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Yog-Naturopathy-Panchkarma Treatment & Research Centre

Yog Gram
Yog-Naturopathy-Panchkarma Treatment & Research Centre

Operating under the blessings of Revered Swami Ramdevji
Maharaj and the direction and guidance of Revered Acharya
Balkrishnaji, Yog Gram is an excellent and unique centre for
providing holistic treatment through an integrated use of Yoga,
Naturopathy and harmless herbs and medicinal plants.

Aim :
Providing physical, mental and spiritual health, happiness, peace and
prosperity to the whole afflicted mankind suffering from incurable diseases,
through the integrated therapy of Ayurveda (āyuh+veda), the science of
ensuring longevity and health, Yoga and Naturopathy, Yog Gram presents a
unique combination of the ancient traditional medical system and the modern
diagnostics. Yog Gram is an unprecedented experiment of bringing together
the age-old rural ambience and the ultra-modern lifestyle and the latest
architecture. Life blooms and blossoms with all its fragrance when science
and spiritualism unite with each other. By separating science from spiritualism
we fall prey to superstitious beliefs, and by taking away spiritualism from
science we are totally doomed. A unique health science is developing in Yog
Gram with the co-ordination of science and spiritualism where the ailing
humankind is undergoing a metamorphosis at the level of body, mind and

Resolution :
May the light of health and consciousness-awakening through Yoga and
Ayurveda taken to every home with the blessings and endeavours of Revered
Swami Ramdevji Maharaj and Acharya Balkrishnaji always continue to
illumine the path of health, and may one and all be blessed with health and
happiness. A new processing and a new base is to be provided to the national
and international health consciousness by this science and art of safeguarding
and promoting health, along with preventing the diseases. We have resolved
that with a view to universalizing and popularizing our ancient holy Ayurveda,
Yoga and Naturopathy, we have to put our research-studies-investigation-

training programme into a new dynamic mode. Alongside good health, we aim
at building up the character and uplifting the morality of people at national and
international levels.

Our Torchbearers and Lighthouses of Health Awareness Movement :

Swami Ramdevji Maharaj
The multi-faceted personality of Yoga Scientist Swami Ramdevji Maharaj
epitomizes all the qualities of the five Great Elements, the very basis of
Naturopathy. His great personality is reflected in his patience like Mother Earth, in
his coolness like Water, in his energetic speed like Wind (air), in his radiance like
Fire, in his immensity like Space, from which emanates his vast vision of yoga,
self-realization and nationalism. He is an exemplar of experiments. He prescribes
seven norms (vegetarianism, non-addiction, healthiness, competence, dedication,
non-political life, and a commitment to devote 1-2 hours daily in the interest of
yoga and nation) so that the seven tenets of nationalism (patriotism, enterprising
nature, foresight, humanitarianism, spiritualism, humility and transparency) are
well-integrated into one's life; - a marvellous ideology, indeed. One single goal,
one single dream : healthy Bharat, clean Bharat, a Bharat free from hunger, fear,
corruption, helplessness, beggary and poverty. His sacred motto and resolution is
"o≈ rµa¶¢rµaya svµahµa/ ida≈ rµa¶¢rµaya idanna mama," which inspires his following
institutions in their day-to-day functioning : Divya Yog Mandir (Trust), Patanjali
Yogpeeth (Trust) and Bharat Svabhiman (Trust), which have under them
Patanjali Yogpeeth-Phase I, Patanjali Yogpeeth-Phase II, Patanjali Ayurveda
College, Patanjali Chikitsalaya, Yoga, Naturopathy and Panchkarma Research
Institute, Gaushala, Patanjali Herbal Park, Organic Agriculture Farm, Gangotri
Sadhana Kendra, Patanjali Yog Samiti, Yog Sandesh, Patanjali University, Divya
Prakashan, Divya Yog Sadhana, Divya Pharmacy, Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd.,
Patanjali Food and Herbal Park Ltd., and a Gurukul.

Acharya Balkrishnaji
Vaidyaraj Acharya Balkrishna, a versatile genius of prodigious talent and a man
of action gifted with creativity, good knowledge of management, administration,
architecture and engineering, is devoted round the clock to giving a concrete
shape to the dreams and vision of Revered Swami Ramdevji Maharaj, with
tremendous determination. Enriched with the experience of giving direct medical
treatment to lacs of patients he is guiding thousands of vaidyas and yoga teachers
in India and abroad in celebrating the success of Yoga and Ayurveda. Under
the guidance of Revered Swamiji and Acharyaji, Naturopathy is also gaining

universal acceptance at national and international level for promoting and
safeguarding health.

Treatment of Diseases :
A number of curable and incurable diseases like obesity, blood pressure, heart
ailments, asthma, rheumatism, pain in joints and spine, backache, arthritis,
diabetes, piles, depression, tension, gastric trouble, colitis, liver and kidney
diseases, ulcers, headache, first stage cancer, migraine, insomnia, cold and
catarrh, allergy, female diseases etc. are treated without any medicine, with
the help of Yoga and Naturopathy. If you are fed up with taking medicine after
medicine, and think you will not get rid of the disease, please don't lose heart,
and contact us immediately. Good health is not only your birth right but also a
natural right; you must get it. Good health is the fundamental and birth right of
mankind, and this right has been given to all of us by God and Nature.

Strengthening the Foundations of Health :

The daily routine of patients and health-conscious persons visiting Yog
Gram runs from 4.30am to 9.30pm in accordance with the simple and natural
ashramic lifestyle of the forest-dwelling Vedic saints and sages, concluding
with creative meditation promoting and safeguarding health. Patients are
inducted into a healthy way of life by refining and educating them through
talks and lectures based on the latest research on topics of health; through
natural lifestyle, balanced diet, proper activity, proper thinking, proper conduct,
proper rest, and proper utilization of the five Great Elements [Fire (Sun), Air,
Space, Water, Earth]; and through the practical, theoretical, philosophical
and spiritual aspects of a¶¢µa∆ga yoga (eight-limbed yoga) comprising µasana,
prµaƒµayµama, dhyµana, etc. A patient is not only cured of his diseases, he also
becomes a skilled naturopath for himself and his family. It is quite true. He
comes to understand : What is a disease ? What is its cause? And what is
its correct diagnosis and treatment? He gets rid of his diseases and becomes
competent enough to keep himself, his family as well as the society and the
nation in good health. Those who were caught in a vicious cycle of diseases
and medicine and were living an accursed life afflicted with diseases are now
living a properly active, energetic and healthy life with the assistance of Yog
Gram. Thus an unprecedented experiment of building up health on a global
scale is being conducted at Yog Gram.

Residential Facility for Swasthya Sadhakas :
Unique residential facility for 525 Swasthya Sadhakas and patients is available
in Yog Gram, the largest hi-tech ashram of Yoga and Naturopathy. Rajarshi
Cottages (Super-deluxe), Muniraj Cottages (Deluxe), Maharshi Cottages
(Special Deluxe), Tapasvi Cottages (Semi-deluxe) and Heritage Ashram
Cottages furnished with ultra-modern facilities in rural ambience have been
built up here. There is a huge multiplex community hall for yoga sessions, a
dining hall, etc. Each room for Swasthya Sadhakas is furnished with modern
amenities like colour TV, dressing table, carpets, etc. Every AC room has a
modern bathroom.

Yog Gram : Equipped with Latest Facilities of Naturopathy :

Prevention of diseases and good health are provided through the unique and
judicious use of the five great elements constituting the human body.

Hydrotherapy Section :
As two-thirds of our earth and body are constituted of water, similarly
Naturopathy comprises two-thirds of hydrotherapy. In this section, there are
arrangements for Hip Bath, Spray Spinal Bath, Motorized Jet Spinal Bath,
Steam Bath, Sauna Bath, Hi-tech Colon Hydrotherapy, Ozone Sauna and
Steam Bath, Water-waves Massage Bath, Whirlpool Bath, Sprinkler Bath,
Ozone Bubbles Bath, Circular Jet Hydro Massage Bath, Immersion Bath, Hot
& Cold Alternative Jet Spray, Hydro Jet Spray Massage or Douche Bath, Foot-
bath and Arm-bath, Sitting Bath, Full sheet Pack, various types of wraps, etc.

Mud Therapy Section :

Arrangements for Cosmetic Mud Bath Pool, Mudspray Roller Massage, Mud
Pack Compress, Wraps of different types of mud, Cosmetic Facial Mudplaster,
Sand Walking Track, Sand Bath, Vapour Sand Bath, Massage with Multani
Clay, Barefoot Walking in a Vast Lawn, and dozens of such experiments in
therapy have been made here.

Sun (Fire Element) Therapy Section :

Under Sun Bath, and Coloured Rays Therapy, we have Chromatic Hydro and

Oil Therapy (by charging water and oil in coloured bottles with solar rays),
coloured Thermolium, Green House Thermolium, etc.

Aerotherapy Section :
Various types of external and internal aerotherapy.

Open Air Space Therapy Section :

Under the external and internal open space therapy, we have fasting without
water, fasting with water, fasting with fruit, fasting with fruit juice, fasting
with vegetable juice, balanced light food, and scientific experiments in
meditation and silence (maun) therapy.

Yoga Therapy Section :

High level scientifically equipped arrangements for jal neti, sutra neti,
ghrita neti, sneha neti, danda dhauti, jal dhauti (kunjar kriya or gajkarani),
shankh prakshalan, and the various limbs of astā∆ga yoga like āsana,
prānāyāma, pratyāhāra, dhāranā, dhyāna, etc.

Acupuncture & Acupressure Section :

Arrangement of hundreds of acupressure and acupuncture gadgets and
equipment like Ground Acupressure Mat, Foot Massager, Self Acupressure
Massager, Roller Power Mat, Energy Roll, Jimmy, Power Mat, Self Back
Massager, etc.

Pyramid Therapy Section :

Arrangement of various types of pyramid equipment, pyramids of various
shapes and size to serve as meditation hall, pyramid charged sprouted
grains and sanctified water, pyramid sacrificial fire (yajña), etc.

Magnet Therapy Section :

Arrangement of various gadgets like Magnetic Energy Ball, Spectacles,
Magnetic Belts for Knee, Waist and Head, Two-sided Mat Magnet, Multi-
magnet, Magnet-water Glass, Magnetic Ear Clips, Magnet Chair, etc.

Reiki Therapy Section :
Patients are treated by invoking the limitless creative cosmic energy.

Pranic Healing :
Arrangement for treating various diseases by diagnosing them with the help
of aura, energizing the body through respiratory process like Life Energy
from Earth (bhū prānaśakti), Life Energy from Sun (saura prānaśakti), Life
Energy from Air (vāyu prānaśakti), Life Energy from Trees, Life Energy
from Space, etc. by transmitting this energy to the patient with sensitized
hands, and by dispelling the negative disease-causing energy. Arrangement
for providing quick relief to the patient by using various systems of
alternative medicine, as per his requirement.

Diet Therapy Section :

The Diet Therapy Section offers juices of fresh fruit and fresh green
vegetables, juice of wheat and barley leaves (jawaras), various types of
anti-diabetic, anti-anemic, anti-cardiac natural multi-coloured rotis, herbal
bhujia, curd-butter milk, porridge of sprouted grains, khichdi, salad chaat,
natural sweets and such other various types of healthy, eye-catching,
toothsome, delicious and palatable preparations, - all of them containing
almost nine hundred types of bioactive phytochemical compounds,
vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, anti-oxidants and enzymes based
on modern research in accordance with the principles of Ayurveda and
Naturopathy. All these diet items are prepared with the fruit, vegetables
and grains obtained from the organic agriculture in Yog Gram. Swasthya
Sadhakas are served a healthy and palatable food cooked at the smokeless
village clay-oven.

Unique Features of Therapy at Yog Gram :

Colon Irrigator Hydrotherapy :

Constipation is the root-cause of all diseases and the experience of Colon
Irrigator of thoroughly washing and irrigating the stomach after removing

the constipation is really unique. The most hi-tech colon therapy in the world equipped with Dual Operation
Gravity and Pressure Mode, Integrated Disinfection System, Triple Water Purification, Automatic Temperature and
Pressure Control, Full Spectrum View Tubelight and Flow Control and Flow Meter has been made available here.

Mud Swimming pool :

A unique experience of this country is the interesting Mud Massage. A Mud-bath detoxifies this earthen body and
makes it clean and glowing like burnished gold. Beauty is enhanced. It tones up immunity and endurance and
protects you against all diseases. "pavitra kīchad snān se khile komal sī kanchan kāyā, anmol hai mittī kī māyā."

Ozone Steam Sauna Bath :

It is a unique procedure to rid the body of toxicity and viruses. Ozone is an active and trivalent form of oxygen.
Ozone enhances the immune vital power of the body by destroying germs, bacteria, virus and fungus. Experiments
till date have proved that Ozone Steam Sauna Bath helps cure one hundred diseases/disorders. It is a unique type
of Naturopathy worth trying.

Water- wave Massage Bath :

The whole body is massaged by simulating sea-like waves in water, which helps treat all types of bodily and
mental ailments. The therapy makes you feel happy, healthy and enraptured.

Whirlpool Bath :
Whirlpool-like circular water-waves regulated in a water-well by motor massage your whole body and help cure
chronic diseases. The toxins deposited in your skin and muscles are removed. A new zest and youthfulness is felt
in all the limbs. Skin, muscles and sinews are energized. It relieves you of mental fatigue and physical stress.
Whirlpool bath is beneficial in psychoneural, mental and psychosomatic diseases.

Ozone Bubble Massage & Water Wave Massage Bath :

Massaging with ball-like bubbles of water by lying or sitting in a tub transports you into the dreamland of

Circular Jet Massage :
With the powerful Jet Spray Bath through a special type of gadget fills the whole body with carefree rapture. This
gives massage to each limb of the body. Skin and sinews get energized, and immunity is improved.

Hydro Jet Spray Bath or Douche Bath :

The maximum pressure of the motorized jet of water is regulated according to the tolerance level of the patient.
It relieves rheumatism, mental disorders and poor metabolism.

Circular Sprinkler Shower Bath :

The cells of all the limbs of the body are stimulated and massaged by the water being speedily sprinkled from a
circular motorized shower fixed in the wall in a circumference of four-and-a half feet. This accelerates, controls
and regulates blood circulation. All blood circulation disorders are rectified.

Acupressure Section Hydro Acupressuriam :

The soles of feet have the meridian points representing all the body parts which, when activated, can make all the
limbs and organs disease-free and healthy. In the Acupressuriam, pebbles and stones of various geometrical shapes
like pointed, flat, spherical, pyramidal, etc. are fixed under water. By walking for 5-20 minutes on them there is
very fast flow of magnetic energy in the whole body at a controlled and regulated pace.

Physiotherapy Section :
It is equipped with lumbosacral belts, varicose veins stockings, cervical traction, knee caps, knee supports, pelvic
traction, ankle traction, holder, shoulder wheel, water and sand bags, walking sticks, forearm crutches, knee
exercises, hip cycles, steppers, etc.

Electro - physiotherapy :
There are excellent arrangements for short-wave diathermy, muscles stimulator, ultrasound therapy, interferential
therapy, ultra-violet and infra-red lights, etc.

Gymnasium or Body Fitness Section :
It is equipped with computerized skating, jogger-walker, trimmer, exercycle, horserider, step-taker, vibrator, situp,
weightlifting, dumb-bells, muscles stimulator, power crasher, power-grease, computerised weighing machine,
various types of motorized massagers, and hundreds of fitness gadgets.

Eco-Friendly Organic Diet :

Vinā' pi ausadhaih vyādhih pathyādeva nivartate /
na tu pathyavihīnasya bhesajānā≈ śatairapi //
[Even without medicine the disease is cured by prevention only, and it cannot be cured by hundreds of medicines
if one does not observe prevention.]
Keeping in view the Naturopathy principle, "Diet is medicine", grains, fruit, vegetables, herbs and medicines are
being produced on a large area in Yog Gram by organic agriculture. Compost and Burmese compost are prepared
with cow dung, grass and plants, the use of which protects the bioactive micronutrients and other medicinal
properties contained in the plants from being contaminated, and being preserved in a natural way they help a
patient recover more quickly.

Attractive Waterfalls :
Many types of attractive waterfalls and cascades have been constructed in Yog Gram. When these waterfalls
and cascades start running and playing at dusk and night, one feels like having a stroll in dreamland. Various
types of coloured forms created by these waterfalls are closer to "modern art," and the cascades rolling down the
mountains fill the mind with the thrill of a healthful delight.

Mansarovar Lake :
Here the man-made lake, the multi-coloured boats sailing in the lake, shimmering and glimmering lights,
clucking and cackling song of ducks, hordes of birds chirping and twittering in the trees, beds of multi-coloured
flowers all around the lake, and the fascinating, exhilarating creepers running here and there, - all these present
a scene which relieves stress and depression . On an island in the lake has been developed an "island garden"
where flowers of many hues bloom, and birds break into their sweet melody. There is a bridge which takes you

to the garden. Rapture, zeal, celebration and healthful delight commingle here inextricably. The patient feels a
freshening breeze of delight on reaching here, and starts enjoying a healthy ecstasy. The natural aesthetic pleasure
felt here is Naturopathy itself.

Horseriding full of Joy and Zest :

Horseriding is a traditional hobby for entertainment and for keeping the body fit and energetic all the time. It is a
marvellous skill reminding us of the courage and valour of great men like Maharana Pratap and other chivalrous
warriors. Arrangements have been made here for training in horseriding. Horses of world renowned powerful
breeds are available here.

Camel Riding :
Riding a camel, 'the ship of the desert,' is a rare, interesting and thrilling experience in itself. In the Indian tradition
it continues to be a favourite ride of the warlike people to this day. Camel riders guard our frontiers today in the
desert region. Riding a camel transports us to the heights of courage, prowess, valour, tenacity, action, intrepidity
and firmness. It engenders in us a thirst and a yearning for reaching out to the horizon of development. It fills the
hearts of self-sacrificing soldiers with patriotic zeal, sentiments and obsession.

Wonderful Sources of Entertainment :

Yog Gram is, no doubt, a world standard health centre of Yoga and Naturopathy; it also caters for the entertainment
of persons of all age-groups - children, adolescents, youth and elderly persons. Such entertainments have been
arranged which purify the mind, make the body healthy, and justify the meaning of Yog Gram by uniting the
mind with the Supreme Soul. This is what Yog Gram aims at : to make our life meaningful by adherence to
yoga culture, our personal creed (faith) and nationalism through the harmonization of our body, mind and spirit.
Wonderful means of entertainment have been made available here. For utilizing our spare time and for the sake
of sports and entertainment therapy there is an arrangement for playing badminton, billiards, tennis, chess, etc.

Boating :
Boating has its own charm and enjoyment in the lake here. This enjoyment is more thrilling on moonlit nights.
Paddling the boat on the lake has not only its own mystery, romance and thrill, it is also an excellent and

interesting exercise for feet. There is a flower-decked island in the midst
of the lake. Boating in the shimmering moonlight and the reflections of
various illuminations around the lake transports you into an eerie and
amazing dreamland where there is neither disease nor misery; it is health
and happiness all around. The sweet melody of waterfall is such a treat to
the ears. A dip into it relieves you of diseases and miseries. Come and enjoy
this beautiful, fascinating and exhilarating experience of boating. Charges;
Rs. 100/- per 30/60 minutes.

Panchkarma & Sanjivani Keralite Herbal Massage :

With the combination of massage therapy of the ancient South Indian
Siddha System, Ayurvedic Panchkarma, and modern science, a special
type of therapy has been developed to cure the stubborn, incurable vāta
diseases like rheumatism, paralysis, muscle weakness, etc, and also to treat
the obesity problem. Physicians and massage specialists from South India
have been appointed in this section, who bestow a new life with their tender
and health-giving touch, through a course of one week, fourteen days, or
twenty-one days. Under the other Panchkarma procedures, there is excellent
arrangement for shirodhara, shirobasti, katibasti, akshitarpan, balupotali
svedan, patra potali svedan, nadi svedan, shashtishalik pinda svedan, etc.
With the sanshodhan procedure of Naturopathy, Panchkarma therapy, and
the santarpan procedure of Keralite Massage therapy the body feels light
and fragrant like a flower.

Nature Friendly Harmless Herbal Centre :

Various types of medicines have been prepared from harmless herbs and
medicinal plants which do not produce any bad effects. These harmless life-
giving medicines enhance the vitality of body and cure diseases. Combined
with Naturopathy they become all the more proactive and efficacious.

Continuous Research and Development Section :
In Yog Gram research is being conducted on treating cancer, asthma, obesity,
diabetes, arthritis, hypertension and heart diseases by the integrated therapy
of Yoga, Naturopathy and herbs. Efforts are on to find a simple, natural
and affordable treatment for these diseases and to make it universally
acceptable. For this purpose there is a computerized laboratory of world
standard equipped with latest machines and instruments where facilities for
all types of investigations are available.

Library :
Research-oriented books written by eminent scholars and experienced
physicians in India and abroad are stocked here. In the spare time patients
make use of this library and gain the knowledge of spiritualism, health
and hygiene, yoga, naturopathy and health sciences, thereby educating
themselves about the art of remaining healthy. Dozens of journals and
magazines in health and medical science are available here.

Publications :
A number of books on yoga therapy and Ayurveda authored by Revered
Swami Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna have been published by this
Institute. Monthly magazines are being published in several languages.
Many books are planned for publication in the future.

Group Counselling, Health Training & Workshop :

Patients have in there mind a lot many illusions, curiosities and questions
about yoga, naturopathy and health. They are resolved in a Prevention and
Health Management Workshop of one hour's duration every morning and

evening. "Let there be health at personal, family, social and national level" - this is the goal of this
training programme. There are workshops and discussions on many topics related to diseases, health,
yoga, spiritualism, philosophy, modern research on health, psychology, etc.

Herbal Product Retail Counter :

There are retail counters here for harmless herbs and medicinal plants grown organically, honey,
special herbal tea, porridge of sprouted grains, brown rice, flax seed, ragi, etc processed and prepared
in the ultra-modern laboratory, acupressure gadgets, books on yoga and naturopathy, anti-diabetic
flour, swimming suits, track suits, special dress for yogic exercises, and many items of daily use.

Human Body Servicing Scheme/Body Overhauling Programme or Health Insurance Scheme :

Even if there is nothing wrong with our vehicle (car, motorcycle, etc), we get it serviced every
six months for its longer life and better efficiency. Similarly, under this scheme, if the body gets a
servicing of 9 days after every six months, all its organs - heart, brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, blood
vessels and muscles-remain active, fit and healthy. The great scientific brains of ancient India started
this six-monthly scientific experiment with a religious backdrop and, naming it as 'navarātri' - "nine
days, body overhauling programme" - dedicated this great festival to Mother Durga, the goddess
of health, beauty, grace, valour, courage and strength. This holy festival symbolises the triumph of
health over disease virus and bacteria. The Navarātri festival, a beautiful synthesis of religion and
health science, is the best divine legacy of our ancient culture and tradition.

Physicians and Treatment System :

A missionary team of physicians and nurses/attendants is dedicated to serving the patients day and
night at Yog Gram under the supervision of Dr. Nagendra Kumar Niraj, author of dozens of books
resulting from his rich experience of having treated lacs of indoor and outdoor patients as Chief
Medical Officer-in-charge and Director in ten huge naturopathy hospitals of the country [at Jaipur,
Bassi, Shri Mahavirji, Dhanani (Lakshmangarh), Shankuj Mehsana (Gujrat), Kolkata, Delhi, etc.]
devoted to yoga, naturopathy and health services continuously for the last 36 years (since 1973).
Patients are like adorable God to us. Our first and foremost duty is to serve them with our heart and
soul. This is the pivotal motto of Yog Gram. There is separate arrangement of female physicians/
attendants and male physicians/attendants respectively for female and male patients. There are also
separate hi-tech treatment rooms for ladies and gents.

Norms of Registration for Residence & Treatment in Yog Gram

1. Please get yourself registered in advance for nature cure at Yog Gram to avoid any inconvenience.
2. For advance registration, please apply on a plain paper with the following particulars :
(a) Name of applicant
(b) Age of applicant
(c) Applicant's Address
(d) Telephone No.
(e) Email ID
(f) Recent passport size photograph
(g) Particulars of disease (Please enclose the latest pathology, radiology, cardiology report).
3. Charges for accommodation, food, naturopathy, yoga and ¶a¢karma therapy at Yog Gram :
(a) Rajarshi Cottage : accommodation + food + 76 types of naturopathy procedures + yoga &
satkarma therapy - Rs. 3000/- or US $ 60/- or GB£ 30/- per day.
(b) Muniraj Cottage : accommodation + food + 76 types of naturopathy procedures + yoga and
satkarma therapy - Rs. 2500/- or US $ 50/- or GB£ 25/- per day.
(c) Maharshi Cottage : accommodation + food + 76 types of naturopathy procedures + yoga &
satkarma therapy - (for two persons) - Rs. 1500/- or US $ 30/- or GB£ 15/- per day; (single
person) - Rs. 1000/- or US $ 20 or GB£ 10/- per day.
(d) Tapasvi Cottage : accommodation + food + 76 types of naturopathy procedures + yoga &
satkarma therapy (for two persons) Rs. 1000/- or US $ 20/- or GB£ 10/- per day; (single person)
Rs. 700/- or US $ 14/- or GB£ 7/- per day.

Special Discount : :
1. On a 2 - room set in Rajarshi and Muniraj Cottages discount will be given as follows : 3% on a stay of 10-15
days, 5% on a stay of 15-20 days, 7% on a stay of 20-25 days, and 10% on a stay of more than 25 days.
2. For corporate members and life members there will be an additional discount of 10%.

Note :
A. The charges mentioned above are for one day's stay and therapy.
B. The period of stay for treatment in Yog Gram shall be for 7 days minimum and 50 days maximum. Therefore,
for advance registration, a D.D. (for the amount mentioned above) payable to Facility - Patanjali Yogpeeth
(Trust) at Haridwar should be enclosed with the application and sent to the address of our Administrative
Office. Cheques will not be accepted.

Patanjali Yogpeeth,
Maharshi Dayanand Gram,
Delhi - Haridwar National Highway
Near Bahadrabad, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India
Pin code - 249402
You may also deposit the required amount in the State Bank of India located in Facility - Patanjali Yogpeeth
(Trust) in Account No. 30956520316, IFSC - SBIN0012228, enclose the stamped pay-in-slip with the application,
and send it to the address of Administrative Office, or get it scanned and send it to E-mail ID <yoggram@> or <>. Facilities of advance registration are also available at Patanjali
Note : You can also make an advance booking online by visiting our webside :
C. No money, in any form, will be refunded to a patient leaving the treatment before 7 days.
D. On reaching Yog Gram after advance registration, you will have to pay in cash Rs. 300/- or US $ 6/- or GB£
3/- for first medical consultation.
E. Seventy-six (76) types of naturopathy procedures are available at Yog Gram. They are listed in this brochure
on p.20 under the heading 'Naturopathy Procedures Available at Yog Gram.
F. To get the benefit of panchakarma, if advised by the physician, you will have to make a separate payment
for panchkarma treatment after reaching Yog Gram. For charges of panchkarma treatment, please see p. 21
under the heading 'Panchkarma Treatment Available at Yog Gram'.
G. The attendant/driver accompanying a patient will be accommodated in Tapasvi Cottage for which the
charges will be Rs. 500/- per day.
4. In case the advance registration is got cancelled 10 days before the fixed date, there shall be a deduction
of 25% and the balance will be refunded to the applicant. If the registration is got cancelled in less than
10 days, no money paid in any form shall be refunded. For persons reaching Yog Gram without advance
registration, instant registration will be subject to availability of accommodation. In such a situation you
will yourself be responsible for any inconvenience in failing to get registration.
5. Treatment programme will run from 4.30 am to 9.00 am.
6. Children will not be allowed to accompany the patient. If a child is sick, he/she can be considered for being
admitted for treatment if he is more than 3 years old.
7. If you do not present yourself according to the scheduled programme, your registration will be cancelled
and the charges deposited by you shall not be refunded.
8. After getting advance registration you can reach Yog Gram direct by your own conveyance, otherwise
transport facilities will be available between Patanjali Yogpeeth Phase I and Yog Gram.
9. If you are interested only in panchkarma and satkarma, facilities for both these procedures are available at
Patanjali Yogpeeth.
10. Norms of Advance Registration for Persons Residing Abroad :
(a) They should apply on a plain paper with a passport size photograph giving the particulars mentioned
in para 2 above.
(b) They should enclose with the application the necessary Bank D.D. payable to Facility-Patanjali
Yogpeeth (Trust) and send it to the address of Administrative Office. Cheques shall not be accepted.
(c) Persons residing abroad can contact some nearby bank having foreign exchange transactions and deposit
the required amount in the State Bank of India located at Facility-Patanjali Yogpeeth (Trust) in Account
No. 30956520316, SWIFT Code - SBININBB225, and can send us the stamped pay-in-slip along with
the application on plain paper at E-mail <> or <>.
Note : You can also make an advance booking online by visiting our webside :

A Home away from Home, in the Lap of Nature

You are paying from your pocket to enjoy splendid delight, pure happiness
and a healthy future. The past is gone and you are at peace with yourself.
Adhere to the truth, live your life, and march along cheerfully.

Residential facilities available at Yog Gram :

Rajarshi Cottage :
Facilities : Total No. 6
1. Jhoola -1
2. Drawing Room Sofaset -1
3. Single beds -2
4. Almirah -1
5. L.C.D. with Tata Sky -1
6. A.C.-1
7. Dining table with 4 small stools -1
8. Jacuzzi Three - in- one -1

Muniraj Cottage :
Facilities : Total No. 20
1. Drawing Room Sofaset -1
2. Single beds -2
3. Almirah -1
4. L.C.D. with Tata Sky -1
5. A.C. -2
6. Dining table with 4 small stools -1

Maharshi Cottage :
Facilities : Total No. 120
1. Sofaset -1
2. Single beds -2
3. Almirah -1
4. Table -1
5. Television with Tata Sky -1
6. A.C. - 1
7. Chair -1
Tapasvi Cottage :
Facilites : Total No. 100
1. Single beds -2
2. Almirah -1
3. Table -1
4. Cooler-1

Naturopathy Procedures available at Yog Gram

1. Hip bath 37. Green House Thermolium

2. Hot & cold hip bath 38. Sun bath
3. Hip bath + Spray spinal bath +Jacuzzi 39. Quadriceps Table Exercise
4. Spinal bath 40. Roaring machine-cum-sliding seat
5. Jet spray spinal bath 41. Hip rotator-twister
6. Motorised jet spray 42. Wall Bar Metal Exercise
7. Sprinkler spray nervine bath 43. Shoulder Wheel
8. Full tub immersion bath 44. Shoulder Ladder
9. Hydro-jet douche bath 45. Finger weight peg exercise
10. Hot foot bath 46. Hanging spring exercise
11. Hot foot & arm bath 47. Elbow shoulder exercise
12. Hot sitting bath 48. Wrist rotator
13. Sitz bath 49. Punch and pulp grip finger co-ordinator
14. Full wet sheet pack 50. Supination-pronation with gripper
15. Abdomen, leg, hand, etc. thermal pack 51. Supination-pronation co-ordinator
16. Scientific Massage 52. Finger grip board exercise
17. Enema 53. Velcro board exercise
18. Enema-cum-douche 54. Finger gripper square
19. Hot & cold fomentation 55. Finger ring gripper
20. Hot & cold compress 56. Rope & pulley set exercise
21. Yogic Hydrotherapy 57. Ankle-heel stretcher exercise
22. Elephant-like Action 58. Pedo-cycle
23. Feline Action 59. Acupuncture
24. Intestines cleansing treatment 60. Physiotherapy
25. Eyes washing 61. Electrophysiotherapy
26. Nasal washing 62. Panchkarma Treatment
27. Yoga therapy 63. Keralite Herbal Massage
28. Mud Compress 64. Steam bath
29. Herbal Cosmetic Mud Pool 65. Sauna bath
30. Herbal Cosmetic Mud Plaster 66. Whirlpool bath
31. Sand walking 67. Water-waves massage bath
32. Sand bath 68. Ozone sauna steam bath
33. Multani clay massage 69. Full tub immersion bath with underwater massage
34. Full body mud bath 70. Circular jet hydro massage
35. Chromatic therapy 71. Pyramid therapy
36. Colour Thermolium 72. Colon irrigator hydro-therapy

Electrophysiotherapy available at Yog Gram

1. Diathermy with digital timer model 3. 4-channel tens micro computer-based

2. Computerized ultrasound with intellectual memory 4. S.D. curve muscle stimulator with digital meter
mode and timer.

PanchkarmaTreatment available at Yog Gram

A. PURVAKARMA 21. Udvartan 200/-

(i) Snehan 22. Udgharshan 200/-
1. Abhyang 150/- (ii) Svedan
2. Shirobhyang 50/- 1. Baluka Saindhav Svedan 50/-
3. Shiropichchu 100/- 2. Nadi Svedan 50/-
4. Shirobasti 250/- 3. Sarvang Vashp Svedan 50/-
5. Shirodhara by oil 300/- 4. Avgaha Svedan by Kwath 200/-
6. Shirodhara by Kwath 200/- 5. Avgaha Svedan by oil 400/-
7. Shirodhara by butter milk 200/- 6. Shashtik Shali Pinda Svedan 200/-
8. Katibasti 150/- 7. Patra Pinda Svedan 100/-
9. Janubasti 150/-
10. Grivabasti 150/-
11. Prishthabasti 150/- 1. Vaman Karma 300/-
12. Akshi-tarpan 100/- 2. Virechan Karma 100/-
13. Snehadhara Pinzichil 300/- 3. Matra Basti 100/-
14. Padaghat 200/- 4. Asthapan Basti 250/-
15. Unmardan 200/- 5. Uttar Basti 150/-
16. Karna-puran 100/- 6. Vaitaran Basti 200/-
17. Gandoosh/Kaval 50/- 7. Lekhan Basti 200/-
18. Samvahan 100/- 8. Pichchha Basti 200/-
19. Whole Body Lepa 200/- 9. Nasya 100/-
20. Lepa-locally 50/- 10. Raktamokshan 100/-

Time Table of Yog-Naturopathy-Panchkarma Treatment & Research Centre
This unique centre (Yog Gram), a confluence of the streams of truth, sincerity,
health, cheerfulness and pure life, is serving the whole mankind. The natural,
austere and ascetic routine starts with a positive thinking at 4.30am, and
concludes at 10.00pm in a state of complete peace and relaxation.
You can wait, but Time can't. Have faith in the continuing process of life.
4.30 - 5.00 am- Get up early in the morning with a smiling face and cheerful
heart. Thank God, with this thought : "I am beautiful, and my life is always
spiritually inspired. Each moment is a new moment. I am at peace, and I
am marching ahead cheerfully. New vistas of life's experience are opening
out before me."
Drink 2-3 glasses of water, and go out daily on a morning walk after
attending the call of nature.
5.00-6.00am- Satkarma, enema, lemon, honey, water, kwath (decoction),
according to your ailment.
6.00-7.30am - Yoga therapy, prayer, āsanas, prānāyāma, meditation, Yoga
dance and laughter therapy.
7.30-8.00am - Group counselling/consultation therapy and health awareness
8.00-8.30am- Treatment with water-soaked dry fruit, juice of fresh fruit and
8.30-11.30am- Medical consultation, disease-related therapy (hydrotherapy,
mud therapy, massage, personal consultation, etc.)
11.30am - 12.30pm- Proper and effective rest and relaxation (physical and
mental exercise), silence therapy.
2.30-3.00pm- Lemon-honey water or herbal kwath therapy.
3.00-5.00pm- Disease - related therapy (hydrotherapy, magnet therapy,
acupuncture, Reiki, acupressure, herbal tea, etc.)
5.00-5.30pm - Treatment with juice and fruit, and personal consultation.
5.30-6.30pm - Disease-related yoga therapy, gym, walk.
6.30-7.30pm- Prayer assembly, medical consultation and health awareness
7.30-8.30pm - Dinner (suitable rejuvenating diet therapy).
8.30-9.30pm - Prayers, songs, music, meditation along with strolling/group
entertainment therapy.
9.30-10.00pm - Retire to your room and switch off the light.
Pray in your bed with a nice feeling and spiritual peace that life energy is
flowing inside you. Have this firm determination that you are completely
healthy in body and mind. Life is dear to you. You are healthy and handsome,
and you love the experiences of life. The power of the whole health system
resides in you. You are fully safe and protected in the whole universe.
Note :
1. Guests and relatives of patients are allowed to visit them only on
Saturdays from 5.00 pm to 7.30pm.
2. Please attend prayer, meditation, yogic exercises and health awareness
lectures. Take your medicines/treatment procedures regularly at the
right time. Observe discipline. Don't bring with you any valuables
during your treatment.

Norms to be 0bserved by the Patient
1. Patients will bring canvas shoes for doing yoga. For daily use ladies will bring salwar-suit/gents will
bring kurta-pyjama, along with tooth powder, brush, knife, torch, seasonal clothes, umbrella, comb, towel,
thermos, etc. Initially advance charges for seven days will have to be deposited. Admission will not be
given for less than 7 days. Fees charged shall not be refunded under any circumstances.

2. Your registration / reservation shall be cancelled in the event of your not being present on the scheduled
date and time, and the fees charged shall not be refunded.

3. Charges can be revised by the Management from time to time.

4. Please do not pluck any flowers / fruits from the garden.

5. Patients and health beneficiaries must comply with the rules and regulations of the Institute.

6. The Management shall have the right to expel any patient without showing any cause, or for breach of

7. Please take care about cleanliness in the Centre. Please do not pluck flowers, fruits, vegetables and leaves
without permission, and do not spit here and there.

8. Please do not tease any bird, animal, insect or reptile.

9. Health beneficiaries and patients should not leave Yog Gram without permission. They should not eat
anything from outside. Don't keep hidden with you any eatable brought from outside, nor should you
bring it yourself. Necessary action will be taken if any such thing is found with you during search /

10. Food articles prescribed by the physician should be taken at the appointed hour by chewing them properly.
Don't take anything extra without physician's advice, even if it is fruit or juice.

11. At the time of checking in your allotted cottage it is most essential to have your belongings checked.

12. Please keep the atmosphere in Yog Gram peaceful. Don't make any noise and impertinent talk. Practice, as
far as possible, the spiritual silence therapy from 10.00 pm to 9.00 am, and just enjoy it. Even otherwise,
speak only when it is necessary to do so. Don't waste your accumulated vital health-giving energy in idle,
useless gossip and babble.

13. Meat, alcohol, egg, pan masala, tobacco, gutkha, narcotics, smoking and all sorts of addictions are strictly
prohibited in Yog Gram premises.

14. A patient is admitted for minimum 7 days and maximum 50 days.

Yog Gram
Yog-Naturopathy-Panchkarma Treatment & Research Centre
Near Sidkul, Haridwar, Uttarakhand (India)
Phone : +91 9760095231, 9760095225
E-mail :,
webside :

Administration Office :
Patanjali Yogpeeth
Maharishi Dayanand Gram,
Delhi-Hardwar Highway
Near Bahadarabad, Hardwar, Uttarakhand (India)
Phone : 01334-240008, 244107, 246737, 248888, 248999
Fax : 244805, 240664
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