Team Work The members of our team were selected randomly in the first stages of the Young Enterprise

organisation at King s. Once we all assembled for our first meeting, one of the first things we did was decide on our managing director. We voted Abi Cole to become our managing director because of her obvious dedication and organisation. After this, we discussed everyone else s role in the company and made our recommendations, based on people s individual skills and resources and from this, as a group we decided on everyone s position in the team. We worked well as a team, setting group and individual targets from the outset as well as laying down rules for the company and its members to abide by. We decided that communication between team members was a key element to running a successful business and so absences from meeting must always be informed if possible and the team s goals must be clear, with every member knowing what they must do and when they must do it. The clear leader of the group was of c ourse Abi Cole as the Managing Director however other members of the group also displayed leadership in their specific areas. We also appointed a Deputy Managing Director, Alex Morgan who would chair meeting in Abi Cole s absence and also help make executi ve decisions. Leadership skills were developed in a number of the members, particularly those who were nominated as leaders in their particular field. Abi Cole kept control over the group as a whole whilst smaller teams worked towards their appointed goal. Early on, we realised it was key to respect everyone in the team, not just our Managing director and although the director would have the ability to make executive decisions, almost all of our decision were made as a group through voting.

Problem Solving The company has encountered a number of problems during its time. Some of the most prominent problems have been the member of the company as the company started with 13 members and now has 8. Many of the members were unhappy with their workload or quit because of personal reasons but now the group has thinned its ranks to the most dedicated and hardworking people. We sold many different items throughout the year, ranging from wrist bands to bird feeders. With some products, we had trouble working out how to sell them, for example, before Christmas we were selling Christmas stockings but our ideas on how to sell them changed a lot. We tried several methods, selling them separately, selling them with items in or as a kind of pick and mix product. Although i t seemed a very good idea, the stockings were not financially viable and were a lot of work for the company members. Most of our problems were overcome through group discussions and voting often played a vital part in group decision making. The company has certainly learnt from its past mistakes, products and members and has become much more efficient and effective. Our most recent products have been our most successful and have been the most rewarding too, being ecologically friendly and beneficial for loc al wildlife.

. When the company was first formed. His particular area of expertise is in advertising and ICT. Alex believes the best thing about Ricochet is the rush of having successful ideas. Alex lacked the leadership skills to be an effective Managing director and relied mostly on Abi Cole for support but has developed into an effective and decisive leader.Alex Morgan Alex Morgan is the Deputy Managing Director and is one of the most dedicated members of the group.

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