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Marut Darncha-om: Curriculum Vitae

Name : Marut DAMCHA-OM
Title : Associate Professor
Address for
Correspondence : Faculty of Education Prince of Songkla University
Pattani 94000, Thailand
Tel. : 66-73-313928-50 Ext. 1629 1630 (office)
Mobile phone : 66-3, 1962231
Fax.: 66-73-348-322
Tel.: 66-73-313035 66-74-336211 (home)
Nationality : Thai
Position : Former Head of Community Development Program 1990 –
Deputy of Head of Sociology Department 1992 – 1993
Former Head of Education Department
Chairman of Community Development Education Program of
Master Degree

Present Head of Rural Education Division

Education : 2497-2501 Elementary School Kiriratnikom, Surattani
2501-2507 Secondary School Surattani School
2507-2509 Songkla Teachers College. Songkla
2509-2511 Pranakorn Teachers College, Bangkok
2513-2517 College of Education, Songkla
2523-2525 Chulalongkorn University Bangkok
2526-2527 Xavier University. Philippines
2528-2530 Central Luzon State University. Phil
Qualifications: B.Ed.(College of Education Songkhla) In English and
History. 2517

M. Ed. (Chularlongkorn) 2525.

Dip. In Rural Leadership ( Xavier) 2527
Ph. D. Rural Development (Central Luzon State
University) 2530
Languages : Thai and English
Fellowship of
Professional societies: Society of Research in Social Sciences
Previous Employment : Head of Community Development Program.
Songkla Teachers College

Self Development. 2530 – 2535

2512-2514 Lecturer in Industrial Arts Hatyaiwitayalai School
2514-2515 Lecturer in Arts & Crafts Yala Teachers College
2515-2518 Lecturer in Drawing, Songkla Teachers College

2518-2523 Lecturer in English. Songkla Teachers College

2525.2528Lecturer in Philosophy & virtue for Teachers
Lecturer in Human Conduct. Philosophy and Teachers Virtue
2530.2535Self Development

Visits abroad since Brief visits to many countries, Learn

2518 : about people way of life.
1974, 1997,2000 Asia:
and 2002 Korea, Japan. Philippines.
Malaysia. Singapore. Laos,Combodia
Burmar, Indonesia, India, Israel, and China
Germany. Norway, England. Switzerland, Italy
Czechoslovakia, Denmark, and
The United States of America and
Major Committees : Teachers Council PSU 1993 – 1995
Morality for PSU’s Personnel 1993 – 1995
Personnel Recruitment Tests for
Municipality Teachers 1993 – 1994
I deal graduates committees of University Ministry
1999 – 2002
Major Consultancies
Since 1974 : 2002 Morality and Virtue for Teachers.
Ministry of Education. 1974-1994
Rural Development Club 1976-1994
Vocational Supervisor Unit 1984-1993
Drug Prevention Unit 1990-1993
PSU Dorm. 4 1993-1994
Participatory Action Research for Rajaphat Institution
Community work: Various Lectures in Spiritual Development to
Civil services, Ministry of Education. Ministry of
Agriculture & Co-operatives, Ministry of
Interior, and Ministry of Health
Major work of
Articles and Researchs:(1984-present)
About 70 articles In the field of Education
Morality, Spiritual Development, Drug
Prevention Education, Culture, Leadership and
etc. Published in major Journals in Thailand
Marut Damcha-om. 2002. “A Study on Child Labor in
Deep-sea Fishing and Fish-sorting Business in Pattani Province”
Songklanakarin Journal of Social Siences and Humanities.
8(2) (May-August 2002) pp. 161-170.
Marut Damcha-om. 1985. “Level of Reasoning in Morality of Songkhla
Teachers’ College Students. Journal of Educational Research
14(4) (October-December 1984) , 25-35.
Marut Damcha-om. 1989.“ A Study of the Needs and Problems of
Slum Community in Hatyai and Songkhla Municipality,
Songkhla Thailand” Faculty of Humanities and Social Scienc
Songkhla Teachers’ College (mimeograph).
Marut Damcha-om. 1992. “Condition of Employment and Quality of
Graduate Students of Higher Education : A Case Study of
Graduate Students who graduated from Teachers’ College
In the South” Office of The National Educational
Committees Ministry of Prime minister .
Anan Tipayarat , Marut Damcha-om and others. 2000. “Multi-culture
Education for Thailand”. Songklanakarin Journal of
Social Sciences and Humanities 6(2)(May- August 2000),
Marut Damchaom, Pranee Tongkam, Sanan Pengmuan and Penpak
Tongtae. 2006.
Project Evaluation Taksin-thintong. Songklanakarin Journal of
Social Sciences and Humanities 12(1)(January- March 2006)

Pranee Tongkam, Marut Damchaom, and Sanan Pengmuan. 2004-2005.

Model of Health
Net Work for Diarrhea Solution in Pattani Province .
Pranee Tongkam, Marut Damchaom, Penpak Tongtae and Sanan
Pengmuan. 2004-2005.
Developing of Model for Promotion Quality of life
forWomen Labor in
Marine Industries, Pattani Province. (on going)
Marut Damchaom, Pranee Tongkam and Sanan Pengmuan. 2004-2005.
Project Evaluation The Promotion for Sustainable of
Community Solidarity
In the Southern Boarder of three Provinces.(on going)

Marut Damcha-om. 2000. “Peace Education” paper presented on

Ideal Graduates First International Congress 14-17
November 2000. Bangkok, Thailand . Organized by TIGA
(Thai Ideal Graduates Association).
Books: • Introduction to social Sciences Research ( 1992)
• Secret of Life (1993)
• Leadership for Rural Development (2000)
Recreations : Meditation, Book , words
Others training
Year Place
2538 (1995) University of Medan Indonesia Community and Rural
2539 (1996) Saemaul Undong Central Training The International Training
Program i
Institute. Korea. SAEMAUL UNDONG.
2540 (1997) Mt. Carmel International Training Training on Community
Centre, Haifar Israel. And Development in Israel
2540(1997) Delhi University, University of Study and visit for Health
Rajasthan, Jaipur and Jawaharlal Nehru University, INDIA

2543(2000) Rome, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Arts and

Culture of Europe
2544(2001) Kunming China (Chingarila Rute) Chinese
Culture Study
2546 (2002) Malaysia Philippines, Indonesia and Canada Research
presentation on
Right to Education
2548(2005) Cambodia Poipet,Seamreap Angkor-Watt
Angkor Tom Study
2548(2005) Nether land, France, Switzerland, Germany European
2549(2006) Japan (March 29-3 April,06) Tokyo, Kaeoto, Nara,Osaka
JapaneseCulture Study
2549(2006) Chiang-ngai, China (May 20-25 ,2006) Education in
2529-2550(06-07) Meanma (Dec.31-Jan.3 06-07) Rangoon, Chawaedagong, Hongsawadi, Pratatinkwean Burmese Cultural Study
2550 (2007) Spain, Portugal (March 19-27’2007) Spanish & Portuguese Cultural Study

(Associate Professor Dr. Marut Damcha-om)