The only thing both adequate and necessary for business success is customers.

The Seven Steps of Marketing

Marketing is all the things you do to procure a potential customer, and to prepare the way for a sale to be made.
“At its most general level, ‘marketing’ is the presentation of a proposition in the way in which it is most likely to be accepted. Whether it is the packaging of a brand of cat food or the election manifesto of a political party, marketing is distinguished from other business activities by the way it takes the customer’s point of view and looks back.”
(Tim Ambler, Marketing from Advertising to Zen )

In an ideal world, we do a little thinking before we start communicating. We think about ourselves and our audiences, then consider our respective needs and desires, and plan our communications accordingly. Step One: Your Given Circumstances – Who you are, what you want, what you have,
what you are able to do, what you are willing to do. To successfully plan a journey, you must clearly know where you begin, and where you want to end.

Step Two: Identify & Understand Your Audience – Who are your potential “customers”
(or audience with which you want to communicate). Consider your audience, your customers: What are their needs and desires?

Step Three: Create Your Story or Product – To satisfy the needs and desires of your
audience. If you know and understand your audience, you can create (or reposition) your story or product to make it necessary and satisfying. This is your natural story – one that respects both you and your audience.

In the real world, unfortunately, too little thinking goes on before we start communicating. The first three steps are blithely passed over and we take premature (inappropriate, ineffective) action. Step Four: Show and Tell – Decide how to show and tell the desirability of your story
or product, using as many of the senses as possible and appropriate. Here are the fundamental principles of your marketing communications, your storytelling approach (advertising, packaging, media relations, and the like).

Step Five: Customize Your Offering – Adjust your “Show and Tell” fundamentals to
account for variables and opportunities. Various and changing circumstances require that you be flexible. Here are the implementation details for your communications efforts.

Step Six: Check the Target – “The meaning of your communication is the response you get,” (Anné Linden, Mindworks ). Pay attention to how your story is received. Savvy
marketers figure out how to test their stories before telling them to the world.

Step Seven: Follow-Up – Did everybody get what they need, when they needed it? Is
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