U:-iIT2 WOIkandplay Vocabulary: jobs/employment 2 Mark wherE' the main stress falls in the followinq jobs then check your answers. in the dictionary. parked in the wrong h) strike next month over conditions in i) is coming round bathroom. 2 A traffiC warden 3 A stockbroker announce that you are going leave a to Iry to job a r . because you are of money added 5 6 stop working an amount b... or the ability to do something ill doesn'l drive the bus. period get better 4 money makes pay and conditions II The conductor 5 Referees 6 An editor 7 A plumber paid to a salesperson for e-ach sele sllle c.... e) are always awarding penalties against Our team' fJ keep troublemakers out of clubs or to your usual pay usu-Clllybecause 7 8 9 you have worked bare 8 The destmen 9 Nurses Column B dismiss from a job 5 . wel~ s . 10 1 Bouncers. picking up her baton C8XH5 L0 NR 5 MNM0 T EUSMR ASFTI RGUBK NW HVE 5A LAR KIJXE EMP L0 K A P I L Lie C Z S E5 YIF55 YR0I I DEGG0 Y E E NtJ PQ CC RK EC TX 50 DM KM .






Now listen to Petra and Stefan Otg.;lrll and coruplete the following questions which they Ask each other. , nurses? 2 What shall we .... editors' 4 let's see .. 5 ..... before editors? to put them put dustmen after


the exam

In Paper 5, Part 3 you talk to the other candidate or the examiner about some pictures, maps or plans. Often you talk about putting things in order of pnonty Strategy Ask the other person what s/he thinks and say wh.:.ther you agree or disagree with wh-'lt $/he says..


r Hot tip! ---------,
• DON·r ake "!""'h'~' m

_ ___

.J •

3 Listen once more and write down three words or phrases they use for and one word or phrase they use for disagreeing .


Listen to SOmestudents doing a task Part 3 and look at the pictures.

Paper 5,



present tenses

1 Fill in the gaps In the following sentences with the correct Present Simple or Present Continuous form of the verbs. in brackets. Put the adverbs in the correct
position. 1," . ((rotllike) genilig up in the

2 Look at Column 6 in the jobs vocabulary on page 17 again and write the numbers of the sentence or sentences that: • are complaints about an irritating situation that OCCurS regularly_' ._... 2 • are explanations of the meaning of the word . 3 """"4 """""""" """""""" S 6 7 • is said by a radio announcer while watching what is happening on stage. 8 . • are statements about events that will dMinitely teke place in the future. 9 .... 10 .. 3. Now look at what urea an FCE candidate, said about the two photos he was asked to compare and contrast in Pan 2 of Paper 5_ Look at the photos and fill in the gaps With the correct Present Simple or Present Continuous form of the verbs in brackets. These two photographs show different places where people (1) (go) on holiday, In the first photograph there are people on a beach. Some of them (2) (sunbathe) and others (3) """"""" I,w;m)", (4) """" """"(walk) .along the beach. A big difference between the two photographs ISthat in the first one there are a lot of people, but in the second one I can only Seeone person. 1(5) , ,not know) if it is a man or a woman, but she or he (6) .. .. (ski) and seems to be completely alone in this beautiful landscape.

2 My brother and I .. ...


10 get up

quite early to get to school on time

3 Our father but on other days weschool bus

(sometime'S/drive) us,
(get) the

4 We almost .. . . (neverlget) to the bus stop on time and the bus .. ._., (tum) the (alway5lwair) when WF; corner. 5 The bus driller "' up and we ..... ..... (rell) us to hurry
.......... vump) on the bus.

6 We .... (not/go) to school next Monday because irs a holiday 7 Jnstead air the people from my class (mee;.tj in the rnounteins for a picnic
8 I ..... .... (make)


chocolate (oring)

friend ioarma the others.; and soft cnnks.


cake, my a salad and meat. bread

9 loenna . (rmg) me up every evening end asks, 'What.. . (have) to do for homework)'
10 She, .... (givt?)

(notlli5ten) when the teacher us our homework for that

night 11 She ... 12 When toenna you ...
13 And I .. (talk) (drive)

(always/talk) In class which all Ihe reachers crazy.

_ .......... (rmg) me up. she """" (always/say)" 'What ?' (do)
..... (answer) ,I

to you, silly!'



Writing: transactional


Now write

the letter follow

In Exercise 1 ill 120-180 this procedure and underline the words have

YOu should

1 look: at the instructions took at the following task. Ar~ you esked to a formal or an informal letter?

and do

phrases. that

1f'1Iyou exectly what you
you want



2 Think of four questions leller. Look at the advertisement alld the notes you hall€ made below II. Then write a letter of between 1:20" and 180 words in an appropriate style asking for more Information covering the points In your notes. Do not write any addresses. Decide what

to ask in your

order you want


put them ill (if5t


Write your letter.

Use linking words such as all, also, as wel/.=is this, finally.


e heck

your letter carefully

for any grammar


For water sport .s uluh Water-skiing, scuba diving, jel ski, windS~lrlingl You name i[ - if il·S a warcrspon, we otTer tnserucncn and facilities Jor it Plenty of opponurury LO pracnse your chosen sport wuu other eomnsrasts ill Club Aquarius! For your mcmbcrshipapplkation form write (Q: nlt_~&>cro'm:)' GubAlpWriliS ill·/k».:312
l.i11/dI<llI'l/>f(j/, S,tAA'XSU3,}}T

speUing mistakes. laid Out

Make Sure your letter is properly

Strategy You have answers

1 hour and 30 minutes




Spend 45 minutes mmutes lik:e this: • 5 minutes underlrning

on each question.


the 45

reading the instructions very carefully, key words and checking how many have

things you
• 10 minutes • 25 minutes • 5 minutes correcting

to do
of ideas and writing your answer. carefully and a plan. wfiting

- Membtm$hlp fee? or monthly paymetl!;? - U6t: offac/1(t{e~ free to memuer6'f - Sport" not mentioned iM aaverti6emtinCl
- AtltlUaJ

checking your work any mistakes:


Are the following statements T (true) Of F (fCllse). letter:

true or false? Mark

I~~~:;:~~~:;~n:~~~~~o:~U~~:~;k~t I :;r~;~i:~~te I~:~i~s~~~r ~a:>y toread. L-- =~kj:)D~~:g~~~itisnot ..JI

r Hot tip!










In a formal ,

you include your name in your address.



the name and title (Managing to in herlhis address like this: .


Head Teacher, etc.) of the person

you are writing you wnte 'fifteenth 4

the whole

date in words, nineteen

of November.

Oin~ty-Iline' you

If you begin the letter Dear Sir/Madam. finish it WIth YOU(5 faithfully. . you can begin your letter with Dear





for example




~. Part 3 the opposite meaning in Column B..:. .. deserve to be proud or yours_.. ~.....#~"!) ... About the exam In Paper 4. Part 3 YOLlhear short extracts. i61 e. Nearest and dearest Listening: with t Vocabulary: describing people Match a word '1'1 Column A with a word B which multiple matching Paper 4.f. Y (youngest child) an appropriate word from Exercise 1 1 He's rather ... 3 a) Who b) Who or questions 4) in 1he number of the speaker gaps rnes to do what people expect? works best in a team and tried to 9E't along ~~e:s~it probably or group? ~~~~~d:... 8 adaptable 9 relaxed 10 responsible you pay for the coffee for once? 4 Going out in the was a rather . tough e) Y1} '" :4... 2. B > Column A 1 hard-working Column 2 ~ind 3 gen€rou$ 4 stubborn 5 naughty 6 <1- a) mean b) silly '-'""t) well-behaved Y"d) lazy . ~~f. Which of the following adiecuves are used to descnbe each p051Mn child). You listen to people spE'aldng about a theme.t:vo~f he IS...UN I T 3 .J~nSdm:fl~a~~~::c~i!~: ~:~ c) Who probably as a child? had the most freedom dorranete others? d) Who may try to e) I) Who may be a brt frresponsible? Who may blame other people for h~rlhi5 own mlstekes? 21 ... 6 There's no need to be so ...ation from ea-ch extract to go with statements or questions Strategy Note key words and phrases.. ...l.. child) in the family? Mark them E (eldest M (middle child)..~ cruel flexible ." YOu won't Why can't 1 open-minded 6 ambitious 7 2 serious 3 independent 4 self-confident 5 selfish aggressive 3 I wisM you weren't so .~. I'm sure you'd r.. of view... and never stops telling or 0 (only you how wcnderfu' i If you don't stop being . . YOu select inform. p..i vg) i) h) narrow-minded arrogant sentences with Igj Fill in the gaps In the following 1 listen to four people talking about how their position In the family has affected their personality.. 5 They're They let us stay theJr house and lent us a car...... gel an icecream 'I'Q. "rl'1'. very ~ n:Jiddle of wlnter thing without 10 do a jacket in 2 Listen to the speakers Write again and answer the the You following (1. Write the appropriate letter in the gaps..~:~~ ... when cassette for the first time . 7 If you were a see his point bit more . Be carefull There {Ire two exira words in Column you do not need to use.. you listen to the sensible modest 7 ..

. rim vcungesr of nine Dc Bargu..LIIICI \1'<1~ born (:m1!~Y to the was brought in Gllr)" lndinnn. the questions without looking at the alternetlves.'ldollIlCl. She became soups aIter pa:. III album». shy which 1II:ll. She would turn on the TV of III:r brothers lind 'I want YOU bnch'. moved She James pro. . then ri~JI1.'d CO creme and a rccordil1~ contract her 1\[ [he ([_!!eof elgluecn family to lrve ill New marr-ied marri:I~C Motown in her :1 hamlful l"IClII"IOli A&1I1 • Read the text once quickly. . only WhiLlley l\1.{'NIT'. I and some thir\~. :111l1 provide a new 1-1(')1' ith w . cruermtunnnu a or Sonny for with she YOrk. to direct cr children. about a text.. up ag~in. 8 positive C aggressive D sophisticated A uohappy The Other Jackson Jnuct . Tfyillg W become independent control would of her life must be understandable huvc been she had \II'lI"\' his It and difficult.) Nearesl aoo de<lrl!~1 Reading: multiple choice [Paper 1. 10 J}~. overshadowed singing tor example m'-II1:r_gi.(1. 'No.g all Illy CI\\'11.ain.1:111\:1 of :. rather a married. • Answer • Find an alternative thst is like your answer. I wanted co do sornct hill.. Part 2' =:> About the exam In Paper 1. None .ht-Imil father who f:ullily lIIrne. If I had my life 10 live ~III ever till. W.1 those wlth a Irnrn III ambitious of ml.' from lllar~e... Read the following article and decide which of these adjectives bast describes Janet Jackson. and her & Chcr. ti~.n .lnckson zoo 1(1 II) tf had .:e5 namrnl her :::CCIil "~IIl:r:lblc.1 female (.!lw.urd IIWII would do tmpresstons and ~1:Ic Protcsstunnl.. Dol's she have e xaurly g_()()d or lilt: any ro~rcls-~ same. come her enrolment school children bustrn . twelve . (or :1 and private ctuema.: had. bern T\' {he the in 1966. Strategy • From the sccrurlv The sisters. snHll1 pnru. wtch its own d:1II0il1!l. nnd tomorrow.!.\s .lnchson.ullly in \'allcy in the series ~I child spotted has star in of American II llve s[<lg. it ag.llIr1. years of them The Jackson recorded her Itvc with brothers 1'hel1. up but moved with deluxe .u to do.:'.i{~nt' hy in TV 1\W:lY Amertcun Top Five singles.e (lCI_ Janet \\"(lSL being she television Five..l~ic. for 11101'1.' expcrtcnccd.l lust llli[i. likenesses Ontifcnun. Part 2 you choose between four alternatives to answer questions. W:IS compound (Iml cartoon '}\BC' in bnctno.. rhar was to prepare fur rodny 22 .11'( only lasted «txtv duvs and ended in «nnuhnenr. competition h:ls .: dClIlCC and fashion small which and to..0 I ran :IWiIY to Janor dornlnant tt:l form.dly len I \\'0 was By r:lIllily's the ~Ige of seven she W:1S perturmiujl brother in 1I1l: n.She thou Wt:SI i~ :11J'iQ tunny of todav's Const in when till: she stars W:IS IWO his own minor music eare. Fields nppcnrnncc wnh her brothers. other scrtuns mixture perfect much her She she :lni~IS has now become famous star .. 'All my lift: I had people lcllillg nle wh. came and the video a~c. '-C:onl.. I'd do it ~~very!h.. She)".<1 Estcfan.n~ rensnn.

OV"'r~c1~ on 2 B Her brothers Question I saw he-r performing her family family Tv. 2) or B. COI~I. 2) 2 because moved because her were very rich 3 can be understood (para. don'r pur rheir kids ullder much pressure' rhi-:o 23 . it This is wrong because says something In the text she move away and get married? that might be true which because is not 3 This is wrcnq it seys something ~~I~ the text does not say.J I Now look et of the questions A these alternative answers 10 each answer. to be Independent want anyone to come to the vA Question 4 She feels that have prepared the things [hal have happened 10 her In ~ her well far the life she reads. she staO questions number wa-s 'spotted NOT a television appearance the following with 1 How did Janet Jackson be-come a TV her brothers' by her brothers. 4 How does she-feel about her life so far? r Hot tip! ---------.d. ~. find words WIth the above and choose the correct meanings less important (para. that happened the past and Wishes she (Quid change 'f be! orhe-r people's parenrs.. Look at the other statements altemetwe in question again and the and match to the incorrect the gaps.J.. alternatives. 1 made to appear with her on fA Question 1 Someone saw her perfcrmmq rv brothe-rs .. gtl€ssl I ~l~~R~~~~~ _ ~~:e~~~hu~I~~~:ir~~i!S L___ Lool:: again at the text and follOWIng .~~I a small number {o1 people) (pilr". The text from the text SClyS.. Wnte the letter of the incorrect 2 Why was her childhood unusual? 1 This IS wrong because it says the opposite text of 2 3 Why did what the says. 7) A It was excmnq B It was uousvel and famous ~d~.~ Question 3 -fA Because she wanted B Because she didn't wedding..<f<y. so often. them B She?feels sorry about some Ihirlgs.Write ~nswers Information to the following questions usmq Alternative B In Question In 1 is wrcnq.

Part 5 Learner training Pay attention "' a > and endings of words.Opposite. T (trUE') 1 Look at the words.. we are ilil uuerested in wearjng (11) . • Check that each word is the right part of speech • Check that each sentence makes SE'nse. mucro funher than that. to (4) .. ilnd OUf We all ADAPT CHARACTER 5 :~:e~~~~~'bdo~~g:ft~~:iYO is Pfitzners' sons. though on welght_ The This is not lust a matter of (2) we are all smllll wrth curly h ai( and a (3) . my two sisters and I have {OJ _. 4 ~~~~~~1~~ Pfttzners 2 tonn Read the... DIFFER UKE APPEAR TEND EAT CHilD . if you can break them up into parts. Another would be (8) hate SHY means t~~~rous' FASHION FORTUNATE AGREE 3. We reall~ should come to some (13) about who can borrow what from whom - wnen. to fill each gap. Now write five more sentences like the ones In Exercise 2 comparing the fartulies in the text..: a (9).. . a suffix that means 'the amount contained in' a prefix that means 'from above' or 'too much' ~~:n Caa~~:~Ot~::~~~~ ~:~::~s.. in capitals ~~~~r~~i . 4!ff.Word formation keapE 3. r T I" 3 Th.".. clothes. (12) arguments. .. • Form words.following of the word text and then fill in the qaps wtth an appropriate at the end of each line. this causes and We etten share our clothes. . from the words in capitals. most like your own' to the beginnings work out the meanrng of new words.~!:~nf. llily to accept chanqe ISerother (7) b :r:. 6 The Pfnzners seem to have a bit more free time than the other families 7 ::~~ ::~a~hp~e.y have fewer domestic appli-ances than the Ptrtzners orrthe utnas.~~~~I~~e othe-r lamihes.~~··Ihis ("°o~~J~ into snare.$a~: Strategy • Read the text all the way through once quickly • Decide what part of speech goes In each gap • Think of possible words. concerned about the furore their country than the other families ~ 1 we are definiloely In . 8 Th~ seem to be mar". Which of the families i:s. and put resemblance "r goes. 1 Peter found in the text on Janet Jackson and find 1 that can en adjective a suffIx be added to a verb to make 2 Menzel and his team vjsited the same number of families as countries..for example that you have used a neg.. 24 .l1ivepref'x in a sentence with a negative meaning Although mol hers. For example: un·believ-able. YOu (an often Grammar: making comparisons 1 Read the article. nvcuohout cur (5) we were we brought up to be very (6) . in Exercise 5 on p(lge 23 that yOI) Read the erucle again and mark the following statements or F (false).~:n~:~~::~U8~a.

luun-e: a bigger Whal Ihey want f(lf the bouse with more space. Argentina "!lamilymcmbcr.\"1omj{ie~' live (lmllll(/ 'he world. husband. decided /0 take pllolOxraphs /0 sfwlV ttie many di{ja/"eru lL'{{y. Mrs Pfitzner work .llcl' works . I television. I video..>Ii:rn[e~: J radios. fl.~~.. an American ph%!:mpJter.!>Qn. Si~c of ffrmily humc: .mgr. She I docs 001 "".~r~o.eon? Chrio:ti:III. I telephone> IICk~'i~IOIl.e LO the IOC~ll snorts centre where she: spends 11'... dining mum. bUI [he).\1r. have ooe with II special button so thai they can watch foreign programmes In the crigluul langllilge.. kitchen and bathroom. Germany Famih' members: 8cmh...3 rooms in Mr-. Miyo. wife. He would like to be able to «pcnu more rime WiU1 his :.:1111 her 111'0 SUllO. 'l city tlC. I video :a\~~I&be~r¥~. J)ULTlCSIiC-lI[lpJianc("s: J radius The Pfitz. ~0Tl. a rented nat lI1ca~uring 83 square metres wah four bedrooms. Size uf family home: a fbi measuring 132 square metres.(f Cologne.n:I. She is very concerned ~JbnUL cnvtromacm«! issues. Ihcy arc nor rich. to grow lIP hell\·ily influenced by television so ~hc only lct~ Ihem wmch for between half all hour and an hour a day.1~:1 physiotherapist in Ncuss. Brigiuc. 31 M~riil Pil~. This !c~I\'C~ IWf a nute lime lefl for watching television and Inc Ul-ila:.. 42 M~I1:1 Elizabeth.FAMILIES AROUND THE WORLD III 1994.. 43 Mlyo.hard.t~f..JIII)"~ ainu's h()II~C:. including livilll> morn. Pf'ICr Mellzel. gel~ heme hue and is often tired. She also goes to extra cresses to prepare for the diffic~ll IlaliOllal ~xalm. Here lire sOllie of {he results: The Carballo family. dance and bugh. 6 ~brla BeMn. the older daughter. Bill rimes nrc not easy arid 1~ley have had [0 move in wil~ one of . file lnternationot Year of till! Family. working week: husband 40 hours.S photogruphers. daughtel'. dreams of taking part in rne Olympic games.. could afford 10 buy a new stereo. 45 Sayo.C:lrhallo'S aunts. kitchen. l radio cassette. wife. Size of family horne.. wife 60 hour:. wife 50 hours (hClu.4 38 Bernhard Pfill.Q11~ and dreams of owning a house in the country. wife 40 hours. . husband. W{lrkin~ week: husband ](J 10 35 hours. Domestic all. 111<:)" all gel together round [lie barbecue LOcat.). daughter. Japan Fumii)' memhers: Kazoo.10 hours swimming lengths of the family. d. He works hard. wife. Sunday efrcmoon is their favourite nmc of me week. Whal jhe~' weru lor the future: :l more The Uki!a family.lIJ\\.<ly nnd burln'oom WorkiJig week: husbnml 4() hnu)". Juan Clrlm. 9 Maya. Willi a /l'W1l0! 1)liOlOgr(lplters (md journatlsts he visited lliirty overage families iii thirty dijJer<'t1t countries. ]6 Manuel. C:lrh. 8 Nahucl. I vider. I stC~.. daughter. 6 Mr Ukita :1IId Mrs Uk!lIl <l1\dlhdr children neve very bll~Y lives. Tiley 80110 know ttte families and took piwtagrcphs of/hem outside their iwmes surrounded oy their possessions. tulcvlginn and video recently. (housework). husband. Five days a week she rides her hicycJ. DIlme~tic appliances: I radio. too. \} Mr Imd Mrs Carballo beth work :J.

fhmr 6ared""" and' ".chec:k flight . Sf.e wiff.._.:nv.. 'g~e..dlmc ._.ter traref.... '&r& AlJij'le~.:'i."'"':. io ~ SJ'i" . Write telling them about hershls travel arrangements and explaining how they should recognise her/him. Contad &...... I DON'T waste time ill the exam counting words! Wor!: cut how many words I vou normally write on a bne and multiply this by the number of nnes you have r Hot tip! .:t'i"i:... rettf} wifj. sg" Sc:m~ -<JA o ccaeo ~ '&d SA. Include Ihese notes times in your answer: Candidate . Your rejatives have (Jot met her/hlm before. t.. "'if s«.that two candidates wrote Your younger sisteebrother is going to visit relatives in an English-speaking country....:.. w.. .e Can 1Jr"'f} a tipieaR !=f or cP~.rd'.t."..... Q Bf<m.c: •• .". W i4e "'..a..& drfiOO"'rf " If4.t 6 o'd'o& ...uu:t. ~r=n.wers. =» f..:..":::":::".~..- - - - - - - - - - - - -.."::::eSI Writing: Pa er transactional letter Part 1 2. ff= aJl. You ~ ""'lI "'" wIud die if"" 1ik..~ Sf. I'x:u.1e /..."..1:."we ~""r WurU:'lI a.... turtl Sf.f""".1 I I Reed the following task and the i' Q4. en fl.. 26 J \1 .. ..../""'. I ~i:f"" <m£ from B alothe5 here? Candidate A I wriLtU!g inf'.N:::"':._.. io ...ifKa. IDa !1"" I<nvIC tlW: sAe 'rJ<'U a g</t? Sf.ler and' " ydi''''''~.4I~ ..ae9c.:.ribe . [6 16r...·'T:_:.:. ~.

6 What verb normetly goes with the words Candidate: Grade: unsatis factory Some points in instructions not covered. 27 . • People reading letter would know exactly what to do.Now look at the following exammer's reports. flight details. Gel your friend to correct your mistakes Correct your friend's mistakes. the) end write them out apain correctly in your notebook. but almos t no errors . very good Clear paragraphs covering all the points in the instructions Appropriate beginning and ending t. Candidate: Grade. grammar and vocabulary) . SOme poor expression. 4 Find five sentences in Candidate 6'5 letter which contam mistakes with verb forms and write them out again correctly in your notebook. learner training Do extra Writing exercises and exch-:lOgethem with CIfriend. Basic errors (spelling.i. Beginning and ending of the letter are inappropriate. Fmd five sentences in Candldete B's letter which contem mistakes with . Not. contact lenses and rrousers:l 7.o the letter * SOme good structures * Wide vocabulary. and decide which 15for Candidate A and which is for Candidate B Find five spelling mistakes in Candidate B's letter and wnte the words out again correctly in your notebook. Rewrite the unsatisfactory letter using the good letter as a model.on about glasses. Letter is quite wellstructured.arudes (aiM. enough Lnfozrne t. Inappropriate vocabulary for an informal letter.

3ch paragraph -~ > Strategy learn t~ r~ognis. • State the problem again. a word entered the language that wall to become all \. ILis only II mailer of nrnc before a computer-made catastrophe OCcurs.UNIT 4 Seeing is believing Reading: multiple matching [raper 1. • Defscdbe un8ati5factory 6ollJtion6. Everyone --- 28 . .. Part 1 About the exam jn Peper 1. our exam results. Yet their progrnms. For decades bugs and 'do-bugging' were mkcn to be part of every computer engineer's job.00 farni1iar 10 computer scientists. O - • De6cribe the f5ituation. 1889. Life without computers has become unimaginab\e. • AJiswer'"me q. so have the Dumber of incidenls involving computer errors.from ralcrowave cooking 10 flying across the Atlantic: (hal we have become dependent 00 them. meaning a mistake. -IO~) 1 Re_ad the following article about computer errors :~~~:~~e A which of these two plans the writer ur lives depend un computers. meintamtng nuclear power stations. • Describe a problem.. They are designed to look after so many boring but essential tasks .~y control our money. But as the demands placed on c:ompl~tcrsgrow. the structure (like a plan) of the text...<I 'bug'.ThiS wilt help you decide on the paragraph j When a computer error IS a fatal mistake headll'lg:s. Now computer experts are warning that the traditiunal ways of building computer systems arc just not good enough to deal with complex tasks like ilyillt) planes. arc now <.0 complex that 110 one call get rid or all the mistakcs. 1'_) • Ask"'1"esfiO>t. (JJ' 12_) As early as. ·n.or summary sentences.esfi"" • GiVe o/'ctRc e~es • Ask anoU1er' <t<l~fion . transport. Part 1 you read a text and either match headings or summ~ry sentences to e.

Another technique is to produce back up systems that start 10 operate when the first system fails.. 7 separately {PQra.Ir<. but unfortunately problems that cause one compnter to fall can ma. we will probably just have 10 live with the results of 9 terrible events that cause qreat sadness (p. separately. (para. 0) (para. The computerised signalling system failed to warn him of impending daastcr and it was only his quick human reactions that prevellted a crash from secus meqenoe .l. runs the theory.a. 3} {para. Until programmers learn to do this./ ctcerty and matilL::n1atka! 8 support symbols that the program cannot go seriously wrong. 5) 10 about to happen (para. all make the same type of mistake when designing and writing computer codes. He started to head north straight at a south-bound ualn full of people. . too. B Two new approaches. 14_) A growing number believe the lime 'pa\c"" or computer has come safety trying conventional 1) 4 sudden great disaster (para. more often than 1I0t the errol'S are just annoying. There IS on~ extra heading which you do not need 10 use The first one has been done for you. In fad research shows that programmers think alike.Now read the article again and choose a heading for each paragraph from the list below. 5 often seen or heard (para. This is obviously always be some mistakes in any new system. all the Piccadilly [L11e in London's Underground a driver who was going south along a track got confused while moving his empty train through a cross-over' point.2 . 1') OJ has beco used on everything from the space shuttle to the A320 airbus. but sometimes tl1cy can come dose LO causing tragedies. they won'. But 'safety critical' drive trains or control nuclear power stations C:JO have bugs that could unacceptable. kill. have the same type of training an the others fail. systems is 10 A An 'Old problem with serious consequences. mistakes can still occur. have 10 learn to think to be able to dcmorl~tl'att: through ".nm\1u\l!{ S'1~\em$. (5_) Of course. The'! programmers.and make similar mistakes.anings: to imagine (para. 2) 2) experts to 6 not good enough (para. 3) to stop "'P' c. 5) computer bugs. but can they solve the problem? C A potentially tragic error D But are they here to stay? E Experts say 'Bfing G We couldn't back rnaths!' (3_) One way to stop bugs in com puler get dirrerent teams of programmers 10 work in isolation from each other. accepted that there would systems thai fly planes. 3 find words or phrases in the text with the followinq me. So even if they work F Old methods are no longer satisfactory live Without them. That way. This 1 impossible 2 needing support from 3 long-established.

I like my mother.8 '(. I like punctual people.. me.. Find the mistakes and write the sentences out again correctly in your notebook is your SISler like? She's the same height like me and she's blonde..J your brother. 4 She plays racket sports.. I don't think so.~r. EXAMf>l. I tbmk rjke It .-..contains rune mistakes with the use of lik~.. . afways on time.. like? rnust be a dog barkinq .. know about th€' 8 Can you like I course. so thai they have i'I similar meaning You heve to use a word that IS printed in bold to complete the new sentence L for Check I r Hot tip! -third person . it .IS late? JOAQurN No. HEIOI: Good. 6 I think I can smell smoke. 100. like That .J . She IOQ~sso much like rne you'd think we we(f! twins JOAQUiN. always . Complete the second sentence 50 Ih.. Part 3 you read sentences and complete new sentences.anything il"! partjcuJar? HeiDI Let's see something funny I'd like comedies. By the way. Use the word 1(1 bold and other words to complete each sentence. singulilf 's' in the Present SImple .• . She's already going out on Saturday nlghl JOAQUIN' OK. 1"11 come round to your house at five. woutd you like going to the cinema at the weekend? f.. telt me about the COurSE" . H"EIDI: Fine. like She . my sister.. JOAquIN:Perhaps your sister would like to come... he yOI. JOAQufN: OK.t. 5 They eruoy going to the beach at the weekends... 30 .... tennis and squash. too HEIOJ: No. like They.. et the weekends. My brother 00 you want . such as tennis and it has a similar meaning to the first sentence.lEIDI: That sounds 'as a good idea JOAQuft-J: Do you like to see . 7 My smoke sister and I are very alike physically. me to help you tidy up? like Would" 2 Cen you describe him for me? tetj you tidy up? Can you ... rll be ready at rive o'oock... a dog bar~ing.(: am I like I very similar to my btother ..Grammar: like The following dialogue... look I. it you like it...!~~~.. HEIDI: See you then JOAQuiN: How H[IDI" About the exam In Paper 3. See you on Saturday.

. 6 teke . She/t1esaid something she/he didn't mean to say.. e! SO much of your tjme. a momh. Write the appropriate letter in the box Then fill in the f There ore mistakes in tOlJr of the follOWing sentences. 0' L [I [J why don't you o r rl 6 She\.J IOl of (ime/space.Vocabulary: phrasal verbs (take) March the first hall of the sentence in Column A w~ththe second half of the sentence in Column B. up (x2)' in or over. ..o she had been ill. with the word with words for specific jobs 3 People who study or work can days.. d) work end paint the e~ Our games.. You are going to hear five people talking about problems they have had with msctunes end electronic devices of various kmds.and he'd taken it ever completely. 3 I'm sorry to have taken 4 My older sister was always takinq S II was hilarious! He was laking . kitchen. bl voJleybaJl. things or people (an mu(h/. off (x3). 1 You can use . S I wasn't taken Column B things. sucn a clever liar she always takes me people often . a) Jr"ly h) more bar ste-t for the time of good. 7 We. ~ Listening: multiple matching a) lor a moment when she se. one of the reachers when she walked in.. other prop Ie's jobslgame5Iconvers<:Jtionslmeefings.. . etc 4 Activities. She/he asked someone to help her/him She/he almost forgot where she/he was. She/he disturbed some other people .. but they've been a complete finendal disaster. a few too/so She/he-was frightened She/he foulld herse't'hlmself in the wrong place.thought these virtual reality would really take .. or . Column A The meeting had only been going for a few minutes.. it 1 I fei3lly shouid take a day 1 > 3 The doctor said I should swirn. Jt'll do YOLIthe.. two weeks. 1 9aPS WIth on.. sraff 2 You can use .. r... listen and match one of the following statements A-£ to one of the speakers There IS one statement which you do not need to use. when we were children.. Speaker 2 . 1 Speaker S Bos. here.. Speaker 3 Speaker 4 Speaker 5 31 . so I've taken up 4 They've already made them redundant and they only took on them a month ago 5 We won't be very busy this wee-k take off it? 90 The manager said they were not taking ..• with words hke a sport or a hobby or names of specific sports and hobbies... Find the mis-takesand wnte the sentences out again correctly in your notebook 1 She took off me so welt l had to jaugh. etc. A 8 C D E F fill In the gaps in the following sentences with an appropriate phrasal verb from Exercise 1.

They had all been absolutely dean shaven when they had when they had beards. but it you to write to may ask When they looked up to see where the noise was commg from they were almost intense yellow light blinded by an contains. battalion weI'€' doing plain In been found they all have long have not shaved for six months. c) They seemed dazed and confused and their uniforms were badly torn. or rncre.. One of the questions a Story. they were in perfectly good . .:a:!:"". health and did not have any physical injuries Pi.::. - towards by an irresistibte .r:. Put the sentences in the correct crder. Write the numbers 1-11 in the.Writing: narrative Moments upwards later they the felt light themselves bemq drawn> k.. six Below ate the first two paragraphs from a story. noise an enormous were somewhere As the three soldiers battalion them looked around for the rest of the they realised they were someone alone though was watching they felt as if or somethmg 32 .gap5.) About the exam In Paper 2. they have explain two hours. The captain Paragraph found I out to lock for the men and 100 bas not believed their story at first After all they could have easily hitched OJ ride with a p.Iragraph 2 g) Apparently this pomt the three men lest though some consciousness feeling and they at they all reported were inside remembered h) Suddenly overhead kind of aircraft they ell as if seelnq coloured they heard a loud helicopter flashing whirring light:. Here is the last paragraph of the story. d) One morning a thick fog came down and three soldiers e) They became separated the following from the others and of what had were reported gave missing at about ten o'clock.35s. Part 2 you choose one question answer aut of four. but the sentence-sare in the wrong order.. as if they basic of on an enormous the north-west disappeared. Use the words and phrases in bold to help you. . Find the paraqraph out again correctly ill your notebook. explanation their two-hour happened to them dunng absence f) Nevertheless. China ...!"1~:==""::. only a kltometres away b) In 1970 an army training . later more than a) A search party went them been missing 10. What was more difficult to was the fact that even though few hours. L'I P:. mistakes mistakes with and write the verb tenses.

You have been given the first three letters of each word to help you When you read magazine articles about (1) sci. 5 (heck your work very carefully for errors with verb tenses. I~n~o~~~n~~~~~ Ia gal) blank! You cannot ~:a:I. A professional (10) inv "" " might try out all sorts. Ask yourself questions like: What diXJpPeQred~Where did it come from? Who else sawir? 3 Write a plan with your ideas in order... A lot of the discoveries thet have (7) rev. (2) n. . they do solves (5) pro. Strategy If you can't think of any ideas. end technicians actually work in (3) lab . I lose marks for wrong answers. Read the Iollowinq task Write a story that Vocabulary and grammar: open doze ends with the tne strange object begins as or following words: ..ISwe might imagine. and tapescripts from thIS book. stared in amazement beneath disappeared the surface of the lake. the way a disease is treated or a crop grown were made by chance. USE!he t reading texts.. Strategy Remember to read the text all the way through first. But it is.. .. Get a friend to take out a word ~ery six or seven words 'FQrheaven's Qlke Maureen.Then decide what part of speech is missino from each gap I Decidewhether you want to begin story with the words provided. ask yourself questions like: • When did it happen? • WMere did It happen? • What happened first? • What happened after that? Read the io~lawing text and then fill in the gaps with an appropriate word. or leads 10 the (6) dev of new theories...~~~ I ~~~:h~~~~~.J Learner training Make your own gap filling exercises. . or finish your 2 Think of ideas. " a new substance. discoveries or tee advances. 4 Write your story in 120-180 words. of unsuccessful dE!signsbefore coming up with a brilliant invention almost by accident. not all as carefully planned ..:ee photographs of our granrkhildr~n c 33 ... r Hot tip! L ---------. you can gel a very false impression of the way SCientists..~r~. . Of course the (4) res.... not everybody wants to _. to a test tube and (9) pro . A chemist might add a (8} d-e.

~ 'parabolic: antenna' or ... Which candidate did well laura or Ahmet? listen to the first candidate again and complete the Io'lowinq sentences with the words laura uses .~lii~:r·:a~~~: ~~' L ~:a~li.:.."... I~Os~~T... receiving satellite TV aerials r Hottip!_--------. .~~~~:::~at else I .c""'-'·09 Speaking: picture prompts I P"p!r feelabout 5..:..:"::..: iii t listen to two candidates dOing this part of the interview and look at the photos below..J 34 ..... 1 ..""'::...:....._----.. paraphrase...~~~h!~. " ..:.:Jlkabout some photcqraphs and say how you them Strategy If you do not know the English word for something in the picture...:'T..'... Part 2 About the exam In Pari 2 of Paper 5 you t..: or 'It's a kind of ..."::.'N...... Say things like: 'It's a thing you use for . dish.c"":.

.T h.t'otd me t:hu.... ~ k Q. Ford film? but my No.hoot!? a."" .. time do you want to go? At six or at . No. hi.~e had ~ -!:JOyed ie.P r U/DS Q5 d07"n.. m 4-.rd ~Un. I STEVE' LAURA Hi..AyL"i.®7't .:.:rd.?:S..dI un'&.~. J..ia.+/ I d3n b.r:. They think lAW: I'm acting strangely._ . I s<:u"d r !)ad OOCTORre you sleeping well at night? A I sleep well.l~ go ~ 1'/6J(1. STEVE: Yes..Skdl"F' z!::l . he's the most wonderful person I've ever met.."D Heas~~ I'D ~mer cmwded." session (7)" ..s~$ d~OIo:1 yet:.!I p. feel fine. on Su. He name's Steve and hoe'sgot a motorcycle . Well. llleehvtd.a to Wear hts-r n~ top.n 't.AlJRA: (6)". _~ STM: LAURA: Oh. IlOCTOfI:: Well.:7t-nxo c plzz.V. Fine.lbut tWatm_.sked me ... 1 was anything from next weekend? we~!I). . srrvs: OK.:. He c.l p/a. about S. but I wake up very €i.g a.".~. I haven" eaten a full meal for a week.lrly. everyone says it's bnfient. sa /he..t. :r sakl.t:Lme Up .nd J"said r thuught" U$LlaV..go a/Jd Se. J said~sou~g~.:m .se~ m~ /"t~ licvris. (3)...G."l_g spet:.I don't think. llMv?t:ed a. inreljjgent and so qood-look' normally? LAU~: 00CT0tl.. young I.b. llO(TOFIAnd what about meals? Are YOu €!.UNIT 5 All you need is love reported statements wrote Grammar: Read the following to her friend extract from a letter Laura Suzie and complete the dialogue Read the.~dy...rhm.~ ~$U~~~~a. Would you like 10 go and see it on Saturday nighti' (5).t:o me Z~ the schor:N' hu$.!/~_~d(.4S? Perhaps we could go tor a 35 . hut that "!¥ iyotIJdr had . Listen. and that- W~ ~/d /1. there's really very much the matter With you.t I did. buL. followirlg converseuon between a doctor and a young patient and then complete the doctor's notes below OOCTOR.~y'.. go the 6.::tf'en.~ cen't trunk about anything else. He's kind. I never feel hungry And has anything happened to upset you? A problem at school or perhaps at home? hl.c~e~~d ~t'. h'~ ashed I~ I ~~ to.. apart Have-you SEen the flew Harrison .""~!.c. doctor. ~~ ~s . 6u& thnL ti2p<Vt.:11. the sb o'clock (It What eight? LAURA: That -mVE I.aIJ LAuRA:It's nat really a problem.s:.-=_ ~~ amr~$ ..nd~..e it wi6?him em ~"YI n.i4! o. what seems to be the trouble? lAURA: .!:Il~ SC!2U'".~ tIIa.7U/dn't geU07 nt? Wi~e it.lSn? e:y. but my parents are worried about me. Shall we meet at the cinema pizza etter the film.. brother (4) .!.. But there's a new student at school and well. how are you? wondt='(ing Are you doing . i r'b J Ct'.

£ Wi31?t$ ~$ a5h~mo!!i tc h~ (1) he ~ _ .t: 5h~ 4/rn(/dn't" 5mp asking me ~ lUI:f5..lh!. name? (&) vrre a. sh~ MOTHE:R Stelle wliat? What's. St"~ et. Whllr: you're waiting would YOCI~ike to !hE' videa of her first wedding. a piz:u:/. .un /5 aUCUlt!!d a. 7Jle <7e:x:.nJj}hZ".uCI 1. -then m O"? iMt».-any ~d LAURA He goes to school... He's-a bit alder then me./.. I77t.:511£ ~Med aiJiC M .tI I"~ . MOltltR: How much older is.pptened tAU.$bdns..) MOT"ER.v Z>i<uy.M~t: &d sh~ . MOTf. ~qu~m.~ ~nCec:t' a I t-old her /i~/ :!§"n~ . h'cn~~>e.9~.._9a. Read their conversation and then complete Laura's Pe. Well how did you get to know him? M --_ .. tne :. but it broke down the way MOTK£Ft: On Steve's. (3) l:I~ didn't" anrnc fJt!v $oIjll:.And M"th that:.. find md: Chat"he's eJj.t.) S"a!-velutd oF course . to eat a pizza! It took quite a long time to get home on It MOTH~R: And how dLd you get home? LAUFW On Steve's motorcycle.LRA: Err I'm not sure. he? lAURA: A couple of years.v./ke WJ'I.. So he's a lot alder than you. VJcerra. I think he's about sixteen or seventeen MOrt<lER see." the last time you go out with this Steve lucky your father see 36 . idl«t b.And a ~~d."~ lV1d'wiJarf(. ~ ~srm /lie tr>go ~ WI(. M01HE!I: WhCll tim€> MOHlER: LAURA: MOTH£R LAUAA: drd the movie finish) At about eight o-coee And what did you do after that? We went to have a pizza.~:s<v"dhJ!! U/bsn't happY n.e~ she: asked l"'o kn""" h=-(. MornER. motorcydel think yourself about this! Listen my girlhasn't that's Just heard 'Mum'" be down in a minure.d?a~ ha. when.Tsafd 5d1ool. was anqry.snl!' ~ r SaId ~ fkzv.Grammar: reported questions Laura got home from her evening out wnh Steve very late a~ her mother diary. his.6e~~ mQ'r"lli 19 a'!5l~ bU/'tn fl7e.Whafs lAURA: Steve. 0.ed wh_ (5) . his surname? LAURA: I don't know.Y? a.lEII:: What year is he in at school? i"AL.d T 9r:>t ~ a cd t¢Ce.:. And where I did you go? lAURA LAURA: I told you. How long were you in the restaurant? doesn't lake four hours. We went to see a movie..6cn _ ~ ar6Er~ehll:1lqil!.rs~ t.'Sh~ C11?d hl:lw re tv___ sh..

admitted laura . said laura's mother...... i1poJogI8ed. I 'I won't tell anyone promised about it: said Suzie... home so being a bit the doctor. 4 'You've been meeting hacen't you?' your boyfriend said Mum ... more . you should lunch 12 honest with your to on SUllday..' said laura's mother. Steve go out . Sieve...... them on Stmday.. Laure's younger With them the next time.' agreed Laura is too young to stay out 3 'oon't boy again!' said father. Steve mother Laura's friend Suzie .... Laura's parents to him.' sad . you're right. lunch on decided laura's Sunday. understanding..' L Complete the second sentence meaning to the first sentence..d Laura.. accused Laura's mother boyfriend after her S 'lend me your qameboy or I'll tell Mum and Dad: said Laura's brother threatened brother" unless sJle lent him her qameboy 6 'I haven't laura denied Laura night 'Perhsps it would afternoons.. Steve since Saturdav 37 . him the day before r could meet your parents.. r Hot tip! 8 'Perhaps Steve..' said after school. refused 50 that it has s similar in bold 10 laura's 'Try said mother . 11 'I've made up my mind. brother 15 . us.U:. be better to go out in Laura's«in~ late. Steve .' XI. offered Steve... too young 10 Slay out so with 14 late 'Next time we could take Andrew Stelle with us. try being parents... think so late..glVer.. SChool... I will not speak . ... aoy-alle about it 2 'Laura.. ..far. Mrs Carter: encouraged (XAMP~E: 'I'm sorry apologised r got late: said laura __home 50 The doctor .... Steve again.a bit more her parents. ---------...€'the same .JI sugges1ed Steve 9 'No. go cut With that 'Would you like to have lunch with Steve?' sard laura's mother...' said the doctor. Use the word ilnd other words 10 complete each sentence.' said recommended Laura's father. I'm going to ask Steve to Laura . lunch with honest With 13 said Laura's .' . on Sunday. invited Laura's mother .. the _ in the laura's her parents afternoons seen Steve since Saturday night.l1T ~ All yOIJ need rs love Grammar: key word transformations 7 'But 1 tried to phone him yesterday. warned Laura's father .. advised The. . You must Us....' said Ifo~~·:fc::r~~e3~hden:~s. ..

... 1 In the letter shE'told to me about her new boyfriend z He (3) We wunred :~~. BLI[ not long hfter that (flings started [0 go wrong .:".... For the incorrect lin@syou circle the extra word and write it at the end of the line ln the actual exam you will transfer your answers from the question I.:"'. 38 ...q.. she was (.. to her school..i~~ I .. Tom asked his [~~~) _ ..' _ 'IAl ~~::~~i~:~tl~ anyway. Ol. J. ·. rc wait service . have. I stililovc him but he.'. 5 When she told her mother he had -a motorcycle. .4 you read a text in which each line is numbered.... before he goes. auxiliaries (do...:". about 5111...... best man infatuated get married fall iii love annivl. ...:'".dQre iong We borh rcali~'~ Read the following text and decide which lmes are correct and which have an additional incorrect word.. There are two examples at the beginning (0 and OO) o '9received a realiy nice long letter last week 00 from a girl called Laura I met on holidaylast summer. I'. She asked me where@1 put the keys...1' Il1m.I e. She spoke 10 to my friend's mother and advised her to be more of understandinq. Logether and al_lhough at the._ '..g He is~taller than me.. Shnuld i flgree? Yours.. until bCI~:..S) . .:'' .. • prepositions E'9.looklet to the separate answer -sheet. . begim.'jdl him. 11 Eventually my friend's parents met her new boyfriend and 12 got on qUite well with him. The wedding was uII the more wonderful because we had had to wait...:' Grammar: error correction Vocabulary: love and marriage Read the follOWing letter t-o a problem paqe. 1 At first her patents did not like 10 him very much 4 because they went out together and she got home late..'T. We smncd (J) . ....llslde: the Church I threw my (lOj. with an appropriate word or phrase from the box.<... Part.. The man who~told me 10 come back today sounded German II1011gluwllsjus((2) l . check that they should be there • definite and Indefinite articles e. Wc started (0 (11) .llIilirary (.. unnecessary word.:""". _ I don't know what to do. My parents ~\le(@me a book • pronouns e. HE'promised 10 make sure Laura always gets at home before eleven o'clock and suggested taking laura's younger brother when they go out 15 Laura seys me her parents really like her boyfriend now 13 fell so happy r thought I would die.... .. said.4_~~> 1...". Tom and (me. a! L1dance aboUi five years ago.. • the word 'more' e.. Some lines are correct arid other lines have all extra.' '.1'_e~r_3'-... . when rho (8). ""'''-'.'rsary go out get engaged choir vicar aisle have an affair bridesmaid bouquet have a baby have rows get a divorce near Madge-.rt-. . etc.('. Laura was vel"y upset and went to the family doctor 8 for to discuss her problem wilh her The doctor suggested OJ that Laura should to be more honest with her parents.' and the (9) _ S!lllg 'Ave Maria' cvc~one could see how happy I was." and not long arrer lltue Lucy was born r found out that Tom (12) . Then fill in the gaps. are... COM'USED . For the COrrectlines you put a tick (v) at the end of the line. 'luow pronounce you mnn end wife. Strategy If you see any of the following in a line...wants (13)...~ := he had finished have ....-.. very upset and refused that [0 allow Laura to go out with ] him aqain.. . About the exam In Paper 3. USe the correct form of the verbs.... .q.: high 3!) 1 could and Illy Sisler Mary cangbr it. . but is quite a lot more older.q.. t go to school by@bu$ . went 11110 the anny.-Pil".

P.lny of the books that are set as bsckqround reading texts. The:>y et m A B Think of a book or storv that you have read recently in English or In your Own language.. • the relationships. ----- e 2 You are listening to the radio. Be parucolerly careful with reported speech._ry good. friends. e inviting the person who phoned her to go out. about: • what the people are talking about • how they feel about what they are saying.~P~a~rl~1_F __ ~» About the ex-am In Paper 4. Remember that it will stili be absolutely necessary to read the book sIO'veralimes as.s Question is optional. 5 Check your composition for spelling and gramm<Jr mistakes.. He think.J lsten to the extracts on the cassette and choose the correctalternative to complete the following statements. C has met the girt's parents before. C do not speak Spanish 3 You overhear this.s people that she didn'l think was Vf. The A doesn't mind meeting the girl's parents. on a picnic in class..q..woman talkinq She is talking about A a film she didn't enJoy very much B a. Th.5 All you need is love ~ Listening: multiple choice Writing: background reading texts l~p~·pce~'_4~. B is afraid of meeting the girl's parents.~~~i~l~ ~~~~~~~~~:::~~~~~ead I . it will make it easier to understand.IT. a book that she tcund very excrtmq. so that a friend of your own age could decide whether to read It Or not 1 Underline the important words in the instructions 2 Make a list of the important events in the story. Part 1 you wlil hear people talking in drtlerent situaucns. r Hot tip! L.a. • the way you feel about the Ihings that happen Read the book again quickly a week or two before the eX<lm. business colleagues I~~N~kl~~. between the people e. girl talking on the telephone She A politely refusing to go out with the person who phoned her B acceptinq an lnvltaticn trom the person who phoned her. woman talking about her husband. Pert 2 there is always a Question on the background reading texts. 3 Plan your composition. Will you write about what happens at the end? 4 Write your I composition In 120-180 words.rl=2~~_» About the exam In Paper 2. Then read the book again and keep notes of: • what happens in the story • the characters.temng A speak Spanish. C at a cinema.well t -----1 39 . 1 You are watching television. B may not speak Spanish. Learner training There are film versions of mi. If you see the film (preferably in English) before you read the book.IIIthe way through. Strategy --------any of listen for dues..\·:\. • the places. You hear this. You choose the best of three answers 10 qussnons Strategy I Paper 2. Write a composition retelling the story In your Own words. Read the book once . (I 5 You overhear these two boys talking on first boy bus. You hear this man speaking.-. Decide how many paragraphs you are going to write and which events you wilt mention in each paragraph. 4 You hear this.-.

The 'have-nets'.0 leave him a song 00 remember her by'? Could Serge 60 and his team come up with something appropriate? 'Sure. It's for people like you wtute I wrote this that keep u turn~ 00. this is your . C What's in a namep: what to call your baby. it she. 5 So excuse me-forgetting. Carol. Marta. nouns. clients get a recorded version of their song on cassette (a CD is extra). The creative pro-cess begins with a client filling out a questtounatre: About your song. 'Yesterday J met 3.' bit funny.' says Serge. B The successful pop song: a recipe.q. Don't have much money. or to phrasas and craoses The following lines aU(orne from Elton John's }bur Song {page 47 of the Firsr Certificate Gold Cou(sebookJ. recorded.and a great many others. A little while later 1 was discussing it with friends. Most of Serge's custoruere are very satisfied with their songs. Bernadette. She knows the words by heart. preserved and presented to fittheir specifications . a large and Strategy To work out what a word refers to • fook at the sentences before Of after the word. but these things I QQ. FOl"lovers. what with 'Wake up Little Suzie' and SO on. Include people named Graham/ Druce. glrl who'd had a song: so done for her for Christmas. She was nearly crying. Girls called Sue or Suzfe are especially fortunate. 1 irs a linl!'. Anyone can have a song written. how they met. But help is at hand. Serge got the idea. 'To anyone else'. but now that Irs done.' Are there <mysituations that Serge and tus songwriters couldn't deal with? For example a woman about to split up with a man who wants 1. WORLD is divided into the 'haves' and the 'have 11Ots': those who have had their names used in popular songs and the rest. Each client gets a different song. They try 10 avoid this as there is always the danger that two clients may meet-and compare SOngs. [0 habits and most memorable moments. though Serge mhuits that they may repent a line from lime to time. but Mary certainly doesn't think so. Australia. if I dkL But boy 3 And you cao_tell everybody this is your song. This seeks details of the special occasion. they couldn't be about anyone else. Frankie or Johnnie. 'it might seem just like any oth-er song. fOL· 'Songs fOI" You' about a year ago when he and his wife Cathy were at a 20 wedding. relationship with the 1)f'I'SI)n be immortalised in song. t~ey) and possessve adjectives (e. This feeling inside. 4 But. We could do that Though lt's not a snuauou we've ever been presented with. rh@ir) In the text ref€>rto ' . The reaction from her and the bridesmaids and other guests was fantastic. The minimum fee is $300. She played it in the bank where she works. The musical style can be tailored to suit the client. adjectiVEs and a-dverbs. he suggests. It may be qorte Simple. Read the aftide opposite and then choose best title from the Irst b~row the A 50. plus a framed copy or the lyrics.0 go through life without ever hearing their name in a song on the radio 01· anywhere else. Look at the underuned WQ{dsend write what they refer to. 'They rnighLinclude utcknames or references to some special habit. something romantic. for a younger listener a heavy40 metal feel rrugfu be more appropriate. bULthey will also take requests for songs for birthdays.. the sun's been quite kind song.g his our. the Romanos advertise un cards in Ilonsts and photographers' studios. Chnsrmas and anniversaries. Thank goodness!' 31) .song. 'The groom had got a song done for his bride. For this. and it struck me that this could reilly take off: Aiming at the wedding and engagement market. Part 2' you say what word_slike pronouns Ie. Serge Romano has started a business called 'Songs for You' in Melbourne. love. Anyone 10 with a flame like these is likely 1. but most songs are so personal. Jacqueline. explaining to me how much It meant to her. 40 nntu. • remember that words lil::e 'it' and 'this' Or 'do' and 'so' can refer to verbs.-nE Reading: multiple choice About the exam In another type of muJliple choice question in Paper 1. The 'haves' include anyone named Eleanor.lPPYgroup.

you will see wordsthat are new 10 you. Frankie or Johnnie? Graham. Bruce or Jacqueline? eleanor. maqezines and books in EnglishWhen you read widely rike this. from the above article mean. 8 she feels strongly about the words. 1 Often people have ideas very suddenly. 1 Doesthe word 'these' in line 10 refer 10 A names like B names like { names like D names like Use your general knowledge and the context to work out what the followmq words. $0 'she knows the words by heart' (line 53) means A she has memorised the words. 4 If you listen to a song a lot you eventually remember the words. 4 A word meaning to marry' 'agreement 5 A word meaning 'a dale that is remembered because it is an exact number of years after an event' 41 . B a musical instrument.3 refer to 3 Something that only friends usually know about a person is the special name they like to be called So 'nickname' (line 47) means A the same as surname. Circle the correct altemauvs. and sentences around the new word. So 'lyrics' (line 32) means A the words of a song.Choose the correct alternative 10 answer the following questions. love.omething appropriate? ( boeingpresented with a situation? D d€!oaling with the request? Learner training You can improve your English and do well in FeE if you read newspapers. Find words in the text So. especially a modern popular song. (his is your song with the fo"owing mesnlnqs. So 'struck' (line 23) means A hit sharply Or forcefully. word meaning 'man about to be married' 2 A word meaning 'woman about 10 be or recently married'. 2A Maria. A word meaning 'unmarried girls. 1A repeating a line from time to time? B two dents meeting? C writillg different songs for each dent? D clients comparing songs? 4 Doesthe word 'so' in line 55 refer to the fact A that there are srtuarions that Serge and his songwriters couldn't deal with? B that It meant a lot to her? ( that it seems just like any other song? o (hat she knows the words by heart? 5 Does the word 'that' In line 61 refer to A leaving him with a song to remember her by? B comrng up with s. 8 came immediately to the mind. Carol or Bernadette? Sue or 'Suzie? 7 Doesthe word 'her' in line 2' refer to A Serge'swife Cathy? B the groom? C Serge? D the bride? l Doc-s word 'this' in the A fine song is a combination of words and music. 8 a name used intormefly ins-tead of a person's real name. who help the woman getting married at a marriage ceremony'. 4. Sometimes it is necessary look them up in a bilingual dictionary to SometimesIt IS better to work out the me-aning usingyour qeneral knowledge and the WOrds.

Find the mistakes and write the sentences 1 At first Mary denied to steal the necklace.:~1mistakes in seven of them. 1 If Grammar: they're too bIg.. (""'ke) rmstakes with verb tenses in the exam.. . (know) the brain 3 I remember . . but luckily I remembered ...~ing room.... dn::. (go) to the bank yesterday.lstomshing thing was that she refused saying where she had hidden it. how .. try (wear) them with thicker sods 2 I'd like more about works. but it's seldom warrn enouoh. 42 . even when lord and lady Musgrove offered to drop the charqes. 4 But eventually she admitted to take it."_'" UN I T 6 It's all in the mind gerunds and infinitives 2 Fill in the gaps in the following sentences With the correct form 01 [he verbs jn brackets.. she continued to claim she was innocent (smoke) three years ago 8 I like . 10 lady Musgrove said she? would try helping her find work. . 7 I stepped .. she agreed returning it 7 She seemed to be genuinely sorry. 3 She pretended not to hear when tlley asked her where she had been the evening the necklace vanished. There are grammatir. 2 Even when 1 The following sentences come from .I story called Lady MusgroJl@'S to a friend was late tor class because I . her fingerprints were found all over lady Musgrove's.. I sropped. (wake up) very early fifth 4 Try on my birthday. . (go) to the beach at the weekends. S The i.. and lord and lady Musgrove promised 10 let her keep her job However. necklace. she said she would prefer to work as.... (talk) I melon the way_ out again correctly in your notebook 6 Today is a holiday. not.a shop essrstent and that she intended to go to London 9 She hoped finding a job there. when the police were arranging take her to the station. 11 Mary Slopped to cry and thanked her for her kindness. 6 Finally..

. . Part 3 Complete meaning the second sentence to the first sentence..Lny structures COnnected control 'Why don't encouraged exam again!" he said.•• day into W01. teke the books back to the 1 vou ore going to hear a scientist talking about feel the body clock.. of reflexes are at their .. > Strategy Studythe Incomplete notes befer€:. The burglars pretended The burglars. her notebook said they were plumbers.1 _r~~~~~. person-s between.rme L routine noticeour is that overcoat.and a can help :} Inside you wake up two in the morning Do you expect Do you think you will pass the exam? the exam? you do the the brain to body sunlight t. b l as t 8 A splash cold wane-r. About the exam In nus type of exercise in Paper 4 you listen for: • the main POints ." e~~~~~!?:?j:c~...... FeE registration a agreed She .._j Grammar: key word transformations [paper 3. 4 Short term memory Lae t s abou t reqistreticn a few . 1 He didn't ribrary..:. .-.• is only when that our WE': no.. helps people He .:e=n. around miOnight. the library. the books back to That overcoat costs too much. • specific information r Hot tip! .. .. on Saturday accept my of night. afford .. plumbers best. days late. buy my FeE 5 Tbe best time to do problem solvtng tasks is around in the morning... 10 I haven't smoked for gave I the exam again three years " three years ago Iii 1i-xposure to 43 . want to lis1en for..:. o'clock...'ks 4 She said she would few days late.. the afternoon is when works 1A Ii Three in Would you dictionary) Do you think I should suggest ....[Jin~mlnd Listening: note taking I Pap. best... First look at the sentences and think about the kind of information you need to complete them 1 It He . L!E~~:!Y~d~~ve!:::e. Part 2 > i2I 2 Now listen end ccrnplete the sentences. a bilingual cktionary? a bilingual She wouldn't refused lend me her notebook... 2 Everyone's determined biological by interrupted physical He-hates it if afternoons stand He afternoons he has to study Saturday rhythms are . night into day . t •••• .:r:!e.C"/IT6 It's . our clock. peak She . on or .you listen to work Out what kind of information you need to so that it has a similar use the word in bold and other words.r 4.

-.. bUI a much smaller percentage (5).J I 44 . It'Si!I!llnlhl'miM Vocabulary: multiple choice cloze EDUCATION IN AUSTRALIA In ustralia most children (I) . . and they go to (3) ..... 'Sympathetic' If A lecturer you say 'She was very sympathetic.. Most teaching is by a combination of(8) .. but mean is en example. they find difficult or particularly interesting. such as languages.. B timetable can be used in look at these words: C ptogramme that is planned. Incorrect attemewes are sorneumes 'ta'se friends' ... .. the for you to them will from. The humanities courses like History and Philosophy. A agenda For example...' 'She showed else's suffering. usually involve :1 ~Q[of extra (9).. in the library To become ~I rimary or secondary p school (lO)c<c it is usually necessary to study at :1 university for three ye a rs ur more. .' In many other thoLJght in English.. C talks C training C teacher 6A 7 8 curriculum A pupjls A lectures... ego C trained C C particular subjects 4A 5 primary school from the age of five. ami graduates make up less than <I third of tile total population. at home.. Some children who go 10 school abo take-up extra activities such 3" learning to pillY a musical instrument or dancing. be four 1 A attend 2 A A brought personal matters up B assist B educated B private B courses. friends'..... A succeed degree B pass.. Only rwo per ccnr of children of primary setH.. About the exam Apart from adjectives of which and ve-rbs that are followed words to use in particular by prepositions. nnonals and practical classes.". you that she understood European mean that you It is a good idea to make she was.... At (he moment university (7). is the most likely alternative 'agenda' meeting:and 'programme' about classes ln a concerts best in jn a text Read the following alternative Remember alternatives below that in text and then choose the correct for each of the numbered exam choose gaps. would be But in a text All of the words 'tjmetable' a text about about refer to time school. classes for these and for school (4). mathematics or computing.. words other languages._ -------lIj\. lectures B trainees B conferences 8 readillg B professor Learner training 'False friends' art" words Jn Englisil that look very in 9A 10 similar to something mean: It would person. someone languages different. Australian universities are modern and well-equipped..a nice e list of 'false r Hot tip! L I The . knowll?dge you will be tested on your contexts Strategy Check that each of the alternatives the context.. the final year ~Irecondary s school examinations and complete a university (6}. Ninety-five per cent of rhe populmio» go on to secondary school.. ...lT(. B C spprove C career C students.1 age arc (2). .


Irsal! in the rrund

Vocabulary: education
Find len words in the grid below to do with


short responses

education.Then write a definition of eech word. EXAMl'lf

a student who stays away from
permission Al the beginning encourages of Paper 5 the Interlocutor information about you to give personal

school without

G ( W R



yourself Strategy Make 'Sure you know how to \(1110:: about: • why you ere learning English • subjects you study/studied at school/University. • free time activities.
• your family • the area where you live.




" your plans for the future

N Heft;' are some €;qjmples of candidates doing the first part 01 Peper 5_Who gives the best response in each case? So are and

j~ the

Match a word in tile box below with an obrect picture.
calendar lamp stapler pencil





First of all about you,


we'd about about

like to know yourselves.

something What

'Sharpe-ner biqhliqhter
waste-paper bin



so I'm going to ask. you some questions do you like most

paper clips

your school? I like ... I don't know how to say it in
English ... inforrnatlc? and sport. What do you like most, Nilgun?



Ilike everythjnq really The things I find most mterestinq are maths and science subjects. Chemistry is my favourite


I don't


you do when you

leave school,

Nilgun? NllGUN:

know will you do, Daniel?


I'd like to go to university to study engineering or computer science.


Now roleplay

this part of Paper 5 With two each take it in turns to


You should


the part of the examiner.





eu ill




Pa7t'2 •'

I Paper


an antde your

About the exam
opiliion about

In Paper 2. Pan 2 you rni;lY be asked to write somethmg.

Look at the following has made SiK mistakes and disagreeing. correctly

task and the an~f and write

one ~ndidate

wrote, ,He

with the language

of gwing


and agreeing out again

Find the mistakes

the sentenc~

in your notebook. \

An international magazine has asked" yo~ to write an ~rlicle expressing your opinion about the lol1owmg statement. Co-educa!ion is a disaster for girls

r---------~--------------I"", rwt ~ frrr IwtA It"'

Wrile a short article for the maqazlne, based on your own experience.

wifJ.. th< ",~fin..r·'O"MjI~Co·~

stat---.t 'Co- ~ ""'"'-~



J..-ve bctit ~"a'"



tJuzt g<rIJ M>Wi M ""

StU - ~

welL ,_;,_ :tJu,



B~ ~



<t ~



'F 10 kn"w ~

~~ Wt/.e..", ~




tN. ~~

I am."f"U

"Pte- a p4i.n.t tM.t

f'C'%W< "'- «>-ed«~



,,,",,,eo <W. rwJt ~ $~ed. ~ ~ ""-'-"l11hvn to ~e,_.ifh

k owre I>uA: u.... "tWo ,_;,_ sa0~ """'"""'-.

Anotitu- ~-.t


"'t..<Mf co-~ ,;s that ~ maJi.u.< M<1l'e ~ :tha,.. ~ <>Mi tkd thi< hcu. til back. 7hi<" truIA up J" poin-t, W sUH.I<J tI\.< bcy-s ~de IiJ-r thi< -'" .-thv """if'. 7Ju. seees an ddr"""" alttr- al1 and M -liM- "" T "'" ~

theu. diH~

are "

F'" tiling.

So Id's N7I: s~ b~ and ~ ....... In "'iJ pqi..t vitw we ~~irWedo.o.


F '" aur
lU'f ~

~ tIum









Rewrite the following letter with correct punctuanon. 1 dear mr

1 Underline key words in the instructions. Make two columns: one headed FOR, [he other AGAINST. Think of arguments for or in favour of the statement. Wnte them in the first column Think of arguments against and write them in the second column. 3 Choose one of these two plans. (They are .QQ!b good plens.)


m!l tfl1u,yhterheten tuiIll10C k etHe att'Md scllcol tomorruw I'1'/Clrning


she has at ruae



MM the cientist

r"trod~cfiO'Yl: my crpirncm.

• Paragraph 1: paint forMe stat..",,,,,t;
t!r9",menf ,,:y,U1sf 1his P<""t. • P"ragraph 2: pan! frrr 1he st"femerlt;

4 dr me/rQses suryvy ($ a.kut tW-e-U!I mvudes.;nm. tfs ceNre 0/ CamUndye

It is wUike'r th4i kfore midd"'fl '<WI

"rijument "9";"5t this point. Umd~5il1l1: state opi"''''' "9"in.



to school

, umuid "" _gmiifui if JPU =uWex""" frOm. en.Jush (1.l'Id ma.l/i~ic$ classes her

• "\."~-,d ..v.~·.""'j"?'-...c",, l"o.r~~r~ \. W-~""mD.oh "" ~<Wovr



\:h.. s\A"",..",l:·

• l""'''j<~ z.


sl:P.te.m.e.n.t ("""\.us",,," sWe~
• Read the following task .3nd [hen write your answerin 120- 180 words. Use the language of agreeingand disagreeing from Exercise 1 and make sureyou use correct punctuation. Youhave been asked to write an article for an English language newspaper aimed at parents with your-g children. Your article should be a response to the following statement: Foreign langt.J$ges ShOuld b8 !aught at nursery
schoof level.


4 Write your article. S Check carefully for mistakes with verb forms Strategy If you cannot think of arguments for sed against, imagine what people you actually know would think about the question. What would your mother think? How about your best friend? And your grandparents?


but may well forget her OWn name..... Are you always losing things or lorgefling Ihe books )IOU need tor school that day? Or uc )IOU Iorgs-t what Mum wanled you to gel at the corner shop? Relax! Hetp is close at h3nd. arid the most effective systems make USB of visual imagery. how to rjde a bicycle... 16_) You can also Irain your memory in certain ways. even though she nas only been gaM for a few minutes. If want to remember some-one's name. ----'. lhal hWe happened. So try to combine study with exercise. e·9· Jane's wearing-jewellery. Try to associate the with word words. Most of the images and ideas that pass through our minds during a day are held for only 25 1030 seconcs.. how 10 behave and so on... The ancient Greeks invented memory systems called mnemonics. If vcu g want 10 remember numbers nv to mal: associancns between numbers in sequence -I!link 01 people's apes. smeu. You may miss important items if your mind is on SOmething else or if you weren't pay! attention because of anxiety . stick pieces of paper these words on objects in your room. In lacl the memory's capacity is theoretically unlimited.. You can learn other words in this way as well For example. Reading: multiple matching Strategy Find the sentence that expresses the main idea in each paragraph.. C Why we forget OUf 13_1 Nevertbetess only ebout 20 per cent of our daily experience is registered. formerly a highly-tatented musician.. When the ~ ~ D ~ ~:- rr".-. Dm's iall or .6. Someone with amnesia will almost always remember how to ride a retain informalion eest when you are alert and ccncentreunq.. The headings you choose from will also express the main idea.. walking with the object. Non-declarative memory lnenmee Irnowledge of generallhings. lauch and sound. earliest memones... This is Just long enough lor us to be able to keep the words of a sentence in our head as we read it so we understand its meaning. Most systems Involve associating tna things you want to remember with something you atreedv have safely stored in your head. if YOu want to learn all the words for school subjects. and they still work today.ner Label real paper with traimng objects in your room smell pieces of the English or house witn words written on them. Every I!me his wile walks into Il1e room he th-rows his arms around her as if he has not seen her for veers. easily. special dates. A A very powerful mechanism. It's all in [he mind How to boost your memory (1£) Perhaps you do badty in exams because you can't recall facts and ligures or words and srnctures in ::I loreign ranguage. The brain can reccrc more than 86 bnaon bits 01 information every dal" and our memories can probably hold 100 Iriliion bils in a liletime. B two ways of remembering. nose or eyes to associate with I name. healthy F An oJd approach but one. a 48 - - . trouble concentrettoq. is still able to play the plano and conduct a choir Ihrough 11 long and comptlcaied concert piece... but unreltable computs-r storing a vast amount of mrcrmetlon.elp to keep the mind in shape. lea. (4_) We atsc remember difrarent things in two diHerent ways: declarative and nondeclarative.. I to find something distinctive aboullh hair. First 01 all ery learn 10 relax if you're trying to memorise somelhlng. 1>-1 article and from done US!='. whether they're odd or even.. Declarative memory deals wilh concrete things..111·sot a beard. Read the following choose below a heading the list The for each paragraph fJrSl one has.. you want to remember imagine voursef round ~~ e the room and with seeinq the various objects the labels. increase the II 01 oXygenated blood 10 tne brain Despite Its small size the brain uses per cent of the body's oxygen requirement. o Short term and long term memory E Healthy body. Yet this man.. CrOS:SWQ Scrabble arid quizzes all h. One sad victim ollhis type 01 amnesia announces every ten minutes that he has 'jUS! woken up'. There's a tremendous lange of methods to boost your memory- 15_) Normal. specific events and facls such as what we have been doing and our recall of Ihings. particularly the kind of exercise thaI gals you breathing laslel' Keep your mind Ilf as well as vour by doing menial wcrkcers.. healthy people can imprOYEl tMlr memories . been for you which There IS one extra heading you do not need to Your memory is like a brljleru. G Are you forgetful? a good mind.----'-~ U~IT (. and 01 that only a liny proportion is loaded into long term memory. II you're na .

Before yov listen underline key words in the questions. and rrerk the following statements T (true) or F (false.. Most have feel ill. listen for mention of these key words the first time you hear the cassette listen to an interview with Alex Dirnitrtades.).h accents as well as speakers whose first language is not Eflg]. remember you are in good company. a They stand in the willgs. Alex has been In several plays.Alex hasn't seen all of Robert de Niro's films. Some of the lines arecorrect and some have en exira incorrect word that should not be there.s-h. They sweet and shiver anc their stomachs are make strange noises Considering the agonies that even such as well-known ectors as Dustin Hoffman or Robert de Niro go through. This will help you get used to the different accents you may hear in Papers 4 and 5 lllistening: selecting P"P!'_r~. They often feel a lot worse Learner training If you have a short wave radio.UNIT 7 The price of fame Strategy You will hear the cassette twice. put 2l tkk (. circle the word end write It at the end of the line Thereare two examples at the be-ginning (0 end 00) Stagefright o EVM the most experienced performers suffer from 00 @stagE'fright. The interviewer is interested in how he feels about being famous Grammar: error correction 'iJper 3. The interviewer asks Ale)( a lot of questions about his private life.Part 4 About the exam 111 Paper4 you may hear djfterent accents such as Australian and Scottls. 1 Alex found it ei. They Should. Readthe following text and look carefully at each line. The world's top performers know exactly how do you feel.) next to it If a line has a word that should not be there. 49 . the star of em Australian TV series. If a hne is correct. Sometimes this can be so extreme 1 that it almost completely paralyses the person concerned.. Part 4 Strategy As you (@adthe text. you can listen to broadcasts jn English from aU over the'y believe they have completely forgotten all their lines or one of in parncujar. 130 or their heart beatinq at a rate of V the 3 4 5 6 1 II 9 10 11 12 n lq 15 135 for e minute and often seriously think about not going 01'1_ Some even they find it impossible to remember the performance at QIIafter it is ever.. 3 Alex wants to get a part in another film 4. 50 next time that you are feeling ne-rvous before a job intetview or an oral examination. Othe-rs geou. 'say' the words in your mind.lSY ge-t to used to being famous. it is surprismq that less experienced performers ever have the courece to walk on stage at all.

. bUI it's my Read the foJlowJng text and answer the5€ about a play or a film? .:_T. 8 Are there any well-known heavy metal groups in your country? He almost forgot his lines in the p€'rlormam:e we saw.. F {film}.:_7 _... 2 How many lines of the text do you have 10 read before you can be certain? .. Part 2 > Strategy Read the text all 1he way through and make sure you know what !t IS about before you begin to answer. it started. _. When we got to the booking office...'..Q'. P (paintmg) o( S (sculpture). really be near the (4). 50 ."..". The !ead sing. 1 Is. detail. I don't think they should be allOWEdto show (10).. . Now read the text again and fill in the gaps with an appropriate also plays guitar. There was one (9) that made me feel qcne sick... 10 11 J thought that young woman conductor was. The soundtrack was good. film. like the Beatles and the Rolling 'Stones. I'm sure they have a bad effect Oil people. and the director (8).... Mark thE!'sentences T (theatre)...."":: all the best known (12).. because he likes. 4 I don't know who tom posed favourite piece. . I suppose [he only good thing about it was the actor who played the (11 ) of the gangster_ He was. His first exhjbition op-ens oext week. 1 My audition went really well and 1got the part.. painting or sculpture.. didn't enjoy it much either. violent films. 'Soon a:.. too.. In some of the sentences more than one category IS possible. Something like . M (musid.=. could only gE!'ttickets in the front row so we were much too close 10 the screen..c:ii(::... really brilliant He did all the statues in the park 12 The audience went on eppleudinq even after the last curtain call.. I might try and buy the CD when it (13) . there were \lery (1) tickets left so we couldn't sit (2L.. Vocabulary and grammar: open cloze "Paper 3.. but I didn't think much of the plot. A ... George sat in the front (3). 14 Have you heard their latest album? 15 They're very modern and the colours are amazing. made Sure that he didn't miss a sir.. I really can't (7) that kind of thing. out I got the impression the (est of the (14) . 5 We it. One of the critics said the director should hav~ stuck to actmq. trom the slxtlss. It had such a sad ending that elmost everyone in the audience was crying. Vocabulary: entertainment Look at the followmq sentences and uedde if the people are talking about theatre.::U~c:".. There were songs.. I knew I wasn't (6) to like it. 13 The photography was wonderful... It just goes to show you (15) never trust what you read in reviews In the press. .. ten people were killed in the first ten rmnutes... and I sat towards the back of the (Sl. The critics have such stranqe taste in films..

....N"IT 7 the pnce 01 lame Grammar: Present Perfect . _ (th..following dialogues. with Find The following English children. in our street it...... sentences were a~1written mistakes with by the Past They contain and Fill in the gaps Simple end past partklple forms of irregular verbs the correct Past Simple.. thirdtime! (8)._.. I (2) A: What (3).. .n the.. (~) . the latest Arnold (see) it . (go) to . out very much lately. earn and so he (15). (nor/see) Alex for weeks. I (9) carpentry classes for the test couple of weeks. (hit) it with a hemmer . (rhink) (be) a bit A: (71. (take) the test! 51 .. A 11: (1 ). i1 but [ violent. .. (hurt) your hand? lt's all red . this morning. A: {lO).l.. Scbwerzeneqqer film? s: Yes... (fail) and that's the No I (J 7). s: No... (go) away somewhere? . (make) any furniture yet? (make) a small It was her B: Yes. birrbday present. (study) tor em (not/go) (p<Iss) A~ your driving lest last week' .nk) (like) the mistakes write the sentences out again correctly in your notebook.... Present Perfect Simple or Prese-ntPerfect Continuous form of the verbs in brackets... last weekend of it? lbe Wlri:I has blowed down all the tree... j trunk he (14). ... I (1) cottee table for my wife last week. and swollen 8: Yes....' (8).. Hey! (16). .

.:m. +....Io~ WDrfhi.a foreign 1I.. ..@.l. Write your report in 120-180 words describing the Candidate 8 1<eP"'rl +he S¢.i-o C:OI'lc..h¢ol "Dire.-.:>0 axpensiv'i:.:::her"'$ ~h~ld we are prepdlre. .n.a exhibi-fs and oIi5pkJ_.iISW€(S two candidates. sam~ ac:fivitic5 +0 do .fn:..ur. Look at the following task and the iJ.i"n'.lrtl(ul<.a vi$i+ed i..:\< the:Jr ~n.:il'lS:l s-h.. F~: l::bt<!'! museum and what it has to offer students of English as. ~ Sc..nts . Mention both good and bad paints in your report.a:! (£2... in+~"'e.::.oIIO'Wi~: pl""i~.:!.d..E'-4~e It This Costs j$ ~ £5 r'lE Tin-Jen--tral1C@. . I~+he bod..E{ish -to the'.Th~w<Sf"e.dnaoli:d~ rn~f s+t.s ~ort i$ ~n.k: The 4- al"ld S !i>ha:uld lIi~>it ~.~n. e><hibd-s haye ~ d.(..aIYl~ t"oEl'~O'l5) Most p$QpJe_ will intel""as+S was._ -it> see. 52 .jS6um. The school director has asked you to prepare a report on a museum in your area. ~e<...Id ~ :5G'n'\~+im(l.:st.:::~ ct"I Mu::.ff1ir:!£j +hctt en tne.ts IoW':4k-.n 7 The pnce ct fame Writing: report Paper 21 Part 2 About the exam In Paper 2. 1Dr n10sr a spoe.'".::::. bit I -think rn. a.Lm'f~ Thera 11-''''''''61. In '5pita rnp..l'1tG'l n>n'I"l'lin.1k.<'!-<"1ce To: S.tusj~n: this l(S! d fflr..+S cou(d imp-ov.g".!J. .0). I-'l«man them.S.IMterest Tho!ll""E.nile -there.. exhibits a had ~pe-s Iisten.:!'"r'l~ Q+Rcer dvili-it: 12 Ap.dO!!! =.o~h c/~ -6::w the $eC+ian C'J"o ~-h-.. wrote which the examiner has.soectiOT'l) sa +hi_5"ce ~~ I will I'Ifo::Ika I h. t~ I" ~'}g(ish '50""1<9 €l(pliCC'lti'1Brh.--.. .-s Y"e~ (-see nex.+ 1:Iat. ~" +ic~+ ~ -fh~ mUSt!!.....:lj pl""i~ On You work in a language school helping to crqsnlse excursions and trips for students. ------"---'--- II:-. but sn.!Js.t '. IS .0+ +hi:5 it H.Vilt MuSeum las+ en decJde S~ -ICrr sfude.m mu§~1'YI ard. ir"1+ero!ll:stlr.s.Qlo'IIe.I thi. .-.lf group of people you . -/i·l"ldSUn'le. already marked.e. Ieit'd:. -f+I.... Part 2 you may be asked to write a report on a place have visited and what it offers ~ p. Candidate A EXc.:>.a:s.. . "::JT1. <» --fhjs..5.:h:m 3_ LQ~UQge AU aF the.00-ri-b +hs. J" class .

Now write a report in 120-180 words in answer to the task in Exercise 1.. especially in relation to students of English 2 Join Thf!fe is one example are also two mistakes I L eapression used incorrectly {he good and bad points using the linking expressions listed in Exercise 4.. some of that section of the museum was.00.•••••••. S Check your Candidate answer carefully for mistakes with verb tenses. 53 . into Organise your sentences paragraphs. closed.l'NIT 7 'lbe prke ot fame Now read the examiners comments below. l/oIhich comments apply to Candidate A and which to Candidate B~ .Becareful of punctuation.a) b) 8 thst they cost £15.. despite-lin spjte of • although/even though • However ColumnA • but • On the other hand 1 Comments: Candidate GIlde: Good The task of writing done wel L. with careful attention . jhere ere some errors vocabulary. of a linking and there tenses.. 2 Comnents: Candidate Grade: Unsatis factory There are some good structures vocabulary. with verb 1 Think of good and bad points about the museum. The eamner has marked a number of mistakes if) orange. Although the report candidate could the fact the minimum number of words. Several students bought copies of the guide We found it a bit difficult to understand alJ the recorded Information With some exhibits Visits 10 museums csn be a bit boring sometim€-S Column . have used of vocabulary.... but the cendi. numbered In 4 Write your report following the layout Bs answer. YOu will need to usesome ot the linking words/phrases more than once. Write the (DmpJet~ sentences in your contains linking words very well. and to no attempt or to cover any of the in the instructions. W~le the sentences with mistakes out again correctly 10 your notebook. lOur visit 10 the museum was enjoyable 2 We managed to see the exhibits on new technologies a report layout of tense has been and and uses more than the range a clear 3 Most students thought the museum loterestinq was to the instructions. us a lot of our teachers had taucht the word/phrase from the following list. but there is erite a report specific points 1 1) some of us felt that there wasn't encuqh information about the exhibits. Look at the two candidates' answers 3gain. a wider c) they are en excellent way to learn abo Lit the world and to practise our English d) the high €» entrance lee and the Crowds. Join the phrases and sentences in Column A with those in Column B using an appropriate rink.

. feels cold lntne hand Plastics.. are lite-sue replicas 01 the real oerson.::::me Reading: multiple choice 2 Answer the followmg the article I Pa". Bul for all the efforts of the guitar companies' design engilieers.l.. in the phrase 'pop stars' to refer to does. who claim metal SJ. decide which one of the c) . irs the musicians who linaJly make the Instruments sing .. Adolph Bickenbacser's Electro String Company produced the worrcs first elecelc guilar. on me other hand. From start to finish it takes months of work for me artists and craftsmen who combine to produce tile final figure. ACOLISUC aunara are made from wood. It was made of wood and played on U"Ieusaf's lap The lirst real breaklMrough in design came in 1950 when Leo Fender. used ItOm Focm magazme . Fender launched its stylish Stralocaster (wo years From what was once a rounded wooden cox wilh lit hole in the front. Soon ajter Ihe inventor Les Pau1 made the temcus Gibson Les Paul... 'figure'..". prooucnon managers and quality controllers. For example: Making the wax models is a highly skilled and tengthy process.-r. more used in guitar bodies.'_.. 'wax the models'..e:.11.. but more modem materials such as glass and carbon tlbre are also used rnere have aiso been guitars with metal bodies and necks though these were never pcpcrer with players. whICh gives a soft tone.q.aphs 4 and S are about What 0) b) same th~ng. the electric guitar will continue to benelit from technological innovations. a 60 material that is ten times stiffer than wood but mucllligilter 11 doesn't expand or connect as the iernperelure or hl. the Fender Telecaster.o::. What two other words does he lise Instead of "guitar'? Strategy Apart from 2 In paragraph people who wordlwords that 10 refer 1 the writer play guitars. he use before this.. This will to pop stars? 3 Paragr.:3111" computer-controlled symhestsers. Rock's greatest musicians h~ve always been closely identified With their guitars. A company thai makes parts for the aerospace lildustf'y has begun to use a kilid of fibreglass that was origmally used in helicopter blades to make the bodies lor its electuc-acousuc instruments.r 1.::. d) 0) . tlie electric guitar has influenced popular music and cullure mora than any other msnoment.and not necessallly 111 the way the guitar maker intended.. for which It is also wnn 70 As IOllg as sclerntsie and musicians wOrk together harmoniously. Wood is also e popular rnaterlal in electric guitar maruaacture. The most modem guitars aru. nouns and verbs can refer beck or Forward to other words the text. But the jnstnments being oesfonec tor tomorrow's pop II) stars may look and sound rather differenl from toceys familiar electric and acoustic guitars It is only sixty years since the electric guitar was Invented.unidlly cnanqes etlller. .. a 30 Californian ramo repauman. ThiS makes u particularly SUItable lor guilar necks and for tennis rackets..::.... down to the last detail The words.Th::". mate-rials are mentioned? help you understand the text 1 Read the following A companies following is not subjects text about guitars and referred to.. 'waxworks' related and "replicas" ~II refer to words like this.r. .:. the quuar has evolved inlo tlie smooth solid body of [he rock gtJiiar~s1's 'axe'. look for networks ot materials used to make. that).q. Part 2 > questions questions about About the exam In this part of Peper 1 YOu may be asked relationship between words in the text about the 1 The writer uses the word 'guitar' sixteen time-s in this text. Since then there have been incredibl-e changes to uie technical oesrno of the lnsuumaru. f) that make guitars B materials guitars are made of ( the role of technoloqy D other musical Instruments 1 lNhether il'$ tlie melodic sound of an Enc Clapton solo or the growt 01 a hea\l)' metal band. All sorts of different meterlals have <to been used to make guitars.. made me first solid-bodied electric guitar. OIt1e{ makers have begun to experiment graphile.t them) and demonstratives (e. All the waxworks... These punsrs became standard instruments againsl which newer guilar designs are measured. have been... uses What words like pronouns (e.

• express your opinion • aqree/disaqree politely with someone else's.. . 3 Well. 1 2 As I far as I'm concerned .. if you want to have a good time. and .. Pan 4 and fill in the qeps in the following extracts... a clarinet at the beginning. Oh. .. leem used for tennis rackets... . D ar~ not what musicians A hoped for.. a small drum kit and practise.. . ~ n has.. 4 Which material was disliked by musicians? A depends on the instrument. . e It i'> more flexible than wood D It is not affected by atmospheric conditions. a group. comple-tely agree 3 That's right 55 . 4 From my point of view .. played sitting down. A B Speaking: opinion exchange Strategy Make sure you know how to: • ask someone else what their opinion is.0-1 f..opinion. to see if you like it . • ask for/give advice. you can start to learn when YOLlare quite old and it doesn't matter.been 2 In which extract or extracts is the candidate: al giving advice b. 3 The guitars that in the fifties were designed I!!l 1 Listen to two candidates doing Paper 5.. ..JYI~ Choose the correct altematve to answer the following questions. C were made of wood o werf! played sitting down.. It A were unsuccesst ul Bare etten compared 10 qurtars designed today. B have been ignored by musicians. 5 I couldn't agree more. if you only want to enjoy playing... That's the best way to H" ..while you listen to albums by your favourite groups. When you are a little bit better. .11:>iIT' 'lhe price. C not hollow inside o designed by Leo Fender.. 3 Listen to the follOWing sentences/phrases on the cassette and mark the word on which the main stress falls. B wood C plastic D carbon fibre S Why is graphite a good material for guitar necks? A B wert. 1 What is hk€!ly to change in the future? A the influence of the guitar on popular culture B styles of guilaf music C the guitars themselves D how musldans feel about their guitars 2 The first electric guitar was computer-controlled'. Then practise saying the sentences yourself EXAMPj_£ I don't really aoree. It is heavier than wood. giVIng an opinion disagreeing politely c) 6 Recent technological innovations have not really improved the electric guitar. C cannot determine the way the guitar will be played. to lots of rock concerts and watch the drummers. metal 4 every day.a good teacher like me .

recordinq This 15. There is one extra situation which you do not need to use..IS traffic noise. airport A outside B In a shop o in at an college party C at' home F at a 2 Now listen to the extracts again and match them to the following statements. E Her mother F hadn't seen the clothes She is \I~I)' pleased with them. to make it more reehstrc.. There is one extra statement which you do not need to use. Sh€> She thought didn't know what caused the problem before.. There are no sounds once the actors start s. UN I T 8 Looking good multiple matching Vocabulary: Write words Listening: clothes for the following 1 items of clothing. want about 10 leave the house what he would need. machinery or people ta~king In the on the. About the exam You may hear other sounds such <. A She thinks B She doesn't C D looks silly. Write the number of the appropriate extract in the gaps.\ .. hear five women talking about Listen and match each extract to a situation below where It IS tJ~ing place. Write the number of the appropriate it extract in the gaps.peaking n015~ from background Ii] YOI) ere gOfng to clothes. 56 .

ed to/would thjnk we looked really glamorous in our neree troU518(S..arees My friends and I would . .over to my house after lunch 5 We used 10 wear to/would wash our hair anc decide what 6 We us. platform shoes and little tops.. I used to 'cardigan 6 sweatshirt 7 raincoat 8 eenmqs 9 waistcoat 10 T~5hirt 1 sandals 1 pullover 3 bracelet 4 pyjamas 5 dung. Mark where the main stress falls in the following words: EXAMPlE: 7 My older brother wouldlu5ed to give lJSa lift into town clOdarrange to pick: U~ up rater. e) getting used to the food? USE!' to watch much TV: In which of the following sentences (cHI you use both would and used ro? Mark them witli a tick (.. 5 Tim is wearing a scarf and dungaree-s with leather bow-tie. In which sentences is there only One possibility? Cross out the one you cannot use.. we town on Saturday nighl. b) walk along the river holding hands Paulis wearing a striped blouse. used to/would go into 2 We most of Saturday My friend Diana would/us@(} to Iilie only a few minutes walk from my house 4 She used m/would come. There are two mistakes of meaning In each sentence. . didn't near here.fl not used . 50 plain. Find the mistakes and write the descriptions out again correctly in your notebooks 1 Claudia is wearing a hlgh~heeled evening dress and long shoes. One thing r don't think older people will used to is . When I was younger. ever get 57 ...• Read the following descriptions of the models in the pictures below. 1 When I was younger. Complete the follOWing sentences in your own words.). would/used to spend afternoon getting ready... 1 Nick is wearing checked trousers and a grey skirt 3 Grammar: A with used to/would 1 Match the first parts of the sentences in Column the second parts in Column B. jeans and wellington boots They 4 Wewould 5 I'm 6 We cl use to smoke? d) f) to five 4 Kate is wearing a spotted dress and striped tights. Write the appropriate letter in the gaps A Column 2 Are 3 Column B 1 Did you you U518d a) to getting up so early.

u? Aiu.~tL.n(. :she does nof wear very milch SIlver fi'/j f.. . a~ a&~. favdlJrife colours are green and blue. Which Description A Or Description Read the following task and the answers that one is more interesting. ~".. ~ ./.d.) ~ ~ .SJn.'. i5 my Au"t Lucy..L "'. "#""?A~~~_.5 like her.":Part 2 > Abo. k~ . She ha~ a nice voice.(". B? Jewellery apart !rom" Write a description 01 your favourite relative.ffl"""G:>:·t_~ tC 14 ~2:~ tH.. (U.¢z~1r. .../"4.:u.:w ~ #d1V ~h She likes 6shiond61e c!ofh".w :IUr!4AK-.Iu~ l.Description B My /arlJUrife refafive.mah lIdNA ~. Description A f)f"'mp In fhe 1?Jwn where she 7ives. Then write Q descnption of a f€l.. il.m wI#I green eyes. /uce~.. JlPft ~ ?ha.t=c- nu.. d. She IS " leader af a high school-fhere tlfld her sfudenf.. buf 5he looks yQlmger ·Hldn -1t1df..:' at<l'>U.:n. Part 2. Her twO students wrote. She 1Ui?t:(rstJ'ClSses.". 11 SUfis her. She h<ls dark h>1lrand i<: .6.A4M:..A ~ -: A Lot? "4rA... mpU VJUr~.n:z(.*..t LK ~ ~t~ p-lCle#t. She has a mce fJ. 5he tS my moiher$ older sisfer...'lI' "_.awt in 4h-lAJl.feen Jt:(ci<et thot she wears.&M yr::u. Writing: description . She ~ -&rIy yettrs old. .'M<~"""""'''''"'~'-<'...d~"'.alill€ fol!owing the teacher's advic€-and using the outline on page 59 lflf1#.( .J t:thuf ZA.? ne~_..") o<I!tli/ot..t the exam YOIJmay be asked to write a descriptron of a person in Paper 2.. £II ~"'.d ~ ""Z"~ h/'A4t d'g~""".lu.J~ ~ Jk=~? i/. dc 'Zfec:~d ~.dpt&IL.:> 1/""'- ~~d "'"' .4Ao-.{ ~ du .:.=l~t:.. ~at 1v1taC' I"da~ .~ 7M ~I-p('e_ .'~reUU4.? ~ ".:aft t~ ~ ~ ~ ~ nt( mI 4"And~~""~·>iMwd_..~ ~ uat: d~ .ku -kn. Vt A(.~ZI.? 58 ...A...w~ 1I. rPaper 2.~~?".'W «u.. .{~ ..#~.4 An.r4t'Udl':A4~ki:? ""*" dn't'i'tt.DUC t.4. Read the following comments a teacher wrote on Description B. Ske sin_qsin a T/hink shfE/s C/ very good pe.

notices about my . fibre glass... VE'fY her/his . mouth.. plastic and metal. In this sentence practisf:! and (@hearsewould both be possible. Circ1e the best answer in each case. choo5€' the one which fits the context best. check your work carefully. W/r.d-of trelners such as Nike Or Reebcks? I~:~e~t:~~~~'~:i~kg~~:r.from gap fill exercises.J are (le-scribingl Think of general charectertsrks and how t~ I . was 7 He decided to i1e/..----. He never tells anyone Imyt. SIne's got . for the play we're putting on.. S/he'~ also gOl 8ur the Slheis reJarille most distinctive thing about her/him i~ 15uppose chat's why sme is my favourite 3 Now write a description of another person likeand adrrure in 120-180 words.~~ .U:-''I'r Ii lOoking good Outline I suppose rhe first thing anyone IS oUI . hands).J Runners suffer more injuries than many other F2P0-pleJathletes. Two different students have completed the following sentences.. When you have finished show it to anotherstudent and see if s/he can guess who it is 6 She W. 3: Write a plan including the points. Sometimes there IS more than one possible word for vocabulary gClp5 Str~~gy II more than one word seems possible... you thought 4 Write your description.. 8 Do you like to wear a particular f like way 51he .. YO(I rffili5@ About the exam Paper 3. but rehearse is specific to the context of theatre and plays.. Write a description of a famous person but do not say who ~tis... • unusual habits and/or hobbies.~:~~~k~~r this. I When we qot to the cinema there were very few tickets left 50 we couldn't s. • general build.. 4 All kinds oH:I1}ng9lmatenals have been usee to make guitars: wood. nose.become a professional football player and gave up his job et the bank. Slhe's not Vocabulary open cloze and grammar: most abour herlhim is the Onceyou get to know herlhim certeslhe PCli12 tests your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.~~r~~~~~{ t~:enght I I~~ Y~~ri. I:~e~:~ .4ownftogetheIF The common cold has been caljed the single most expensive iIIMt:661pCQQNm in the world.. r !lot tip! - - - - - - I L~~e! DON'T jusl write a list of delilil~ about the person ~OI... S /l5 always. -.. beard/moustache.i.. you I Decidewhich person LOwrite about. He is very secretive. eyes. and .:d. II I L .. 2 Think about this person's • physical features (hair. SJhe a/ways wears .3S weannq sandals althou9h1beca~t cold ilnd wet outside.. of. For example: We have to .J 59 r Hot tip! -001--.. • fevourlte items of clothing • voice or laugh.hin9kwrytlTtrrg about his personallife P':_SO_: ::r~e::...

000 blades.the ma'ri idea that Perret A invented a safe way of shaving? B wrote a book about shaving? perfect dose shave. the inventor of the disposable bottle-cap..' rs the main idea that Read the following article about the invention of safety razor. Gillette failed 10 convince 60 . Together they formed the American Safety Raser Company. I 4 The answer came to Gillette in rr(ln~ of his ~ha"i~g mirror in 1895. By the eighteenth century they had developed into elaborate steel devices.As a result.. Part 3 '" .-------""L'i'"OIT S lool:lng good Reading: gapped text I?:i#t!. F six years.. Decide in which numbered qep each sentence should go and write III the appropriate leiter.. a I:r. But for he needed to work WiUI people. The Egyptians 6000 years ago made razors from scud gold. They look out a patent in Boston in 1901. He realised that only the straight. Perret even unknown. millions of mille chins still suffered the consequences daily. Icund a In au a ching a Frenchman named Jean-jacques Perret way of protecting the shover's skin by a safety guard to the steel blade. wnte down what the main idea of each pari.lgraph is. A Hairy Problem Solved (l__) Cave drawings show that the earliest . Sharpcne:'I Illnt was used where it could be found. E Gillette realized someone else. (4. One of Gillette's bosses was William Painter.000. IS the me!n ieee thet A Gillette formed the company with someoneelse? B the razor W.Ivelling salesman from Wisconsin. As you read.IS not immediately successful? The following sentences have been removed from the text. 'Our future is made. Nevfl:rtheles'S one painful problem remained.Ol'S were shark!. 'mey persevered and by the end of 1904they had parted with 90.. 1 Is this paraqraph mainly about A the history of the razor? B expensive materials used for razors? A B fashioned However. 2 Is. In 1903 they sokl jus! 51 razors and 168 blades. o Men have always searched for the wrote a book about shaving called Pogotonomy or !he Art ofuarning to Shave. Be-careful! There is one extra sentence that you do not need to continued to cut themselves. c The customer would have to come back and buy another.000 razors and 124.:.' teeth and clam shells. in the United States. (2__). About the exam In this part of Peper 1 you decide where to put sentences or paraqraphs that have been removed from the text (3_j Is the main Idea that A Gillette got some useful advice1 B Gillette had a boss ceued Painter? Strategy The sentences that heve been removed often express the main Idea of the paragraph..ral'. answering the questions at the end of each paragraph as you read the A Gillette suddenly had an idea? B he wrote to his wife?' (5"-> Finally things began to change when he met William Nickerson. his invention remained of his old- relatively 1762. edge razor was doing any work. Painter told Gillette thathe would become rich it only he invented 'something which wilJ be used once and thrown away'.-1 Why not subSihtule a thin steel blade thai could be held in a clamp and thrown away? 'I stood before the mirror in a trance of joy. I 3 One such chin belonged to Klng Camp Glllene..' he wrote to his wife..

worry il ths 1 Fill in the gaps in the following sentences with the correct form of the word in capitals.i. • decide if the word ends in -able or -!ble... bandage ~~~~e enusepuc Ilozenoes {j e~ drops 3 The shaving. In the word you form.. . she acceptedwithout Q moment's . so don't I ~~~~:~~iner stops you before you have solsed ---------. Could you repeal that?' or 'Could you explain again. (CONCLUDE) have to put the items in order of importance. Part 3 > Strategy Check ~OlJr spelling. (OCC UR) ~ ear drops 5 Neverthelessm... (HESITATE) Leamer training Useyour dictionary to check sp<>lIingand word stress as well as meaning. (PREFER) ~ 6 We visited Stratford-on-Avon and saw a . Use your dictiorrcuyif you are uncertain about spelling 1 We haw: all gOI used to products such as razors alld napples. S When she was offered the part in the film.J I I . About the exam In Paper 5. • decide if the word ends in -ence or -ence.... for particular labels.U:-. Strategy It you do not understand what you are supposed to do. 4 They should each decide on their own answer .[: of the ci'sposable 61 .. They have to choose a limited number of items They Can add other items.'I'I'8 Looking good Wordformation Speaking: problem solving 'Paper 5. Mark where>the main stress ralls In each wordsyou farmed above. • decide if you need to drop an 'e'. Mark them T (true) or F (false). [). (D!SPOSE) 2 Thetelephone is a wonderful (INVENn .'AMI'I. ask the examiner rc explain again. Then decide if the followmg statements are true or false.lnyyoung people show a marked .. that are not in the picture . I'm not sure what we have to do: You may lase marks if you do not do what the examiner has asked you to do.. Say: 'I'm sorry. instructions for Part 3 01 Paper 5 and look at the pictures.... • decide if the word ends 10 -sian or -tioo. you may need to: • decide if you need to double a consonant... of the safety razor revolutionised (PRODUCE) 4 Attacks on young people wearing expensive clothing are a common .. 1 They 7 In the of her composition she said she did not ttunk co-education WCl~ a good idea. of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (PERFORM) listen to an examiner giving two candidates. Part 3 the examiner may ask you enc the other candidate to find a solution to a problem This is 50 thai he or she ran hear you both speak spontaneously r Hot tip! L I rbere is no 'nghl' or 'wrong' solution.

my jacket..... . a computer. football.T:.. o 8 Am I allowed to reave the room? Psychology interests me. she asked him. here buy him a shirt.. • . Grammar: key word transformations Rewrite the following could. would I ... will not lend you my refuse I jacket ... find the mistakes and write the sentences..n.- :::""::.... .""". Then complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence using the word In bold and other words.. In Paper 3. [] [J 62 ... II might rained. He never comes this etlrly..... I want to weiJr it myself 5 I don't think we should not like the colour. ....f} in the box.... Decide which of the above the following items test........ 7 He didn't know how 10 spell 'ccnsooos'..:::::. f) modal verbs IS I you know how 10 play the piano? a) ·ingl-ed adjectives.. ought You ."::.. TI)' 3 YOI)are not allowed to speak during the exam to recognise what the question testing. e) reported speech.. allowed YOu ... 1 It is..... 2 Claudia isn't as thin as Kate. psychology 4 I want a cup of coffee.. Claudia.. 4 It is not possible that they ere still on holiday..'. Write the appropriate letter a} ... mayor might. My advice is to buy a computer..... .... That mustn't be the postman.. Grammar: canlcou/dlmaylmight sentences usmq can.""". He could 6 You oupbt to take a raincoat.. b) structures with like.. I might not to come 10 class on Wednesday. 3 Could you riding a brcycre when you were seven? 4 You couldn't borrow my new blouse... possible that he is Italian.. c t: There are mistakes in all of the followmg sentences.. out again correctly in your notebooks._:. . if She asked.. Mike. c) gerunds and infinitives.... am I . 2 Do Strategy Part 3there are etten questions lesting: dt comparatives.. 5 You are not allowed to smoke on the plane.' ... 9 You can't smoke here. He hat€'Stravelling by bus stand He o o [ by bus...'.....L::. a (UP 01 coffee 5 'Do you enjoy football?'. I've got to go to the dentist. than Kale is ..... 8 Tom is a faster worker than Mike works Tom . 1I It is possible that it will be a nice day tomorrow.

.HI(' onions and (8) ..ncly chopped t washed and finely sliced IfJ!)1ll1vegl2lulJlc 1 large :lacc invert f! 6 eggs 4-51._ oil peeled 011111i. In a smaller non-slick frying J):.... alld drain off with a linle Itself. .. shape the omelette into a round pressinR pan. most of Ihe excess oil.. Serve with n (15) green ~lI"IIL 63 .1milklr.aloes wah (6) . tUrIlI.. j\cld the POI. F'. large (1~1).heat the olive oil and (12) in the: egg mixture..'gct~lb'c oil.:"gsin a {I 1) over Ii cooked al1d sort. heat the v(.. is the most (. \Vhile Cooking.ig them occaSiollnJly lI'ltii they are properly Remove from the I)HII with a (9). Practise reading the Instructions as. . ellen also conf... {S) .6 minutes. fOI"a Iurther S.. .' III L:. I he POI.. SUd€: LlJe omelcne lJack into the (rying .UNIT 9 Too much of a good thing multiple 1 A dish 2 3 4 B meat C food B relying B D plate C according 0 corresponding 0 Vocabulary: choice cloze A depending A receipt menu C prescription C grated D eggs recipe A made A peeled Bserved B skinned B C cooked D prepared D crsckeo 6 A butter salt C peas A frying B roastinq C fry C cookinq D scramble D boiling A boil 8 roast 9 A ladle B knife Leamer training Instructions for machines are often in English. rotatillg the pan in order to spread ii. .JbI-espooll!': olive oil onion. lOA C saucepan 0 spatula 0 whisk stir B mix 6 pour C sprinkle 1 J A saucepan 12 A drop 13 14 A S plate C put B bowl C bowl 0 mix C ptate 0 dish course 0 pan 0 warmth A hear B hot C hearing to 15 A hard B strtt C ngid 0 crisp Spanish Omelette Sprinkle {71.... oo~·e er.H:'ralurc Salt g potatoes. ch Spanish a "... (10) Spanish omelette is a full (1) .._ them medium heat for 15 minutes.IUd return il to the (14) . It can be (4) of hQIOr at room l(:ml. you usethe machine Read following text and the choose the correct alternative filleach gap. then (Urn down the he<J!"..:CII peppers. __. shaping il Into a neat circle.'11t.. [II a l:. . Ihe edges away from the sides of the f.__.. Over the pfln alld quickly the oll1dcue on LOit.mily product'S its OWJlindividual version ofil (2) to the season and the !he traditional the e:/. .yillg availability of vegetables.Pnu . evenly Cook over a medium heat until it starts to SOlidify.<lining v :stI1PS red and gn...HOC$ .add the potato mixture and mix well.. The following (3L .Lfge pan.lO..

frrit..l ~ Listening: note taking ~ ~ Ddi. Wou~d you like anolherlsomf>lmQr€' toast? 10 The/SomefA police arrived sWright away. 06ficlency GaU~5 FOl1t1~In {7) . cereale. (4) B"st eource: eptnsch ....t: Makes you fed (2) .. Listen to a doctor talking about foods and how they effect our moods and complete the following notes...g. Write in note form {e. and 64 .al'y have much/many/a spare time dUring the week.smp/bir delicious chocolate? Can I have I had somf.. eleepleeeneee. I2 ~:~~~i~~~~(r There is a pause before you hear the recordmq for the second tune and another peruse before the next recordmo beqms. I trted they didn't 5 I d01l'1 usu. forgetfulne~. QM6f: fourrd in: snchovlee and e. 7 Many/Few/Much Jocel people came to [he meeting.elsh€€tlslice of plea-se' che'mical~ euch as: paper. eunffowsr seeds..J sneer while you are ---------.. Effect: r300cl mood 13 you gWe me another piec. ~ Effl:c... but other day 4 on a/somefa pair of suit me.the one alternative in the following sentences which is hot possible. listen for the joforlil~tion you need to answer the other questions. answer (IS many questions as you can. 15 I would like somel.... us for a couple ofla r Hot tip! I~~e~·i~:~~~~ L.... qin!3t. Ijttle/a few more chicken? of that another piecelh.. Found in (3).. • When you hear the cassette the second time. Typic~1 summer Contain foOt1~: many lumpsfteaspoonsls/ice-s you ~~ually have in your coffee? How Could of sugar do (1)...'/. (6) . 1 Would 2 you like some/.! bit of/a few information about your courses. 14 You haven't brought much/many/a tor of luggage with you.l bit ofla good news the jeans.:remcy caueee (5). in the first pause.. great deaf of 6 She gave me 50m@/apiece ofknany good advice about the exam.. ~tt:r$. . ... ~n.UNIT 'J Too much of 11good fhlllY Grammar: countables I uncountables Circle. S Why not come and stay pair of/a tevv days? with Strategy Make good use of your ttme during the test • The fjrst time you listen.abifiCy About the exam You hear each reccrolnq twice.dine:::iEffect: Improve""(9) a~iI'ty to (10) .. • Check your answers to these questions dUring the second pause • You have five minutes before the end of the test to transfer your answers from the question paper to the answer sheet. • Check your answers.. 11 We usually have a lor of/afsome very nice weather at this time of veer. Mon for' Monday) and don't worry about spelling.. Check your answers again. especially spelling.... grape!:> and (8-) .

We'll serve vegetable first.. Part_1_. s.ateqy Yo>]should be able to: • ask far/make sucqestions. If e line has a and write which should not be there. serve a next? In which extract/extracts are thecancidates A asking tor suggestions? B making suggestions? C ~(ce-ptiflg sugge5tions? D politely I'f'jE'd:ing sugg€'Stions? 'W5 {asl. ecncte for a Journey or a meal.:. serve vegetable S OK. every dsy Unfortunately it will to take a long time it cernes usually they are s 6 1 for the British diet to approach to the supermarket . circle the word it et the end of ~ 1 listen to two candidates doin9 Paper S. Accordillg should rice and to the World Health Orqanlsatlcn of . but they are not quite :5-0good at when to buy food. Part 3 and complete the following extracts They will be v~ry hUr1gl)1 after Why don't we eat what we should? .. Some of the lines word which should not be and some contain line is (In extra incorrect there. And what n~ll.h~wing and swallowing' 65 . text and look carefully at each line.. they want fat doubled rather than eating between to ste-t to withWl)p Perhaps this.gall morning 1 In probably quite cold... . • ecceptrpolitely reject other people's sugg~5tions. ideal. put a tick (v") at the end of the line. > sections in Units 1-9 in the Exam the S'lrdtegy Look: back through the grammar asked 10 plan som~hlOg. .. H ••••• eat. Part 3 you m~y be 3. Sf. -with a meat sauce XlIi3d t.ebook As you read followillg text look for errors with the language points you have studied.. Read the following are correct. 50Up shall we h ... soup. Maximiser and the first Certificafe Gold COI). is why did the proportion 1Q considered A fish soup would be good. correct.. 4 Mmm . People know what In fact people what of people 1980 and 199t hikin. If a word the line. ..I almost helt our diet end and ._.e-aling what 'obese' Of this. bvt {miTI tlJl~ (. .il a -goad Ihing Speaking: planning Grammar: error correction _ I Paper About the exam 111 Paper 5.• e w .UNIT 9 Too muci'l Q.. a :31 4 consist of starchy food like such as potatoes fresh fruit we should eat five portions veqetables they should to going prefer told.

Strategy P8Y attention kinds of text to the strurtuees usee in various Read the€' ~ your ciqarattes 2 they wedding have off put their why? 6 I think we'll have. you.M1C@ 12 The west 66 . a newspaper or magazine) and what its purpose pO'Stpon~ the match untilafter the exam. Write the following sentences again using a pbrasel verb with put instead of the underlined words YOu may haY€-to chance the word order in some sentences. 1 They've increased the price of tinned tomatoes. Put tile correct order phrasal verbs (put) questions in the 4 He's always makiog h@r look fOQlish . 6 how firemen fire out did put that the? 7 vet why have did to the cat your put down? Reading: multiple matching I PilRE'1: pur me could Part 4 :> london when come l up YOu to? trying you always why put down me are to? About thp exam In Paper I you may be asked whel'€ a tsxt comes from (fer example.I don't know why she goes out with him words. but the line seems. .1 how put could up you with be-haviour rude such? 8 Two horses. to warn Of inform).were so badly injured that they had to be ~ 5 after the race prices put they up have aqain the? 9 ! don't know why you ~ he-r rude-ness. opposite the 2 Can you prpyide acrommodation wh-e-n he (Ornes to Madrid? for my nephew and mark with a lick (v') geographical reqions. (for example. 3 pUI money do rainy day you by for 3' 7 They manage to ~ some money every week. 1 Africa 7 Greece I'm just trying to ~ be busy..Vocabulary: 1. countries end continents below which are mentioned. in the following 1 put could the to director you through me? 5 2 Asia 3 4 Australia Britain 8 India 9 Th-e-Middle East 10 11 Portugal Spain 5 Europe6 Fr.

vehnnq it in religious rites. illcjuding a mango crossedwith a rose and another the size of a grape. If you're more of il traditionalist you might prefer the good old English pub with excellent Pub food and a <boice of fine beers and soft drinks Many of these places to ear are open late to allow you \0 shop flr:s. Look at the underlined sentences in each text and match them to the following labels. more reserved III his.t (lnd relax. You can try MeXican chilji beans. b) a cookery book? "lext . questions about 3. there's not a fnnt on earth that produces more passion among lndlans than the mar1go. "lext . A mango grower like his father before him.Sunny Mohar is the-living proof 8t1. we scan the text until we have found the information we need. paella or seafood from gatino over 3 krlps of tile fryit in four minutes flat !he elec:trollics engineer aged 24 turned to tile cameras and de<laffid Too crazy about mangoesl' Jeved Fandi.r:-. lncludinq a 650 seater food court. Learner training We read different types of text for different purposes. The red colour of the seed pod is nature's customary warning that what is inside is herrntul. one of the most powerful substances used by a plant to stop predators eattnq its seeds. d) a brochure? Text .. moussaka and delicious pastries from Greece or a SpiCY Thai stir fry... Some are. When we read for specific Information. Columbus brought the chilli back to Europe ln the 15th century The ~ortuguese then carried it to trading colonies. su-ck them 01 slurp them . They'll love OUf cecreem parlourl Text C Indians are mango-mad in four minutes? Moore Or with learns 1:1 rsxt Text fact: suggestion: statement of Answer Text .. ceep-fryinq. Whell we read something we know we will probably have to read again..rr I) Toomuchof 11 good thirtg Text A Chimes Chillies are the seed pods.. we read quickly or skim the first time we read to get a qeneral idea. 50 bring the kids far a family day out. c) an encycJopedia? TeX't... In addition there is stir frying. Let your gyests wait -for the food rather than the other WiN rQlJod If the food has to wait. while no less enthusiastic. aged 55.prized the chilli. The Incas. which means stirring and tossinq the ingredients in very little oil over high heat. 1 Which text comes from aJ a newspaper article" Text . the following the texts.. the best of Italian pastas and pizzas. whictt Could you eat 3 kilos of fwil (ross a mango Dell-Ii lives a) teach people how to do something? Text In New b) provide c) entertain rose? Molly and surprise people? Slice them. Chillies were first cul1ivqted in South Ameri@ gOOyears ago. The cooklnq time is often only five minutes from start to funsh. and all tile ingredients are cut into pieces of even size and shape. praise. even using the pods as a form of matter how you cut them. II does mean that all the preparation must be done before the cooking starts. 67 . Direct speech: Text Instructions: A 4 A Metrocentre etters mor€' than 50 places to eat and drink.. steammq and roasting... where it quickly became a key flavour In local cooking TextS Eating out TeX1 D Cooking a Chinese meal The cooking methods the Chinese use ere those that are -familiQf in the West boiling. in lndia and Africa. They contain capsaicin.. is dJ attract people end persuade them to do somethinq? Text . he has created 300 hybrids of Indja~ most popular fruit.and enJoy a meal afterwards.. of a South Arnericsn on Sunday as weir. jr will continue cooking in its own heat and the effect will be spoilt. text js rnemly intended to factual end information? Text .

First of ajJ we need to go to the (1) .--·· .. 1!!:<I~t a paM Germ~i1 g.... thto.'Ivilil.ogrami11. because rajn in the north {2) Bye! I see you next week..5t.a._. ."...~~~ i'le)(t: w. faitr.. (e..···(st:r.I.. ----. They . tor the sandals and all my credit (14}.e:t-) at __ . My uacl-1~r'" r....po!.------(90) to France ~ch.. (9) I bought them end of season (10) ... can -r.xamimiltlotl. You go 5 By the time ccrnftekes. 2.. for my aft.' . t-I-l-e: rlext- !:Il)( m~nthf.·.~.. . Oh Mum...:h~t~I:~~. <3 month (6) __ .ion.·. I am having hungry_ you.:ry s+temccn month... .-" of..:!!:'" (improw.-...-d. And then we'll go over to the so that I (an send these Christmas cards off... (I:rtifi"at:e in t:n~li~n -e. let me look at my lis-t.t TI. l've made up my mind. jn when Sue 1i3-S-t week end the hardly breathe (17) pair I tried on WE!(e so around the waist I could (-9). I con be C-Ol'1UiGt-ed b:Y telerl-l(lnc on 0171134 8972_ l (11)..c:rwiii....JuiJe$ .y'(I Cl1rOrlic1~..·. . Oh . I must have left it at home and it's got the original (13).. lets get all tile fruit end veqetables other thillgs (7). Didn't (8) you -sayyou wanted to go back to that where you bcucht those that they'll g~ve me a in the And I sandals. o. (ewJy) (f/tlJ!"lh) . Could you pop into the (5) and get thai cough U'S took out! That 7 8 I don't think mixture for your fattter7 . Tomorrow there 3 4 is heavy chempaqne OK.. 68 Katerina Geraki ..!lIort- won.. (~ke) _ .. MoniER' sipping following conversation with an sentences..········. plenty of money so we from thl: touri-s-m ccuree..·. . lty t-olIri6m cJijpklmi'i I (8-).tud-1!t'lt- of those trousers.. SARAI--I: will take my nephew 9 10 I'm sure you ere doing with all the we need from the very well in the exam. ..s -..end) <li'lJ I .. No..['I::> pert..! week and it'l the 1110m1n-e" until '1 for the nsxt.. wurifottl my COLJ~e at. . in the !!:venin'3'" .am....e~k al3 N:l11 If you r-t-ql.. at only Whal's the.. . .'~ UNIT9 Too much O!... in it..I...:~..... I buy a new computer.are always long (3) on Fridays. out aqein correctly 1 By the time you read this I am in a cera near the Eiffel Tower. FurtherMore..'. SARAH I've gal still get the things Oil next: JI.. have my I was there with (16).. on another didn't pair Fr~licn over to that big shopping I could OS}.. (wrJu) ln ro?b' ttl your fldw. .o . fur immedia~l)' I (5). I'm r-ot bowls of MOTHER and post your letters while I go end gel"tthe bread from the (4) "" .:~rt:'..:rU"ertlerlt ~ARAH: for tour MDTI-lER: ! in 'OJ".:) ae a r~ult.llm. thought (11l they were such a . . the list Wf' could go mall in Waverly and . .. (b<l) at home evr..I JUSI next door to the (6) .ll\lle Apart elaeeee the S1"-<'IU jouriem (4 60(..3 good thing Grammar: future forms There IS Ellmislake in each of the following Vocabulary: shopping Fill in the gaps in the appropriate word.rade ~n the &:. twenty wall will I wm eat lOOO collapse dinner.matter? I can't find my(l2) £10.. I look forwarn to 'rcure- heiJril'1~ from you..fu~I:y.ln I . find the mistake end write the sentences in your notebook...lire any further infcrttl3t.. that'tl take ages! There.---·. (1iiUlrr) clao...lIy OJnd l-. no! I (1) . I I'm afraid I can't come to the cinema with to the circus Actuelly you could pop ill there too end get couple of onions end a cautitlcwer.~~:':~~:~ French (7}-_. but I doubt Y appropriate form 01 the verb in brackets.oc..1'1001.... that the heel came oft? 2 Fill in the gaps in the following letter wlth an MOTI-l-ER: es.!i-. (10) c. We've got to be at the airport Our plane will take off I'm two hours before SAAAH I want to send some flowers to your Aunt Mary.fl I am eure "......J~ rr..

but YOLl will receive large discounts on all Our organised tours and holidays. (_ the same wc. • Will your letter begin in the ser-e way.U:-.ceI1tly pa€16ed th(J University of CamlmdfJe Check for errors with future forms.ately afterward5. a. Manchester 1 Underline the key words in the instructions. (.altiC aomplete your adverti5ement a d~lJree in Banking FIllantt'l j'n June and will be aorailablc for work edi. ~cdeS"UZ8 69 .O your reply. Rome 04100 134 Cullin s Street.. •.lps 2 Think about the form of your letter. Put lhern in the correct order. ( ) I look forwsrrl to receiving t. Write a letter applying for one of these positions and asking for more details about the discounts. Via Ardipani.) I would IIkc9! 1:0 apply for one of the trainee ~ii~erPO!'lftJOl'l8 yov adl'crt[! the letter in Exercue 1? • Will lt end In r SirIMad$m. To juln our tJ':'Lining scheme you must have a knowledge of English and an Interest in travelling. Thesentences in this reply are in the wrong order. (" •••".y? 6'9'. Applicants degree in an appropriate The Personnel Trading Offi(CI'.) f wW .. (. flr5t ffieate In En~115h eX8ttlinatlon.'IT 'J Too mUal of i! qood IlW19 • Writing: letter of application Look at the following task. Follow the order of the letter in Exercise 1 4 Write your letter in 120-130 words. They are often willing to send you brochures and even posters. area lind a knowledge of English and/or Gem~fin. Learner frajning YOu can practise your letter writing skills by writing to real companies asking for information..'~tile: mOr"Mlnge: or at ) 1 MaV8 a )I GaM j:t"" t:onta~1:8d by tel"photl8 on 01202 3 Plan your letter. Apply and Commercial Write ro: Maria Sampras.. the above addNi!tis.. Director.." ) I am wrrtine in rtlply last 1ut:saay'" Evenfn{J News. Try writing to banks and embassies.tld t: working knowled66 of Ger~3n m. should have a in writing 10: W€ are Jooklng for students who are tnterested in rratnmg to become travel agents. Write the numbers 1-6 in tJ1egi. You see the following advertisement in the newspaper. Uank. Trainee Travel Agents Trading and Commercial Bank Trainee Managers We will be rccruitiog trainee managers to start work Jn lme June or early July in Our branches ~II over Europe. These positions are unpalrl. TRAVELWlSE. Do nol write any addresses.

.. • 3 minutes trensferrlnq ally your answers from [he question It won't paper to the answer sheet 11 a day off ... companies business with you has..... 10 .. you the world of good 12 j and any harm... Stop important thiS 1 a car aTV a re» machine 15 so much noise! phone call I've got to a very 4 a compact disc 5 a dog 6 7 . a fuss.. 9 r know to . 1 Don't and that's that! 2 3 4 Ccold I you . been a qreet pleasure.. If you want . 4 minutes ched:'lfIg my best. questions ... things in the house 'Such as my brothers..... .. .... Take We're going to answers and enswerinq remaining questions...1 ......... a formal properly at all 13 both our 14 complaint.. your homework r-e a favour and lend me your ?' notebook? want to notes while the teacher ...CJ system a 8a computer dishwashe refrigerator 70 .. ... a fool of myself... . is exptatnlnq.. helping . the washing Strategy Spend on equal amount time (about 18 minutes) each of the four parts of Paper 1. you Read the following the job text didn't want to... .. In fact it will probably .." a lot of money out of it..... Reading: multiple choice the gaps in the following excuses: You didn't. What am I goll1g to ...... fun of me.. sure you come to crass tomorrow..... well in the exam... My parents expect up and so on My father . nothing for a change... but I really telt l had to They hadn't .. but I really am minutes reading the text and questions once quickly .. a lot of mlstekes. about a woman who has won a lot of competitions and mark With a cross (X) the things below which are not mentioned. Divide each 18 minutes up like this' of on my bed. .. I've lost my wallet.... •8 minutes fe<lding the text again and answerinq the your I always .. I'm sure will .......... the ironing and he also spaghetti sauce in the universe! 7 I dldn"t the best realise they were ....... you'll just have to more of an effort..UN 1 T 10 Fil] In How to make a fortune do/make sentences with the correct form of do or Vocabulary: make. a test. J suppose I •3 . . has a massive loss I am afraid that the company financial year.. me to .

The next it could be ~OO. from C not being free to buy what D eo obsession 7 The article is Jntended A shock the reader. Time yourself! is something in competitions" 10 buy a followIng Smellbum drd not win A house.000. the trade. Trivial flUI"fIHi1. o pay le-ss lax r10W? is the result of winning.en of cutlery! decanter and glasses. French saucepanset.LS€he and her fiUTlUy live s it!. though MI. down from 3 peak or about fifty when she was younger. burn used to than she does now. One yea. Since she gave up her job as a geography teacher stxteeu ~(!. spend most 01 her time A the excellent B the feeling prizes she has won. than she is geography 2 Mrs Smail e work very keen on it. three-piece suite. Locally she is known as Mrs win-a-lot. like an extreme enthusiasm. earn a living. coffee maker. can opener lind iron: more prizes.. She wouldn't.OOl). 'I expect to wln between lwenty and fol1Ji per cent of the coropetlttons I CRK:Ij'she says. C entertain to rn her own company o looking after her family o make the 71 . silverware.' she says. Scraoure and an enormous bottle of ch. 3 How does Mrs Smallbum A teaching B enterinq C working geography competitions gets.arnpugnc: O ~J'»rtaes ln her kitchen an. but lilt': pcstrnan'a an'iv. a dishwasher. The disadvantage is the lack or rreedom to buy what you choose. with the things she wins.OOO: All her earnings are tax-free. microwave. electric carvtng knife.won another one W0l1h S50. hLltSCWIl years ago she.'5 Smanburn denies it is an obsession. It is an mid lire. Money and goods to the value of D fwe cers. the thrill must ue in the wtnnlng rawer tJ11lJ1the p:riies. she will try to win it. 'Io work._<.000. television. Nowadays she is busy running a consuuancv in which she shares her compeuuon winnl11g skins with OLl1l'H'Swho would like to achle v'e success.. from The TImes newspaper ChOOSe the correct alternative to answer the 4 Mrs Smallburn A want that Mr:s. competitions] A She 15 obsessed B She is with it.)l is still a thrill.ide Smaljbum's home is parked a sparkling Riw blue Renault Clio. teacher. which she hasn't won. won it. In fact there is virtually nothing in Mrs SmalJbum's entire house. B want D live. '11.':-. kettle. C look forward to the postman her fQmil~ try to win things want entering e the family 5 What is Mrs Smsllbom's attitude to £3. A win more money C She is disappointed D She thinks The writer 'extreme as a it is a strange Wc'lIO C be better at Winning of the text thinks enthusiasm' she Mrs Smejlbum's now. It is the fifth Cat she has won. toaster. competitions. He has tQ be content wnn a year's supply of another brand Mrs Smaljburn won. Mrs Smallbum. 'But my winnings could vary enormously y~ by year.0 have his favourite brand of pet food. Mrs Srualllnun believes she has become much more ~kill€d at wil1nillg competntons. the reader. For the last sixteen yC<U'S slIP has been the 'Quee(l or Competitions' or 'compers' as they are known in. She diel not <lctually wtn tho ~101. apart from her dog. compact (lise system. 1 Which of the A.' J might win £3. She enters only about twelve compcnttous a month 110W. B annoy the reader. Inside her sitting 1"00111nrc a video. At the moment she is compettng for a fax machine. reader feel sad. 11101". she wants than she does now.Enter Mrs Win-a-lot Introducing the undisputed of competitions queen ~11. The dog is not allowed 1. does not followIng questions.)f$ ago.OOO which she sold two y<'81':8later for SlOO. ram . B The house where to win fax a fax machine machine ccmrc. If her family wants something. dream ofbuyin_g anything.

didn't even he doesn't her very much 7 to who J gave a very generous lip... I lost th€ book that she lent me.. She lent me . ill YOUf I agree with the one which says: 'Money root of ~II eVil' 5 the complete 6 sentences ~MPL~: out Mr~ notebook. is Make complete sentences by Joining we half in appropriate relative pronoun. If the. who Column used 10 be a bril!iJi"lt athlete. The first qroup who played were Dire Straits... and tony per cent of the competitions 4 That is the compact disc system 5 6 7 8 9 Mrs Smallburn tri-e-s to win the things- The blue Renault Clio ls the fifth cer There ls hardly anything in Mrs Smallbum's house There are mistakes in six of the foHowllig sentences Find the mistakes and write IhE. show off his wealth by Wl:'iuii1g expensive clothes and accessories gives. h) i) family needs.. she enters. Ii! The Cer-t-et European University which has its headquarters in Prague bes . didn't (over the cost of the repairs. dOES nDI he was 7 'Mrs.I brench in Budapest. competition is one of the rare people The house where w~ us-ed to bigger then this one. insurance on the house.000 Mrs Smallbum IS the name . A blue Renault Clio which is one of the cars she won fs parked outside her house 3 Pink Floyd who wrote were the song 'Money' 11 Tile salesman who he sold me this 't-shlrt tell me I couldn't return il. The wajter.. My Q Witl-a-Jot tHe name (that) neighbour:. a prize like e) Mr:.IS ThE' dog has to eat a brand of pet food Mrs Smallbum B competition. . thank me. the last ten years. crippling risen to 200 per cent. f) was g} The woman I spoke to told me I could heve e refund if I brought the orrginal receipt. Add commas where necessary.(- Grammar: Column A with relative clauses/pronouns the other half in Column Write B usinc an 4 There are several proverbs the sbout money.. loan I took out been I/ery usetul.. live in W. is his the economy. 10 He inherited a lot of money from who he was extremely well-off grandfather.a 4 The single object c) Mrs Smallbum and her famrly live d) what I treasure coin my gf1l1idfath@r gavE"me an old e~rnings are tax-free. Srnaflburn's neighbours cajl her. 72 . call her. child Mr5 BmaHburl'l~ Column 1 2 3 A uncle who was very shy when js now a multimillionaire. My boyfriend. 12 The town where I was born has changed a lot in performing live in London recently...a lot of money 10 charities My uncle who house IS not the one expects to win between twenty 8 Several groups. has 9 Inflation..'sentences out again correctly in your notebook 1 2 The Spanish omelette she COOkedW~5 delicious. most is a) she has won in e b) has put Oil five kilos in the last two months she hasn't won in . that was very expensive... .pl-ayed at the festival. The Th€- Do the following sentences contain defining or non-defininq relative clauses? Mark the sentences D (defining) or N Inon-defininq).a book. write it '''' brackets.pronoun can be Jett out. whi-ch has to pay tor my studies. didn't 2 Mrs SITl311burnhas won five cars. wm-a-tot' The £50.

. me £ 10' you can often 10 to cl'1..... rnachlnes.. or by would you ch. get substantial ta.. 5 The waiters in that restaurant get low wa .~t! a tOflune Vocabulary: money 2 Now fill in the gaps in the following sentences with an appropriate .. such as.. 4 buy sh.. account as I was already £50 ov_ ........ in card games or in business S to receive money. .. deductions. goods or property from someone who has died or moved on 8 something that you owe to someone else £DM FrDr Psts$ 73 . I wouldn't like to pay ca. money. were you.. £20 no 7 3 ..for a limited pe(iod of lime 9 to get money by workmq Dc..... 00 A(ross 4 to take out money you have put in the bank 5 to USA....... think YOucould le....wn 1 to have enough money to do or buy something without difficulty I'm a bit ha. for a .. go to Q If you want to buy a scoetv for your rno bUilding The problems...... but they make a fOI1UJ'le in ti . in that company if I last year.. Would you have ch... 2 Excuse me. or credit card.. . By donating money up at the moment.'IT In HOW 10 flliI.. ..•... ..... 9 ec . you .... house. 6 You can st. The first two letters of each word have been given to help you 1 The cashier would nOI let me take any more money out of my cu...{". 7 withdraw money end order a bank hom ca.. in my country fa. . .. badly..... 2 to have to IXIY money 10 someone because they ~nt it to you 3 10risk your money Or property on horse races.' money to make a profit cut at somethinq that will increase in value 7 to give someone the use of something.. with the have etfectec the.. They made a 10..

pe-rience.and write tllf' sentenr About the exam In Paper 2.:n« the wartd. by wOT~in9 students am know other peop/. points m. My parents give me some mon~ each weeR. 'f'U can never understand about saving 1i1r.Writing: discursive ~truc Now look at tile answer agilill. bur tht.:.sons J think Ii.ugh! me many things about the eI1viranmgnt and poUu-tian.=antioned • Read the fOllowing answer a st d question In Paper 2.. i5 important fur 'P""9 people to wark of course th.~ sh""ld not warR too much.. 7l1eLJ h<we to have time to 5tudlj too I . i. This is good because ':Jou Caf) learn new things a.)ves If your parent:« Just gQve you mon"':) fur everything 'Iou want. Strategy ~al:. tlired.e who are not at school. but r also S<Ute money from my work.thiJ1gs. Part 2.e s~re your mstructions answer '5 appropriate fer tile and covers all th.>reare five mistakes with verb {en~es. First of believe a..". If :1"" had nev ec woYkod bme. y~~ tex!s lave [he option 0' writing about one 01 the set There are also two mistakes with vee b :~~~~htl'y m. It is very werl.t LS impartMt#<w€ Wl7rk . 74 FOr these rae.tlons one 01 four sqam cOrreclly in your notebook es oul These may include a re art ~~~~ a desmpllon. Finally.. an ertide or another I€'U:r. What bn~ ernt this Student A a report Irying to write? 0 wrote to ansv. Find the mlsta~es . it is very dlFfiwlt to get used to wark when !::fOU .oistakesand ""'- write the sentences :CJ~~9~'iJl your notebook.f1rushed your studies I have a part-time """''' In m~ motlJer's oFRee and I am sure this helps me in the future. Part 2 you choose alletn~lt~ve qup:s.-er IS a a a story C -9n article giving an opjnron In m~ opinim1 students shautd do some paid W!lYR while tll"':} are sWd<j""9 There are tlue£.u I to Secondly 1 think young peaple must to learn to oppteaote the vawe of mon"':) and they can on£y do this if they earn same thems.b. maw' reasons why I am thirtkm9 this. At I1UJ mather's office] knew Q 9irl who has .

uxrr to How to make a Jcrtune Write your answer to the following question local English language newspaper has asked students to write articles expressing their opinions about this question: A Should stvdenlS do parl·time work? You are In a community centre. 6 You hear two people talking in a bank What IS the woman doing? A enquiring about bank procedures B applying for a loan C arguing about bank rules 7 Write your article for the newspaper. 1 Payattention to the key words in the lnstrocuons: article English language newspaper opinion 2 Think of at least three arguments to support your opinion. The Now listen and choose the correct alternative in each case 75 . Use these linkeo ... What was the article about? A C crime B health economics Strategy Studythe questions carefully. C He otters various additional services look at the following question s and write a). You hear this man talking In a meeting room. 4 Write your answer In 120-180 words. B has recently made a record. The teacher wants. R to gille a party C to pl~y sport Q 121 public phone. Listening: multiple choice You hear tbrs man talkmq about a newspaper ertide he has read. S tell the others the answer. C a teacher at the school she attends You hear this man talking on the radiQ The person he IS talking about A is gOing to make a record. I YOlJ heer this man talking on man IS arranging A to hold a meeting. The mao wants A to persuade the audience to buy something. ( explain why she diddt do the homework 4 You hear a girl talking on the telephone. S the audience to tell him what they think about something C to get the audience to answer some question-s. b) or () (see Strategy box above) In the gaps according to what you arE!asked. Adela to A show the others how she found the answer.I small group. She is talking to A a friend who has started a nEW job B someone who might give her e job. C has Just been on tour. Are you asked a) what they are talking about? b) who they are talking to? c} what they want someone to do) You hear this man talking on the telephone. First of alllFirstlylln the first place • SecondlyAn the second place • Finally S Check your work very carefully for mistakes with verb tenses. vocabulary and relative clauses. B H€' asks the man to celt back the next day. 3 You walk past a classroom and hear this exchenqe. How does the other speaker react to what the man says? A He refuses to accept a reservation for such . 3 Write a plan putting your arguments in order.

that you hear. Which candidates do you think got good marks fer interaction? interview 1: Lcukas Inrerview 2: Olivier Dominique a a 7 8 speed weight a decimal a fraction 9 a pnce 121 0) Prectrse saying thenumbers..asking her/him questions.. • saying a word if vhe hesitates or paus€'S for 1. listen to young according people like (0 spend letter In the gaps. . dominate Encourage ~~~~~~~~~~~i~~ ~~~~~:~$~7n~~~.. The eeammer~ ~ g) .. --------------.75 Ii 5. Don'. ~~~·I:.00 loog. <l d} e) . What they? Match you wrote following appropriate kind of numbers the numbers Write ere • makjng suggestions. Wait until slhe has finished speaking that above to one of the cateqcrtes..414 76 . Part !.gJ t write a) . the other cand'd ate.r..~ ~:~~':u Strategy Don't try to interaction.. You may also gel marks lor the other person to speak by: • ... L I r Hot tip! .." About the exam Speak i"9: prioritising > This parr of the test lasts for about three minutes. interrupt the other pe>rson.. b) . The~ to how important a .a temperature number score of Q must put the things in order of priority they a telephone football the population town think they are. the ~ Below are some> pictures of things which money on. two pairs of candidates doing Part 3 ot Paper 5. hi . t Paper 5. Listen to the cassette and the numbers..958 e) 4..340. i) . following Theil listen to the cassette and check 0121 730654 f) 16 bl 13 c) 50 d) I~ 91 £3 SO h) $1999 I) 647. .UN]T 10 How 10 m21l:e e iOrlurlE! Vocabulary: numbers I.

b ..fine.n.. in Ask how you (an get Thank them • S6Y what it advance back. ~4~_ ca. Then decide which of the following examiner's commentswere made ebout the letter.k'.. "'AVe. You alway:.. you should not use: 3 Thelettet .~t 1tiOI~ ~~ .... 1:.1+~'br....u"... Bt.> have to or w tr" ..tyie. W....J .I leiter in answer to the question follow in Exercise 1.1 s\O. kr.-II.!l 011\ D~" of:' ~0\I41" ~II'W. Ma. OK l' Do.._ -\\ie ill .." ~O'\"'S f'~AA'~ At ...!.. tpaper 2.q...t""f'O'. 1 The le1t€'r .. look at th€>instructions belO'Wand the letter a candidate W1{llein reply... 2 Write vour letter in the a?~rO?f\ate: ~t~\..~tI~ijnation Explain why you are wriling you lost and when...r ~ and. contractions (e..5 in an inapproprrate s. ~1/M11''''' .. Use these notes in letter with either Dear 5irlMad~m or MrlMslOr . r ~eri 'I'IiI~ t.~ 'So'dol tx. 1'1:1 ".. -f~ . ~\ \eft Al'CNno\ -+w.IID\11"i!e II '51 rJ "...""I!ks~. JI.'5..v. OI'~e w.. . a formal writ"... '"k". a plan.1l:1H!t\. I look forward to fe(€!iving YOllr replyJ_ • end your letter with YOU(5 .."ell 'Run lD'Lt ~e\ki".l'''i ""Ii 1'.riptlon of o~ject Check your letter carefufly 77 .\ .G!? faithfully. transactional Tra.te... descrtbe it your lettef_ Do not write any addresses. You should' • begin your S The letter provides all the necessaryinformation Youwere travelling by train recently and left something thai betonqs to you on the train. '(w.. bit \o. .~ ~c...\ ~c(.. 1 ~-t *tr.. • All tile best or tore at the end of your tetter. Write a letter to the lost property officer enquiring about me thing you lost.\:: them WJtl1 a tick (t/').. persons surname Write l Write . it'lI.tte(lt\~ 4j..e.&\.t.I. 2 The lett~ is not well-structured.. "k. ~~.'!JiI! gao1·\"t.t. +.ein '\2O-~8\) WOT&" _ deac. • question tags.'t. AboU't the exam Part \ of Paper 2 is (Qmpulsory There 15only one question. Strategy !t asked to write to an official or a company.. t. • • .~tbDll e.. .." left 1-0 \4Alle w. • s.very accurate. the • use torrnat language (e-9... aren't....'? Let me.~ .QI. 'S~. letter The planet Earth TI~ A'I"t!.UN IT 11 Writing. you've} • linkers like weJ" ~nywa:v.Cl~i1'\~ C"uc01"" ~\\'S... " Thewriter has followed the ili~tructions.{\I •• red. date of journey and depar"CurB tIme .:by the way. either 1 bd.\~ R. Part 1 ==...v. You should this structure..ign your letter with your full name.

. • When you think. USA. Florida and other states of America were struck by driving blizzards _ and severe lightning storms. held the world record for being struck by lightning.' But even the most advanced forecasting systems carl sometimes be caught out when the weather springs one oftts surprises. Men are six times more Hkely tc be struck by lightning than women. He was first hit in 1942. losing just the nail from his big toe. where scientists kecp a constant lookout for weather paucms that could lead to violent storms using weather satellites and ground-based stations Once the storms appear. In fact we slill find lighmjng thrilling and fascinating. 1970.~.~e seen ball lightning and arc in no duuh_l abo_ut. but when It W'"dS coo] enough for me La search I could find nothing there. ~n each gap. b Dr Derek Elsem the number of fatalities has d~Oppcd by 8~ per. In March 1993. 1972 and 1973. After surviving all this.claim 10 hll. This isn't because lightning is less common. In 1976 a strike hurt his: ankle and in 1977 he suffered chest and stomach bums.According to . you know which between this parepraph paraqraph and the that Things used to be much 'WorSC. the famous bell (ower of San Marco in Venice was severely damaged or completely destroyed nine lil11BS. Between 1388 and 1762. a Ionner park ranger in Virginia. Roy. (2__J The experience of Roy Sullivan just goes to shuw how dangerous it can be 10 work outside. teams of observers in the areas at risk report buck: on where the sturm is end where it is going.Reading: gapped text A Predicting when end where ligl"ttning is likeljr to strike is one of the ways we have made it less a danger.scarch goes. It is now also an important area of research for scientists. cui the telephone wire. cent since the micl-1850s.. Its existence.including scientists . protect themselves or their buildings from lightning.000 strikes an hour. The experiences of a certam ~llha~ Moms during a thunderstorm In 1936 are tYPical: I saw a red-hot ball come down Ircrn the: sky. LIGHTNING STRIKE It is not surprising thai people in the past were afraid of lightning and thought that it was a sign of anger from lhelr gods.e water boiled for some time afterwards. The cause of the storm and the reason it suddenly died out as it travelled north. These pereqrephs (Ire in e different order on another paqe. burnt the window Ireme C111d then buried itself in a tub of hot water. (1__J In England and wales things are not quite as bad as they were in HOlly. 78 . About the exam In Part 3 of Peper 1 you read a text from which or various paragraphs (or sentences) have been removed.. Read the text through once. but about a dozen people are struck by lightning every year and a QUarter of those <Ire killed as !I result. is yet another mystery of the lighLning phenomenon. Forecasting lightning is taken most seriously '11America. In fact up until the eighteenth century people were given dramatic proof that lightning really can strike the same place twice. It struck our house. He was srruck again in ]969. . Th.o before and after it c Before scientists started this vital work people could »ct do very much to. but became fewer people now work in the open . who are tryil:1g to uncover its secrets and an: looking for ways 10 predict storms and protect people against lightning strikes. he killed himself in 1983 ()__J 1 o Many people . At the peak the 'Sunshine State' was hit by an astonishing 5. There is always an extra paragraph does not belon Strategy . YOu decide where to put each pareqraph. check that there is a re~a1ionship in meaning pi3ragraphs that g. • Read the extracted paraqrephs.

.I few . but one of the maids saw them do it..I line is. 7 which is. . If ... A 4 rain B showers a bit of lighl C sleet need ~rs only A sleet You won't an umbrella B drizzle C hail 5 Clost>to the Equator the weatllef is hot and ._. Check each fine carefully. hotel ballroom.. I thought it was Snow et fust but it was Just a heavy A hail B frost c sleet . so wear your gloves. dinner plates. All kinds of lhings go from (3) hotels. .. If ~ fine has a wo-d which shoujd not be there... with (14).If1 4 be as much as the twelve hours...' bedclothes! B chilly C freezing had to postpone the match because it started 10 really B pour C shower A drizzle 3 Tomorrow will be mild with the possibility of . some of our guests do incredible things.Vocabulary: weather Choosethe correct alternative to fill each gap in the followmg sentences.. the or H If no The ghastly quest guide A: Working as a hotel manager... the extra words in this kind of exercise will be articles. America or 1 Asia the flight will be longer than the four hours and will involve crossing several time zone':'. indeed Although we have (1) many very charming clients. .. It was everywhere .... Some of the lines are correct.:_t_:I. A (old 2 Wfi! Grammar: the article In Fill In the gaps article is needed... floor (lnd on (20) .. all..... hall porter who carried their luqqaqe down.. in winter. . and there are often electrical storms A damp B mild (humid 6 Theold house was very cold and hours.35? B Well.. m the evening. outside. A humid C B damp Read the following text and look carefully at each nne. Because of this you wjll almost inevitably 10 s.and final destination C....... ahead. set of telephone directories We else gel some very unreasonable requests. .. across (19). you must have some Interesting stories to tell about guests Q Yes. correct. One couple meneqeo to spill (17) coffee over en area nine metres square.uffer from a mild or ev_:e_:n. One couple stole (5) sheets and blankets from their bed.. gypsy violinists end (15) palm tree.till thinks you are in Athens. Naturally your body s. A: Such . dinner all on their own if) (13) .on (18) Tv. It can also mean flying from winter to summer or spring to autumn. the fOllowin<) dialogue with a..c_qu::it=e_:se::v_:e"'::.:9 Strategy Sometimes. And they didn't ellen tell us ebout It. What is jet lag? o When you fly from the Europe to the Middle East. In tbrs cass. Are all the articles necessary? freezing 7 Open the Window.. people will steal anything.. (2) . I worked at (9} hotel in ('10) London where (11 ) couple wanted to have (12).. more than a twenty hours later on a hot summer's day.) at the end of the line. took (7) sheets and blankets out and replaced them with (8).::Je:.J 79 ... . There's a lovely tool outside A breeze 6 gale C gust 8 There was such a that my umbrella blew inside OUI A rein B breeze C gale 9 Theground was completely whIte... and some have an extra incorrect word which should not be there.. . The time diHerence between your point 01 departure . And they also wanted to be able to see (16) moon! Some people completely destroy their rooms. 1 It's absolutely . You leave the Athens Cit seven c'dock on a winter's mornmq and arrive in Melbourne. put a trek (. arl of the extra incorrect words ¥€ articles. including (4). $0 (6). circle the word.

knowledge of Grammar: modals of deduction/criticism (past) 1 Matct1. . quantifiers (e.. h) I i) She is supposed to be at school. . ff!w). 3 be able 1. their) Check for these when you fill in the gaps.. and covered Borneo to the West lnoies. Column B Until (4)..t African forests (1O}. I might come. 7 You Read the following text through once quickly and then fill in the gaps with an appropriate word Where are the rainforests? (1). have). 80 -.. S He can't have forgotten aqam 6 That must be Michael. should have totd me._. UNIT IJ Tllep'anI'IE<lrth Vocabulary and grammar: open doze ~rl. The inhabitents . mostly uninhabited..along (12)" _river Zaire called Africa the 'dark continent'. f&ent!y. The Europeans arriv.... " insects and animals. ..... whom.... wide strip of the coast from Sierra leone to Gebon.g.. a) He always gets horne from work at about this time b) I only qeve it to you yesterday In West Africa. .0 > Strategy These are the most common qrammatical words that are removed from {he text.. there is hot sun and rainfall almost every day. spent it all. fo).. certainly haven't told he-r. _ are no roeds In some places.g. But elsewhere In Central Africa it 01 L . The gap:. . kinds of vege~tion grow last.. They dimoed hlllades of gre(l\ chains such as the South American Andes. where).. my.. f) Today. Column A t You must have had a terrible fright. . stili possible to find huge undisturbed forests. two thirds of the Wes." gone. trees and (2)_. do.. most Mother) relative pronouns (e. Even today {13L....... his. prepositions (e. B ShE'might not know. feeding massive numbers (3).. ... lirr'e..."a"2~ About the exam there are fifteen gaps In the text. who. wet areas.... the. the rainforests cover (7). In the lest century these forests (8}. in... 11'5 fifty d) I reminded hrm about tnnes present. islands (6}.'::'------_.. possessive adjectives (e.. el I would have gOI you a It's going to get cold later.. include pygmies....:. ----' That can't be Mary.. [wes In harmony With the forest... 10 Thev might hav€' seen It.g. Nineteenth century explorers .... sue..e-d end 500n began chopping (9). 4 You should take a coat......g..:..... the rainforests filled river valleys in warmer countries Australia. (5} . sentence ln Column A with a sentence in Column B_ Write the appropriate letter in the geps..g on.. I'll have to ask my parents though.. test your voc a bulary and grammar. are trying to lead (15). auxiliary verbs (e. g} You're still trembling.g. the trees for timber and to make way for massive plantations of cocoa peanuts and cotton c) been on for a couple of weeks. determine-rs (e. (14). In these hot. 9 You can't have Rainforests once occupied atrncst all the land around the Equator.

vocabulary or phrasal verbs? Mark them G (grammar" V ( vocabulary) or PV (phrasal verbs) 1 Could I stay with you for the weekend? put Could you . What much How .. taking She was . imitating a dunnq the examination.... Windy weather at "II stand I . such QS COIlOCc1\ion and idioms. .this wet. possible that Tim W35 angl)' can't be snowing! II's the middle of July... Strategy Before you complete-the sentences try to work out what the question is about the match... a teacher when the headmaster 'l'Ou'(I". 2 Theycan't have left already We're only five rmnuteslate. walked in. ] Would you mind buying me a coffee? 'must leave my money In my other coat. tot the weekend? 2 It IS not can't Tim . 10 Youshould tell me. price S. angry. You IS the ot this bag? cost? musthaw" mace a mistake somewhere. Find the m~tdke$ and write the sentences out again correctly in your notebook.... Use the word in bold and other words. . 4 Don't wait for me. .. He might have torqonen. 9 That can't be the. 3 YOL1'd better phon€' him Grammar: key word transformations I Paper 3J>art 3--= "":J> About the exam There are ten key word transformation questions They test your knowredge of grammar and vocabulary.I"XIT 11 Thi. in rh&re are you?/ me Now compere each sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence.. windy weather.. YOu must use between two and five words.. I mjght nave been late. She was with me all evening 6 Shemight be offended.. . I've got a test on Monday.. I might have stayed at home lnis Scl...lplilr1!!1 Eilrlh There are mistakes in flve ct the following sentences.. You should stop smoking give You should may smoking 6 You are (lot allowed to speak during the eamiosuon You 7 She was.. Are they testing grammar..answer. S I don't like this wet. 7 It testing..\urday night. She is very sensitive you know.. didn't know you were coming. as well as phrasal verbs. teacher when the headmaster walked in.-'I . 81 ." nor Ihi(Jking of pulling 00. 1 Look at tile forrowing questions. 5 It mustn't have b€€'fl Mary who stole the money.

:'.. ~ Listen to a candidate dOing Part 2 01 Paper S. 82 .) .!~:~.' _':::h:.. .::"'... ) b) two examples personal of Eleru making about the comments photos ...-: • -..:"'. - - - - - - - - - - - - - -... Part 2 will About the exam Sometimes the photographs you speculate be deSigned to make Strategy Make sure that you can use medals QI deduction accurately. b) three examples the of deductions about past ..!'. c) " three examples QI deductions about the present. I~~~ 5 you h s I L ..:.'::..:"..::::"h Speaking: picture prompts I Paper S...~.. a~ow you 1eelabout~ if r Hot tip! ... bl c) 3 ." '.. > in Peper 5.. Part 2. look at the photos and write down: 1 .' ":.~~~~:~l~t~~icl~~~Sai~~~~:.

. lightning and thunder i2 an.. 10 Do some reserves share very Similar circumstances and experiences? .~~~tu~aann~e~!:Sing so righi.. listen and answer 'Yes' or 'No' to the foHowing questions. . La r Hot tip! ----- ----. ~ Listening. violent shaking of the Earth's surface 7 a very Serious lack of food 8 the killing or death of the last remaining animals of (I cenam kind lOa small piece of rock or metal [hat bums brightly when j[ falls into the air round the Earth Il the noun from solve 14 money rood and services given 10 people who neec them 2 reserves the same reserves in warmer of the world? Do SCientistsworking on the reserves ever get to meet? . selecting Paper 4 Part 4 About the exam In this part of Paper 4 you may have to answer True/false or 'res/No questions about a ccnversanon Or an interview Strategy Listen for details that make the statements true or false or provide a 'yes' or 'no' answer to the questlons. problems/disasters Complete this crossword puzzle. 83 ..J I Across 1 a great overflow oCwater onto a ctace that is usually dry 3 an illness caused by an infection Or disorder in the body or mind.-ff- H " "-J " 11 "l II I~~~:~~:aav!I~YQ~:~. sick or in difficulty 6 a person who has been forced to leave their country far polmca! or religious reesons 9 bad weather conditions witM wong wind end often rejn.d the project start receraJy? . unexpected and danqercus situation that must be dealt with ourckly 13 a very violent wind that spins at great speed 15 the situation in which living in one place Down there are toa many people You are going to hear an interview with Dr Goodman.. size? parts a long period of dry weather when there is not enough water 4 a Sudden.Vocabulary.I 2 Are there biosphere reserves in countries) lot 01 different 3 Is the new Brazilian reserve far from the cepnal city? 4 Are there animals and plants that are threatened with extinction on this re-serve?. r . 1 D.. not by accident ' 5 an orcarusauon that gives money and help to peopje who are poor. scientist who works With UNESCO's biosphere programme. S Do UNESCO scientists work on their own on the reserves) 6 Does Brazil have 7 8 Are all the Are all the more than one reserve? ... I f- r I fte III .

'e happened tdlevi~jon ~ Listen to two candidates domq Part 4 of Paper 5 and make notes of a" the worcvphrases they use to express their opinions and 10 agreE'/djs~gree (5) .).ay that hae If.owned ~tat. pause for to work B because of 8 Therefore think.ion ulevi5ion ha£i improved in t<:!rm!> of the number of ahannel~ of programmeeJ'. Use expressions like: • Well.. are wrong Only ten yearo 8g.~ $MOWn has improved? .ma t~1!' thjng' and about: dramatic There al"fl a lot more. il the examiner asks you: 'What is the best age to start learning moment e foreign 3 you out what the other hand 8 as well as this 7 A Alrhouqh 8 A In additionto 9 A because 10 A Because this B Despite S Purthermore C Although C as C So language?'. but r think • {suppose __ A lot of people think that televifiion It'l my OOUl"ltry ha~ Impro~d wh. 2) ( ... of television with what a ..$h or pay to receive y ~bl~ te. (1) . 'Do you think so?'.o think it hi'J~ got .=J !flo-called that want realit:y 6hoW6 In which real peopl!'! talk to tnem..appointed i§ on offer. fhere programme$..el/}te d. ou can buy a e. j't doee nat: provide as it u~r!Id to. the documentariB6 thlS1Y Wo!lrQa few year art ana mU$lc (9) attract 8dvertl~eF-> the:!>e pr09ramme6 only a small audlencf). . quality programmes (8) than about . Part 4 => Writing: linking expressions Read the text below and circle [he aftemetive which IS not possible in each case 1 2 A On the other A therefore hand B Purtherrnore B however B However B However B Although C However C About the exam The examiner asks you to express your opinion about questions Part 3. h<1ll.s . (4) .over tne la5t few years.. you are the la~. in a!mo~t evs/.... (3) ... it is because sII1e wants you to say Q bit more Of give reasons for your opimon.nlon.. which i5 Ite main purpofie. there are people It the examiner says something ftke.. an edvcational aid. (10) ae much and the choice Inform.'i6j·clM. mBan the quality of wh.. ti you like a lot: oe onotce to be entertained more than Improved..o the .. .'je'$. ~pof1.. that (7) of thel"e' sre definitely fewer documentary are ~hown are . but....only televi6ion channel5 were the two eeate. related to the task in as well as these 3 A Furthermore 4 A Despite A So 6A on C In addition C Nevertheless C Therefore C however C In spite of Strategy You are asked for your opinion There is no 'right' game !'ihow..fe'. mo'....part of the country you oen receive as many iii€> four more channeltii with your MrmaJ TV $eC.". Irt my op.. it depends • I'm not sure. probably number poorer you thought charmel§..'ii... For 84 . not because you W0t"98.. anything el$e~ yOu would prot7af:tfy .. NowadElY~. (6) . very dit.of are steo fewer heve foun~ that ago."_ UN I T 12 The great persuaders Speaking: opinion (paper '5'.. "'''.__ doeG t:hi" ...

writer of the text on page 84 follow the right plan fOJ the task? 2 Write your and giving your own point of view.of something.ort6 proerammea. choice).ition. 2: firSt.rt=2__ About the exam In Paper 2. Write a plan using Plan B above as a basis write your article in 120-180 words us. ~ecau!:ie it!. people think.mne!~ = more programms!ii =. art and culture.e:.ows.. II'ntert-ainmel1t mainly. ~p. ..mote chantle/:!'i' than faragraph 2: more choice. Readthese two plans and deuce which one the wrrter followed Plan A mtroduetion: my opinion (tefevi6ion Par:agroph ft:Irofjrap" h describe 4 Think of arguments for and aqeinst. r Hot tip! ---------. I think. Paragraph:!'i: not educatIonal: fewer dccumentarie6. "the a sjttJ. the exam wrue at least one extra L.".2''-'P'"'''::.more. answer to the question in Exercise 1 1 Underline key words In the instructions. reality !jl1ow~.Writi ng: discursive ~['P". • Does it answer the question? • Have you used linking expressions correctly? • 15your answer grammatically correct? tlM- Olbout ~tatl':ment improved). more 85 . The article on page 84 was written the fo~lowirlg task In answer to Conclus/on: what what m06[. I From now until I Ito your teacher.~~~n~On it I I if your teacher is too busy. two point6 of '1~·ew: describe a !iiirustic" before. I exchange J dOGumentarie~.. about: ~~~~!~:~~. Part 2 you may have the option writing of lin article in whcb you talk about the advantages and appropriate linklnq expressions from paqe 84 Check your work carefully.:n:e:'lffl! CI_:e:!..".. game s. I pro!!lramme'~ Canclueion.ogr.ammee. :~i~~~gS~~~d(::c~~~u.. mOllie6.p".r". You have been asked 10 write an article for a student newspaper on the following topic: Has television improved in your country over !he fast ran years? Write your articlesaying what most people thinK Did the. fewer cultural p. the srquments for and against something a subjea: or in which you write your opinion about Plan B ~> Introduction: tjue5tian Be a ~"tatemeMt. s~te my opinion aeain: tefev/:3ion ha6 improved entettainlt'l!!!.reaeon for my opinion (more ch. Ex8mp!ee: Para9raph:3: second reaecn for my opinion (no more !:oorin!!! educational progr<imme~).

but I'd like to.:""P_.i. get Mary kind of person e) The letter from question from 5 I hope you won'.. The staff ~ry/i. 1 rile been trying telephone to get him through to on the with word order or the particle Find the mistakes in your rn sentences. c) What am I supposed to wnte with then? I know how to gel Over our Mum..~:.:". You really must get up to some work in a 3 tew weeks' lime She alwayslets b} I know..11·. The exam is match each of the the sentences above to an of the response below.. but the line is enqaqed... but you Should always plan your work before you start (0 write. I'm . really/very is absolutely/very boss is really/absolutely soon! 3 See you Have. Write the number sentence in a) Between qep. and draft to we need do write a7 out again correctly Now appropriate all afternoon.'". compositions? In the following sentences in the 2 I thought the film was ab5a/urelylvery enormous big. 120 and 180..just enough dishonest I'd never do anything because "m sure get away it with 86 .. for a to JUS! I've got P.'lvery 5 to match you often have do weekend study at the? She cooked I haven't lonq time . good-looking 1 have how we to do many write Mary quite enjoyed 3 Their house is bathroom 4 My 5 it.. modifiers/intensifiers Circle the correct sentences 1 Thanks.. The party was v~rylreally fantastic terrible.. Vocabulary. g) It was a pleasure to get down..'. on with me do what 4 I d} Don't worry..."":. 6 She doesn't 7 I'd never earn a lot ... but alternative in the lollowjng Grammar: have to/don't have tal must/need ..'":. Even the 2 with YOLJ help needn't the shopping. correct Put the words order. very well.a ierdficlterrifylng there ume were 4 along the side of the road needn't you gOIi€> much to so have trouble I'd certainly 90 eqaln.. 7 The amount of rubbish incredible.' _T. h) No.I'...lSS was 8 9 quifl. S-he's not my I'm sure you Will Part 1 and another Part 2.[1.:. get anything up to while we're out..1. . ".:d:.'" Grammar. phrasal verbs (get) There are mistakes all of the following write the sentences notebook.I(n) absolucely/qui!e seen such a delicious/superb 6 are how words write we to many supposed? 10 Their new secretary is verylab50luu~/y efficient 7 mustn't ink use you..... I want.':. The babysitter will tell f) Yes.lbsolu'e'yhelpful.. terrible meal. don'.afraid I do me if you do.

.separate sheet. Some friends out to to buying at 2 have to 3 4 and this turned be... June I must 10 'rt months patterns Spanish were the game shows. aicpcrt.. J by the number on the separate answer sheet. The first two 8 lines an? examples your answers and you have to check another on the... cut a lick ( ... But the best of 7 She..U!\IT L! Ihe qr.. I can get A some-have a word Which should not be there.. the supermarket A must 4 You. F'art4 0 00 1 to V 8 9 10 2 3 4 n 12 13 I• 15 5 7 • 87 .. that they were not the kinds. In programmes net examinations. drive me to the the bus. Because of the same are repeated almost I began again and aqain. but little I would so I knew anything 6 You .. Look at each line of the following text. 00 1 speak any because television 01 my Spall ish I had job. How lV helped o When me learn don't need to I a must a language to learn to speak quickly suggested .. the same day the world around been read an Eng!ish newspaper that what was happening and I could understand for learr-mp needn't a mustn't retake any of She passed 7 anyway the oews. If a line has a word which should not be there. write the word on the separate answer sheet. Despite of the fact I would normally J need B needn't 12 13 14 1S of the language have watched. The Part 4 eX(fm > error correction My Mum me to get some things asked for About the fifteen I lines texts used for are alw. get a good the exam. Some of thelines are COrrect and B had to . I could not@ and we B don't ... .. Although them sometimes.. mustn't At the first. been lot more than have to Strategy Answer in the question the booklet sheet.. I stili watch night'S sleep before A must B have to to quite enjoy of them. a 5 How wonderful Saturday up CIt 6"45 A Tomorrow's get J first carne to live in Spain. a S!?CreL A tell anybody.. There are two exernples at the beginning (0 and 00). lunch A heve 10 21 haven't the correct Grammar: error correction to till in the gaps in sentences. first. have watched hundreds 01 them in the first few after I came to rille here.. needn't You write . go years to the dentist. . you learn the rules automatically.. I did not really understand aU... of programmes speak Spanish well now. go to the iPaper. transfer your two A answers tc B must ..ays at least seventeen answer Jines long. .Il i persu~dNS choose eltemative the following 1I supermarket. go to answer don't 3 She said she.a really good advice... If a fine is correct.. When you are sure. them all A didn't 8 You ..... It's by little I began to pick up the main ideas........

Match the statements to the text.v. people who It was. doesn't live up to Il work WJth people who den-t Its standards.:. booI~ and shoes whh raw 1\1lIh." lind started i1romotillg..-1 de Surf'. a\:cessorir. Its approecn has attracted a lot of swceutaru.. interest II originally sold two kinds of qcods. But.l people mid their working methods nre so LmOOIIVcntiorl. Imt 1I~. Diesel was born 20 years ago und i~LOJI:tY.r made.(umcooooflilcllIOOI i..)£ ·r::. like him.l\'at cernes the name of another country.Reading: multiple matching I Paper 1.:Oillp. socks.d ~eUin!l the kind of"at:. Srul~i~go and Fernando tmvelhxl all O\'I. The Dieset $Iuffig made up of a wide variO:ly or people aild peNon~Jilie.gjM.fI!lel is Ihe 'Haute C-ollture' of Casual.~ignillg nrt. loliveaOOIlI..'lariah CM!y lind SIIOOj) Do!!1lY Dog Imvc gfven FUBU tbclr SHimp of apprl. DI_ymona tunt&:1 half of his IKIffie in QlJCCns..o. It i~presem in o .. they are imemCitionaJ companies. bout pride and NIlS-peel in what YIl-U wear and who yc-u are! FUBU nunco ill 1992 when Daymoml.:.lohndeddedt-Qll)' :lJid IYIflkcwmc. Soou the brol. started by a group of all hved in the same place.Iew desig'Ii.. Fenmndi) and Santiago AgucITC. he surrounded hilll-.. Underline key words. rugbyfi.1't~ couecuon i~IlI~rn>old illlem. III Ur.i1 m*e~ not only sandals.OCXI poims or selc and 20 ccmseny-owned acres.crunlrtl:swith II.. er80. statements you hav~ to match Howa company presents itself can have an important influence on how much investment they attract.her<. 1I11tnllf:t(lurin.lri... particular liIe-strle that ineludes travelling and boarding spOrls. l:l1t:nteoJ pcopie _ innt)vlliors who. By 1995 ruau were m:iI:i. w~1I u:.I.hirlS. For questions 1-13 choose from the companies A-D.. Argenti. WiI(O Rcnao ROS_~Q founded the COmpany in they love You are gOing to read about four modern companies. Here is what four clothing companies have to say about themselves A FU8U is .! t'hirclrerl's clollle.'l1 [Ilallhey ~~\'¢ been Ihe ~Ilbj&-Lof eeenuess m. Jupan.:.11loVllllw:reaeh:>aJKhJIse.r. New York imo u faclory and tbe other h:lIrint('l<l living space for [he 'Team'. Die'>!.--'-"~~ 1f I They don't make such a Wide range of as the other companies a particular It is closely connected with leisure actIVIty Reer Br..Mar(jc-I PIlll~l. Its founder started by making something he couldn't buy at the time.~ brood ~tyJi~li(" freoootn.1j. The Sl()ry of Red staned in 1977 when Iwul>rolhffi.::lifC$l). remall(lo~nd S~\Dliago O!)CIlOO II sUlfsJlIJp in . nnd a whole tine of giri~' foolwt:UJ..ll~ from llr<lUll(f Ihe world.~M wdl.hirts. from 1111 pans orrhe gjobc. wl1i(:h evcnrueuy convinced tOO SO"CnIIll>CIIIto liliobrulullliut1inf:.azil is a company based on a commitment to .clfwilh creative.1I0llCYOY (Ie. The 'Team' eonstsrcd or a group of neighbourhood fricntl~._alim::mnllcw5papcr 88 . cmuests..sfmthtl rmmLlf~crul'f.mce. It has gained the support of some famous people It was founded in one country but now outerwcat. Part 4 > Strategy Read the Not just a bUSiness.for'TJledlll7 'AMlt"13Clon Argenlm. although you can find R\:ef Brazil pl"Oductsin over 90 countries worldWide. -Il scrtas of surf Di. Hega\'e his Qptn-milldt:d . Toc13y. The people who work for the company have a lot of independence.lr1Urelh. goods Lio 11 '-_'----.RuefBral.llIlY.1I1iIIllI:lW~!j"c d<::signO. TOLIllY l'lIUU make W{lIlI~I)'S fUll. lhe brothcrsha"cnotfoq:onen why me)' started the busioc:. all or whom are all illtcgml part of the company.~lJ1C world on ~llrf!rJps. ~LIIdIx:!llln imponing 100 ~~ull1als 10 Iheir surf :ill0P.ln Y1Cj' ilI(ll J. Germany Imd A"~lmli u Top mesical ~ITtislssu-ch es fI.ll<:Jnd eQ~II~1 clollling~.. undilrwl"<lr. rejected Iheconvelllionsof the fashion indu<:l!). It has an International design staff. Read the text(s) very quickry. decidecilOIlI(lIltOJ1 from selling to de:<:igalng wtml l)(. Though their headquarters are in one place. he wanted to weur !limselfool coust 'lever find. but a way of life to the texts once very quickly Underline key words. denim...~lionlitly ill Fr.

.. Diesel Il:IIlplOJl~ever 1. .1rlietem lllithil.~lldm:1kc ilt..'. ~.. lI. '\siu.le...o. has changed...ons~lci!lg organiS3lion~.. Oh..: ill f 1%9...!.lladu.. ItfIIIinatlonoforrleP'... Perhaps the(I) f.::" . we never get Channel S vert clearly Pass me the (6) r...ac1\oflhe toonlriC5lnl'. Vocabulary: arrkles as well as Jocllmcrtiliry tefevislon media prograrnm1:l>.. In 1991 Gap again focused on Ih. 01 the person chargE' of 3 the title pdrued In large letters above a story m a newspaper 4 informal talk or writmg about other people's private lives .".'' '::.intcmlllional rnngIClrnerM\!:j.... 1 Find words in this. Till: store.:..:. are getting thc Americas. 'Poe every tt!ler..':.:.....'''. at eight.e (0 abide by the CIl.HI-<:.: I thoughl you said you were going to the shops as soon as 'OaY5of OU( lives' had finished. (Io.::''.. ..lli'lgs . . a person whose..<: <Ire located in Moh'cnll.1nth in !he San fl'ollidSCl) B~l)' Arcu in California. . will you? r just want to change over to see if the match has. e It might JuSI be that the (2) b. e: 1'1190just as soon as this has finished. 'IlKl ~11pWly ha~ worjd hQJqlL.000 people worldll. wberc thc ccepany manages J5 wb~idi~ries acm~~ Burepe. c~gll."'. are absolute rubbish. c.mSOfi~sand tcileeics for dJil~ren end adl..Jap-iln:Ul(tGcrlll. in the rcrtn-casrern pw1oflully.instalitly recognizable r.... word search grid to match the following inI3ill~ fl 'Cocle or Conduct' which is de~i~ncd to ~nsure tliat business parmers ~per:lleelhicllll)' and . . in addition 10 a produ~t develcpmcm orrtce ill Nell' VOlt.Ill1p-....job consists of collecting information end wriling things for newspapers and magazines . Don Fisher cpcned 111(: irst G~_pIW)I'.llts .i!<:d ingdQI'lI...:..e You don't seem to be gening very good reception. E!: Couldn't you go instead? A" 89 . but once you've seen a couple of episodes you're hooked.l1l11lany rulJll'¢busleess de.. Gap will 11Ql'Jilbn!il1('s!>whh people lIo11arefu<.an: L'Ii.'.h....''' ..'ll ITK:rt~a~Jio.''...ign... e.. They have abo been studied by (..\ mlm~d afler ~ ~Llliural ~lR)(Uenon .idc.. a punted Fir.:h.:O:.'h. started /1. on Ocean A\'enue in San Fmncis.ichG-ap~lIs jaos.....:..ll clorhlag... Shall I get some when I go out 10 the newsagent's? A Could you? I went to listen to the news (3) h.:k. Perhaps you should move the (5) a. These (4) s.hkh sold jeans and records.:' ea.lli(m there's a G.iuKI ill~lllciil1_g II.lnj·.1p·.. II «lsc operates Qffi('l!sine. . NNXVU5 5 P0 CHAHE I WG B A W K L t: P 0E0IT0R IA R Q p B I L VWS 0C0XJ UX P0 i.dtie~ ODdbusfness schools... The lJe~dqmln(lr. um v <:r. in the gaps in the foHowing dialogue with all appropriate The first letter of each word has been given to help you word A" I can't seem to find the SBC World Service on this radio.fJfLhcCO(Iowillrcsulc In~scOll<:eq1J"'"f\CeS-IlP Gap founder T the news in all in 1 humorous drawing often deCiling with something amusing w8y the pan of the newspaper giving the opinion the newspaper on a problem or event . .'':... word game which you do by fitting words quessed from questions and information into a pattern of numbered squares going down and across . .:':. Cll. K Ff>oct.. G3~ln~.lrlhat rompmrnising rhe Ietter or ljlilil.hat was the talk o(~~ times: 'the gcnennion gap'. J C R 0 5 H 0 F E U A K A D 5 L L K I G N E T YE oM RG F0 R 5 L T Q S L X R C A R T00N5 for evM}' genltration Ihara'ta Qap.. ..c ill produced uDderappropriu\c conditions inlhcUnitooStmes!HlC! lI\1lIod the world.

...~ Listening: matching P~per 4. It is possible to study (1). sheet [he to words are spelt correctly the right numbering. gradu"tes Speaker 4 Speaker 5 .. Speaker 1 . ADVERTISE Some {S). !'~... but things are improlfiog fORTUNATE EMPLOY advertisement.. speake-rs who talk about a theme such . of Jnc:reasingly sophisticated 'TV and press advertisements. worried thet people would notice something.. courses ~n re-porting degrees students as.. recently on sports and (3) which were (4) {S).. Strategy Read the instructions and ask any questions before the cassette starts listen for dues to match each speaker to the prompts. .. 11' III F He was. ENTeRtAIN AVAILABLE ENtHUSIASM YOu w~11 hear five different men talking about experiences th... (9}. Check your answers wh£on you hear the cassette again. of m the media. in the media industry....> In About the exam There ere always five different There are ten gaps each word answer tormetion text.ey have had with the media.y career opportunities .. in media studies. C He o W. 90 . not all gradu.IS on the in a television he wrote was in edverttsement. in the gap in the same jine There is an unanswered on the answer sheet . B He was interviewed radio. attract from QII over the country prefer to work to use their in (6) .. many of which offer (21. For questions 1-5 look at the statements A-F end match them There is one to the speakers Nowadays there is a (O) ... You write the.words YOIl form on a separate Strategy • • Read the text through Form words Check that Be careful sheet.guess if necessary! at the beginning (0). Speaker 2 Speaker 3 A He was taken in by an as ten years ago. as it 3110Vls them ('7). Writt=! your answers on the answer sheet. • Decide what part of speech is missing for each gap.IS .a E rejected because he didn't seem natural. Transfer your answers to the answer fellow Read the following each line 10 form example text and use the word a word that given in capitals at the end of fits.. . the media or health once to gel CIgeneral them Idea of what it is about.. at most universttles. extra statement which you do not neeo to use. .. Part multiple Word formation i!'aper 3... EXAMPLE: (0) variety Media career opponunities VARY JOURNAliST OPTION Newer . Part 5 About the exam &.. Don't leave ally questions to fill each gap and write Read the completed text to check that it makes sense. Use the letters once only. Something newspaper He W..~~i!!t.. above the gap~.Ites1ind work easily as there is still a lot ot (10).as travel. in the CREATE PRODUCE ....

I heard it What animal is being talked about in the following sentences? 1 HI? always. the doctor 1 Shetold him she thought he was a really terrible manager. raised its head She neighed es I came into the field. and hosed straight from the horse's mouth II. but it was obvious. she purrs loudly 91 . Column B el Why don'. Match the sentences in Column A to a response in Column B Write the appropriate letter 10the gaps. It's a mad world 2 Label the features on these enlrnals and then wnte the name of one real animal which has each feature. If you stroke her. from I can hear them mooing over the hill 3 4 He gave a mIghty roar. Column A 1 Are you sure irs true that they're getting mamed? 2 I'll never meet a girl as beautiful as Helen 3 It was meant \0 have been a surprise party." . barks 01 the postman. . he knew about It all along.. 6 1''Ie <Jotto go into town to tomorrow morning. but then he calmed down and was quite nice about it dl Wouldn't it be better to take the bull by the horns and tel her? e) What nonsense! There are plenty more fish in the sea ~ So who do you think let the cat out of the bag' g) We-Ii. you kill two to the bank as well' birds with one stone and go 10 5 6 . 11 b) fhat must have really put the cat among the piqeons {) He nearly had kittens at first. 4 What dtd your Dad say when you told him you'd decided not to sit for your exams? 5 She'll be furious when she finds aut I broke her favourite vase.

you .. (finish) your homework first... happy. (norlcof)vim:eJ right.. nd ability a to commemcate.. (try).. 7 1 Each candidate has to talk for three minutes 2 The candidates should decide together Which animals they want to see 3 The problem close.... 1 If you wstem.. 4 The IS- airport if we had been delayed.. (leO you stay up and watch TV tonight provided that you ... pronunciation.. (sew) those green buttons on your Jacket... listen to Dimitra and Giorqcs doing the task Who got good marks for interactive communication) 92 .. plane Strategy When you do a problem solving task: • make sure YOu understand what 10 do. .. she birthday 9I (promi:s-e) 10 If r (meet! three years earlier If (come) party..... (nortsrand) under that dUring the thunderstorm last week.. • ask for the other candidate's opinion (g] 1 Listento the interlocutor instructions for 9111in9 1wQ 4 It I .. (be) you.....11) him....It back .. If (know) you (divide) two thousand fIVe hundred and ninety-six by fifty-four. . The examiner may also assess you on task achievement (how well you do each of the things you are asked to do in Paper 5)..soon. f1uer1CY.. he .. 12 I... (be) (yew/do) If you Prime Minister' tree 14 What... (Will) (b@) (be) (work) > About the exam In Paper 5 you are given marks for use of grammClf and vocabulary... you . (make) soap. (you/buy) If you the lottery? home by SIX thirty unless ... • cover ell the points you are asked to talk about.. 6 We.. your immune well.I\j to the the-ir plane a cerodetes Mark task and Study the map below the following statements T (true) or F Oalse>... I . my ..Speaking: problem solving [ Paper 5.... .. so long as you to give... (nor/ger) struck by lightrllng If ... 13 he . (lend) to my eighteemh candidates will need [0 know the words for various kinds of ammals... ..lli With a fat.... that the zoo is going 10 8 They . (g@l) forty-eiqht point oh sever. (notldn've) all . 11 If you. (mix) an alk. Part 3 Grammar: conditionals 1 Fill in the gaps 10the followrng sentences with the most likely form of the verbs in brackets... you my new shirt to wear to the party. . (bEt) late 3 I.. (have) time tornorrcw evening. What .. me you're the W<.... I (.... 5 No matter how hard you you .

". . Zero lempefatures A female (11).. . it etten (8) up because I gels tiled very easily. . Neverjheless:. (t4}..... natural can be PO) .. If n tails.t'xrr 1:1 Ir'.. They sne is less (1 J. DoMI once qUICkly to find out what It is about.out year old They killiheir first small huntrng rub heads logelher and animals when Ihey are about then parr. Occasionally lhey do in ZOos They can jump nearly nine and their airs-pring are Called metres. H can go lor more than a weex ~ (9).. again.. my parsrus . Read the text again to make sure it makes sense... steamy several miles...a They have similar bodies Ileal (3) . (15}" eM climb trees (4) . usually live alone.. . . . I I I 10 n . one . Adujt tigels Junglss to enowfteros with sub....animals il hunts. • Decide wh.... Make guesses for any gaps you cannot fill.a they {13J_ .lnd teave rnetr moine... Iransfer your answers to the answer sheet._ . A tiger depends (6) its sharp eyes and keen ears. ... 13 1S = = = = == == == == ='= = "= =" = "= = "= = "= .. iumping on (7) .at part of speech is missing • Fill in the gaps on the question paper. Strategy • Read the text • Read it .... Spend oil mexenum at fifteen minutes filling ill the gaps. Aboul half usually die rllght Theil olten rneer while betore Il1ey (2). Tigers are gOOd SWTrT)m8rs... never mate together if1 the wild eat 23 kilos of mea! in a nigh!. the lenqth Qr a double-decker bus. . (5). I 7 1wouldn't live anywhere else in the world unless Vocabulary and grammar: open cloze AbDut the exam 'rou have 1 hour and 15 minutes to do the five tasks in Paper 3 and transfer your answers to the answer sheet.. they are quite tiger has her first Cubs when frrendly Wlt~ each other..._ calching anything Tigers comrncrrcare by many The tiger can jive in elmost sounds.... rl waits in 00\18' and rushes at the .. . . . . I 6 If I had to choose two records (or CDs or cassettes) to take to a desert island. . inCluding a roar (hal {OJ ._...<1 mad WOfrd Complete the following sentences m an eppropnate way 1 If I do weir In my exams... " . In the following text and copying them on to the answer sheet 2 I might not have met my best friend if .. .All of this :-hould take you no more than flttesn minutes.. . is sbcur 'tiglons· or ·tigons'... paying attention to the words around the gap. I 4 The world would be a better place if 5 If I stay out in the sun In the summer.Jl. .. ... over envjrorimerd from not. lions. ~!!y .. = = = = = = = 93 ... four mOsllyhunt(12)_ " years old. 3 If I could change one thing about myself..

between their qardens.lps in the following sentences with an appropriate word.s served. I can see smoke coming out of their c.' II'Sal'l'ladwofld places Writing: describing places [paps?).. have umch in one of the chilrm. r Hot tip! -----get better marks if ---. Then match the candidates" answers to the examiner's comments.s._ Vocabulary: LIN IT ]. and pestres 5 The lsndscspe is vaned. at the weekends gardening tools in the corner of the garden He keeps all the There's no in a 5. 6 There must be someone home. Describe your ideal home.. your oescnpnon i~mtere.. Cirde the best alternative sentences in the folJowlng 1 If you likl. because I cou'dn't se€ over the h. 7 II you visft the mountain lIillages.. 6 The market is very .' water sports...iJglenJoyable taverns where the local wme .. saying where it would be and how you would decorate one ollhe rooms. . ..._'-'-. Put them up in the 0 .-..... :. but I could hear children playing in the front qarden 94 . room Ior those sunceses down here... My father expects me to help mow the I.W'l91 .._------.J 1. " 4 The burg'. .m got In by climbing up a d and through the bathroom window.... A Vienna is the pl(lc€ to visit for music-lovers and its cafes are famous for their charmlngld@!icioo5 cakes. " 5 . 3 One thing that makes the cathedral different is its exoticluru15u~1 spire.. 7 We keep all the wme in th~ c i1"5 so much cooler down there .:ciov~ With stallholders in traditional costume selling exotic/glorious fruit and vegetables. They got on so well with their neighbours they decided to take down the f.::..I L.. ofler[llg spectacular/c%urlul views 01 the valleys... your vj5~t10 Lake Eildon will certainly be spe((ijcularlenJoyable The new cernpsite and sports centre ere located just outside the [own in colourful/gloriouS countryside 2 . The first letter of each word has been given to help you.o/ourlu/ldel. Fill in Ihe g... Part 2 ::> About the exam Another option you may have to choose from In Paper 2 is desCfihing a piece or building I~:~... LOOkat the following task and the answers two candidates wrote..........

u I..tUI&w~ plad< and -""'.. _ Jt.. well-organised piece meets the recui..J!-o4s.""""'"-'I:.= • Mt i"'" """.{.:lng about an ideal.""""_"'. 95 ..4td . forms and '. A wri tiog the which s7'" nnd=mfor'. though there are two minor er-ror-s with vccabu Lar-y ...5"""~ ~ til..M.s"u.:UIel.. though the last eenrence is inappropriate in a description of this kind.iS describing an ideal or simply his actual horne.iId ~ J....JfI&~E~ b.e good of of qn.."'~ ~ no. and mistakes with verbs..Utcr. it clear that the wri ter is taHt..c... .~. town or viljage? Whi. 4 1 Now write your answer to the task in Exercise 2..~' ""'" si<... t.!.{d!.. n/ tk ~.s14N:. on..r.Candidate A 1 COll'!!l@Dtson caodidate "JI""" Mm< um&t ~ "'p..w... evtJ{_'{a..&.e use of the conditional I wo.~ ~..d.: ~ "" tA..<-..d -teA rIl.. J&~"""'"""".uld) makes. verb and not . I a~'.14w. 2 C'Qrrrrneflts Grade: Very on Candidate "s !JI1'~.v.. w. ..9~"Q~"". WmdJ t..A .ve sp. Underline key words in the instructions Tlunk 01 ideas: What kind of house Dr tJat would you choose? Would you build it in the country Or in city.'lom wkr. .. 5mJl fo<ksJ::. oro order .renents instructions. U"...~/q~~aut.JJ. A range of ideas is cOmmuniCated with e good range of vocabulary and st roct-ures .... rk ~~ /. 4 Write your description in 12Q-180 words making sure that you use some of the vocabulary you studied in this unit and appropriate conditional forms 5 Che(k c(lrefutly for spelhng error.. T. ~<.4. =d.$g ~ 9Qswer lwi.v..1Ia...."".I. ~ ckr"""".w-f".g.!g u-e equi!d _:p <nd (. making it difficult to tell if the writer W.SIt. It ""... ..&....n. Write the sentences with these mistakes out again correctly in your notebook. ~C_dU~u. 1'}g..!.. Candidate B 3 Find the two VOQlbul(31)1 mistakes the examiner mentions in the good composition.m...=Jd& ""~ 7!1u-.d!h~ <=ld~ l!If.' tk <awdtY Grade: There Unsatisfactory is lit_tle attempt to structure the t:u< tfu I""'" t!. The use of the Present Simple would confuse the reader. ~ &~ =u..Mdr=...&d t>.uU tktoU':!fIl'~ would you be able to see/do there? Which room will you describe? (3 Write a plan of your composition foHowing Candidate A's answer..~n/.:./h.. The vocabulary used entirely aDl?~opriate 'rhere are basic errors is very to the with simple task .~ answer in terms of the Inat ruct Ions ..

Check that you have copied your enswers accurately.. Said to have killed more than (5). her bad behaviour any longer. location of E:cclescrieg House.. 6 I couldn't put tolerate Ti(govrste: (4). Listen and complete the gaps in these notes which Summarise what the speaker says. me her notes 2 Although she studied very hard. behaviour any longer Durmottar castle: used to imprison rebels alter Royalist rebellion in (9) . unless I'll go to the doctor tomorrow better. • Answer as many questions as you can the firs. My father used My father etten played YOuwill hear a man being Interviewed about ghosts and haunted buildings in Europe.. Strategy • listen for the general idea and specific information . sheet.... After you have heard the recording for the second time.." .. ----..... Wrrte only the missing words in the space on your answer sheet.. .. while we sang 4 If I don't feel better tomorrow..... during the test.. Dracula: real person: ruled part of Romania in (3) .. .. transfer your answers to the 8nsw... 1 She said she would lend me her notes... Use the word in bold and other words to complete each sentence. very hard. promised She .ldworld Grammar: key word transformations ~ Listening: gap fill Strif'tegy .. her bJd I couldn't. people kept in • 7 • s 9 10 96 .... (6)... .._:===.... S YOu mustn't talk during the sentence. .t time you hear the recording . a degree 8 She lost her job because her work was careless carefully II she . she would not beve lost her Job....: u>:n 1..... .e. addition I have extensive sales experience . of Dracula's kingdom and where he had his palace. . she didn't do very well in the exam.. Spend only one minute doing this. • Check for spelling and verb form mistakes. 7 I have a degree (lnd also extensive sales experience.. despite She didn't do very weollin the exam . More than dungeon Part 2 1 2 3 5 (10). supposed You.. ..... and particulerlv sensitive people..1 It·sllm. One member of the family who lived there was the commander (7). 1"11 go [0 the doctor. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meamnq to the. people.~. the castle that inspired Bram Stoker: Aberdeenshlre... Number of sites visited in Britain (1) Marks of violent past events released by (2) . the cane while we ~ng. Body (8) . FiUIn the other answers the second time you listen • In the pause (heck spelling and grammar. . Complete the sentence5 on the question paper without changing the form of the word given..~ : .... Died In mysterious circumstances..

three children up the road etten come round to lea. There js one extra heading which you do not need to use. J!. d!. ~ "'" do do do . but he loves the pretty lour-poster bed in the Robins' bedroom.' says Maggie. Part I > Strategy • Read the paragraph headings and the text once quickly to get a general idea.::. He was four feet tall.4. J!. Go into the house itself und you notice thai everything is big . Iransfsr your answers to the answer sheet below A A mystety resident With a big appetite. d!. . and when he was lost a few years ago it was headline news.g. • rmd the main idea in each pareqraph • Wfile the paragraph headings 10 the spaces On the question paper.. plus ccrree with Jots of sugar and cream. ~ C 2.lY a's eight feel from the ground to the Up of his nose. 2.orn IYOUI":I< db d!.1J~\ltTU It's. d!. . m~cfwolld Reading: matching multiple Paper 1.120. house 01 wood and fifty acres of Scottish above Cleneagtes. potatoes and Hlreen pouncts of fresh meat. but as we all know stars ate very fussy about these things. A J!.OIY"Maggie. Choose the most suitable heading from the lislA-H for each pert 01 the article 1-7. A warns that this is A cuetorn-bmtt coach parked In front cost S. s.but he's got all awfully soft face. Hercules was bought almost fifteen years !l.... • Read the text through with He went to Ih€ USA and met an Indian who 'kept a bear. J!. h. . E! Make yourself at home. Fhe solution is provided by a sign outside Andy and Maggie Robins' home.. d!. Most women would probably have begun divorce proceedings. . 'bur that's really more because of Andy than Hercules. IS__j Commercials and Illms have made him famous.ggs. s.g. Hercules Is a very tnendty bear. he confessed to his wife thnt he wanted a bear as part of the family. Beside the pool is a liUle log cabin with a pile of rubber lyres Inside. b ~ 2.4.but when this particular star . But there was nothing Ior the public to worry about.. t A bit of 'uxury. To some degree this house has been made 'Hercules-proof' wlth bare walls and corridors that have been made wider than usual. 2.' the headmqs. 'It's true there aren't that many ornaments about.g. 97 ..000. = . His owners say this has stood in his way professionally when he has gone for roles thai need a big bad bear. but nOI Maggie. g. It makes YOu WOnder who on earth lives here.. And he appreciates an occastcnal curry or perhaps something Italian for supper for a change.go from the Wildlife park in Scotland where he was bern. g. J!. 17__j He sleeps in the log cabin by the pool. workil'lg in as Hollywood he had his own jacuzzi 100. s: do d. Do net spend more than eighteen minutes on thispart of tile test 12__j There's pool In Readthis magazine article aboct a pet bear. When Andy got rnerrted. = b . TO(\. "'" .up to and including the meals Bear. . H Keep ouu 13__j In the knchen most 01 the Iced is lirmly 1000kedaway.g. g. like a 10m and Jerry cartoon.4. . C Specially designed D A nasty temper.b .' :'. I necessities The solidly butlr stone is set amid forest in the hills sign by the gates private property. This is Hercules' house as much as it is the Robins' so he goes where he Hkes. 'He's tried to gel se-rous parts lI1 films . but very wild then. a dish cooked with tomato soup. d!. g.g. H~'II watch TV when there's something g()()d and loud On. g. a forty-uve foot swimming the garden . = B = g. And ut teatime. g. but on the breakfast bar In the morning you'll flnd a healthy portion of baked beans wttf bread and o!. . cUD Pay attention to the structure 01 the text.Hercules the bear walks free beyond this gate' (4__j It <Ill started back ill the days when Andy was stili a protesstonal wrestler. • Iranster your answers to the answer sheet. . a farmer's daughter and keen horse-rider. It reads: 'Warning .4. .b do d. F Too gentle for his own good G An understandmq wife. 16__j AI home.

..g.agreed A acquit her had to swerve to avoid him..··v· UN I T 14 1 She was. take another driving lest at once.. answerjng the ouesuors and tr...000 worth words The poltce [oink a'an Ouestions about where what its purpose is.lS the man shoe away from B Judge twenty-tour B jury they m. 01 pronouns (e.. always keep means you • should: at the alternatives.anaged to reach a B verdict him had seen running witness It rook the A accused Eventually A plea reading the text opposite.. by it man who threatened to tell about her past. A pid:pocb:. in connection be allowed to drive aqam.g your answers to the answer sheet. That he should pay a fine and be prohibited from driving lor a year. about about what the text means. B Capital USA.c.. Aaout in 2 this the exam you may be esked her employer There are four types of questions A hijacked The.. on ball...robbery How did the police learn about A Men carrying out roadworks B Other drivers reported him.l( 13 The Judge. Do the-y say the opposite of what the text says) Do they say somethjnp that may be true but which is not the bank in the text? Do they say something exactly the same as the text? hours to some parts of A Probation The police have with A arrested B accused to . Spend eighteen minutes only similar but not ... C A police D Another C. signature On £20. 1 What B did the court decide about never Mr Howarth? 10 11 12 The judge gave a suspended A punishment B sentence the A That he should . . B blackmailed hed e knife so she galle him her bag. exists. them B release driver telephoned 98 . • answer without find evidence you travel on public your bag carefully closed in case of A hijackers B pickpockets 7 The" A • find the alternative • make sure the other answers are wrong. closest 10 your answer. not be punished Mr Howarth? reported him punishment C That he should D That he should a woman last Tuesday's. Guilty or not guilty? Reading: multiple choice to firl the gaps in the Vocabulary: crime Choose the best alternative following sentences. . the text comes trom or arsonist B forger hts father's B Strategy For questions whIch ask you about looking what the text of cheques..ansierrin. rhem) those) 3 4 Ouestions and demonstratives about the indreduel rhis. the meaning 1 Questions Questions A smuggler B mugger Department stores lese millions from it. . said she was sure he W. .ting 4 A He A forged When B shoplifting Iii the fire... part of the exam. for your answer in the text. (hat re.. smuqqfed transport.

.L .FNIT 1. It was a nightmare journey for him and he was dazed. behaviour of his normal 8.cJ hun.ery not typical wicked thing.. }\ on pelice car ill the 'OIT!::!:1 lone drove !1(lJlg. defending said Howarth sul! worked five day" a week as an accountant. .~ioje Howarth's car find SIOPpe.~ possjblc and gel back all to the right road. 7 How did Mr Howarth S Angry A there WE're otner cars travelling in the same direction.. and h.wnid roadworks and set Q1f ona rood between Oxford and Newb u ry il'Ilhe wrong direction.l1ld chartered accountant . lighl and lre. W'I~ (trlvillg IJ) {he fast I bne of (he nonhbcund c'lrriagcway iI~ he tnl. 8 the incident happened at night.ble thing.: = = A A . lie had driven oro 10 the rood as he tried to avoid roadworks and had nor al flNt rearlsed he was in the wrong June because lraffi<: wa . o he W... o Because he had not Stopped as SOon as he could have done.police stopped him to avoid him.. i~ltCllliQIl was 10 g":l orr as quickly R. 8 Mr Howarth's A S ( this was lawyer daimed thet anything wrong realised he was on the wrong side of he had done a v. about the Incident? C He did not think he had done o He was glad jt was over.!'. C there were not many cers and he couldn't see the other sJde of the road clearly.. he realised he was on rhe wrong cilrri<1Scl't'ay nnd hu.galH nner the rear in which he is tmmm hom dn .!'.ld crwen II whole mile o he was not 10 blame for what he was too old to be drilli()g. magistrates III Abingdon were told Hcwanh.b b = B B = db db db db db db db db .b .ln~iI eighl 111 nlg~l .'tC.Ind contused C Because he Mad driven off when the policeman stopped him. prosecuting.!'.after driving seventeen mites. .1N.. Howarth pleaded gulll)' to dangerous dnvill!! and wa~ also fined t175. and frustrated.Ner. ' An nut He leaned forward as he ~lmiJll'd 10 hear yesterday as Mr John Horn.( eight lay-bys along uic roUIC where he cnuld nave siopped alld for thai reasoe he accepts tl'ml he is gutuy .£. "'1Ili. C when he saw other cars swerving o before he h.g it (M was travelling itt rbe wrnllg otrccnen MI' Robert Hawes.\. drJver stopped him they would catch him eventually. who U~l'S ~~ hearing uld <11111.!'. happened. & & .'t.£. 99 . on the road and he Why did Mr Howarth plead gUilty? C He realised o There were 10 stop. .'ral drivers 10 !1I'l:1'YC a dark January afternoon.£. 1·lewas ookre:lto re-take his test if he wants 10 ~ril'e <\. sometimes I.(:-1.i.~elledsouth causing :.b = = A A . . lie comlnued fOI' another ten miles u • police road hleek run:<:d nim 10 stop. £ £ £ s. road works had 4 Mr Howarth did because not realise his mistake at first A Beceuse he thought he had done a terr.1 Guilty or net gLlilty! 3 Why A did Mr Howarth step In the end? Some S Another policemen managed to S[OPturn.\. S Because he was dazed . 82-ycnr. 5 Mr Howarth the road A when the..-00 has had a perfect driving record M~ pa~sing his test before me Second lVo.~s blocked his view of tbc opposue camagcway 'Withiro a <1'perfect' 60-).td W~r was Lmnned for a year \~eroiil" for travelling ~c..lIlated.I_\.}m Howarth became confused as hi: fried 10 . 'lI.£.11' . confused all(1 ln obvious :. . fee' A Ierrrtrsd and UPSEt!. dri ing record. Mr Howarth wa~ I" <.. said police received a number of ~99 cnltc sityin. '-nlis was 1101 a Wicked plcce of driving.. but as the policeman climbed (l):er jlecenuul barrier Howarth set Oilligilll1.eIIIL'l:!IIllk~ I ~ the wrong direcucn on a dUll carriage uy.lS not wearing his glasses. 'There w ere in ("0.. .

You'll them . ~ lor where they thought the I don't think police. If your friend wants. And I think I would probably make either. What's more we shouldn't let our but I was Prance that week: politicians .. but I couldn't make exactly cut what she said. a bed of something make me wear clothes. 2 The judge deeded not to allow him to drive. 1 The police maoe him to stop. I didn't I didn't allowed to go me c) to reduce d) the bad effect When t was younger. The escaped prisoners... She muttered some-thing under her breath. hear or understand difficulty b) to prepare something by putting something with 6 They allowed us. ..going 7 DoE'')she lei you stay up late 8 My parents Fridays'? like. One of the verbs goes wrth tWO of the definitions.q.. wouldn't of your own let my sons or daughters I probably wouldn't allow There is a mistake the following the sentences. Find the mistakes and write the sentences out again correctly. swimming unless my parents were with let me to go. . crimes should be here. tried to make the mcontems they would be able to hide.. There are mistakes In seven of the foHowing sentences. 100 .should be ajlowed I thmk people who 6 think we made . And I don't we could make a bed for her in the spare room up.. different parts together e.. but they've and are the best of frfends spend e couple of days commit violent let .. all sentences night.. go home early) to the party. Oil 1 make up 2 make out 3 make tor 4 make out (that) 5 make up for a) to see. He just made up it.. The SOCiety I don't should think we llye in should be allowed In fact I think 2 WhClI he told me wasn't true. paragraphs to pretend something 10 rbsy wouldn't Complete e} to move towards f) the follOWing in your own to invent a story or piece of information in order 2 to deceive people words Children . with word order in each of Find the mistakes and write out again correctly in your notebooks. 1 You won't make for lost time up by working be too tired 10 work tomorrow. Write the numbers 1-5 in the gaps. Are you allow to stey out after ten o'clock? 4 Do your parents make you studymq English? 5 Will the teacher let us.. They had a terrible other for a couple row and didn't of speak to each made up It should days. .. them .Grammar: make/let/allow Vocabulary: phrasal verbs (make) Match the following phrasal verbs with make to a definmon below.... him where hIS had been rne out people 3: Whell the ponce asked they 4 that night. he made that he had been with in be made .

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