His findings altered perceptions MS.Now, zamboniand of various experrs are discussing standards diagnosis-and for turningrrr.ir.y. to othervascular diseases.

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pAoI,o zAMBot,tt ts fi nally relaxing in a chair Much of rhat wartage, predicrably. lallson incendiary topic. The medical establishment . in his hotel roominBologna, Italy,leflecting cerebrospinal venous insufliciency has shown resistance :llTi. and skepticism; many on the long day ofrigorous researchpreseri(CCSVI),a conditionZamboniidentified that neurologists dismiss Zamboni's hlrrothesis tarions.all parrofthis week'sinauquralannual is characterizedby blockagesin the neck and as spuriousand unproven.But that hasn't m e e t i ng of t he Inte rna tion al Soc iet vf or chest veins. It was in this Italian city, in Sep_ prevented an estimated 1o,o00 MS patients NeurovascularDisease (ISN\D), ofwhich he tember ZoO9, that the former ,rur.rrlu, ,,rr_ from seeking rrearmenr clinicsspringing at is the president and mobilizing force. The geon first publicly presented his research up internationally to meet demand. gatheringof the new intercl isciplinarygroup linking CCSVIwirh multiple scierosis patienrs. Meanwhile, as evident in Boloqna this of scientists-among them var*lu,,u.!.o.rr, That. in itself,, wasn'r groundbreaking: vas_ week, CCSM a communiry formed,mani_ has interventional radiologists. physicists a cular theoriesofMS predare and its classific"ation festing all ofthe tribal habits few neurologists-represenrsfreshf,ocus ofany new soci_ a on as an autoimmune disorder. \X/hat made ery.A peckingorder is unfolding.n lunguug. the overlooked roie ofthe vascularsystemin headiines,and inspired rare hope amongMS defined. Establishing consistenr rt".rdu.L neurological condirions.It's a timely endeav_ patienrs,was Zamboni's claim that aneio_ tor CCSW scanning and diagnosis was the our,given aging the '.1thinkwe plasty to restore population. blood flow resulted in sriro_ firstmarterof business day one.asthe 4o on let in a lirtlenewlighr." thoushtful the and toms abating, sometimes dramaticallv. founding members reached a consensuson mild-mannered Italiandoctorsays gently. Eighreen months later.CCSWisa hot. and protocols. "There was a lot oftestosterone

in the room," onewomanpresent observed. Overthenexttwodays, audience more an of than100listened 19research to submissions with suchtitlesas,"Hyperfusion brain of parenchyma CCSVI"and"Riskfactors in in vascular dementia." Much talk and debate ensued overthe minutiaeof imagingmethodologyand clinicalprotocols. And new territory was forged. Zamboru says wasbuoyedby repeated he findingsthat identifiedCCSVIin more than 90 per cent neurologist of MSpatients. Diego San David preliminary findings Hubbard announced that quantifiedpositivepost-CCSVI treatment results,the first clinical proof they "placebo Albany, aren'tmerelya effect." N.Y., Home away from home: TheelegantlondonhouseofSaifcadhafi, now occupied protesters by vascularsurgeonManish Mehta revealed thefirstdouble-blind CCSVI tredtmentstudy HOME of r5o patientsshowingmarked improvementsacross mdasures rangingfrom mobility to qualityof life. Physicist Mark Haacke, regarded hereasthe Picasso ofstate-of-theart imaging, weighed in with blood-fiow measurement analysis that providesclues \X/here oil-richprinces potentates when do go and people to why some benefitmorefrom CCS\rI they'reshopping a safe for European bolthole? treatment thanothers. Themeetingwas aboutbloodflow, all both literally andconceptually. Buffalo,N.Y.,neur- MOAMMAR may preferliving in ovuned GADHAFI throughanof[shore corporation. That ologistRobertZivadinov observed CCSVI tentswhenhe visitsthe West,but his sonSaif didn'tstopprotesters is ftom recentlypicketing not uniqueto MS,a concept echoed other likesBritishred brick. I\2oo9, he plunked the house. Gadhafi's by In case, squatters went scientistsstudying vascularformation in down $18million for an eight-bedroom man- further and stormedhis manor on March 9, neurodegenerative diseases-Park i nson's, sion in London'stony Hampstead suburb. renaming it "the embassy rebel Llbya" of Alzheimer's ALS.Imagingrevealed and simi- Gadhafi,like so many of his region'soil-rich beforereleasing picturesof its "more cash laritiesin MS and Parkinson's lesions, The princes pdtentates, and knowsthe valueofa than class"party-palace stylings.tess draoveralleffect Rashomon-like, findings safebolthole in Europe'sbanking and retail matically, was as whentheemirofAbu Dhabiwanted informedand conffadicted one another."I centre-regime change oftencomes so without to enclose entfue his 160-hectare estate, Ascot feel like a kid in a candystore;there have warning.(Duringthe fust Gulf\Var,the Saudi Place, nearWindsor Castle, with atwo-metrebeensomanydisclosures," Mehtasaid. royalfamilyboughtt0 homes "billionaire's highbrickwall,outraged on localresidents' assoZamboniviewsthe ISNVDas"a genuine row,"Bishops Avenue. in case.) ciations took him to court. Just academic culturalmovement and determined Indeed,sizable chunksof the most exclu- In theend,thelikesof Gadhafi Mubarak urd by peopleand by results." Boardmembers siveareasofthe British capitalhavebeen areaware owningproperty doesn't meanyou pay their own way,he says;there are few snapped by the megarich of the Middle can sleepthere.Just askThailand's up former sponsors noneofthe high-roller and extrava- East,either asinvestments for their per- PM, ThaksinShinawatra. or The controversial gance seen manymedicalmeetings. at sonal Theemirof Qatarshelled more billionairespenta lot of time in his London use. out That may be, but booths set up outside than955 million for a 20o-year-old fixer-upper penthouse in afterbeingousted a 2005coup. hall reflectthe emerging at 100Parklane.HisPM, andcousin, the presentation signed Then,whilehewason anAsian business trip, industry.Oneof the meeting's CCSW spon- up for a $6J-million-plus apartment aprime Britain revoked visaandbannedhimfiom at his parnrcrr medical imagingconglomerate sors, Esaote newdevelopment, OneHyde Park,whichhe theUnitedKinsdom. rnrelr International, is sellingthe $73,o00Echo is backingfinancially.The headof financein part Doppler,billed "the only productdesigned nearbySharjah, of theUnitedArabEmirfor the diagnosisof CCSVI."Another for ates, boughta flat there. 2009, Saudi also In a s permission knockthree Vascular displays latest royalgotplanning the to SardPeripheral in angioplasty balloons. housesin Belgraviainto one $8o-million ry F potentially money "super home," completewith a two-storey Thefactthat there's big a 6 to be madehere, ironically, only reinforces below-grade complex. GamalMubarhk,son theneedfor thekind ofdialogue debate ofEgypt'srecently and ousted ruler,alsoownsa evidentin this medievalItalian town this pieceof Belgravia,namely ahtrurious piedweek:we maynowbeinthe 21stcenturybut d-terre z8 \Uilton Place. ar mysteries the humanbodystill remainto of Mubarak's home,likeGadhafi's those and be revealed. aNNEKlNGsroN rN BoLocNA of virtually all other rich foreignbuyers,is Ffeein styfe: Mubarak'sson'sU.K. pied-d-terre

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