Charles John Huffam Dickens was born on the 7th of February 1812, the second of

eight children in Landport.

Dickens attended private school for a time, after the family relocated to Camden Town, London. Unfortunately for the young Dickens, this time would come to an abrupt end, after his father was sent to debtor¶s prison. His family joined him there, except Charles, who started working at Warren¶s Blacking Warehouse. He earned six shillings a week and worked 10-hour days. Some have wondered if the time Dickens spent there may have provided insights for Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol.

In 1827 Dickens entered a career in law, working as a Clerk. These experiences would provide more insights for future novels such as Nicholas Nickleby and Bleak House. In 1829, aged 17, Dickens took a job as a court stenographer.

Journalism and Novels
In 1834 Dickens would start writing political journalism, using the pen-name µBoz.¶His first collection was published in 1836, the same year as his first novel The Pickwick Papers. The following year, Dickens' success would continue with the production of his arguably most famous novel, Oliver Twist. Nicholas Nickelby followed in 1838-1839 and The Old Curiosity Shop.

In April 1836 Dickens married Catherine Hogarth; they would have 10 children. Dickens, in 1858, would separate from his wife, though they did not divorce. This would have been frowned upon, especially considering Dickens' fame.

In later years, it was suspected that Ellen Ternan, a friend, may have been Dickens¶ mistress. Not only that, but she may have been part of the reason that his marriage broke down.

In 1842 Dickens visited America and Canada with his wife, where they enjoyed a positive reception. He spent time in New York before returning to England. Dickens would also live briefly in both Italy and Switzerland, but returned home.

. Dickens happened to be travelling in the one carriage that stayed on the track.In 1843. against the advice of his doctor. was exactly five years after the rail accident. which ironically. Dickens was buried in Poet¶s corner. However. Dickens never fully recovered either physically or psychologically. the first of the Christmas Books. Little Dorrit (1857) and Great Expectations (1861). he used it as material for his writing. As with all of his life experiences. more severe stroke and died the following day. Westminster Abbey. A Christmas Carol. On the 8th of June. Dickens was returning from France by train. Dickens produced another hugely popular novel. Hard Times (1854). Staplehurst Rail Accident In 1865. Death In 1869 Dickens collapsed. what would follow became known as the Staplehurst rail crash. he turned his attention from writing to giving public readings of his previous works. More success followed with the publication of David Copperfield (1849-1850). after suffering a minor stroke. 1869 Dickens suffered another.

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