Solar Returns By Ron Bippus GENERAL RULES The Solar Return chart is calculated for the exact moment

in time that the Sun returns to its natal position, and is set in the place where you currently live. It forecasts the general outlook for the year ahead, and should be used as part of a whole spectrum of techniques that include transits, progressions, and directions. The Solar Return is a snapshot of the zodiac at the precise moment that the transiting Sun conjoins the natal Sun. This makes the Solar Return similar to a horary, which makes predictions based on the quality of time that a question is asked or an event occurs. It points out where the action is by its emphasis on certain houses and signs. The Solar Return is always set up for your present place of residence, not for your place of birth. Going somewhere else for your birthday to change the nature of the coming year does not really work, since you would have to stay there all year to experience the change in the rising sign. INTERPRETATION 1. The rising sign and the house cusp it represents in the natal chart are the prime focus for the year. If the sign is intercepted in the natal chart, it will be a very frustrating and difficult year. Any planets in the first house also strongly influence the emotional tenor, but the signs on all four angles are always important. The Solar Return Ascendant and its ruler show the general approach to life, and the attitude, health and fortunes for the year ahead. 2. The house that the Sun is in points at a major issue for the year, and shows where a great deal of energy is being applied. It shows the basic life pattern for the year, and if there are many aspects to the Sun, it will be a very active year. Fewer aspects indicate less activity and a more tranquil year. The house in which the Sun falls in the SR chart is the birthday month's forecast and influence, and each house after is the following month, since the Sun transits at the rate of one sign or house per month. Each house is treated as events in that month, and the sign and planet ruling the cusp influences the outlook for that month. The chart is used like a clock, with 12 months on its face instead of 12 hours. As the Sun conjoins or aspects other planets in the SR, it will generate events. 3. The Solar Return is a horary chart, and can be interpreted without reference to the natal chart. Special attention must be paid to the aspects of the transiting Moon, since its last aspect before it changes signs determines the final outcome of all issues. a. If the Moon is void of course not much will change unless there are overwhelming indications for change by house and aspect.

your concerns are mostly focused on career and social connections. If there are few aspects. Energy levels are fairly good. If the planets are somewhat scattered. social. legal partnerships or marriage undergoing change.b. then the chart must be assessed by hemisphere and quadrant. c. Conjunct the IC. The Moon's aspects. On the Ascendant. learning and cooler. it's very active. A majority of planets in the cadent houses suggest a year of changes and mental activity and stress. If there are more planets in angular houses. communications and social activities. 4. SR Moon above the horizon. and a very active daily routine. but quiet and introverted. Emotions are strong. or a trine or sextile. Below the horizon. In Air. there are practical and material concerns. detached emotions prevail. whereas on the Descendant it indicates long term relationships. the year involves subconscious personal problems. The Moon sign signifies people with the qualities of that sign in your life. can cause emotional and health tensions. if strong and numerous. then there will likely be a separation from lovers or employers. In Fire Signs. If the final aspect is an opposition. Conjunct the MC. then challenges are met successfully. nothing will come of them. Financial affairs are important. If a planet changes signs before the Moon does. The Ascendant . The Moon in the Solar Return The Moon shows every day activity. then everything will turn out well. life is more relaxed and slower. family and emotional security issues are sharply highlighted. e. with family and relationship concerns and low energy. and need to be worked on and balanced. it is an indication of career changes and changes in personal goals. A preponderance of planets in the succeedent houses indicates the completion of work already under way. If the final aspect is a square. and possibly temperamental and confrontational. then all efforts for change are wasted. then this indicates many new projects for the year ahead. d. The SR can be interpreted as a temporary natal chart for the year. physical health and attitudes toward others are changeable. and you will have time to catch your breath. In Earth. The houses with several planets in them have the strongest influence on the coming year. If the final aspect is a conjunction to a benefic. it's an emotional year. In Water Signs. indicating a very good year.

5. The natal/SR planetary aspects can be quite revealing. with a lot of energy directed into all areas of life. Therefore. The Descendant is what you project to other people. whereas the South Node indicates areas of stagnation and previous activity that needs to be left behind. 2. 4. FIXED signs indicate concerns with financial or emotional security. but can be source of strength and courage. Use all inner transiting planets for event prediction. since it is the most important planet in a SR. SR Mars shows action and energy patterns for the year. and how its conjunctions can be used to accomplish beneficial changes. Planets on the descendant are the qualities that you project to others. CARDINAL signs rising indicate a very active year. As it conjuncts planets in the SR and natal charts. SR North Node indicates areas of challenge and growth. then that would be the first month after your birthday. SR Mercury by Aspect. The aspects made by the Sun as it moves through the zodiac generate events. MUTABLE signs indicate social activity and communication with others. SR Venus shows emotional and financial patterns. or print a bi-wheel. The other months are similarly counted. especially the Sun. Planets on the Ascendant indicate the quality. Also watch the transiting inner planets making aspects to both SR and natal planets. Put the natal planets around the inside of the chart. INTERPRETATION 1. Sign and House indicates thinking and communication patterns for the year. TIMING The transiting Sun moves at the rate of 1 sign or house per month. The outer planets as always indicate major events and activities.The ascendant is what you want to be or achieve that year. . 3. it provokes temper and causes frustration. Watch for the Sun conjuncting planets or points in the SR. character trait or goal you wish to achieve that year. since this triggers events. if you count from the first house following the house that the Sun is in. The only problem here is indecisiveness. how others see you. Watch for retrograde and direct stations on a sensitive natal or SR point.

and some need to consider physical appearance and pragmatic relationships with people in authority. 7. ASPECT INTERPRETATION Conjunctions . new working conditions and responsibilities SOLAR RETURN ASCENDING SIGNS ARIES This indicates a year of action. Travel and communication with family members are highlighted. Natal planets conjunct SR planets or angles emphasise and bring natal influences into that month of life. career and domestic situations dominate the year. this can be a time of heavy burdens and responsibilities. achieving goals through help from others Inconjuct . CANCER This indicates an emotionally sensitive time. directions and actions Trines . problems in life style. GEMINI A head full of ideas and ever changing viewpoints accompany this sign. They are separating aspects. and the social life may be very busy.Arguments with those close to you because of differences in philosophy. and stubborn wilfulness needs to be controlled. and increased physical energy. time of rewards for use of talents Sextiles . Caution is called for. TAURUS Financial. Career wise. Often. Grand aspect patterns bring about major changes in life. . There may be an addition to the family. Squares .Emphasis for the year on those planetary house and sign energies Oppositions . as will any natal aspect pattern repeated in the SR.Obstacles to be overcome. Natal angles conjunct SR planets bring that natal house into that month of life. there is an interest in relationships and added financial responsibilities and new enterprises.Reaction from others and to others in your environment. quick decisions. Family security needs have to be addressed and resolved.Benefits and enjoyment from your environment. new drives.6. or more than one romantic partner. but feelings are close to the surface and tempers may flare.Others appreciate your insights and creative abilities.

so travel and other expressions of mental freedom are high on the list of priorities. . care should be taken that the relationship and career don't founder due to an excessive search for pleasure. Care should be taken not to spend all your time and money on humanitarian ideals or travel. have fun. CAPRICORN Personal restrictions and heavy responsibilities may be encountered. Personal relationships need some focus. Its house placement in the Solar Return shows how that function can work out. There are likely to be changes in the career. AQUARIUS A need to detach from the usual social conventions and do your own thing is very strong. and any opportunities that come along should be grasped. This is a good time to tend to personal affairs rather than career responsibilities. There is a need to rely on your own inner resources and strength. LIBRA Legal issues surrounding relationships and business partnerships may arise. SOLAR RETURN HOUSES The Solar Return houses are the most significant part of the interpretation. The natal house placement of the Solar Return Ascendant ruler shows how the planet operates for the year. since they indicate in what area of life the action will take place. There is a strong restlessness. Criticism from superiors may result in financial woes due to lost raises. With hard aspects predominant.LEO A good time to be creative. This indicates a wonderful romance. This is not a good position for marriage and other personal relationships. Time should be spent on the arts and other creative pursuits. Co-operation and persuasion rather than verbal aggression are called for. Because of job related stress. A tendency toward extravagance needs to be watched. and risky investments may be undertaken because of an over confident and optimistic attitude. or hard times and confrontation over money. VIRGO A desire to change the type of work you do. PISCES Intuition and feelings play larger parts than logic and reason. or have children. SCORPIO Intensely repressed feelings and emotional issues dominate the year. A strong need for self-expression and initiating action without the help of others. and a discontent with the job in general and the people at work in particular may predominate. SAGITTARIUS Opportunities arise to make or spend money. 1st. otherwise they are likely to founder. health may become an issue. Opportunities for personal growth and self-development will likely arise.

2nd. 3rd. A year to be spent in quiet surroundings to recharge the emotional batteries. will occupy most of the spare time. Writing. or make some paintings. Get back to your roots. Marital. This is an excellent time to make money. Involvement with churches or political groups is likely. Settlements in partnership disputes as well as in legal and marital affairs are likely. Other people's legal affairs may intrude on your personal life. death. The expression of ideas. and try to see the other person's perspective. 10th. Birth. or alimony may get some attention. but remain diplomatic. A change in professional status is likely. or spiritual pursuits. enjoy life and take some risks. become major issues. involvement with drugs and alcohol. This may be a good year to get married. and the kind of work being done are likely to change. or bet at the racetrack. so physical health may suffer. Let others express their opinions without getting angry. Work related creativity might acquire an outlet. This change can be stressful. 11th. This may take the form of romantic affairs. Home. Career and business matters come sharply into focus. 7th. and relationships with family members are emphasised. 6th. or to end a marriage. Inheritances. rather than direct action. 5th. so try not to make long range career commitments. 4th. . The kind of work you do may be in a state of flux. Write a book. Resolve conflicts and differences through negotiation. Old or new acquaintances become very important. and care should be taken that a romance does not threaten relationships with your children. Social activity of all kinds takes up a large amount of time. and personal self-esteem may become a problem. family. taxes. Relationships in the work place. and settle some unresolved family issues. travel. and other major changes are emphasised. The urge to travel and expand your horizons may be very strong. The emphasis is on personal values and finances. 12th. or behaviour as a parent. partnership and legal issues need some work. or may be enjoyed vicariously by reading books. Don't over work and burn out. as well as financial problems or opportunities. The need to relax and get away from work and other pressures becomes very important. and research into those ideas. 8th. and health become major issues for the year. 9th. or follow whatever creative streak you have. There is a desire for public recognition and social approval. Relationships with parents. especially through real estate and other investments. Earning capacity may be stressed. Have fun and play games. keep in touch with the family. Romance and creativity are highlighted.

so this is the chance to make permanent improvements. NEPTUNE Kick back. and don't try to hang onto the past. but investment opportunities should not be neglected. JUPITER Great self-confidence and self-assurance come with Jupiter rising. social affairs and fun. . Self-assurance is fine. but rather to look inward and tend to spiritual needs. A feeling of confidence and being in control persists throughout the year. and make sudden changes when the opportunities arise. but good planning is needed to prevent wasting a lot of time in aimlessly running from interest to interest without accomplishing anything. and confidence often evaporates. PLUTO A year of drastic and permanent changes is likely. Restlessness and a desire for travel and general changeability persist through the year. SATURN Self-worth will be tested severely. Make sure that self-satisfaction is not the only goal. because the failure to take action will haunt you. This is not a year to push outward. This is a good time for travel and seeking knowledge in foreign places. Be creative.RISING PLANETS SUN A time of personal accomplishments which will be of benefit to oneself and the family. Take care that the emotions don't run away with you. MOON A year of being emotional changes and tending to relationships and domestic issues. but don't become arrogant and confrontational. take up acting or painting. chill out and relax. Focus on practical matters. so don't make permanent commitments. Others may try to control and dominate you. URANUS Take your freedom wherever you find it. and both may change for better or for worse. MERCURY Intellectual interests and communication dominate the year. Feel free to express your opinions. There is an enormous amount of energy available. MARS This is a year of exceptional energy. but nervous exhaustion can be a problem unless there are periods of rest and relaxation. This is a good time for intimacy. Permanent relationships and financial matters will dominate. and accept responsibility when it comes along. VENUS This is a good time to tend to romantic and financial interests. Take care not to make hasty and careless decisions. but don't be too outrageously different. Be flexible and open to change. or write a book. or to withdraw to a quiet place and seek inner wisdom. Don't give away opportunities.

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