KODIAK Episode 107 “Coasties Pt.

2” by David Polk

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2. RECAP We RECAP events from previous episodes, ending on Eden desperately shouting for Tomczak. TEASER FADE IN: INT. JAYHAWK – IN FLIGHT – NIGHT COLD OPEN. As at the end of Episode 106, Eden Sayer stands in the cabin door, stunned by the fiery scene below. EDEN Tommy! TOMMY! KODIAK FLIGHT OPS (V.O.) Coast Guard 6739, be advised help should be on station in twenty minutes. Repeat, twenty minutes. Copy Kodiak. CORD (O.S.) Twenty minutes to backup.

Eden hears this and grabs her diving mask and flippers. Co-pilot Noah Jeffries reacts. NOAH Sayer, what are you doing? EDEN Permission to get wet, sir! Pilot Cord McKenna is steely authority. CORD Negative Sayer. We can’t pull either of you up. Sit tight, keep an eye out. EDEN Sir, he may not have twenty minutes! No! CORD Sayer, that’s an order! She pulls down

They lock eyes. Eden’s mind is made up. her mask and jumps out of the cabin. CORD/NOAH SAYER!

3. EXT. WATER – CONTINUOUS Eden splashes in and swims through fiery debris to Tomczak, held afloat by his life jacket. She grabs him, sees that he’s badly burned, unconscious. Tommy! He groans. It’s me, Tommy! got you! EDEN I’ve got you! I’ve EDEN Can you hear me?!

Eden looks around. The oilrig tender is burning out of control and breaking up. The ship’s crewmen float dead in the water around them. EDEN You stay alive, Brent! stay alive! You hear me,

She looks up at the Jayhawk and waves. INT. JAYHAWK – IN FLIGHT – SAME Cord and Noah look down at them. NOAH He’s alive, Cord. He’s alive. OFF Cord... FADE OUT. END OF TEASER

4. ACT ONE FADE IN: INT. KODIAK FLIGHT OPS – NIGHT Kerri Cosgrove enters. It’s late, but as always every hair is in place, every crease of the captain’s duty uniform sharp enough to draw blood. KERRI Sit-rep, Costanza? CMDR. CONSTANZA Ma’am, an oilrig tender exploded about three miles southwest of Nunivak. No survivors. Helo 6337 has pulled petty officer Tomczak and airman Sayer out of the soup. Tomczak was badly burned. KERRI Sayer and Tomczak in the water? INT. HOSPITAL WAITING ROOM – NIGHT Cord, Noah and Eden wait anxiously. they turn to him. CORD Doctor? DOCTOR Petty officer Tomczak is alive but in a coma. He’s sustained burns to forty percent of his body. It’s going to be touch and go for a while, I’m afraid. CORD Thank you. DOCTOR Sorry I can’t be more encouraging. The doctor exits. INT. ICU – LATER Trauma nurse Jenny Martin hugs Tomczak’s fiancé, Chloe Grimaldi. Tomczak lay in a coma beside them. A DOCTOR enters and Why?

5. JENNY I’ll leave you with him now, but you know I’ll take care of him all night. CHLOE (through tears) Thank you, Jen.

I know.

Jenny looks into Chloe’s eyes to give her strength. Chloe turns to Tomczak, covered in bandages, tubes sticking out of him. She sits on the edge of the bed and gently caresses the non-burned part of his face. Jenny exits. INT. OUTSIDE ICU – CONTINUOUS Jenny runs into Cord, Noah and Eden going to see Tomczak. JENNY Lieutenant McKenna. I’m sorry sir, but now’s not a good time. CORD But the doctor said we could see him. JENNY Yes, I know. But his fiancé is in with him now. I think they should be alone. Jenny exchanges a look with Noah. disappointed, but covers. Eden also reacts,

JENNY There’s an observation window. The three crewmembers go to the window and watch as Chloe leans close, speaks quietly to Tomczak. Eden and Noah both look on with heavy meaning in their eyes. INT. HOSPITAL CORRIDOR – LATER Cord, Noah and Eden walk together. NOAH I’m going to hit the head before I head out. See you two in the a.m. CORD All right.

6. Noah heads off. Eden and Cord look at each other.

INT. HOSPITAL ROOM – MOMENTS LATER Eden and Cord are alone. EDEN I’m sorry Lieutenant, but I couldn’t just do nothing. CORD What you did was disobey a direct order, Sayer. EDEN Lieutenant, even with a lifejacket he would’ve drowned in seas that rough. CORD You mean like the men we were sent to rescue? Beat. She struggles to keep her emotions in check. CORD You saved Tommy’s life but you may also have bought yourself a court-martial and a ticket out of the Coast Guard. INT. OUTSIDE ICU – NIGHT Through the observation window we see Chloe kiss Tomczak’s forehead then say goodnight to Jenny, who gives her another hug. She exits the room and looks up at Noah, who is waiting for her. CHLOE (emotions welling up) Noah? NOAH He’s gonna be alright Clo, I know he will. INT. HOSPITAL ROOM – MOMENTS LATER Chloe and Noah are alone. She’s still in dismay.

7. CHLOE I never thought...I mean, a coma...What am I going to do now, Noah? NOAH Try not to worry about that now, okay? You’ve got to stay strong, for Tommy as well as yourself. Understand? She nods uncertainly. He glances at her ENGAGEMENT RING.

NOAH Listen, Clo, I know you must really care for Tommy. I don’t doubt that one bit. But getting engaged? Well, that caught a lot of people off guard. CHLOE A lot of people Noah? Jenny enters and stops cold, shocked to find them together. EXT. SCENIC HIKING TRAIL - DAY Kerri and Siobhan Keilar have been hiking for some time. KERRI You were right, Siobhan, this trail is incredible. SIOBHAN Alaska is heavenly if you enjoy the outdoors. KERRI I do. Thanks for thinking of me. I’ve only been on Kodiak for a few weeks, but I really needed this. They stop to take in a beautiful vista. KERRI Magnificent. SIOBHAN Has the transition been difficult?

8. KERRI (looks at her) Being the daughter and granddaughter of career officers, I’m sure you have a better idea than most what it’s like to step into a new command. SIOBHAN It must be challenging. KERRI Multiply that challenge fivefold for a woman. Even in today’s Coast Guard, it’s still harder than it should be. SIOBHAN I don’t mean to pry, Kerri, but is something or someone in particular making this command more...difficult? Kerri looks out over the beauty of Alaska. KERRI Nothing I can’t handle, Siobhan. INT. MCKENNA HOME, KITCHEN – DAY The McKennas – Cord, wife Meg, their daughters Ashleigh and Maggie, and his mother, Claire have breakfast [AD LIB]. CLAIRE (glances at watch) I really should get going. Mom, it’s Sunday. CORD What’s your rush?

CLAIRE I’m meeting Evelyn and Rita for a matinee. She gathers her dishes along with those of the girls. CORD Mom, I wanted to talk to you about something today if I could. Meg’s face tells us it’s something important. loading dishes in the dishwasher. Claire’s

9. CLAIRE Sure, sweetheart. But can it wait until I come home? We’re meeting at 10:30 and I have to pick Evelyn up. You know she’s not allowed to drive with her glaucoma. CORD Sure, Mom. Claire kisses her “angels” Ashleigh and Maggie goodbye. MEG Alright, girls. Get washed up and Mom and Dad will take you to the skating rink for an hour. The girls delightedly do as they’re told. clear his dishes away. Cord begins to

MEG Oh, I’ll take care of those, babe. Do me a favor and go make sure the girls do a good job brushing their teeth. Ashleigh had another cavity at her last dentist’s visit. CORD Sure. Okay. She takes the dishes and watches him until he’s left the kitchen. Then she quickly goes outside. EXT. DRIVEWAY – CONTINUOUS Claire is backing out of the driveway in her minivan. She stops when she sees Meg coming. Rolls down the window. CLAIRE Megan, dear, what is it? MEG Claire, I need to talk with you. CLAIRE Certainly, Megan. But really, can it wait until I get home? I don’t want to keep Evelyn waiting.

10. MEG Claire, we both know you’re not going to the movies with “the ladies.” Claire reacts. Women just know these things.

CLAIRE I thought that was a better explanation for the girls and, of course, Cord. MEG I appreciate that, Claire. But I think you’ll agree what I have to talk to you about is more important than a little afternoon delight with Handyman Russ. Claire doesn’t appreciate Meg’s impudence. CLAIRE What is it, dear? MEG Cord is going to be reassigned to Puerto Rico. (Claire reacts) That’s what he wants to talk to you about. He’s been trying to find the best way to break it to you. CLAIRE But why?! He was just reassigned to Kodiak six months ago! MEG (looks back at house) We can talk all about that later. Right now, I need you to think about the best way to stop the transfer from happening – and we have to do it without Cord knowing we got involved. OFF Claire... FADE OUT. END OF ACT ONE

11. ACT TWO FADE IN: INT. EQUIPMENT ROOM – DAY Eden is checking gauges. LUCCI enters.

LUCCI Sayer, what are you doing here? Thought you’d be off today? EDEN Nothing to do at home so I switched with Wallace for the day. LUCCI Have you been to see Tommy since you guys brought him in? EDEN No. LUCCI It was a hell of a thing you did, Sayer, going in after him like that. If he pulls through – (clocks her reaction to “if”) Well, he’ll have you to thank when he comes out of that coma. Her body language says she’s uncomfortable with the topic. LUCCI Well, I’ll see you around, Sayer. He exits. She turns to the equipment, looks down at her clipboard. She closes her eyes to hold in her emotions. INT. ICU – DAY Chloe, in scrubs, sits on the edge of Tomczak’s bed. still in a coma but she talks to him softly anyway. CHLOE I finally talked to your mom and dad. The Coast Guard is flying them in; they should be here tomorrow. They were vacationing in Florida...Thank goodness (MORE) He’s

12. CHLOE (CONT’D.) the Coast Guard told them what happened. I don’t think I’d have the courage... INT. OUTSIDE ICU - SAME Eden stands outside the room, looking through the window at Chloe and Tomczak, not wanting to be seen. INT. LAMAZE CLASS – DAY Noah and his seven-month pregnant wife Ashanti are among expectant mothers and their partners doing an exercise. INSTRUCTOR That’s right. Deep, slow breaths. Become one with your partner. Feel her heartbeat. Good... SAME SCENE – LATER The class has ended. Noah and Ashanti talk to the INSTRUCTOR as other parents-to-be mingle or exit. ASHANTI It’s hard to believe this is our last class. I just hope we’re ready. INSTRUCTOR You two have done great. You’ll both do just fine. NOAH Oh, it’s not me I’m worried about. I’m cool as the other side of the pillow under pressure. But Ashanti here... ASHANTI Oh, Please! (to instructor) Joe Cool here almost tossed his cookies when he saw the first ultrasound of our baby. NOAH I had a bad hoagie for lunch that day.

13. INSTRUCTOR (laughing) Best of luck to you two. I look forward to hearing all about your baby when he, or she, arrives. INT. HOSPITAL CORRIDOR - LATER Noah and Ashanti walk down the corridor. ASHANTI Baby, I have to make a stop before we get on the road. NOAH I’ll wait here. Ashanti goes into the Ladies’ room. Noah sees Eden down the corridor looking dismayed. He goes to her. NOAH Sayer. EDEN (covering) Oh hi, Lieutenant. NOAH Visiting Tommy? Uh...not yet. EDEN But I plan to.

NOAH You alright, Sayer? You seem a little out of sorts. No, sir. EDEN I’m fine.

NOAH You know, it’s totally understandable if you’re a bit...overwhelmed by what’s happened. EDEN I’m fine, Lieutenant. Really.

14. NOAH I know. Look, Sayer, I know you and Tomczak were – are – close. What I mean is, I know you two had feelings for one another. It’s okay – EDEN (reacts) Sir, Tomczak and I are just friends, nothing more. Anyone who says or thinks otherwise doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Okay. NOAH Okay, I’m sorry.

EDEN Sir, if you’ll just excuse me please. Sure. NOAH Okay, Sayer. He looks after her.

She’s on her way down the corridor. INT. LADIES’ ROOM – SAME

Chloe enters and goes straight to a mirror to pull herself together. She wipes tears from her eyes, etc. We hear a TOILET FLUSH. Ashanti comes out of a stall. She stops before Chloe sees her, then continues to a sink. ASHANTI Chloe are you alright? Chloe becomes even more emotional when she sees Ashanti. Ashanti! alright! CHLOE No, I’m not! I’m not

For a moment, Ashanti is unsure what to do, but Chloe’s total breakdown tugs at her heart. She takes her husband’s former plaything in her arms and consoles her. INT. HOSPITAL CORRIDOR – LATER Noah waits outside the Ladies’ Room. He glances at his watch, a bit nervous. He’s almost blown away when Ashanti and Chloe come out together, Ashanti comforting Chloe.

15. NOAH Uh...hey. Ashanti, Chloe. everything alright?


Chloe’s pulling it together thanks to Ashanti. CHLOE (to Ashanti) I’ll be fine. I’ve got to get back to my shift now. Thank you...for listening. ASHANTI Sure. Remember, it’s going to be alright. You’re going to be alright. Chloe tries to smile. Then she goes off down the corridor. Noah looks at her then at Ashanti, who stares at him. ASHANTI (beat) Let’s go home now. INT. SUBARU OUTBACK – MOVING – DAY Noah drives. ASHANTI Of course she’s shook up. She meets a man, falls in love with him, gets engaged and, like that, he’s blown up and left in a coma. NOAH It’s awful, I know. ASHANTI About the only thing that could make things worse would be if she were pregnant. She clocks Noah’s reaction but doesn’t let on. NOAH Is she? No. do. Pregnant? ASHANTI But she’s still torn over what to

16. NOAH About what?

What to do?

ASHANTI Brent’s parents will be here tomorrow. They want to take him back to Wisconsin as soon as the doctors say he can be moved. NOAH Yeah. So? ASHANTI So Chloe is torn over whether to go back with her fiancé or stay here. INT. SENIOR CENTER, BEDROOM – SUNSET Claire is sitting up in bed next to a reclining Russ Wheeler. She’s lost in thought. RUSS Penny for your thoughts. CLAIRE Sorry, what did you say dear? RUSS What is it, Claire Bear? distant all afternoon. I’m sorry, Russ. Cord. What about him? having problems? You’ve been

CLAIRE I’m thinking about RUSS Are he and Meg still

CLAIRE It’s not that, dear. He may be transferred. RUSS (sits up) I see. Wasn’t that always a possibility?

17. CLAIRE Yes, of course. But his CO wants to force him out sooner than we planned. The funny thing is, Megan of all people, wants to stay. RUSS But I thought she hated it here, that Kodiak was one of the big problems in their marriage. CLAIRE It’s what I thought too. But she’s asked me to help her find a way to change his CO’s mind. RUSS And you can do that? She looks at him. CLAIRE I can try. RUSS (sensing more) What is it, Claire? CLAIRE I guess I realized something today. RUSS What’s that? CLAIRE Megan was right about me. As much as I denied it, even to myself, I haven’t really given her much of a chance. Oh, I put up a good front for Cord and the girls. But inside, I’ve resented her for taking Cord away from the life we expected him to have. RUSS You mean the O’Brien girl? CLAIRE Siobhan. Yes. But today when she asked for my help...Well, for the first time I felt like we were...together.

18. Russ gives her a supportive squeeze on the shoulder. Kisses her cheek and she responds by caressing his face. RUSS Well, now that you two are together, there’s no telling what you can accomplish. CLAIRE Maybe. INT. RUSS AND JOY’S ROOM – LATER Russ enters and takes off his sweater. His strokeparalyzed wife Joy sits in a cozy rocker staring at “Judge Judy” on television. Her NURSE is next to her on the sofa. Russ comes over and kisses Joy on the cheek. RUSS How’s my girl doing? Joy’s eyes register his presence. NURSE She’s been a dear. We had a good afternoon. The nurse stands and begins collecting her things to leave. RUSS Thanks for staying a little longer today. Sometimes these handyman jobs take a bit longer than you expect. NURSE (not born yesterday) Mmmm-hmmm. Well, good night, Mr. Wheeler. The nurse goes to the door, turns and looks at Joy. raises her voice slightly. Good night, Joy. tomorrow. Joy just stares at the TV. NURSE I’ll see you After the nurse exits – She

RUSS Well, love, how ‘bout we hit the hay?

19. Russ flicks off the TV and carefully lifts Joy out of the chair, walks with her toward the bedroom. INT. SIOBHAN’S HOME – SUNSET Siobhan and Kerri have tea in the living room. SIOBHAN Yes. Not many people retire to Kodiak Island, but it’s the only place on Earth my folks would want to live. KERRI You spent your childhood here, didn’t you? SIOBHAN I did. When Mom and Dad came back, I left Juneau and came home too. I absolutely adore it here. KERRI I adored my parents too, but unless I’m mistaken – and I rarely am – I’d say your coming back had something to do with a man. Siobhan smiles. SIOBHAN Yes, well, the things we do. KERRI Yes...I’m curious, Siobhan. Your grandfather, father, an uncle and your brother were all Coasties. How’d you fall for a commercial fisherman? SIOBHAN Just one of those things, I guess...Your husband also was a Coastie, wasn’t he? KERRI Yes. His last command was as skipper of a Motor Life Boat. SIOHBAN I hope you don’t mind my asking, but how did he die?

20. KERRI Drunk driver. (off Siobhan’s reaction) Jack drove off a bridge and drowned. It’s one of the rare times the only casualty was the drunk driver himself. SIOBHAN I’m very sorry, Kerri. KERRI Time has helped...Time and my Katie. I don’t know what I would do without her. Beat. SIOBHAN You said it’s been over two years. Would you consider re-marrying? Kerri reacts, amused by the thought. KERRI Even if I were to come across a man I thought was a possibility, between the job and Katie – but mostly the job – I doubt I’d have the energy for a serious relationship. She pours more tea for Siobhan and freshens her own cup. KERRI What about you? You’re young, you’re beautiful. I know it hasn’t been long since your husband passed, but since you brought it up. SIOBHAN I’d like to start a family. children so. I do love

KERRI (smiles) Then I know one day you’ll have one. SIOBHAN Thank you. I hope so. You know, I feel so close to you, Kerri. It’s like you’re the sister I never had.

21. Kerri puts her teacup down, looks in Siobhan’s eyes and takes her hand. KERRI That’s something else we have in common, isn’t it? Daughters of admirals with brothers but not a sister between us. SIOBHAN Until now. KERRI (warm smile) Until now. FADE OUT. END OF ACT TWO

22. ACT THREE FADE IN: INT. ICE-SKATING RINK - DAY Maggie twirls on the ice to cap a practice routine with flair. Even at five years old, it’s clear she has talent. Her coach Nadia Ivanova claps her approval. NADIA Very well done, Maggie! She waves Maggie over to rink side and squeezes her cheeks. Cord and Meg come from the stands to meet them. Maggie gets a hug from her mother. MEG That was great, sweetheart! MAGGIE Thanks, Mommy! CORD Way to go, Magpie. NADIA She is my best student, without a doubt. I feel she is ready. MEG Ready? For what? NADIA Why, the next level of course. Cord and Meg just look at her, puzzled. NADIA Megan, Lieutenant, the young women you see in the Olympics, in the World Figure Skating Championships, they begin preparation when they are four, five, six years old. Our Maggie is ready to begin her preparation. OFF Cord and Meg...

23. INT. PICKUP TRUCK – MOVING – DAY Maggie sits between Meg and Cord, who is driving. MAGGIE Could I really be in the Olympics, Mommy? MEG Sure, sweetheart. If you work very hard for a very long time. I believe you can, and so does Miss Ivanova. Meg glances at Cord, whose eyes are on the road but his mind is obviously elsewhere. MAGGIE Would you like it if I were in the Olympics, Daddy? CORD Sure I would, Magpie. I’d love it. Cord exchanges a look with Meg. INT. EDEN’S APARTMENT – DAY Eden is restless in her apartment. She tries to read a magazine on the sofa, logs on to Facebook, boils water for tea, stares out the window at the frozen landscape... EXT. ROAD – A SHORT TIME LATER Eden’s jogging down the road. She stops and looks further ahead. Reverse and we see that she’s looking at the hospital. Beat. Her cell phone RINGS. She answers. EDEN Hello? TONI (V.O.) Hi. EDEN Oh, hi. TONI (V.O.) Baby, are you alright? You sound out of breath.

24. EDEN You just caught me out for a

I’m fine. run. Beat.

TONI (V.O.) (doubtful) Really? EDEN What do you mean, “Really”? TONI (V.O.) Nothing. EDEN (piqued) No, what do you mean? Am I lying in bed with someone else? Is that what you think? TONI (V.O.) No, baby, of course not! Eden, you’re scaring me. What’s wrong? EDEN Nothing. Nothing’s wrong. Look, I’m sorry. I’m just...it’s just been a tough few days on the job. TONI (V.O.) I’m sorry, Eden. Should I call you some other time? EDEN No...I’m glad you called. She turns away from the hospital and walks away as she talks on the phone. INT. MCKENNA HOME – NIGHT While Cord is upstairs helping Ashleigh and Maggie put toys and stuffed animals away in their room, we find Meg and Claire conspiring in the kitchen as they put away dishes.

25. MEG But we’ve got to do something, Claire. We can’t just sit here and wait to be booted out. CLAIRE It’s not that simple, Megan. A base commander is like the captain of a ship. His, or in this case, her, word is like the Ten Commandments. MEG But she isn’t God. Cord has rights. Even in the military peoples’ rights outweigh a commander’s authority, don’t they? CLAIRE Cord is a career Coast Guard officer. He values his career. We value his career. Meg understands who she means by “We”. CLAIRE Listen, I can talk to a few of Mac’s friends, and mine, Coasties who still carry some weight here and in Washington. MEG You think they can help? CLAIRE It’s possible. But it could also backfire and hurt Cord’s career. It will also be hard to keep anything we do a secret from Cord. MEG (alarmed) We have to keep this from him! If he thought either of us was going behind his back he’d blow a gasket. CLAIRE And knowing that you still want to try? Beat. A meaningful look between them.

26. MEG I know running away seems like the easy way out for me. But if we leave now I’ll never know – we’ll never know – whether we’re strong enough to make it. Cord enters the kitchen. covering. Meg and Claire turn to him,

CLAIRE Cord. Sweetheart. CORD I’m sorry, am I interrupting something? MEG/CLAIRE No! INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - NIGHT Tomczak is in bed, hooked to monitors, still in a coma. The door opens slowly and Eden comes in quietly. She stands over him, looks down at his bandaged, burned face and arms. A tear rolls down her face and is quickly wiped away. She ever so tenderly touches his face. EDEN (choking back emotion) Oh, Tommy... INT. JEFFRIES HOME, NURSERY – NIGHT Noah is finishing up a wallpapering job, under Ashanti’s hawk-like supervision. ASHANTI You’re sure that’s smoothed out all the way. NOAH It’s smooth, baby. ASHANTI That’s what you said about the corner over there. NOAH It’s smooth.

27. He smiles at her and comes down the ladder. Kisses her.

ASHANTI (admiring) It’s perfect. She’s going to love it. NOAH He’d love it more if we threw in a dinosaur or sports car here or there. Ashanti playfully jabs him. pulls her close. Beat. He puts his arm around her and

NOAH What do you think of “Alyssa”? ASHANTI I like Genevieve better. NOAH (considering) Genevieve... INT. JEFFRIES HOME, BEDROOM - LATER Lying on the bed, Noah admires Ashanti as she rubs coco butter on her belly. The baby moves inside her. ASHANTI Slow down, Sally. Daddy’s not finished with your room yet. NOAH Baby Girl can hardly wait to get out. Just like her mom, she’s all over it. He touches her belly and their hands meet. Beat.

ASHANTI Noah, I need to know that this baby and me are the most important things in the world to you. NOAH Yes, baby, you know that. ASHANTI (looks in his eyes) No, I don’t know that.

28. A long beat. He understands. He sits up beside her.

You’ve toys. change you to

ASHANTI had your fun. Played with your But our lives are about to forever, Noah, and it’s time for put away boyish things.

NOAH I’m sorry, Ashanti...I disrespected you. ASHANTI I’m always going to be your woman, but being a mother to this baby is going to dominate my world. I need to know that you understand that and can deal. NOAH (beat) I can deal. (off her stare) I can deal. She kisses him sweetly, puts aside the coco butter and lay down on her side to go to sleep. He flips the lamp switch and lay down, caresses her belly. She puts her hand on his. ASHANTI Good night, baby. Good night, baby. Genevieve. INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAWN CLOSE ON Tomczak’s face. His eyes flutter open. He moans. PULL BACK to reveal Eden lying next to him in bed. She feels him move and looks up. EDEN Tommy? He looks down at her. She lifts up to face him. NOAH Good night,

TOMCZAK (weak, recognizing) Eden...

29. EDEN (a pretty smile) Hi. TOMCZAK What happened? EDEN The tender exploded. TOMCZAK The crew? Wha – She shushes him gently with her fingertips. EDEN You’re in the hospital but you’re going to be fine. Okay? TOMCZAK Okay. EDEN (impishly) You’re a lucky guy, you know. TOMCZAK I am? EDEN You’re the first man to ever get me in bed. A smile slowly, painfully, comes to his lips. I must be okay. hard on. TOMCZAK Think I’m getting a

INT. HOSPITAL CORRIDOR - DAY Chloe gets off the elevator and moves down the corridor with purpose. She gets to Tomczak’s room, goes inside... INT. HOSPITAL ROOM – CONTINUOUS And stops cold at the sight of Eden sitting on the bed smiling and talking to Tomczak as she feeds him applesauce. Eden looks over at her.

30. EDEN (gets off bed) Oh, hi. CHLOE Hello. EDEN Chloe, I’m Eden. CHLOE Hello, Eden. Eden looks at Tomczak and steps away from the bed to make way for Chloe, who steps in and caresses Tomczak’s face. CHLOE (smiling) Brent, sweetheart! TOMCZAK Hi. She kisses him tenderly. EDEN I’ll just leave you two alone. Eden is on her way out. CHLOE Eden. (Eden turns) Thank you. Eden just smiles at her then at Tomczak and exits. INT. HOSPITAL CORRIDOR – CONTINUOUS Outside the room, Eden pauses. She looks back through the slit window at Chloe and Tomczak. After a moment, she leaves. INT. KERRI’S OFFICE – DAY We hear the familiar, annoying click-clack of a metal ball desk toy. Cord enters and salutes. Kerri is sitting at her desk.

31. KERRI (returns salute) Please, have a seat. Cord sits. KERRI I understand Tomczak’s out of his coma. CORD Yes, he is. And his folks landed this morning. They’re with him now. KERRI That’s great news. I know it’ll be a long road to recovery for him – he’s through with active service – but being alive beats the alternative. CORD Yes, it does. She opens a file folder on her desk. KERRI Cord, I asked you in because congratulations are in order. I’ve approved your promotion to lieutenant commander. He covers his surprise as she stands and extends her hand. He stands and they shake. CORD Thank you, Captain. KERRI I know a posting in Puerto Rico wasn’t something you planned on, but at least you get a nice send off. CORD (covering) Yes, Ma’am. Thank you for approving the promotion. KERRI As I said, your service record is stellar. You have a bright future in the Coast Guard, Commander McKenna.

32. She reaches into a drawer, pulls out his new insignia and hand them to him. As he looks at the GOLD OAK LEAFS – KERRI I’m sure your father would be proud. And, of course, Mrs. McKenna. Yes. CORD Thank you again, Captain.

KERRI Now about Sayer. (he looks up at her) I don’t have to tell you that disobeying a direct order not to exit the helo is a serious offense. CORD Yes ma’am, but – KERRI Good. I expect your recommendation for a court-martial on my desk later today. (then) That is all. Dismissed commander. She sits behind her desk, goes back to work. OFF Cord... FADE OUT. END OF ACT THREE

33. ACT FOUR FADE IN: INT. O’BRIEN HOME, PARLOR – DAY Claire and Violet O’Brien have a formal tea. Despite Claire’s ‘hip’ Grandma look and Violet’s Nancy Reaganesque garb, they couldn’t be closer friends. VIOLET It’s such a shame, Claire. I know how much it meant to you for Cord to come home. CLAIRE Yes, well, it goes with the job. No one knows that better than Coastie wives. VIOLET Sam and I moved twenty times in thirtyfour years. CLAIRE Mac and I were lucky. We moved a handful of times but spent our last ten years together here on Kodiak. VIOLET Sam always said Mac was the best, and the best is what we need in the Bering Sea. It’s why he was able to stay. Claire takes a moment of reflection, proud of her husband’s legacy. CLAIRE After all these years, I still miss him. (then) Violet, I know this is, well, terribly inappropriate. VIOLET What is it, Claire? CLAIRE I need Sam’s help to keep Cord here in Kodiak. At least until his current tour is up in two years.

34. VIOLET Claire! CLAIRE I know. I’m mortified to even ask. Cord would have a meltdown and, well, I don’t even want to think about how Mac would react if he were alive. But, Violet... VIOLET But what on earth could Sam do? CLAIRE Sam believed the Coasties need the best in the Bering Sea. Well my Cord is one of the best. Maybe Sam can convince Captain Cosgrove of that too. INT. AIRBASE OFFICE – DAY Cord sits behind a small desk in the small office. a KNOCK on the door. CORD Enter. Eden enters. EDEN You wanted to see me, Commander? CORD Have a seat, Sayer. EDEN (sitting) Great news about Tommy, isn’t it sir? CORD Yes, it is. EDEN I know he’s got a tough recovery ahead of him, but he’s a tough guy. CORD (stern) Sayer, we need to talk. Answers

35. EDEN (realizing) It’s about me leaving the cabin for Tommy, isn’t it? He puts his hand on a file folder on the desk. She looks down at it for the first time. Steels herself. CORD Our radio squawk is monitored by flight ops. They heard me order you to stay in the cabin. EDEN Yes sir. He opens the folder, takes out several filled out forms. Looks at them. Eden looks at them too, growing nervous. CORD These are papers for your courtmartial. Captain Cosgrove wants them on her desk this afternoon. EDEN Yes sir. Cord rips them in half. She looks at him.

CORD If you ever disobey another order, I swear I’ll leave your half-Eskimo ass in the drink until you freeze. You read me, airman? Yes sir. Get out. She stands and salutes. He returns it and she exits. EDEN Loud and clear, Commander. CORD

INT. AIRBASE CORRIDOR – DAY Cord walks down the corridor to Kerri’s office. When he arrives he’s surprised to find Siobhan outside waiting. Siobhan. CORD What are you doing here?

36. SIOBHAN Hello, Cord. Kerri – Captain Cosgrove – and I have dinner plans. She admires the gold oak leafs on his collar and touches one of them lovingly. SIOBHAN Mac would be so proud. Petty Officer Sitka comes out of the office and clocks the tender moment between them before Siobhan moves her hand. SITKA Commander. Captain Cosgrove is expecting you, sir. CORD (to Siobhan) This won’t take long. He enters the office. closes. SAME SCENE – LATER Sitka is typing away. Siobhan sits waiting. opens and Cord steps out. CORD (to Siobhan) Enjoy dinner. He continues down the corridor. INT. KERRI’S OFFICE – MOMENTS LATER Siobhan enters and approaches Kerri, sitting at her desk. It’s obvious she’s still fuming over her talk with Cord. SIOBHAN Is everything alright, Kerri? We don’t have to go out tonight, you know. KERRI No, Siobhan, I want to go. The door She looks after him when the door

37. INT. RESTAURANT – SUNSET A waiter brings another Cosmopolitan for Siobhan and a dirty Martini for Kerri. Takes away the empties. KERRI I simply can’t believe him! Coastie, for Christ’s sake! Academy! He knows better! He’s a From the

SIOBHAN Cord can be a bit headstrong. But he comes by it honestly. His father was that way too. Wait a minute? KERRI You know him?

SIOBHAN I suppose it’s confession time. Siobhan takes the photo booth snapshot of her and Cord from her purse. Kerri stares incredulously at the high school sweethearts mugging for the camera. SIOBHAN That was taken the night before he went to New London. By the time he came home, my world was over. Kerri looks at her through a Martini haze. SAME SCENE – LATER The waiter replaces their empties with fresh cocktails. SIOBHAN Their marriage is falling apart. If they really had a chance he wouldn’t have cheated on her with me – twice. KERRI Siobhan, believe me, I know how you feel. But take it from someone who’s been there. Nothing good will come of chasing a married man. But he loves me. always will. SIOBHAN He always has and he

38. Kerri takes a drink of her Martini. She pauses, thinking.

KERRI So is this what it was about all along? You and me? “Sisters”. Beat. Siobhan reaches over and takes her by the hand. SIOBHAN I truly believe you and I were meant to be close on this island. Everything about our backgrounds, our families, our interests, made that inevitable. I just needed it to happen sooner rather than later. KERRI This will end badly for you, Siobhan. SIOBHAN Please...Help me, Kerri. INT. MEG’S STUDIO - SUNSET Meg is working on the new painting we saw last episode. She’s an intense, soulful artist. She turns to change brushes and is startled to find Cord watching her work. CORD Sorry. MEG How long have you been here? CORD (lying) Not long. (then, truthful) You know, I can’t claim to understand all of your work, but I have to admit it’s starting to grow on me. MEG (a smile) And it only took eight years? that’s progress. CORD I told Mom about the transfer.

I guess

39. MEG And? CORD She’s a Coastie wife. She understands. MEG I’m a Coastie wife and I don’t. He looks past her at her artwork. CORD You’re an artist. And my wife. He looks at her again, loving her. I’m sorry, Meg. CORD I really am.

She puts her brushes down and moves close to him. They kiss deeply. It turns passionate and we leave them as they start to get it on... INT. MEG’S STUDIO – NIGHT It’s dark except for the beam of moonlight through the window. Meg and Cord lay naked on the floor, paint smudges on their faces and bodies. He runs a blue finger from her chin, down her neck to her breasts. MEG Why Commander McKenna, I think you’re getting the hang of this artsy stuff. CORD Why Madame McKenna, I have a great teacher...and an incredible canvas. He kisses her breasts. Oh! My! She sighs. CLAIRE Claire covers her eyes and turns around as Cord and Meg scramble to cover up with painter’s cloth. CORD Mom! The lights come on.

40. CLAIRE I’m so sorry. Nadia’s on the phone. thought Megan would want to talk to her. (then) How ‘bout I tell her you’ll call her back? A few minutes? Yes, Claire. Claire exits. MEG Thank you.


Cord and Meg look at each other and laugh.

INT. MCKENNA HOME – MINUTES LATER Meg enters the kitchen in jeans and t-shirt, face and neck still showing Cord’s creativity. Ashleigh and Maggie look at their mother. No big deal. Meg picks up the phone and dials. MEG Hello, Nadia?...Yes... Cord enters, also paint-covered, and opens the fridge. The girls look at their dad. Now they’re weirded out. He smiles at them as he takes a drink of O.J. from the bottle. Claire eyes Cord and Meg and smiles to herself. MEG That’s terrific news, Nadia! much for calling! Meg hangs up the phone. CLAIRE What was that all about, Megan? MEG Because the cost of training and competitions can get so expensive, they have scholarships, even for skaters Maggie’s age. Nadia applied for a one and got it. Maggie cheers. Ashleigh high-fives her little sister. CLAIRE That’s wonderful! Cord’s the only one who isn’t excited. Thanks so

41. INT. UPSTAIRS HALLWAY – LATER Cord and Meg, still painted, move down the hallway. CORD Meg, don’t you think it’s a bad idea to get Maggie excited about this skating scholarship? Why, babe? MEG It’s great news.

CORD Are you forgetting something? We ship out for Acquadilla in three weeks. She stops and faces him. MEG Let’s not fret over that now, Cord. CORD But we should’ve told them already, Meg. MEG I’ve got a better idea. She pulls him into the bathroom. hear the shower turn on. INT. BATHROOM - DAY Chloe looks at herself in the vanity mirror trying to apply eye makeup. She can’t because her hands tremble too much. JENNY (O.S.) Here, let me help you. Jenny comes in. Chloe turns around. CHLOE Thank you. JENNY I thought the guy was supposed to get nervous about meeting the parents. CHLOE Am I that much of a wreck? Slams the door shut. We

42. JENNY No. You’re not. And don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Chloe manages a smile as Jenny goes to work on her. CHLOE Jenny, am I doing the right thing? JENNY If it’s what your heart tells you to do, yes, I think so? CHLOE What about his parents? think? What will they

Jenny looks into her eyes, offers a comforting smile. JENNY Does it matter? EXT. FLIGHT LINE – DAY A Coast Guard Bombardier jet waits. An ambulance pulls up and medical personnel, including Jenny, get out with Tomczak on a gurney. They load him on a hydraulic lift. A second car pulls up along side. Tomczak’s mother and father, both late 50s, get out along with Chloe. EXT. HANGAR – SAME Cord, Noah, Eden and a few other guardsmen watch Tomczak being loaded onto the jet. CORD San Francisco, huh? EDEN Yeah, they’re supposed to have the best burn rehab specialists there. NOAH And she’s going with him? As the hydraulic lift rises with Tomczak, his parents and Chloe walk up the stairway to the jet door.

43. EDEN Yeah. She’s an OB-GYN nurse so she shouldn’t have any problem finding work there. They’re getting married after he recovers. She told me we’re all invited to the wedding, whenever it happens. ZEKE (O.S.) You going to be a bride’s maid? Zeke Zibriske ambles up to them. He’s greeted warmly.

CORD Senior Chief. I heard you cleared medical. Good to see you back. ZEKE Good to be back, “Commander.” Cord accepts the congrats. Noah and Eden look back at the jet. Chloe sees them and stops before going inside. ZEKE (re: Tomczak) He was a good kid. EDEN Is. Zeke and Eden exchange a look, then a small smile. ZEKE Is. Cord heads back into the hangar. Noah and Chloe share a meaningful their eyes. She goes onboard the closes, Noah turns and heads into Zeke and Eden follow. look and say goodbye with jet. After the jet door the hangar as we... FADE OUT. END OF ACT FOUR

44. ACT FIVE FADE IN: INT. MCKENNA HOME, KITCHEN – DAY Maggie and Ashleigh finish their breakfast while Claire prepares their lunches. Cord and Meg enter in a good mood and greet the girls with smiles and kisses. ASHLEIGH Daddy, did mommy tell you I’m going to take piano lessons after school? CORD No, hon, she didn’t. Cord exchanges a look with Meg. ASHLEIGH (less enthusiastic) But first I go to the dentist for braces. MEG We’d better get going girls. want to be late. She gives Cord a peck on the cheek. We don’t

On her way out –

MEG (to Claire) So you’ll be able to pick Ash up from school and drop her at Mrs. Finkelstein’s? Yes, Meg dear. Meg exits. CLAIRE I’ll be there by two.

Claire turns to see Cord looking at her. CLAIRE What is it, sweetheart? CORD Did you just call Meg “Meg”? CLAIRE Yes. So?

45. CORD So you never call her “Meg”. It’s always been “Megan”, ever since you two met. CLAIRE Oh Cord, sweetheart. I’m sure you’re mistaken. Everyone calls her Meg. INT. CLASSROOM – DAY Children are getting settled in class. Ashleigh enters, followed by Meg. SIOBHAN Good morning, Megan. Ashleigh takes her seat and Meg continues to Siobhan at the front of the classroom. MEG Mrs. Keilar. I wanted you to know that my mother-in-law will be picking Ashleigh up from school early today. SIOBHAN Thank you for telling me. But you didn’t have to stop in for that, Megan. You can give Ash a note or she can just tell me. MEG Sometimes a personal reminder is helpful, don’t you think? SIOBHAN Yes. Well thank you again...for the reminder. MEG My pleasure. Meg turns and gives Ashleigh a kiss on the way out. Siobhan watches her go, covering her resentment. INT. PICKUP TRUCK – MOVING – DAY Meg drives, listening to NPR on the radio. Her cell rings and she digs it out of her purse with one hand. Answers.

46. MEG Hi, babe. INT. AIRBASE CORRIDOR – SAME Cord on his cell. CORD Hi. Listen, Meg, what’s this about piano lessons? I though we agreed to tell the girls we’re moving in a few weeks. INTERCUT MEG AND CORD MEG I know, Cord. But have you considered just asking Cosgrove if you can stay? CORD We’ve been over this, Meg. You don’t move up in the military by bucking your commanding officer. It’s what they call a career-limiting move. MEG But she approved your promotion. must not hate you that much. She

CORD It’s got nothing to do with “like” or “hate”, Meg. She’s a political animal and I’m a liability in her book. MEG Well she’s a heartless bitch in mine. CORD Look, we’ll have to tell them tonight after dinner. Got it? MEG Got it, “Commander”. CORD Meg, babe – MEG I know, you’re sorry. I got that too.

47. They both hang up. down the hallway. Look at their phones. He continues

A horn BLARES. Meg looks up and turns the wheel just in time to avoid a collision with a passing school bus. INT. KERRI’S OFFICE – DAY Kerri sits behind her desk. Retired Admiral Sam O’Brien sits across from her, in a suit that’s not his uniform. KERRI I appreciate your concern, Admiral. And believe me I respect your opinion. But surely, you of all people understand – The click-clacking desk toy is clearly an annoyance to the admiral. Finally he reaches up and stops it. Kerri reacts. No one has ever had the nerve. ADM. O’BRIEN Kerri, if that man’s father hadn’t saved your father’s life, I doubt very seriously that you’d be sitting in that chair with those eagles on your collar. KERRI Yes, Admiral, I’ve thought about that. But Cord McKenna is not his father. And I’m not mine. (then) Admiral, I’ll admit my initial reasons for wanting McKenna’s transfer were, well, somewhat politically motivated. But since then I’ve come to the conclusion that his leaving Kodiak would be best for a number of reasons. ADM. O’BRIEN Name one. KERRI (off put) Well, it’s complicated. ADM. O’BRIEN I may be old, but I’m not feebleminded captain.

48. KERRI (beat) It’s personal, Admiral. ADM. O’BRIEN You’re sleeping with him? No! KERRI Of course not!

ADM. O’BRIEN (slowly realizing) Oh my God. Siobhan. INT. KERRI’S WAITING AREA – LATER The office door opens. Adm. O’Brien shakes Kerri’s hand and exits. Petty Officer Sitka stands and salutes, holding it until Adm. O’Brien has left. KERRI Messages? SITKA Yes, ma’am. Two. One from Admiral Allen and one from Admiral Page. KERRI The former Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard called and you didn’t notify me?! SITKA Sorry ma’am. But when I told him you were in with Admiral O’Brien he said it could wait until you were finished. Kerri closes her eyes and sighs. KERRI (realizing) You have got to be kidding me. INT. OASIS CAFÉ, BREAK ROOM – DAY Meg is on her cell in the tiny break room. Well? MEG And what did Admiral Page say?

49. INT. MINIVAN – SAME Claire is on her cell, parked in front of the Finkelstein house, from which the faint sound of piano chopsticks can be heard. CLAIRE Leigh said she talked to her earlier this afternoon. It’s still Cosgrove’s decision and it could still backfire on us, Meg. On Cord. INTERCUT MEG AND CLAIRE MEG I know. What about Admiral Allen? you know if he talked with her? CLAIRE All I know is he got my message. MEG Well did you ask Admiral Page if she knew if he talked to her? CLAIRE Meg, I couldn’t ask Leigh that. Sweetheart, I know how much this means to you. It’s important to me too. But we really can’t be too pushy about this. We’ve already gone further into the well than we should have. MEG Okay. Alright. I know. It’s just Cord wants to tell the girls tonight and I don’t want to put them through that if we don’t have to. CLAIRE I understand. The door of the Finkelstein house opens and Ashleigh comes out. CLAIRE I have to go now, Meg dear. Claire reaches over to open the door for Ashleigh. Do

50. INT. SWABS BAR – SUNSET The usual group of guardsmen unwind over drinks, only Tomczak isn’t there to regale them with one of his ridiculous ribald jokes. Eden notices Noah at the bar nursing a whiskey. She heads over. AT THE BAR EDEN Lieutenant. NOAH Oh, hey Sayer. EDEN Do you mind? NOAH Sure. She sits next to him. over. Betty, the butch bartender comes

EDEN (to Betty) MG Sixty. Betty goes for the beer. NOAH Watching your girlish figure, eh, Sayer? EDEN Somebody’s got to, sir. NOAH Trust me, you don’t have to worry about that, Sayer. Betty returns with the beer. BETTY (re: the table of guardsmen) Add it to the tab? Eden gestures “Yup.” Betty leaves.

51. NOAH You and Tomczak got pretty close, didn’t you? EDEN Yeah, I suppose you could say that. NOAH He was – is – a good man. EDEN (raises her beer) To Tommy. NOAH (clinks glass) Tommy. They drink. NOAH So you cared for him? I mean, different than say, I care for you or for Cord? Beat. They look at each other. EDEN Yes. NOAH But you were okay with him getting engaged the way he did? EDEN (beat) I can’t say that. happy with Chloe. But I hope he’ll be Stares at it

Noah takes another sip of his whiskey. thoughtfully. So do I, Sayer. NOAH So do I.

INT. MCKENNA HOME, KITCHEN – SUNSET Claire and Meg are putting the finishing touches on dinner while Ashleigh and Maggie set the table.

52. MAGGIE I don’t know why we’re making a big deal out of dinner tonight. ASHLEIGH Because I got braces, stupid. MEG Ashleigh, don’t talk to your sister that way. Apologize. ASHLEIGH Sorry. But she sticks her tongue out at Maggie, who retaliates with the same. Cord enters, still in his flight suit. Meg and Claire turn to him and momentarily freeze. CORD Hi. ASHLEIGH/MAGGIE Hi, Daddy! MEG/CLAIRE Hey, babe/Hello, sweetheart. CORD (re: table) Now this is nice. And it’s only Wednesday. What gives? Ashleigh goes to him and shows her braces. CORD Wow! If I hook you up to my helo I bet we can get radar all the way to Russia. Oh, Daddy. ASHLEIGH Don’t be mean.

He kisses her forehead. Meg and Claire bring food to the table as they all sit down and begin serving. MEG How’d things go today, babe? CLAIRE Yes, how were things?

53. CORD Things were good. MEG Normal. Claire shoots her a look. CORD Yeah, pretty normal. Had an uneventful patrol. By the way, we got Zeke back. CLAIRE Zeke back and nobody got shot! that is a good day! Now


CORD Yeah. Oh, by the way, I almost forgot. I got a call today from Captain Nelson at the Academy. You know, I had no idea that he and Admiral Page were... (conspiratorial whisper) an “item”. Meg and Claire play dumb. CLAIRE Oh. Really? CORD Yeah. Apparently for years. Anyway, he told me she got a call from a certain someone, asking her to talk to another certain someone about transferring another someone off base. Meg and Claire are busted. CORD And I guess there were other calls to other someones in Kodiak and Washington, D.C. Well, long story short, the girls don’t have to learn Spanish. No time soon anyway. Spanish? ASHLEIGH Who wants to learn Spanish? MAGGIE What’s Spanish?

54. CLAIRE Cord, sweetheart, it’s all my fault – MEG No, Claire. Cord, I asked your mother to help. I know it was wrong for us to butt in but – CORD (smiles) Thank you. Both of you. But please, please, the next time you two decide to go all Dynamic Duo on me, could you at least let me know? They smile at him then at each other. It’s the first genuine moment the two women have had together. CORD (digging in) I’m starving. What’ve we got here? INT. SIOBHAN’S HOME – SUNSET Siobhan is in the living room with tea, grading papers. She gets up to answer a knock on the door. It’s her father, Admiral O’Brien. Daddy. SIOBHAN This is surprise. And

ADM. O’BRIEN Yes, Siobhan, it is a surprise. I’m very disappointed. OFF Siobhan we...


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