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Appetizers Okra Masala

Imli Baingan Chat, garam, tomato, and Basmati rice 12.95

Spiced eggplant chips layered with rich date and
tamarind sauce 5.95 Chana Pindi
Chickpeas with tomatoes and onions topped with
Papri Chaat pomegranate seeds 12.95
Chickpeas, potato, and pomegranate seeds
tossed with yogurt and date tamarind sauce 5.95 Palak Paneer
Wilted spinach and paneer in a savory cream sauce 12.95
Tandoori Mushrooms
With mint and tamarind sauce 5.95 MABS (Mirch Aur Baingan Saalan)
Roasted eggplant and Anaheim chiles in a rich
Potlis (6) tahini sauce 12.95
Fried dumplings of chicken or vegetables with mint
chutney and date tamarind sauces 6.95 Avial Malabar
Vegetable curry with plantains, carrots, sweet potatoes,
Goat Papad Salad beans in a coconut yogurt sauce 12.95
Mixed greens, fried papad, braised goat, tomato, red
onion and raita 6.95 Daal Tadka
Split yellow lentils with onions, curry leaves and herbs 12.95
Soup du jour
4.95 Mutter Paneer
Peas and homemade cheese simmered in an onion and
Entrees nut based sauce. 12.95
Braised Lamb Shank
Seasoned rice, caramelized mushroom, onion, and
braising liquid 19.95 Naan
Tandoori Chicken Plain
Leavened bread baked in a clay tandoor oven 2.75
Local free range chicken brined in tea and served over
Sautéed onions and peppers 15.95 Whole wheat 3.25
Chicken Makhani Topped with rosemary leaves and olive oil 3.25
With basmati rice and a rich tomato cream sauce 14.95 Spinach Goat Cheese 4.50
Shrimp Basil 4.95
Murgh Dhaniwal Tandoori Paratha
Chicken breast cooked in an aromatic nut sauce 14.95 Whole wheat and multi-layered 3.75
Garlic-Black Pepper
Topped with garlic and dusted
Chicken Vindaloo
with coarse black pepper 3.75
Boneless chicken and potatoes simmered in a fiery, Onion Kulcha
piquant sauce 14.95 Seasoned with onions and cilantro 3.75
Lamb Tikka Masala Filled with exotic nuts and raisins 4.50
Yogurt braised lamb with vegetables in a rich tomato Papad
Cream sauce 16.95 Spiced lentil flour wafers 2.25
Chicken 12.95
Lamb 16.95
Vegetable 9.95
Shrimp 16.95

Raita 2.95
Rice 2.50
Mixed Vegetables 4.50
Mango Pickle 2.95
Homemade yogurt drink: mango, salted or sweet 2.75
Masala Chai
Darjeeling tea brewed with ginger, cardamom and milk 2.25

Rosemary Cake tel 513.871.8714
Local apple and pistachio compote with vanilla ice cream 5.95 fax 513.871.3287
Chocolate Torte
Chocolate ganache, spiced cashew brittle and pomegranate 5.95 3520 Erie Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45208
Chile and Chocolate Spring Rolls
Bay laurel crème anglaise 5.95
Assorted Ice Cream 3.95

Consuming raw meats, seafood or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.
Our ingredients include exotic herbs and spices. Should you have any dietary
restrictions, please notify your server.

Cumin offers catering for large and small events.