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Term-End Examination
ro june, 2009

Time: 2 hours MaximttrnMarks: 50

Note : Questionno. 7 is compulsory. Do anyfour questians

fto* questions is not allowed.
No. 1 to.6.useof cal.culator

1. (u) Which of the following functions from

N to N are one-oneand onto ?

(i) f(*) (-1)'yxeN

(ii) f (x):xz+x*1. Y xeN

(b) If z - sin(x2+ y2) where a2x2+ b2y2- s2

then find dz/ dx.

(.) Compute quartile deviation f or the

following data :
70 &.
M ar k s : 20-3030-4C40-5050-60 60-70
No. of ?
5 20 t4 10 8

MTE-3 P.T.O.
2. (u) .If the roots of the equation x2-Ix*m-\
differ by 1, then prove that 12-4m*'1,.
(b) Solve the diff erential equation

r ,>\drt /
( r - t ' ) # * x y : x ( r - x , "f\

(.) -
The probabilities of X, Y and becoming

m nagers
a are4 2
g , n and d, respectively.

The probability that bonus scheme will be

introduced if X, Y and Z become managers

ur" ,| unaf, ,"rp"ctivety.Whatis the

probability that bonus scheme will be
introduced ? Who is the most likely
manager to introduce the bonus scheme ?

3. (u) The product of first three terms of a G.P. is

1000. If 6 is added to its second term and 7
added to its third term, the terms became in
A.P. Find the G.P.
(b) Examine the continuity of the function
defined by '

lt- ul
f (x)- x - a ;x+a
: 1 ;x:a

at the point x:a.

(.) The p.d.f. of a continuous random variable
X i " f ( x ) : C ( 1 0- x ) ; 0 s r < 1 0 . F i n d
(i) c
(i0 CDFofX
F.- (iii) mean of X
ro (it) standard deviation of X.
4. (u) Find the equationof a spherewith its center
at ( - !,2,3) and which Passesthrough
(1,- 1,2).

(b) Evaluate *lrxdx

(.) The city council of Delhi statehas gathered

data on the number of minor traffic
accidents (Y) and number of youth soccer
games (X) that occur in town over a

X : 20 30 1 0 1 2 1 5 25 34
Y: 6 9 4 5 7 B 9

Fit a linear regressionto this data to predict

the number of minor traffic accidents.

5. (u) The position vectors of points R Q, R are

i +4 +3k, -2i +3i +5k and 7i -k'tespectively.
Prove that P, Q and R are collinear.

MTE.3 P.T.O.
(b) Find the equation of the tangent at t-2 to
the curve .x_ at?, y -2at.

(.) 2 0 0 c o l l e g e s t u d e n t s w e r e c l a s s i fi e d 5
according to their intelligence and economic
conditions as per the data given below. Test
at 5% level of significance, whether there is
any association between intelligence and
economic condition's of the students.

Excellent Good Dull
Economic Good 24 43 13
Condition's Not Good 31 57 32

You may like to use the following values

(x'r,r.ou-5997, -7.82
X' z,o.os and

x2 u,o.o,-12.59).

6. (a) Find two non-zero numbers whose sum is

L5 and the square of one multiplied by the
cube of the other is maxim

(b) A committee of 5 persons is to be constituted

from a group of 4 men and 3 women. In
how many ways can this be done ? How
many of these committees would consist of
3 men and 2 women ?

(.) A fair coin is tossedfive times. Find the
probabilities that a head aPPears

(i) exactly three times

(ii) at leasttwo times

(ii| at the most four times

7. State whether the following statements are true

or false. Give reasons for your answers. 5x2=10

(u) The sum of binomial coefficients in the

expansion of (1 + x)n is 2n.

(b) If f : R-+ R is such thatf(") - cos (x + 2) then

/is invertible.

(.) The mean and standard deviation o f a

binomial distribution are same.

(d) The normal curve for

1' -tl 12
.f _ 7 " ; ' 2 ;

attains its maximum at x:0.

(") The asymptote of the curve x3+ xy2 A2:0
parallelto y axis is x:1".

-o Oo -

MTE-3 P.T.O.
fu{rr etrirfi(*.qurfr.)
E{, 20A9
gl.*.$.-g : rrfurfrq Fqh-qi
Wzl : 2 qrt erftmdqwF : 5o
tle: yw v@r t erfrad tr yrr s@nt I a C d qtdan
yw #fqg/ #qrfui w wlrr 6r+ a?erpfr l#tr
l. (a)

.it ercrfrtZ \
(i) f (*):x-(-1)'v xeN
( i i ) f ( * ) : x 2 + x * 1 .V x e N
(b) qR z - sin(r2 + qd a2x2a62r2: c2 dE
f) 3
dz/ dx$rc*1fqq r
(.) ffif€H ffi 6r qEfqrfq{d{ qffid s
qifqq r
ei?F" 20-3030-4040-5050-6060-70
*q qftr*
fqqBiqt ql
5 20 t4 10 8 5

z. (u) qR qqtfr{ur
*-u*m:o + Tdi fr riqr r 2
qT erqqt, aq fua q1ftrqfo 12-4m*1..

MTE-3 P.T.O.
(b) sil*n. {qtn{uT(- *')#" xy:. (t -
+1w q1ffiqr
(.) x, Y eh z *vqero eri q-l srtrfrflrT-EI{I:
4 2 ..1.-.
sft{; trqR x,Y eti zvesrs'qqqre
;, ;
t tr et{HfrqqTXIFt*.qqr+m,lqrfufrdr
T-wl :
3 1 r\ 4 r\
t f{ dq€
tr w"i wr YrFraor
-fr-dngo m1qqrfr? qTfrq.ffielq qr Yqeffi

ut{s *qil {FstqT?

3. (u) Whtr{ *tfr +.l-oA fr-{ .rd q.r{umq-f,rooot t

qR $r*-Eq\ qqi o sthnR 'rEfr z fu
qKT t d] i qq qqfil *ofr qq qrfr tl {oilnt
ffiFrd qltqq t

(b) id€ x:a T{ f @):# ;x* a

: 1' ;x:a

ERIqRr{rtrd srFT * qiiliq 41 cffq qitqq r

(c) qR {rdd qgfwfi q{ x $T lfufrilr qeq rnqn
-x) ; o<x<10tl iffi srd q1fqq
f(*):c (10
(t) c (ii) xtFT Tfq q?HserT
(iii) x E-rqTerT(i") x i5t q;rs-f,aq6rq 1

4. (u) qo N frd q-reqt+rtraroqitqqfusfir+q
1-r,z,a;t eilr qi frg (r, -L2) Q elor

(b) I *l', \ dx q qevr*-le1fuqt

(.) i yrfl q
tfimi rrRTqii +'n qftqqi u'sro*-.eila
di qr€i Ed-dz] qrTr{il-d gd'-ffin q1 vqr
(Y)sir gqr yr-ffi tri +1 qiwr (D & @
qq-fff i{R

X : 20 30 1 0 T2 1 5 25 34
i t
Y: 6 9 4 5 7 B Y

C8-drzl qTTFnfrgE?Fipiiql €qr si qFJftr

q{i + fdq gt e+ffi m-rviqq qn{iqrortfu,-*-
srgqlfqq r

5. (u) fu€enp,e, n *. feifr €Ryrr-rr{r: i r-2j+3k,

-2i +3j+st aih zi- k t l fue eltqq f*^
p,a sfunqte tl

(b) ffi x: atz,y:2 at *' loq t :2 t{-{ggf tgr s-r

rlmqwrvroqlkq r

MTE-3 P.T.O.
(c) sifrq *' zooffiffi fr1 s{*t gFsrn stt
qftfoftrrffii*. er{snq'tr-{.d | fr'A
t<q'rqsffi *. erJqRsrqrfoar wt qt *q
+1fuqf*. ffiiqT q1EE'ffiIofksTrfsimfurftd
*^ qtq $qq tqr r€f t

E€U erd TIE

A r I
sfdr 24 43 1,3
er€lrfr 31 57 32

fiqldfuR rlrif HI v*q qr v*'t t t


=7.82 and
(x'r,o.ou-599L,x2 r,o.ou ).
x2 u,o.ou

(a) tsi { q+d{ @{rd *1fqq fu{ql *rrq-d

15t etr q*'rnsr *. q't gfuWfr tfsr *'qt
** eiRr*-eqtr

(b) 4 gFW 3TR3 ql{f,lsTl S'gWq {r 5 qi<oqT q?r

qfi'qFTfrq-{r{qnl tr qo H'rqfsili dfrqift

fqqrqr sffit t ? gqqftftHTfr t ffi qfirdFif
d ggoq*t zff€r,fr1

MTE-3 10
(.) q* t+qqrfrf i liq eRssttrTqmrt'r gs qrd
s1 yrfuq.dT
arnqlfrq t*. rrt{ (te)
(i) **. ntqERe{rgrrr

(it oq t etr * ERenEsl

(iii) \'qKr t -qKT qR qR 3{RrrnI

7. qdr$qi* ffifien qen qs t qr er{fs siqi ffiii sx2

E'tr'RTt 4cil-fl :

(u) (1+ x)n*' ysn q fdqqWifi mrqlrrn-f,z" t r

(b) qfrf.R--+ntqrtfus+'fdqf @)-cos(x+2)

nq / eix-rrrnq*'n r
(c) f,d.rqqaq qr sTEqsfu qp6 fd{mq qqm frA

^ I - t / ^ ,''2
(d) f : tr e-'/z ; - oo(a( oo*. tdq y{lIrTf€T
4:F'x:0 T{ sTfeffidq dilr t
(") y-3ilQl €qidT 4s x3 + *y2 - v2:0 .h"T


MTE-3 ll