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Submitted in Partial fulfillment of award of Degree of Bachelor of Technology In Computer Engineering From Rajasthan Technical University, Kota

SUBMITTED BY Nishant Agarwal (07EGJCS041)


Heads-up display. Here comes the need of µFuzzy logic¶. read books without opening them know details about a product without having to browse through it or simply get to know time without seeing the clock.the computers that we can wear. What we need now is computers that we can really call personal. Fuzzy Logic:The whole concept is based on using fuzzy arithmetic. But the desktops and the laptops that we use are in no way personal to us. The fuzzy system needs to be given inputs that we want our system to work upon. And using those µfuzzy logic¶ and accessing an infinite source of information wiz Internet we can get the information of any type that we require on our finger tips. The information is received through the sensors. y Position Sensors y Colour Sensors y Proximity Sensors Because the input sensed is not from a specified set of inputs like that in programming.Abstract Wearable Computers & Gesture Recognition Computers have invaded so much into our personal lives that now we call the computers the personal computers. unobtrusive input device. Because what the computer needs to sense is basically in the form of gestures. The sensors can directly sense and understand what the user need at that time. identify what we want and finally give us that without being asked to do so. How about getting before our eyes a virtual screen that can show us anything that we want just by recognizing our gestures. three main sensing elements would be required depending on which they generate values which then act as input values to the µFuzzy logic¶ systems. But what information will be provided and how will it be known that which information is needed? Here comes the need of some input schema which in this case is solved by the sensors that sense the gestures of user and other sources of information input which are directly attached to the user. multi touch surfaces The solution to the problem of by the humans can be provided by the use of head mounted devices that directly project the screen which appears at a six foot distance as wide as 35 inches wide. The solution for these comes handy with Wearable computers. talk with us. They present before our eyes a virtual world blended with this regular world and thus giving us an opportunity to extract whatever we require most importantly without asking. we always do not have an accurate output. understand our gestures. Thus a range of the input has to be specified where the computer can itself contemplate the output. Using the logic of fuzzy arithmetic the information sensed by the sensor is processed and the result is obtained by the user on his projection system. Like the clothes they remain with us and provide us with what we need. a device that can allow us to paint on walls. . a system that can walk with us.

. Augmented reality involves the application of computer generated imagery in live-video streams as a way to expand the real-world. selecting and saving the desired ones. that does away with the µsit on you system and find out¶ scenario but provides an µInfo on the Eye¶ system where information about absolutely anything is just a single click away or rather a single touch away.e a virtual image is projected on the real world. Summary Input navigation and augmented reality.Then to show what the output is. Practical application: The practical application of such an augmented device could be used like a µGoogle on the run¶ interface giving the user multiple choices of browsing through information. modifying it according to their needs and most importantly using it as and when required without having to have a solid medium for display. Augmented Reality: It is the blending of the virtual world with the real world of user. and construction of controlled environments containing a number of sensors and actuators. together with humanistic Intelligence thus gives us a modified and a sleek and quick version of already existing applications. comes the augmented reality. It includes the use of devices such as µheadmounted displays¶ and µvirtual retinal displays¶ for visualization purposes. What is being talked about is basically a head-gear system which involves projection of the required information or data on the visor/reticle. i.

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