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2307 Lebanon Road

Nashville, TN 37214
Non-Profit Org
US Postal Paid
Lebanon Road
Nashville, TN
Permit 2464
Church of Christ
2307 Lebanon Road; Nashville, TN, 37214 * (615) 883-6918

Current Resident or Volume 59, No.12 March 20, 2011

Lots to Do Today! Adam Faughn
Joe Adams
Sundays are always busy, but they are also should be one of our joys. Bring a dish and 773-2331
uplifting. Today promises to be no differ- enjoy the meal together.
ent. Johny Baker
Then, at 12:45, those who are interested in 758-7654
The focus of the day, of course, will be on learning more about Lads to Leaders will
the worship of God. No matter what else Ralph Brewer
return to the auditorium for a more in-
we do on a Sunday, we need to always be 871-4849
depth look at the program. There will be
sure that our Lord is at the center of our time for questions and answers, as well as
thoughts. As we worship Him this Wayne Davidson
more specific instruction given on 758-2705
morning at 9 and this evening at just what this program is, and how
Worship With Us 6, we want you to be present and we could consider incorporating Earl Flynn
Sunday: Worship 9 AM & 6 PM * Bible Classes 10:20 AM have a friend with you! into the culture of our congregation. 889-1659
Wednesday: Bible Classes 7 PM
Following our worship this morn- At 4PM, there will be a service at
ing, there will be a combined Bi- Steve Ledbetter
Heartland Towers. It has been some
A Message from The Elders (Reprinted for Emphasis) ble class for our adults, college time since we mentioned Heartland 889-8614
students, and teens. A representa- in this space, but we need to do bet-
From time-to-time we are asked to knowledge. Both Adam and Leah have been tive from Lads to Leaders/ ter about attending these services. Jim Schroeder
provide information and suggestions relative invited to speak this year. Leaderettes will be with us to talk This is a great opportunity to encourage 754-8990
to lectureships and/or seminars that are Bibli- about that good program. This is in con- some wonderful people. Make that little
cally sound and family-friendly. To that end, junction with one of our goals for 2011, effort and come at 4 for the service. You’ll Cliff Wilson
Although the registration fee is not cheap, we and I know you will want to hear about the
we are pleased to inform you of Polishing the be glad you did! 889-6477
are confident that you will gain much from good work done for young people and
the presentations and enjoy the fellowship of congregations through this organization. It promises to be a long, but rewarding day.
Each August in Sevierville, Tennessee, Polish- others of “…like precious faith,” if you do It is my prayer that all we do will be to Pulpit Minister
After our classes, we will enjoy a fellowship God’s glory and will help us build up the Adam Faughn
ing the Pulpit is held to teach and encourage decide to go. And, with the week being meal together. Join in! Our fellowship
Christians from all over the world. Each day Kingdom here. Make sure you are here for 973-4483
spent in the Smokey Mountains, you will also committee plans these meals to help us every part of the day, and let’s enjoy this day
is filled with classes for ladies, deacons, Bible enjoy the physical setting! enjoy times of encouragement and fun to- Outreach Minister
together at Lebanon Road!
school teachers, preachers, elders, and all gether. Make plans to stay and eat. As a Harry Middleton
members. There are also classes during the family of God, spending time together
day for teens, and all ages of children. This Information packets are available in the foyer
year the dates are Friday, August 12 through Youth Minister
Thursday, August 18. If you cannot spend
for those who are interested to let you know Sunday Sermon Preview
more about the cost and other specific infor- JD Buckner
the week, you can also register just for the AM: The Greatness of the Church #3: The Lord’s Leadership (731) 336-4768
weekend, which runs from Friday evening mation. In the meantime, please check your
through Sunday morning worship. Speakers calendar, and be considering this good week PM: The Path to Peace
are selected from all over the brotherhood to of Bible lessons and practical instruction.
speak in areas in which they have special
Sick List Worship Leaders by Harry Middleton JD’s Jargon
Juanita Bradley is at McKendree in room 263. Sunday Morning (Contact: Carlos 889-3185) THE RELATION OF FAITH Hello everyone,
Nettie Rose Flippen is recuperating at home. No Opening Prayer: Wayne Gordon AND REPENTANCE
Visitors Please. My trip to Columbia, TN last weekend for the
Read Scripture: Lynn Wright
Frank Hayes had heart bypass surgery on Friday at Not only are faith and repentance natural con- Graymere Youth Minister's Retreat went very
Closing Prayer: Steve Ledbetter
Centennial. ditions of salvation; they are by nature inseparable well. The classes I attended were interesting and
Sermon: Adam Faughn informative. I brought several ideas home with me
David Smith is recuperating at home. ---that is, where one exists the other cannot be
Song Leader: Richard Roberson lacking. And this relation is not an arbitrary that I hope you will get to see put into practice very
Serving Lord’s Supper: (Contact: David 754-7085) one. Theory has nothing to do with it. It is sim- soon!
Congregational Potluck Roger Reaves 1 ply the natural order of things.
Jim Oakley 2 Now, repentance is simply the turning of the I am very excited about our Spring Retreat coming
Tim Ledbetter 3 soul to God and away from Satan. The impenitent up March 25-27! We will be leaving on Friday,
Following Bible Study
Joe Adams 4 person is at enmity against God; he is in rebellion March 25 at 5 PM and traveling to Whispering
Bring your favorite foods and enjoy the fellowship
against Him. God’s grace through Christ is re- Pines in Hendersonville, TN. It is going to be a
Drinks and paper products will be provided. Ralph Brewer 5
Shea Cofer 6 jected. He is in practical unbelief. Faith that wonderful weekend with a great theme. We will be
saves, that accepts Christ as Savior, means trust, studying the topic of "Unity," so it is important all
Joseph Barefoot 7
or reliance. A faith that means only the belief of of our youth join us! Please be praying for our re-
Young at Heart Game Day Sammie Windsor 8 treat that it may bring much glory to God and be
facts cannot reach the blood; it is not by nature
Thursday, March 24th Sunday Evening (Contact: Cary 883-5909) very profitable for our congregation!
qualified to do so. This faith may be possessed
In the Fellowship Hall Opening Prayer: David Cook apart from repentance. Millions possess it and
11:30—Lunch / Finger foods Closing Prayer: Wayne Davidson make no pretentions to Christianity. Until faith We had our first Bible camp meeting for 2011 last
12:15—Games Begin Read Scripture: Tommy Moore takes on the nature of trust it is not saving Sunday. In the meeting we decided the theme for
Bring some finger foods and enjoy lunch or show up Sermon: Adam Faughn faith. To believe “on” Christ or “in” Christ is to this year. "When I Speak Your Name" will focus
just in time to play games. Song Leader: Richard Roberson thrust one’s soul upon Him for salvation from on the sanctity and power of the name of
Serving Lord’s Supper (Room) sin. Repentance is the turning away from sin, and God. Please continue to pray for our Bible Camp
faith is the acceptance of the remedy for sin. Re- that it may help many souls to do God's will and be
Desserts Needed Gary Schow 1
Ronnie Oakley 2 pentance shades off into trust. The impenitent is
Desserts are needed for the rejecting Christ; the penitent is receiving Him.
Have a great day! Thank you very much! --JD :)
Spring Youth Retreat. Wednesday, March 23rd (Contact: Keith 889-7366 )
(From: “The Way of Salvation”
Please drop off desserts by noon on Read Scripture: Gavin Hammers
by K. C. Moser; page 63.)
Friday, March 25th. Opening Prayer: Billy Hutchens
Speaker: JD Buckner
Honduras Supplies Song Leader: Lynn Wright
Jessica Markwood will be doing mission work in Announcements:
Honduras from March 30-April 11. She is responsi- Harry Middleton - Earl Flynn
Mark Your Calendar... Singles Ministry/Spring Cleaning
ble for collecting items to put Baby Care Kits to-  Saturday: Men’s Breakfast
gether. Nursery Attendants
Supplies needed include:  Today: Congregational Potluck
Allison Studer
 Today: Lads to Leaders presentation
 Undershirts Washcloths The Record  Today: Heartland worship at 4:00 led by Michael
 Receiving blanket Nasal syringe Rader, Philip Autry and Jack Steele
 Cloth diapers Diaper pins Sunday Morning Worship 281
 Tonight: Visitation team #1 will meet tonight
 Plastic baby bottles Cloth baby Sunday Evening Worship: 266
bibs  March 24: Young At Heart Game Day
Sunday Bible Study: 238
 Cash gifts will also be taken until Mar. 27  March 25-27: Youth Spring Retreat
Thank you for your help! Wednesday Night: 182
 September: Crisis Care Class
Contribution: $10,884.00

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