KODIAK Episode 103 “Welcome Back Miss O’Brien” by David Polk

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2. RECAP We RECAP events from previous episodes, ending on Cord and Siobhán’s embrace at the hospital. TEASER FADE IN: INT. SHIP’S CABIN Seawater rapidly FLOODS the cabin. A FISHERMAN is trapped, running out of room to breathe. From the position of things, it’s obvious that the cabin is seriously askew. FISHERMAN (desperate) Oh God, this is it! Is this is it?! He takes a deep breath and plunges underwater. He tries to force open the cabin door. It’s jammed. He’s doomed. Then a DIVER’S MASK appears in the door portal. The fisherman’s eyes go wide with hope. He tries the stuck door again. We hear METAL BANGING from the other side. The fisherman is out of energy and out of breath. He can’t hold it any longer. He drowns. Suddenly, the door pries open and a RESCUE SWIMMER enters, grabs the man and pulls him toward the door. But the door slams shut on the man’s foot! The swimmer tries to free him. Now the rescue swimmer is running out of breath. He makes one last lung at the door with his shoulder and it works! The man’s foot is free! EXT. UNDERWATER We track with them as the swimmer pulls the man along the upside down deck of what appears to be a fishing boat, and upward toward the surface. EXT. BERING SEA – DAY The swimmer reaches the surface with the fisherman in tow. We see the capsized, 95-foot fishing boat next to them. Hovering above is a Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopter. A Coast Guard cutter and another support vessel are also nearby as part of the rescue operation.

3. [Note: in-flight crew & radio communications are filtered]. TOMCZAK (O.S.) Swimmer and crewman have reached the surface...I have the ready for pickup signal. Lowering the rescue basket. The swimmer puts the fisherman in the basket and climbs in with him. The basket is hoisted to the Jayhawk. INT. JAYHAWK – IN FLIGHT - CONTINUOUS Petty officer Brent Tomczak pulls the fisherman into the cabin, where two other freezing fisherman are recovering. The swimmer, ALEX ORTIZ, 30s, gets out of the basket and immediately begins CPR. He goes through two cycles of mouth-to-mouth and chest compressions before the fisherman spits up water and returns to the living. TOMCZAK Way to go, Ortiz! We got another live one folks! Ortiz smiles, relieved, sits back and catches his breath. In the cockpit, pilot Cord McKenna and co-pilot Noah Jeffries exchange a smile and a fist bump. CORD Nice job, Ortiz. NOAH Kodiak, this is Coast Guard 6739 returning with three survivors. Request ambulance when we land. All survivors suffering from severe hypothermia and... EXT. JAYHAWK – IN FLIGHT – CONTINUOUS Noah continues O.S. The helicopter flies away from us, past the ships below and over the vast, forbidding, surreally beautiful Bering Sea as we... FADE OUT. END OF TEASER

4. ACT ONE FADE IN: INT. CLASSROOM – DAY SECOND GRADERS sit quietly at their desks, on their best behavior. On the whiteboard in colorful marker: “Welcome Back Mrs. Keilar”. The door opens and Siobhán Keilar enters. She’s lovely, with copper red hair, porcelain skin and an alluring, hourglass figure that not even Lands’ End could make dowdy. She smiles and the children smile too. ALLISON, 7, comes to her, holding a bouquet of flowers. ALLISON Welcome back, Mrs. Keilar. SIOBHÀN Thank you, Allison. (to class) Thank you, children. She kisses Allison on the forehead and the girl returns to her seat. SIOBHÀN I was so touched to receive all of your cards and flowers and gifts. They were very, very appreciated. Now I want all of you to know that I’m feeling better and I hope that we can go back to life as normal here in the classroom. The children seem relieved. SIOBHÀN Eric, would you please? ERIC comes to the front of the room and turns to face his classmates. He puts his right hand over his heart. ERIC I pledge allegiance, to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic...

5. CLASSROOM – LATER The children are going about the business being second graders. Siobhán moves from worktable to worktable, encouraging her students. She stands over Ashleigh McKenna, who is figuring out a math problem. SIOBHÀN That’s right, Ash, always remember to raise the denominator. Siobhán lovingly strokes Ashleigh’s hair. The girl looks up at her and they exchange a smile. Siobhán lingers next to her a bit too long before moving to the next worktable. INT. OASIS CAFÉ – DAY Things are slow at the moment so waitresses Meg McKenna and APRIL ORTIZ, late 20s, pretty, sit at a table chatting. APRIL Thanksgiving was always nice when we were stationed in Houston. We’d just take the kids to Alex’s folks’ house. MEG Why don’t you come to our house? APRIL Oh, I wasn’t fishing for an invite. MEG (smiles) I know, but you caught one anyway. The last three years holidays at our house have been Claire’s friends and Cord’s dad’s old Coast Guard buddies and their wives. It’ll be nice to have some “new blood” in the house for a change. APRIL Are you sure? MEG Of course I’m sure. Cord and I bought the house from his mother, so legally I can invite anyone I want.

6. April gives her a look. APRIL Easy girl, that shade of bitchiness clashes with your sweater. Meg smirks. A cell phone RINGS. April pulls it from her jeans, checks caller I.D. and quickly answers. APRIL Hi baby!...Oh my God, really?! Meg reacts, covering her concern but paying close attention as April listens. APRIL Oh, thank God! (Meg’s relieved) I’m so proud of you, Alex...I can’t help it, I am...Okay. (naughty smile) So I’ll whip up something special for you when you get home tonight. And I’ll make you something nice for dinner too...I love you too, baby. MEG So? APRIL They rescued a crew from a capsized trawler up near Ketchikan. MEG (devious smile) Who cares about the rescue? hear about the “special”.

I want to

They laugh as customers come into the diner. I’ll get this. the tonight. MEG You need to rest up for

She goes to greet the customers.

7. INT. SCHOOL CORRIDOR – DAY A BELL RINGS and first and second grade children stream out of classrooms and pass Claire McKenna, who is waiting. Ashleigh comes out and smiles when she sees her. ASHLEIGH Hi, Grandma. CLAIRE Hi, angel. ASHLEIGH Why’d you come inside to pick me up? CLAIRE I wanted to say hello to Mrs. Keilar on her first day back. Claire takes Ashleigh’s hand and they go back into the classroom. INT. CLASSROOM – CONTINUOUS Siobhán is preparing to leave. CLAIRE Siobhán. SIOBHÀN (lovely smile) Mrs. McKenna! Hello! Claire goes to her and they embrace. CLAIRE How are you, dear? SIOBHÀN I’m doing well. Thank you so much for the flowers and the food and everything. You’re so thoughtful. CLAIRE Oh, dear you know we’re all here for you. Anything you need...How was today? Siobhán looks down at Ashleigh and smiles.

8. SIOBHÀN Thanks to Ashleigh and the children, today was terrific. One of my best days in weeks. CLAIRE That’s good to hear. I thought I’d let you know, I spoke with your mother and I’ve invited myself to Thanksgiving at your folks’ house. Ashleigh reacts to this news. SIOBHÀN Oh, that will be nice. But what about your family and all of Senior Chief Mac’s friends? Claire takes Siobhán’s hands in her own. CLAIRE They’ll be fine. This year I want to spend Thanksgiving with you, dear. INT. MINIVAN – MOVING – DAY Claire is driving. Ashleigh’s in the back seat next to her younger sister, Maggie. ASHLEIGH Grandma, are you really not having Thanksgiving at home? CLAIRE It’s just for this year, honey. What? MAGGIE Why not, Grandma?

CLAIRE Well, Maggie, this will be Mrs. Keilar’s first Thanksgiving without her husband, so it’s important that all of her friends support her as much as possible. MAGGIE Where did her husband go?

9. ASHLEIGH He died. MAGGIE Oh...Aren’t we her friends too, Grandma? CLAIRE Well, yes Maggie, dear, I suppose you could say that? MAGGIE So why can’t we all have Thanksgiving at Mrs. Keilar’s house? Wouldn’t she like that? ASHLEIGH (excited) Yeah, Grandma, can we? INT. MCKENNA HOME – DAY Meg enters to find Ashleigh and Maggie at the dining room table doing homework. She greets them both with a kiss. MEG Where’s Grandma? Claire enters from the kitchen. CLAIRE Hello, Megan dear. MEG Hi Claire. Listen, I thought you should know, I’ve invited Alex and April Ortiz and their kids over for Thanksgiving. CLAIRE That’s perfectly fine, Megan. ASHLEIGH But, Grandma, I thought we were having Thanksgiving at Mrs. Keilar’s. Meg’s reaction if not her words scream, “What the fuck?!”

10. CLAIRE Now, Ashleigh, I didn’t say we were. I said I was. MAGGIE But you said Mrs. Keilar’s friends should help her this Thanksgiving and we’re her friends, right? MEG (terse) Claire, I think we need to talk in the kitchen. Now, please. Not waiting, Meg marches past her mother-in-law into the kitchen. Claire sighs and follows her. INT. KITCHEN – CONTINUOUS Meg is already in full meltdown mode when Claire enters. MEG Are you insane?! CLAIRE Calm down, dear – MEG There is no freakin’ way I will ever, ever step foot in that whore’s house! What in God’s name possessed you to tell my children that they could go there?! It’s bad enough Ashleigh’s in her classroom! CLAIRE Please, Megan dear, calm down. I didn’t tell the girls they could go to Siobhán’s for Thanksgiving. I simply said that I would spend it with her family and that it was up to you and Cord if they could go. Naturally, I didn’t expect you to approve. MEG You’re goddamn right I don’t approve! I can’t believe you, Claire!

11. CLAIRE Megan, I know how you feel about Siobhán and I don’t blame you. I’d feel the same way about any woman Mac had an affair with. But your issues with her aren’t my issues. I’ve been close to the O’Briens since the day I moved to this island, and I don’t expect that will ever change. No matter who my son sleeps with. Claire’s double entendre doesn’t go unnoticed by Meg. INT. O’BRIEN HOME, BATHROOM – SUNSET Siobhán relaxes in a hot bath, her thoughts far, far away. She reacts slowly to a light KNOCK on the door. SIOBHÀN Yes? MRS. O’BRIEN (O.S.) Siobhán, honey, dinner’s ready if you want to eat. SIOBHÀN Thank you, mother, I’m not hungry. MRS. O’BRIEN (O.S.) Of course, dear. I’ll keep a plate warm for you just in case. SIOBHÀN Thank you. HALLWAY OUTSIDE BATHROOM MRS. O’BRIEN, mid-60s and looking as sprung from her womb, turns from the hall. We track with her downstairs, through the living and dining rooms, bureau full of FAMILY PHOTOS. though Protestantism door and goes down the and as she goes CAMERA STAYS on a

From the photos we learn that the O’Briens are a Coast Guard family, with at least two generations of officers and enlisted men shown with proud, lovely women by their side. Finally, we see a formal picture of a young Siobhán posing with a U.S. Coast Guard Academy cadet – Cord McKenna.

12. INT. SIOBHÀN’S BEDROOM – SUNSET Siobhán enters in bathroom and slippers. She slips out of her robe {no full nudity, but enough skin to show she’s got it going on] and puts on girlie PJs. She opens the nightstand drawer and pulls out a photobooth instasnapshot. She settles in bed, reminiscing with the photo. REVERSE and we see that it’s a B&W shot of her and Cord, high school sweethearts, mugging for the camera. A bittersweet smile comes to Siobhán’s face as we... FADE OUT. END OF ACT ONE

13. ACT TWO FADE IN: INT. THERAPIST’S OFFICE – DAY Meg and Cord are in mid-session and things are hot. MEG I feel like I’m locked in the ice like those ships stuck at the South Pole! CORD So I’ll transfer if it’ll make you happy. You know that, Meg. MEG It’s not just Kodiak, Cord! So it’s the job. the Coast Guard. CORD You want me to leave

MEG I didn’t say that! Why do you always have to twist my words?! CORD (exasperated) Then what for Christ’s sake, Megan? What the hell do you want? THERAPIST It’s a valid question, Meg. A long beat as she stews. Finally –

MEG I want some control over my life, not to feel like everything’s being dictated to me. CORD And you you’ll find that “control” in a bottle and by screwing other men? She cuts him a withering look. Beat.

MEG No, of course not. But a good start would be having my own home.

14. Cord sighs. “Here we go again.”

THERAPIST Cord, why that reaction? CORD We’ve talked about this a million times. Buying my mom’s house for what she paid for it twenty years ago was a no-brainer. We both agreed it was the right thing to do financially. MEG Well it was a mistake. One I shouldn’t have to keep living with. CORD How was it a mistake, Meg? You and mom get along great. With her volunteer work and socializing she’s hardly ever home and when she is she’s totally devoted to the girls, which gives you freedom to paint. MEG (to therapist) At your home, who decides who’s invited for Thanksgiving dinner? THERAPIST My husband and I spend Thanksgiving with his parents in Seattle. Christmases are usually in Vancouver with my family. MEG Well for the past three Thanksgivings at “my” home not one guest was invited by me. Why? Because for the past fifteen years the guests have all been regulars invited by my mother-in-law. CORD Come on, Meg, now you’re being ridiculous. It’s not like you can’t invite people. MEG Well, this year I have.

15. CORD See. MEG But then your mother has decided to spend Thanksgiving elsewhere. OFF Cord’s surprise... INT. BASE STORE (CGX)- DAY Eden Sayer is deciding which pair of running shoes to try on. She glances up and notices a WASPY, twenty-something BLONDE WOMAN staring at her from the “Outerwear” section. Their eyes meet briefly before the woman looks away. Eden goes back to making her shoe selection, but she knows exactly what the look was about. EXT. BARRACKS - DAY Eden enters, now in her duty uniform, and is greeted with smiles and catcalls from other Coast Guardsmen. TOMCZAK Well, look who decided to grace us with her presence! If it ain’t Nanook of the North herself. EDEN Nonook was a man, moron. TOMCZAK (grins) You don’t look like a man.


NANCE So how you feelin’ Sayer? EDEN A hundred percent, Chief. NANCE Well it’s good to have you back. EDEN It’s good to be back.

16. TOMCZAK Bet you’ll miss lying around in your panties, eating bonbons and watching “Sex in the City” marathons. EDEN Why would I, Tommy? You’ve been doing it on the job for years. Laughter from the guys. EXT. READY ROOM – LATER Cord and Noah sit talking. CORD It’s great that you and Ashanti will make it for Thanksgiving this year. NOAH Really looking forward to it. (then, disappointed) To tell you the truth, I’m a little surprised we haven’t been invited before this year. CORD (embarrassed) Look, I’m sorry about that, Noah. We would’ve had you over sooner but it’s complica – Noah’s grinning. Cord catches on.

NOAH Ashanti told me how Meg’s finally declaring her “supremacy” in the McKenna household, starting with Thanksgiving. CORD She did, did she? NOAH You know our ladies don’t keep any secrets from each other. Look, Cord, your mom and Meg are mother-anddaughter-in-law. Doesn’t matter how good a front they put on, they’re sworn enemies, man.

17. CORD Can I just say again that you really watch too much TV? NOAH That’s not TV, that’s nature. nature, baby. “Mother”

Cord shakes his head just as Eden enters and crosses to them. She salutes. CORD (returns salute) Sayer, welcome back. EDEN Thank you, Lieutenant. Good to be back. (to Noah) Lieutenant. Sayer. NOAH Lookin’ good as new. EDEN Feel it too.

Thank you, sir.

CORD You’re back just in time, Sayer. After the holiday we head up north for a joint training exercise. You wouldn’t want to miss that. EDEN No, sir, I wouldn’t. She hands him a piece of paper. EDEN Thank you, Lieutenant. She turns and heads out. Noah admires her as she goes. He signs, gives it back.

NOAH You know, Ortiz is a good rescue swimmer, but our little Nanook can give me mouth-to-mouth any time. CORD You do know Nanook of the North was a man, don’t you?

18. Noah looks at him. INT. MINIVAN – NIGHT Cord is behind the wheel of the minivan, parked in a neighborhood of small, working class homes. He’s looking at one of them – a neat, pretty one across the street. INT. KEILAR HOME – SAME The house is as tidy inside as it is outside. Siobhàn is on the sofa drinking a cup of tea, grading students’ papers. Sensing something, she gets up and goes to the window, parts the curtains and peers outside, sees the minivan parked across the street. INT. MINIVAN – SAME Cord sees Siobhàn’s silhouette appear in the window. shifts into gear and pulls away. INT. KEILAR HOME – SAME Siobhàn lets the curtains close. thinking. INT. MINIVAN – LATER Cord is parked outside the Senior Center. Claire exits the building, says “Goodnight” to fellow volunteers then goes to the minivan and gets in. CLAIRE Thanks for picking me up, sweetheart. CORD Of course, Mom. Thanks for letting us use the van until Meg’s truck is out of the shop. They drive off. She stands there, He “You’re shitting me.”

19. INT. MINIVAN – MOVING – LATER CORD Mom, Meg told me you’re having Thanksgiving at the O’Brien’s. CLAIRE Yes, sweetheart, that’s right. The first holidays after losing a husband are the worst times for a young widow. CORD Mom, I understand why it’s important for you to be supportive of Siobhàn. CLAIRE That’s right, Cord, you do. Violet practically moved in with us after your father died. And Sam was totally supportive of her doing it. If it weren’t for them, well, I imagine I would’ve gone mad up here with two boys and no one to lean on. He understands all too well, but still... CORD I know, Mom, but you know how difficult it’s been for Meg. CLAIRE I do. And I sympathize with her. You did a horrible thing, Cordell, and I’ve told Megan how I feel about it. But your marital problems have nothing to do with my loyalty to the O’Briens. CORD Don’t you get it, Mom? As far as Meg is concerned you’ve chosen Siobhàn over her. Again. CLAIRE That’s nonsense. I treat Megan as though she were my daughter, which of course, she is. CORD Look, Mom, I know you love Meg. But we all know that took time. And we all know why.

20. CLAIRE Cord, if you’re asking me not to go to the O’Brien’s for Thanksgiving, then this conversation is over. That decision has been made. Besides, now Megan can finally have Thanksgiving her way. INT. SAFEWAY – DAY Meg and Ashanti Jeffries stare at FROZEN TURKEYS. Their faces tell us this is virgin territory for both of them. ASHANTI Definitely the ten-pounder. MEG Are you sure? It looks so big. There’s just the eight of us. ASHANTI Eight adults, six children. MEG But the kids hardly eat any of the turkey. ASHANTI That’s your kids. Other peoples’ kids love turkey. MEG Did you “love” turkey when you were a kid? ASHANTI (beat) Okay, maybe you’ve got a point. Then definitely, it’s the six-pounder. Siobhàn and her mother, Mrs. O’Brien, turn into the aisle. Siobhàn stops the cart when her eyes meet Meg’s. They stare at each other from opposite ends of the aisle. ASHANTI What? (following Meg’s gaze) Oh.

21. Ashanti plunks the turkey into their basket and begins to push it away. ASHANTI Come on, let’s go. We’ve got a lot more on the list. Meg hesitates, not sure if she’s holding her ground or just stunned into submission. Ashanti discreetly tugs her arm to end the deliberation. They walk out of the aisle. ANOTHER AISLE - LATER Ashanti is trying to find canned cranberry sauce. MEG (as if to herself) You just never see it happening to you. Not in a place like this. New York, Chicago, L.A.? Sure. But Kodiak? Ashanti ignores her, hoping to change the subject. ASHANTI They’ve got cranberry sauce in jars out the whazzoo. Nothing in a can. Maybe we’re too late. Maybe they’re sold out already because canned cranberry sauce is better. MEG (snorts) Too late? Don’t tell me about too late. How about never? (as if to herself) You know he never mentioned her. Never. He told me about the girls he dated while he was at the Academy. Even about some skank he banged on a booze cruise in Mexico. But this one? Not a word. You’d think she would’ve come up, at least in passing, in eight years, wouldn’t you? First crush, prom date, girl you lost your virginity to. But never. I got nothing. Less than nothing. Bupkis. ASHANTI Maybe we don’t need cranberry sauce. Meg looks at her with expression that says, “Ya think?”

22. INT. CONVENIENCE STORE – SUNSET Eden is paying the CASHIER for groceries when we hear a distinctive RINGTONE. She answers her phone. EDEN Hi, baby!...No not yet. off for a few things. I had to stop

Elsewhere in the store, unseen by Eden, Tomczak recognizes her voice and eavesdrops on her conversation. EDEN (O.S.) I know, but thank goodness for Skype, right?...Yeah, I think it’ll be nice. Tomczak spies on her from the aisle as she exits the store. He waits a beat then follows. EXT. PARKING LOT – CONTINUOUS Eden talks on the phone as she walks. Tomczak hangs back.

EDEN Oh, I know, Toni. I miss you too, baby. I hate not being with you for the holidays. She reaches her Jeep Wrangler and loads the groceries in. Tomczak lingers near parked cars, out of sight. EDEN Listen, I’m at my Jeep now. I’ll see you on Skype when I get home.... She hangs up and is climbing in the Jeep when – CASHIER (O.S.) (shouting) Hey, you gonna pay for that or what?! Eden turns, surprised to see the convenience store CASHIER confronting Tomczak over the BAG OF CHIPS he’s holding. Tomczak looks sheepishly at Eden. She grins and waves her fingers prettily before closing the door and driving away.

23. INT. KEILAR HOME – NIGHT Siobhàn is drinking tea and grading papers. Again she senses Cord’s presence and goes to the window. The minivan is there, but its lights are off. And Cord’s not inside. The DOORBELL RINGS. Siobhàn is momentarily taken aback. Then she pulls it together and goes to the door, giving herself a once over in the mirror. She takes a deep breath before opening it. SIOBHÀN Cord. Hi, Siobhàn. CORD May I come in? SIOBHÀN Please.

Of course, Cord.

She lets him in. Closes the door. They stand there looking at each other, not knowing where to begin. CORD I’m sorry about Kirk. He was a good man. SIOBHÀN Thank you. And thank you for your letter. Of course I understand why you couldn’t come to the funeral. CORD Listen, Siobhàn, I know I shouldn’t be here. But I just can’t stop thinking about you. Beat. SIOBHÀN I know. I can’t stop thinking about you either, Cord. OFF them gazing into each other’s eyes we... FADE OUT. END OF ACT TWO

24. ACT THREE FADE IN: INT. KEILAR HOME – NIGHT Cord and Siobhàn sit next to each other on the sofa. SIOBHÀN I never told you this – actually I never told anyone – but I asked Kirk to marry me. (off his look) That’s exactly the way he looked at me. CORD Well at least I’m not the only one who scratched his head over you two. I mean, I never would’ve thought of you and Kirk Keilar together. SIOBHÀN Because he was just a commercial fisherman, not a Guardsman like Grandy, Daddy, Uncle Sean, Sammy...and you? It would be impolite to confirm what she already knows. CORD All that really matters is that you loved him and you were happy together. SIOBHÀN I did and we were. He covers his disappointment but she knows him too well. SIOBHÀN Cole, when you left for the Academy I expected you to come home and marry me. When that didn’t happen, I was heartbroken, but I survived... He tries to speak, but she stops him. SIOBHÀN I survived. But I died inside when I found out you were married, with a child, Ashleigh...I waited six months, long enough for all of our friends to (MORE)

25. SIOBHÀN (CONT’D.) stop tiptoeing around me, watching their every word for fear of turning me into a puddle tears. Then I asked Kirk to marry me. CORD Did you have any feelings for him? SIOBHÀN I knew he was a good, hardworking man who would probably captain his own boat one day. That was enough. I didn’t need or expect anything else from him. The only man I’d ever loved – would ever love – was married. More coffee? She takes his mug and goes to the kitchen. While she’s away, he looks at the PHOTOS on the mantle and around the room. They show Siobhán and Kirk happy together. She returns with a fresh cup of tea and his coffee. CORD (re: home, photos) Thank you. Kirk seems to have provided well for you. SIOBHÀN (pretty smile) Why Cordell Angus McKenna, Jr., I don’t remember you being such a chauvinist. We provided well for each other. CORD But I remember you promising never to call me that again. SIOBHÀN It’s a strong, masculine name. Your father was proud enough of it that he gave it to you. CORD Right, and everybody called him “Mac.” She laughs, light and pretty and warm. Oh! CORD Look how late it is. Genuine.

I should go.

26. He’s about to stand. She stops him with a hand on his.

SIOBHÀN Cord, I saw Megan at the market today. CORD (sinking feeling) Oh... SIOBHÀN We didn’t speak or anything. Still, it was very awkward. It’s amazing that we’ve avoided each other this long. CORD Yeah...well, Mom’s done everything she can to keep Meg away from you. Like school pickups, things like that. SIOBHÀN Yes, I figured as much...Cord, it tore me up inside to be “the other woman”. I’m so sorry Megan found out. CORD Yeah, well what’s done is done. SIOBHÀN What I mean, Cord, is I’m sorry she was hurt, but I don’t regret what happened. She takes his hand, caresses it lovingly. SIOBHÀN I believe things happen for a reason, and I don’t think it was merely a coincidence that you were at the hospital the night of Kirk’s aneurism...Cord, I’m convinced that we were meant to be together. CORD (reacts) Siobhán, I’m still married. I have a family. What do expect me to do, just forget my kids? Divorce my wife? She looks straight into his eyes. SIOBHÀN No...and yes. Beat.

27. INT. MCKENNA HOME – NIGHT Cord comes in to find Claire watching CNN, as usual. CLAIRE Hello, sweetheart. CORD (distracted) Hi, Mom. He’s on his way upstairs when – CLAIRE Sweetheart? CORD Yes? She looks at him, waiting. Then he realizes. and kisses her on the cheek. CORD Good night, Mom. CLAIRE ‘Night Cord. Their ritual complete, she smiles. UPSTAIRS – MOMENTS LATER Cord peeks in on Ashleigh and Maggie. Sound asleep. lingers longer than usual. Then he goes to the main bedroom, KNOCKS on the door that’s cracked open. MEG (O.S.) Yes. INT. BEDROOM – CONTINUOUS Meg’s in bed sketching on her iPad. She’s somewhat surprised to see Cord standing in the doorway. MEG Hi. Come in. CORD Do you really think buying a new home is the answer to our problems, Meg? He He goes back

28. MEG (not expecting this) I said it’s a start, not a solution. Then what? CORD I mean after the house?

MEG I don’t know. Isn’t that why we’re seeing a therapist, so she can help us figure it out? She hopes this is a sign he’s coming around. MEG Cord honey, what is it? A long beat. Nothing. He leaves. CORD Good night.

She looks after him, disappointed.

INT. MCKENNA FAMILY ROOM - LATER Cord lay on the sofa, made up as a bed. into the darkness... INT. HANGAR – DAY A medal ceremony. Wall to wall dress blues, service ribbons, polished leather and brass. ADMIRAL PAGE, a black woman, pins a MEDAL on Ortiz’s chest. ADMIRAL Congratulations, Chief Petty Officer Ortiz. The Coast Guard and your country are proud of you. Keep up the good work. ORTIZ Thank you, Admiral. They exchange crisp salutes. In the Visitor’s section, April beams with pride alongside her three young SONS. OFF him staring

29. The admiral moves to Eden and pins a MEDAL on her chest. ADMIRAL Congratulations, Airman Sayer. The Coast Guard and your country are proud of you. Keep up the good work. Yes ma’am. EDEN Thank you, Admiral.

They exchange crisp salutes. Cord, Noah, Tomczak and Zeke Zibriski applaud for Eden. She steals a glance at them and smiles. Seated elsewhere we FIND the WASPY blonde woman who was admiring Eden at the CGX. Her rank and name badge tell us this is ENSIGN SWIFT. AFTER THE CEREMONY Medal recipients mingle. Ortiz is congratulated by April and their boys. Cord and the guys approach Eden. ZEKE Think she was high and mighty before, now she’s going to be totally impossible to live with. Hi, senior chief. They shake hands. CORD Since Senior Chief Zibriske has missed the opportunity to be the first from the crew to congratulate you since being pinned, allow me. Well done. Thank you, sir. EDEN Again. EDEN Thanks for coming.

A look between them hints at their growing closeness. EXT. BARRACKS – LATER Now in duty uniform, Eden goes about her business checking equipment. Tomczak comes up from behind, admiring the view.

30. TOMCZAK Sayer. EDEN Tommy. TOMCZAK Now that your fan club has dispersed, I guess I can admit that you looked pretty good getting that medal today. EDEN Thanks...Look, Tomczak, I never really got a chance to thank you for jumping onto that burning tanker to save me. You know, it could easily have been you up there getting a medal. TOMCZAK The difference is McKenna ordered me down there; you jumped into that inferno on your own. Twice. EDEN Well, thanks again Tommy. She turns to go back to work. TOMCZAK Too bad Tony couldn’t be here for your big day. She looks at him, covering her anxiety. EDEN How do you know about Toni? TOMCZAK Sorry, Sayer, I overheard you talking to him on the phone. You remember, the other night at the convenience store? EDEN Oh...yeah, right. TOMCZAK By the way, thanks for helping me out with Akbar. He was “this” close to calling the shore patrol on my ass.

31. EDEN Let that be a lesson. Shoplifting and stalking don’t mix. He smiles, touché. Then –

TOMCZAK Eden...sorry if this is coming out of left field, but I’m just going to go for it. I know what it’s like to be in a long-distance relationship. It sucks. And what it’s like to spend a winter in Kodiak. It sucks more. EDEN Look, Tommy... TOMCZAK All I’m saying is maybe we could hang out, do dinner and a movie off base once in a while. No pressure. EDEN Brent, I appreciate you thinking of me that way, I do. But even if Toni weren’t in the picture, I think dating someone you work with is a really, really bad idea, especially in our business. So I don’t do it. Ever. TOMCZAK Okay. I can respect that. For the record, Sayer, I think Tony’s a pretty lucky guy. He turns and walks away. She watches him go.

INT. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS MEETING – NIGHT A MAN is telling his tale of woe. Meg comes in and quietly takes a seat in the back of the room. As the man speaks [AD LIB] Meg looks around – the recovering alcoholics are ordinary people, just like her. Light APPLAUSE as the man finishes his testimonial. Thank you, Kirby. next? HOST Now who wants to go

32. ZEKE I’ll go. He makes his way to the podium. him at “her” meeting. Meg is surprised to see

ZEKE Hello, everybody. I’m Alex and I’ve been sober for twenty-eight days. EVERYBODY Hello Alex. EXT. COMMUNITY CENTER – LATER The AA meeting is breaking up and participants file out. Zeke zips up his parka and lights a cigarette. Meg comes up from behind him. MEG (a smile) I thought it was called Alcoholics Anonymous not Alcoholics “Aliases”. Hello, “Alex.” Zeke turns, pleasantly surprised to see her. ZEKE Pleased to meet you, ma’am. My name is Alexander. People have called me “Zeke” since I was a kid. Meg makes a face and shakes her head. ZEKE What’s with the look? MEG Nothing really. Just seem to be learning all sorts of new things about Cord’s crew these days. He shrugs but smiles too, not feeling a need to press. ZEKE Well, I’m glad you’re here, Meg. I think this can really help. It’s only been a few weeks for me, but the meetings have made a difference. I (MORE)

33. ZEKE (CONT’D.) know I can beat this to get back in the air, but it helps knowing I’ve got a little back up. He takes a drag of this cigarette. Meg stares at him, then takes the cigarette and flicks it in the snow. He reacts. MEG It’s not just the bottle you’ve got to beat, “Alex”. ZEKE All right, “Skipper”. I hear ya. INT. MCKENNA HOME – NIGHT Meg enters the darkened home. She goes quietly to the family room. Cord is on the made up sofa, not yet asleep. They look at each other for a couple of beats. MEG Are you ever coming back to our bed? He stares at her a moment longer, then shifts his gaze up toward the ceiling. Meg absorbs the blow then exits. Cord continues staring at the ceiling after she’s left. Somehow we know he’s thinking about Siobhán. INT. KITCHEN – CONTINUOUS Meg stands in front of the refrigerator. opens the top freezer. FREEZER POV - MEG staring inside, deliberating for what seems like a long time. The sound of the compressor breaks the spell. She shuts the freezer door and we... SMASH TO BLACK. END OF ACT THREE After a while she

34. ACT FOUR FADE IN: OVER BLACK we hear... MEG (O.S.) No, I think it’s 350-degrees. FREEZER POV – MEG as she opens the freezer door and reaches in side. INT. KITCHEN – DAY Meg takes out bags of frozen vegetables and takes them to the sink. Ashanti is looking at a turkey in the oven. ASHANTI Are you sure? It still looks a little pale. Maybe I should turn it to 400? MEG The instructions say 350-degrees. only been about an hour, Ashanti. It’s

ASHANTI Trust me, girl, nobody wants to see a rubber turkey on Thanksgiving. Ashanti turns up the temperature then goes back to chopping onions for the stuffing. MEG I really appreciate you coming over to help, Ashanti. ASHANTI It’s no problem. It seems like these last few weeks we’ve been a bit out of touch, so it’s nice to spend the time. MEG I know. I’m sorry. I’ve just been so out of it lately - with Claire telling the girls she’s spending Thanksgiving at the O’Brien’s and then running into her at the market. It’s been nuts.

35. INT. O’BRIEN HOME – DAY Fourteen GUESTS finish Thanksgiving dinner at an elegant table. Mrs. O’Brien and her husband, retired Admiral SAM O’BRIEN, are their hosts. Claire is next to Siobhán. ADMIRAL O’BRIEN The stuffing was especially good, Vi. MRS. O’BRIEN You can thank Claire for the stuffing this year, Sam. ADMIRAL O’BRIEN It’s so nice to have you with us this year, Claire. Claire smiles and puts her hand on Siobhán’s. CLAIRE Thank you, Sam. It’s good to be here again, with all of you. ADMIRAL O’BRIEN Maybe we’ll get that son of yours and his family over for the holidays. Claire covers her reaction to that impossibility. has a somewhat different, more positive reaction. SIOBHÁN Who’s ready for dessert? WOMAN Here, let me help you, dear. ANOTHER WOMAN I’ll help too. PARLOR – LATER The guests enjoy coffee and dessert as Siobhán plays piano. Claire and Mrs. O’Brien watch from the back of the room. CLAIRE She’s such a lovely girl. MRS. O’BRIEN Thank you. And thank you again for being here for her. It means so much, Claire. Siobhán

36. CLAIRE I was her age when I lost Mac. You were there for me, Violet. I want to be here for Siobhán. They share a look. Mrs. O’Brien turns reminiscent.

MRS. O’BRIEN Kirk was good to my Siobhán. Still I can’t help but wonder if she wouldn’t have been happier with Cord. Claire gives her elbow an understanding squeeze. INT. MCKENNA HOME – DAY Cord opens the door and greets Ortiz, April and their sons. CORD Alex, April, we’re so glad you guys could make it. Meg greets April with a hug and leads them all to the – DINING ROOM The smallish room is crowded with eight adults – LACEY and REID GREENSPAN, 30s, Ortiz and April, Noah and Ashanti, and Meg and Cord, who is carving the turkey. LACEY (to Cord re: carving) Sure you didn’t miss your calling, Cord darling? CORD Turkeys, hams, roasts – I got it covered. But you’d better leave the surgeries to Reid there. ORTIZ I don’t know, Lieutenant, you do some pretty smooth operating with a Jayhawk. That tanker explosion rescue is going to rewrite the flying manuals. NOAH Hey, he wasn’t the only doctor in the cockpit for that one, my friend.

37. CORD You’ll have to excuse “Dr. No” over there. He’s got sidekick issues. Who wants white, who wants dark? LATER - OVER DINNER APRIL So is it really dark all winter in Alaska? REID It depends on where you live. In this part, by mid-December the sun will come up around 10:30 and set at around 3:30. By the end of January, we get back to something close to “normal”. NOAH Above the Arctic Circle, the sun disappears in November and doesn’t come back until January. APRIL So you’re going to hold those joint exercises in darkness? ORTIZ Folks need saving at nighttime too, baby. Maggie hurriedly enters from the family room. MAGGIE Mommy, can we have dessert now?! MEG Okay, sweetie. Meg heads for the kitchen. follow. IN THE KITCHEN The women prepare dessert plates for the kids. LACEY I have to say, you surprise me, Megan darling. Thanksgiving with all the trimmings? Ashanti, April and Lacey

38. MEG Should I take that as a compliment or break out the Pepto? APRIL Dinner was just great, Meg. MEG Well, I can’t take all the credit. If not for my “sidekick” over here, we’d all be doubled over with salmonella by now. ASHANTI (a laugh) Thanks, “Doc”. Glad I could help. LACEY Meg, I’m dying to see the new painting. Can we take a look later? BACK IN THE DINING ROOM CORD We’ll probably concentrate the exercises off the coast in the Chukchi Sea. Coldest place I’ve ever been to in my life. NOAH You haven’t seen brutal cold until you’ve been above the Arctic Circle in December. REID For the life of me I can’t understand why anybody in his right mind decided to settle down in this part of the world. ORTIZ So Lieutenant, I suppose you’re glad to have Sayer back. Can’t beat having your own Eskimo onboard when you go up north, huh? CORD We’ll miss you, Ortiz, but yeah, we’re glad to have her back. She’s a helluva rescue swimmer.

39. REID Chief, I believe the preferred term is Inuit. (off his look) These days, unless you’re talking about a tasty ice cream snack, “Eskimo” is considered offensive when referring to natives of the Arctic regions. ORTIZ Oh. INT. EDEN’S APARTMENT – DAY A candlelit dinner for one is set at a small table. Also open on the table is a laptop computer. Eden enters from the kitchen, in a pretty dress, carrying a slice of cake on a dessert plate. She sits. TONI (V.O.) That looks delicious. Eden takes a bite of cake and talks to her girlfriend Toni, ON THE COMPUTER via “Skype”. Mmmm. EDEN It tastes as good as it looks.

TONI Now you’re just teasing me. EDEN You’ve got your own cake there. TONI You know that’s not what I’m talking about. Eden smiles, teasing her. EDEN You still think this was a good idea, right? TONI Anything’s better than not seeing you at all. I miss you so much, Eden.

40. EDEN I miss you too. But thanks to technology, here we are having Thanksgiving Dinner together! TONI (beat) Two years is such a long time. Sometimes I don’t think I can take it. EDEN Toni, please don’t talk like that, baby. Remember the plan: talk on the phone, Skype and Facebook every day. You’ll come up in April and we’ll spend three incredible weeks together. I’ll come back to Seattle for a week in July. It’ll be like we were never apart. We got this, baby. Right? Right. What? TONI I know...it’s just... EDEN It’s just what, Toni?

TONI There’s something like a hundred dikes on that base and they all want to stay warm in that long Alaskan night. EDEN If that’s what you’re worried about, don’t. Okay, baby? For starters there might be 30 women on the base and more than half of them are straight for sure. Plus, you know I’d never crap where I eat. And most importantly, I only want you, Toni. It’s you I love. TONI (smiling, relieved) Love you more. Eden flashes a libidinous grin and takes another bite of cake. Then she licks the crumbs from her lips enticingly. TONI You naughty, naughty girl.

41. INT. MCKENNA FAMILY ROOM – SUNSET Ashleigh, Maggie and EFFIE GREENSPAN, 8, listen closely to Ashanti’s belly, hoping to feel movement from her unborn baby. The 3 Ortiz boys stand back, unsure what to do. APRIL End of April, beginning of May is a good time to have a baby. At least it is in the lower 48. ASHANTI As long as she’s not born in the dead of winter here, I’ll be happy. APRIL So you know the sex? ASHANTI (smiles) No, but I’ve got my fingers crossed. APRIL What about names? ASHANTI Well, if it’s a girl, I like Genevieve. APRIL That’s very pretty. ASHANTI And if Noah gets the boy he’s hoping for, he thinks we’ll name him Noah. APRIL You don’t like the name? ASHANTI Trust me, one Noah Jeffries in the house is enough. They laugh and as they do the children feel the baby kick. INT. MEG’S STUDIO – SUNSET ON LACEY’S FACE she’s astonished.

42. LACEY It’s breathtaking, darling. REVERSE and we see that she’s looking at the dramatic SEASCAPE that we’ve seen Meg painting in previous episodes. MEG Thank you. LACEY I’ve been impressed with much of your work, Megan, but this is on an entirely new level. MEG So you think it can be the centerpiece of a showing in Anchorage? For starters? LACEY Yes, darling.

Lacey examines the painting closely. LACEY There’s so much here, the texture, the balance and nuance, the raw emotion. She turns and looks at Meg, studying her face as closely as she did the painting. LACEY I know art and I know artists. A piece like this can only come from demons locked deep inside the soul. MEG It’s been a long year. LACEY (beat) You and Cord? Meg looks away, trying to control her emotions. stares at the painting again, then back at Meg. LACEY Oh, darling. She embraces Meg, holding her tightly. Lacey

43. INT. O’BRIEN HOME, PARLOR - NIGHT The evening is winding down. As the Admiral and Mrs. O’Brien say goodnight to several guests, Claire and Siobhán talk privately in the parlor. SIOBHÀN Mom and Dad have been wonderful letting me come back and forth between my house and theirs. Just like when I would run to their bedroom after a nightmare when I was a little girl. CLAIRE I know it seems like the hurt will never end, dear...In time your life will have meaning again. You’re young and beautiful and – though I know it may not seem possible now - you really do have so much to look forward to. Happiness, love...children. She caresses Siobhán’s face and looks lovingly in her eyes. Siobhán gives her a warm, knowing smile in return. SIOBHÀN Yes, Mrs. McKenna. I know. And I do look forward to those things. All of them. FADE OUT. END OF ACT FOUR

44. ACT FIVE FADE IN: INT. BRIEFING ROOM - DAY Aircrews listen intently as Capt. Nelson briefs them. CAPT. NELSON Operation Polar Bear. A three-day joint exercise to perform air sea rescue operations in the U.S. sector of the Chukchi Sea with the Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and elements of the Royal Canadian Navy and Air Force... EXT. GULF OF ALASKA – DAY Two Coast Guard cutters leave port. CAPT. NELSON Cutters “Thetis” and “Harriet Lane”, along with the icebreaker “Northwind”, will provide the Coast Guard’s sea contingent for the exercise... Two helicopters approach the cutters for landing astern. CAPT. NELSON Two Jayhawks and four crews will participate in the exercise... EXT. USCGC THETIS – ARCTIC TWILIGHT The Thetis steams in rough seas, a Jayhawk secured on its stern deck. CAPT. NELSON Winds will exceed seventy knots and temperatures will be well below zero throughout the operation. And you will carry out maneuvers in perpetual twilight... Crewmembers brave winds and waves crashing onto deck.

45. CAPT. NELSON This may be an exercise, but make no mistake people. Like everything else in the Arctic, this is the real thing. INT. USCGC THETIS, BRIDGE – ARCTIC TWILIGHT The command crew carries out operations. CREWMEMBER (O.S.) Admiral on deck! Everyone comes to attention as Admiral Page enters, followed closely by her aide, Ensign Swift. ADMIRAL PAGE Carry on. Commander Decker, how are we doing this evening? COMMANDER DECKER Operations are progressing nicely, Admiral. We’ve been in contact with our RCN opposites and preparations are underway for the next rescue operation. ADMIRAL PAGE Downed RCAF pilot? COMMANDER DECKER Yes, ma’am. Off Cape Lisburne. Do you still plan to go aloft for this sortie? ADMIRAL PAGE I wouldn’t miss it. Swift, who’s our ride tonight? ENS. SWIFT (checks a chart) We fly with Lieutenant McKenna’s crew, Admiral. McKenna. ADMIRAL PAGE Very well. Satisfied –

She pauses to observe the crew’s operations. ADMIRAL PAGE Carry on, Commander. Page and Swift exit.

46. INT. READY ROOM Cord, Noah, Tomczak and Eden suit up for a patrol. NOAH Three down, one to go. TOMCZAK After this, I’m definitely going to use my priority for a rotation to Hawaii. I’ve never felt cold like this before. EDEN Remind me again how many times have you gotten wet on this exercise? TOMCZAK That’s why you make the big bucks, sister. Yeah, right. EDEN Bite me. She smirks.

He playfully ponders the possibility.

CORD Alright, Betty and Jug Head, leave the not-so-witty banter here. Admiral Page is flying with us on this patrol, so I want everybody razor sharp. NOAH (smiles) That’s the only way we fly, “Doc”. INT. JAYHAWK – ARCTIC TWILIGHT Rotors spinning. Cord and Noah do a last-minute pre-flight check. Admiral Page and Ensign Swift appear at the door. Admiral! TOMCZAK Welcome aboard, ma’am!

Tomczak helps Admiral Page on board. Eden reaches out and takes Ensign Swift’s hand to pull her in. Their eyes meet and Eden remembers her from the store. ENS. SWIFT Thank you, Airman Sayer.

47. EDEN You’re welcome, ma’am. ADMIRAL PAGE Thank you for having me aboard, Lieutenant McKenna. CORD It’s our pleasure, Admiral. EXT. THETIS – ARCTIC TWILIGHT The Jayhawk lifts off and flies away from us. INT. JAYHAWK – IN FLIGHT – ARCTIC TWILIGHT The Jayhawk flies low and fast across the water. lots of radio chatter. NOAH Joint ops, Coast Guard 6739. We’re twenty minutes from extraction point. JOINT OPS (V.O.) Roger Coast Guard 6739. Report in ten. ADMIRAL PAGE Your father was one of the best Guardsmen I’ve had to pleasure to serve with, Lieutenant, and I’ve served with quite a few good ones. Thank you, ma’am. that. CORD I appreciate hearing We hear

Suddenly a warning signal BLARES. NOAH We’re icing up pretty good out there. CORD Switch to auto-auxiliary deicing. Roger. NOAH Auto-auxiliary deicing engaged.

48. Ensign Swift can’t cover her anxiety over the bumpy ride and the angry sea rushing below. She glances up and sees Eden staring at her. EDEN First time on a helicopter, ma’am? ENS. SWIFT In weather like this? Yes. EDEN (comforting smile) It takes getting used to, ma’am. Ensign Swift tries to smile but can’t. Her eyes drift back to the sea and we can tell she’s feeling nauseous. We also become aware of urgent chatter on the radio. PILOT (V.O.) Joint ops, this is Coast Guard 6096. We have an auxiliary deicing failure. Request permission to return to Harriet Lane immediately. JOINT OPS (V.O.) Roger Coast Guard 6096, return to Harriet Lane. PILOT (V.O.) Roger that. Alright, let’s – (we hear a loud BAM! over the radio) What the hell was that?! CO-PILOT (V.O.) Engine’s out! Engine’s out! PILOT (V.O.) Switch to secondary! SUDDENLY chaos from the cockpit comes over the radio! CO-PILOT (V.O.) We lost our tail rotor! We lost our tail rotor! Mayday! Abrupt static. PILOT (V.O.) Mayday! –

49. Tomczak and Eden exchange a look. Admiral Page is somber. Ensign Swift’s face is etched with worry. JOINT OPS (V.O.) Coast Guard 6096 come in. Do you read? Coast Guard 6096 come in...Coast Guard 6739, divert from exercise and pursue a course to 155 degrees, twelve minutes north, 167 degrees, ten minutes west. CORD Roger Joint ops, we read you. Diverting from exercise to Coast Guard 6096. (to crew) Alright, listen up. Those are our people down there. Let’s go get ‘em. Hold on guys. NOAH Hold on.

EXT. CHUKCHI SEA – ARCTIC TWILIGHT Fiery debris from the crash rides 20-foot waves. fast-approaching Jayhawk. See the searchlight. INT. JAYHAWK – IN FLIGHT – ARCTIC TWILIGHT The Jayhawk flies toward the wreckage. CORD Joint ops this is Coast Guard 6739, we have wreckage of 6096 in sight. Commencing surface search for survivors. JOINT OPS (V.O.) Roger that, 6739. RCAF and RCN are in vicinity and should be on scene in ten minutes. TOMCZAK Permission to open the cabin door! CORD Open the cabin door. TOMCZAK Cabin door is open and locked. We hear a

50. As Cord and crew go through their routine, Admiral Page and Ensign Swift watch. Ensign Swift looks on in utter astonishment as Eden jumps from 20 feet and disappears into the tossing black sea. She’s even more amazed when Eden resurfaces with a survivor. TOMCZAK Swimmer has a survivor. Lowering the basket... SLOW DISSOLVE TO: INT. OASIS CAFÉ – DAY Things are slow at the moment so Meg and April are at a table chatting. APRIL Thanksgiving was really great, Meg. MEG Thanks. I’m so glad you guys could make it. I think Maggie’s got a crush on your little Hector. APRIL No! MEG She couldn’t stop talking about him. During bath time, during story time. It was Hector this, Hector that. They laugh. I love Ashanti. so funny! APRIL She’s so sweet. And

MEG She is great. She’s one of the first people I met when I came to Kodiak. APRIL I’m looking forward to her maternity shower. It should be a lot of fun. A cell phone RINGS. April checks for her phone but it’s not hers. It’s Meg’s.

51. MEG Hello? Megan. CORD (V.O.) It’s Cord.

His tone and use of her full name tell her it’s bad news. MEG Yes... The door of the restaurant opens and a Coast Guard OFFICER enters. CORD (V.O.) I have something to tell you. afraid it’s bad news. I’m

Meg sees the officer, then her eyes go to April. April sees him too and concern immediately clouds her face. The officer says something to the restaurant manager, who looks toward Meg and April. CORD (V.O.) There was an accident during the exercise. The officer walks to them in SLOW MOTION. As he approaches, Meg lowers the phone from her ear. April closes her eyes in the hope that when she opens them again this will all have been a bad dream. She knows it’s not. Return to FULL SPEED as the officer reaches her. OFFICER Mrs. Ortiz. April opens her eyes, looks up at him, nods “yes”. OFFICER Mrs. Ortiz, I’m Commander Nasser. I’m very sorry, but I’m afraid I have upsetting news. Yesterday, during a training exercise... We watch, but don’t hear, as he delivers the devastating news. April breaks down in tears. Meg takes her in her arms and holds her tightly as we... FADE OUT.

52. FADE UP: INT. MCKENNA HOME – DAY Meg and Cord enter and take off their overcoats. She’s in a black dress. He’s in his dress blue uniform. They’ve just returned from Alex’s funeral. They stand there motionless for a long couple of beats. CORD The kids won’t be home from school for another couple of hours. Why don’t you go upstairs and rest for a while? She looks at him, numb. She turns away and crosses the room. He watches her go into the kitchen. INT. KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS Meg stands in front of the refrigerator. A battle rages inside of her. She opens the freezer door, reaches inside and pulls out a foil-wrapped BOTTLE. She takes it with her to the cupboard, takes a glass out. She peels the foil off and we see the it’s a bottle of vodka. Meg pours herself a good shot then looks down at the glass in her hand. Beat. The doorbell RINGS. We hear Cord greeting a WOMAN in the living room. Meg turns her head just as her sister, MARY JANE “MJ” ASHCROFT, late 20s, blonde, TV personality goodlooks, enters. MJ Meg. MEG MJ? MJ Hi, Sis. Meg sets down the glass to welcome MJ’s embrace. part, MJ takes Meg’s face in her hands, smiles. MEG What are you doing here? MJ I’m on assignment. When they

53. Cord comes in behind them. MJ looks back at him.

MJ It’s been so long since I’ve seen you guys and the girls! So I jumped at the chance to come up for this story. CORD What story? OFF MJ looking at Cord we... FADE OUT. END OF EPISODE

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